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rakhi nahi aa rahi ...Cry 

msk bhi nahi aa rahi ...Cry

mai akale kya kya karu ...Cry

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LOL  kar rehi hoon wait 5mins res kar rehi hoon

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Originally posted by PrithviSanyo1

LOL  kar rehi hoon wait 5mins res kar rehi hoon

love u jannu Big smile
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Originally posted by PrithviSanyo1

LOL  kar rehi hoon wait 5mins res kar rehi hoon

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Originally posted by PrithviSanyo1

LOL  kar rehi hoon wait 5mins res kar rehi hoon

Big smile...Big smile...

5 mins mai to meri jaan nikal jani hai yaar ...koi or aa gaya to ...LOL

msk ko bhi bulaya hai maine yaha 
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Glitter Text

Next Part:-

Evil eye vs Pure love


Later geet shiver to see his kuwar sa again in too anger and devastated mood .


Geet startled then said slowly, pls kuwar sa, don't ,I can't see u in pain.

Maan hold her shoulder and almost pinned her with wall & said pain, it's my destiny , u don't know the pain we bore, I bore, geet,pls stay away from this all I warn but geet just cover his mouth and nodded her head in negative then said I'm ur WIFE , and have the rights which u gave me, pls don't .

She hugged him & said masa is mother ,said I'm her beti now, not only daughter in law but daughter , kuwar sa,pls help me to reduce my mother's pain, my grandmother's pain,my husband's pain and cupped his face,pls help me,will u not help ur SONA, kuwar sa.

Maan hugged her from her waist and said sona, I'

Geet caressed his hair and said kuwar sa I have seen ur anger many times but it's not usual , what happen kuwar sa, what happen kuwar sa, y u got angry , what happen with u that after coming from kitchen u got angry ,  what happen kuwar sa, who is that maan and soon felt his grip on her waist increased more.

Geet can understand now all is related to that man,

Geet still caressing his hair and said kuwar sa,will u  not share ur problem with me,will not share ur tension will u not .

Maan pressed his face on her stomach then said will share ,I'll share sona, I'll.but I need time,pls sona.pls give me few moments .

Geet nodded and caressed his head then said I'll kuwar sa but one thing always remember I'm not only ur wife ur friends also ,like happiness we have to share our pain also, like u reduce , erase my all pain, like that give me one chance to reduce ur pain so, she left the sentence incomplete when maan just looking at her in awe.

Maan:- I'll

Later Study room:-

Maan is sitting on the study room when some one entered the room without any permission.

Maan looked at the person and said so u didn't learn anything the word permission still

Vikram smirking and said oh come on bhai sa actually this formality and everything when maan said for u this doesn't mean nothing but for us and it's called courtesy now can u leave from this place & don't enter here until u learn it .

Vikram try to say something but the look of maan ,make him shut up and he just turn to left the place when he noticed geet is entering the room with coffee mug .

Vikram smirking and said so different people different yard stick bhai sa ha .

When maan looked at him then his eyes on geet who is entering the room with happy smile and a coffee mug.

Maan try to control his temper and said with greeted teeth don't cross ur limit MR VIKRAM SINGH KHURANA then said geet , geet  inside fast.

Geet now noticed another person is also sitting there with her husband .

She sensed the atmosphere of the room is not so good.

She came quickly when vikram said hello GEET bhabi sa.

Both maaneet looked at each other then at vikram when geet said hello Vikram bhai sa ,then said kuwar sa ur coffee.

Maan nodded and geet come close to him where ignore vikram there and maan said I guess  u  r not welcome here Mr KHURANA so can u leave now.

Vikram looking at them once then leave the place when maan said sona sit here and get up from the sit and close the door and his face is looking like volcano.

Geet felt the pain to see him like this ,how much she  want him to open up ,share his pain, she is in pain to see him fighting with himself.hurting himself more, how much she want to sooth the bruised soul of his,pained face, how much she can wipes those tension from his mind , but for that she needs him to share his pain.

Maan turned and find his sona is looking at him with pain, he know the reason and quickly turn his eyes and said oh actually mein,

Geet come close to him and cupped his face & said u don't have to do it kuwar sa, just take one step and say it ,pls kuwar sa don't hurt urself,pls it's paining me more to see u like this.


Maan lowered his head when geet said I don't like this kuwar sa, I want my strong kuwar sa who can face any situation with his head held high

Maan looked at her just then think who is she, some times like little kid , some times like so mature , who is she.

Geet smiles and said let me bring ur coffee again and ,wait for me.

Maan called her back and said geet,oh,

Geet turn and said ha kuwar sa boliye

Maan:-oh mein tumhe , I'm sorry sona, but I really don't know how to share .

Geet looked at him few moments then just cupped his face and said kuwar sa, don't hesitate in front of me ,pls .we r friends more, we need to be transparent in front of each other, we need to share our happiness so we can enjoy it well, we need to share our pain also so we can reduce it , kuwar sa looked at me and say I told u na my pain, I share u na, if u help me to come out from my pain then y not me,

She hugged him and said u know when I watched ur smiles it's like million dollar Diamond for me, it's like full world is smiling with me, it's like naturs is singing happy song for me, it's like birds chirping happily, ur smiles make me see there is beautiful rainbow in the sky ,ur smiles r my life, ur smiles always make me thing about this world positively, ur smiles sooth my all pain, ur smiles  make my heart sung a song for u,pls kuwar sa I will never ask u anything pls give me ur smile,pls give me back ur happy face,

Maan here almost froze and try to hold geet and hide her in his arms but he is feeling guilty, feeling him so low how could he .

Geet kissed his chest then said m going to make ur coffee and don't let it cold again and left from there.

Maan stand there steel with many emotions,


Next day Early morning :-

Maan wake up after a disturb sleep today, he is disturb feeling more guilt to hide the thing from his sona, maan looked at her face which is pale due to him and his pain .

He is now regretting to hide it but how could he will say it how could he , he freed himself from her grip and slowly went to work out place to do some vigorous work out as if want to give himself pain , as if want to erase those bitter thing from himself .

In his anger he don't know he again doing wrong thing , he again hurting his sona unknowingly .

Here in the room geet is tossing here and there as she is missing the warmth of her kuwar sa , she opened her eyes and try to find her life, her heart, but the side is empty.

She get up and looked here and there then know where is he  now, she sighed and rest her head , she try to think something then slowly get up and went towards her kuwar sa.

Here in work out room ,maan is doing rough exercise and breaking ice slab in anger , his heard is bleeding profusely but he is ignoring it completely, he is keeping hurting himself, his eyes r blood red, and face r looking like some volcano will be erupted soon.

He took the fire stand and now doing vigorous and rough and dangerous tai chi practice with this ,

But unaware that 4eyes r looking at him in pain, his dadi sa and his sona,both came there but meet this deadly and dangerous situation.

Geet couldn't control this any more and shouts STOP THIS kuwar sa pls, for GOD sake pls stop this all .

She sat on her knees and shouts ,pls tell him dadi sa,

Maan stop at once and froze there when dadi sa Maannn,

Maan let the stand of fire fall on the ground and with this fire extinguish there but the fire in his heart, in his mind still is burning , geet get up and said dadi sa, I'll ask nakul kaka to boil the water, pls bring him.

Maan turn and said sona but geet said raised her hand and make him stop there and said u  lost the right kuwar sa,and leave the place with heavy heart.

She know that he is in pain but today her kuwar sa hurt her more, y can't he understand this things r hurting her more, this things r making situation more complicated, y he is so stubborn, y he , he , she closed her mouth and try to close the sob .

Where dadi sa looked at maan then said I never expect this from u maan,I know u r facing  something which is not acceptable but that mean, do u know u skipped ur dinner yesterday and same every one of this family, y u r hurting every one cause of ur baba sa aur dadu sa.r we also reason for ur pain, is ur wife also, see the little girl trying hard in every way ,y u r giving the same pain to ur masa, y u r giving the same pain to ur wife, y maan, oh oh , I forgot u  r also same like other men of KHURANA,good, go ahead do it.

Maan lowered his head as he know that he is in fault

She turn and said vikram is ur step brother, illegitimate brother , this is the truth yes cruel truth but do u know how it is for ur masa,she never opened her wound in front of any one, being a woman I can understand the pain of her but do u know after the betray she received from her husband, she only rely on u and u r here ,do u know it's feels when she had seen u in dark after sameera's betrayal ,but aap kaise janange aapke liye aapka aapna dard hi sab kuch hain aane aapko dard do baas isliye baki sab agar dard mein rehe toh hume kya kyuon maan, kya aap ne kabhi socha hain nehi kyuon sochenge , like never u dadu sa aur ur baba sa think, yes u have problem with vikram in many way, that doesn't mean u will torture us ,are vikram is guest, he came and will go within 2 days , he is no one to us,but y u can't understand ur anger, ur temper r torturing us, what is the fault of geet's she is too young to understand this all.

Dadi ma turned and cupped his face and said maan, beta, don't do it , don't hurt ur geet, ur masa any more, vikram will leave the place tomorrow night, he is no one to us, he is just out sider, yes he has the name of khurana and y u know it beta,

Maan :-I don't want to but I feel ashamed of his work and

Dadi sa :-she is ur wife beta, she has the right to know it,along with that she don't have the right to see u in pain.

Maan:-I know dadi sa.

Dadi sa:-if u know then y u r giving her pain ,maan beta pls come out from the past, pls don't destroy ur presant and future , aapne dekha hain unke chehre kaise hain dard se bharara hain aapko aise dekh ke ,unke liye hi sahi maan, agar aap aapne aapko, iss parivaar ko aur unko ,aapne patni ko bacha na chathe hain toh jaiye aur samal lijiye, don't let ur past and others deed over come ur presant and future , baki aapke marji hain ,hum toh aapko sirf suggestion de sakte hain ,u have to think and apply it.

Dadi sa :-anyway, jaiye aur aapne geet se baat kijiye iya phir iha hi rehena hain usse aur dard dene ke liye

Maan slowly come out from the work out room with his guilt and lots of thinking as how to share the past.

Here in kitchen , geet said to nakul kaka , kaka ,aap iye humare room mein paucha dijiye.

Nakul nodded his head and said I'll .bahu rani

Geet turned and almost collided with vikram who is looking at her with cunning expression and said samal ke geet.

But geet jerked herself from him and said ek min chote devar jee,iya phir Vikram singh Khurana bhai sa, don't forget m ur bare bhabi sa , wife or KUWAR MAAN SINGH KHURANA so from now whenever u adressed me just say bhabi sa .

Then to nakul kaka, kaka chaliye .


In the room, maan is restless and almost roaming here and there and said where is sona now, and about to turn when he found her entering the room and said kaka iha rakhiye, thanku kaka,

Then geet closed the door and went to cupboard to and take long towel when maan called her sona, geet,

But she ignored him and went to washroom to take out the medical box from cabinet .

Geet:-if u can then pls wash ur hands and legs and come here and lay on ur stomach then ti'll help to apply and wash ur wounds and if u anyway want this then I'll do it.

Maan;- geet suno na.

Geet:- we don't have full day kuwar sa if u can hurry then it'll be good.

Maan with sad face went to washroom and after washing his hand and legs lay on the bed on his stomach and Later geet slowly wash the wounds with the help of cotton ball then wipes out the water with soft towel then apply  ointment there when maan is hissing in pain she gently blowing them but maan know she is crying silently there and try to turn but geet said with chocked voice can't u hear me once kuwar sa.

Maan again lie when geet held his arms and clean the bruise when maan said ,I'm sorry geet, I didn't but geet said u don't need to say sorry me or explain me, ur life, u can do whatever u want, who I'm ,

Maan clinched the pillow and said no geet, u r my everything, pls just give me one chance to say something pls geet.will u not give ur kuwar sa the chance .

Geet stay there silently when maan said geet, whatever I'll say now that has very dark impact on me, but trust me geet many times I tried to come out but no can't ,I tried geet, u know who Vikram, he is my step brother, illegimate child of my father or can say he is product of my father of betrayal towards my mother , he is product of my father lust , chi,.

Geet gapsed when Maan sighed and said geet u know my surname Khurana, it's not Rajasthani Surname, I'm mainly from Chandigarh, My mother is from Rajasthan , my mother ,masa RAJPUTAN woman who always held her head high , who is princess of her home, of her place but betrayed by her love, her life her husband badly brutally .I was 12yrs old out from this all never know that time how much pain my masa is bearing for that man ,geet unknwoingly carrassed maan's hair when maan said I was out from that place maximum time of my life I spend in hostel and then in holiday few times here in my nana's house and few times with masa but masa and dadi sa never make me touch this any negativty.

But on day after my 12th exam I came here before going for long training then my graduation ,there is huge confrontation going on the palace , that time I have seen vikram and one woman r there .

I came inside when every one r looking at me like , they r trying to hide something but my baba sa come and said aao beta, aao .

I bend down and take his blessings then went to dadu sa, dadi sa then went to masa and take her blessing but her eyes r swell, red and her lips r bleeding , my blood bolied to see it and asked what happen masa?

Before masa can say something baba sa nothing imp, go touch her feet, ur new masa.

This is shocking news for me, I was looking at masa then dadi sa for something when dadu sa said maan, obey ur baba sa, do as he said.


Maan hold geet's hand and said that is another blow for me.

But I said strongly I'll not touch any other woman's feet and will give the place of my masa's ,she is my mother and no one will take her place.

Babu sa shouts on me and then suddenly baba sa came and abused her by his rude words  and said I was out of control just cause of masa's up bringing ,then try to hit masa and but this time I hold his hand and said I said if u want to punish me then u can but dare u raise ur hands on my masa.

All r shocked to hear it but geet sona what to do that time ,my masa was already heart broken, humiliated and now those two men r accusing, abusing him just cause of another woman and their illegitimate child, if he has to do it then y marry my masa ,y geet, y he destroyed my masa's life.

Geet try to hold her when maan get up and went to balcony and looking at sky which is still dark with cloud ,geet came there and hugged him when maan said geet u know masa was known about baba sa's betrayal from long time , baba sa was casanova and after marriage also same thing , for my dada sa it's normal for their clan, they married for the heir and they can enjoy from out side.

Where geet's grip on maan tight and a drop of tears fall where maan's grip on raling strong but he guessed geet is cryng there and said geet kya hua.


Geet who is rubbing her nose on his chest and said kuwar sa.

Maan hugged her back and said geet kya hua, for this reason I don't want to share this to u.

Geet sniffing when maan said let me bring water for u geet when geet said kuwar sa.

Maan stop and cupped her face and said ha geet,

Geet with her cute baby face asked I'm sorry I put u in this position as I want to reduced ur pain ,I never want to hurt u, again,I'.I'..

Maan looked at her few moments then said pagli, u never hurt me but geet, may be I want to share this pain with some one and it's u only, who will understand me but I guess, in between this I hurt u .

Geet nodded no and hugged him and said kuwar sa phir kya hua,tell me, share ur each pain kuwar sa & then think to her mind  I want to take all that and give u only happiness .


Maan make her sit in the balcony and geet sat there where maan standing in the balcony and watching rain pouring from the sky as if showing their grief also , as if they also understand the inner problem  .

Maan:- later masa suddenly lost her conscious as too much torture for her.

That time full holiday went like that, baba sa , is busy with his new family withour any marriage tag and dadu sa with his buisness.

One day I had to go again my boarding as my result will come and soon the dreadful day came to finish everything,

I took my result and I did excel but never thought that day will be ,maan paused for a moments then said I got call from principal and said there is emergency in my home .I rushed back and found my dada sa got massive attack and doctor declared him dead, and my baba sa give blame my masa for this, some how I tried to recover it, dadi sa is broke and masa also , I have to take care of masa and dadi sa that time as my baba sa again busy with his new found family and more new new woman, he has no effect .


After all this again masa and dadi sa send me  for my graduation and training , army training, , they take promised from me that I have to do well , and I gave my full concentration there but after my graduation I got the news of my baba sa's heart attack another blow , I have to return in emergency and got the news that virkam is now new owner of KC & KM and doing his manmaani there.


Nana sa came there and said masa to come here and dadi sa also want to move ,don't know y that time but I don't like the idea our own we have to leave but see masa's face , I had to agree with the proposal but later again I went there to take few belonging of masa and dadi sa as I don't have time that time , as had to join my office , after just complete my training and that time vikram badly humiliate masa and dadi sa , we had big confrontation and fight there and I got to know he  take all his mother name's cunningly from dadu sa and baba sa but I don't have any prove ,I ahd to join office also, and I did later , with the help of munshi jee I got know every information of KC and KM, slowly I put the plan and help of munshi jee and loyal employee of KC , and took over KC and bought KM also, but never go back to KM as masa and dadi sa settled here and that place brought very bitter memory for them but the mansion is there still the way we left.and for me I never attached with that place also as my childhood and life most of the part spend here and hostels, but for masa and dadi sa and the justice I bought everything slowly but there the crack already done in relationship.

Don't think I was and am angry on virkam for no reason I will never forget for the reason of him my masa blamed, accused, hitted by baba sa, I will never forget for him my masa and dadi sa has to leave the home , I will never forget my masa's painful eyes which was still longed for her husband's love but she never get all were illusion . dadu sa and baba sa died cause of their reckless life , and ''

We came here and me was busy in my office and along with that, I had to complete my post graduation but that time dadi sa once called me and said Vikram and that woman is there and they don't have any place to spend the life.

I try to ignore but dadi sa and masa pestering me to give them shelter and last time dadi sa said if I don't want to help then they have to make their arrangement here and I have to give them shelter in New bunglow in DELHI , "KHURANA VILLA"

They lived there but now vikram's engagement or some marriage so he came here to invite us ,

Maan sighed when geet just hugged him tight again but maan said geet, people will think my anger on vikram may be my bad temper, my ego but no geet, he is the reason for my masa's tears, dadi sa's pain , for him we lost our peace and along with he and his mother and my baba sa and dadu sa. Vikram again try to snatch KC but I can't let it go as I know if it'll then .u know geet in those days when after this cruel truth come out how vikram torture mentally masa ,how he stoop so low prove they r the only person in baba sa's life, we r no one, but u know my masa only think about me and my future that time .

Geet make maan sit besides her and said vikram got the full baba sa's nature in every sense and he is womanizer ,his mother can't do or don't want to do or interfare in vikram's life as if she will then vikram will throw her out.

Geet, after 18yrs of marriage a woman came to know about her husband's another life, another family , as he has another woman and from their lust there is the illegimate child ,,after 17yrs of my life I came to know this , I had to see my mother's pain, torture and abused by the family, tell me geet how I will feel to see vikram here , my old wounds r full opened now ,after I have seen him that day in kitchen , I can't control my anger, my whole past came in front of me I wish.

Geet looked at him then said kuwar sa

Maan turned and said u know geet vikram & sameera planned against me to destroy me,I was in blind by sameera and vikram took the opportunity to snatch but my luck sameera's side came in front of me.

Maan sighed and said more sameera herself is low like creature who don't know what is love, for her lust is everything. U know when dadi sa said I have to give them shelter that time I think may be it's cause of dadi sa is soft corner in her heart but nooo

It's cause of that B******** Vikram gave threating to dadi sa if she will not help them then  vikram will reveal about him being illegimate child of baba sa and the honor of khurana's will rot, u know people know vikram is adopted but in real.


Both sat in the balcony and try to absorb the pain, the emotions, the cruel truth of the life and slowly geet slide besides maan and snuggled close to him.

Later at break fast time nakul knock the door when geet get up and found herself in maan's arm tightly locked there.

She smiles and kissed his forehead and slowly freed herself and opened the door ,

Nakul:-bahu rani oh break fast ,

Geet nodded and said oh hum kuch hi der mein aarehe hain.

Nakul nodded and went away.

Geet locked the door and found maan is standing there with blank face and his yes showing many emotions, as if want to read his geet, his sona,


Geet smiles with tears and runs and hugged him tightly when maan also hugged him back ,then geet cupped his face and kissed his face nemrous time and said I'm sorry kuwar sa ,I'm really sorry, I never know u went through such pain, such time, such circumstances


Maan hold her and said u r not at fault u just want to know, geet, it's ur right to know what is going on my life, what I have or had in my life, u know geet aaj tumse saare baat karke dil ko kahi ek thandak mila I really don't know what is this but ,geet I didn't want to share this cause I feared about ur reaction .I fear to see the disgust look for my family or if u pity on me I'm sorry geet, but I feared, I scared I don't know but geet cover his mouth by her palm and said no no u don't have to be, I can understand kuwar sa, but I will never judge people by this there is many situation, circumstances make many thing go against us, I know it.and here u , masa, dadi sa r helpless due to others, pls don't let the guilt come on u, pls don't let the anger come on u, vikram is no one to us, he don't have any existence in our life kuwar sa, he is no one.

Maan hugged her tight and said I'll try geet, I'll.need time to do it, but will try for u.


Later after break fast, vikram said well bhai sa m going back to delhi tonight so I want to spend time with GEET ,bhabi sa and u ,in our river palace.

Maan's eyes turn red instantly and his palm turn in to fist and said virkam sing khurana ,let me clear u few things u came here as guest and u have complete ur work now take rest and at night go from here as ur other family or families need u and about spending time, well me and my wife has some busy schedule not spend time for some useless thing and "RIVER PALACE " is my nana sa's gift and his possession not some aira gira.

Maan get up and said geet , come to study room, adi u also,

After maan left the room masa and dadi sa looked at vikram then left from there where vikram seething in anger and said will see u later maan bhai sa.




TUM MERE HO ,U R MINEBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushing


The game between Evil eye and Pure love continue Big smile

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Originally posted by PrithviSanyo1

LOL  kar rehi hoon wait 5mins res kar rehi hoon

o rakhi aagayi ji meri pyaar rakhi aa gayee ji Big smile



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Story will unfold more and many more action, drama, romance, passion, twist and turns, here maaneet r not simple character but they have many complex in their character , they r normal human, they have anger , they have pain in their life, they have dream in their life , they react also like us , instant reaction, some times they r frustrated when they try to react badly,  some time realized , some times not, like this more will come  , the journey of MAANEET in new way ,till then keep reading Road To Love N Beyond 
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Character Sketches

Vikram Singh Khurana:-28yrs old , Step Brother of Maan Singh Khurana, illegitimate child of Aditya Singh Khurana ,vikam is cunning, evil, dangerous man, he envied maan for everything, he want to see him in pain, he want to stanch all happiness from maan , he is born evil


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