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Road To Love & Beyond NEW THREAD link added pg159 (Page 140)

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Glitter Text


Next Part:-




Maan get up and said geet , come to study room, adi u also,

After maan left the room masa and dadi sa looked at vikram then left from there where vikram seething in anger and said will see u later maan bhai sa.



But ,vikram know this is not easy but he will do it at any cost.

Here in Study room,

Maan is sitting when geet came and maan said sona, this is for u, kuwar brij send u for ur excellent result.

Geet's eyes twinkled in happiness and said bhai sa send it for me, thankuuu kuwar sa and hug him tightly when adi feel embarrassed and turn his face another side .

Maan also felt embarrassed but he know if his sona will get the idea what is she doing then she will get more shy.

Maan hugged her lightly then kissed her forehead and said go and talk with ur bhai sa, he is waiting for ur call.

Geet with teary eyes nodded yes then kissed maan's cheek quickly and runs from there like no one is there.

Maan is full shocked and embarrassed but he know his sona didn't noticed any thing else or any one.

Maan noticed adi is grinning more and looking here and there. When  maan coughed and said can we talk if u complete ur grinning session ADI

Adi again laughed and this time with teasing smirk said well major khurana I guess some one was too busy in his romantic world so,

Maan try to maintain his straight look and said can we proceed.

Adi take his seat and said yes sure major khurana, he was so much loved to tease his friend maan,and so much happy to see his friend is happy in his married life , and he pray to Almighty to give them all happiness, but he unaware there is huge storm is coming towards their life to change many thing .


Here, after vikram, left from there, Later Maan went to see off Adi and went with him till rail station.

Geet is doing something in their room when her phone ring and she picked up the phone and said hello, yes, sir, oh, actually, kuwar sa, I mean maan, is out side as for some work, yes sir ,I will inform him about this call and ok , ok'''



At Evening:-

Maan came after see off adi and complete his few works also and called geet, but masa said , beta she has to go for some work with ur dadi sa, as she need some help for PUJA in our " Pushtani Mandir" , where we will worship our "KULDEVI"

Maan nodded then murmur , but she always asked me before going anywhere, may be with dadi ma so.but still ,

Masa noticed the change in his expression and rejoiced inwardly the matter then said maan, we have go River palace as there is some help needed and I need ur suggestion.

Maan nodded and said ok masa, let's go,

Masa almost shouts nehi beta, abhi nehi baad mein I mean thora rest kar loon phir jayenge hum uha,

Maan nodded as he can't refused his mother but he think what if his sona will return that time, and , his face fall and he just went from there when masa is trying hard to control his laugh along with that can't see him sad.

She siged as her daughter in law and mother in law r planning to do this all, Later she called maan and both ready to go in River palace when maan suddenly asked her, masa,we r going to "River Palace" na, but masa what if dadi sa and so, I mean ur bahu, geet will come and found that we r not here so, u know , I mean,

Masa trying hard to control her laugh as her son is now like teenager and love sick puppy, she caressed his face and said u loved GEET na,

Maan stunned to hear this first then lowered his head then again look at his masa then nodded yes and said with firm but serious voice, masa I loved geet, I loved her more than myself, or even more ,I really don't know how much ,I loved her , just want her happiness, wanna see her smiling face always, don't know masa, how u and dadi got an angel like geet for me, who is rude , arrogant, some times too much self centered but still geet make this man fall for her,but  masa, I fear ,

Masa looks at him then said beta, kya hua, y u r fearing something, beta I'm happy at last u r moving on with ur present and future ,I know in what circumstances I and ur dadi sa make u agree with this alliances but beta, we want ur happiness and see u got ur happiness na.

Maan nodded & hugged his mother then said let's go masa, we r getting late.

Masa nodded and kissed his forehead.

Then said btw major shaab  aapke liye brui khabar as I can understand how much restless u r but dear, u have to bear one day separation ur dadi sa informed me that they will not able to make today return .as u but maan cut her and said with frustrated and irritated voice, where they went that , they can't return, they r in this town na then , "KULDEVI" temple  is just near , they can easily come back and where they will stay at night, , and

Masa amazed to see it and said beta, they will stay in near guest house and yes u r right they can come back by night but there is some work need at early morning so they need to stay there . as early morning we have to be there and geet need to prepare the place as it's her first Puja after marriage.

Maan nodded halfheartedly then say can we also go there and make the face little little kid .

Masa trying hard  to control her laugh and said maan, grow up , it's needed for something urgent.

Maan felt embarrassed but his mind is cover with his sona, from the time he went to see off adi, he is missing her ,

Both reached at River palace after 30mins almost and maan helped masa to do the work but his mind is another way, he some how complete and went back with masa but before that one last time with expected eyes, when masa said don't look at me, see if the thing is not needed then I would not do this ,

Later at night maan just complete his dinner and soon retired in the room where masa called dadi sa and said everything and said masa, u and bahu rani trapped me here and this banda become full teenager kid now, who wants geet now, don't know , what I will be doing with him?

Dadi sa :- really bahu, great, waise ur bahu rani is not less than ur son, well it's her plan to give surprise party for maan's birthday and his promotion but

Masa sa complete :- well we not we u mainly masa, put tarka is the story as tomorrow there will be puja for maan's well being u took geet with u in the name of help .

Dadi sa:- toh kya karu , thora toh masti banta hain waise bhi thora hi hum maan ko aise tease kar payenge aur see after vikram came how much sad he was ,

Masa with sad voice ha masa,I can understand it .

In maan's room mid night:-


Maan keep looking at the note  where his sona wished him and then just few moments ago called him wish him but then give the phone back to dadi sa, , he longed to talk with him,

He so much want to spend this time with her, he so much want to share the news of his promotions with her,

Maan can't sleep properly , he is tossing in the bed and keep murmuring something , he get up and wanna call in the guest room but then think what if dadi sa will take the call then said so, no no dadi sa might be sleeping deep, let me check my sona once , he punched the no and after three four call it's take by dadi sa and maan shocked what his dadi sa is doing in now, still awake. , he after some time again call but this is time again same thing repat.

He some how asked dadi sa ,

Dadi sa who is sleeping soundly asked maan beta aap it's too late what happen?

Maan with lots of hesitant asked r u fine, aap so thik se rehe ho na ?

Dadi sa at first shocked then said aap iye puchne ke liye abhi phone kye the

Maan don't know what to say just said oh ha, aur sab kuch thk thak hain na aur kuch help chaiye toh.

Dadi sa want to laugh at her grand son's condition then said beta aap iye sab puchne ke liye raat ke 2.30 baje hume phone kya.

Maan want to smack himself then said oh I. don't , I mean. When . when dadi sa said ur geet is fine and sleeping now, do u want to talk to her or will wait for morning. Well she is sleeping , don't' have the heart to wake her up but still if u wish,

Maan:-it's ok good night and cut the call when dadi sa almost broke in laughter but stop herself to see geet is stirring and just lay there silent where maan is making face and take the geet's pic in his hand and said sona, m missing u,y u went there, u know na ur kuwar sa can't stay away from u. y sona, y, and here I can't sleep, u knw how to tease me ha, well let me see u tomorrow then u will see what to tease .

He just hugged the pic and try to sleep but which is not coming .



Next day maan almost too early in the morning get up and ready to go there where his masa see this and just smiles and said my beta now r living life like young man when he lost this in his age due to, she chocked her emotions and look at maan who came and touch her feet to take blessing from her and masa blessed him.

Later they went to Kuldevi Temple and maan's eyes r searching for her sona and finally found her there giving some instruction so cutely , who will say she is princess ,no no she is queen of his heart just cause of this,her simple gesture, with personality and an aura added a glow in her beautiful, his little sona who is mature some times, some times like little kid, he just loved her all gesture, he smiles when masa said aaiye beta.

Maan entered the temple and take blessing from MA DURGA then attend the puja with his wife Geet.

After puja, dadi sa called geet and said bahu rani with ur kuwar sa give this all to those villagers .

Geet nodded with a smiles and joined his kuwar sa but avoid to looking at his kuwar sa's intense gaze.

After this maan want to talk with her but again his own masa and dadi sa called her for something, later at the time of lunch almost maan found her in their palace but she is searching something hurriedly from the cupboard when maan come slowly behind her and hugged her from behind.and nuzzled her neck and said missed u , where r u whole day, from yesterday u r playing this hide and seek.

Geet who at first startled then smiles shyly and said kuwar sa,pls choriye na, I have some work.

Maan slowly nuzzled her cheek with his nose & said no more work, u had done enough work now stay with me and spend time with me, sona,

Geet close her eyes know how much her kuwar sa is missing her, how much she is missing him ,only she know how the last night was for her.

Maan placed a soft kiss on her cheek and said sona u know,I want to share something with u, geet smiles as she know & want to go from kuwar sa, as want to prepare surprise party for her kuwar sa but don't know how she can as she can't refused to hear her kuwar sa as it'll hurt him but soon her rescue came.

Dadi sa is calling geet when geet said aayiii dadi sa and said to kuwar sa,pls leave me na, I'll listen to u , I will ,pakka promise, I'll spend my time with u only, pls kuwar sa leave me now ,na pls.

Maan pushed her in the cupboard and plastered her petite body with him and said really u want to leave me,

Geet know it's his trick, he knows how much she will loose control just little closeness of her kuwar sa, just one simple look of her kuwar sa.

She frowned then said pls kuwar sa.

But maan bend and rubbed his cheek with her and then come close to her ear and licked it little and whisper y u want to go away from u ha and bit the ear lobe then come to her neck and licked the entire length of the neck and make geet moan in immense pleasure and forget all track and work.

Maan again asked her y u want to stay away from me, don't u know how much it's difficult for me ha.

Geet just hugged him tight then said I don't want to stay away from u , how can I, it's too difficult to slept without ur warmth and arms, it's difficult and painful for me to wake up in the morning without see ur face, it's difficult for me to sleep in night, without see ur face,it's difficult for me to do anything without

Maan hugged her more tightly then said then y u went there , can't u inform me once, Geet looked at him and said kuwar sa I loved u & I loved ur family if dadi sa and masa wants my help then and and she looked down with nervousness as the main thing y he went there ,then how she will spill the beans for what she is so much working hard.

Maan can understand his sona's simple gesture and kissed her hair then said ok, I can understand but u know u will face punishment soon ,

Geet looked at him when maan tucked loose hair strand behind her ear and carrass her ear then her neck with his long finger and said sona,u know I want to share something with u but not like this,I want to cherish the moment with u, will I get my moments with u.

Geet who is trying hard to breath said some how ,yes u will then softly added I'm urs ,kuwar sa.and my time also

Maan smiles then said yes u r mine "Tum mere ho Sirf Mere ho"


Later  at evening time,maan came to know from Nakul,there is some problem on "River palace"

Maan:-hmm ok, I'll go btw where is dadi sa,masa and geet.

Nakul:-sir don't know may be they r busy for some work, shall I call or search them now.

Maan murmur grt again sona is missing, good, just came once then said no and left from thee hurriedly when nakul took the phone and called a no and said yes hukum, kuwar sa nikal gaye,


Maan reahced at River palace and entered the palace but maan found the palace is quite too much.

He entered the palace but find out it's almost dark and he called out servants to on the lights but there is no response.

Maan:-what is going on, y it's looking like this, where r all servants, workers,


He called them but no ans this time and then suddenly there is BOOOM and maan got allerted at instant then see whole hall room of cover light and glowing like newly wed  dulhan and full hall dcor with different flowers

There is his angel, his sona is desending from the stairs like angel coming from hevean, wearing  red saree and looking like doll,

Then maan's trance broke when geet came close to him and said Happy Birthday kuwar sa and congratulation for ur promotions, I know my be this is so clicth but wanna give u something and like this,

Maan smiles then whisper thanks then added slowly and get ready to rewarded by then said let me meet masa and dadi sa and others.

Whole time maan is busy with every one, it's new for guest also as they r seeing this thing new .

Full party, maan is busy with different guest, relatives or some times in his phones,

Geet is cribbing cutely how could her kuwar sa do this to her then said remember na he has done it in past when u ignore him out of shyness and how he aovid u then make u confess, krishna, aab unke dimag mein kya chal raha hain but soon her thinking mufflie in side as maan slide his strong arms on her slender waist and said missing me now sona.

Geet :-oh oh, mein. , oh ,

Maan carrassed her waist & make her almost moan but suddenly withdraw his hand and said oh miss me more cause tonight  u will see the real tease what is, full day u aovid me from yesterday.

Geet:-but kuwar sa I'. chale gaye dekho kaise humesha tang karte hain ,huh, mein kya jaan bhoojh ke kya sab agar masa, dadi sa help chiaye toh aur phir iye party geet keep murmuring when some one brushed his lips in her ear slightly and said sona, tang toh abhi tak kya nehi but karunga jarur.

Geet shiver with the intensity but when she try to turn , find him again talking with some one but didn't miss the smirk in his lips.

She shied and left from that area.

Full party maan time to time tease geet fully and make her red where masa and dadi sa asking her what happen but she just couldn't say anything in shyness.


After the party, when dadi sa and masa said we will go back to palace when maan said masa , yes, told driver, and then said masa want to spend few time with geet here in this palace.

Masa smiles then carrass his cheek and said y u r asking me maan, u can, she is ur wife, ur love, and today ur birthday and I'm really happy to see u happy and lived the life for urself after long.

Maan shyly smiles and masa just kissed his forehead then left with dadi sa.

After this when geet came in the hall and find no one is there and as her kuwar sa is only standing and texting some one from his phone, she came and said oh oh sab kaha gaye?


Maan :-hmmm, party khatam ho gaye sona, so it's natural na they will go from here .

Geet twist her lips then said I know that party is over, m asking for masa and dadi sa.

Maan:-hmmm ghar chale gaye and turn to go for upstair when geet said aap upar kyuon ja rehe hain.

Maan:- sona, upar kya hain ,our room , so obviously m going to take rest or for some work and wink at her .

Geet's cheek turn red then said pa pa paarrr hum dono iha akele rehenge,oh oh'..

Geet lowered her eyes and think now she is really gone and twisted her pallu when suddenly she felt her legs r swining in the air and she almost shouts ahhh then look at her kuwar sa who is clmbing the stair

Geet feel thousand butterfly suddenly roaming in her stomach and called kuwar sa , I' but then ,maan's look make her silent.

She just lost on his eyes and they enter their master ,royal bedroom and make her stand in her feet when geet little stuble in shyness and just look at her kuwar sa who close the door when geet gulped her saliva and called kuwar sa who just turn and looking at her with a naughty expression and slowly coming towards her when geet taking steps back and suddenly hit and almost fall on the soft bed.

Maan smirked then placed his phone on the side table and said m going to change and will join u soon ,where geet just nodded as her thoughts all make her more puzzle and just half lay on the bed.

Maan is about to enter the wash room said sona, hope u have ur dinner ,

Geet  looked at him with confuse expression when maan said with a naughty smirk u need lots of energy for tonight.

Geet looked at him with wide eyes then the word sank on her heart and she just smiles shyly and clutch the soft white satin bed sheet completely .

She don't know how much time she lay there and thinking many things but soon found something carrassing on her leg and then found her kuwar sa carrassing her leg with rose petals then look at him with smile and she just smile in response but maan bend little near to her ear and said thanks for everything but when u have done so much thinking what should I give u , a punishment for teasing me, making me suffer and make geet twist her lips

Then maan paused little and said oh shall I reawarded u for this beautiful surprise and everything.

Geet looked at him when maan keep looking at him when maan gradually coming close to her lips and make geet closed her eyes in shyness.



Re award or PunishmentBlushingTongue

wait for the punishment and re award abhi toh bahut kuch baki hain LOL

guess kya maan will give her punishment or Re award




here is the next part

hope u all like it

pls read and do comments

pls pressed the liked button

pls see the note also

& give me lots of comments and likes

Sorry for any mistake

sorry for any grammatical or spelling mistake



PS:- m nervous for this part pls tell me how is it
P.S.:-Neha thanks for the awesome banner, will use ur banner surely dear, muhhaaa lots of huggsss dear

Previous Part:-

Evil Eye Vs Pure Love :-Page111


Next Part:-
Re -Award Or Punishment :-Page12

Disclaimer :- this story & concept solely belong to me and my property if any one try to copy without telling me or try to take this  & try to copy & paste it any where then I'll take legal action against him or her , pls don't copy this FF & it's concept


P.S .:- any one want pm for this FF then send me buddy req or post a comment here

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Hi all
how r u all
I'm so happy to see the excitement for uds of this FF
thanku thanku thanku
I'm feeling so happy to see it and I'll try my best to always entertain u and make u all happy by my works

pls read the note and pls trust me also

Now about maan well in the concept and prologue I told how is maan from there judge Major Maan Singh Khurana.

Don't worry geet is not cry baby , she is fighter , brave girl again read the prologue & concept about GEET.

Story will unfold more and many more action, drama, romance, passion, twist and turns, here maaneet r not simple character but they have many complex in their character , they r normal human, they have anger , they have pain in their life, they have dream in their life , they react also like us , instant reaction, some times they r frustrated when they try to react badly,  some time realized , some times not, like this more will come  , the journey of MAANEET in new way ,till then keep reading Road To Love N Beyond 
First trust me dearies, every incident happened ,is happening and will happen only good for maaneet and their relationship

if u feel any part sad and don't want to read then don't know what to say for always showing everything happy, in real life we don't have happy life always, sad , hurt pain all r part of our life then how maaneet r exceptions

P.S:-Feel free to criticize me or express ur views I would love to read ur views
pls pls read and do comments and pls pressed the liked button

Sorry for late updating this time but updated long part hope u all like it


Vikram chapter is not close fully,

updating after long time pls say me how it's , good bad anything pls say me

pls forgive me for any mistake

this chapter is based for future track but trust me and enjoy the story with kuwar sa and his sona

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done just editing pics give me  15mins will post the ud

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~~ edited ~~

awww awesome awesome update di...
loved it so much...
hate that vikram but as of now he is gone. Big smile
and mannet hayeee loved their scenes..
and geet want to surprise maan on his bday...
wow thats so sweet...
and dadi and geet went out for arranging pooja and maan dont know that...
by the time he came geet is not there and he is missing geet and same with geet
masa is happy seeing maan happy and acting like a love sick teenager... LOLLOL
bechara maan... LOLLOLTongue and masa is really hard time to control her laugh seeing her sons antics...
and dadi and masa are happy to see maan like this and loved maneet moments maan teasing geet in the party...
and punishment... wowww.waiting for that Wink

continue soon di...
love u Big smile

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Smile  welcome back waiting for ur updates
was missing Kuvarsa & his Sona..  thanx for pm
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Hi all dearies
how r u all
updated my ff "Road To Love & Beyond Pt24 pg140 dt 09.10  "
Tum Mere Ho, U r Mine :-Page 140
pls read and do comments
pls pressed the liked button

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awesome awesome awesome update di..
i sooo missed thisCry n yiipie finally upadte milgayiDancing
how cute geet is..ha ha she hugged maan infront of aadiLOL n aadi teasing maanLOL
oh geet is planning surprise for her kuwar sa..choo chweet na
ha ha maan was behaving like teenager..LOL
he cant live for a sec without his sona..he loves her soo much n so his sona..
ha ha masa teasing maan..daadi n maasa enjoying their restlessness for each other..both are naugthyLOL
finally ek din ke baad mil hi gaye..par geet toh gayi kaam se apne kuwar se door rehne ke liyeLOL
maan teasing her like anythingBlushing
oh what would be her punishment n reward nowConfusedBlushing
waiting eagerly for next part di
cont soon...
love uHug

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