Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

OS - Kash... Zindagi:Completed

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"Zindagi se na manga tha kuch.. na kabhi maange..phir bhi zindagi ne hume dhoka aisa diya ki saath hoke bhi na hum unke saath hain. Pyar kiya aur dard bhi paya par kya pyar itna kamzoor tha humara ki humne kisi aur ki baato se apne hi pyar ka gala rodhna chaha. Kya humari galati maafi ke layak nahi hain.. babaji?"




Geet's thoughts were broken when she heard a soft low voice of her four-year-old daughter Muskaan. She turned to see her coming with slow steps towards her and as soon as she saw her mother sitting near the windowpane she ran into her embrace while Geet hugged her to her life with tears. Muskaan found her cheeks wet and she looked up to see her mother crying and slowly raised her hand to wipe the tears while Geet smiled pecking her hands with her soft lips.



Muskaan: mumma?. Aap ro kyu rali hain. aap na ro mat.. you don't.. look good.



Geet kissed her cheeks while pulled her on her lap and tickled her softly.


Geet: Nahi beta ur Mumma isn't crying..its just tat some dust went inside her eyes..



Muskaan turned to face her mother in her lap and kissed her eyes one by one and spoke.



Muskaan: Muskaan's Mumma lying.. Mumma jhoot bol rahi hain na?



Geet: No Muski.. and how did you come here I mean your Dadda.



Muskaan: uff Mumma.. aap kitni buddhu ho.. Dadda in office na.



Geet: but beta, you should have not been here. If Dadda comes to know than he will not like it na.



Muskaan: and.. Who will tell Dadda tat his princess was here.. With her Mumma.



Geet: But Muski.. You know na Dadda does not like you coming to my room when he is not at home.



Muskaan: Ya.. but I like. Mumma, you know piya says tat her Mumma ? Papa sleeps with her than why my Mumma and Dadda don't. Dadda does not even know to tell prince story. He is such a bad Dadda.



Geet: Muskaan.. ..(Angrly)



Muskaan holds her ears and says: soorrry?



Geet wipes Muskaan tears and brings her closer hugging her. Mother ? Daughter spend some time together in the room while Muskaan tells Geet how her father gets angry for no reasons and how he searches for small things in their whole room  when Geet drifted to the past when she was & months pregnant and Maan had warned her of doing any work.






Geet stood up from the bed holding her bulging 7 months tummy while a white sheet wrapped around her body. She has been watching her husband the great Business Tycoon Maan Singh Khuranna, since long searching for something in the whole room while he had turned the room upside down throwing all the things here and there. She was pissed of him as he was making a mess out of the room and finally decided tat she had to take his mission in her hands.



Geet: Mr. MSK, can I get to know wat are you searching since long.



Maan who could feel his Geet close to him turned and at once panicked seeing her standing like tat.



Maan: Mishti, how many times I have told you not to get up so early. Why can't you just sleep for little longer?



Geet: Mr. Khuranna, if you have forgotten than I would remind you tat m not sick but pregnant and your angel and me are all fit and fine. But why are you so much grumpy. Wats the matter.



Maan: It's nothing Mishti, you just go and sleep. Se its just 5.30 am and..



Geet came closer to him and sweetly pecked his lips and said.



Geet: Jaan.. wats the matter. I can help you.



Maan melted down into her sweet talks and finally said.



Maan: Mishti, do you remember I had brought the Mehta's file last night and was working on it but I feel tat I had not completed it and right now m not getting it.



Geet smiled a little and once again pecked his lips and said.



Geet: Jaan? you are getting old now.. Don't you remember tat you have finished working on the file last night itself before you started our?



Geet blushed and shied thinking wat she was about to say but Maan had caught her once and pulled more closer taking care tat he did not her and the baby.



Maan: Mishty.. Looks like m getting more and more in loving you and tats why I forget everything so soon. Nevertheless, wat can I do when my Mishti looks extremely more sexy and hot with her seven months tummy tat I feel like eating her all the time.



Geet: Maan.. sharam karo kuch.. you are going to be a father soon par aapki tho yeh besharami din bar din badti jaa rahi hain.



Maan: besharami.. Mrs. Khuranna abhi tho apne kuch nahi dekha hain.. shukar  banao tat my angel is with you but once she comes I will show you wat real besharami is.



Geet: Bas kijiye Maan.. har waqt yahi? aur kuch nahi aata na aapko. Dekhiye ( she shows him her love bites all over her body) wat you have done lat night. Do even know how embarrassed I get when everyone at home ask me about this marks. Pari though leave even Dadima does not leave a chance for teasing and tat Vicky, he .. uff even after getting married to Pari he does not stop asking me all weird questions and thanks to you Maan.. its all coz f you.



Maan pecks her lips softy while Geet slowly wraps her hand around his neck bringing him closer but she frowns when Maan leaves her lips and smirks looking at her.



Maan: So its only me who wants to love? just see your face Mishti.. you look so funny when you make tat angry pout when I don't kiss you fully.



Geet: haan tho kya karu? this pregnancy makes me crazy for you and you take full advantage of it.



Maan smiles and picks her in his rams and moves to the bed and places her down and hovers on her making sure he does not put all his weight on her. he slowly unties the sheet while Geet tries to kiss him but he moves from side to side.



Geet: Maan please?



Maan: Wat please.. say na wat you want..



He moves his hand on her now full curves and slowly pinches them making her to moan.



Geet: Maan.. Please I need you?


Maan: need me for wat Mishti?. Say for wat you need me..



Geet pulls Maan on her and says: Jaan I need you to love me.. Make love to me Jaan.. right now..



Tats wat Maan wanted and he smacks his lips on her, kisses her fully, and soon drifts into their world of passion

Flashback ends



Geet was once again brought back to the present by Muskaan who was continuously cribbing about how she was hungry. Geet carried her in her arms and soon reached to the kitchen to see Pari helping Nakul. Pari sadly smiled at Geet while she could see the pain in her eyes that she tries to hide from all.



Pari: Bhabi, did you hav your breakfast today. ( she looks at Geet and knew tat she did not). I knew it bhabi like always you skipped it today also. Why bhabi why are you doing this to yourself.



Geet: I will have it later Pari, right now, I need to cook something for Muski, she is hugry.



Geet makes Muskaan to sit on the kitchen slab at one end while she starts cooking pasta for her.



Muskaan: Pasta? Mumma how do you know tat Muski wants to eat pasta now.



Geet: Muski.. Mumma knows everything..



Pari: only tat she has to also eat if she needs to feed Muski.. Hain na beta.



Muskaan: Haan choti Maa.. but why did not Mumma eat her breakfast.



Pari: Tats co your Dadda does not talk to your Mumma.



Geet: Pari.. (angrily)



Muskaan: But Dadda.. Told me tat he is just making Mumma   angry so tat he can go to London?



Geet: Haan Muski.. Dadda is just fooling around me and tats why we are not sleeping in one room. Now Muski beta can you go to badi Dadi and play, I will get your pasta soon.



Muskaan runs from there while Pari looks at Geet with anger.



Pari: how long are you going to lie to her bhabi. Wat will you tell her when you have to leave this house. Wat will Maan veerji tell her tat why did he let her Mumma to go.



Geet: its not necessary to tell her anything and once m out of this house she will not even remember me.



Pari: Remember you..whom are you fooling Bhahi? cant you see even how she comes to meet you when Veerji is not there even after he has warned her. Cant you see how she waits for Veerji to leave for office and prays tat he does not come soon. Why can't you both simply talk and finish all this Bhabi. Why can't you tell Veerji tat you were forced to do tat but you never did.



Geet: No Pari.. I cant.. how do you believe tat I can tell him tat I was blind and trusted someone who never meant anything in our life and I had taken the biggest decision in our life. Just think Pari.. if I had to go by my decision tat wat would happen.. Would Muskaan be with us today.. Would Maan ever live alive after tat? No Pari.. its better tat I get the punishment for listening to others without knowing the truth and betraying Maan for it.



Pari: But Bhabi.. You did get to know the truth later.. Why can't you simply tell us who was tat person who made you to take tat decision. Why cant you simply tell us Bhabi.. We still know tat you will never do anything against Veerji than why Bhabi.. Cant you see the hatred in his eyes for you.



Geet: I deserve it..



Dadima: Yaa.. You deserve tat hatred geet.. You deserve it but why do Muskaan have to suffer for it. If Maan does not listen to you than why cant you just tell us who it was.



Geet and Pari turned to see Dadima at the entrance of Kitchen who was hell angry on Geet for all this but she could see the pain in her eyes.



Dadima: Why cant you tell us Geet and we would make Maan understand.



Geet: He will never Dadima.. His anger will never let him to think and when it comes to Muskaan he will never.. He will never listen to me nor you. he thinks tat I betrayed him and his love and did not wanted Muskaan and tats why I had tried to abort her and I can never tell anyone who tat person was I can never Dadima? I can never let Maan or any one of you to suffer coz of me? I never let any pain touch you all? I can never?





Part 1 - Above

Part 2 -

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nice os

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Nice start of os,continue soon.

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update poor muskaan mu between maneet geet going to leave home do next soon

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lovely os
oh no 4-5 parts 
di it would take nearly a month to finish this os coz of ur busy schedule Cry
and u will be more stressed Cry

still continue soon

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It's awesome OS...

Eagerly waiting to know about their past...What happened between them...waiting for next part

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