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Kumkum - Ek Pyara Sa Bandhan

May 05 Updates-Comments are now allowed!

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Hi everyone, i thought of starting updates from here, i will move the seperater post that has been posted by zara to here everyday, i dont have time to add all the updates but i will be adding the following updates for all the months from now onSmile Zara do update seperatly in another post so members can view them i will then put those in here!Smile

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Su & kk talk regarding the AP property, where Sumit is very upset &
frightened to see his Zameer going in pieces. It was a nice scene
between KK & Su. (i think it was the last weeks promo shot) … all
Su's dialogues very worth listening.Smile

Then AP Shraad Ceremony is taking place Saalil Patel does it. here
we see KK & SU looking at each other Tongue, and in between Sushma
constantly keeps watching Sukanya.

Then it is the Bhog were Sumit serves all the pandits food, and
Saalil goes on watching Sumit serving.Embarrassed

Saalil & dadaji is sitting together.

While all this is going on they show Sanket looking thru' all his
dads medical records & Xrays at home.OuchDead

Now the 2 SPs' that is the Patels are in the room discussing, where
Saalil says to Sanket that now u r satisfied to know that the
Wadhwas have nothing to do with dad's death.... Here his mom says
that Sanket is very short tempered not like u very patient for which
he says that Sankets short temperedness would have spoilt everything.DeadDead
His Mom's tell them that now they have to concentrate to take care
of their dad's biz.
So Saalil calls the lawyer and says while the lawyer remarks that he
is coming to the WH to read the will & as per Sumit's instru' the
reading of the will was kept till they came.

When Saalil says this to Sanket & his Mom, Sanket starts badmouthing
Sumit Wadhwa.


Su with KK in the room ( His shirt is a must see very summery) again
very tensed ….Confused.Confused
… all Su's dialogues very worth listening.Tongue
KK says that it would be better if Su tells Saalil everything that
happened as Saalil looks matured to know. Su says that it is better
that he knows about it from him rather than from others.Embarrassed

Su & KK go to the main hall where everyone is seated , he sadly
looks at Dadaji first and then tells Saalil that he wants to talk to
him, Saalil
says OK, Sumit says with u alone, so they move from
there and are walking towards the long corridor, when the lawyer
calls out Saalil. Su & kk get dejected .

The will is read out as each of the word are told the expression on
su dejected face changes from dejection to despair with his eyes
closed "not wanting to face anyone look" on his face.

The will says that AP has given all his prop & biz to Sumit Wadhwa,
and even if Sumit Wadhwa wants to give it to the 3SPatels he cannot
give it out, if Su does not accept the prop & biz then it will go to
the Govt of India with a 20% share only to his wife.

Before the will was read, again Sanket startsAngry Angrybadmouthing Su…… in
front of everyone, Su just constantly looks at KK with each and
every moment his emotions getting reflected with each passing word
of Sanket's.

Break …

Now starts the fight, where Sanket again starts againAngry Angrybad mouthing
Su, from he starts saying that they wanted the property as he knows
that the Wadhwas were rich at that time, then now paupers and this
house was given to them by AP. For which Dadi says that as they
had helped AP earlier he gifted the WH to them …
(but what I recollect that KK got this from Abhay …. Thru some legal
papers, it was only the House Tax and bills that AP paid ……. As I
recollect the WH was not gifted by AP ????????????)Embarrassed
Still starts badmouthing Sumit , for which Tauji defends and the
fight starts between Sanket & Tauji with all as onlookers, they
almost come to physical fighting when Su, Saalil & Dadi & dadaji
intervenes, but still TAuji and Sanket fight, then our Madam Devi
Screams, Bas Karo LOLand gives her lecture, in which the whole room
goes silent,LOL First Sanket, Sushma, Saahil & Tauji go to their
rooms, then Sumit angryily moves away to his room,Embarrassed

All at this time from the will reading till now Sushma constantly
watches Sukanya.

In his room, Su starts thinking all what Sanket said like "becoz of
Su we did not see our dads, becoz of Su who bullied their dad and
got all the prop & biz,Confused Confusedwhere KK comes. Su says that even if he
wishes to give them back all he cannot give
. For which KK says that
is there no way out, for which Su says there is a way out and one
way only and that is that they can take advantage of the prop & biz
only if they stay with them …………..ConfusedConfused



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Sankit was very angry tells aaj wadhwas ki saari chaale kamiyab
hogayi.Salil tells him to try and understand .Just then someone
rings the bell.kk enters.sushma says salil inse poocho yeh
yaha ab kya lene aayi hai.woh unka ghar tha isliye hum chup
the.yahan shayad hum apne aap ko sambhaal nahi paayenge.salil tells
ma' ek baar sun toh lo yeh humse kya kehne aayi hai.sushma says
itna sab karne ke baad bhi inke paas kuch bacha hai kehne ke
liye?.salil says tht koi insaan sahi ya galat nahi hota.yeh to apna dekhne ka nazariya hai.kk tells...main
yahan kuch saabit nahi karne aayi hu main bas itna kehne aayi hu ke jo
hua hai kisi ke liye bhi sahi nahi hai jo kuch hua aap log pls use
bhool kar hamare saath hamare ghar me aake rahiye.sankit says wow !
gr8 ! hamara business hamari property sab chodkar hum log aapke saath
aake rehne lage....taaki society ke saamne aap ka sar uncha ho aur phir sab log yehi samjhe ke aap log kitne mahaan hai.let me tell
u.yeh property hamare dad ne badi mehnat se banayi hai.hum aap
logo ko itni aasani se hadapne nahi denge ek ek paisa wapas
lenge.(dil to kar raha tha ki baas mu silai kardoon sankit ki)and he goes away(achha hua).salil tell sushma ma' aap hi samjhao
sankit ko.sushma says tum jaante ho na ke aaj tak isne wohi kiya
hai jo isne chaaha hai.aur waise bhi aaj tak jo kuch hua kam nahi
hua.aaj hamare paas apna kehne ke liye kuch nahi hai phirbhi
tum in logo ko support kar rahe ho and she also goes.kumkum was
also about to go when salil says Bhabhi.(abhi se hi bhabhi bana liya my god to su ko bhaiya bulayega,are kahin sach main bhai to nehin hai)kk surprised to hear that salil says I am sorry
ke maine aapko bhabi bulaya woh situation hi aisi bangayi hai ke
aap log hi galat nazar aa rahe hai main aap logo ko itne ache se toh
jaanta nahi hu,lekin yeh zarur keh sakta hu ke aap log kisi ka kuch
nahi le sakte hai,dad hamesha kehte the(aur koi nehin keheta usko srif uske dad hi sab bolte the) ke wakt ke saath faasle kam
aur duriya mit jaati hai.pls hame thoda wakt dijiye,sanket ke
liye mai aapse maafi maagta hoon.kk says sankit ki isme koi galati
nahi hai uski jageh pe shayad me bhi hoti toh aise hi react
karti and she leaves

Sankit with the lawyer.lawyer goes through the will and says
nothing can be done.u can do a case on them but no use,kyuki aap
ke dad ne khud apni marzi se property su ke naam ki hai.sankit tells
hamre dad ke koi relations nahi the wadhwas ke saath.toh hamre dad
apni poori property unke naam kaise kar sakte hai?pls do
sumthing koi toh raasta hoga.lawer says ek hi raasta hai(conversation cant heard) next thing su going to office and someone clicking pictures ofhim.su unaware of that,
A man looking at those pics and says kaam hojayega.Sankit says hoga
kyu nahi,itne saare paise jo de raha hoon,the man says kaam
mushkil hai.sankit says kaam mushkil hai lekin naa mumkin
nahi,ek baat yad rahe,su ka accident natural lagna
chahiye kisiko koi shak nahi hona chahiye he gives him the money
and leaves.
Sukk in their room.Dhruv playing with some toys and su's
mobile. su says,ab hume kya karna chahiye kk,kumkum says pata
nahi.su then says .isiliye main sign nahi karna chah raha
tha....lekin ab jo hona tha hogaya,kal hum jaake salil se milte
hai,su then goes to druv and says,yeh kya druv,ek aur mobile
tod diya aapne.(they look cute)
Sankit enters his house and salil asks him raat bhar kaha the
tum? Sankit says main kuch kaam me busy tha.salil asks which kaam
?sankit says main wakeel ke paas gaya tha.usne kaha ke kuch
nahi ho sakta,lekin hamare paas sirf ek hi raasta hai , agar su
ki maut hojaati hai toh(how dare he??)


salil says what??yeh kya keh rahe ho tum?koi bi property kisi
ke jaan se badkar nahi hoti.He tries calling su but it is
unreachable.Salil leaves.sushma tells sankit yeh kya
kiya tumne.
Sukk in car,the same guy who was supposed to kill them also
follows.su then stops to go and get some papers from his
office.while kk is in the car.the man goes and hampers with the
Su then comes,starts his car and is going somewhere meanwhile
Salil is on a look out for them.salil then sees their car pass by
him.he follows.su realizes that his breaks aren't working,to
avoid accident with a truck su takes a sudden turn and hits the
tree.people come running to see what happened.salil also sees that
sukk have met with an accident.


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Wednesday 4th May's Update

Sukk r fine.....only get hurt on the forehead.....they get out....and
both of them r asking each other tum thik ho naaa(how cute na....apni
chodke ek dusre ki parwa kar rahe hai)......Salil comes
running.....asks bhabhi aap thik hai naaa....Su asks tum yaha kya kar
rahe ho?....salil says me yaha se guzar raha tha toh maine aapki gaadi
dekhi....aap log thik hai na?? kya hua tha..... Sumit says
gaadi ke beaks fail ho gaye the....pata nahi aisa kaise hua......kal hi
to gaadi garage se aayi.....Su then bends down to see if anything's
wrong....and then says ke break ka wire kata hua hai.....kk says aisa
kaise ho sakta hai....kal hi toh gaadi garage se aayi.....Su says iska
matlab kisi ne jaan bujhkar wire kaata hai hume maarne ke liye....kk
wonders kaun ho sakta hai.....su says ab yeh baat police
batayengi....Salil tensed...

Salil goes home.....sushma very curious abt wht happened.....Salil very
angrily packing Sankit's bag....Sankit asks wht happened....why r u
packing my bag.....no response from Salil.....then sushma says
Sukk.....and Salil bursts...Thik Hai WOh Dono......they r all
right....aapke bete ne unka accident plan kiya tha....Sankit tells
Salil ke ab to tum bahut khush ho na.....ke woh log bach gaye.....
Salil tells ke tumhari yeh harkat ki sazaa sirf tumhe nahi balki hume
bhi bhugatni hoti....Sankit says tht yeh sab dad ki wajeh se hua
hai.....Salil angrily says tht aaj tak maine tumhari har baat bardaasht
ki hai lekin tum dad ke baare me kuch nahi bolonge....
Sankit says ke dad ke wajeh se hi to hua hai sab.....ek anjaan desh me
ghum rahe hai hum.....kuch dino me paise khatam hojayenge tab kya
karenge??....Aur maine aaj jo kuch kiya apne liye nahi kiya....hum sab
ke liye kiya.....Salil gets even more angry and says i can't tolerate
anymore of ur nonsense.....i've packed ur bag, u r going to NZ today
itself.....Sankit refused to go....

Sukk at the policestation(PS) tellin the inspector wht happened....

Salil tells Sankit ke tumhe jaana hoga.....mai nahi chahta ke tumpar
koi musibat aaye.....aur NZ me sab thik tha.....lekin yaha ki police se
mai tumhe bachaa nahi sakta.....Sankit tells tht police mera kuch nahi
kar sakti.....maine koi clue nahi choda.....Salil says tht har criminal
ko aisa hi lagta hai.....pls sankit.....mai tumhare aage haath jodta
hu....ppls chale jaao.....finally Sankit agrees and Salil say
evrything's gonna be okay.....


A hawaldaar brings the man who tried to kill su in the PS and tells
maine is aadmi ko wadhwa industries ke paas dekhaa......yeh ek gaadi ke
niche ghuske kuch kar raha tha......the man tells ke mai toh mechanic
hu.....gaadi check kar raha tha....the inspector does gr8 dhulayi of
tht man until he confesses tht he tried to kill su.....inspector asks
kiske kehne par......thth man says mai bata hu bata hu....

Salil and Sankit just about to leave for airport when police
comes....Salil sankit both in car....Sankit tells ke yeh wohi aadmi hai
jise maine su ko maarne ko kaha tha.....kk is also inside the car while
su has gone with the police to see wo tried to kill him.....kk sees
salil and waves to him....Salil gets out of the car and comes and talks
to her.....he asks her aap yaha kya kar rahi hai.....KK says tht jisne
hume maarne ki koshish ki hai woh isi hotel me rehta hai.....su gaya
hai use dhoondne.....tum kahi jaa rahe ho kya?.....Salil says haan kuch
kaam ke chakkar me Sankit ko NZ bhjena pad raha hai.....usi ko airport
chodne jaa raha hu.....kk says thik hai tumhe der ho rahi hongi tum

Meanwhile the man takes the police and sumit to room no. 12 and says
yahi rehta hai woh jisne mujhe break fail karne ko kaha.....police
rings the bell....sushma opens the door.....Su angry/Shocked on seeing

Su and police come out.....su thanx the police and they go away....kk
asks kya hua su??....tum toh us aadmi ko gireftaar karne gaye the
naaa??....kaha hai woh?....aur yeh police chali kyu gayi.....su
says..kk woh aadmi aur koi nahi balki sankit tha....kk shocked....


Salil and Sankit reach airport ..... Salil tells Sankit ...i'lll go get
ur boarding pass....u stay here.....don't get out of the car.....salil
goes and Sankit gets out of the car to have his drink.....kk approaches
him.....as she comes face to face with him.....she looks at him angrily
and then....SLAP !!!....su also comes.....kk says....Bachapana samjhti
rahi mai yeh tumhara....lekin tum....itne chote aur gire hue niklonge
kabhi soch bhi nahi sakti thi mai....Tum daulat ke liye itne andhe ho
gaye ho ke tumhe kisike jaan ki keemat nahi nazar aati?....saram aati
hai mujhe yeh soch kar ke tum AP ke bete ho....agar aaj wo zinda hote
to sharm se unki gardan jhuk jaati.....Salil also comes.....Su tells kk
bas karo.....she says nahi su....insaano ki jaan lene waala shaitaan
hai yeh....salil says Bhabhi......KK says tum chup rahi salil.....kuch
mat bolo.....dhokha diya hai tumne hume.....hamara bharosa toda
hai.....tum log hume dhokebaaz kehte ho....Salil says that I'm sorry
bhabhi....mai jaanta hu ke maine aap logo ko dhoka diya hai....lekin
sirf apne bhai ki khaatir....sankit meri kamzori hai....
mai dar gaya tha ki kahi sankit ko kuch ho na jaaye.....kk tells salil
tht jo rishto me pyar ki jageh dar baith jaata hai....woh rishta kamzor
pad jaata hai....aur kamzor rishta zaada lamba nahi hota.....(all this
while sankit was very angry coz kk slapped him)

At WH dadi very furious abt wht sankit did and tht they should complain
to police.....dada tells her to forget all this as there is no
use....it will only create more problems.....kk says nahi
dadji.....paani sar se upar jaa chukaa hai....mai jaanti hu ke mujeh ab
kya karna hai.....aur iske liye su ko mera saath dena hogaa....

Salil Sankit Sushma in their house.....Someone rings the
doorbell....salil opens the door and finds sumit standing outside


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Sukk enter.....Salil tells su tht he's sorry.... sumit says ke jab
baat zindagi aur maut tak pahuch jaaye toh maafi maangne se kuch nahi
hota.....Isilye jab Akash ji hume yeh property de rahe the to maine
unhe bahut manaa kiya...kyuki mujhe maalum tha ke aisa kuch
hoga......aur dekho baat kahaa tak pahunch gayi....Ab ek hi raasta hai
jisse aap log hume galat nahi samjhenge aur apni property ka poora
faida uthaa sakte hai......yeh documents mai laaya hu....isse aap apne
property ka istemaal khud kar sakte hai....mai is property me se ek
paisa bhi nahi lunga......aap log jab chahe is property ko use kar
sakte hai lekin property rahengi mere naam pe......iska hum log kuch
nahi kar sakte kanoon ki wajeh se.....Embarrassed
As su turns to go Salil stops him and says hume ye property nahi chahiye
and tears those documentsTongue.....Sankit and sushma shocked.....Salil says
tumne abhi kaha ke yeh property hamare dad ne khud aapko di hai(
kya jaanwaro ki zabaani bol raha tha su ke yeh property unko AP ne
..maine apni dad ki har ek baat maani hai.....aur yeh toh unki
aakhri icha thiClap[bata hi obedient son hai]LOL.....Su says tht
mai tumhare khayalaat ki kadar karta hu
lekin meri bhi kuch majbooriyan hai......mai aise kisi ki property nahi
rakh sakta.....mera zameer mujhe yeh sab karne nahi detaa[how sweet]Smile.....Ab phir
aaap logo ko hamare saath rehna padegaaConfusedConfused.....isi tarha aap log apni
property ka faida uthaa sakte hai..
..kk says haan salil ...... su thik
ke raha hai.....tum logo ka hamare saath me rehna hi thik hogaa...
tells tht
hum log apna apna business khud chalayenge....koi kisi ke
kaam me dakhal nahi denga.....aur mai aapki property ka ek paisa bhi
nahi lungaa....Smile.

Salil agrees.....


Everyone waiting at WH to knw wht happened...sumit and kk
enter.....the AP family also enter.....Salil comes and takes dadaji's
ashirwad.....and says mai aapse maafi maagne ke siva aur kuch nahi kar
sakta.....jo kuch bhi hua uske liye mai bahut sharmindaa hu....dada
says ke puraani bato ko bhul jaana hi acha hai....aur aaplogo ke aane
se hume itni khushi hui hai.....aisa lagta hai ke hamara parivaar bada[big]
gaya hai.Big smile...even dadi agrees.....she says ab hum saari ktarwaahat[hatred] dur
karke saath me rahenge.Big smile...aur kal wadhwa industries phirse shuru ho
raha hai....aur ek pooja rakhi hai hum logo ne jisme aapko shaamil honaa

Sukk in bedroom.....su asks kk...
Kya in logo ko humne ghar me rakhke
thik kiya?...
KK says Kyu tumhe yeh faisla galat lagaa?.....su says
nahin..aisi baat nahi hai lekin sankit ka behaviour dekhkar aisa nahi
lagta ke woh log itni aasani se adjust kar payenge..
...kk says
tum salil ko dekho....woh bhi to agar is ghar me aaya hai to
isiliye kyuki use kahina kahi hamara yeh faisla sahi lagaaa.....salil
samjhdaar hai....suljhaa hua hai....tum dkeh lo....humpar agar koi
musibat aayi bhi to salil hamari madat zarur
karengaa(ye kk ka trust......uffff
ise hamesha dubo[nuksaan] deta haiLOLLOL
).....su...jo bhi hota hai ache ke liye hotaa
hai....bagwaan par bharosa rakho....sab thik hojayengaa.....
su then gvs a sign of satisfaction& kk then puts her hand on his hand,both smileSmileSmile

Wadhwas and sushma having breakfast.....dada tells su ke ab hume pooja
ke liye chalna chahiye....su says bilkul...kyu nahi....Smilethen dada says
pehle salil aur sankit ko to aane do....su tells
ke sushma aunty hai na
hamare saath....hum log chalte hai....woh dono baad me
.everyone go.....kk is also all ready and is about to go
when she meets abha in the corridoor....she asks her
ke tum tayyar kyu
nahi hui?....
.abha says tum log jaao....mujhe nahi aanaDead....aur waise
bhi dhruv ki tabiyat achi nahi hai.....mera rehna zaruri haina uske
pass....kk says
dhruv ko hum log saath le jaa rahe hai.....tum bhi
..abha says dhruv ki tabiyat achi nahi hai....bahar jaake
khelenga kudenga aur tabiyat bigad jayengi.....isiliye mai uska khayal
rakhti hu....tum jaao....kk goes...

Salil asks sankit for the last time if h'es coming or not?.....sankit
says no....mera mood nahi kar raha....salil tells him tum aisa kyu kar
rahe ho?.....sankit says kyuki mai tumhari tarha gr8 nahi hu
salil.....mujhe adjust karne ke liye thoda time lagengaa.....mai koi
switch nahi hu jise jab chaha on kiya aur jab chahaa off.....hamari
zindagi mebade changes hue hai....i need some time to cope up with
it....hope u understand....salil says i understand....shayad tumse bhi
zaada....ab tum nahi aana chahte ho to thik hai.....lekin meri ek shart
hhai.....tum apna wallet aur gaadi ki keys mujhe dongeBig smile....tumne abhi
kaha na ke tumhara kahi jaane ka mood nahi haiWinkLOL.....after forcing sankit
gives salil his wallet and keys.....


Sankit lying on the sofa....one of his friend's calls him up and tells
him tht we r in India.....let's meet and party.....Sankit tells him tht
i can't come so y don't u come here to WH...Ouch..

Abha and Sankit meet in the corridoor....Snkit is about to go when abha
says Excuse me??...Sankit turns and asks Who? Me? Aap ne mujhse kuch
kaha?? (abey gadhe....toh kya tere peeche jo deewar hai use kuch
kaha??)LOL..Abha says haan....actually mujhe aapse kuch kaam tha....mai
dhruv ke liye dawai laane jaa rahi hu...aap pls uska khayal
rakhenge...waise woh tang nahi karenga kyuki wo khud so raha
hai.....lekin agar wo jaag jaaye mere aane se pehle to pls uska khayal

Pooja going on.....Sukk giving each other such cute cute smiles.....su
looks LOVELY !!!SmileTongueSmile

After the pooja is over, kk goes and asks salil how does he feel and
tells him tht I knw ..... u hv come across new ppl and u will need some
time to adjust....

At wadhwa house Sankit's friends ask him ke apna ghar chodke y u
staying here?....Sankit gets irritated and tells them not to ask such
questions.....then they say lets go out and party.....they're abt to
leave but sankit remembers tht his keys r with salil so he tells then
tht we'll party here.....
They start dancing, drinking beer, etc....Ouch
Due to the loud music dhurv gets up and comes to Sankit .... sankit
tells dhurv to go and sleep .... dhruv calls Sankit,, uncle and his
friends make fun of him....he gets angry and takes dhruv to the bedroom
and locks him up !AngryAngryPoor dhruv all scared and unable to get out.....
Sankit says .... U brat !.....lets see how u get out of this roomAngryAngry



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Monday 9th May 2005
Sorry I havn't included much dialogues today.....am a bit busy so just
givin a general idea of wht happened today.....

Abha comes and sees sankit partying.....she goes inside but does't find
dhruv in the room.....she comes and asks sankit where is dhruv?....he
says i dunno......she goes in search of him.....while passing thru the
corridoor she hears someone banging on the doorConfused.....she realises that
door the locked from outside and opens it quickly.....finds dhruv
crying..... she asks him who locked him in and he says uncle didOuch....she
understood it was sankit and goes and gives him a tight slap in front
of everyone.....he gets angry and is about to slap her but kk stops
him.....she tells him sharam nahi aati aurat pe haath uthate hue n all
....he tells kk first abha slapped me.....abha tells haan maine
tumpe haath uthaya lekin tumne kya kiya?.....n she tells kk and wadhwa
parivar who were also there wht sankit had done with dhruv.....kk very
disgusted at sankit goes inside.....everyone else follow....
Salil tells sankit how can u be so insensitive.....dhruv is a small kid
n how cud u do this with him.....sankit asks him y he always takes the
wadhwas side.....salil tells tht maine hamesha tumhara saath diya
lekin tum jo kar rahe ho wo galat hai.....sankit says tht wadhwas ne
tumhe hypnotise karke apni taraf kar liya he....pehle papa pe jadu
chalaya ab tum pe.Angry....salil goes off.....


In their bedroom Salil and Sankit again arguing over the same
issue....salil tells him tum aisi harkate kyu karte ho jisse mujhe
sharminda hona pade ..... and the same thing goes on.....sankit tellin
salil tht u always take wadhwas side and salil telling sankit to stop
behaving like tht.Angry....
Then Salil tells sankit tht just relax n everything will be okay.....

Abha in her room....kk comes and asks her to come shopping with
her.....abha says she can't and asks kk wht she wanted to buy....kk
said i want to buy a suit for su coz he never buys anything for
himselfSmileTongue....and today he has a business party and u also hv to cum with
us....abha refuses but kk doesn't listen and tells her tht su and i
will pick u up from ur office at 6 so be readyConfused.....
Sankit was outside abha's room n heard evrything.....

Bui opens the door and a few women march in looking for nalani....bui
tells them there is no nalani....just then nalli comes and says mai hu
nalani....bui tells her tht u r nalli....she tells to nalani ka
shortform nalli hai na.....
nalli then starts giving her usual lecture on how men have always
dominated women and aurte apna faisla khud kyu nahi le sakti.....unka
bhi koi wajood hai....and mard aurto ke bina kuch nahi hai.....Salil
also comes and starts listening to her lecture....then someone asks
nalli ke aurto pe zulm ki wajeh kya hai.....nalli says shaadi.....she
says shadi hi ek wajeh hai jisse aurat mard ki gulaam ban jaati
hai.....Salil interrupts....and says mai kuch kehna chahta hu....nalli
says haan haan aap mard haina.....thodi apni burayi sunenge.....salil
says tht shadi is no ghulami.....wo ek pavitra bandhan hai jisme ek
mard aur aurat judte hai....jis tarha aurat ke bina amrd ka koi astitva
nahi hota usi tarha aurat ke bina amrd ka koi astitva nahi
hota.....shaadi ka saath sirf zindagi ka hi nahi balki uske baad ak bhi
hota hai....hearing this all the women start clapping and nalli doesn't
like itWink....

Abha in her office.....someone calls her up and says mai su wadhwa ke
office se bol rahah hu...wo kaam me busy hai aur aap ko pick up karne
nahi aa sakte.....unhone aap ko is pateh par aane ko kaha hai....she
writes the address.....


 Sumit and kk reach abha's office and see tht she's not there....su
asks the watchman where is abha....he tells him tht she left at 4....
Abha reaches tht place where she was called....she enters the house and
find no one.....suddenly tht door closes behind her....she tries
opening it but it doesn't open.....very scared.....she tries opening
the window alos but cud not....

Su and kk in partySmile.....kk tells su tht abha hasn't come.....he says
haan bahut der hogayi hai.....kk says network bhi nahi hai so i cudn't
call her.....kk tells su to stay at the party and she'll go home and
see if abha is over there....su says wht will i do without u
.kk tells him tht i knw this party is important for u.....so
i'll leave.....u come later....
Abha trapped insside the house....she sees someone's shadow at the
window.....some one is constantly trying to scare her by banging on
doors, windows etc. ......abha quickly gets inside a room and locks
herself.....someone comes and starts banging.....abha calls up kk and
tells her to save her.....kk very tensed and asks her where she is but
all abha said was pls save me.....finally the person is able to open
the door and it is Sankit.....abha looks at him and says TUM?!
KK also tensedConfused.....

****Contribute by member Zara****

Edited by Megha_Desai - 12 May 2005 at 12:27pm
Jem4Himesh IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 14 November 2004
Posts: 10839

Posted: 11 May 2005 at 10:11am | IP Logged


Abha calls kk in her mobile and tells that she's in
trouble and asks to save her.Sanket enters,abha
sees him and says tum?....kk hears this and is
tensed.Abha is not able to say anything.Kk says 'abha
tum ho kaha,aur waha kaun hain??kk is really

Kk calls up Sumit and tries to tell him that Abha is
in danger and to come immediately....but sumit is not
able to hear anything because of the loud music....he
disconnects the phone.Kk is worried.

Sanket moves towards abha,she falls back on the
sofa.sanket remembers the slap and he slaps Abha
hard.He then holds her and says kya tumne socha ke
main tumhe aise chod doonga?Abha just pushes him
hard.sanket falls behind the bed.Abha runs out of
the room.opens the door and runs out.Sanket follows
some place near that bungalow,abha
hides behind a big rock.Sanket reaches
there.Kk comes too.sanket sees kk and runs a bit
forward.he sees abha hiding,but when he sees that
kk is coming towards them he hides behind a tree.Kk
looking for abha.....on one side it sanket and the
other side it's abha(but she never calls out her
name....,so abha doesn't know that kk's there).Abha
gets up from there and hides behind kk's car.Kk and
the driver comes there.....both are not able to find
her....Abha sees the driver's legs and thinks it's
sanket's.And finally kk says 'chalo' and gets inside
the car....abha realises that it's kk.But before she
can call her,kk goes away.Sanket comes and holds abha
and covers her mouth with his hands.

Sumit at the party.salil comes with his mom,they
greet each other.Sumit asks why they are late,salil
says that they were waiting for sanket.Sumit's mobile
rings....it's Kk.She then tells her that abha is in
danger and asks him to come immediately.As he's about
to leave salil asks him what the matter is and sumit
just says abha...and goes out.Salil too follows him.

Sanket with abha.says that he won't leave her
like that,tries to rape her.....abha shouting for help
and sanket says yaha tumhe bachaane ko koi nahi aane
wala...Abha pleading to leave her.Soon someone holds
sanket's t-shirt,he turns to look at that paerson it's
Sanket gets up in shock....kk slaps him hardClap.Abha's
very frightened and hugs kk....kk tells her tum bilkul
ghabraao mat abha,ab main aa gayi hoon na ye daayar
tumhe kuch nahi kar sakta.
Sumit and salil reach that place,and they see them
there.Sumit walks towards kk and abha.Kk goes to salil
and says dekha aaj tumhaare bhai kya karne jaa raha
tha.......paap karne jaa raha tha.Pehle usne dhruv ko
kamre me band kardiya aur ab aabha ke
saath......nafrat nahi,ginn aati hain tumhaare bhai
par.Salil clenches his fist in anger and removes his
waist belt and starts beating Salil.Sanket tries to
stop him and says have u gone crazy??....salil says
yes i'm carzy...jo aaj tak tumhaare har galati ko maaf
kardiya aur tum uske faayda uthaate rahe,he's
crying.Salil then calls the police.

Sumit-kk,salil and sanket at the police station.The
inspector(stupid) says itni raat ko wo ladki akeli us
bangalow main kyun gayi....sk asks him aap kehna kya
chahte hain...insp. says ho sakta hain ke wo ladki
apni marzi se gayi ho,aur ye ladka bhi keh raha hain
ke usne kuch bhi nahi kiya.Kk tries to tell
something...the insp. says aur koi eye-witness bhi
nahi hain na?....Salil says main hoon....sk looks at
him.Salil says that he's sanket's brother and that
he's the eye-witness and asks to charge the complaint.

At the WH everyone consoling abha....sanket comes
and nalli starts her bhashan saying how could he come
there after all this,ab tum ye kahoge ke tum apne bhai
ke kiye par sharimnda ho etc..lekin tum mard ek jaise
ho etc.. etc..
Salil is quiet...he just folds his hands his front
of abha,asks for forgiveness and says that sanket will
get the punishment that he deserves and goes.

Sumit-kk in their room....kk feeling bad for
abha,says hameshaa uske saath hi aisa kyun hota
hain.Sumit syas tumhi kehte ho na ke bhagwaan jis se
bahut pyar karta hain,wo usi ki imtihaan leta hain.Kk
says pata nahi kaisa rishta hain mere abha se,kaisa
judaav hain,jab wo mushkil main hoti hain to lagti
hain ke main mushkil main hoon.Sumit places his hands
on her shoulders and says pareshaan mat ho kk...abha
akeli nahi hain,hum sab hain na uske saath aur uski
muskil humaare mushkil bhi hain.Aur sanket ko uske
kiye ki sazaa zaroor milega.
Kk says agar salil nahi hota to sanket aaj bach
jata.Yakeen hi nahi hota ke ek hi ma-baap ke do
bete,ek hi ghar main pale bade,ek jaise parvarish aur
itna bada farq.Sumit says hota hain kk,kismat ka khel
alag hota hain aur bada bhi.Ab dekho na ek hi daal
mein do phool khilte hain,lekin dono ke kismat alag
hote hain aur karm bhi alag hote hain.Kk says haan,ek
taraf salil hain jo videsh main pale hokar bhi apne
sanskaar ko nahi bhoola hain aur doosra sanket jise
dekhkar dukh hota hain,bahut dukh hota hain.

Next day....everyone seated in the hall...kk comes
with abha.Dadaji says abha beti tum bilkul daro mat
main hoon na tumhaare saath...dadi says to ho gaya
beda gad(have i spelt it correctly?)....everyone's
laughing.Dadaji says rajeshwari ye tum kya keh rahe
ho?itne saal mere saath rehkar....dadi says isliye to
keh rahi hoon,everyone smiling.Dada tries to say
something and he sees someone and stops short.Everyone
turns to look at that person....it's Sanket.Everyone
are a bit stunned.Salil goes to him and asks kisne
chudvaaya tumhe??..bolo salil...sanket doesn't
reply.His mom enters and says maine chudvaaya
hain...everyone just looks at her.Angry

Jem4Himesh IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 May 2005 at 5:41am | IP Logged

Wednesday 11th May update

Salil asks sankit kisne chudaya tumhe jail se?.....his mom says
maineAngry....tumhe koi problem hai??.....kk says haan problem hai....sharif
logo ke ghar me, gunde mavali nahi rehte....aur isiliye sakit yaha nahi
reh sakta aur mere is faisle se kisi ko koi problem nahi hogi.....
tries to handle the situation but kk doesn't listen......she says ke ab
kuch nai ho sakta hai.....mai hi chahti thi ke ye sab yaha
rahe....lekin mai bhool gayi thi ke isaaniat insano ke saath dikhaayi
jaati hai.....aur isne aba ke sath jo kuch kiya, uske baad koi bhi
faisle ki gunjaish nahi rehti...
..sushma says ke hamare zindagi ke
faisle karne waali tum kaun hoti ho?.....tumne hume samajh kya rakha
hai?....jab man kiya ghar me bulaya aur jab man kiya nikaal
diya.....hum kya tumhare ghulaam hai.....itna sab hojaane ke baad tum
insaaniyat ki baaat karti ho?.....zra apne girebaan me jhaak kar
dekho....pehle hamari saari property hadap liAngry..Angry...aur ab.....salil
tries to stop her but she tells him to stay out of this.....she says
tumne inhe bahut support kar liya lekin ab aur nahi.....hamari is
haalat ke zimmedaar yeh log hai....aur agar sankit ne kuch kiya hai to
use majboor bhi inhi logo ne kiya.....sankit ne to kadam utha
liya.....lekin maine?....maine kya kiya?.....andar andar ghut ti
rahi.....tumhe pata hai mere dil pe kya guzarti hai jab mai is ghar me
kadam rakhti hu to.....baar baar tumhare dad ki girlfriend dikh jaati
haiLOL.LOL....salil sankit confused.....sushma says tum jaan na chahte the
naa.....ke tumhare dad ka kya rishta tha is parivar se.....wo (pointing
towards sukanya)....wo tha LOL.rishta...tumhare dad ki
ex-girlfriend.....kk says aap badi hai....aapke muoh se aisi baatein
shobha nahi deti
.....sushma says haan mai badi hu....aur isiliye sab
saha ..... lekin aur nahi.....mera beta isi ghar me mere saath
rahenga.....kk doens't agree....she says sankit yaha nahi rahenga....so
sushma says okay....if he's not staying then i'm also not staying ....
and she leaves....even kk goes to her room.....


sumit enters the room and asks kk yeh kya kiya tumne?....she says
maine wohi kiya jo honaa chahiye tha....bahut kuch honaaa chahhiye
tha....lekin is wakt haalaat...
.kk says is wakt maine sirf abha ke bare
me socha hai....tum mujhe batao uspar kya beetengi jab uske saamne har
pal wo insaan rahenga jisne uske saathh.......aur isiliye sankit ko
iske kiye ki sazaa milni chahye..
...su says sazaa milni chahiye aur
zarur milni chahiye....isme mai tumhare saath hu aur isiliye mai case
bhi ladne ko tayyar hu.
.Smile...kk asks to phir tumhe mere is faisle se
aitraaz kyu hai...
..su says kyuki is wakt yeh faisla thik nahi
hai.....itne dino ke baad sabkuch sambhlaa hai....yeh log agar is ghar
me aakar nahi rehte to sab log yehi samajhte kw WP ne dhoke se inki
saari property hadapli.....ab agar yeh logo ne apna muh khola to hamari
bahut badnaami hogi....Confused
.kk says ke mai aisa nahi kar sakti....mera
zameer mujhe gawaraa nahi kar sakta.Ouch.
...su says thik hai....tum kehti
ho naa ke yeh sab tum abha ke liye kar rahi ho.....to isme salil aur
sushma aunty ka kya dosh?.....wo dono kyu is ghar se jaaye.....aur yeh
log kahi jaa bhi nahi sakte.....new zealand aur india ki poori property
hamare naam par hai......yeh logo ka is ghar se jaana matlab sadak pe
aajaana.....pls baat ko samjhne ko koshish karo....maan jao kk pls maan
.Smile..and he leaves.....

Sankit, salil and sushma in their room....salil says ke hume yeh desh
chodkar chale jaana chahiye....sushma asks where will we go?Dead.....hamara
kya hai ab?....su comes and says aunty thik keh rahi hai.....tumhara
desh chodke jaane wali baat thik nahi hai.....isiliye aap log isi ghar
me rahenge...
..sankit says wife ghar se nikaal rahi hai aur husband
ghar me bulaa raha haiLOL.....salil tells him to shutupLOL....su says yeh
sochlo ke kk aur maine milke yeh faisla liya hai....aap pls is ghar me
hi rahiye....
.sushma says lekin ab hum log yaha nahi reh sakte ....
kaaran hai woh abhaa....is ghar mai yaa to wo rahengi yaa hum....abha
was standing outside their room and she heard everythingOuch.....


Abha on the terrace....su enters.....and asks abhaa tumne
mujhe bulaya[
stupid baffalo abha khud chal kar nahi ja sakti thi]......she says yeh sab jo bhi ho raha hai meri wajeh se ho
raha hai.....tumhari saari pareshaaniya saari musibatein sab meri waje
se aaayi haiDead.....su says tumhari wajeh se kuch nahi hua hai abha....she
says tumne aur kk ne milke sab sambhaal liya tha......lekin ab yeh jo
nayi musibat aayi hai....iski zimmedaar mai hu(nayi kya?Wink....purani
parehsaaniyo ki wajeh bhi tum hi thien)LOLDead.....su says abha tum khamokha apne
aap ko doshi kyu theh raa rahi ho?....tum bhi achi tarah se jaanti ho
ke doshi kaun hai....
.abha says nahi su.....haalaat thik nahi hai
yaha....aur isiliye mai ghar chodkar jaa rahi hu(jaldi jao....i'm
waiting for itWink).....su says nahi abha tumhe yeh ghar chodne ki zarurat
nahi hai.....
she says tum samajhne ki koshish kyu nahi kar rahe
ho?....mai tumhe is haalat mai nahi dekh saktiConfused....su feeling a little
embarassed.....she says mera matlab tha ki mai tumhe aur wadhwa parivar
ko aisi haalat me nahi dekh sakti.....mera jaana hi thik hogaaa.....su
says mere paas aur bhi ek raasta hai.....she says raasta chahe jo bhi
ho....jab tak sankit aur mai ek chat ke niche rahenge tumhari problem
khatam nahi hogi.....then su asks her tum jaogi kaha?....she says
company mujhe flat de rahi hai....aur meri maaa bhi aa rahi hai[yah maa kahan se aa tapki........,jab abhay tha us waqt nahi asakti thi us stupid ko samjhney ke liyeDead]LOL...mai
unhe yeh sab jahmelo se dur rakhna chahti hu....behtar yehi hoga ki mai
yaha se chali jaau.....su agrees....

kk, dadi and veena at the doctor's office(chalo shukar hai ke director
ko yaad aa gaya tht kk was pregnant !)Wink....doc says ghabrane ki koi baat
nahi hai....khali kk ka BP thoda high hai......she shouldn't take
tension.....dadi says ab yeh apna khayal zaruru rakhengi ...... aur
agar nahi rakha to iski saas aur saas ki saas iski achi khabar
lenge...kk says acha baba.....ab mai apna khayal zarur rahungi....nahi
to bahut maar padegi.....
They go home and su comes....dadi says dekh su....tu hi samjha abhi
ise.....he asks kya hua?...kya kaha doctor ne?....she says dr kahake yeh bahut kamzor ho gayi hai.....kk's mobile starts
ringing....she says haan wakeel sahab....hum log time par pahuch
jayenge....haan mujhe pata hai yeh meeting important hai warna papers
tayaar nahi honge...
..after the talk gets over....she calls out to
abha.....su says abha chali gayi...she asks him kab tak aayengi....he
says wo alag rehne chali gayi.....she asks alag rehne gayi
?....kyu??...aur aise kaise gayi ....kisi ko kuch bataya kyu
.he says mujhe bataaakar gayi hai wo.....usne kaha ke pehle se
bahut problems chal rahe to isliye wo chali gayi...
.kk asks lekin wo
gayi kaha??
?.....he says comapany se ghar mila hai use....aur uski maa
bhi aa rahi hai....to wo gayi.....
kk is confused....then sankit and his mom come and sit in the
sofa....sankit constantly grinning....then kk recalls su saying tht
usne kaha ke pehle se hi bahut problems chal rahe hai to uska yaha se
jaana hi thik hai.....


Contributed by Coolbie zara29

Edited by Megha_Desai - 12 May 2005 at 12:28pm

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