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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
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Originally posted by PrithviSanyo1


hi darling .

mee waiting 

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tu reserve kar rahi hai na rakhi first Big smile

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ha res kar rehi hoon

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Glitter Text



Next Part:-

Action, Reaction & Passion


Geet's painful eyes and tear full eyes make maan's heart stop almost but he know there will be only humiliation, problem, tension and hurt and pain for her, how could he forget those days, that night ,no he can't make her go from that way again. He can die , he take her punishment, her anger, her blamed, accusation but can't see her in pain for that reason once again.

What an irony of a life , both r know each other  so well, both r right in their place still there is problem but when there is love is so strong when love become pure worship also then they will handled it also but how they will handled it? Or really this storm will affect their love paradise again.


Maan slowly going close to her when geet try to break the trance but can't as her kuwar sa hold to much power of love and passion.

Maan cupped her face lovingly and kissed those tearful eyes and make it flow more in pain .

Maan tightly hugged her in his strong arms and kissed her hair and forehead.

Geet wriggled to come out suddenly as if remember those harsh words but maan make his grip strong and caressing her back and keep saying sorry sona, pls sona, forgive ur kuwar sa, u know how bad my temper ,sona, m really sorry, pls sona and kissing her face with his full love .

Geet at last hugged him tight and digged her face in his chest and crying there and hitting him with her small fist like protesting how dare he told her to go from there, his life foreever.

Maan scoop her and make her sit in his lap and said I'm sorry, ok if u want to go then but geet pushed him almost and said noonnooo, sorry

Maan shocked to hear this and cupped her face and said sona, ok .ok calm down u don't have to go, now don't cry sona.see, I'll not send u will stay here close to me , see.

He hugged her tremble form in his protective arms ,and hide her petite body in his strong structure .where geet is cried there and holding him tightly .

Maan scoop her in his arms where she hide herself like a kid in his arms.

He make her lie in the bed but she holding him tight and whisper pls don't leave me, I'll not go anywhere.pls .don't punish me.

Maan's heart pained and he just kissed her lips gently then her eyes and said I'm here sona, how I will punish u , sona, u r my heart , how can I punish u , my soul, sona, hugged her tightly and keep patting her back and kissing her face to sooth the pain.

Maan slide beside her and take her in his arms  to make  her comfortable as he know how much insecure she is feeling now, his words r deep on her soul .

He kissed her forehead gently and keep saying some sweet thing to sooth her soul which was bruised by her kuwar sa.

After some time, maan noticed her slwwping like child in his arms.

He carrassed her feace & tucked the tendril behind her ear and hugged her tightly.

Maan's monologue:-

I know she missed her parents love and craved for it from childhood ,I know also , she thinks this phone call r out of love but how can I tell her it's not, she is so naive, innocent.he know her still how could he utter those words , he should control his temper not to shout on her, make her understand y he is stopping her to go there.


He sighed and close his eyes for few hours of sleep if he could .

Next day :-

Next day early morning , maan's phone ring broke their sleep. When geet rubbing her eyes and more snuggle close her kuwar sa.

Maan picked up the phone and said hello and then gradually his face color is changing when geet looked at him almost in half sleep and half wake and looking at maan with cute frowning expression.

Maan caressed her face and indicate her to sleep but she slowly get up and looking at her kuwar sa intently .

Here maan's face color darken and he shouts almost WHAT?

It's make geet startled in her place but maan patted her back to sleep and get up went from there.

Geet get up later to find a ready maan for some work, she hurriedly came down and asked ,kuwar sa.

Maan who is serious just turn and hugged her tight when geet keep saying sorry ,ssooorryy, I didn't want to hurt u, I, didn't '.I ,willl nooottt gooo there,pls.for but maan closed her mouth with his lips and kissing her as if sending msg to her that he is not angry on her,when geet just clinged to him more & more .


After the kiss maan cupped her face and whisper I'm sorry sona, for shouting on u, for scolding u  , for saying those words, sona, I'm really sorry, I never intend to say those but, it's just, u know my temper, but still it's not any excused , I know I badly hurt u ,pls forgive me sona.


Geet with crying face said m not angry on u, m sorry ,it's my fault, I shouldn't be stubborn like that. I should listen to u, I should '..

She again stop and remember previous night when maan said shhh sona, I know u r not at fault, it's just ,my fault to make u understand as daughter u have full rights to go there ,


but geet nodded her as no when maan cupped her face & said sona yes u have but if there is situation normal , if the family is normal then , I would happily as I know u will be happy there, I know as a daughter u still loved ur family, ur parents but does they love u sona, does they deserve this love, I know u always craved for their love ,longed for it, and I know when first time ur masa but sona, think just once, calmly did they ever called u after u came from there, did they ever asked u how  r u, did they ever want to know where r u, how r u? no na, ok still I guess u want to do something for them ok, good, u can but find out the problem first then decide something  , not for me, not for u but for truth, humanity, love, think what they did with u from ur childhood , think sona first, does they deserve it, not for torture but humiliate the name of humanity, insult u as ,humiliate u , sona think about this all, I'm not stopping neither telling u to ,it'll be ur decision fully not mine .

But geet hugged him and said no .it'll be our decision , not mine or not ur .she looked at maan then said I love u kuwar sa , I will not take any decision in haste .


Maan take a deep breath and kissed her eyes and forehead then gave gentle peck on her lips then said m going sona,see u at afternoon or evening.


Geet shocked the shrugged off then said hmmm but ur breakfast.

Maan:-sona, I have to go now,

Geet with frown face nodded but maan sighed and said sona,

Geet again hugged him tightly .


Mid night and geet is almost verge to cry , she is keep waiting for her kuwar sa, After 1.30 at night when maan  enter the home full exhausted and tired, noticed geet is cuddling in the couch and looking at his pic.

Maan called sona and geet just turned and run towards him and hugged him tightly ,where r u kuwar sa, y u came so left y kuwar sa, y, u ,u still angry on me ,u want to punish me ?

Maan cupped her face & said no sona , I'm not angry shhh, I was stuck in some work sona and don't have any network to inform u and then battery down fully I guess have to changed it, , y I'll be angry on u ,how can I angry on my sona,ha.


Geet looked deeply at his eyes and try to understand what she want to say and said u were not angry on me.

Maan hugged her and said no sona I'm not angry on u .

Geet nodded like little kid and said hmmm then suddenly freed her and said u r feeling hungry na, let me heat ur food and arrange them , baas 5mins

Maan;- sona, not feeling to eat anything sona.

Geet pouted and said kuwar sa,

but maan said pls sona.

Geet stop at her place then glare at him and said chup chap aajaiye hath dho ke, don't wanna hear no, kuwar sa, u have to eat, u know, u never think about urself, if u not eat properly then how will do ur work?


She murmur more and left from there to kitchen to heat the food for maan.

Maan just smiles and falling again for her.

Maan came quickly after changing his dress where his sona is arranging the plate.

He smiles then frown as there is another plate and shook his head as again geet skipped dinner as he is late.

Maan:-sona, who placed her soft finger & said oh , I can't.I tried but I can't.

Maan make her seat and said first take this and make her eat first bite but geet also like him, she take the first bite half and half give it to her kuwar sa.

Both fed each other and as there is love is again growing with them but unaware of destiny who will take again test of their love ?the storm they passed may be ,give them little bit after effect may be.


At night , geet came frown face  and said kuwar sa turned pls.

Maan who is just lying on the bed and trying to get some sleep but geet said turn na pls.

Maan:-sona,let me sleep's nothing there


Geet:- u never think about urself, did u see those wounds in ur back, y kuwar sa, y u always neglect ur health and yes m going to give u nice sleep now turn and make him turn forcefully then  pulled his vest fully from his body and then sit close to him then put ointment on wound on his back ,and murmur something when maan said sona, I had to go and it's my duty and I can't let innocent people suffer ,it's nothing in


Geet:-CHUP BILKUL CHUP ,it's nothing huh, do u know it's piercing my heart

Maan chuckled then accepted whatever his sona will do.


Then she   put her soft hand on his back, shoulder and rubbing it lightly then his shoulder, neck, lower back her soft little hand massaging his back but it make maan calm and feeling content slowly it's work like a magic and maan drift into a sleep when geet again said now again turn n half sleep maan just said hmm and turn some how when now his chest and abdomen, hands and legs r massaged by her carefully.

She massaged his head and hair and it's make dose off to deep sleep.

Geet bend and kissed his forehead and said I love u kuwar sa.


At mid night, maan wake up as he is feeling thirsty and try to get up when geet snuggled close to him like her whole life is depends on there.

He try to move but she is clinging more.

He some how freed himself then get up to take the water .

Maan pouring water on the jug when  a pair of slner arms hugged him tightly and whimper ,pls don't leave.

Maan leaned and looked at her then placed kissed on her palm then said sona, I just came to take water.

Geet :-hmmm but her hold got more tight .maan can sense some problem with geet now.

He hold the jug and turned and take geet in his arms and said sona,

Geet pressed herself more into him then whisper hmmm.

Maan:-let's go back to the room.

Geet :-hmmm.

Maan ;-if u not leav but before he can complete the sentence , geet hugged him and whisper, I'll not go there.

Maan shook his head and said hold it sona.

Geet took the jug and looking at maan when he bend and scoop her in his strong arms and then going towards their room.

Geet looked at him now in awe and said kuwar sa iye aap?

Maan:- kya hua sona?


Next day :-

Maan :-sona ,I'll be little late today, don't wait for me ha.

Geet frowned and again some unknown fear creep on her mind.she looked another side and a lump of tear clotting on her throat .

But maan came and held her chin and said sona.

Geet try to smiles and said okkk.

Maan is looking at her and first time feeling totally confused , he kissed her forehead and said take care.

Geet just nodded simple .

Full day geet is busy with her study & work , try to divert her mind from her fear but couldn't help ,

she can't think straight , her mind is cover with some unknown fear how her stubbornness almost ruin her paradise, how her kuwar sa shouts and scolds her , how he told her to go from his life forever, she shudder again to think about those lines .


At evening,maan came back home little early so want to spend this time only with his sona.

He came to see the home is too silent, , he fear what happen and meet with sunil.

Maan:- sunil, is everything ok, where is ur ma'm?

Sunil:- sir, she is in ur room .

Maan nodded and said hmm then asked sunil then said oh nothing .

Maan entered the room and find his sona is sleeping in the bed but hugging something tightly.

Maan went neat to her and found her shivering and holding his pic close to her heart tightly.

Maan touch her forehead to find out it's burning like coal,

He quickly called her sona, sona, here geet slowly opened her eyes but her face showing how tired she is feeling now


sitting near the bed  and looking at his pic plainly.

Maan's heart went out to see his sona like this , he called her but she is in some deep thought .

He went near to her and placed his hand on her shoulder & called her sona who just turned but maan got the shock of his life, her face pale and eyes r blank.

Maan cupped her face & said sona, who just faintly smiles at him then said I told them no, I'll not go there, now u will not send me there na, u will not send me away from u  ,

Maan's heart pained to see her like this and soon take her in his long arms and said no no  , how I will leave u , send u away from me. U r my life sona, but what this ,he cuddled her close to his heart and said u make ur self ill, u never cared for ur health and called doctor .

At night, maan make geet eat soup which his sona ate halfheartedly and making faces at her kuwar sa.

Maan tucked her in the blanket when geet hold his hand and said where r u going?

Maan:-no where sona, sleep and m just came , try to sleep .

Geet nodded no & whisper,pls don't leave me.

Maan sighed and slide besides her and took her in his arms to make her sleep well

He kissed her eyes then her forehead and caressing her hair , back with all care.

Geet just snuggled close to his heart and hold him tightly.

After few moments maan felt her calm breath and know she is sleeping now,maan make her sleep but her hand clutched his shirt tightly.

Maan slowly freed himself and kissed her forehead again and get up from there.

At night geet many times whimpers in pain but not in physical pain it's more than mental pain and a fear to loose her kuwar sa, she is looking so vulnerable.


Maan keep wake whole night and make her feel good by his love, care and presence which his sona needs more, he never thought his those words will hurt her like that, his those words will pierce her soul like that.


He held her close to his heart full day and try to absorb her pain, he is sometimes massaging her legs, hands gently with oil then caressing her hair, head, and back.

Maan keep looking at the temperature of his sona again & again ,

Maan heard her whimpering again and saying pls don't send me away .

Maan felt too guilt and the remorse eating him like , how can he hurt his innocent, naive,sona, he should hold his temper and try to make her understand in polite way but he .


After full night taking care of geet, maan found her sleeping peacefully almost on him , hugging him like little child , want to take warmth from him.

He smiles at her peaceful face which is looking like little kid.


At morning, geet yawn then turn and feel she is sleeping on some thing hard and the smell is so familer and she smiles and rubbed her face in the hard thing which is her kuwar sa's hard chest.

Maan stired as the feel it & said sona,

Geet smiles and kissed his heart when maan caressed  her head and then her face by the back of his palm and make geet shiver in pleasure this time.

Maan kissed her lips gently then said lay down now, m coming within 10mins and don't get ha but geet frowned and said par kuwar sa.

Later maan came with horlicks and biscuits ,and said lo, have them first,

Geet frown and make faces when maan said don't show that, u didn't eat much last night so, now, have it first.

Geet twist her lips then said kuwar sa then said I have to brush my teeth then have to take bath,

Maan:-yes u have to but first finish all this.

Geet with making face and murmuring take it from maan's hand and slowly finish it but thousand times dying no, I don't feel like eating any more, I'm full kuwar sa pls.


But geet's kuwar sa didn't pay any attention to this things .

Maan went to washroom and then after some time come back , and noticed geet is sitting in the bed with pale face.

He smiles then called her and scoop her in his arms when geet said kuwar sa where r u taking me ?


Maan nuzzled his nose on her cheek and said hmm in washroom.

then geet said innocently but y ?

When maan said to give u bath sona

Geet almost shouts WHATTT

Maan smiles to see her face looked full shocked  then it's turned full red like roses.

Geet lowered her eyes then said softly kuwar sa,pls.

Maan:-sona, Trust me, I'll not see u or take,or make u uncomfortable

Geet hugged him and said u will never make me uncomfortable .

Maan smiles and kissed her forehead.

Maan entered the washroom with geet and make her stand in the floor then slowly said May I sona.

Geet again looked at him in awe then nodded yes and think how much her kuwar sa will love her, how much a person will be like this so genunie so caring , she don't know how to describe her feelings for her kuwar sa , she is short of word first time,she is falling for her kuwar sa, her respect for her is keep increasing.

Get don't know when she is all bare but then maan cover with soft towel and then again take her in his arms and placed her in the tub which is cover with warm water and maan slowly slide her then with soft another towel then slowly massaing her body and givng her sponge bath with warm water.

Slwoly it's make geet relax more and feeling good.

Her body pain, aches r went away, and with her kuwar sa her rest of the pain also vanished .

Maan slowly wipes her body with all care and geet just looking at him with all respect.

His care, love, affection make geet fall for her kuwar sa again.




Later geet came down to kitchen to make breakfast when she looked at the clock and it's 10.30 already.

Geet :-oh no, kuwar sa ke breakfast.

Maan replied from kitchen ,sona, break fast is ready and u don't have to worry but u go back to ur room unless u will carried by me now.

Geet looked there is Sunil doing some work and feeling embarrased and said kuwar sa , never think of anything then looked at front and see maan is standing there smirking and just slowly come  when geet froze on that place and took her in his arms and said sunil bring break fast in our room .

Sunil nodded and left the place but here geet felt herself too shy and hide herself in maan.

Maan chuckled then said so sona, feeling shy, hummm and nuzzled his nose with her and said y I'll feel anyting ,I love u and I'll declare and tell this any where .Pyaar kiya toh chupana kya hain.

Geet shied then giggled and said oh Pyaar kya toh darna kya hain.

Maan came to their room and said hmmm hoga but humare liye pyaar kya toh chupana kya .

She smiles with blushed and made maan chuckled then suddenly geet said par , aap ab iha,

Maan with confused expression said kyuon mujhe iha nehi rehena chaiye kya ?

Geet nodded no then yes and make maan chuckled but said oh aapka office.


Maan:-sona, today is holiday, see the date today, u forgot kya ?

Geet looked at him confusion then it's slowly went her mind.

She smiles &  maan said sona, let's have the break fast then will talk and spend time with something.

Geet nodded by her surprise maan pull her in his lap and lovingly fed her and said kissed her cheek which r already red due to shyness.

Later at evening, Maan carrassed her face with his hand and said sona,

Geet :-hmmm

Maan:-sona, u know coming month ,I'm getting my holiday.u know sona I'm thinking to spend this time with u only,

Geet hugged him then said will u stay away from ur team, they r ur another family na.

Maan smiles then said yes but here is my another family u,

Geet smiles contently and hugged him.


Maan:-sona, we will go Rajsthan sona back out this holiday.

After hearing this geet looked at him with teary eyes when maan said what happened sona ?

Geet nodded no but her tears start falling and said in low voice I'm sorry kuwar sa, I know , they want to make everything fine and using me may be, but I'll not go there , I was thinking but I told them my decision, and I will not go there, pls don't send me there,pls don't go away from me.


Maan shocked fully and said sona, how could u think and pull her in his arms and said sona,I'll never leave, u never trust me, we r going there to spend time with masa and dadi sa, u said few days ago, u r missing them, if u don't want to go then we will not, trust me sona, I'll never leave u.


Maan kissed her full face and as if trying convey his feeling, his every word, , he kissed her lips gently and sucking it and saying numrous time I love u sona, I'm so sorry really sorry, I '.I never intend to hurt u or scold u, it's just my anger, u know na how impatient ur kuwar sa, how his anger always in peak.sona,pls don't cry, u know ur tears hurt me more ,pls sona don't cry. Don't shed this precious perls,it's cutting my heart.


Geet looked at him in awe the wipes her tears and said I'I'll not cry, pls and hugged him again then cupped his face and whisper I'm sorry , I just carried way , never leave u, never ,ever.

Maan looked at her then the capture her soft petals and kissing her and showing her she is only his and he will never leave him.

Next few days, maan again got busy but can't forget to spend with his sona.


After few days, geet again got call from her family when she picked up and said hello.

Maan on the other hand slide his hand on her waist and pull her close to him & nuzzled his nose on her neck & whisper , who is that to disturb my moments .

Geet shied and try to surpress her moan and some how said hello?who is that?

Geet's dadi sa:-Hum tere dadi sa bol rehi hoon.


Geet still shiver with the intensity of the voice and clutched maan's hand tightly  and maan sensed her fear, he looked at her then on the speaker of the phone


When geet's dadi speak, kya hua aab kyuon nehi bol rehi hain, sun tere liye tere janam ke baad hum sab sirf bhugat rehe hain aur ek baar tujhse kuch manga humne tune oh bhi nehi dia, tere wajay se humara ek lauta pota ghar chor ke chala gaya aur kya chiaye tujhe, humara ghar mein aag daal ke , tere liye  sab kuch bar baad ho gaya.aur kya kua tune brij ko kya bharkai humare khilaf ,

(now what happen?y u r not speaking up, listen for u, after u birth we had enough but not more ,just once we asked something from u but u, for u , our only son , my grand son left us and our home,and now what do u want more

u burn our home ,all cause of u , destroyed, what did u say to brij against us)





Where both dadi sa and geet gasped after hearing this when geet looked at maan with wide eyes but maan pull her and said I can't let them affect u or harm u any more ,I have seen ur problem , ur pain, how much hurt u r , I can't take those tears any more in ur eyes, I can't take sadness in ur eyes, I can't sona, it's hurt me more. I can't bear the pain to see u in immense pain. I know it's touhg to forget them and I'll never say but I'll not give them anyway to hurt u again.


Geet's eyes fill with tear but happy tear as how much her kuwar sa loves her, she never think in her life , any one will give her so much love, care, respect.

She hugged him with her all love and respect and said I LOVE U KUWAR SA, I LOVE U ,U R MY EVERYTHING, MY RAB, my life MY EVERYTHING.

She cupped his face and kissed his eyes and forehead then his heart as if showing her all love,respect then said my family, my life, everything  r u and belongs to u, I'm , ur sona belongs to u only,kuwar sa.


Both smiles and maan just kissed her forehead ,eyes then said like u ur kuwar sa also belongs to u sona, my sona , my only and both laughed and smiles.

Maaneet come close and capture each other lips , like sealing each other love, promising each to leave each other , always stand by each other in every thick and thin, always respect each other and love each other.

they hugged each other peacefully



Back to Family

Holiday in Rajasthan

Previous part:-

Passion To Trust To Worship & Storm :-Page12

 Next Part:-

here is the next part

hope u all like it

pls read and do comments

pls pressed the liked button

pls see the note also

& give me lots of comments and likes

Sorry for any mistake

sorry for any grammatical or spelling mistake



PS:- m nervous for this part pls tell me how is it

Disclaimer :- this story & concept solely belong to me and my property if any one try to copy without telling me or try to take this  & try to copy & paste it any where then I'll take legal action against him or her , pls don't copy this FF & it's concept


P.S .:- any one want pm for this FF then send me buddy req or post a comment here

Trust me all dearies , don't feel sad there r many thing store in this FF and
geet want to go to her mayka  as a daughter she always craved for the love from her parents and her family but never got and now when her mother called her , she thinks it's out of love but will she able to go or not , if go then, let's see just trust me dearies


& trust me dearies pls keep giving me ur love & supports 

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Hi all
how r u all
I'm so happy to see the excitement for uds of this FF
thanku thanku thanku
I'm feeling so happy to see it and I'll try my best to always entertain u and make u all happy by my works

pls read the note and pls trust me also

first don't feel sad or tensed about the update as it's needed every relationship has ups & downs ,Here maaneet don't have any mus regarding each other but some times protectiveness become over protectiveness and over protectiveness for each other can also harm .BUT IF LOVE IS STRONG THEN NOTHING WILL HARM THEM .JUST TRUST ME.

NOW IT'S GEET's parental house , geet's masa who called geet to solved the problem there ,let's see what will happen now

Now about maan well in the concept and prologue I told how is maan from there judge Major Maan Singh Khurana.

Don't worry geet is not cry baby , she is fighter , brave girl again read the prologue & concept about GEET.

Story will unfold more and many more action, drama, romance, passion, twist and turns, here maaneet r not simple character but they have many complex in their character , they r normal human, they have anger , they have pain in their life, they have dream in their life , they react also like us , instant reaction, some times they r frustrated when they try to react badly,  some time realized , some times not, like this more will come  , the journey of MAANEET in new way ,till then keep reading Road To Love N Beyond 
First trust me dearies, every incident happened ,is happening and will happen only good for maaneet and their relationship

if u feel any part sad and don't want to read then don't know what to say for always showing everything happy, in real life we don't have happy life always, sad , hurt pain all r part of our life then how maaneet r exceptions

P.S:-Feel free to criticize me or express ur views I would love to read ur views
pls pls read and do comments and pls pressed the liked button

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thanks to all of u for awesome, beautiful comments
loved it
I read each and every comments
I'm glad that u loved the updates,maaneet romantic, passionate moments
and well yes maaneet both r right and wrong in their place
maan may be try to make her understand more calmly or geet may be try to listen to him more, or rather say both r bind by emotionally so much can't think that time but when there is love ,nothing to worry
let's see how maaneet will over come this situation


Keep showering ur love and support on me

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AnjuMaanManiac 1356 176400 02 June 2011 at 9:08pm by AnjuMaanManiac
just love love love love maan

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xXRzmastiXx 6 3621 21 December 2010 at 9:53pm by angelmm
Brij Appreciation Thread-Link To New Thread pg130

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sallu_lover 1209 46531 19 July 2010 at 5:06am by sallu_lover

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