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Arhi FF: White Swans new

nabnab Senior Member

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Posted: 12 August 2012 at 9:23am | IP Logged

Hey guys,

I've started a new FF called White Swans. Hope y'all like it:)

Blog link is here:

Chapter 1

Stranger In the Dark

Khushi watched the scene play out before her with narrowed eyes. There she was, straddling his lap, her arms wrapped around his neck, her head dipping every now and again to kiss him softly on the mouth while his hands roved expertly over her bare back, reaching lower and lower as the night wore on.


'Aaarnav,' she whined as he got up to get a beer from the jeep parked a little way away. 'Come back soon, baby.' Without stopping to listen to her calls or even giving her a second glance, the guy called Arnav stalked off up the beach and Khushi felt the bile rise up her throat as Anoushka immediately got up and chased after him, jumping up and attempting to piggy-back him from behind, squealing in her horrible baby voice when he spun round suddenly and threw her over his shoulder, her legs flapping up and down as he carried on walking up the path.

Clingy s**t.

Stupid, clingy s**t.

Khushi turned her gaze away, focussing instead on the blaze of the bonfire, the rise of the wispy black smoke, the faint but lingering smell of the evening's barbeque, the buzz of conversation and the clinking of bottles as the people all around her leaned back and chose to live for the moment, tapping their feet and singing along to the strumming of the guitar, forgetting their worries as they partied the night away.

Beach parties

Stupid, overrated beach parties.

Grabbing a beer, Khushi moved away from the party and settled herself against a rock a little distance away from the group.


Staring outwards at the sea she watched intently as the trail of moonlight rippled across the inky black waves; the vision disturbed as a group of drunken girls splashed about in the water, screeching the lyrics to Jessie J's 'Dirty Dancing in the Moonlight' as they stamped their feet and scooped water at each other.


f**king airheads

She reached into the pocket of her shorts for her lighter, and drawing a drag she gazed absent-mindedly at the cloudy smoke billowing away from her cigarette.

'One day…' she muttered under her breath, a wry smile touching the corners of her mouth.

'One day what,' a voice whispered into her ear, making Khushi jump up in shock and turn around in time to see NK's face erupt into laughter in front of her and she looked at him for a long moment.

'You stink of booze,' she said as she turned back to face the sea. NK joined her and they stood shoulder to shoulder in companionable silence for another minute before NK slipped his hand into hers and gently led her away from her self-imposed solitude and back towards the group.

'Allow these f**ks…I want to be on my own for a bit,' Khushi hissed, resisting the iron grip he had on her hand as she tried to break free.

'Why don't you grow up, apologise and have some fun for a change,' he hissed back, turning his head to look back at her, his eyes glinting with annoyance.


' come on,' he snapped, dragging her along, back to the party.

'f**k you, NK,' she cursed softly before squeezing his hand slightly and shaking off the annoyance she smiled brightly and skipped off to join her friends, returning to the party in time to witness a group of boys raise their bottles in mock salute before starting a wild tribal dance around the bonfire to the beat of the music that was blaring out of the cars parked on the edge of the beach.


Her eyes narrowing from the glare of the flames, she scanned the group that had gathered around the fire, her eyes finally resting on a couple making out shamelessly towards the edge of the crowd. Her eyes clashed with his for a split second before she turned away briefly.

Stubbing her cigarette into the sand, she watched Angela squeal in delight when Arnav suddenly picked her up, his hands holding her buttocks securely while she wrapped her legs around his waist and flung her arms around his neck as he walked down the beach, breaking into a run when he reached the sea, before throwing her in with a huge splash and diving after her.


Khushi counted the seconds before looking back at them.




They'd swum far in, and, in the darkness, she could barely make out their silhouettes, but even from this distance she knew instinctively that Anoushka's bikini had long since been left to wash away into the Mediterranean Sea.

'Skinny dipping,' she thought disgustedly.

Desperate wh**e

f**king s**t

Khushi turned away abruptly, her shoulders shaking slightly in anger and she marched back up to the beach, determined to just go home and leave Anoushka to do whatever the hell she wanted. She was tired of this routine, of picking up her drunken, s**tty friends and clearing up the damage while they let loose and went wild every night of this godforsaken trip.

f**k them

f**k them all,' she thought furiously as she headed for NK and snatching his bottle out of his hand, she downed the remaining half of his drink in four long gulps and slammed it back on the beach table in front of him.

She felt the liquid burn her throat and the cloudiness begin to takeover her mind, the rush too sudden and too strong, and the sound of the hoots and whoops from the boys around her cutting through the headiness, confusing her slightly before an arm slipped around her waist and she looked up to see NK grinning down at her.

'Let's party,' he whispered into her ear before flipping her round suddenly so that her back crashed into his hard chest and his hands slipped round to hold her hips firmly, his fingers stroking her lightly through the thin material of her tank top as he rocked her hips to the music. Khushi closed her eyes as she felt the music take over her body, letting her anger slip away as she ground her hips against NK, her arms coming up and over her head, relaxing and truly letting go, enjoying the feel of his fingers running up and down her arms.


Hours slipped by and the crowd thinned as red-blooded males and females disappeared together, but the fervour of the party never died, only grew stronger, the fire raging on, and the booze flowing like water. Clothes lay discarded across the beach, joining the debris of empty bottles and cans that littered the soft white sand. Khushi hadn't seen NK since that first dance or any of her other friends, getting mixed up instead with a group she hadn't met before that contained both locals and vacationers. The alcohol had gone straight to her head, removing her inhibitions, letting her break free and lose herself in the music.

She felt something stir in the pits of her stomach as a pair of strong arms encircled her waist, slamming her back into a strong, broad and bare chest. His hands were everywhere all at once, his fingers trailing up her bare thighs and over her denim shorts, running lightly over her tank top and then slipping under so that they brushed  lightly against her stomach. Even through all the alcohol, Khushi felt electrified, the wetness beginning to pool between her legs. Her heart hammered against her chest, soft hairs on the back of her neck standing up on end as she felt warm breath fan against her cheek before a hot, velvet tongue licked the sensitive spot behind her ear. Khushi inhaled sharply, her hand stilling on top of his under her top as she felt him nip her shoulder, before his tongue came out to sooth the bite. She was on fire, burning, as his tongue and lips seared across her skin while his hand stroked her stomach and dipped lower to brush against her buttocks, squeezing ever so lightly before he drew her back again. She could feel his hardness as she leaned back against him while his hands continued their relentless pursuit of her body.

'Como te llamas, bonita,' he whispered huskily into his ear, his hair brushing against her cheek and setting her world on fire as his thumb slid down from her navel to the button of her shorts.

',' she stammered, her voice barely above a whisper, strained and hoarse, and she turned her head slightly to finally take a look at the face of the nameless stranger who had effortlessly stripped away her cool and left her heart beating as erratically as a thirteen-year old's.

'beautiful,' he drawled, his accent sending her mind into a tizz and the slow, seductive smile that spread across his startlingly handsome face reached his molten eyes. Cocking his head slightly, he lowered his mouth to kiss her while simultaneously his hands gripped the edge of her tank top.

Khushi felt her body explode into fireworks when his lips touched hers, and his tongue flicked across her lips, parting them before it entered her mouth  and mated with her own. He pulled her closer towards him, deepening the kiss and she found her hands scratching his back, pulling at his hair and winding around his neck. When he pulled her tank top off and his hands roved over her back before sliding down to pull her shorts off so that she was standing there in front of him in her bikini she didn't know, or quite how she ended up wrapping her legs around his waist while he carried her towards the sea, in much the same way that her friend, Anoushka went down earlier that night while she looked on scornfully. But for once Khushi felt weightless, her body tingling with excitement and anticipation as the still nameless stranger continued his assault on her senses, supporting her on her back and buttocks while he bent his head down towards her bikini-clad breast, looking up at her with hooded eyes while she waited with bated breath before he darted his tongue out and licked her right nipple over the material, before using his mouth to move the material to one side and sinking his teeth into her, she moaned loudly as her back arched into his warm hand. He licked and sucked at her breasts, his tongue flicking from one peak to the other while his other hand tugged at the strings of the bikini, trying to release her throbbing breast from it, but giving up when he felt a soft hand tighten over his forearm as she shook her head at him.

Setting her down into the water, Khushi let out a gasp as the sudden coldness of the water hit her legs. He chuckled and she whirled round, glaring at him before breaking into a smile and she pushed him back lightly. His hand tightened on her wrist and for the third time that evening she felt herself pulled flush against his chest and he clasped his hands around her navel while he bent his mouth towards her ear.

'En el mar?' his voice questioning and amused and she gasped as she felt his thumbs slip under the strings of her bikini and caress her mound. She was woozy and light-headed and it was all happening to fast, but the rising fear and panic in her mind was fast forgotten as she felt his fingers touch and stroke her, his mouth biting down into a shoulder as he slipped a finger inside her.

This is wrong a voice screamed in the back of her mind but Khushi had never felt more alive and she moaned and writhed in his firm grip, arching her back and letting his tongue and hands destroy her morals and values.

'Do you like it,' he murmured against her cheek as he thrust his fingers harder into her, his other hand cupping and squeezing her breast.

'Ah…aaah…oh,' she moaned in response, her voice high-pitched and strangled as she floated in a heavenly plane before suddenly she stilled, her body going rigid in shock and fear as she felt him guide her hand under the waistband of his trunks and clamp onto his hardness.


 The voice screamed in her head, the panic washing over her in torrents as she struggled to get her hand free.

'Babe…what are you doing,' he groaned as he tightened his grip on her hand, forcing her to rub up and down against his length, and Khushi felt blind terror overtake her body. Mustering all her strength she broke free and stumbled away in the water, covering her exposed body from his view with her hands, her eyes wide and her hair dishevelled.

'Babe..?' he asked, a hesitant smile touching his lips, but his eyes had grown cold and merciless.

'Get lost…I don't want to do this,' Khushi called out as the high came down and her survival instincts kicked in. All at once she took in the situation; she was in the sea, with a total stranger, who wanted to do it. Searching frantically for help she realised to her shock that they were far too down the beach to even be seen let alone helped by any of the drunken people at the party.

Holy f**k….

And then she felt it. His hands holding her by the waist tightly as he looked at her determinedly, his hard-on clearly visible, blocking every thought out of her brain as she controlled the urge not to hit.

'GET THE HELL AWAY FROM ME,' she shouted into his face, pushing at his chest, but his grip only tightened and she saw his eyes harden to unforgiving chips of granite before he spun her round and in one swift move removed the top half of her bikini before pushing her hard.

Stumbling slightly in the water she glared back at him and he moved a step closer and said in a low voice, 'nobody leaves me out in the cold,' and with that he turned back and left the water, taking her bikini with him.

The tears fell fast and Khushi hugged her arms tighter across her chest as she stood shivering in the water, unable to fully understand what had just happened, what she had allowed to happen. Her head ached from all the alcohol and although she had sobered up from the water, she still felt unsteady on her feet. She stayed where she was for a few minutes, sobbing softly, before she started to move laterally across the water till she was in line with the beach party.

She'd wait. Wait till they were all passed out or too drunk to remember before she could sneak past and pull some clothes on. This was it. The last straw. She was going to take the first f**king plane out of here; go back home and work her arse off and Anoushka, NK and the rest of her stupid friends could go to hell for all she cared.

Like and Comment:)

If you want PMs for future updates, buddy me

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nabnab Senior Member

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RabbaveyBaby Groupbie

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Posted: 12 August 2012 at 9:30am | IP Logged
Wait what?! Woah woah woah! So her friend was making out with Arnav. And Khushi was carried into the sea by someone in the same fashion, which makes me think that was Arnav too?
Aah confused! But I love this! It's so well written and your descriptions are just mind-blowing! I kid you not I could picturise it all unfolding in my mind! 
I really like it! It's so different and I like this whole new-gen take on it. This is why Khushi, you should not have got so drunk. But I feel sorry for her, what an ass! She just really needs to get away!

Anyway do update soon! And please PM me when you do. Thanks 

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bewakoofLadki IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 August 2012 at 9:51am | IP Logged
d  story is oltogthr difrnt

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love.piyali IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 August 2012 at 1:03pm | IP Logged
Perfect! Loved it! Please cont soon n do pm me...i'd love to read it..

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nabnab Senior Member

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Posted: 12 August 2012 at 1:32pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by RabbaveyBaby

Wait what?! Woah woah woah! So her friend was making out with Arnav. And Khushi was carried into the sea by someone in the same fashion, which makes me think that was Arnav too?
Aah confused! But I love this! It's so well written and your descriptions are just mind-blowing! I kid you not I could picturise it all unfolding in my mind!
I really like it! It's so different and I like this whole new-gen take on it. This is why Khushi, you should not have got so drunk. But I feel sorry for her, what an ass! She just really needs to get away!

Anyway do update soon! And please PM me when you do. Thanks

All will make sense in the next few chapters although LOL I've made khushi look like such a sket

Thank you for your lovely comment though
nabnab Senior Member

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Posted: 13 August 2012 at 2:27am | IP Logged
thebubblespop12 Senior Member

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Posted: 13 August 2012 at 2:45pm | IP Logged
Very interesting and well written. I loved it. I am so curious to find out what happened!! Please update soon!!

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