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May 05 Updates-Comments are now allowed! (Page 3)

shabzz123 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 May 2005 at 9:55am | IP Logged

Thursday 26th May's Update

nalli.abha n kumkum goes to pune.Kumkum n abha r in hotel n nalli goes to meet salil.She tells salil tht she loves him.Salil is surprized.

Nalli says-tumhara jo bhi jawab hoga mujhe manjoor hain.

Salil tells her tht he doesnt love her,he says tht nalli tum sirf meri ek achi dost ho bas.Nalli is upset but shows salil as if nothing bothered her.She says she's ok n tells salil to go back to work.

Nalli driving n thinking of salil's words.Kumkum n abha r waiting 4 nalli but c doesnt comes.kumkum is upset.Abha tells her tht they shud go to salil n see why nalli hasnt cum yet.

On asking salil,he tells thtit has been more thn 3hrs since nalli left.

Kumkum is now concerned for nalli.She says to abha-maine kaha tha na ki kuch to gadbad hai.Salil says sumthing might hv happened to her.They all go looking 4 nalli.Kumkum calls home n tells sukanya tht nalli is missing.They go to police station to register a missing case..then only a police tells kumkum tht there was a car accident they found a dead body of a girl.he tells the car no. which is of nalli's.

They rush to hospital.the family gets to know abt it n cum to hospital

kumkum n abha go inside to identify the body.Kumkum sees the face which is not recognisable.The constable shows sum jewellery to kumkum.She recognizes tht the jewellery is of nalli n cries.

Sukanya blames kumkum  for all this.She says tht all this happened due to kumkum. And calls her a murderer, and kumkum is shocked.

Contributed by member lovehussain&KK

Edited by Megha_Desai - 27 May 2005 at 10:24am

damsel111 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 June 2005 at 7:50am | IP Logged

monday 30th may 2005

Kumkum comes out of the hospital....completely
struck by grief and guilt.Salil comes and says sorry
and that all this has happened because of him.Kk says
that it's not his fault and that she's responsible for
all that has happened and she's responsible for
nalli's death.

  As she's walking she sees a public phone and calls
sumit....Sumit asks her where she is...kk says in
Pune...sumit asks pune mein?tum akeli ho?koi hain
tumhaare saath? Kk says sab hain..sumit says 'sab
hain?...accha to aap mere jaane ka intezaar kar rahe
the,baahar jaane ke liye.Kk says sumit maine nalli ko
maar daala....sumit confused and a bit shocked says
kya? ye kya keh rahi ho? kk says haan nalli mar gayi
meri wajah se...she says sumit ab main ghar wapas
kaise jaaongi?....main kaha jaaongi?....tum aaoge na
mere paas?...sumit says 'kk koi hain tumhaare
paas,mujhse baat karvaao.Kk says koi nahi hain mere
paas....main khooni hoon na....sab ne mere saath chod
diya hain.Sumit understands kk's haalat and says kk
tum chinta mat karo aur abhi ghar chale jaao...main
abhi is waqt nikalta hoon yaha se....tum isi waqt ghar
jaao...kk tum sun rahe ho na meri baat?...Kk just
drops the phone down and walks off....

  Then kk sees a temple nearby and goes inside the
temple.....she just stands there gazing at the
'bhagwaan's murti'.

  In the hospital everyone crying....doc comes and
says that the formalities are over and that they can
take the body home.Everyone very sad.

  Meanwhile,a group of youngsters find nalli
unconscious on the roadside and brings her to the same
hospital....Salil sees her and so does everyone....all
are really happy that nalli is safe.

  Salil goes to the temple and tells kk bhabhi aapki
prartna bhagwaan ne sunli...nalli bilkul theek
hain....wo mil gayi hain...use kuch nahi hua....Kk is
very happy.

  The doc says that nalli's fine...only some minor
injuries and that she can go come....everyone are

  Back at home nalli telling the police and everyone
that a mad woman had asked her for a lift...then she
took away all her jewels and then pushed her out of
the car....and they all know what happened afterwards.
  Kk comes and hugs nalli...sukanya looks at her and
feels guilty.Kk says that she's come back in a moment.

  Kk calls sumit and says that nalli's fine and that
he need not come now....sumit is confused....kk says
ek badi galat faimi ho gayi thi,par ab sab theek
hain.Sumit asks her what had happened.Kk says that
it's a long story and that she'll tell him everything
when he comes back.Sumit asks her tum theek to ho
na?Kk says tumaare saath hote hue mujhe kuch nahi
hoga.She asks him to finish his work and come back

  Nalli in her room thinking of salil and starts
crying.Salil who passes by,sees this enters her room
and takes the glass of water and gives it to her.Nalli
takes it and both of them smiles.Kk sees this and is
quite happy.

  Sukanya meets kk and says that she feels very gulity
for all that she said to her...kk says not to say
sorry nad that she can understand her state of mind at
that time.Both of them say that they'll forget all
that now.Kk also says that now nalli's happiness is
also important and that her happiness is with
salil.Sukanya asks kya itna sab kuch ho jaane ke baad
bhi wahi soch raho ho?Kk says that if nalli's
happiness is in that they they should do so....

  Sushma makes salil promise that he'll not marry
nalli....salil at first a bit hesitant saying that
he's told nalli that he doesn't love her and what's
the need of a promise?But after much insistance from
sanket and sushma...he makes the promise.Kk watches
this and is upset.

Salil goes....sushma is happy.Kk comes in and sushma
tells her that she's done what she had to do and now
it's kk's turn,she can do whatever she wants and that
salil never breaks his promise.Kk says taras aati hain
mujhe aap par...aapke ye roop bhi dekh liya,apne
swarth ke liye apne bete ke saath khel khel rahe
hain.Aur rahi baat waade ki....jo waada zubaan se ki
jaati hain wo aksar toot jaati hain...aur waqt
bataayega ke salil apna waada nibhaayega ya nahi...aur
hum us waqt ka intezaar karenge and goes off....sushma
nad sanket just looks on.

im posting this from my own collection sorry dun remember who posted the updateEmbarrassed

damsel111 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 June 2005 at 7:52am | IP Logged

tuesday 31st may 2005

Kumkum tells nalli tumhe himmat nahi haarni
chaahiye aur is tarah kamre mein rehke rone se kuch
nahi milega....nalli says that she knows but she's
just not able to forget salil.Kk then shows her an ad
in the newspaper and asks her to take up that job.
   Sumit comes there and says kk theek keh rahi
hain...sumit says nalli ek baat poochon tumse?....jis
pyar ko tumne apne zindagi se badhkar maana hain,use
paane ki koshish to nahi chod di na tum?.....dekho
nalli kabhi bhi koshish karna mat chodna.Nalli says
bhayya i'm sorry.Sumit says arre tum mujhse sorry kyun
kehrahi ho?....main yaha tumhe galat ssabit karne nahi
aaya hoon.Nalli (crying)says par yaha itna sabkuch hua
aur sab ki wajah main hoon.Isliye main ab yaha nahi
rahoongi...main canada wapas jaa rahi hoon...meri
wajah se aapko kabhi sharminda nahi hona padega and
hugs him.

  Sumit-Kk with salil in his office....salil says
sorry and sumit says that he needn't say sorry.Kk says
isme tumhaare koi galati nahi ahin aur na hi nalli
ki.Usne tumse pyar kiya...sachha pyar...sumit says but
unfortunately wo asafal rahi.Aur pyar ko na paane ki
anjaam zindagi main kya asar hoga ye tum jaante
ho...hum bas yehi kehna chahte hain ke tumhe ab nalli
se zyaada samajhdaari se pesh aani hain.Kk says nalli
toot gayi hain aur wo ek aur chot nahi bardaasht kar
paayegi.Salil says main bhi pareshaan hoon...kk says
tumhe ab pareshaan hone ki zaroorat nahi hain.Wo ab
canada waaapas jaa rahi hain...wahi theek rahega uske
liye aur shaayad tumhaare liye bhi.Suddenly they hear
the sound of something bursting.....all three of them
gets up from their seats and looks to find that the
company/godown/whatever has caught fire...they are

  Back at home sumit,salil,rahul and brij tau talking
about the fire that broke out and the losses and
problems that the company would have to face.Sumit
says that salil was careless and his business
deal(with that man manchandani,whom sumit claimed to
be a fraud) has brought all this problems.Salil is
really disturbed and worried....he says that he
doesn't know what to do now and is feeling all lonely
and helpless.Kk is listening to all this and decides
to do something to help him.

  Sumit-kk talking about salil...sumit says main
jaanta hoon ke isme salil ki koi dosh nahi
hain...jaanti ho uska sabse bada problem ye hain ke
wo(salil) yaha naya hain...to sab use naya aur anjaan
samajhkar use dhoka de rahe hain.Use hi sab kuch
sambhalna hoga,use samajhna hoga market ko.....kk asks
agar use samajhne mein waqt lag gaya to? Sumit says to
patels ka business bahut jald band ho jaayega.Kk feels
   Kk says sumit agar uske businees ki zimmedari tum
loge to wo bach sakat hain na...sumit looks at her.Kk
says jaanti hoon pehle maine hi mana kiya tha lekin ab
mujhe lagta hain ke hume apne business ka merger karni
chaahiye.Sumit says lekin jo wajah tumne diya wo...kk
says sumit wajah to haalat aur waqt ke saath badal
jaata hain....and she says that they should merge
their companies and sumit agrees.

  The wadhwas and the patels seated in the
hall....sumit tells them that now he's decided that
they'll merge the two companies....jis tarah humaara
parivaar ek hain ab humaara business bhi ek hoga aur
is baar sab is faisle se khush hain.Salil is happy but
sushma is not.Salil says thank u sumit and wish me all
the best taaki main is merger ko successful ban
sakoon.Sumit wishes him aur wo gale milte hain....sab

  Sushma telling sanket that she's not happy with the
merger....he asks why she didn't disapprove it?Sushma
says that the situation was not right...it was salil's
idea and now the loss in their business and salil is
also with the wadhwas so she had to be quiet.Sushma
says that they'll have to be patient for a while.
  Kk comes there and says that sushma is right etc
etc...kk then tells her is baar koi chaal chalaane ki
koashish mat karna kyunki uska asar aapko sabse zyaada
bhaari padega....aur main ya meri parivaar nahi chahte
ke aapke saath aisa kuch ho and walks off.Sushma says
main ab tumhaare har kaam ko aise paltoongi ke ye
merger tumhaare liye bahut bhaari padegi aur ye mera
waada hain.

  Sumit comes from his office....he's talking to
someone on the phone...some lawyers and an officer are
waiting for him.Kk standing there is looking at
him.The lawyers show him some papers regarding the
registration formailities in the company's merger.Kk
asks the office staff(i think so ya phir chauffer
hain?...he came with sumit) whether sumit had eaten
anything...he tells her nahi saab ne kuch nahi
khaaya.She says ok tum jaao.
  Sumit tells the lawyers to finish all the
formalities that has to be done..kk says sumit mujhe
tumse kuch kehni hain..sumit says haan ek minute kk ye
kaam bahut imporatant hain abhi khatam ho jaayegaand
he tells the lawyers what to do...kk says jo baat
mujhe karni hain wo bhi bahut important hain,sumit
says haan bas ek min kk and he tells them what to do
they leave.And he starts to talk to the officer and kk
says sumit i'm waiting....sumit decides to listen to
her and asks the officer to excuse him for a while.
  Sumit asks kk bolo kya baat hain...kk says andar
chalo.Sumit says kya?....kk bahut kaam baaki hain
bataao kya baat hain...Kk holds his hands and takes
him inside.Sumit says kya kk bahut kaam baaki
hain....kk says wo sab baad mein pehle mujhe ye bataao
ke tumne subah se kuch khaaya kyun nahi.Sumit says
arre maine khaaya na....kk says jhooth mat bolo sumit
mujhe kamal ne sab kuch bata diya hain.Sumit says us
kamal ko...kk says ab chalo khaana kaao...sumit says
arre lekin kisine nahi khaaya na dadaji,papa...kk says
sabne khaa liya hain sirf tum reh gaye ho.Sumit says
abhi nahi...dekho ye merger ka kaam khatam hone do
uske baad tum jo kahoge jaisa kahoge aur jaha kahoge
main khaana khaalonga...lekin tab tak tum mere chotti
motti galatiyon ko maaf karna and says please please
please please.....(this was really cute) and goes.

  Sushma remembers what kk had told her and she starts
packing her bags...she then goes and tells dadaji that
she's going back to new zealand that that she'll not
come back.Dadaji asks her the reason and she tells him
that she's not happy with all that's happening with
them...first they came to know that their property had
been transffered to sumit's name and now the
merger....she's just not happy with all this,she says
mujhe darr hain ke kahin humaare parivaar ko dhoka na
mile kahin humse humaara sab kuch cheen na le.Dadaji
asks her what she wants or something and she tells him
something(we don't hear it).Dadaji says is parivaar ka
doosra naam hain imaandari aur insaaniyat aur tumhaare
saath koi dhoka nahi hoga...tumhaare parivaar ki
zimmdari mera hain aur tum kahi nahi jaaoge.Sushma
then says theek hain...lekin jo faisla aap lenge usko
aap mere nazariya se dekhke lena and goes off.Dadaji
just looks on.

contributed by member damsel~~

*Meg_d* Goldie

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Posted: 04 June 2005 at 10:04am | IP Logged
Dear Members,

Thankyou everyone for contributing the updates when out dear coolbie couldnt and ALL the updates deserve a clap as they all were Fabulous


This topic of updates has now ended so if you would like to read the June updates please go to the sticky topic on the first page of Kumkum forum, I hope everyone enjoyed. Comments in this topic section are now allowed.

Best Wishes
Moderator Megha Desai

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*Meg_d* Goldie

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Posted: 06 June 2005 at 3:32am | IP Logged
Comon people commentOuch

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