Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
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Road To Love & Beyond NEW THREAD link added pg159 (Page 80)

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Originally posted by gill123


typing and will update today hopefully

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Originally posted by tamanna1391


typing fast and will update soon todayEmbarrassed

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Glitter Text

Next Part:-

Caught u:-

They reached at Home finally, when everyone happy to see them back again.

Maaneet stand in front of  the main door while masa taking aarti of them and both bend to take masa's blessing then dadi sa's blessing.

Both entered their home again, their paradise again.

Masa and dadi sa r looking so happy  

Both blessed them ,and masa and dadi sa kissed geet's their bahu's forehead lovingly and blessing them to bring the happiness in their life and house hold again.


Later,maaneet's room:-

Maan coming out from the washroom and find his dress r neatly placed in the bed but his sona is no where to seen, he sighed and know  where is she now ,he smiles and shook his head and smiles to  his sona.


Here, geet is busy with masa and dadi sa and chatting  happily

Masa noticed the glow on her face.

She smiles at her when geet said masa , m just coming within 5mins ha.

Dadi sa and masa nodded positively.

Where geet almost runned towards their room to bring something .

She went soon and take something & murmuring something when some one slide his  strong hand on her waist & said some one is looking angry no cutely angry.

Geet pouted and said u r teasing me na.

Maan kissed her neck and said nope how can I tease my cute sona.

Geet pushed him and said hatiye don't talk with me, u always tease me and never helped me.and now see smiling , laughing at me huh.

Maan looked at her then pulled her in his strong arm and said accha my little cute wifey is angry on me ha and rubbed his nose on her nose and make her smiles.

Maan:- accha now tell me what r  u searching  in cupboard.

Geet :-oh we bought gifts for masa and dadi sa na ,

Maan:-hmmm ,ok let me find those things for u.

After some time,maan said here r those thing ,sona take this thing ,  

Geet took them all and went back  masa and dadi sa's room and said masa, dadi sa , both r talking about something and said ha beta, come here.

Geet come and placed few boxes there and said with shy voice, oh we bough this things for u both.

They surprised then geet showing them their gifts , where, maan came later and settle himself there and said masa, dadi sa, all gifts chosen by ur bahu .

Dadi sa smiles and kissed geet's forehead when maan said with relax tone but u should thanks me as she make me runs from here to there.

Geet make face perfect "O" shape and said hawww, kab meine aise kiya kuwar sa.

Maan take the pillow and make him comfortable and said hmmm well every time, are sona remember na that time u take me woolen shop then some spice shop then jewellery shop then & they continued their bickering like little kid.

Here, masa & dadi sa r watching their fight then masa said ahem ahem

When maaneet look at them and embarrassed and said oh we, actually then geet just suddenly said I have to check kitchen forget something there and runs from there.


Maan shied when masa and dadi sa raised their eye brows and said hmm, work in kitchen forget that,

Masa smiles & said so major khurana now a days shopping also hmmm but maan just almost jumped from the bed and said I have to call some one and runs from there almost.

Both masa and dadi sa laughed to hear there words .

Masa wipes her tears and said god bless them

Dadi agreed and pray to Almighty for their happy and peacefull life not aware there will be huge storm is coming again.

Maan came down and found geet is standing near the window when maan came behind her and hugged her slowly and nuzzled her neck with his nose & said bhag kyuon aayi uha se.

Geet who startled at first then said oh oh  actually m just, no actually I was just no oh'.. then just hugged him tightly to hide herself from everything .

Maan :-sona,

When geet just snuggled close to him & said hmmm.

Maan:- wanna take ride in the place.

Geet looked at him & then said kya , sacchi mein hum .

Maan kissed her nose and said mucchi ,

Maan little busy with adi and chatting with him in his study room.

Masa thinks there is huge change in maan now . she felt happy and give blessing to geet for this change.


After taking permission ,maaneet, adi r going to see few local market they went to near the river palace .

Geet is so happy  to came here, , she is exploring the palace garden happily ,maan is looking at all time when adi came and yaar I think , I'm here out sider, tu aise aapne biwi ko dekh raha hain aur mein iha ful kabab mein haddi hogaya.

Maan glared him then smiles and called sona, walk slowly  .

Geet smiles and come and tucked her hand on his elbow and said hmmm, when u r so busy here then what to do, adi bhaiya u know he is like that on there also, I'm only roaming here and he is busy to inspect every situation .

Maan make his face stern when geet said see, now also behaving like he is some kind of operation with his wife and his friend.

Adi laugh & said geet, ur husband is so boring and unromantic, when a beautiful wife is there with him, he is looking another thing, and forget about me , his friend mein toh iha aivein aagaya hoon.

Maan give both of them glare when geet giggled then pouted cutely.

Suddenly adi excused himself and said have some work .

Maan :-hmmm.

Geet smiles at adi when adi just blushed and left from there.

Geet turned and noticed at maan who is raising his eye brows when geet said there is few people who think about their spouse also not all time standing or walking like attention.

 Maan folded his arms & oh really geet .

Geet nodded cutely with giggling face then suddenly understand maa's look and said oh oh, kuwar sa , let's eat something, see , Adi bhaiya is coming , let's go na, m feeling too hungry.

Maan looked at who is coming slowly but still on phone and maan slide his hand on her slim waist and said m also hungry sona and looking at her rose petals lips with his all desrie and make geet's heart beat fast .

She blushed and her ful body shiver with too many emotions, she just said oh oh'.

Maan rubbed her nose and licked her lips and left her & said so Adi, ho gay romance.

Adi blushed and said maan then smiles when geet said aww, adi bhaiya u r blushing ,

Adi smiles weakly then hugged maan and said oh she called me as m,m becoming papa soon.

Maaneet smiles and maan hugged adi tightly & said congratulation buddy when geet said wah bhaiya m going to be bua.

Adi shyly nodded when maan punched his stomach playfully and smiles ,

Adi:- yes m becoming papa soon but when I'll get the good news geet, when both of u become parents and give me the title of mama (Metarnal uncle).

Geet blushed and almost clinged into maan when maan just slide his hand on her waist & said soon but not now as my sona is so little let her enjoy the life fully, will give her this responisbility , my ansh then , want to feel the life now, want to enjoy her life and m here na with her always and soon give her "Mere Pyaar ke Nishaani"

Geet looked at him in awe and her cheeks was like red roses ,maan bend kisses those cheek when geet just hide herself in his arms .

Adi chuckled them said I wish to Almighty for every happiness, joy, peace success for both of u.

Maan smiles and kissed geet's hair , they moved on another side when one servant came and said sir shall we placed food here or u will come inside .


Geet :- bhaiya jee pls bring them here , we will eat here under nature .

That servant bewildered to hear bhaiya jee and with a soft smile nodded with bow .

Maaneet settle down in the garden and adi accompanied them.

They chit chat with few common thing when servant came with food there.

Geet :- thanku bhaiya jee and then serve maan and adi .

Adi:- first time seeing  a princess so poiletly  ,

Maan nodded with acceptance when geet said toh, we all r same na, so. Oh toh baas tag hain prince, princess ka , sab ek jaise hain ,kyuon kuwar sa.

Maan smiles and said fully agree rani saheba.

Geet shied and lowered her gaze .

They engrosed in their chatting when suddenly dizzling start and adi said oh no, and runs from there but geet almost jumped and said baareesh , and runs to drenched in the rain when maan shouts Sona, come back  soon .

Geet just jumping , running from here to there.

Maan shook his head in disbelief and look at adi who said go and enjoy and enter the palace.


Maan runs behind geet and shouts sona but she is just running from there and giggling whole heartedly ,at one time maan try to hold her but she again runs and this time splash a hand ful water on maan when maan just try  to grabbed her but she again slipped and show her pink tongue like and runs from there .

This time maan runs behind  & Again geet try to move but maan hold her elbow and pull her strongly against his hard form and slide his strong arms on her petite waist and geet instantly hugged him ,

Both stayed there few moments then again geet splashed handful water on maan

,maan's hold on her loosen and geet try to run with naughty smile but maan pull her quickly and whisper dangerously yet to intensely and huskily sona, u can't stay away or run away from ur soul , ur heart and ur place is here in my arms.


Geet shied like newly wed bride and maan just dipped his head on her neck and placed a wet kiss there and make geet gasped as they were out side ,

Maan bit her shoulder when geet moaned maannn.

Maan licked that place  and then sucked it till it became full red and then went another side and kissed there but geet wriggled to freed herself  but maan is already drown into a deep passion , he rubbed his nose on her neck to cheek to dipped his head on her brown casacade and inhaling beautiful jasmine smell from there and murmur something , geet curled her fist to hold maan's shirt when her toes curl in shyness .

Maan can understand her condition and want to tease her sona little more and so he moved his face near to her ear & licked the ear lobe before sucking it .

Geet shiver and feel thousand volt current going through her spine. Her legs become jelly, knees r so week but her kuwar sa is too lost to tease her ,

Here, maan's finger playing in her naval and said small trailor sona, before the long night & pinch her naval then said remember our long pending SR in palace which was suppose to happen but our no my anger took it some other way , anyway, will compensate it now and placed another kisse behind her ear and make geet's almost loose her control and hugged him tight,

But suddenly, there is huge thunder and geet clinged to maan more and said kuwar sa.

It's brought back maan into reality, that along with his sona is shivering and drenched fully.

Maan bend little down and scooped her in his strong arms and runs inside the palace and direct went to their room and placed her on the bed & said wait let me bring some fresh cloths for u and try to move when geet whisper kuwar sa.

Maan stop at his place and just said hmmm .

Geet with shy face which is cover with red hue said oh where r u going, we don't have cloths na.

Maan turn little and carrassed her face by back of his palm and said don't worry , trust me u will have all ans and just tunr towards another room adjoining to their river palace's bedroom.

Geet is shivering badly but nervous also as her kuwar sa's word keep ringing on her ear and her ear heated with the mere thought of it.

But suddenly again felt some one lifting her and  she instantly know who is that and snuggled close to him and taking his manly scent and warmth to make herself warm but as her luck she also know that with her kuwar sa's slightly touch or carrass make her heated and she just blushed to think it.

Maan noticed it and pull her more close to him,

They enter the new room which is full changing room and maan said sona, there is ur cloths , change it and come soon,but geet hold his neck and said will u not change .

Maan chuckled then said will change but if I will change here with u then we will not reached to bedroom.

Geet almost red like rose in shy and maan just kissed her lipes gently and said u r testing like strawberry but now u need to change before u catch cold.


Later geet come out after wearing a white and red mixed lehenga and looking like beautiful rose .

Geet noticed her kuwar sa is vigerously rubbbing his hair and she can understand, he might be took a bath after this rain bath.

She shook her head and went near to him and slowly said kuwar sa, dijiye hume, hum kar dete hain and take the towel from her kwuar sa.

When maan noticed her and feel a chill feeling running through his spine and feeling himself instant hard.

He just want to devour this innocent beauty yet seductress who ready to kill her by her innocense , beauty and love.

Till geet make him seat in the couch and she is rubbing his head and said what do u need to take shower now, kuwar sa, u know this bin mausma rain is bad, if u took shower did u take hot water ,no na, I know ,u never will think for ur health and will do ur man maani and keep sclding him cutely.

Maan is thinking haye marjava aise daante mein toh, har din will do something like that then think no maan u need to control as if something will happen like little bit sardi garmi and ur sona will cry bucket , so no mischiveious like that

Geet now said what happen now, what r u thinking?

Maan looked at her then slowly his eyes turn naughty, mischiveious and then dark with passion and make geet gulped her saliva and before geet can understand anything maan placed his rough lips on her naval and kissed it.

Geet jolted with current and hold her kuwar sa's shoulder when maan dipped his tongue in her naval and licked it then sucked it as if there is some honey hiding.

Geet felt she will drown with her kuwar sa's passion and clutched her lehenga in one hand and another hand his hair in her small fist but her hold only instigate the fire in him.

Before she can understand or think she is in his lap and maan looked at her intensely and teasingly and said what happen sona,

Geet:huh. Oh

Maan rubbed her nose with her then said let's check adi and have some dinner .

Geet nodded some how.

After dinner, maaneet and adi chatted few more times then geet take excuse and left for the room.

Later maan enter and found her standing near the window and looking at out side.

Maan come behind her and slide his arms on her waist and said what r u thinking geet?

Geet leaned on maan said it's so beautiful, sky is filled with numrous star & it's reflction on river .

Maan :-yes sona,it's beautiful and u knw when moon came in the dark sky and brigh this night with her serene light and fall it's light on the river it's like a bride is came in the earth,

Geet smiles and snuggled close to him where cool breeze make her shiver little.

Maan hugged her tight and hide her petite form in his broad form and said but u know that bride is not more beautiful than my sona, she is more beautiful, more pure, more serene her presnece make my life more beautiful, full with light, full with love, full with care, understanding, respect.

Geet shied and whisper kuwar sa.but maan just kissed her hair and cheek.

Geet smiles but the red hue didn't leave her cheek and it's darken more whenMaan's hand carrassed her soft belly slowly slowly and make geet moan,

Geet push him and runs from where when maan said sona,

Geet giggle and runs to balcony and drenching little under slight dizzle.

It's make her look like fresh flower with dew drops.

Maan looking fully mesmerzied and falling for her again.

Geet is busy to play with little drizzle when a pair of hand joined her hands and his rough lips kissed her ear lobe and make her squirm in pleasure  soon the lips kissed behind her ear and bite her ear lobe and said Caught u and tickling geet on her belly and make her giggle then said without me enjoying sona.

Geet smiles and turn at him when maan looked at her face which is cover with rain drops, his face bend and he just slowly licked those drops from her face, her eyes, nose, cheeks, ear forehead, chin, he bend little more to her neck to colloer bone then came to her jaw to again went shoulder where his hands continously carrssing her belly in sensuas manner making her moan his name.

Geet just hugged him more tight as she can't open her eyes openly due to shyness and clinged more to him , her kuwar sa and suddenly gapsed as his trobbing Manhood is almost pressing her belly,

She bit her lower lips and looking here & there where maan is busy to shower her ,his all love, decorating her collerbone, neck, shoulder with numerous kisses .


Maan looked up to see her face which is completely flushed with his passion and maan smiles then kissed her corner of the lips and then licked her whole lips with his tongue and make her more restless with his teasing.

Geet opened her eyes and looked at him annoyingly when maan just smirked & slowly bend his head to capture those rose petals but geet pushed him and runs from there with her musical laughter.

But maan runs behind her and hold her duppatta which is cover her lehnga and choli and pulled ou the duppatta totally.

Geet stop and gapsed then looked at maan annyingly then blushing fully and just try to move from there.

But maan quickly hold her & kissed her red cheeks and said not so hurry sona and again kissed her cheeks.

Here,Geet's heart thudding loudly as the love from her kuwar sa coming.

Maan looked at geet with his all love when geet just blushed profusely but soon he pinned her in the wall & attack her neck & shoulder carnally  then her lips and nibbling it slowly then likced it then sucking it like as bee taking honey from there.

Where she also equally response to his passion .

After long time they broke due to lack of air but maan's lips give her numrous kisses on her face to shoulder to neck to coller bone .

Maan almost pressed himself to her and geet hands romaing on his bare neck to shoulder and massaging them .

Maan's hard manhood pressing her lower belly and make her gapsed when maan bite her shoulder and licked it.

He suddenly bend and placed deep wet kiss on her belly and belly button the licked the whole belly button before sucking it completely and make geet clutched her one hand on his hair and make it fist and another hand on his shoulder.

Maan again came to her lips and tease her by kissing her corner of the lip then move to her face.

Where geet flowing the passion of her kuwar sa and next moment her lehenga and blouse went off .she shied and shiver but before she can voice out her feeling her kuwar sa know her and scoop her in his arms and make her lay in the bed after that joined her there also .

Geet closed her eyes out of shyness when maan just placed a kiss on her forehead and eyes then said most beautiful, innocent bride I have ever seen.

Geet slowly open her eyes and it's like buds r opening her petals ,and it's cover with pink hue.

Maan looked mesmerized with her pure beauty and kissed her eyes and said don't close this mirror , let me see myself here.

Geet shied and curl her toes when maan look at her with his all love and make geet shiver with the intensity of his gaze.

Geet try to call him but her voice stuck on her throat , she just feeling hide herself from his intense gaze.

She is like candle who is melting under his kuwar sa's mere no no, intense gaze , making her shy, full red and melting her according to his wish.

Maan gently placed a peck on her lips and slowly bend and kissed her toes which is curled now fully due to shyness .

Geet turn her head as his kuwar sa now placing kiss on her each toes with utmost care and love.


Maan make her turn in to his passion and love, make her melt like candle under his passion ,make her moan his name, sung the song of his name.

Maan hands, ,fingers,lips ,tongue and teeth love her, marked her claimed her and worshiped her again and again and make her moan his name .

Her curve & buds r sore and some pinkish red, her belly button has a mark of his teeth, and her thigh also ,where geet also not less,give marks of her nails, teeth on her kuwar sa's back, shoulder, chest, arms.

Both love each other like there it no tomorrow.

They rolled on the whole bed ,make it tremble almost with their passion, make the satin sheet wriggled under their passion totally, the whole bed wriggling under their .

But there is still no stopping in their love and passionate moments.

Whole night the room filled with their love filled moaned and the room heated with their passion.


At morning ,maan is talking with masa when geet come there and looking like fresh flower but her whole face glowing under her kuwar sa's love , she slide her hand on his waist and leaned on him .

Maan :-hmmm we r reaching within 30mins masa, ok bass hogaya. Then looked at her and said chale.

Geet nodded shyle when maan kissed her forehead then her eyes and about to kiss her lips when some one coughed ahem ahem.

Both looked at the source but too embarrased and maan said oh ha, chalo adi .

Adi give him teasing look where geet almost hide in maan, her kuwar sa.

Later they reached and masa said aaiye , fresh honge pehele iya break fast karenge.

maan :-oh masa.

He is looking at other side and thnking hard something

When Adi said masa he is busy in some work I mean u know na so they need energy errmmm break fast kyuon maan.

Maan looked at him like will kill by his look.

Masa look confused and said matlab.

Maan:-nothing masa, let's have break fast ,

Masa smiles and nodded happliy.


Later at that evening, geet is making something on kitchen when masa looked at geet and her glowing face and smirked and thanks to ALMIGHTY for giving them GEET as wife of maan's.

Geet looked at her then said what happen masa, do u need anything ?

Masa nodded no but said to herself I got all from u bahu, u bring my son back, u bring back the happiness in him, u bring back the the old maan back, I can't thank enough for u and wipes her tears when geet said masa kya hua, shall I call kuwar sa, what happen , r u feeling unwell, something happned and cotninue her talk when masa said thanks beta and kissed her forehead and said GOD BLESS u with all happiness .

Geet smiles then touch her feet and said with u all and ur smiling face r my happiness masa.

At living room, geet with one of the maid servant bring Aloo kheer(this is bengali sweet dish )

Later , Geet:-masa, now taste it fast and tell me how is it ?

Dadi sa joined ha bahu,taste it ,already taste "Aloo Kheer" it's delicious .

Masa smiles and kissed geet's forehead and said thanks beta for everything.

Geet wondered what happen now but before she can ask anything adi came and said masa , dadi sa, so we r going there, will come evening.

Dadi sa & masa nodded positively when geet said ha and don't come late , and told kuwar sa , switch on the phone with meaning ful smile.

Adi nodded and patted her head with brother affection.

At evening, geet is collecting few things in kitchen when some one engulfed her in his arms and said sona, what r u doing , told me to come soon and busy in here ha and bite her ear lobe sensuasly and make geet moan and some how she said kuwar sa,pls some one will see us.

Maan  nuzzled his nose on her shoulder when some one coughed there and said Namaste bare Bhai sa.

Maaneet both turned to see a young man is with cunning smile looking at them and his eyes mainly on geet.

Geet doesn't like his staring and come close to maan more when dadi sa said with great difficulty Are Vikram na, come here, oh u met with maan and his wife already.

Vikram chuckled and said wife ha then looking at maan with smirk but maan ignored with his streight look and said dadi sa, we have some work, see u later and just dragged geet from there almost.


Later geet shiver to see his kuwar sa again in too anger and devastated mood .


Geet startled then said slowly, pls kuwar sa, don't ,I can't see u in pain.

Maan hold her shoulder and almost pinned her with wall & said pain, it's my destiny , u don't know the pain we bore, I bore, geet,pls stay away from this all I warn but geet just cover his mouth and nodded her head in negative then said I'm ur WIFE , and have the rights which u gave me, pls don't .

She hugged him & said masa is mother ,said I'm her beti now, not only daughter in law but daughter , kuwar sa,pls help me to reduce my mother's pain, my grandmother's pain,my husband's pain and cupped his face,pls help me,will u not help ur SONA, kuwar sa.



Evil eye vs Pure love

Previous Part:-

Masti,Holiday & Back To Rajasthan:-Page48


Next Part:-

Evil Eye Vs Pure Love :-Page111

here is the next part

hope u all like it

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& give me lots of comments and likes

Sorry for any mistake

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PS:- m nervous for this part pls tell me how is it

Disclaimer :- this story & concept solely belong to me and my property if any one try to copy without telling me or try to take this  & try to copy & paste it any where then I'll take legal action against him or her , pls don't copy this FF & it's concept


P.S .:- any one want pm for this FF then send me buddy req or post a comment here

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Hi all
how r u all
I'm so happy to see the excitement for uds of this FF
thanku thanku thanku
I'm feeling so happy to see it and I'll try my best to always entertain u and make u all happy by my works

pls read the note and pls trust me also

Now about maan well in the concept and prologue I told how is maan from there judge Major Maan Singh Khurana.

Don't worry geet is not cry baby , she is fighter , brave girl again read the prologue & concept about GEET.

Story will unfold more and many more action, drama, romance, passion, twist and turns, here maaneet r not simple character but they have many complex in their character , they r normal human, they have anger , they have pain in their life, they have dream in their life , they react also like us , instant reaction, some times they r frustrated when they try to react badly,  some time realized , some times not, like this more will come  , the journey of MAANEET in new way ,till then keep reading Road To Love N Beyond 
First trust me dearies, every incident happened ,is happening and will happen only good for maaneet and their relationship

if u feel any part sad and don't want to read then don't know what to say for always showing everything happy, in real life we don't have happy life always, sad , hurt pain all r part of our life then how maaneet r exceptions

P.S:-Feel free to criticize me or express ur views I would love to read ur views
pls pls read and do comments and pls pressed the liked button

Sorry for late updating this time but updated long part hope u all like it

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Originally posted by PrithviSanyo1

Originally posted by jyothikrish

Originally posted by PrithviSanyo1

Originally posted by jyothikrish


hi good morning dear
res ruk ja abhi res nehi kya phir res kar dena

good morning di...
ok di, but pls res 10:30 se pehle karna.. pata hain na power cut.. Angry

ok within 30mins res karti hoon place

okkk Big smile
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~~ edited ~~

yiipeee me first and second to commment... Big smileBig smileBig smile
awesome awesome update di...
loved it so much...
wowww.. kitna cool update tha and last mein yeh vikram kaun? AngryAngry mere maan ko gussa dila diya na... Ouch
hayeee maan is so naughty naughty and geet is so innocent... Big smileSmile
loved maan teasing adi and vice-versa... happy to see this side of maan... Big smile
and when adi asked maneet when will i become mama and maan's answer is wow...
let my sona enjoy her life and then we will think of it... how sweet of u maan...
geet playing in rain and maan chasing her, geet's antics are hayeee enjoyed reading that...
and maan teasing geet in changing room... and geet is all sharam sharam LOL worth watching...
and yes forgot to mention about masa and dadi, they are so sweet...
hayeee maan and geet are embrassed when they fought about shopping in front of them and masa teasing maan... LOLLOL me so loved that scene..
and their passionate night and their love is awesome... Big smile
but at the end everything changed and who is this vikram...
and precap is scary and i am scared...

continue soon di...
its a awesome update di..
love u.. Big smile

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Originally posted by PrithviSanyo1


meee late today ...jyoti got the chance ...Cry

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Author: AnjuMaanManiac   Replies: 1214   Views: 140501

AnjuMaanManiac 1214 140501 03 June 2011 at 12:52am by sun-naaaaaaaaa
MAAN MANIACS THREAD#3 - Link to next thread p.170

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AnjuMaanManiac 1356 176452 02 June 2011 at 9:08pm by AnjuMaanManiac
just love love love love maan

Author: xXRzmastiXx   Replies: 6   Views: 3622

xXRzmastiXx 6 3622 21 December 2010 at 9:53pm by angelmm
Brij Appreciation Thread-Link To New Thread pg130

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sallu_lover 1209 46542 19 July 2010 at 5:06am by sallu_lover

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