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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

MG SS : Friends In Love thread link @pg_154

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hi friends ... he r u all ..?
hopefully u all liked my 1st post of the day 
n here is an MG OS ..
well i was eager to post it i can say ...
since i love this janglii billi in this one ..
so here it is a long funny+emotional OS on Maaneet
plzzz do let me know hw did u find this Janglli Billi n Casanova Singh Khurana ...

EmbarrassedFRIENDS IN LOVE..Embarrassed


Sometimes in life it happens we meets someone 'n we forgets them
Sometimes we parts away n sometimes we justs let It go '&
Sometimes we meet them we becomes good friends '
But for them it was never like that '

On an ordinary day 'on an ordinary note they met '
Became friends 'n then Best Friends ..companions '!!

Days went like that 'Years went onn '
hey were enjoying their life ' smiling 'laughing 'sometimes fighting ..
Sharing every bit of their mind n heart with each other '

But un-known to both of them they became each other's soul ..
An inseperable part of their existence ..

Life was never this much happier for both of them '.
A young friend of childhood became their best friend of teenage ..

People around them were well aware of the fact what both of them meant for each other but for them they were just another friend whom they met n will part away by the end of this year ..
Some were awe to see such a pure divine selfless friendship of the two '. some were jealous of them n '.some just praise them n '.their bond '

They never understand when n where they became the most important part of each other '. Strength for each other ' guide for each other ' savior for each other '

May be because life didn't gave them a chance to do so '. May because destiny wanted soo '
May because fate has decided so '
Or may be because they were meant to meet each other like that '

This is a story of two friends met in shimla in a co-boarding school n were together for a long time span of 8 years '

Mr. Casanova Singh Khurana '

A popular smart talented heartthrob of class 12th in the age of 17 '.
Who is considered to be the most good looking handsome guy of this school '
With whom every single girl wants to be with '
But he is just a person of full of attitude 'enjoys the attention of girls but never let them inch towards him more than a flirtious talk  '.which he always use to receprocate with his killing smirk ..
But is a caring 'lovely guy by heart which is open just in front of his friend 'not a person who will talk a lot but still manages to listen to his best friends continous talks till hours '
Very much protective about her '.never let any hurdle come in her way 'any problem of her life never is to be solved n faced by him '.
Sometimes gets at a high temper also due to her carelessness towards herself 'but loves to pamper her 'care for her '
N can do anything to make her smile '

Janglli Billi '

 An extremely hot headed girl ' but very.v.v. sweet n sensitive by nature '
bubbly 'naughty  'but intelligent ..studying in class 11th in the age of sweet 16 '
But not at all girly '.no day dreaming about her guy n all those stuffs are not her character traits '
Loves to enjoy her small moments with n Only with her Best friend '.
Knows all his antics in front of those despo bimbos around '. Always use to taunt him over this matter ' 
Always comes to him with one or the other problem be it study or any other things '
He is her best n ONLY friend ' her support 'her companion .. 
With whom she fights 'she laughs ..she shares 'she cries '
For whom she can do anything 'for whom she cares even more than her self '
Since last 8 years she is with him 'the only person she talks with 'the only pone who has seen her real self '

.. Delhi Khurana Mansion ..

A young guy not more than 21 yrs of age came out of a latest precedes 'dressed in jeans n shirts with a sport jacket over it '.perfect toned body 'looking really handsome with his shades onn 'walks with a style that can make anyone go flat over '

He enter in KM n head servant came forward to greet him ..

Nakul : arre Vikrant baba aap LOL (dont tell me u were expecting maan ) tou kal aane wale thay na '. Chaliye acha hai jaldi aagaye 'aap coffee peyenge .. 

Vikrant Khurana ( Vicky ) : nahi who sab baad mien pehle yeh batao bhai kahan hai 'its just 9:00am abhi tou bhai office nahi gaye hoonge na ..

( Kushal Tondon as VICKY ...maan's younger brother ) 

Nakul : nahi vikrant baba 'who tou aaj subha jaldi chale gaye keh rahe thay office mien kuch garbar kardi hai staff ne unn ko jana hai  ' bhi nahi kiya ..

Vikrant : what bhai bina kiye chale gaye 'pata nahi kiya hoga bhai ka saare waqt kaam kaam kaam ..
Acha aap ek kaam karo achi si black coffee jaldi se bana kar room mien le aaoo mien change karta hoon tab tak 'flight mien buhat thak gaya .. uss ke baad mien office ja ke bhai se milta hoon ..

N nakul went off with vikrant going towards his room '
After almost 30 min vikrant made his way 2wards his 5 years elder bro's office i.e; Khurana Construstion ( KC ) ..

.. While here at KC ..

A person dressed in black formal attire looking breath taking hot was fuming in anger with his face red shouting on top of his voice ..

Person : what the hell is going onn here 'koi batayega mujhe 'tum sab ko mene yahan kaam karne ke liye rakha hai ..ya phir aaram karne '

Adi : sirr'rr.rr wo..ooh '

Person : shut up adi ..just shut up mujhe koi excuse nahi sunna kal meeting hai aur abhi tak presentation ka nahi pata '..tender file aaj submit karne ko kaha tha aur ye abhi tak yahin pari hai 'blue print mene sasha se kal mange thay abhi tak koi naam o nishaan nahi hai ''Angry

Agar tum log ko picnic hi manani hai tou koi aur office dhundlo KC mien mujhe yeh sab bardaasht nahi samjhe tum 'Ouch

Adi : soorr..rryy sir aage se mien sab khud check karoonga ..managers aur assistants par kuch nahi churoonga 'trust me sir '

Person : this is your first n last chance adi 'tum jante hoo mujhe galtiyan nahi pasand '

N here comes in the conference hall his younger brother Vikrant Khurana ..

Vikrant : han adi ..aap ko pata hai na Maan Singh Khurana ke saamne tou bhaghwaan bhi galti karne se pehle sochta hai '.Big smile

Maan was truly delighted to see his brother after 3 months ..n comes forwards n embrace him in a brotherly hug ..

Maan : vicky tum yahan ..mujhe laga tum kuch time ghar par rest karo ge 'okiee just give me 2 min '.( to staff ) every one back 2 work n keep this in your mind THIS IS YOUR LAST N FINAL CHANCE '.!!

All the members leaves but maan was still a bit disturbed with the office situations ..
Vicky felt it n tried to ease his anger '

Vicky : bhai what happened '.aaj itne ghusse hu 'files hi hain KC ke employees buhat capable hain I am sure they'll make it all perfect '

Maan ( frusted with the messed up work ) : kya theek karienge yeh Vicky ..1 wk ke liye mien delhi se bahar kya chala gaya inn ki tou diwali ho gayi jaise 'ek kaam bhi theek se nahi kia hai '( n throws the file in his hand on the table frustrated )

Vicky ( st ) : god bhai ka mood tou sach mien kharaab hai 'kuch karna parega . '

Maan : sorry yr Vicky tum itne din baad aaye aur mien yeh office ki problems mien fasa hoon ..

Vicky : kya bhai ..aap mujhe sory kyun bol rahe hoo 'itna bara Khurana Empire aap akele sambhal rahe hoo mien sirf aapki thori buhat help hi kar pata hoon 'tou plzz aap mujhe sorry mat bolo I know aap ka work load aur phir ghar par bhi ' ( then he stopped registering maan's words ) EK MIN how did u know ke mien aaj aane wala hoon ' mene nahi bataya tha '.mien tou aapko surprise ..( but stopped seeing the teasing smirk playing on his face ) bhai aapko  humesha kaise pata chal jata hai '..

Maan : acha yeh choro 'tell me how was ur trip 'hw did u find working in KC's Turkey Branch ..

Vicky : well mien MSK ka bhai hoon 'trip tou achi hone hi thi 'turkey ki saari larkiyan jo mere aage peeche ghoom rahi thi '.par I loved working in KC over thr was really a great fun filled experience '

Waisi meri list tou buhat lambi hai '.aap mujhe yeh batao ke 3 months mien aapki love train kahan tak pohanchi ''..bola apni jangli billi ko ke who wapis aajaye ..( an instant relief was thr on maan's face which didn't go un-noticed by Vicky ) 

Maan ( in a stern serious tone ) : Vicky plzz ..mene kitni baar kaha hai tum se she is just my FRIEND '.hum school mien saath thay aur ab bas kuch mails ke zariye touch mien hain '..nothing more than that '

Vicky ( smiling shaking his head over his adamant opinion since last 6 years ) : okiee fine let it be 'na aap mano ge ke aap uss se pyaar karte hoo na mien manoga ke aap nahi karte '..phir yeh batao ke Sameera ke proposal ka kya kiya aapne '.

Maan looked at him shocked 'n with a questioning look 'like how-did-u 'know 

Vicky ( smirking over his expression ) : kyun maan bhai aapko laga sirf aap mere bare mien jaan sakte hain 'mien bhi aapke bare mein jaanta hoon ''.bataye abb aap sameera se shaddi kareinge ya nahi ..

Maan : nakul is the one right ..?

Vicky didn't answer him but just walked at a distance now sitting on a couch '

Vicky : bhai batao na aap sameera ke proposal ka kya karne wale hoo ..

Maan ( furious with the mention of sam's name ) : Vicky stop it ..mujhe uss larki ka naam bhi nahi sunna 'tum jaante hoo usska proposal mere liye uss ki kisi nayi baqwaas se ziada nahi hai '

Vicky : kya bhai aap bhi mujhe laga aap sameera ko " han '' kahoo tab shayad aapki jangli billi wapis aajaye 'uss ki naak todhne finally ..

Maan : VICKY .!!!!!!!

N Vicky burst into laughter seeing maan smiling lost in his past '.
An incident which he told vicky years back when he came back to delhi from shimla '

... 7 years ago ...

a 17 years old boy was standing in the mid of his of his school gym with a girl beside him ..

Girl : maan tum itna sab kaise karte hoo ...i mean har saal karate championship jeetna then topping the class with record marks ...itna fit figure ...har cheez mien perfect results...
u know u have too damn good looks ...all the girls of our class n even some juniors also drool over u ..

Maan : hmmm ... just the way u r at the moment ...well sameera dear tell me something which i dont know..

smirking at her he went forward practicing his karate steps ...enjoying the appreciation n attention from the girl as always ...

sameera ( Sam)  was just standing few steps away from him ...

Sameera : bye the way maan ...tumhari best friend aaj tumhare saath nahi dekh rahi ...break up hugaya kya ...

Maan ( grimly smiled at her ) : kyun sameera tumhain bhi apni best friend Anita ki tarha apni nose fracture kar wani hai '' uss ko yaad kar rahi hoo ..

Sam : uhh plzz maan ...mujhe samaj nahi aata how can u tolerate that cow boy around your self 24/7 ...

Maan : sam mind your words ...

Sam : mind ur words ...i am saying the truth ...which u doesn't like to accept ..she is not worth it maan ..

Maan : sam not a word about my friend ...tum meri class mate hu but she is my best friend ...mind u don't day a word more or else i'll lose my temper ...

Sam ( moving forward 2wards him almost leaning on him while maan was trapped b/w her n the wall ) : maan sach mien tumhain jewel aur stones mien farq nahi aata ( placing her hand on his houlder )...... school ka har larka mujh se baat karne ko tarasta hai ..n look here i am right in front of u ...n u r talking such harsh words to me ...aakhir kya kami dekhti hai tumhain mujh mien jo tum uss ke paas jate hoo ...
Maan ( raising his hand pointing his finger towards her ) : sam just stop...

but before he could say word more sam fall over him with the force of a bag which hit her on her back by non-other than his jangli billi ...making maan shocked with the anger in her eyes ...coz from the angle she saw it looked like they were having a quite cool talks '

Sam : what the hell ...geet what r u doing ..kyuun mara mujhe ..tum ..

THUD '. sam fall down the ground with the forceful push by geet ...
n all we could see was on maan's face was shocking expression ...seeing her beating sam with full force '.pulling her hairs to get back her to hit her more with her bag '

she was about to grab sam again by pulling her hairs harshly ...when maan came forward to stop her pulling her by waist... just trying to save sam from his Jangli Billi who is in full form to chop her '..

Maan : geet ..geet stop it yrr ...choro uss he ...let it be ..

Geet : no way maan ...aaj tou mien iss chudrail ko nahi choro gi ...y the hell she always tries to poison ur mind ...( while maan was tryning hard to control her with her constant attempts to get herself free from his grip )  ahh leave me maan i am gonna chop her today ...kamini ...kut** ...chudhrail kahin ki .,.ill show u who is the real stone 'bloody 
Sam ( struggling to stand up with her twisted tow ) : maan sambhalo iss ko ...god is she also taking training from ur karate master ...
Maan : just get lost sam before she actually chops u into pieces

n sam literally started walking as fast as she could out of fear with the anger she saw in geet's eyes ...

Geet ( struggling in maan's tight hold on her waist ) : ruk sameera ki bachi kahan bhag rahi hai ....( almost punching her retreating figure with her hands in the air ) mujhe stone aur khud ko diamond samjhti hai na ..tou abhi abhi batati hoon diamond to kaise presentable banate hain '''maan choro mujhe ...ooyee ruk ja ..

Maan ( turning her around by shoulder' loosing his grip over her waist ) : geet stop it for heaven sake ...kya hujata hai tujhe sam ko daikhte hi ...uncel ko pata chala tou phir tujhe 2 ghate ka lecture phone pe woh sun-naiyen-ge aur 2 din tak tujhe pacify mujhe karna parega ...

Geet : shut up just shut up Mr.Maan Singh Khurana ..
ek lafz aur bola na tou tumhara hi kima bana doon gi SAMJHE ( maan just stood rooted seeing her soo furious with no words coming out of his mouth )....woh make up ki dukaan ''.. bloody chudrail mere bare mien kuch bhi bol rahi thi n what the hell were u doing ...yeah i forget the great karate champion hotest guy of this school was busy enjoying the good for nothing appreciation from that cheapo despo sameera ...right ..!!!
buhat maza aata hai na ...unn chudhrailoon ka attention le ke ...bloody casanova singh khurana ...maan aap na ...

Maan ( placing his palm on her mouth to shut her ) : chup bilkul chup ...janti hu agar ring mien meri jaga tumhain bhega jaye tou tum opponent ko apni non stop chatar pattar se hi faint kardo gi ...

while geet just snapped out of his hold n made her way out of the practice hall ...

Maan : shit hogayi naraaz madam Geet Rai Chaudhry ...god save me ...iss jangli billi ke ghusse  se bacha lena ...y always I land up b/w these to creature ...seriously next time mien sam se 10 feet '''.nahi nahi 50 feet door rehne wala hoon ''coz na tou woh geet ke bare mien bolna band karegi aur ''..iss baar tou geet sach mien sam ki naak tor degi ...

bye now geet was walking through the garden towards her room this garden seperates girls n boys hostel buildings ..n is also connected to school's campus  building ...

a ball was thrown in her direction by some boys playing through ball n they asked geet to pass it ...while our in raged geet rai chaudhry throwed it with such force that it injured the boys head a bit like just his head was spinning 360 deg. ...

then further on a girl accidently bumped into her n she pushed her in her anger ...poor girl landed on the grass with a thud hurting her Bump ...
she was all the while lost in her anger that she never recognize she was heading towards the stair case ...absent-mindedly she was climbing up the stair n tripped at the end where the first floor staircase ends she screamed loud out of fear to fall from such a height

Geet : MAAN...!!!!!!!!!!!
then a hand came forward n grabbed her hand which was entangled in air ...her eyes was closed while the other person was holding his breath from the moment he saw her climbing the steps lost ...

slowly geet opened her eyes finding herself in the air ...n her hands were held by her best friend her savior Maan ...

maan pulled her up with a jerk n she landed save on his chest ...panting heavily she looked back the height she was standing at n immediately hugged maan tightly fear of falling '.

While maan hugged her like his most treasured possession was going to be snached from him ''.cocooned her in his embrace 'calming her n his wild heart beats 'n after a moment she parted from the hug sweating v.badly turned her head n saw the height n hugged him back shivering with fear 'tears were continuously falling from her big doe shape hazels '

Maan loosen the hug '..cupped her face in his palms n asked her in a slow scared tone ..

Maan : geet tum theek ho na '.

N geet nodded with teary eyes n sweating face ''both sat on the same stair case 'while geet clutched his hand tightly shivering '.n maan holded her hand over his 'trying to calm her 'n after few minutes of silence 'maan spoke in a bit stern voice 

Maan : yeh kiya tha 'kitni baar kaha hai dhyaan se chala karoo 'par nahi tumhain tou meri baat hi nahi sunni ' ghusse mien kuch bhi karti rehti hoo tum '.ja ke garden ko dekho koi student kahin para hai koi kahin '.mujhe tab hi laga tha tum kuch nuksaan pohanchaoogi apne aap ko '..geet mien humesha nahi aa sakta tumhain bachane ..

Geet ( in a low scared tone ) : Sorry '.

N maan felt bad to have talked to her like that n again hugged her 'while she cried ..

They were teenager 'while aware of every aspect of their boundaries but still these boundaries never mattered to them '.they knew they r best friends 'they never cared of right or wrong 'never bothered about what the other students thinks or even say about them but just lived their life with full of masti 'fun ..itsy bitsy fights ..n then manofying each other 'sharing their small small problems 'reveries 'memories related to home parents '.their pair was the best in the school 'crime partners n saviors as well '

Maan : geet ab bas kar yaar 'poore 3 mahine ka abhi hi roona hai ''( while geet just hit him with her fist with great force ) oochh kya kar rahi hai meri maa ( n again got a healthy one in the stomach ) ahh ..geet stop it ( holding his stomach )

Geet : tou mien darr gayi hoon aur aap kya kar rahe hoo 'mera mazaak bana rahe hoo 'u deserve it ''ye loo aur lo ( an hit him 2 '3 slaps on his shoulders as well ) 

Maan : ahh janglli billi '.choro mujhe 'mien mazaak kar raha tha ..

Geet : yeh iss ke liye nahi tha 'yeh uss idiot chudhrail sameera ko bachane ke liye tha ..

Maan : well miss geet rai chaudhry ''.mien uss stupid sam ko nahi tumhain bacha raha tha ..

Geet ( with a confused look ) : matlab ..?? uss bones ki factory se
mujhe kyun bacha rahe thay '

Maan : oh ho geet '.agar tum bhool gayi ho mien tumhain bata doon ke last week tum ne Anita ki nose fracture ki hai apne ghusse mien '

Geet : han tou who mere room mien aake mujhe aapke aur sameera ke jhotte romancing kisse suna rahi thi '.mujhe ghussa agaya tu mene uss ko dhakka diya ab meri kya galti hai agar who study table par flat gir gayi aur nose fracture kar wayi ''

Maan : god geet ''..mene tumhara naam bilkul sahi rakha hai JANGLLI BILLI '

Geet : oh hello mujhe mat sunnao ''aap ko apke kaar-naame batao 'last month jo mere class mate vineet ko karate match mien jan buj kar mara ' n then 2 week pehle dinning area mien purposefully apne classmate amit ke upar garam daal gira di thi ghusse mien ''aur uss ke bhi pehle who jab varun mujhe tang kar raha tou aapne bhi uska hand fracture kar diya tha ''aur princi se complain bhi ki thi uss Mahesh jab who mere room mien aaya  tha ..aur ...

Maan : bas geet ''mien haara tum jeeti bas khush ab bas karo aur saans le lo ..

Geet : lekin anita uar sam ka kya link ..?

Maan : uff tum na '..mene jo bhi kiya who smartly kiya tumhari tarha baas ghusse mien aake react nahi kiya '..princi ki warning yaad hai 'agar dobara kuch kiya tou tumhain boarding se bahar tumhare dad ke farm house bhej denge '.aur phir tumhain apne last 3 months wahan apne servants ke saath boar hokar guzarne parein ge '..

Geet ( making a cute baby worried face ) : mujhe nahi jana aap ko chor kar mujhe maths kuan parhaye ga '

Maan ( maan smiled n pulled her cheek ) : nahi jaane deena chahta tha iss hi liye roka '
Plzz geet mujhe samaj nahi aata meri sweetie cutie friend ko sam ke saamne aate hi kya ho jata hai 'kyun tm humesha uss ko isse 

Geet ( highly angry ) : tou who kyun humesha humien door karne ki kushish karti hai 'aapki unn bimbos ki tarha nahi hoon mien jo pretend karti rahoon 'agar uss ne phir se aapko mere bare mien kuch bolona tou mien '.( remembering prici's warning ) 'tou mien usski make up kit mien shoe polish aur perfume bottle mien paani daal dongi ..

Maan ( smiling at her idea ) : geet kya tum bhi '.waise kya farq parta hai agar who kuch kehti hai tou ''.last 6 years se who try kar rahi hai aaj tak kuch hua jo abb hoga '.

Geet : nahi par phir bhi '.agar hugaya tou aap jante hu na aap ek hi tou friend hu poore school mien 'agar aap bhi nahi rahooge tou mien kis ke saath kheloongi 'aur mujhe chup chup ke chocolates kuan khelaaye ga '.n moreover mien tou maths mien bhi fail hujaoongi '.aur yahan boar bhi hujaoongi na 'ghar bhi nahi ja sakti wahan koi hai hi nahi ..aap tou jante hoo na 

Maan : mien tum se kabhi dosti break nahi karne wala aur yeh tum janti hoo ' aur uss sameera ki waja se tou mar ke bhi nahi '...par ab yeh tou mera last year hai 'mien pass out hokar chala jaonga phir kya karoongi ..

Geet ( said with a big smile ) : ae loo hum koi 19th century mien thori hain jo hum baat nahi kar sakte '.boarding mien phone hai ..aur har student ko week mien ek baar call karna aur ghar se call aana allowed hai tou aap mujhe call karna aur Sunday ko mien aapko call kiya karoon gi '
Maan ( smiling with the thought of being in touch ) : hmmm 'good idea par uss ke baad kiya tum bhi tou yahan se next year chali jaogi ..
Geet ( with a puppy face ) : han uss ke baad kaise baat karenge '''.

.. Flashback Ends ..

Maan's trance broken with the sound of receiving an email on his laptop '.while Vicky stood there all the while seeing the change in maan's face expression every minute ..from smiley to laughing '.then worried to relief '.delighted n then sad ..

Vicky ( st ) : maan bhai kaash aap samajh paate ke last 6 years mien jis ko aap friendship ka naam dete aaye hain who haqeeqat mien aapka sacha pyaar hai '.aapka pehla pyaar jis ko waqt aur halaatoon ne aapko samajhne nahi diya '.
Last 6 years mien KC ke work load 'meri aur dadi ki responsibility ne aapko apne liye waqt nahi diya 'aur naa hi kabhi aapne apne dil ke uss corner mien dekha jahan aapki jangli billi ne apna perminent ghar bana liya hai ..
Tab hi tou situation kaisi bhi hoo'bas uss ka naam hi kafi hota hai aapke chehre par muskaan lane ke liye 'jis MSK ke moo se kuch lafz sunne ke liye mien dadi intezaar kiya karte thay 'who tab bhi bina soche ..bina waqt ki parwah kiya apni uss ek hi dost ke bare mien bolte jate thay '.ek waqt tha jab uss ki aawaaz hi kafi thi aapke face pe smile lane ke liye  '.
Par mene dekha hai 'uss ek saal ke baad aapko pal pal apni hassi khote huye 'til til iss tanhaiyi mien apne aapko dubate huye 'aur aaj bhi aapke chehre par muskaan aayi tou who bhi uss hi larki ki yaad se ..
Pata nahi kab aap samaj payeinge ke yeh ehsaas pyaar hai jo aapko uss yaadien bhi kabhi hassa jati hai tou kabhi dukhi kar jati hain '.itna farq parta hai aapko uss larki se '

Vicky came out of his reveries with maan's voice n his constant attempt to get his attentions '

Maan ( shooking Vicky from his shoulders ) : vicky '.vicky ''.Vicky tum sun rahe ho na 'who aarahi hai ''she is coming back vicky '

Vicky was astonished to see his bhai literally scream out of joy '..never in past 6 years he saw him smiling to such an extent 'happiness of this level is way to far '. He was sure his brother is talking about his Jangli Billi coz only she can effect him this much ..

Vicky : kya hua hai bhai 'mujhe kuch samaj nahi aaya '( crossing his fingers ) kuan aaraha hai '??

Maan : vicky MY FRIEND '.meri Jangli Billi wapis aarahi hai 'dekho abhi abhi uss ka mail aaya hai who India aarahi hai kal ki flight se '.god I am soo happy Vicky after 6 year we will meet each '

Vicky : aapki khushi tou aapka chehra bayaan kar hi raha hai bhai 'ab tou maan lijeye ke aap uss larki se pyaar karte hain '
But our MSK was long lost in those old pic.s saved in his lappy together with his jangli billi...

Vicky smiling at his bro '.seeing him lost in those lanes of past memories ..reliving them '

Vicky (st) : jis ke aane ki khabar ne aapko itna khush kar diya hai bro .jab who khud aapke saamne hogi tab kaise sambhal payeinge apne aap ko '.

I just wish ke aapki yeh smile humesha aesi hi bani rahe 'aur iss baar aapki jangli billi bhi apke saath humesha ke liye reh jaye '..aapki khushi ban ke '.

( vicky was seeing the pouring rain through the window of his cabin with a mist eye lashes )

Vicky ( St ) : god please iss rain ki tarha mere bro ki life mien bhi khushiyoon ki bharish kardo 'unhoon ne humesha humari khushi ko apni 1st priority rakha hai ab unki life ko bhi khushi se bhar do '. I just hope jitna pyaar who uss jangli billi se karte hain who larki bhi maan bhai se karti hoo '..

After 2 hours in Maan's Cabin '.vicky n maan were having thr launch together while Adi came with a party invite for maan for tomorrow ..Ouch

ADI : sir yeh Mr. Siddhant Chaudhry ne aapko party invite bheja hai 'kal mumbai mien hai party '

Vicky : nahi adi plzz bbhai kal koi business party mien nahi ja rahe hain ..
Maan was looking at vicky like y he did that without knowing anything 'while adi was about to leave when maan stopped him in a hurry ..

Maan : adi wait '''
Yeh invite mujhe do aur tum jao ..

Vicky : bhai aap kya '

Maan ( interrupted ) : yeh geet ke bhai ki party ka invite hai vicky '
N vicky chocked in his food while maan patted his back to ease him ..

Maan : r u fine '.kya hua ..

Vicky : bhai yeh geet kuan ..

Maan : vicky stop joking geet hi meri jangli billi hai 'kal italy se mumbai pohanch rahi hai n then raat ki flight se apne kisi project ke liye delhi aane wali hai '.who flight delay nahi kar sakti iss hi liye uss ke bhai siddhant ne yeh Welcome party kal hi rakhi hai '

Vicky ; ohh I see 'par bhai mien aap ke saath nahi aa ponga .

Maan : kyun tum tou buhat excited thay na geet se milne ke liye '.tu phir 

Vicky : nahi bro who 'actually ''.dekhiye agar hum dono gaye aur yahan koi problem hui tou phir emergency mien aapkko aana parega 'aur phir aapki aur geetu '...i mean uss larki se aapki meeting adhori reh jayegi ''tou aap jao ill be here '

Maan ws not convinced but some how vicky made him believe n he agreed to leave 2morrow morning to mumbai '

On the other hand in an business class of an airplane 'a girl was lost continuously gaping at her lappy 'seeing random pics n collages of someone 'smiling remembering the past '

Index Below ...

plss do give me ur response after reading this ...

luv ya 

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randhir_ki_doll IF-Dazzler

Joined: 07 April 2012
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Posted: 12 August 2012 at 2:18pm | IP Logged
awesome os.
loved maaneet's bonding.
what is the connection between geet and vicky ?

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sobia4maaneet IF-Dazzler

Joined: 03 June 2012
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randhir_ki_doll IF-Dazzler

Joined: 07 April 2012
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Posted: 12 August 2012 at 2:35pm | IP Logged
I love it.
will be waiting for the next part. update soon.

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-Mitu- IF-Rockerz

Joined: 03 August 2011
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Posted: 12 August 2012 at 2:37pm | IP Logged
Love it
o god vicky geet se pyar tu nahi karta na

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dreamymishti88 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 August 2012 at 2:45pm | IP Logged

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kuhu18 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 August 2012 at 2:55pm | IP Logged
awesome start .
 i hope  things are not like what you are pointing at and you are just making us scared by it you know what i am talking about .

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maanluver Goldie

Joined: 21 May 2011
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Posted: 12 August 2012 at 3:00pm | IP Logged
gr8 os 
luved maan n geet's bonding 
past was hilarious as well as cute 
completely adored the way vicky n maan luvvv each other 
update soon 
waiting eagerly 

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