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OS - Kash... Zindagi:Completed (Page 13)

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Vicky: Sameera….. Sameera Singhania.. Bro.. My friend Sameera.. who loved you god knows since when….


Maan, Dadima and Pari were shocked while Geet bent her head down knowing tat Maan could get angrier knowing the facts.



Maan: Sameera.. from where the hell does she comes and where is all this related to her.



Vicky: its related Bro... and I was a jerk to think tat bhabi was responsible for her misery. I could never see tat I was being trapped by Mr. Arjun Singhania and he would be using me for his benefits.



Maan: Can you come straight to the point Vicky.



Vicky: Bro.. you very well knew tat Sameera loved you ever since she knew the meaning of love and I had always supported her for this. It was my dream tat my best Friend Sameera would be your wife and my Bhabi but than you sent me to US for further studies. I used call Sameera everyday, one day she told me tat you had proposed her for marriage and I was on cloud nine. Than almost everyday she used to tell me about you but whenever i suggested tat I will speak about her to you she used to say tat "Maan will never like anyone asking him questions regarding his personal life as he is very reserved and does not like others interfering in his personal matters, and knowing tat my brother was indeed like tat I never doubted Sameera and believed her each and every word and was way to happy to know tat finally my wish tat my friend Sameera would be  a part of our family would be a reality.



Vicky saw everyone getting a shock with his revelations but Maan was seething in anger. He quietly looked at his brothers eyes spitting fire now and he knew the rest of the truth would shatter their relation but he had to say.


Maan: I cant believe tat Sameera was double faced person. She very well knew tat I had never any such feelings for her as I always treated her as your friend.


Vicky: It was not her mistake Bro but mine. It was me who always made her believe tat you would not get a better life partner than her and she knew tat if you did not accept her love than I would have forced you to marry her and I being your weakness you would not even think about it and would sacrifice as the Singhania's had helped us during out bad times.


Dadima: Vicky.. I still don't get your words, you say Sameera told you tat Maan and she loved each other but as far as I remember Maan and Sameera never had such relations as when I had brought Geet's alliance for Maan he was well aware tat it was not Sameera and was very happy after knowing tat she was Geet, but I later came to know tat Geet was the same person whom Maan had loved secretly since his college days but never voiced out his feelings as he did not wanted anything coming between his responsibility towards me, you and KC.



Geet was shocked to hear Dadima and her eyes caught Maan who was staring at her still with anger. Maan could see the questions in Geet's eyes  but avoided them as he still wanted to know wat Vicky had to say.


Maan: Vicky, you said tat it was Sameera who lied to you about our relation but from where does Arjun Uncle comes in it.



Vicky: Sameera was innocent Bro.. she was innocent but she loved you like insane. The day she realized tat you never had any feelings for her she moved away from your life but she did not have the strength to tell me tat she was all the way telling me a lie about yours and hers relation. She feared tat I and the Khuranna's might hate her, she feared tat she may loose me as her best friend and without informing anyone of you she left for London and you had to marry Geet bhabi in emergency as she lost her parents in a car accident soon after your alliance was fixed.


Maan was still not convinced with Vicky, as he knew there was still much more to wat he was saying and his anger was rising with each passing second.


Maan: Tat everyone of us know tat I had to marry Geet as Mr and Mrs. Handa died in an accident and she had lost everything but cant you just get to the point right now.



Vicky: Bro, do you remember, when I was informed about your wedding, I was much angrier and refused to come back and tat time I could not even contact Sameera as she was  in London and Arjun Uncle was not ready to tell me anything about her. But after some days when Dadima insisted me to return back, and when I did I started to hate bhabi even more as she had taken my Sameera's place in all your life. I hated her mere sight tat I just wanted to make her suffer coz I felt tat Sameera was cheated. And one day I decided to meet Arjun Uncle and he realized tat I hated your relation with bhabi and even you and still wanted Sameera back in your life and this was the point which Arjun uncle took chance of to trap me.


Maan: Trap you, but why?


Vicky: Coz you were responsible for Sameera's pain. When Sameera realized tat you never loved her and Dadima had fixed your alliance with Geet Bhabi and when she saw you happy with the alliance she was broken. She was broken to such a point tat she even tried to suicide but Arjun Uncle saved her. Arjun Uncle even promised her tat he would never let you get married to Geet nor any other girl but before he could do anything you both were married and than Sameera left India forever as she could not see you with anyone else and when Arjun Uncle told me tat you were not happy with your marriage and you were forced to marry bhabi as she had trapped you in this marriage I was even more angrier and at any cost wanted to break this marriage. Arjun Uncle poisoned my mind to such an extent tat without realizing and understanding the facts I blamed bhabi for breaking the love between you and Sameera. I told her everything tat Sameera had been telling me and blamed for all tat which she was not even aware and Bhabi without any doubt believed my each and every word and as said by Arjun Uncle I asked Bhabi to abort the baby which she was carrying.


This was it Vicky was slapped once again my Maan. Maan got hold of his collar and pulled with anger.



Maan: why Vicky, why did you do this. How could you even thin of killing my baby.


Vicky: Coz Arjun Uncle said tat it was due to the baby tat you were not leaving her as the baby was a result of your anger and frustration for marrying Geet Bhabi. He said tat if the baby lived than  Maan and Sameera would never be one and you both would suffer for whole life because of Geet bhabi. I did not think even for a second and forced Bhabi to abort the baby if she ever loved you and how could she deny your happiness. She agreed thinking tat atleast you would be happy with Sameera your love and for this I even took your signature on the form when you were at office knowing tat you would never question me on any papers.



Maan still holding his collar slapped him again.


Maan: Do you even know Vicky wat you have done. do you know wat Geet is to me, wat Muskaan is to me and you dared to kill them Vicky.


Vicky: I did not know Bro, I did not. I was so blind in my friendship tat I did not see the love you both shared. I did not see the pain in Bhabi's eyes when she agreed to abort the baby for your happiness. I did not see the selfless love she had for you and without a word agreed for all wat I said. Still god gave me a chance bro. God saved me from doing this. The day bhabi was supposed to undergo the abortion, I was so happy tat I decide to share this news with  Sameera at any cost and I reached to meet Arjun Uncle only to hear him arguing with Sameera who had returned back after knowing tat her father was trying to break your marriage. She never wanted to force you or break your marriage as she had well realize tat you never meant for her and she was happy tat you were happy but Uncle was not ready, he wanted you to get married to her at any cost and he used me and my hatred for bhabi. He was all the while planning to break the Khuranna's and foremost your relation with Bhabi so tat you hate her. So tat he could take his revenge for Sameera. So tat you throw bhabi out of the house and than he would get Sameera back into your life. I could not think any thing right at tat moment but one thing was in my mind was tat I had to stop Bhabi from doing the abortion and I did not wait any second and droved back to hospital only praying to god tat it would not be late, but when I reached the hospital I was told tat bhabi was in OT and the abortion procedure had started, but still I did not wait and stormed inside only to see Bhabi dressed in hospital gown and was all ready for abortion and doctor was all set. I had to plead to the doctors to stop the procedure while bhabi was still not ready as she only had your happiness and love for Sameera in mind. Finally I succeeded in making bhabi understand tat there was some misunderstandings and later when we left the hospital we met Sameera and as I was truly ashamed even to tell the truth to her, Sameera hepled me. She told the entire truth to Bhabi tat how Arjun Uncle used me for his plan, how he poisoned my mind and all tat. Sameera was truly sorry for wat Uncle did and I could not even say sorry as I was the main culprit and was on the verge of doing a crime. Bhabi was first shocked but she knew tat you would never bear this so she made me and Sameera to promise her tat they would never tell the truth to you and we agreed to it.



Vicky was now ashamed for his sins and he could not look into his brothers eyes nor his wife nor his Dadima when he was slapped by his Dadima.


Dadima: I could never dream Vicky tat you would stoop so low tat in your baseless hatred you were trying to break their relation, wanted to kill the life that was your brothers life. Wanted to kill them before death so tat they could never stand back. How could you Vicky, where did my love fail, where did I fail Vicky.



Vicky: M sorry, I know I was wrong but..



Pari: But wat Vicky, you know why I love you so much coz I had seen your love towards your family, towards Bhabi. I always admired the sweet relation you shared with her but I was all unaware tat you had tried to give her a death. I was unaware tat you wanted to kill their unborn baby, Muskaan who loves you to such an extent tat if she does not see you one day she makes our life hell. Why Vicky why.



Vicky: Coz I was blind in my friendship tat I did not see the love bro and bhabi had.


Maan: Friendship, was your friendship more than your family Vicky. Even if I did not love Geet, how could you think so low of killing my baby? How could you think about kiling a innocent life. How could you Vicky.


Vicky: Bro … m really sorry, I never meant to do all tat, but please understand me, I never realized tat you loved bhabi but only thought tat she was the reason for your separation with Sameera, m sorry bro.. m really sorry.



Maan: Just leave from here Vicky, I don't want to see you for a second before I kill you with my own hands.



Geet knew tat Maan would never forgive Vicky and for tat reason she had hidden this truth for four long years. She could not see two brothers breaking down when she saw Vicky moving away.



Geet: Stop right there Vicky, you are not leaving, do you get it. (she turns to Maan). Tat was the reason  for which I never told you about it. I knew the day you would come to know about it you would do all this. Maan, Vicky was not at fault please forgive him. he truly loved Sameera and just wanted her happiness please Maan.


Maan: Forgive, do you think its so easy Geet. he tried to kill my baby, he tried to play with my emotions and you say tat. Don't forget Geet tat he wanted you to abort my Muskaan, my baby.



Geet: She is mine too Maan. Don't forget tat m her mother and I have nourished for 9 months.



Maan: She is only mine Geet and he dared to kill my Muskaan . how do you think tat I will let him go so easy for trying to kill my baby, my Muskaan.



Geet: Maan she is all alive. Muskaan, our princess is safe and sound with us. M her mother Maan and when I can forgive him than why cant you.


Maan: Coz MSK never lets anyone who tries to harm his love, and he did try to harm my stay out from this matter.



Geet: Your child... I forgot Maan tat I don't have any right on Muskaan. She is only your child.. Your blood.. MSK child. M sorry Maan I…..



Maan: Geet….i..



Geet stops Maan with her hand.



Geet: No Maan, I know tat she is only yours and even this one (she places her hand on her tummy). I don't have any rights in your life as we don't share any relation anymore, m truly sorry for interfering in your decisions and life.








Geet was sleeping on her bed, the room which was given to her by Maan, though she was deep in her sleep but her mind was on Maan's words " she is only my child, my baby." She was so restless and suddenly she felt two little hands on her tummy (geet was wearing saree). Geet opened her eyes to see her lovely daughter Muskaan caressing her tummy and soon placed a soft kiss on her bare tummy. Geet softly called out to her "Muski". Muskaan saw her  mother opening her eyes. She reached near her face and gave a soft kiss on her lips while Geet made herself comfortable by sitting.


Muskaan: Mumma..  how are you feeling now ( she slowly touched her head which was bandaged).



Geet: fine beta.



Geet saw Muskaan staring her tummy while her hands caressing it with love.



Muskaan: Mumma, is my little bwother here in your tummy. Dadda said tat my liitle bwother is in mumma's tummy. But Mumma, how can he be here.



Geet pulled her closer and kissed her cheeks and said while she placed Muskaan's hand on her tummy once again.


Geet: Muski..  your little bwother is here. You know he is so so small tat he needs to stay in Mumma's tummy now. When he will be big he will come to play to you.


Muskaan: Mumma.. Dadda said tat even I was in your tummy.


Geet: Yes Muski, you were so small na tats why you were in my tummy.


Geet suddenly remembered tat she was not allowed to meet Muskaan and talk to her and she said.



Geet: Muski beta, why are you here. Your Dadda wil shout if he comes to know tat you came to my room.



Muskaan: Ayyle Mumma.. Dadda only sent me here and he said tat he is very very very sorrry and loves you so so so so  much.


Geet: I know beta tat Dadda loves Mumma so much but still…


Geet stopped talking while tears made their way. She wiped them of and said.


Geet: Muski.. you are a grown up girl na. will you listen to your mumma.


Muskaan: Muski… really grown up Mumma.. see na she is so so big (she stands up and shows).



Geet: Muskaan you will have to take care of your little brother when he will come. You know na your Dadda need his princess all the time, so you will na.



Muskaan: Yes Mumma.. Muskaan will take care of her little brother Mumma and Dadda also.  But Mumma he will be so small na how can I take care of him, you will help me na.



Maan: Yes Muski, Mumma will always help you to take care of your little brother.


Geet looked at Maan was had come and settled next to her on the bed and placed his hand on her shoulder  letting her head to rest on his head. Maan was listening to the mother daughter talk since long as he himself had send Muskaan to Geet. first he was very happy to hear their talks but when he listen to the last part he could not stop and came inside.



Maan: Haan Muski, you know your Mumma helped me to take care of you when your were so small and now she will help you too.



Muskaan jumped on Maan's lap crossing Geet while he panicked a bit.



Maan: Muski…dhere se beta. See you would hurt Mumma's tummy na.


Muskaan  bad a sorry face while Geet took her into her lap and kissed her on her hair.


Geet: Muski.. Nothing happened to Mumma. See Mumma is all fine and so is your little brother.




Muskaan smiled giving her million dollar smile while Maan smiled seeing them.


Maan: Muski, chalo lets go to bed now.. Mumma need rest now.


Maan placed Muskaan down from the bed while Geet tried to settle down on bed when she felt herself in air tat to in Maan's arms. She looked at Maan with wide open eyes while Muskaan was just staring at her parents.



Muskaan: Dadda.. superman.. Dadda superman…



Maan: Haan Muski.. your Dadda superman, now go beta.. Badi Dadi will put you to sleep.



Muskaan ran to her room where Dadima was waiting for her while Maan carried Geet to his room, their room while Geet was continuously struggling to get down. Maan was all the while enjoying her restlessness as he knew tat his closeness was affecting her. Maan himself settled on the bed taking her on his lap while Geet struggled to get out.


Geet: Let me go.. I want to sleep.. let me go.


Maan: Than sleep here but first change into your night dress as its not good tat you sleep in saree. It will be uncomfortable.



Geet: than leave me. I need to go to my room to change and sleep.



Maan: for tat you don't need to go to your room Mishti. Your clothes and things have been shifted back to our room while you were asleep.



Geet: Our room.. Sorry Mr. Khuranna, if you have forgotten than I shall remind you tat this room does not belong to me anymore.



Maan: Geet m sorry.. I…


Geet: don't be Maan, as you were right I never had any right on you nor on your children. Don't worry I will take care of myself so tat your child will be safe enough to be in your hands and believe me I will never claim any rights on Muskaan nor this one. They will always be yours MSK children and possession.



Geet wiped her tears and got down forcibly from his lap while Maan held her hand and slowly placed her on the bed and placed his hands on her tummy caressing it and placed a soft peck while still lingering his tongue on her tummy.



Maan: Baby, you know your Mumma is so good tat I was never a worth of her selfless love. I never understood her and only blamed her so much tat I said tat she does not have any right on Princess and you but she has more than me. Your Mumma is an angel for me. When I saw her for the first time na, I felt tat my life was always waiting for her but I never told her tat I loved her. I always tried to tell her tat I loved her but was scared tat she would reject me and later I was busy with KC as I had to make it the top most company na, than one day Dadima brought this alliance to me and I could not say no. I did not even know tat it was your mumma but when I saw her after many days say years again I felt tat my angel never left me and was always waiting for me. I was so happy tat instead of telling your Mumma tat I loved her I told Dadima and asked her never to tell your Mumma as I wanted to make it special but see I never did and today Dadima herself told it. Your Dadda is very bad baby. He always punishes your Mumma for no faults but believe me baby when I heard tat your Mumma wanted to kill Princess I could not think anything as she was our love mine Mishti's  replica who always made me to feel special but I always turned up hurting her.


Maan kissed her stomach once again and hugged her from waist while his tears made her bare stomach wet.



Maan: you know your Mumma filled my barren life with her love and smile. She always loved me more than wat I loved her. she never questioned me for anything and always believed wat I said. When she told me tat she was pregnant with Princess na tat I felt tat I would get one small Geet into my life who would fill me with double happiness. I could not think anyone harming your Mumma and Muski but when I came to know tat your Mumma herself wanted to hurt Princess I was angry on her for tat. I felt tat your Mumma never loved me and never understood me and tats why I said all tat but believe me baby Dadda stills loves Mumma so so much. Your Mumma knows na tat Dadda gets angry soon than tell Mumma na baby tat forgive Dadda. Tell Mumma na to love Dadda back. Tell Mumma na tat Dadda needs Mumma with him so tat Dadda can trouble Mumma all the time. Baby tell Mumma na tat when she was not with me here I was so alone and I could not find anything in room . Tell Mumma tat Dadda needs Mumma so tat Dadda can sleep in her lap where she takes my tension away. Babay tell Mumma tat Dadda needs Mumma more than Mumma needs Dadda.


Maan slowly got up and looked at Geet staring at him but soon saw tat Geet did not show any emotions and got up, took her nighty from the cupboard and went to change. After around 10 minutes he saw Geet coming out and without any word went and slept on her side far away from him.



Precap: Muski… divorce na is when Mumma and Dada stays separate and your Dadda was bad to hurt your Mumma . You Dadda very Bad na…



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superb update...
loved it...
yupieee me first...

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Lovely update dear...Clap

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Awesome update.
Continue soon.

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Awesome Glitter Graphic Comments |

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Vicky stupid.dsrv more slaps.
Hard time 4 Maan. Manofy Geet is nt easy. Like Maan's talking wd baby.

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update vicky told whole truth i just hate him bas... geet angry on maan word do next soon

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Love it

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