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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

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hi friends ...??
hw r u awl .??
waiting for the update or not ..?Embarrassed
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here is the update ..

FRIENDS IN LOVE..Embarrassed


Maan : mujhe nahi pata kab tum choroon ki tarha mere room main aani ki nakaam kushish karte karte ..mere dil mien jaga bana gayi geet '
Par itna pata hai ke 'tum humesha meri best friend thi 'aur humesha raho gi 'tumhari jaga meri zindagi mien kabhi koi nahi le sakta '

Here geet was just standing still listening to his pure ..n simple confession for their friendship 'with tears in her hazels '. This was something which could be felt by heart only 'for other that just some mere words to butter her 'but she can see the sincerity in his eyes 'n can feel the depth of each n every word og his '.

Maan : n this song is special for my bestest friend ever ..Ms.Geet Rai Chaudhry I would like u to join be with this 'AS ALWAYS '

Hm Hm Hm Hm Hm Hm Hm Hm, Hm Hm Hm, Hm Hm Hm Hm

Here geet was wipping off her tears 'smilling listening him singing after almost 7 years ..

Mera Dil Ek Khaali Kamra, Kamre Mein Koi Rehne Laga 
Mera Dil Ek Khaali Kamra, Kamre Mein Koi Rehne Laga 
Mera Dil Ek Khaali Kamra, Kamre Mein Koi Rehne Laga '

Maan came down the stage along with mike 'n every one was in awe seeing him singing yet again '.
N some of them were left shocked to know that the hard 'ruthless MSK can sing also '.

Yeh Saara Zamaana Kehne Laga, Oh
Yeh Saara Zamaana Kehne Laga, Kamre Mein Koi Rehne Laga

He went towards a smilling Sid n placing his hands around his shoulder 'he stood singing '

Is Chor Ko Ghar Se Nikaalo, Maine Kaha Zor Lagaa Lo
Arre Yeh Nahin Jaayega
Chala Gaya To Phir Vaapas Nahin Aayega
Mera Dil Ek Khaali Kamra, Kamre Mein Koi Rehne Laga ..

While geet was standing lost in his magical voice ..which made her relive all the time when she got angry with him '.n hw dam cutely he manofied her everytime '.even if she was the one at fault 

Bachpan Ki Koi Kahaani Hai, Ya Iska Naam Jawaani Hai
Yeh Haal Na Jaane Kab Se Hai, Pehle Se Tha Ya Ab Se Hai

Maan remembered the time when they use to fight for rolls in the dinning area '.. n this was one thing which never changed even till the last days of their schooling 'they just loved to irritate each other snaching thr favorite rolls from each other ...

Koi Isse Kuch Mat Kehna, Oh
Koi Isse Kuch Mat Kehna, Yeh Meri Guzaarish Sab Se Hai
Sun Lo O Duniya Waalon, Tum Chaahe Shor Machaa Lo
Arre Yeh Nahin Jaayega

Maan was now standing in the mid of the hall surrounded by losts of guest ..scanning the whole crowd 'looking for her '

Chala Gaya To Phir Vaapas Nahin Aayega
Mera Dil Ek Khaali Kamra, Kamre Mein Koi Rehne Laga

While geet was still gazing him standing at a dark corner 'smiling ..remembering the days of their togetherness 'when they use to share every single thought of their minds 'when she use to talk non-sense for hours sitting in their secret places 'n he always use to listen to her so cutely 'but always ended up teasing her for her non stop talks ' 

Ek Dil Bole Yeh Apna Hai, Ek Dil Bole Nahin Sapna Hai
Saara Din Dil Dhadkaata Hai, Phir Saari Raat Jagaata Hai
Gussa Aata Hai Bahut Magar, Oh
Gussa Aata Hai Bahut Magar Thoda Sa Pyaar Bhi Aata Hai
Koi Bole Dil De Daalo, Koi Bole Jaan Chhoda Lo
Yeh Nahin Jaayega

While maan was remembering the talks he use to face in his class .. regarding their friendship ' n the way sam always use to poison him n her countless attempts to break their friendship ... the way geet use to snap at sam every time ...n nth events of his classmate teasing comments over their friendship which he always use to avoid it '
remembering the angry  geet '
Smiling he continued ..

Chala Gaya To Phir Vaapas Nahin Aayega
Mera Dil Ek Khaali Kamra, Kamre Mein Koi Rehne Laga ...

N here comes out Geet 'glad in pink party gown ...with her shinny straight hairs kept on her bare shoulder ... the milky white shin n the silky material of cotton was a perfect combination still her adoring smile was something his stucked at for some moments ...smilling at her best friend she came thr singing 'n now maan was looking at her without blinking 'gesturing at her straight hairs 'n well dressing 'they were having their eyes locked 'speaking volumes 'every hidden word .. the happiness 'the pain ..the excitement 'the fear 'the joy 'every thing were was expressed in those moments '.

Aa Aa Aa Aa Aah, Aa Aa Aah

Both were standing in front of each other in the mid of the crowd '.seeing straight at each other '.having a long eye lock '
Remembering all the days day spent together ..
smiling 'giggling ..laughing 'fighting '
N then manofying each other '.their chaocolate sharing 'their board game fights in the weekends 'the exam time nervous talks 'the moment they both misses their home n family 'the way maan use to pacify her 'n trhe way she always come up with some of her sweet lovey duvey idea to make him smile '

Aa Aa Aa Aa Aa, Oh Oh Oh, Oh Oh Oh

Then geet moved around him 'walking in a circle while maan was miving in round to see her '.un able to make himself loose her sight even for a minute '

Yeh Chor Nahin Hai, Mor Hai Yeh
Yeh Mor Nahin, Koi Aur Hai Yeh  
Yeh Chor Nahin Hai, Mor Hai Yeh
Yeh Mor Nahin, Koi Aur Hai Yeh  ...

Geet gestured as mor with her hands walking around him 'with a smile ..

Khaali Pinjra Reh Jaayega, Yeh Panchhi To Ud Jaayega
Yeh Bhoola Bhatka Raahi Hai, Oh
Yeh Bhoola Bhatka Raahi Hai, Kisi Mod Se Yeh Mud Jaayega

Then made her way behind sid 'n acted in accordance with the lyrics 'winking at him with a smirk '


Seeing her smirk he made her way 2wards her n sid moved from there 'n geet tried to go ways but maan held her wrist 'n turned her to face him '

Chalo Mujhse Shart Lagaa Lo, Kore Kaagaz Pe Likh Waalo
Arre Yeh Nahin Jaayega
Chala Gaya To Phir ...Embarrassed

N he left her hand n turned around 'with a hidden smirk on his face '

while geet just missed a beat with his words n instantly stopped him holding his wrist from back 

Yaad Bahut Aayega ...

N a tear drop fall from her eyes 'n they hugged each other like never before '.that hug was something they needed 'something for which they longed 'something that they felt but couldn't understand 'a peace in their restless hearts after 7 years '

a wave of happiness passes through their souls 'just with the fact that they r back 'back together '.

With just a feel of having each other close '.
With just a surity that now my best friend will be there for me 'in happiness n in difficulty '.an unkown trust was their 'that they both r no more alone to face the world ..
They parted after a long time hearing the claps from the guests 'n smiled at each other '

Mera Dil Ek Khaali Kamra, Kamre Mein Koi Rehne Laga'

The party went too well for all of them 'geet n maan were all the while surrounded by lots of guest 'got least of the time together ..but they kept on stealing glances of each other 'smiling to each other '

The sophisticated party was later onn changed into a lively loud one ..with disco lights n Dg ramping ..mixing the song 'with maan n geet on the dance floor on song ANGREZI BEAT ( from the movie cocktail ) ..

Maan was totally flat with the way his Janglli Billi carried her self through out the party 'so elegantly ..her beauty was something which never mattered to him but today for the first time he couldn't resist to but to admire her silky white skin '
But her smile was something he cherished the most in all ..n her sweet sutie talks with all '

But  in the mis of this the happiest person was SID 'standing with his friends '..he was observing every single move of the two Friends In Love ..

Smiling he was watching the two looking at each other haing an eye lock while talking with either of their friends ..maan with his old school friend n geet with her cousin n sid's friend ..

Sid (ST ) : aaj pehli baar di ko itna khush dekha hai mene '.geet di kaash aap dekh pati wooh chamak jo maan ke hone se aapke chehre par hai ' itne saaloon mien pehli baar aapki hassi aapki aankhoon mien dekhayi de rahi hai di ..
Mujhe humesha se pata tha ke aap maan ko buhat pyaar karti hain ..par aaj yeh bhi yaqeen hugaya ke maan bhi aap se utna hi pyaar karte hain '
God yeh news sun kar tou iss party ki master mind humaridaai jaan Wink itna khush hujayien gi ke bas ..i just wish aap ki iss khushi kabhi kisi ki nazar na lage di '.love u sooo much... 

Geet : for god sake maan tou maan lo ke aapko aaj bhi unn stupid bimbos ki attention seek kar ke acha lagta hai '

Maan : no way geet '.mien who sab sirf tumhain bahar lane ke liye kar raha tha 'that's all ..

Geet : ya right I know '.aap kya karte ho aur kyun sab pata hai mujhe... par abb yeh batao ke itne saaloon mien mien tou thi nahi' tou kitni larkiyoon ko pataya ..phasaya ..ya phir aesa tou nahi ke kisi larki ne aap ko ghaas hi nahi dali '

Maan : hello madam ..MSK ko kisi larki ko patane ya phasane ki zarorat nahi hai ..mien jab chahoon jis larki ko chahoon mere paas hugi ' (me: male ego Confused)

Geet ( looking straight in front avoiding his gaze ) : oo I see ..matlab magazines ki stories sach hi hain 'tou yeh batao ke score kya hai ..

While maan just splitted out the water he was gulping down '.n looked in her direction with a shocked face 'eyes popped out 'face was long red hearing her last set of words '.

N after few second geet lost her control n burst into a loud laughter 'making him hell embaressed '.looking at him laughing like a maniac ..holding her stomach ..she was moving back n forth laughing at his facial expression '

Geet ( in between her laugh ) : maan '.mien tou sirf '.oh god 'mien tou sirf aapki no. of GF ka score poch rahi thi ''.

N again burst into a loud laughter while maan was sitting thr numb with what he thought 'but soon a smile touched his face seeing her laughing whole heartedly 'how much he has missed her naughty ..cutie ..sweetie talks in past 6 years '

Listening to her laughter sid made his way towards them '

Sid ( surprised to see his serious sis laughing like that ) : who yeh tou 8th wonder hai Geet di is laughing '.god am I hallucinating '

N next moment geet pinched him hard on his hand 'n sid winced in pain hoding 'rubbing his hand ..

Geet : so abb yaqeen hua sapna hai ya haqeeqat ..

Sid : di ..what was that '..

Geet : punishment for commenting on ur elder sis ..

Sid : uhh ..u r such a devil di ..

Before geet could answer him 'maan interrupted ..

Maan : waise iss se ek baat tou confirm hugayi ..

Geet : kya '???

Maan : yahi ke tum sach mien meri poorani Janglli Billi hu 'warna tumhain itna sophisticated '.shreef tarha behave karte dekh kar tou mujhe shaq hone laga tha '

N here comes a coushion right on maan's face from which he saved him self at the last moment LOL'while sid was standing surpressing his smile he got an sngry glare frm geet n got alert ..

Sid : di aapki flight hai 3:00bje hotel room se aapka samaan aagaya hai 'aur yaha ka bhi kaam hu gaya 'so hum airport chalien ..

Maan : umm 'geet mujhe tum se kuch kehna tha '

Geet ( checking his forehead n face ) : tabiyat theek hai na maan aapki ..

Maan : what '.aise kyun poch rahi ho ..

Geet : wahi tou mien soch rahi hon ..aapko kuch kehne ke liye kab se permi ki zarorat par gayi '.bolye janab Maan Singh Khurana ji ..kya kehna hai ..

Maan : who 2:30 meri flight hai delhi 'mien apne jet se ja raha hoon 'so tum bhi chalo mere saath 'jaldi pohanch jaogi 'n then aaraam bhi kar paaogi ..

Geet : sounds cool 'waise bhi subha meri meeting hai senior officials se company ke '

Trio went to the airport '.bidding a god bye to sid maaneet made thr way to maan's private jet n flew towards Delhi ..together with maan gazing her through out the flight 'n geet sleeping on his shoulder comfortably 'Embarrassed

Maan was smiling seeing  her sleeping in a such messed state 'hairs fully scattered 'in a very un-comfortable posture 'she was sleeping like a cutie doll 'looking really adorable with the slight smile on her face 'she was looking the most divine sight in the moon light 'n maan was remembering the time when they both use to study sitting in the library n the way she use to sleep hiding her face behind the large book covers '.Tongue

The flight landed in delhi '. maan n geet went off from the airport in maan's car 

Maan : geet I am still telling u KM chalo its too late tum kal shift hu jana apartment mien ..

Geet : uff maan itni raat ko bhi aapko mujh se larai karni hai 'mene pehle hi kaha tha mien aaj KM nahi aa sakti ..mere saare documents sab kuch mere apartment mien post kiye gaye hian 'n I have to go thr only 'aur waise bhi kal subha meeting ke baad tou aana hi hai mujhe KM Vikrant aur Dadi se milne ..

Maan was now in some deep thoughts listening the word dadi 'n he didn't noticed the car reached to geet's given address '

Geet ( shaking him ) : hello Mr. Iss hi world mien ho ya Mars chale gaye ..

Maan ( coming back to his senses ) : han '..han geet tum ne kuch kaha ..( then he noticed whr they r ) ..wht the hell hum yaha kya kar rahe hain 'mene kaha tha na ke tum KM chal rahi hoo ..

Geet : maan plss mien kal aajaon gi KM ..meeting ke baad abhi mujhe jane do aap plsss '

Maan : chup bilkul chup ek aur lafz nahi sunna mujhe n bye the way wht makes u think ke mien tumhain yahan iss apartment mien akele rehne doonga 'geet yeh delhi I cant take the risk sorry u r coming with me n that's it more discussion ..

Geet ( frustrated n tensed ) : maan plss aap samajh nahi rahe hoo ..mien nahi a sakti KM 'bilkul nahi aa sakti ..

Maan : kyun ab KM mien aane mien kya problem hai ''n any ways tumhari baat sun kuan raha hai yahan ..driver'

Geet ( placing her finger on his mouth ) : chup bilkul chup 'ek aur lafz nahi samajhe aap '..mien KM nahi aa rahi hoon abhi n that's final '( he tried to speak but ) '.bola na chup '..plsss maan samajhne ki kushish karo na aap ..mien yahan ek contracted employee hoon ek firm mien ..aise kaise unka diya hua house chor kar aapke saath chali jaaon ..

Maan ( angry looked way on the other side ) : fine karna hai karoo 'I don't care 'waise bhi tumhain kiya farq parta hai ..tum tou yahan iss job ke liye aayi ho .mere liye thori 'I AM SORRY 'meri hi galti hai jo tumhare bare mien soch raha hoon 'mujhe kya pata tha ..meri best friend abb itni independent hugayi hai ke meri ek baat bhi nahi maan sakti ..

N the very next moment a long fat tear came from geet's eye ..n maan instantly looked towards her 'n saw her teary eye 'it made him feel like thousands of needle were pierced in his heart to see her crying 'n the worst part he is the reason behind those tears 'cursing himself he was at panic seeing her crying '

Maan ( cupping her face in his palm removing her tear trail ) : geet shooo 'I am sorry geet 'plzz roo mat ..i am really very sorry '..mujhe who sab nahi kehna tha 'plss geet '.

Geet ( sobbing hard ) : aap aisa kaise soch sakte hoo ' ( sob ) '..aap humesha mere best friend rahoo ge '( sob ) '.mien tou bas company policies ki waja se mana kar rahi thi '

Maan ( guilty at his behaviour he hugged her tight ) :okiee fine ..i am sorry mujhe aise ghusa nahi kar na chahiye tha '.but plzz tum roo mat ..u know na I am a jerk ..ghusse mien kuch bhi bolta hoon 'plzz yr geet ..stop crying 'mujh se nahi dekha jata tujhe rote huye ..plzz mat roo ..tumhain jo karna hai 'jaise karna hai karoo ..i am not gonna stop u 'but plzz abb roo mat ''

Geet sighed in relief as maan was looking too adamant on making her live in KM which she can't do at any cost '
While in the hug maan was mentally cursing himself to have made her cry so much 'but he was genuinely worried for her safety due to the area she was going to live 'but alas her tears are something which has capability make him do any damn thing '.n she used it 'knowing her best friend she used the weapon she had to make him agree on her term '

Geet (st) : thnk god maan raazi hugaye 'warna pata nahi kiya hota ..kaise samjhati inn ko ke mien KM kyun nahi aa sakti 'thnk u babaji aaj bacha liya aapne 'agar maan ko sab pata chala tou pata nahi kaise react karienge 'unko ye sab se door rakhne ke liye tou itne saal kabhi unse baat tak nahi ki mene '.warna ye Mr. Maan Singh Khurana mere aawaaz sun kar hi jaan jate kuch garbar hai '

N after a little fake manofying session geet went in her apartment n maan halfheartedly left to KM not to forget to leave 2 bodygaurds outside her apartment '

Next morning maan picked up a lazy geet from her apartment dressed in pencil jeans n skin fitted white full sleaves shirt making her look too dam hot as well as professional ..her long straight hairs were elegantly tied up ..but her red eyes 'made the long lost MSK came back to his sense ..who was lost in her elegance the simplicity of hers' which made him stair at her conti. 'then mentally slapped himself to have behaived like that '

Maan ( st ) : maan wht the hell has happened to u ..that's geet '.geet ur jangli billi '..ek min bhi nahi lage ga uss ko notice karne mien ''.n y the hell are u behaiving like that since last night '.aise kyun dekh raha hoon mien usko '.mana thori achi lagne lagi hai 'smart bhi hugayi hai 'n her professional attire is utterly gorgeious 'n ..oh hello kya bol raha hai '.get a hold maan '.kya soch raha hai tou '

While she was coming to his car '.but the moment his eyes noticed her swollen one ' making it clear that she didn't slept well last night ...he was a bit angry '.

Maan : kaha tha na mene KM chalo par nahi ..ek no. ki ziddi hoo 
abb yeh loo sandwich hai raste mien kha loo 'I am too damn sure tum ne nahi kiya hai '

Geet ( yawning 'almost sleeping geeting in the car ) :maan office kitni time ki drive hai .??

Maan : 30 min without traffic ..aur agar traffic mila tou may be 40-45 min '.par tum yeh sandwich tou khao '

Geet : yuck maan aap na subha subha sandwich kuan khata hai '.

Maan : your highness agar aapke pas time hota tu hum iss waqt kisi hotel mien kar rahe hote but since u don't have enough time so plzz eat this or else empty stomach u will feel too much tired to work '

Geet : maan 30 min hai na ..tou sandwich side par rakho mien soo rahi hoon office aa jaye tou utha dena aap 'aur han plzz ye window ke shades lagao ..sunlight disturb kare gi ..

N she dosed of within minutes setting her head on his shoulder ..while maan was astonished to see her childish behaiviour 'smiling at his friends plight ..admiring her innocence 'cherishing his sleeping beauty 'who is for now frowning coz of the sunlight '

To make her comfortable he shifted himself infront of the window n now geet's head was on maan's chest 'having some peaceful darkness she snuggled more into maan n slept calmly in his embrace ..while maan was having an un-known peace holding her close to his heart it gave a new energy in his body to live this moment with her 'a smile adorned his lips ..while he kept looking at her angelic face ..

Maan (st) : pata nahi kab badle gi yeh pagal 'kuan kahega that she is the head interior designer 'abhi bhi bachoon jaisi harkatien hain 'god I soo much missed u geet 'wish I could just tell u hw much I needed u with me in last 5 years '.yahan sab badal gaya geet 'pata nahi tumhain pata chale ga tou kaise react karogi 'mien tumhain roote huye nahi dekh sakta ..meri janglli billi jhagarte huye '.ghussa karte huye ..sharat kar huye aur muskurate huye hi achi lagti hai '.but I know I have to do this 'tum aaj bhi pagal hu bilkul pehli jitni sensitive 'I know jab tumhain pata chale ga tou shayad naraaz hugi mujhe se ..par I am sorry yrr ..tumhain batane ki himmat hi nahi hui in 5 saaloon mien .. aur jhoot bol nahi pata iss hi liye tou itne saal kabhi call nahi kiya '

Leaving geet at her office he left to KC with a smile '.shocking all the staff reciprocating thr morning greetings with a smile 'n making his little brother happy like anything '

Vicky : kya baat hai bhai ..aaj tou  lagta hai suraj west se nikla hai 'the Maan Singh Khurana muskura rahe hain ..

Maan : vickyy ..!!!! stop it ..waise tum mujhe yeh batao ke tum kal mumbai kyun nahi aana chahte thay '

Vicky : who ..bhai who ..mene bola tha na 'baya bhi tha aapko ..agar koi problem hui yahan tou mien rahoon ga sambhalne ke liye ..warna aapko aana parta mumbai se wapis ..

Maan : acha theek hai who sab choro '.geet ko aaj lunch time tak office mien kaam hai uss ke baad who free hai so mene lunch ka plan banaya hai ..tum bhi chalna 'fine 

Vicky : aaj bhai 'who actually kya hai na bhai ..i would have loved to par mere ek friend ke saath lunch ka plan hai aur mana nahi kar sakta ..tou aap jao apni "FRIEND'' ke saath aur mien jata hoon apne friend ke saath ..

Maan : comm'on Vicky stop being formal ..tum apne friends ko bhi bola lo whats the bog deal 'infact uss chater box to bhi acha lage ga '.who tou buhat excited hai tum se milne ke liye ..

Vicky ( ST ): ye lo mien yahan inn ke lunchko date bane ki kushish kar raha hoon aur yeh mujhe meri dost se pitwane ki planning kar rahe hain 'babaji aaj tou aap hi raksha karoo apne bache ki '.

Maan : vicky kya soch rahe hoo '

Vicky : nahi bhai aapka sujession tou buhat acha hai ..par problem yeh hai ke hum log highway jane wale thay 'tou all of a sudden bilkul opposite venue pe nahi bola sakta na sab ko wahi soch raha tha ..

Maan : vicky if u don't want ..plzz koi problem nahi hai 'tum ja sakte hoo apne friends ke saath ..i am fine with it ..

Vicky : thnkss bhai who actually humara plan last week mere aane se pehle ka tha ..i am really sorry ..bhai 

Maan : card limit khatam hugayi hai tou mujhe bata do ..mien apna card de deta hoon ..aur apna yeh sorry apni jeeb mien rakhoo ..samjhe ..

Vicky : got that bhai 'umm mien jata hoon ..theek hai 
Maan : umm ..aur suno Highway pe car dhyaan se drive karna '

Its lunch time planned maan went to geet's office to pick her 'but she was having a severe head ache '.n asked to go to a coffee shop 'n maan obliged 

They reached the coffee with geet's cribbing about the new office n telling him all the small small details 'while maan listened to all her never ending talks with great patience .. smiling with the thought even head ache can't stop his chatter box to stop talking '

Geet was sitting at a corner table sipping her coffee waiting for maan both coz our grt MSK was busy in an official call from London office standing in a corner ...

Looking around 'she was getting boar now 'then a sight got her attention n an evil smile was playing on her face 'n here come maan after finishing his call 'seeing her evil smile 'he was now curious to knows whts going on in her devil mind 'Wink

Maan : hello madam kya chal raha hai ..tumhare dimag mien ..

Before he cld guess anything she wipped off that tint of mischieve from her face n gave him her best innocent look 'n tried to divert his attention ...

Geet : so hugayi aapki call finish '

Maan ( confused with her smile ) : han ..hugayi tumhara head ache theek huya 'ya mien medicine doon 'I hv buyed it '
Geet : ohoo who sab choro yeh batao itne saal mien kiya kiya kara '.n plss don't tell me ke aaj bhi aap uss stupid chipkali sam ke saath hoo  ''.jaise school mien ..

Maan (interrupting) : geet yr bas karoo ..i hv told u before also 'Sam aur mujhe media ne plot kiya tha that's not true ..

Geet : okiee fine who jhoot hai maan liya mene ..waise bhi I hate her 'tou yeh batao aapki last GF kuan thi 'college mien koi pasand aayi ..ya 

Maan ( irritated tone ) : koi nahi thi 'koi bhi nahi hai ..kya hua hai tumhain 'yeh sab kyun poch rahi hoo '.meri koi GF nahi hai college mien thi 'na abb hai 'FINE NOW

Geet : what 'r u kidding me maan '..plss I cant believe u 'THE CASANOVA SINGH KHURANA 'aur 7 saal without any girl 'lagta hai ..delhi ki larkiyoon mien aqal aagayi hai 'ya tou phir humare school ki larkiyoon mien hi koi defect tha 'jo aapke peeche parrii rehti thi '

Maan (smirking) : what '.helloo excuse me ..aaj bhi larkiyan marti hain MSK ke saath ek min ke liye 'n what r u trying to say Miss. Disaster Queen 'chup chap apni coffee khatam karoo warna thandi hujayi gi '

Geet : plss maan chor do 'aur abb maan bhi lo that u have lost ur charm tab hi tou koi laki aapke paas bhi nahi aati ..

Maan ( frustrated with her constant nagging) ; geet ..stop it now aisa nahi hai ..its just that school ke baad mere paas kabhi time hi nahi tha iss sab ke liye ..n then I never found any girl worth it ...after u parted ...(me : is he accepting is feelings ...Embarrassed )

Geet : ohoo time nahi tha 'what a grt reason u r giving me ..but not at all convencing ' n moreover apne aapko dekho maan ..i am sure ke kisi larki ne hi tumhain ghass nahi dali hogi ..

The dissicussion was getting hotter by each passing second 'n both maan n geet were saying thing without even thinking '.

Maan : o hello tum tou direct insult kar rahi hoo yr 'n for ur kind information I am rated as the most elegible bachelors of India '

She answered with an evil smirk 'seeing him getting angry a bit as well as frustrated '

Geet : u can be the most elegible bachelor maan but not anymore desiring ' maan lo abb ..

Both were answering each other very quickly without even bothering about the surroundings neither thr words 'neither thr action if in a trance 'looking straight into each others eye '

Maan : kyun maan lo 'what makes u think so ..

Geet : uhh ..kal party mien dekha tha '.ek larki bhi 2min se ziada aapke kareeb nahi rahi .. baat karna tou door ki baat '

Maan : who iss liye ke mene kisi stupid creature ko apne paas aane hi nahi diya ..i was waiting for uMiss geet chaudhry .
Geet : bahana acha hai par mien nahi manti ...

Maan : aur tumhain agree karne ke liye kya karna pare ga ..

Geet : simple uss larki se jaa kar 10 min baat karoo ..

Maan : FINE '.

N geet smiled grimly over her victory 'n maan came back to normal 'n that's when he realized what he just did '.remembering her words his eyes pooped out 'n he saw geet leaning back on her couch 'with an evil smirk evident on her face ..

Maan : geet that's not fair ..u trapped me ..mien kisi stupid si larki ke paas nahi jaane wala ..

Geet ( in a baby tone ) : ooo baby ko trap kar liya mene ..shoo bad na '.. ( normal tone ) but sorry Mr.MSK abb tou aap commitment kar chuke 'aur waise bhi asli hero ko ki nishaani yahi hai .. ( in salman khan style ) KE EK BAAR JO WOHH  COMMITMENT KAR DE TOU PHIR APNE AAP KE BHI NA SUNNE .."

Maan : par yrr mien kya boloon ga uss larki ko ja ke 'see I don't even know her 'full coffee shop mien koi tamasha hujaye ga ''.

Geet : maan aise behaive kar rahe hu jaise shaddi ke liye larki dekhne ja rahe hoo'.just 10min '

Maan : par ..

Geet ( interrupting) : shooo 'n listen coffee shop full hai ..its lunch time ..aur uss larki ko dekho ..bechari seedi sadhi si lagti hai ..chup chap corner mien book parh rahi hai ' tum bas jao aur kahoo ke tumhari friend late hai 'n koi table khaali nahi hai '.tou tum uss ki table pe baith kar wait kar sakte hoo '

Maan : uss ne mana kar diya tou ..

Geet : nahi kare gi ..i am telling u ..ab jao n han yaad rakhna table par baith kar nahi aajana '.talk with her that to 10 min '.remember warna tum shart haar jaoge ..then u will let me eat those street foods jo tumne abhi aate waqt nahi khane diye '.

Maan : forget them 'wooh tou mien tumhain kisi bhi halat mien bhi nahi khane dene wala '.kitna un-hygenic hota hai '.

Geet : then move to that table n yes '.Mr.Sado Dingh Khurana agar aap 10 min se pehle uss table par se uthe tou mien who chat n pani poori aur baqi jo bhi street food milta hai na wooh sab khaaongi samjhe ..!!!

Maan : dekh loo sapne ..

Geet : abhi ke liye aap uss table pe dekhye jahan who larki bethi hai ..

Maan : kya dekhoon .wohh larki book ke peche chup kar bethe hai ..i cant even see her face ..

Geet : abb jo bhi hu ...jaisi bhi larki ho jaao n ur 10 min starts now ..

With this maan made his way 2wards the las table making the most weirdest face ever 'cursing geet for this stupid trap '.n mentally slapping himself to have agreed to her demand 'but then he cant let her eat those spicy food knowing her throat tonsels are way too much sensitive ..

He asked the lady which geet pointed at for sitting thr with her 'but earth slipped beneath his feet the moment she removed his book from his face 'maan's eyes popped out ..he was shocked beyond words '

n that's when he heard a homosexual Guy/Lady (H.G)holding his hand n making him sit beside her 'LOL

H.G : aaye na 'plss bethye maan ji ..

Maan was literally shivering remembering the his elegant ..romantic tone with which he asked that person to accompany him 'n more over the intimidating looks that H.G was giving him '

Maan (st) : ohh my god' did I actually sounded romantic' maan yeh kahan phass gaya.. mujhe tou laga tha koi chachmish larki hugi .. YEH TOU 'uhh kya boloon larka ya larki yeh bhi nahi pata 'geet ke babajii plsss meri izzat bachalo 'iss ko dekh kar tou lag raha hai abhi mujhe kha jaye ga 'LOL

He lifted his eyes nervously ..only to see H.G stairing at him with a biggg smile that made him all the more comfortable 'n then it stricked him that he is sitting just inches away from him '
n he stood up abrubtly n took just one step turning towards geet ..only to see her laughing 'n trying to avoid gaining people's attention ..yet looking at him with a teasing look ..

This made him furious ..n he made his way toward her but then H.G held his palm n asked him in his typical tone .. ( girls u know hw these people talks like ..)

H.G : aap kahan ja rahe hain 'abhi aaye aur abhi chal diye ..itni bhi kya be-rukhi dair tou bethye humare saath '

But maan gave him/her an angry glare n he laft maan's hand but next he saw geet pointing at her watch n then the lipsing in a mute tone about those street food 'maan closed his eyes in frustration 'not knowing what to do ' he know how stubborn she becomes sometime 'n after this she will anyhow eat those dirty stuff which he never wanted at any cost '.

n before he could think of anything H.G pulled him n he landed on the chair '

With no other option left he decided to sit their quietly 'for next 10 min ..

H.G : humien tou yaqeen hi nahi hu raha ke MSK yahan mere saamne bethe hain '( moving forward his hand over his hand which was kept on the table)

N maan gave a threatniing look 'trying hard to control his un-easiness 'cooling down himself 'not to out-burst '.he moved his chair to a little more distance ..

N the next 7 min went like that th eguy trying to touch him n maan moving his chair away from him ..n ended up moving quite far away from thr '

n then all attention of the people in the coffee house went towards a girl whose phone dropped down n she was having her hand on her mouth ..n when removed to pick up her cell all found her laughing 'giggiling ..n this was non-other then our Jangli billi ..who was enjoying seeing the hilarious 'confused ..angry facial expressions of her Sado Singh Khurana '

N within no time maan marched toward her grabbing her hand he made his way out of the shop ...with geet trying hard not to laugh but failed mesribily ' while he was fuming in anger still trying to control n not to burst out on his cutie pie jangli billi '

When came out of the shop his guards marched to get the car while they waited thr ..with maan red in anger in geet giggiling 'n pouting cutely seeing the angry red face of her Casanova singh khurana '

Maan ( glaring her ) : stop it will u ...

But it made her laugh more 'innoying him like hell 'n she was enjoying seeing him like this after soo many years 'loving to annoy him like before making him trouble with her phranks '.

But then she noticed he was literally very angry with what happened since some of the people in the coffee shop were actually looking him with a laughing n annoying look '.seeing THE MAAN SINGH KHURANA sitting with a homosexual person n him/her flirting with MSK soo openly.. this was definitely the last thing he expected to happen in this lifetime '

Composing herself '.she placed her hand on his shoulder ..

Precap :

geet manofying maan 
Vicky Meeting maaneet ..
CHIKNI KAMAR PE TERI MERA DIL PHESAL GAYA ...( but thr is a twist in this song maan is not singing it ...but is fuming in anger seeing geet dancing like that ) rolf ...keep thinking 

will give u all a teaser 2morrow ...
gud nite sweet dreams ..
have lots of maaneet dreams maaneetians 
single request ...dont know if like button is working so plsss kam se kam ab tou comment kar do ...yrrooon plss
do let me know how do u liked the song ...since its the song listening to which i got the idea of this OS ...
a big twist in upcoming updates ...
woh kya hai na ...i believe love birds never meets without any storm ...
so wait for the storm ...Wink

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sdlife19 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 August 2012 at 12:44pm | IP Logged
sorry dear like button not working
update was awesome..
but at is geet hiding from maan. why she did not go to Km

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meena.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 August 2012 at 12:50pm | IP Logged
like button is not workingAngry
awesome update loved it
continue soon

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nats0101 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 August 2012 at 1:06pm | IP Logged
sorry like tab aint working

superb updt
continue soon

hope d storm aint too harsh on dem!!

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shri12 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 August 2012 at 1:07pm | IP Logged
fabulous dear their convo was too good and HG crazy with maan ...

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--Fairy-- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 August 2012 at 1:09pm | IP Logged
Awesome Update 

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nitya Senior Member

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Posted: 18 August 2012 at 1:17pm | IP Logged
Update was super fun

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divya22 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 August 2012 at 1:27pm | IP Logged
wooo hilarious part...
song sequence was superb... awee geet sleeping on maans shoulder... how cute... woo maan doorling over geet... awesome...
bt geet ko km mai rehne se kya prblm hai??? n maan dadi ka naam sun kar kho kyu gay??? n wat happened in 6 yrs ki dono ne ek dusre ko call nai kiya??? plzz jaldi bata dena... n dis vicky is also fishy...
last scene was nice.. bt really maan ki insult hui hogi... n nw he is geet hai na...
precap is amazing.. maan being J.. n who is this richi?? n geet uske saath dance kar rahe hai kya????

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