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April 04 2005 by chillyflakes

Fantastic Episode……I really hope and pray to God, that may he give good sense to Ms. Kapoor and may she continue this serial as good as she has begin it! But first things first, the serial seems to be a total rip-off from the Aishwyarya Rai starrer Taal and with a good mix of ''Maine Pyaar Kiya'' thrown in! Well whatever, as long as the serial continues its basic story line, it should be fine!

The episode beings with Angad's introduction once again (they are really cashing on him!!!) and  the same introductory song follows where Angad dances (hey, I thought he danced very well indeed) and then he touches Kripa's hands!

The episode begins properly with the show getting over, and Angad exiting the stage. Then they show him in the green room looking at his (sexy) image in the mirror and uttering a tired sigh (the been there, done that routine) and he then splashes water over his face and changes. Kripa is jostled among the crowd and as she goes out of the auditorium (just loved the girls expression in this scene, she is so adorable!) still dreaming about Angad and flashes of him keep coming and then she remembers the way he had touched her hand. Kripa is completely mesmerized, and then she hears shouts from a group of girls (Ekta should seriously consider getting better extras, they were awful!) that Angad is coming. Angad is then shown to make an exit towards his swanky, red, racing Car, and looked very dashing in blue denims! All the girls rush towards and him and literally clamber all over him asking for his autograph. Kripa is just too awe-struck after seeing him, but then realizes her good luck and rushes towards him, but the rest of the crowd is just too much for the poor, frail girl to handle and she is only able to catch his glimpse! Angad is smiling and signing autographs and then as he struggles to go towards his Car, where one of his friends is waiting for him, he touches a girl on her cheeks and she is shown to almost faint out of sheer excitement (very funny scene, btw). As a disappointed Kripa looks on, Angad gets into his Car (in the Driver's seat) and tells his cool dude looking friend, ''Lets Party'' and they zoom off, leaving poor Kripa with a desolate expression on her pretty face. (Hey this girl, Kripa acted so well in this scene, her expressions were so good and you actually end up feeling so bad for her, when she misses Angad)

Kripa  then notices Dilip standing near his Car talking on his cell-phone, she cheer up considerably and goes to him. Dilip is not very pleased at seeing her, but makes a pretence of being happy and asks her what is doing here. Kripa then begins talking in a very animated manner how she ended up taking lift in a Tempo and that it was the first time she had ever taken a lift, but she did not want to miss the concert. Dilip is least interested in listening to her story and quickly pushes her in his Car and they both drive home. Kripa asks him about the others, Dilip brushes her off and asks her about Surya Bhaan, as Kripa is about to tell him, Dilip's cell phone rings and he becomes busy on the phone. As a disappointed and surprised Kripa looks on, Dilip is constantly on his phone and he completely ignores her presence. As the Car approaches the Khanna House, Kripa assumes that Dilip will invite her inside and introduce her to other family members, but Dilip just drops her outside the Outhouse and goes to his own house. Kripa is shattered and remembers her Father's warmth and her Mother's love and wonders what is wrong with Dilip Uncle.

The next scene shows Dilip walking into his bedroom thinking how is he going to disclose about Kripa to Naina, who is shown sitting in her bed and working in an engrossed manner on her laptop (Whoever this lady is, does a really fine job of acting, she looks and acts real snooty and fits the role of the elegant socialite so well) Dilip tells her that he wants to talk to her on something, but Naina's cell phone rings and she begins to talk to some business associate and completely ignores Dilip (so we see, that the real problem of the Khanna Family lies in the Cell Phones!), Dilip is very irritated and tells her that when will she take a break and listen to him. Naina gives a frosty look at Dilip and tells him that Naina Khanna never stops and that it is only because of her that they are able to manage this huge an empire and also manage a superstar like Angad's career. Dilip is exasperated with Naina and tells her that he doesn't care whether she stops or not, but Dilip Khanna does stop and he switches off his bedside lamp and goes off of sleep and as soon as an equally irritated Naina shuts her laptop, Dilip realizes that he has still not told her about Kripa and that he will have to do it first thing in the morning.

The next morning, Kripa goes inside the Khanna House and meets up with Teddy, who is very nervous on seeing her and tries to make her leave politely. Just then a lady's voice announces, ''Tejeshwar, mera Apple Juice kahan hai'', and the Camera focuses on an old lady dressed in track pants (she is the elegant TV and Film actress Maya Alagh, for reference, she used to come in the Zee Serial Kitty Party). Teddy is quite rattled at seeing her and mumbles something about getting the juice in a moment's notice. As the lady scolds him in a firm yet gentle manner about how she likes everything on time, she notices Kripa standing and asks her in a matronly manner whether she is one of Naina's socialite friend's daughter, or one of the Music School student or if she is one of Angad's friends, Kripa blushes very sweetly and gives her introduction. The lady is very pleased and asks her how come Surya's daughter is in Mumbai and that too alone, Kripa tells her that she wanted to learn music and has come to join the Music academy run by the Khanna family.

The next scene shows Dadi (that's what Kripa calls her) and Kripa brisk walking alongside the beach and both of them getting along very well (so we have two good guys backing Kripa, Teddy and Dadi!), Kripa is shown to get tired and Dadi prods to complete one more round. As they come home, Kripa asks Dadi how come she stays in a different house than the rest of the family, for which Dadi says that Kripa should not misunderstand this, Dadi loves her family very much but she values her freedom equally and likes to live life in her own manner and that is why she has chosen to stay in a house very near to the Khanna House. Dadi seems to have taken a great liking for Kripa and tells her that she should join her in the morning walks and she will see how much difference exercise will make to her. Dadi then asks Kripa whether she will be seeing her in the evening at the Party for which Kripa answers rather apologetically that Dilip Uncle has not yet invited her and that she does not want to gate crash there. Dadi smiles at her an tells her that she should do what she feels is right, if her heart says to attend the Party she should or else not.

The Party Scene – Kripa is inside her room and is trying to concentrate on some music notes that she seems to be learning but the music is blaring from the Khanna house and she is not able to concentrate. Kripa thinks to herself how loud the music is and wonders what sort of a party will be going inside the house and then thinks about Angad and whether she will be able to meet him today at least or not. Inside the Party, the silly floozie Anita is shown to make an entry and is wearing some funny looking red dress and all the guys give her that ''Oh wow'' type of a look and she is obviously enjoying all the attention. Angad's brother is sitting on a couch with a disgruntled expression on his face and is drinking away to glory! Meanwhile Kripa decides that if she cannot go inside the Party venue, she can at least look from outside (poor thing, she is so damn cute!) and goes near the windows and peaks inside, mainly looking for Angad. Dilip seems to look in her direction and gives her a smile and beckons her to come inside. Kripa is elated and goes inside and as she is about to go near Dilip, she notices that he had been calling someone else. Kripa is very saddened and quickly moves out of the house and goes back to her room, thinking that she will never be able to see or meet Angad this way and that this could have been the perfect moment to meet him. As she is about to enter the Outhouse, she hears the Gatekeeper shout to the driver to take out Angad Baba's Car, and that is coming down in 5 minutes. Kripa eyes just pop out of excitement and she thinks to herself that God couldn't have given her a better opportunity than this one to meet Angad one to one. As she sees Angad coming out of his house and going towards his Car (a very smart yellow coloured racing Car with Angad 1111 written on the license plate), she rushes toward the Car and then she stumbles on a huge potted plant and her slipper comes off. As Kripa looks at Angad sitting in his Car, she throws away her slippers and rushes bare feet after him (very touching scene) but he has already vroomed off, leaving a heart-broken Kripa looking wistfully at him!

Afterword – I really like Dadi very much, she is quite different from the stereo-typical Grand Dame they show on television plus the actress potraying the role is very good! Neha is simply adorable, she has such an aura of vulnerability and innocence about her, you feel so protective towards her! She really brings out the childishness and innocence of Kripa very well! Not much of Angad, I guess Ekta is trying to tantalize the viewers by just showing glimpses of him for some time and postponing Angad and Ekta's first meeting! But Angad did look quite suave in the Denims especially when he splashes water all over his face!

The Promo for tomorrow's episode shows Angad's brother discovering that Dilip has hidden Kripa in the Outhouse and that Naina does not know about it yet. Anita is making a dig at how these small town people are so fascinated by high class people like them! Looks interesting, not too sure if they will show Angad and Kripa meeting tomorrow also or not!

April 5 by swati08

ok, the episode begins with the party and angad arrving  outside his house.  angad's friend calls him and tells him to go and change in outhouse for the interview.  he arrives at the outhouse all drunk and sees kripa.  he comes really close to her and tells her to wash n iron his jacket.  he thinks kripa is a new maid.  something happens and suddenly all the media comes to outhouse.  they see angad and kripa together and thinks that kripa is angad's girlfriend.  they start asking him questions n finally angad's mom and dad arrives and handles the situation.  Angad's mom tells the media that kripa is angad's childhood friend and daughter of surya(don't know his name).  angad's parents have an argument and angad's brother comes up with a plan that only reason kripa came to mumbai was to join the academy n he won't let it happen.  so kripa have to go back to nainital.  there were some scenes really sad about angad's parents ignoring kripa.  they also introduced new characters.  i think it was angad's mom sister n her daughter. 

April 06 2005 by chillyflakes

Kripa is so cute, she makes me go so mushy…..where on earth did Ekta find her, she is such a darling! This girl is going to take away every possible television award this year! But girls bad news, no sign of Angad today…..except that we could see his pics, but not the guy in action…..Ekta is testing our patience!

Anyway, the update goes like, Alia makes an entry in her Bike, looking good! She bumps into some guy, and gives a ''I don't care for you bugger'' look and asks him rudely, ''lagi toh nahin naa, ab hat jaao raaste se.'' As Alia takes off her helmet, the guy goes like, ''Oh its you, Alia the great, who else.'' Alia just gives an attitude loaded look to this chap and drives away. (I think she will be one cool character!) Kripa meanwhile, comes to the Academy in an auto, to the Soul Music Academy (what a cheesy name!) and wonders that if her dream will come true or not of becoming a singer. Kripa looks around (Dance classes and Music classes going on) and is quite fascinated by the building and the surroundings. She meandes her way through to Kartik's Office (he is like the CEO or something, whoever the guy is, he does a very good job!) and enters, as soon as she is about to take a seat, he snubs her and tells her that he is busy presently and that she  should wait for him outside. Kripa very innocently nods her head and waits outside, and keeps waiting for ages, till the peon comes and calls her inside. Kartik asks Kripa in a very patronizing way if she has seen around and she would have guessed by now what a prestigious academy Soul is and that before getting an admission here, she will have to give an audition with some Prof. Shivamani. In what I felt was an incredibly cute scene, Kripa immediately begins to gear up for singing, assuming that she has give an audition immediately, Kartik looks at her with ''What the hell'' and tells her that ''Yahan nahin, Prof. ke saamne. Kripa looks apprehensive but still confident and readily agrees to give the audition and goes for the same. Kartik smiles to himself and says that Prof. Shivamani is the toughest music teacher in the Academy and Kripa will have to very, very good to get through him.

Kripa is waiting in the Audition Hall when Anita and her group of bird-brain friends drop by and Anita gives a sly look at Kripa and then goes on to introducer her to her group (she calls her Kaya intentionally!) and asks her what is she planning to sing for Prof. Shivamani, Kripa very innocently says that she has been learning Classical Music for the past 8 years and that she will sing one of the Raagas for him. Anita immediately rolls her eyes and tells her that Prof. Shivamani just looks traditional but he loves these film item songs and that if she hopes to get an approval from him, she should sing a good filmy song. Kripa is at a loss and says that although she has heard a lot of these film songs, she has never attempted to sing one. Just then Prof. Shivamani (he is Anupam from Tumhari Disha) and Kartik come into the auditorium and Kartik introduces both of them. Kripa proceeds on the podium for the audition and looks confused, then remembers Anita's words, who is sitting with a catty expression on her face along with her friends and in an adorable scene, immediately belts out ''Kaanta Laga, Haye Laga.'' Gosh, it was such a sweet scene, and Kripa's character came out so well, her incorruptibility, her simplicity and her childishness! Kartik also lets out a small smile as the Prof. looks on wonderstruck and Anita has a smirk on her face. But she sings the song beautifully (I think it was Prajakta Shukre of Indian Idol who sang this for Kripa) infact, in a classical mode and as soon as she gets over with the song, Kripa is frightened looking at Prof. Shivamani's expression, as he looks at her sternly and gets up and then to everyone's utter amazement, he goes to her and blesses her. He says that in so many years of his experience as a Music Teacher, he has not seen such a great audition and that he is sure that Kripa will be the brightest star to shine in Soul Academy and a voice that will be remembered for ever. Kripa is thrilled to bits and her eyes well up, as Kartik and Anita look in disgust!!!

In the next scene, Anita and her friends are shown to be in a bad mood and are walking down the corridor, when they bump into Alia who taunts Anita why is she making such a rotten face for which Anita tells her that Kripa has got admission in the Academy. Alia is amused and tells her that when will she grow up and why does she continue to get jealous of people who are truly talented. Anita is bugged and tells Alia that she should not forget that she is her elder sister for which Alia very tartly replies that God should have blessed Anita with some brains also and then Alia would have treated her like her elder sister! Anita just huffs and walks off, while Alia looks on amused.

In the next scene, Kripa is shown to be in her room (she is still in the Outhouse) and is trying to fill up the Academy form and keeps talking to herself. She keeps remembering Prof. Shivamani's words that Kripa will be the brightest pupil ever to come out from the Academy (the first one being Angad!) and then she chides herself that she should not get into her day-dreaming mode again and that she will never be able to fill the form correctly. As she struggles with the form, there is a column in which the residence has to be filled up and Kripa wonders whether she should put her Nainital Address or the Khanna Residence in it and then she realizes that she has to get the guardian's signature on the form and decides to go to Dilip for the same.

There is a private party going on at the Khanna Residence (In Ekta's world, no one works, people just party!) and Naina is in conversation with some lady and Dilip is with some guy. The man tells both Dilip and Naina that Christina Sommers (who is some leading pop singer in the US) and Angad should come together for a new album and that he would like to initiate that. Dilip is just about to open his mouth to say something, when Naina buts in and says that Angad is open to all deals but everything should be on his terms and conditions and that he is as big a superstar as Christina Sommers if not bigger. The lady present agrees with Naina and tells him that anyone would be willing to give his left arm to work with Angad, and Naina is very pleased with herself. Dilip asks Naina where Angad is, and she goes to Anita (who is flirting with a guy, who is probably the Guest's son and is trying to get a date for herself!) and tells him to get Angad downstairs immediately. Anita is not pleased, but Naina gives a stern look at her and Anita makes a funny face and goes to Angad's room, where that cool dude friend of his is sitting and reading some book. Angad's room was shown nicely today (wonder when Ekta plans to show Angad clearly???) and he had some rather cool posters, looking very rad in all of them. (I especially liked the one of his in a white T smiling sweetly!) Anita asks the friend where Angad is and that Naina and Dilip are waiting for him downstairs for which the friend says that he is waiting for Angad to come out of the bathroom and that they are planning to go partying. Anita makes a face and says that Naina Mausi will kill Angad, if he is again gayab tonight, the friend says that he will make sure Angad is down for a moment to say hello to the guests and then they will scoot off. Anita says that no one on Earth can have control over Angad and that he always does what he feels like. The friend (who seems to have a crush on Anita) begins to playfully flirt with her and she seems to be unaware of him and then she rushes off. (The friend had an awful English, btw)

In the next scene, Kripa comes inside and says ''Heloo Aunty'' and Naina is horrified, she goes to her and tells her that Kripa should understand that they too have a private life and that next time before coming to the residence, she should take permission on the Intercom. Dadi (looking so beautiful in a sky blue salwar kameez and a lovely pearl necklace) is disgusted with Naina's behavior and looks at Kripa with sympathy. As a stunned Kripa is leaving the room, she hears the guest asking Naina who the girl is, for which Naina replies, ''Oh Nothing'' and Kripa is shown to be completely shattered. As Kripa walks down to the Outhouse, she remembers her argument with Gayatri where she had insisted on going to Mumbai by saying that everyone in the Khanna House will be there to take good care of her and her eyes well up with emotion. Kripa goes to her room and looks at her Family Photograph and breaks down (Did a very good job of it) crying as she misses her family's love and warmth.


April 07 2005 by chillyflakes

All in all, a bummer of an episode, Angad was not shown even once today, on top of that Kripa is in big trouble!

Some new characters have been introuduced, a girl called Mishti who is a student in the academy and Anita's ace rival, she has warmed up to Kripa in a big way! Kripa best buddy from Naintal, Harshini has also arrived Mumbai. Dadi's South-Indian Maid has also been introduced!

Khanna Residence (Naina's Room)

Basically the episode begins with Nethra and Naina getting a beauty treatment in their room and Anita generally bitching and gossiping around. Kartik comes by, and Anita teases him into getting a makeover done, Naina sarcastically passes a comment, that Kartik has no such need, because he is not a superstar. Kartik is miffed and walks out in a huff. Anita bitches to Naina about Kripa and says that there is one more person in the house who needs a desperate makeover, Naina is annoyed and tells Anita not to take her name, then asks about her whereabout, Anita gives out her silly putter and says that all of us behaved so badly with her, that by now she must have left for Nainital.

Harshini's House

In the next scene, Kripa is shown to meet up with Harshini who has come down from Naintal to join the Academy and she recounts the entire story till date. Harshini is disgusted but assures Kripa that she should not let hypocraites like the Khanna's down her morale like this and that Kripa had come to Mumbai to fulfill her ambition to become a singer and that she should go ahead with it and not bother about anyone. Kripa is not easily consoled and says that singing was never her ambition but a passion for her. She had come to Mumbai for learning Music and that she is very disappointed by the Khanna family and that she cannot learn anything in such an atmosphere. Harshini consoles her and tells her that now she is there in Mumbai and that they will both be there for each other and also have lots of fun. Kripa cheers up considerably.

Dadi's Home

Meanwhile Dadi is at her home and is thinking about Naina's ill-treatment towards Kripa and becomes very upset. Dadi's maid comes by and asks her why is she so pre-occupied, Dadi tells her that she is very upset over the fact that Naina and  the others are being so nasty to the poor kid and that Kripa is so young and alone in a city like Mumbai and instead of protecting her, they are making life miserable for her. The maid tells Dadi that Tejdhar (Teddy) was also telling her about Naina and Dilip's rude treatment towards Kripa and that the poor kid is having a hard time. Dadi teases the Maid with Tejdhar and asks her since when have both of them become friends (this was a rip-off from Hum Aapke Hain Koun!), the maid blushes and says that nothing like this is going between Teddy and her and that they just share stuff for professional reasons!!! Dadi then comments that if Kripa is strong enough and takes things in her stride and stands up for herself, then it will be good enough, else she will have to take stock of things to come, as she will not let injustice meted out to a girl like Kripa.

Soul Music Academy (Prof. Shivaman's Violin Class)

At the Acadmeny, its Kripa and Harshini's first day and  they join Prof. Shivaman's classes. Prof. Shivamani is very pleased seeing both of them and introduces them to the class by stating that both of them have learnt music for 8 years in Naintal and everyone had heard Kripa singing in the auditorium yesterday and know how talented she is, and that Harshini is equally talented and that he is sure they will both excel in the academy. Anita is quite jealous and tells the Prof. that they are too junior and how come they are being put in the same class as the rest of them. Prof. Shivamani snubs Anita and tells her that he has heard both Harshini and Kripa and he feels they are far more talented than most of the seniors present. Anita and her friends are completely put off.

Soul Music Academy (Common Room)

Kripa and Harshini enter the Common Room and are insulted by Anita and her gang who tells them to scoot off. Harshini puts up a good fight and Kripa too joins her, Anita passes a mean comment that they should probably leaee the Common Room for Kripa and Harshini as the room is meant for Commoners! Kripa just cannot understand Anita's behaviour and stops Harshini from arguing further. A glamarous looking girl makes an entry, fair, tall and very model type looks, her name is Mishti and Anita is quite put off looking at her. Mishti passes a comment at Anita telling her that there were too many good people in the US and hence she started missing Anita and decided to come back, but she sees that Anita is still up to her old tricks and bullies new comers and kids! Mishti and Anita have quite an argument, where Mishti makes fun of Anita by saying that is she still trying tto get dates from guys who used to run behind Mishti and Anita very snobbishly says that she doesn't have to run behind anyone, after all no one should forget that she is Angad's. Misthi retorts that its a pity that a guy like Angad has a sister like Anita for him Anita decides that it would be wise to just keep quite and walks off with her floozies. Mishti introduces herself to Kripa and Harshini and tells them to come to her if they have any problem whatsoever in the future.

Khanna Residence (Anita's room)

Anita and her gang decide to get even with Kripa and Harshini and set them right. Anita suggest to the others that she will get Kripa and Harshini to come to the Discotheque with them and then they will have fun at their expense.


Dadi comes to meet Kripa at the Outhouse and tells her she had come to see if the delicate flower is still standing tall or has it started withering under the glare of the Sun. (Indicating to Kripa and the Khanna's) Just then Anita drops by and aplogizes to Kripa for her misbeaviour yesterday and offer her and Harshini to come to the Disco with her. Kripa is quite reluctant, but on Dadi's insistence, she agrees.


Kripa and Harshini go to the Disco, and Anita passes some sarcastic comment on Kripa's dress, but Kripa does not quite get it. Anita then offers them drinks and puts a sedative in them. But Mishti sees it and takes the drinks from them and warns Anita to mend her ways. Mishti gets two fresh glasses for Kripa and Harshini and tells Kripa that she should not trust people so blindly and not take everyone at face value. Anita then asks Kripa and Harshini to join them in the dancefloor, while Kripa refuses, Harshini goes ahead, a guy who was in Anita's gang kind of misbehaves with Harshini and tears her top. Mishti offers to help her out and takes her to her Car to change.

Another guy in Anita's gang goes and sits near Kripa and starts consuming Drugs, Kripa is not aware of the same. Just then the Police comes and announces that they have got a tip off that some youngsters are consuming drugs here, the guy sitting with Kripa has vanished by now, but the packet of drug is still lying on the table. Kripa is shocked and goes and stands near Anita who whispers to her that if the Police asks Anita something, Kripa should proxy for her. The Manager points to Anita first and tells the Inspector that she was the girl sitting with the guy consuming drugs, Kripa proxy's for Antia by saying that she was with her, the Manager then remembers and tells the Inspector that it was actually Kripa who was with the guy. As a stunned Kripa look on, the Inspector asks Anita who replies in the affirmative. The Inspector tells Kripa to come to the Police Station with her. Harshini and Misthti look at her helplessly.

April 11 2005 by nitica_82

Kripa is about to be taken to the police station n is blasted by the Khanna family when Meshti comes n aves her by showing police the recording of that druggie with  Anita. Naina does a whole drama of apologising to Kripa n blasting Anita. Later, she tells Anita to be careful the next time she plans such a trap for Kripa.

Kripa is shattered at the turn of eents n a call from her mom makes her decide to leave for Nainital. But Harshini reminds her of her dreams n love for Angad n Kripa decides to stay back. She gathers guts n tells Antia that she won't put up with her wicked antics anymore. iT'S WAR.

Angad is woken harshly by his mom to get reday for recordings n rehearsels.Angad is frustrated with this life n is becoming an addict to tranquilizers. When his friend tries explaining things to him, Angad just spats out that he is working 24x7 , what else do they want?

Preparations r in full swing for Angad-Anu Malik concert. Kripa n Harshini get the passes from Angad's grannie n the car as well. Kripa sees Angad n is about to go to him, when he starts his car back to reach the studio......

April 11 2005 by sonynyu

At the disco:


The episode starts with Naina scolding Kripa for getting involved with the drug dealer guy. Dilip tries to talk to the police, probably trying to tell them that Kripa is innocent. But Karthik, being the cold-hearted person he is, advises both Dilip and Naina to let Kripa settle the matter herself. Dilip agrees with Karthik and asks Naina to leave with him. Naina refuses, saying she wants to share a few more 'words' with Kripa. Naina stays back and warns Kripa that the Khanna family name should not get tainted because of the drug bust/scandal. Kripa looks dejected and hopeless. She can't even manage to fight for herself because Naina never gives her a chance to! Luckily, Mithsi arrives back at the disco with the guy. He tries to lie, saying that he and Kripa have known each other for a long time. But Harshini says that Kripa and her have only been in Mumbai for two weeks. The police arrest the guy after clearing up the matter.


Naina apologizes to Kripa for misunderstanding her. She only takes this action to protect her public image. Mithsi then exposes Anita by playing a recording on her cellphone that shows both Anita and the guy dancing together. Anita tries to muster up some excuse but Mithsi doesn't give her a chance. She threatens to show the pictures of Anita and the guy together from last year's annual day function. Naina calmly says there is no need for that and assures Mithsi that she will take care of Anita.


At the Khanna house:


Naina blasts Anita for her wrongdoings in front of the whole family. Everyone from Karthik to Dilip apologize to Kripa for misunderstanding her and rightly so! Being a sweet girl, Kripa tells them there is no need for that. Everyone eventually leaves the room except Anita and Naina. Naina then shows her true colors and advises Anita to make her next plan against Kripa 'fool-proof' Anita understands her maasi's advises and gives a sly smile. God knows what her next plan will be!


At the outhouse:


Kripa is holding her teddy bear and crying. The phone rings and its her family, back in Naintal. Kripa lies to her mother and says she is doing fine. Her father asks about the academy. Kripa gives the good news about gaining admission to the prestigious school. You can make out from her voice that she isn't as excited as she was before, due to the recent happenings. Kripa's mother gets back on the phone and suspects that something is wrong. Kripa continues to lie and says its nothing. She hangs up the phone. Kripa's mother calls again and tells her to come back home tomorrow. Kripa thinks it over and reluctantly agrees.


The next morning, Harshini finds Kripa packing her bags. Kripa gives her the news: she is coming back to Naintal. Harshini, being the best friend, tries to stop Kripa, saying its not worth leaving because of 'that' Anita. Kripa refuses to listen. A dejected Harshini says that if Kripa leaves, she will have to leave as well, and then what will happen to their dreams of becoming big singers? Harshini begs her to stay back for Angad's sake. However, Kripa still refuses to change her decision. Harshini then hands Kripa their scrapbook, full of Angad's pictures and their dreams! Kripa looks it over and finally changes her mind. Harshini is thrilled and the two get ready for classes at the Academy.


Khanna household:


Naina goes up to Angad's room to wake him up. Angad is sleeping on his stomach, totally out of it. Must have been all that late-night partying and drinking! Well, he's wearing a cream beige shirt and matching pants. Angad finally musters up the energy to sit up and he looks so innocent, hardly like the bad boy in the title song. Naina tells him she has a big day planned for him and orders him to get ready. Poor Angad says he is tired and has a headache. Awww! But Naina refuses to sympathize with him and says sarcastically, 'Of course you're tried, after all you're the one who works so hard.' Angad doesn't reply back and Naina leaves his room. Naina walks down the stairs and meets up with Angad's friend, Mannan. She asks him to make sure Angad gets ready. The friend timidly responds that he will.


Angad is still sitting on his bed when Mannan enters his room. A tried and totally out of it Angad asks Mannan to hand him the some pills. Mannan is shocked that Angad is taking the pills so early in the morning, but still hands them over. Mannan then advises Angad to listen to Naina and put an end to the late night-partying and drinking. Angad has a 'give me a break look' and replies that he works hard for 24 hours and needs some time to just relax and chill.

At the academy:

 Kripa-Harshini and Anita come face to face. Anita with a snobbish looks tells the two that they tried to get her in trouble but it won't work in the future. Harshini stands up to Anita and says that it was her who tried to get Kripa in trouble. Kripa then walks up to Anita and with confidence and poise says that she stayed quiet last night for the sake of Angad's family, but in the future she won't and she'll be keeping an eye out for Anita's plans. Anita gives a silly laugh, and warns Kripa that she'll make sure she leaves the Khanna house and Mumbai. Kripa says if she leaves Mumbai it won't be because of Anita and walks away from there. Go Kripa!


Afterwords, some excited students are shown talking about Angad's concert. Kripa and Harshi overhear their conversation. Both girls are excited about his concert and Harshi wishes her desire to attend the concert.


At the Khanna house:


Naina is on the phone with the concert organizers, going over the details on Angad's concert. She gets another call from the one and only Anu Malik. The two talk and Naina says the concert will be huge. Hope it is and also hope that Kripa and Angad finally meet!


At night, Kripa and Harshi are sitting outside chatting about Angad's concert. Harshini is worried because she wants to attend the concert but doesn't know how they will get tickets. Kripa teases Harshini, saying she doesn't know if she'll go since she already attended Angad's last concert and saw him up close and all! Before Harshini can say anything, Angad's luxury red car pulls up right in front of their eyes! Kripa is thrilled and also relieved because she can finally talk to Angad. However, Angad gets a call on his cell and must report back to the studio for some urgent work. His car pulls away and Kripa and Harshini are left disappointed. Harshini again voices her desire to attend the concert. Then we see someone hand over two concert tickets and backstage passes in front of Kripa and Harshi and its none other than Dadiji. She tells them to get ready tomorrow to attend Angad's concert. Harshini calls Dadiji their 'fairy godmother'. The episode ends on Kripa's dreamy face.

April 12 2005 by sonynyu

At the concert:


A show hostess or veejay introduces Angad's show to the TV viewers. In the background, we see all of Angad's fan cheering for Angad, waving their hands up in the air. The veejay moves away audience and introduces the viewers to the popular music director Anu Malik. She asks Malik why he is present at the concert tonight. Malik replies that he is a great fan of Angad, the rock star and adds that Angad is a 'damn good singer!' Next the veejay introduces another music celebrity, India's first Indian Idol the one and only Abhijeet Sawant. He hints that he might be performing with Angad at the concert! Well, the curiosity about the concert continues to build up!


Meanwhile, a stressed Naina is backstage, keeping an eye on the final preparations. Everything must be perfect of course. One of Naina's assistants informs her that the press wish to meet with Angad before the concert. Naina adamantly says that no one, not even the press, can meet with Angad before the concert. Naina then orders Mannan to get Angad ready (Naina, I think Angad can manage to get himself ready) Her eyes then find Kripa and Harshini walking backstage. Naina asks the two girls to go find their seats in front of the stage or else they will not find a spot to even stand. Kripa and Harshini follow her order.


At 8 PM sharp, Angad's concert broadcast starts. Fans are shown on TV saying they can't wait for Angad's concert, adding that their favorite singer Angad rocks the world!


Up front on stage, Anu Malik peps up the audience, asking them if they want Angad. Of course, all the fans scream out Angad's name at the top of their lungs. Malik finally introduces on stage the one and only heartthrob of millions: Angad!


And now for the amazing concert! Confetti starts flying everywhere, lights are moving all over the place and Angad comes on stage (wearing a silver tank top underneath a very cool leather black jacket and some matching pants) and starts dancing to some cool techno beats. Just watch his amazing moves and facial expressions! After the initial songs ends, there is a fade out to the next song: a techno version of the Kaisa Ye Pyar Hai theme song. Angad changes into a red leather shirt, runs on stage and asks all the fans 'Do you want more? Get more!

 The fans go wild, Kripa and Harshini too. The camera angles in the concert sequence were amazing. Kind of made me dizzy but the way they zoomed in and out and showed the various angles of Angad and his dancers was great. Interestingly, Naina and Dilip were also standing with the crowd during the concert.


Angad next plays the drums, with much energy and adrenaline! He ends the drum routine with a band on the cymbals. A slow version of KYPH plays in the background and the camera alternates between Kripa's ecstatic face and Angad's cool one. Abhijeet Sawant performs next, a 30-second version of the popular song 'Mohabbetein Lutaounga'. At the end, he hands over the mike to Angad, who gives him a pat on the back. The concert ends with Angad giving a flying kiss to all his loving fans.  


After the concert, Angad gives an interview to the press. Kripa watches him from a distant, hearing all his words. First question from the press is 'How did the concert go?' Angad replies that it went great and he is very happy because his fans are happy. The next question is about his new romantic album and why its so romantic. Angad answers that 'love is the reason to live, love is an understanding, love is everything'. Kripa is impressed and memorized with his view on romance and one can tell her love and respect for Angad increases. Harshini tells Kripa that Angad is so down to earth despite being a successful and famous singer. Kripa of course would agree but at this point her attention is devoted solely to Angad and only Angad. Angad then walks past Kripa. She follows him to his green room, where she sees him giving autographs to his females fans, including some little girls. Kripa looks simply adorable in this scene. Harshini comes and takes away Kripa from the green room.


Back at the Khanna house, Kripa is shown dancing with her stuffed animal, thinking about Angad and his interview. Kripa looks under her pillow for Angad's photo, but doesn't find it there. She is slightly disappointed but continues to look for it. She decides to search in the study room. Meanwhile, Angad enters the outhouse with one of his girlfriends (or maybe some girl he met at the concert) They hug, romance and Angad charms the girl with his sensuous voice. The girl laughs and Kripa hears it. Angad and the girl to into the outhouse room. Angad tells her that the room is reserved only for his 'special friends' The girl laughs and says 'So I am only your special friend?' Yeah whatever. Angad takes a lipstick and signs his name on the girl's back with it. He says 'With this autograph, you will always be mine.' Kripa walks into the room at this moment and sees the two close and together. Kripa is horrified and walks away from the room. Angad and the girl don't notice her. Kripa drops Angad's photo, starts crying, The episode ends on Kripa's dejected face with the slow version of the title song playing the background.

April 13 2005 by chillyflakes

Main Players in the Episode

  1. Angad
  2. Kripa
  3. Prithvi
  4. Alia
  5. Anita and her friends
  6. Harshini
  7. Dadi
  8. Prof. Shivamani
  9. Angad's one-night stand

The episode beings with Kripa's shell shocked expression on watching Angad flirting outrageously with that one-night stand of his. Kripa walks out shattered and heartbroken and looks behind once more at the room where Angad is cosying up with the girl and goes back to the living room and sits in a corner still holding Angad's pic from her hand.

A POTENTIALLY EXPLOSIVE SCENE (But nothing really happened) Outhouse

  Its midnight and Angad walks down to the living area to get a bottle of water for himself, Kripa is still sitting where she was and looks numb and dumbfounded, and does not notice Anagad coming and nor does he (selfish, self-obsessed creature) and the girl comes from behind and hugs him and says that ''I love you.'' Angad gives her a ''Lay off will ya'' look and just smiles causally and says, ''Ye kya love shuv laga rakha hai, what do you want.'' The girl is embarrassed and does not say anything. Angad very coolly says that what is she wants, a chance to appear in his album, or a chance to travel abroad on his stage shows or a chance to sing with him. Kripa is listening to all this and is just too shocked to offer any kind of reaction, and just keeps listening. Angad then tells the girl that he has arranged for her to appear in his next Music Album, is she happy. The girl is embarrassed yet cannot hide her happiness, then hugs him. Angad is like, yeah whatever, who cares, I won't even remember your name tomorrow morning. Kripa is still sitting there numbed, and is all the more shocked when she hears Angad telling in general, that Love is just a commodity for me, it just does not exist in my life. Love is just a dream, something which I am not foolish enough to dream, I only peddle it for others so that it will help gain me name and fame. I just use to my advantage. Kripa is so disgusted, and still standing in the corner, while that girl leaves the house. Yeah, just when I thought that Angad and Kripa are left alone in the outhouse, Angad takes off the shirt that he was wearing and flungs it back, which falls right on Kripa's face. Kripa keeps thinking of all that Angad had said in his interview and then she thinks about all that she saw and heard right now. Kripa throws his shirt in revolt and anger.

The next morning, Kripa looking so pretty in a orange and green Salwar Suit, is getting ready to leave for the Academy, when she glances at the same room where angad had put up the last night and then she looks sad and disconsolate and then has a sickened expression on her face as she tries to wipe off memories of what she saw and heard yesterday night and walks out of the house.


Alia, cool Alia, bumps her bike into Kripa! (These two are going to be buddies, yeah!) Alia keeps honking, but Kripa is lost in her thoughts and falls down. Alia in her typical style says, ''Aankhen nahin hai kya aur kaan bhi nahin hain kya, horn suayi nahin diya.'' Kripa is still dazed and apologizes softly, Alia softens up and asks her what is she doing here (she sees her coming from the outhouse) and then it dawns upon her that she is Kripa. Alia offers her a lift to Academy in her own quirky style (love this gal already!) and they both leave for the Academy. As Alia drops Kripa at the College, Anita and her gang of dimwits chance upon her, Anita is furious and asks Alia why on earth did she drop Kripa to College and why is she striking up a friendship with ''that girl''. Alia gives a royal snub and tells her to mind her own silly business and says that no one tells Alia whom to befriend and whom not to, so just lay off. Anita is like, ''Whatt???'' Anita's friends in order to cheer her up tells her that today is freshers day, why not do something that will cheer up Anita like anything (they refer to ragging poor Kripa, who else?)


Anita and her bummer friends have blocked the way to the classroom and when Kripa and Harshini try and enter, they tell them, ''Villagers'' (that was quite funny btw) today is fresher's day and that either they do what their seniors tell them or they accept that they are just a bunch of losers. Harshini loses her cool and accepts the challenge, Kripa refuses, but Anita bugs her so much,  that she too agrees to it. Anita then gives a garland to Kripa and tells her that the first guy up the stairs has to be garlanded and she will have to say, ''I love you'' to him. Kripa is shocked but in a spot and as she looks back, she sees the peon taking the stairs, Kripa just takes a deep breath and closes her eyes tightly and kind of throws the garland on the guy. The Camera pans on to a pair of shoes, white jeans and then a white jersey. Then they show a pair of nice arms holding a Violin and then they zoom on to his ears, one of which is pierced, then they show his eyes and then the guy finally. Its Prithvi……I thought he looked very nice! The guy keeps staring at Kripa and she in turn keeps looking at her. The guy looks mesmerized and love struck, while Kripa lowers her eyes and is unable to do anything. Just then, Anita is shown to be, Oh Shucks and then goes, ''Prithvi.'' He on the other hand just smiles casually at Anita and says, ''There you go again Anita, tum ne phir se apni harkatein shuru kar di.'' Anita and Prithvi seem to be very good friends, the way Anita speaks to him affectionately! Harshini on the other hand keeps staring at Prithvi, and looks like she has lost her heart to him already. Then its Harshini's turn to garland and as she closes her eyes and puts the garland on the guy who comes upstairs, to her utter shock, its Prof. Shivamani. Harshini is petrified and the Prof. looks angry, just then Prithvi, the coolest one comes from behind and makes up an excuse for Harshini and the Prof. is happy with it and walks off. Harshini is now totally fallen for him. Kripa is shown to be lost and in her own thoughts, while Prithvi cannot lift his eyes from her. As Harshini hugs Kripa with relief, Prithvi keeps staring at Kripa's face with amazement while Harshini keeps looking at Prithvi.


Kripa and Harshini are shown to walk in the Campus, Kripa is looking exceedingly sad and lost, while Harshini keeps talking about how handsome and dashing Prithvi is and what a lovely name it is, while Kripa is oblivious to all this. Kripa then suddenly says that she is leaving for Nainital tomorrow, Harshini is shocked and asks her what is wrong, Kripa says that nothing is wrong, its just that she is not meant for a place like Mumbai and that her Mom was correct when she said that Kripa would be happy between her loved ones and that she wants to go back to her small, happy world. Harshini tells her that Kripa had earlier decided to stay back for Angad and her sake, did she do anything to hurt her, when Kripa replies in the negative, she asks if Angad said something to her, as soon as Harshini takes his name, Kripa looks very disturbed and says that she does not want to offer any explanations and that she has decided to go back to Nainital and nothing will stop her. Harshini is very sad and thinks to herself what could have gone wrong with Kripa and then decides that there is just one way to stop Kripa and that she will never be able to refuse that person.


Harshini and Dadi are in a conversation where Harshini tells Dadi the entire story and says that Kripa refuses to divulge what prompted her to go back to Nainital. Dadi thinks to herself and tells Harshini not to worry and that she will do something, which will make Kripa stay back. Harshin is elated, while Dadi has a knowing smile.

The Promo of the next episode shows, Naina, Dilip and Kartik together, while Naina looking very frantic and worried asking Teddy where Kripa is, a somber Teddy answers that she is leaving for Nainital. Naina then says that now she cannot let Kripa leave this house at any cost and that she will do anything to make her stay back!

April 14 2005 by puja

opening scene starts with anitas mom watching kusum on tv and then alia comes in complianing about how she wants to watch the football match, she doesn't get her way so she leaves and then anitas mom watches the news and sees that the anchor is talking about angad and how his childhood friend kripa sherma is going to sing with him on his upcoming album. Anitas mom is surprised so she calls naina who is sitting in her office working.

Naina turns on the television and see that the news reporter is talking about how angad is going to have kripa sing on his next album. Naina is shocked. Then they have an interview with angads dadi, dadi says that kripas dad had done so much for the family just when they were starting out and so it is now their turn to help and that would be by having kripa sing on angads next album. Naina is shocked and furious.

Kripa is still upset about angads behavior from the night before and has made the decision to go back home, she is packing her clothes. In the main house naina and dilip are discussing how could his mother have done such a thing, then dadi shows up. She reminds dilip that he is where he is because kripas dad had sold his farm and his wife's jewelry so that he could fulfil his dream, and then she tells naina that she has changed from what she was before, and that all the money has changed her and made her into someone bad. Dadi then leaves.

Naina gets really furious about it all and says to dilip that kripa has to leave now because she can't sing with angad, then kartik comes in saying that kripa can't leave, he turns on the television which shows that people like how kripa is going to sing with angad on the next album, it shows some humanity in them, and that it makes them the bigger than everyone else. the news reporter also says that his album sells for his recent cd have grown. Naina realizes that kripa has to stay, because she will help his image. Teddy then comes in saying that kripa is leaving for her home.
Naina and dilip try to stop kripa from leaving but she doesn't listen to them and leave in the taxi for the airport.

Naina, dilip, kartik are sitting in the living room disscussing how they will bring kripa back and if she doesn't come back then what will they say to the media about her not being there. All of a sudden kripa shows up and everyone is surprised, then dadi shows up saying that she brought her back. Dadi had told kripa that the only reason she is leaving is becuase her expectations weren't being met and that now there is no reason to stay, but kripa still has her dreams of being a singer so she should fulfiil them, so kripa comes back. Everyone is glad she is back and ask her stay in the main house but she prefers to stay in out house, so she leaves and then anita and naina are talking. Naina doesn't like her being here but if she can help angad then its good she stayed.

April 14 2005 by chillyflakes

Main Players

  1. Kripa Sharma
  2. Dadi alias Devyani Khanna
  3. Naina Khanna
  4. Dilip Khanna
  5. Harshini
  6. Anita
  7. Alia
  8. Nethra
  9. Kartik Khanna
  10. Naina's Secy


The episode begins with Nethra watching ''Kusum'' on TV and getting very involved in it, Alia comes in, looking pretty smart in jeans and a halter neck, and takes the remote from her and says that she wants to see the Sports Channel. While flicking the channels, she puts on the News Channel, and Nethra takes the remote from her saying that at least let her watch news, if nothing else. Alia gets up in frustration and says that she is going to her friends home to watch TV (the entire Khanna house has just one TV???), a news comes on some K Channel (that's Mr. Bajaj's Channel from KZK, talk about self-promotion for Balaji!) that Superstar Angad's new, yet to be released album, Kaisa Ye Pyar Hai is going to launch Kripa Sharma along with him and that she will be singing in the album with him. This news has been confirmed from Devyani Khanna, Angad's grandmother who has herself announced this. As a shocked Nethra watches the television, Dadi comes on screen and smiling belligerently declares that Angad and the Khanna's want to prove to the world that humanity is not gone from the world and for this they have decided to give a chance to a rank newcomer like Kripa to sing alongside an established, super-star like Angad, because Kripa's father had helped Dilip Khanna become what he is today.


A stunned Nethra calls up Naina, who is sitting in her Office (looking very much the dominating businesswoman, in a power-suit) barking instructions to her secretary, and Nethra tells an irritated Naina to switch on K Channel immediately. Naina cannot believe her eyes and ears when she listen to Dadi repeating the same stuff.


The next scene shows Naina and Dilip in a furious conversation with each other where an outraged Naina shouts on Dilip, what has gone wrong with his Mother and what does this nonsense mean. Just then Dadi comes from behind saying that she will explain what this ''nonsense'' means. Naina and Dadi have a furious conversation, in which Naina tries to insult Dadi, but she gives it equally back and passes some good barbs at Dilip. Dadi says that Naina and Dilip might have forgotten all about their humble background and how Surya (Kripa's dad) had sold off his farm and Gayatri's jewellery to help out Dilip, but she has not and she will not let them forget it also. Naina and Dilip are furious but they are unable to say anything. After Dadi walks out, Naina tells Dilip that she doesn't care what she has announced in the Media, she wants Kripa out of this house as soon as possible, just then Kartik comes and says that it is not possible now and that Kripa has to stay here at any cost. Naina asks him what the hell is he taking about, Kartik puts on the TV, where the announcer is saying that since the news has come that a rank newcomer has been given a chance to sing alongside Angad, his reputation has hit the zenith and he has consolidated his position over the music industry more stronger than ever. Then they show the audience reaction, where people praise Angad by saying that he has proved that unlike other Media personalities, Angad has lived upto people's perception and expectation of him and that they are loving him more and more. Naina is elated, then Kartik tells her that since this news has released, Angad's album sales have gone up by 35% and that distributors are asking for more and more copies of his forthcoming Album. Naina then tells Dilip that they have to have Kripa with them now, Naina asks Teddy very sweetly to get Kripa to them as soon as possible, a serious looking Teddy tells them that Kripa is leaving for Nainital right now.


Kripa is shown packing her stuff and remembering the few days that she spent in Mumbai, particularly all the Angad moments, when he touched her hand for the first time at the Concert, when she saw him at the Concert the second time, his interview, the way he was giving autographs to kids in the Green Room….and then she remembers all the sad moments, when Angad had thrown the jacket on her and assumed her to be the new maid, then the horrible scene, where she had seen him making out with his one-night stand and writing his name on her back, then all that he had said to the girl, then the way he had flung his black shirt on Kripa (accidentally). Kripa wipes her tears and then walks to the Taxi, the background tune of the Yaadein song is playing, as she loads her stuff onto the Cab, Naina and Dilip walk to her and then ask her rather sweetly where she is going. This was a brilliant Kripa scene and showed her remarkable strength of character and dignity, she very politely and firmly refused the Khanna's to stay back in Mumbai by saying that she has over-extended her stay in Mumbai and has taken undue advantage of their courtesy and that she is going to her Parents where she would be happiest. As a stunned Khanna's look on, Kripa goes away.


The next scene shows the Khanna's pottering in the living room, discussing what will happen now. Anita has also joined and she very meanly says she feels that all of them are over-reacting and they should be relived and happy that the down-market, loser Kripa has gone back to the Village from where she had come. Naina is irritated and tells Anita to shut-up and says that it is not the time to take out personal enmity and that what explanation will they give to the Media. Dilip says that not to worry, we will let out a statement that Kripa fell ill and that she decided to go back to Nainital. Kartik and Naina do not buy the explanation, just then Naina's secretary comes and says that Angad's records are breaking all sales figures and his personal reputation is on an all time high, since this news of Kripa singing with him has come out. Naina tells the gathered crowd that she had never thought she would say this, but if she wants anything right now, that is to have Kripa come back to the Khanna family.


Kripa is sitting in the lounge waiting to board onto her plane and she is remembering Angad over and over again and she is not able to stop her tears. Just then a girl comes and places her bag besides Kripa, and as she looks up, its Harshini. As a stunned Kripa stands up and asks her what is she doing here, Harshini says that they had both dreamt of coming to Mumbai and fulfilling their dreams together, if they cannot do that, let them break it together atleast. Kripa is touched and tells her that she does not want Harshini to abandon her plans because of Kripa and that she is leaving Mumbai for entirely some other reasons (she has still not told anything about the Angad issue), Harshini says that whatever the reason, she for one knows that Kripa is a very strong and determined person, and that if she could not withstand the atmosphere in Mumbai, then Harshini can never tackle it alone.


The scene shifts to the Khanna Household, where a worried Dilip, Naina, Kartik and a disinterested Anita are shocked to see Kripa walking in with her baggage and then as they stare at her emotionlessly, Dadi appears from behind and Kripa turns around to look at her and everyone bursts into a relieved smile except Anita and Kartik (he doesn't seem to be bothered by anything)


Just then Dadi comes and Kripa is stunned to see her. Dadi smiles nicely and she hands over a present to Kripa by saying that she wanted to say goodbye to Kripa and handover this present for Surya and Gayatri. Kripa feels very bad and says that she wanted to meet Dadi but could not due to some last minute rush, Dadi shows as if she is not bothered and says that it is ok Kripa. Dadi then says that she won't stop Kripa nor ask what has prompted her to leave Mumbai so suddenly. She says that there are two types of people in the World, Winners and Losers, so what if Kripa belongs to the second category, so be it. Kripa feels very awkward and tells Dadi that she is not a quitter and her reason for leaving Mumbai is not because she had some expectations of the Khanna's and of Mumbai and that fell short of her expectations, but it is Angad. Kripa suddenly bites her tongue and realizes what she has uttered and is not able to look at Dadi, who suddenly has a, ''Oh so that was it.'' And Dadi says with utter amazement that she had no idea that Kripa had come to Mumbai because of him, she had thought it was to pursue Music. Kripa mumbles something and tries to correct what has accidentally slipped out of her Mouth. Dadi then says that she won't stop Kripa from going back to Nainital, or recommend her to stay back in Mumbai, because now whatever Kripa does she has to do because that is what she feels right and that is what her heart says and not because of someone else. Kripa just keeps looking at Dadi and then breaks out into an endearing smile and says that she is willing to give one last chance, but this time to herself and not to anyone else. Dadi and Harshini are elated.


The scene shifts to the Khanna House, where Anita is like whatever, Kartik has no expression and Naina and Dilip are elated and tell Kripa very nicely that they are very happy that she had decided to stay back in Mumbai and that they are willing to do anything to help her out. Naina then offers to take Kripa into their house and tells her that she will stay inside the Khanna mansion from now onward, but Kripa very politely and firmly refuses and says that she is comfortable in the Outhouse and  that she knows her ''place''. As Kripa and Dadi walk out, Naina smiles victoriously,  and tells everyone present  that if Kripa thinks that she will take advantage out of them because of this incident, she is so wrong, Naina will make Kripa pay for each and every thing that Kripa gets out of the Khanna Household and that Naina knows how to use and dispose people at her convenience. Naina says that they have to put up with Kripa only till Angad's next album releases and becomes a blockbuster, and then she can go to hell or to Nainital, whatever comes first.

April 18 2005 by chillyflakes


Finally, Finally, Finally…..We get to see Angad and Kripa…..together!!! And boy, do they blow the screen away with their Chemistry or what!!! But its Angad who takes the cake, his mere presence is enough to evaporate everything around him, and it seems that he is only one present in the scene, that is the amount of screen presence he has!!! A great episode and an even greater one is awaited tomorrow, when Kripa will slap the living daylights out of Angad…….and he will raise his hand to slap her in exchange! We got to see the three principal characters together today….Angad, Kripa and Prithvi and it goes without doubt, who is going to be scene-stealer of this show! The most important thing, from now onwards, the story is going to focus on Angad and Kripa and their intense rivalry (which will eventually turn into friendship and then into love, but as of now, just watch the screen explode with fireworks!)


The episode begins with Kripa leaving the Outhouse for the Academy, where she meets up with Harshini (the other girl has been changed, the new one is ions better!), as these two leave for the Academy, Kartik's Car draws near them and surprise of surprise, Kartik tell Kripa that he will drop both of them to the Academy. Kripa is naturally surprised, but then politely declines. Kartik just ignores her saying no and insists on dropping them.


While on the way, Kartik stops the Car infront of the ''Soul Music Studio'' and Kripa is taken aback. On asking, Kartik tells her that he has some work at the Studio, he will wrap it off and then drop both of them at the Academy. Kartik then very sweetly offers the girls that they can both have a look at the Studio and some recording that is going on inside. Kripa is initially apprehensive, but Harshini gets pretty excited and then both of them follow Kartik to the studio. Kartik seats both of them in the reception area and vanishes. As Kripa looks around, her heart stops for a moment, as the Studio is full of Angad's pictures and Kripa realizes that she is unable to look at them. She avoids the memories of that eventful night which changed her whole thinking and attitude towards Angad and then tries to shut her eyes toward his pictures. Just then, the scene, that I was waiting for ANGAD'S BOOMING VOICE IS HEARD FROM OUTSIDE!


As an excited Harshini and an anxious Kripa looks sideways, they watch Angad entering the reception area looking like a Million Dollors! He is dressed in his trademark Denim jeans and jackets and has one of his ears pierced, he has a very attractive neck-piece and his hair is casually parted. Angad is completely oblivious to both the girls, as he walks toward the main Studio, he is greeted by Mannan (looking very cute, btw) and both of them sort of share a joke. Kripa is still stunned at the shock of seeing Angad again, and she remembers the same night once more and figets around very uncomfortably. Then in a very cool scene, Angad suddenly notices Kripa and Harshini and in the cutest manner possible, asks Mannan that, ''Yaar yeh dono ladkiyan kaun hai, pehle toh kabhi nahin dekha.'' Mannan lets out a small laughter and says, ''Yaar left waali ka toh pata nahin, magar jo ladki right par bethi hai, tu use kaise bhool gaya.'' Angad gets very curious and still smiling mischievously, he wonders aloud to Mannan that is she one of his ex-girlfriends or what. Mannan is very amused and says that, rack your brains buddy and remember who she is. Angad is like, is she someone whom he knows from the US, Mannan is now really enjoying and he keeps grinning and saying no, then Angad asks if he knows her from Australia or UK, Mannan says that come closer buddy. Angad has a very surprised expression on his face and says, no way, I know this girl from Mumbai, that's impossible, ''Yeh kaunsi waali girlfriend hai, yaar?'' Mannan now bursts out laughing and says that she is the same girl with whom you were caught in the Outhouse when you had fallen over her and a major controversy was averted in the last moment. Mannan then says that she is Kripa, your Dad's old friend's daughter. Angad has a ''Oh, so that is who she is….interesting, very interesting'' type of look and then gets a naughty glint in his eyes and whispers in a very conspiratorial manner to Mannan, that, ''Yaar ab is ladki se toh ek official mulakat karni hi hogi, she deservers this.'' (Cocky chap, this one is!) Mannan is like, whatever you say buddy. Angad very confidently strides towards Kripa, who looks ready to die, as she watches Angad walking towards her with a partly curious, partly amused expression, Harshini looks like she is going to faint out of excitement, as Kripa gets up,

Angad forwards his hand (he was donning a really cool silver bracelet, looked especially good in his arms!) and smiling (again he has a curious look on his face) says, ''Hi, I am Angad.'' Kripa just keeps looking at him, and then she remembers the first time she had seen Angad on stage and he had touched her hands while hi-fying with his fans and then she remembers the night when Angad had come to the Outhouse and thrown his jacket on her face and then how he had tripped and fallen over her, then she remembers his interview in which he had waxed eloquent about love and then she remembers the night he had got that girl with him to the Outhouse and all that tirade of his against love. Kripa's petrified face turns into one filled with disgust and loathing and she just utters a curt ,''Hi'' and walks away from Angad, who is completely taken unawares. Harshini is like, whats' wrong with you Kripa, and as a very surprised Mannan looks on, Angad is just so stunned that he is unable to react, he then turns back to look at Mannan and has a, what's up with her, kind of expression.

Kripa refuses to look at Angad, while Mannan walks towards him and whispers, howz that for a change. Angad gives a, oh yeah, I have seen that routine before, kind of look, while Mannan grins and says that, oh she is one of those playing hard to get types, ''Tujhe impress karne ke chakkar mein hai''. Mannan lets out a Catty smile and says (I loved the way he says this line), ''Yaar, yeh jo playing hard to get waali types hoti hain naa, they are the easiest to get in the end.'' And both Mannan and Angad break out laughing, while Harshini goes to Kripa and asks her what has gone wrong with her. By this time Anu Mallik, the big bore, has made his entry and after some amount of back-slapping and general bonhomie, Anu and Angad go inside the recording room for session along with Mannan in tow. Harshini tells Kripa, that Angad being such a huge rock star personally came to her and wished her, she did not even have the courtesy to shake hands with him and gave him such a cold response, what would he be thinking of her. Kripa refuses to say anything, but her eyes well up with tears as she keeps thinking of Angad's night out with that girl (the scene keeps flashing infront of her eyes).

Simultaneously, Angad is shown recording for some song, and he complains rather sweetly to Anu Mallik that why is he always given these soppy, love songs to record and why not something different. Anu Mallik chides him back playfully that Love is an all time bestseller and that Angad's voice suits love songs. Angad is like, yeah whatever and then completes the record session. Anu Mallik is shown to be very happy and tells him that Angad should never forget that love is his forte and that his fortune lies in singing such songs. Angad then walks out of the studio, Harshini and Kripa are still seated there, while Kripa is thinking of the times when she was in Nainital and had bruised her leg to get home quickly so that she would not miss Angad's concert and then she thinks of his pic that she had hidden under her pillow, and then she is not able to stop her tears. Harshini asks her what is it that is bothering her so much, to which Kripa says that (lovely dialogue) ''Angad mera aadarsh tha, who insaan tha jiski mein itni izzat karti thi, jab apne aadarsh ko apni hi aankhon ke saamne jhoota bante dekho, toh dil par kya goozarti hai, who tum nahin samaj paaogi.'' Harshini who is not aware of the background is not able to understand but gets an idea that something has occurred between Angad and Kripa that has broken her spirit in such a way. Angad comes out of the recording room, and his cell phone rings, as Kripa listens to his conversation, he is shown to talk to some girl and then fixes up a date with her at 8 in the evening and then very casually plops his phone back. Just then some cheap looking girl enters (wearing a strange outfit!!!) and Angad goes like, ''Oh No'' (he looked very cute in this scene, quite reminiscent of Saif Ali Khan from Dil Chahta Hai!) while the girl goes all ga ga over him and tells him that they have to go tonight for a date. Angad very seriously tells her that he has to go out for Dinner with Mom and Dad (Sure, sure!) at 8 today and hence he wouldn't be able to make it. The girl is highly disappointed and tells Angad that he is always avoiding her, Angad has a bored expression on his face and somehow disperses her off and then heaves a sigh of relief. Kripa is now positively disgusted as Mannan comes from behind and both he and Angad make fun of the girl who just went out (Boys, I tell you….) Kripa just stand up and walks straight out with Harshini in tow, who has now understood what is so bothering Kripa.


Cute little Prithvi is shown to sit and stare at his notebook, he is apparently trying to complete his poem, but his concentration is someplace else. As he repeats the lines of the poems, he keeps remembering Kripa garlanding him and he blushes to himself (that was really cute!) Just then Mishti comes from behind, looking really smart, and hugs him and calls him, ''Bhaiyaa.''(So, our guess that Mishti and Prithvi are siblings is correct after all!) Both the brother and sister are shown to share a very affectionate relationship and they both pull each other's legs, Mishti is shown to have deep respect and love for Prithvi, whom we get to know is basically a very shy, introverted person, but highly regarded by everyone around. Mishti teases Prithvi about getting a girlfriend for himself and that he is way to straightforward and decent for these times. Prithvi is like, ok, ok, now don't start again. They both leave for the academy.


As soon as Kripa exists outside the Studio, a hoard of Media persons encounter her and barrage her with questions on how she feels to get a break with Angad, and how did she manage such an opportunity. Kripa is shell-shocked and is shown to go blank, as she tries to grapple with the onslaught of the Media on her. Just then Kartik comes from behind and protects her from the journo's and takes her to a corner, where he scolds her for coming out of the Studio. Kripa is still shocked and asks Kartik what were these people talking about, Kartik gives her a very cold look and tells her that they have decided to launch her in Angad's next album, Kaisa Ye Pyar Hai and that she should thank her lucky stars to be getting such a break, when half the world outside was struggling to reach someplace. Kartik tells her that rehearsals will began from tomorrow morning and that she better be on time. Harshini and Kripa leave for the Academy in Kartik's Car.


Kripa and Harshini are shown to be in a bitter argument, where Kripa tells Harshini very stubbornly that she will never sing along with Angad. Harshini is irritated and tells her that why is she being so pig-headed and people dream all their lives to get such a big break and that Kripa is unnecessarily making a mountain out of a mole hill. Kripa gets very emotional and replies back to Harshini that she came to Mumbai to learn Music and not make a career, she says that she is not ambition and that is the way she is. Harshini explains to her that, she should be grateful to the Khanna's who have given her such an opportunity and that it was her dream to meet Angad, now she will actually be singing along with him, what else can she want. Kripa tells Harshini that for every note she sang,  the Music within her began and ended with Angad and that he was the reason she wanted to sing and her passion of music started with him. But after all that she has seen of Angad, the way he treats people, his corrupt values and morals, his belief in the non-existence of love, she is badly let down and that she cannot dream of singing, especially along with him. Kripa says that she has got over her obessession of Angad with great pain and difficulty and that she does not want to take a chance where Angad would once again come into her life. Harshini says that it doesn't matter what Angad turned out to be, the fact is if Kripa is truly over Angad, then she should have no problems whatsoever singing along with him, he should not make any difference to her. Kripa has no answer to this and then Harshini in a mood to cheer her up takes her for a cup of coffee to the College Canteen. As Kripa and Harshini walk down the College Campus, a host of other students and professors congratulate Kripa on her good fortune to sing along with Angad and Kripa is again put off.


As Harshini and Kripa are sitting on some table, Mishti comes along and very cheerfully greets them both and congratulates Kripa very heartily and tells her that she is indeed very lucky to get a chance to sing with a super-star like Angad. Kripa feels very awkard and excuses herself to get Coffee for all of them.

Mishti is very surprised by Kripa's behavior and asks Harshini what is up with her, she looks so disappointed instead of looking excited, Harshini is not able to reply back. As Kripa gets the Coffee and turns around, she accidentally bumps into Prithvi and the Coffee falls onto his Shirt. Prithvi is stunned and keeps looking at Kripa, and then remembers the garland scene once again and a smile spreads over his face. Kripa is very embarrassed and aplogises to him, and in a very sweet manner asks him if she can wipe the stain off. Prithiv is shown to blush and says that its ok, he will manage. Mishti who is looking from far wonders what has gone wrong with Prithvi and that the time when she had poured Coffee over him by mistake, he had taken her to task the whole day, something is definitely fishy! Mishti and Harshini walk towards them and Mishti introuduces Kripa and Harshini to Prithvi, who smiles at Kripa and tells Mishti that he knows her very well, she had infact said, ''I love you'' to him, Mishti is wide-eyed, as Kripa very quickly says that, nothing like that, it was a bet with Anita. Prithvi laughs and says that he was just joking, nothing like that, but they have met before. As Mishti looks at Prithvi looking at Kripa with admiration, she lets out a smile. Kripa and Mishti both leave for some work, while Harshini gives a long-lost expression to Prithvi and introduces herself. Prithvi is still looking at Kripa who has long gone now, but very politely greets Harshini and asks her what is your friends name, to which Harshini says Kripa. Prithvi repeats her name and tells himself, what a beautiful name.


Naina is telling Kartik that Angad's World Tour is about to begin in two months and that she doesn't want Kripa around at that time. Kartik assures her that by that time, Tanya will be back from the US and then they can easily replace Kripa. Also the Media and the Public would have forgotten all this issue by then. (Tanya is apparently the lead singer along with Angad for all his Albums and Songs)


The next scene shows Kripa (looking ethereal in a red salwar kameez) along with Kartik in the studio, where he is giving her some instructions about the song and tells her that she has to be on time everyday and as she is the lead singers, the others will follow suit. Kripa is first shown to be a little anxious, then as she starts singing (basically a very melodious, classical version of the title track) she closes her eyes and remembers Angad, all the moments she had spent thinking of him, when she had seen him, met him and then the bad ones. Initally as Kripa sings, everyone around her is surprised, including Kartik, and some other guy who looks very impressed, Kripa keeps singing with gusto (she just sings the note, not the actual song, btw) and then she closes her eyes and her tune goes some other way (she does not go off-note, but starts singing on another tune) and the chorus group and the others present are stunned and everyone stops and starts listening to her. Kripa is completely unawares as she is shown to be totally mesmerized and singing with full passion. As she stops and opens her eyes, she is astounded to look at Angad standing real close to her (has an awesome, powerful, passionate, angry look in his eyes) and staring at her real hard. The episode ends on Kripa's shaken face.

April 19 2005 by chillyflakes


Kya Maara Re….bechara Angad toh gaya kaam se! Wow, what an episode, what a slap! And did Angad deserve it, oh boy! I am so rattled till now, can barely type this update! Angad rocked today, he just rocked! He looks awesome when he is angry, just mindblowing expressions and the boy knows to act, no doubt about that! Also our guess about Angad and Prithvi knowing each other is bang on target, infact they are childhood friends…..do I see parallels to Raj Kapoor's Sangam here!!! Amazing episode, the best till date, without doubt and it gives an indication of how good the serial is going to be!


The episode begins with Kripa going La…La…La (KYPH's signature tune), and her shocked face as she stares at Angad who is giving her the look of the year!!! Staring at her with a strange mix of expressions, Kripa just keeps staring back at him, and the Camera focuses on both their faces one by one! Kripa has a slightly petrified, drawn-back expression and Angad has a partly curious, partly amazed look. Everyone around, mainly Mannan, the Choreographer and the Chorus group is looking at Angad and Kripa, staring at each other without even blinking their eyes. Then in the most adorable way, Angad breaks into an endearing grin and claps his hand, as a stunned Kripa looks on, everyone else too joins Angad, as he tells her that you sang wonderfully, then he looks at Mannan and the Choreographer and says that, ''Kya gaati hai yaar ye ladki, I am impressed.'' Kripa just looks at Angad and does not say anything, then in the most unexpected twist, a girl who was standing behind Kripa, drops her bottle of water on the floor, Kripa turns back and bends to pick it up, and then, in what I thought was an extremely well-conceived scene, Angad who is still raving about Kripa turns back to her and, hold your breath, ''PATS HER BUMS'' in a very casual manner. Can you believe it, I was like, Whoa, I never thought of this! Kripa who is still bent is shown to be stupidified and she stands up straight and just stares hard at Angad and then, ''SLAPS HIM REAL HARD ON HIS CHEEKS.'' Everyone around is just rooted in their spots, as the Camera focuses on just Kripa's outraged expression and Angad's stunned face, he is just too shocked to react, then Kripa screams on him and tells him, ''Don't you dare touch me again.'' Angad's expression changes from a shocked one to that of complete anger and outrage and his eyes burn with intensity as he just keep staring hard at Kripa, who also doesn't flinch. Angad then raises his hands and Kripa is shown to be scared out of her wits, everyone around is just dead quiet, Angad then brings his hands down, as Kripa is shown to catch hold of her breath, but she does not flinch from her spot, nor does she lower or avert her eyes from him. Angad still has a livid expression on her face, and then suddenly he moves towards her, Kripa who looks as if she is going to die any minute, moves back, Angad keeps moving towards her and she keeps moving back, and both of them do not take their eyes of each other (boy, it was so romantic, so passionate, so exciting) and then Kripa's back hits the wall and Angad comes very, very close to her (I thought that he will kiss her at this moment, how disappointing!) and as Kripa (who seems to be so scared that she is not even breathing) looks on, Mannan calls Angad's name from behind very slowly as if to stop him, Angad who still does not take his eyes of Kripa (Man, is he intense or what) stops Mannan by just raising his hands and Mannan is quiet. Angad then brings his hands up in the same position and raises to slap Kripa, and in a stunningly brilliant scene, brings his hands very close to her face and smashes it on the Wall (Gals, I was this close to having a heart-attack in this scene!) and then brings himself even closer to Kripa and says in a cold, icy tone, laid with incense and fuming with anger, ''Get Out'' ''Right now, abhi isi waqt yahan se dafa ho jao.'' Then screams at the top of his voice, ''I said just Get Out'' Kripa is completely rattled and her eyes well up with tears and she just walks out (I liked the fact that she walks out and does not run outside, good for her!). Angad is then shown to be livid with rage and is barely able to control his trembling, he is still staring at the door through which Kripa has just exited and then he gives a cold stare at Mannan and tells him that he does not want to see her face ever again and she has to be thrown out right now and then. Mannan is just too shaken to react and just nods his head.


In the next scene, Angad is boxing at his home (looking va..va…vroom!) and has the same intense, angry look on his face and keeps remembering Kripa's resounding slap to him and boxes even harder. Mannan comes from behind and asks him if he is Ok. Angad who is still punching hard, does not stop and tells Mannan that how dare that girl slap him and that too in front of his own troupe and juniors. Mannan tells him to just cool down and says that he should not have thrown her out in this manner. Angad stops punching and gives a furious look at Mannan and tells him that, the girl slapped him, slapped Angad, he will never forget this insult and she will have to be taught a lesson. Mannan does not reply back, then Angad thinks something to himself and then replies in a terse voice that he wants that girl back for the rehersals. Mannan is like, but why, she slapped you infront of the whole world and then you threw her out in such a bad manner, now you want her back. Angad pours himself a drink (and does he look Dishy when he does that!) and after taking a sip, tells Mannan, that no one till date has had the guts to even raise his voice against Angad, and that wisp of a girl actually slapped him. Angad says that by throwing her out of the house and out of the Studio, it will be letting her go very easily, he will even out with her in a manner that she will never forget it for her whole life. Mannan is not very pleased, but is also not in a mood to counter Angad and tells him that she will never come to the rehearsals. Angad gives a devil-may-care smile (that's his signature smile btw, which has Nitica & Me particularly go weak in the knees!) and says that she will come back, she will surely come back, when Angad goes to her and gets her for the rehearsals. Mannan just keeps quiet and offers no opinon.


The next scene shows Kripa alone in the Outhouse in her room, crying and thinking about what happened, when someone knocks the door. As Kripa opens it, she is stunned to see Angad standing  there, with one of his hands resting on the door and he gives a hostile stare at Kripa. She just gives one look, makes a face and goes inside. Angad follows her inside and both of them have an awesome confrontation. I could not follow this scene too well, as my cell phone rang at the wrong time! But I remember one brilliant line that Angad says to Kripa, ''You have slapped Angad the Man, not Angad the Star.'' (Brings out the guys smoldering strength so well) As Kripa listens to Angad with loathing and disgust, Angad tells her that he did not mean to touch her in any such way that she is imagining and that he has no dearth of girls. Angad says that he has such power and influence that he can get any girl that he wants, any time of the day, then in a powerful sequence, he stands straight infront of Kripa and says, ''Tum Bhi, Kripa, tum Bhi.'' Kripa is just too disgusted to say anything and just gives a ''Oh lay off you creepo'' type of look! Angad says that he is not letting go off her that easily and that he will make her pay for her insult to him today. Angad then tells her to join rehearsals from tomorrow morning, Kripa is shocked and tells him pretty harshly that she won't come and why should she come, especially after he has thrown her out of the Studio infront of everyone and told her not to show her face again. Angad gives her a, who cares to explain to you, type of look and then says that is she afraid of him, that is why she is refusing to join him. Then Angad lets out a small smile and says that, is she too like one of his innumerable fans, and this was just one of her ploys to attract him (boy, is he cocky) and that she does not want to join him for the rehersals because she is afraid that she will be madly attracted to him and probably fall in love with him. Kripa just gives a dirty look at Angad and tells him to stop day-dreaming and says that she does not care two hoots for him and he can just get lost. Angad then provokes her and tells her that if she has any guts in her, then he wants to see her tomorrow morning at the rehearsals. In a powerful sequence, Kripa gives a hard, cold stare at Angad and tells him that, ''I accept your challenge.'' Angad too keeps staring at her and tells her that, no, not like that, you have to sign a contract, which will bind you to complete this assignment. Kripa does not think or even bother to read the papers and just snatches from him and signs them and pushes them in Angad's hands. Angad gives her a ''just wait and watch baby, just wait and watch what I do with you'', look and walks out of the room, as Kripa is left emotionally shattered!


Prithvi and Mishti are sitting together and Prithvi looks lost in his thoughts. Mishti starts pulling his legs (thankfully she calls him by his name and not address him as Bhaiyaa!) over Kripa. Prithvi blushes like mad and tells her to shut-up. All the while Kripa (wearing a very pretty lilac salwar kameez) is sitting on a table just behind them, but she looks very lost and sad as usual, Misthi has noticed her, but Prithvi has not. Mishti deliberately asks Prithvi questions on Kripa and whether he likes her or not, Prithvi just brushes her off. Then Mishti calls Kripa to join them, and then leave both Prithvi and Kripa behind, and whispers best of luck to him! Prithvi tries to make small talk with Kripa, but she is very disturbed and then Prithvi asks her very sweetly that is she upset over something, Kripa just smiles and avoids answering him. Prithvi then in a bid to cheer her up tells her to join Mishti and him for a Party tonight, Kripa very politely refuses, but then Mishti comes and insists her on joining them.


Kripa, Prithvi and Mishti enter the discoteque, Mishti vanishes with her friends and Prithvi and Kripa are left by themselves! Kripa looks very lost and upset, and her eyes seem to search for Harshini, she asks Prithvi if he has seen her around, Prithvi is least bothered and in his very cute, innocent way, tells Kripa that she is looking very beautiful tonight. Kripa just smiles and says thanks (she did not blush, just smiled!) and then Angad enters the Disc, looking incredibly handsome in a white Tee and Blue denims (One this chap is blessed with such looks, on top of that he dresses to kill) and everyone in the disc gather around him for his autographs. Angad just gives a bored smile and obliges everyone, Prithvi's face has a sweet smile as he looks at Angad (indicating that they know each other very well) but Kripa refuses to turn and look at him, and her face goes all sour and upset once again! As Angad is busy signing autographs, his eyes fall on Kripa's back, and he recognizes her, he stops signing and just keeps staring at her, at the same moment, Kripa too looks back and both of them give each other a hostile, hard look. Kripa just walks out from there, making Prithvi wonder what's up with her. Angad is still mingling with his fans and friends, while his eyes don't leave Kripa (boy, is he romantic or what!) who goes to a corner and stands there looking miserable and lonely. Two drunkards who are standing nearby start acting fresh with Kripa, (Prithvi is nowhere to be seen, btw!) and Kripa tells one of them to stay away from her, and that he stinks of Alcohol, but both the guys act very cheaply with her and they kind of over-power her. Just then, in what I felt was such an Angad-Kripa seen, Angad who is looking at the whole proceedings, gets an irate look on his face and he walks towards Kripa and holds one of the guy's arms very tightly and tells him to just lay off. Both the creeps who obviously know Angad and are apparently scared of him, back off immediately. Kripa who looks ready to cry, heaves a sigh of relief but then realizes who her savior is!!! Angad brushes off those guys very coolly and then just gives that look of his to Kripa, who is now quite embarrassed and not able to look at Angad directly. Prithvi comes over and asks if everything is alright, Kripa assures him that's its ok. Prithvi and Angad then smile at each other and then as a stunned Kripa looks on, hug each other pretty affectionately, while Prithvi tells Kripa that Angad is one of his oldest and best friends and their families know each other very intimately. Kripa does not offer any reaction, while Angad keeps looking at her (he will just melt her one day like butter, if he keeps giving those looks of his!) Prithvi then very jovially asks Angad how are the rehearsals coming along and how is her friend progressing! Angad smiles sarcastically, which Prithvi does not seem to catch and then in his inimitable style tells Prithvi, that he should drop over to the Studio one day and see how his ''Friend'' is progressing. Kripa immediately senses the sarcasm in his voice and just looks at Angad with no expression, she still looks embarrassed. As Angad leaves to join his friends at the Dance Floor, Kripa says softly, ''Angad, thank you.'' Angad does not even bother to turn his head and just makes a, who cares expression and in a very snooty, arrogant manner walks off, leaving Kripa all the more miserable. Prithvi who's is not noticing this sequence!


Angad, looking his usual dapper self, in the same Sandoz (the red and white one, that he wore in the outhouse scene!) and Kripa, dressed in a lovely White Salwar Kameez are getting instructions from the Choreographer on the dance step. The song is ''Sholo si, Sholo si, teri aankhon ki yeh roshni, kiske liye hai…'' from the movie Shabd (Sanjay Dutt and Aishwarya Rai danced on this, lovely, racy number) and then Angad and Kripa began dancing, they are doing the Waltz, where the guy pulls the girl's arms towards him and she will twist and swirl to fall on his arms (the signature Angad-Kripa scene). Kripa is doing well, and Angad seems to be least affected by her, but the moment, she comes and falls on his arms, and he touches her cheeks with his fingers (as part of the choreography), Kripa is completely disgusted and stops dancing. Angad is very irritated as the choreographer asks Kripa what has gone wrong with her, she was doing fine till now. Kripa is embarrassed, and does not reply back, Angad is still staring at her coldly.


As the Music starts again, Kripa and Angad once more start dancing on the same steps and then suddenly as Kripa is shown to follow the steps perfectly fine, Angad's expression's undergo a dramatic change, and his face turns from a perfectly indifferent one to one filled with revenge and passion. He remembers Kripa's resounding slap to her and then her word, ''Don't you dare touch me again'' and then a madness comes in his eyes and he brings Kripa close to him with such ferocity and heatedness, it was just too powerful a scene. Angad keeps getting repeated flashes of Kripa slapping him and he keeps making Kripa dance forcibly with him, very roughly, he twists and twirls her and keeps banging her against him, as Kripa's words keep echoing in his thoughts. Everyone else is stunned and all of them stop where they are, but no one has the guts to stop Angad, Mannan looks petrified and so does the choreographer. Kripa is shown to be too dazed, and then after doing this to Kripa a number of time, never once leaving his eyes from her, he leaves her arms with full force and she falls real hard on the floor, as Angad gives her his trademark, angry stare, and Kripa winces in extreme pain, her eyes well up with tears as she looks towards Angad, who has a look of, ''The Battle-lines are drawn lady.''

April 20 2005 by chillyflakes


The episode begins with Angad twisting & turning poor Kripa all around him like a pendulum, with that revengeful look in his eyes and then letting go of her arms forcibly, she falls down with great impact and obviously hurts herself very badly! (Poor thing, felt so pitiful for her) Kripa winces in extreme pain, her eyes well up with tears, of both the physical hurt and also of the humiliation, Angad looks down at her and she looks back at him, both of them have a starting session, and then Angad gets a, ''Oops I am so sorry'' look and offers his hand to Kripa to help her get up, he actually apologizes, but with a very patronizing air, as if he intends to let Kripa know that it was deliberate. Kripa keeps looking at him, she looks in enormous pain, Angad then nods his hand as if to insist Kripa on holding it and getting up, just then another hand goes down to Kripa and as a surprised Angad looks sideways, its Prithvi, who first throws an upset look at Angad and then looks at Kripa with sympathy and affection and then in a brilliant sequence, Kripa gives one cold look at Angad and then takes up Prithvi hand and gets up with his support. Angad is taken aback and then gets a slightly jealous look on his face, I think it was more of a snubbed type of look, but it also had a hint of possessiveness! Kripa is wincing in pain, and as she hobbles along with Prithvi's help, who looks miserable after seeing Kripa in such pain (oh, Prithvi is such a doll, who won't love him guys!) takes her to a corner. Just then Angad who keeps staring at Prithvi and Kripa for some time, then tells the choreographer and the rest of his gang, let the rehearsals begin, as soon as he says this, both Prithvi and Kripa get a resentful and hurtful look in their eyes and they turn to look at Angad, who smiles devilishly and says that he can see that Kripa is hurt, she can go home and take rest, the rest of them will continue. Kripa and Angad stare at each other real hard, and then Kripa lets go off Prithvi's arms and tells Angad that she will continue to rehearse along with him. Prithvi looks positively shocked and Angad is completely taken aback and for a moment, his expression softens. Prithvi tries to butt in and tell Kripa that she has hurt herself very badly and that she should not dance, but Kripa tells him that she is ok and she wants to continue. The dance continues with Angad, ever so ruthlessly dances with Kripa, who is dying out of pain, but her self-respect refuses to give up and she completes the session. Prithvi looks miserable at Kripa's state, and Angad is both confused and irritated at the same time at Kripa's response to him. After the session is over, Kripa just throws a glance to Angad as if to indicate that she would not bend infront of him ever, and then picks her bag and walks out with Prithvi, who in his sweet manner takes the bag from her and escorts her to the Outhouse.


Prithvi drops Kripa to her room and asks her if she is alright. Kripa is still thinking of Angad and the way he had so forcibly danced with her and hurt her so badly and then how he had given his hand to help her stand up. Prithvi tells Kripa that she should take rest and get a hot water bottle for herself (awww, how cute can this guy get, chaps!), Kripa is still lost in her own world, she nods and says bye to Prithvi who keeps giving her such cute, lovelorn looks. As Kripa enters her room, she turns back and looks at Prithvi with affection and respect and a smile spreads her face, Prithvi inturn smiles back at her an then the garland scene flashes across his eyes and he kind of blushes and leaves the Outhouse.


Its late at night and Kripa is sitting on her bed and thinking about all that happened at the rehearsals and then she tells herself that why is she thinking of Angad so harshly and why is she losing her temper at him everytime and misunderstanding all his motives. The Butt-slapping scene keeps flashing across her mind, then the dance sequence where he was so rough with her and then the one where he gives his hand to her.

At the same time Angad (looking absolutely dishy) is sitting on his bed and thinking of the same stuff that happened at the rehearsals and then Kripa's eyes keeps flashing before his face and he gets very restless. Angad thinks to himself why is he getting so irritated by Kripa unnecessarily and why is he treating her like this (see, basically he is a good chap!).

Meanwhile, Prithvi is shown in his room and thinking of yet again the same scene and how Kripa had winced in pain and how much it had hurt him.

The background score of Kaisa Ye Pyar Hai plays and then the scene freezes Angad and Kripa's face on it and then Prithvi's face comes….basically the screen is frozen to show Angad on one side, Prithvi on the other and Kripa in between, all thinking about each other! (Quite filmy, but very cute nevertheless)


Naina is shown to be in a Party (this woman has nothing else to do) chatting along with some society ladies who ask her about the new girl they are launching along side Angad. Naina very patronizingly says that yes  they have decided to launch a new face with Angad and give chance to newcomers also. One of the lady says that she had heard that the new girl is very talented and isn't Naina worried that she might become a bigger star than Angad, Naina gets a snooty and angry expression on her face and says very proudly that many stars have come and gone, but there has been no one like Angad till date and no one would be ever able to take his position and fame. The other ladies wisely agree with her. Naina is then shown to frantically wait for someone, when one of the ladies ask her whom is she waiting for, Naina says that her old friend, Damini is expected to come back from her World Tour and that she is dying to catch up with her. Just then a woman, with long hair and dressed in White is shown to enter and Naina's face lights up like a thousand bulbs when she sees her. The Camera focuses on her face, its none other than the Jaya Bhattacharya (who plays Payal in KSBKBT) looking very different in a halter neck blouse and a white Saree with lots of weird jewellery and a big red bindi. Both the old friends greet each other affectionately and Naina tells her that she has so much to catch up on with Damini. They both go to a quiet corner and have a conversation, through which we come to know that Damini is a very successful, extremely rich (richer than the Khanna's, I suppose) entrepreneur and a widow. Damini is basically the head of a huge event management conglomerate and arranges all of Angad's shows. Then we come to know that she is also the Mother of Prithvi and Mishti and a very good one at that. Damini comes across to be a dedicated family person unlike Naina and handles both her business and her family very well. Naina then talks about Mishti and Angad's marriage (what about Kartik, was he adopted out of a dustbin, how does she always forget him?) and says that it is her dream to see Mishti as the Bahu of her house. Damini is shown to get very uncomfortable at the mention of this and tries to brush off the topic. Naina mentions to her that even though Angad has had lots of women in his life, he has never fallen in love with anyone and that he deserves a girl who would teach him the value of love and none best than Mishti for that. Damini does not seem to pleased by the idea but offers no opinion on this.


Angad is shown to toss in his bed restlessly, not able to sleep, he switches on the bed-side lamp and looks at the clock, its 2 Am at night. He gets up and searches for his sleeping pills, but finds that the bottle is empty. Angad gets a frustrated look on his face and thinks to himself that he has to get some pills else he won't be able to sleep a wink. He remembers that a bottle of it is kept in the Outhouse and goes to fetch it.

As Angad enter the Outhouse, he see's the door open and then keeps standing where he is as he looks at Kripa, who has her headphones on her ears and is singing the tune of the title track, completely engrossed in her music. Angad keeps staring at her and a lot of screen time is shown with Angad giving her a strange, curious mix of expressions, half enchanted, half fascinated, partly mesmerized and partly irritated. Just then the lights go off and Kripa's eyes open in shock that someone is standing behind her back. BEAUTIFUL SCENE! As Kripa turns back, to her horror its Angad who is looking at her with burning intensity and a mad passion rages in his eyes, it looks as if he is going to gobble her up right away! Kripa is just too stunned to react and keeps looking at him, then Angad lights up his lighter and brings it to Kripa's face, she steps back petrified, he moves towards her, she steps back even further, he keeps moving toward her, not once taking his eyes from her face, she too is looking at him, but while Angad has a passionate, intense look on his face, Kripa is scared out of her wits. Kripa then reaches the far end of the room and Angad gets even closer to her, then he brings the lighter closer to her face and the room goes still with both of them facing each other in close quarters for some moment (I had goose p***les in this particular sequence) and then he lights a candle besides her. Kripa gets her breath back and the lights come back. Kripa suddenly gets very angry and tell him curtly that she knows its his house, but he has no right to barge into anyone's room in the middle of night. Angad completely ignores her and opens the drawer, gets the bottle of sleeping pills and closes the drawer and gives one look at Kripa, who is taken aback slightly, as she looks at the bottle of medicines in Angad's hands. Angad turns and exists towards the door, and in a brilliant Angad scene (I completely loved him for this) tell Kripa, without looking back at her, ''Agar tum nahin chahati ke aadhi raat ko koi tumhare kamre mein aaye, toh apne kamre ka darwaaza band karna sikho.'' As Kripa keeps staring at Angad, stupidified and stunned beyond imagination, Angad goes out shutting the door close with full force.

Meanwhile Anita overlooks Angad with Kripa in the outhouse and in a covert manner tells this to Naina, who brushes it off by saying that Angad would not even care to give a look at a girl like Kripa, and that she is going to get a one in a million girl for Angad, who deserves a guy like him!


The choreographer is instructing the steps to the Chorus group and then she tells a step to Angad who immediately grasps it. The choreographer then asks Angad where is his partner, for which Angad has no answer and then just makes a wry face, then both of them practice a step, and as Angad dances with the choreographer, and as she falls on his arms, he is completely taken aback, as he sees Kripa instead of the Choreographer and he pulls himself back in amazement and shock at his thoughts! Just then Kripa enters and apologizes for the delay, Angad just gives her a dirty stare while Kripa has no expressions. Both Angad and Kripa began rehearsing the dance sequence and Angad again has the same maddened look in his eyes but tries hard to stop himself from repeating what he did to Kripa yesterday. Just then Naina and Karitk enter and tell Angad that there is a good news and that Tania is back. As poor Kripa looks on surprised and shocked, Naina tells her that she can join the Chorus group and that Angad's regular partner is back from her vacation. Angad is shown to be elated and gives a victorious look at Kripa who, poor thing looks shattered and heart-broken, while Kartik, surprisingly looks feeling bad for Kripa. Just then a girl is shown to enter and in typical Ekta Kapoor style, her legs, eyes, hair is shown is bits and pieces and then finally the gal herself. Tania is very cute to look at, almost childlike, very similar to Kripa but kind of cuter than Kripa who is more on the prettier side! Angad and Tania hug each other very affectionately and Angad gives her a very buddy-buddy type of hug, while Tania looks completely love-struck by him and gives an envious look at Kripa, who poor thing, moves back to the Chorus group. The chorus group is shown to be disgusted and one of them tells Kripa that this is so unfair, why isn't she saying anything, Kripa who obviously is heart broken, holds back her emotion and says that it hardly matters to her if she performs as the main lead or with the chorus, she has signed an agreement, she just wants to complete that and get over with it.

Naina and Kartik are shown to have a conversation where Kartik tries to defend Kripa but in his own way and tells Naina that she should not have done this to Kripa and what will the Media think if they come to know of this. Naina is least bothered and tells Kartik that they will issue a statement that they gave a chance to the new girl, but she was not talented enough to perform with Angad and that is why they put her in the Chorus group. Kartik looks disgusted with Naina but does not say anything.

The dance begins again and Kripa along with the other chorus girls has to do a step with Angad in which he will hold her arm and twist her from one side to his other side, but as soon as Angad gives his hand to Kripa, she is unable to touch his hand, and then the flashes of the slap scene, the butt-slapping scene comes over and over again in front of Kirpa and she is not able to dance with Angad.

Angad first keeps staring at Kripa and then loses his cool and asks her tersely what the hell is the problem with her, does she think, that he wants to touch her deliberately, does she think, that he is making a pass at her, why the hell is she so stuck-up. The episode ends with Angad losing his temper over Kripa, who looks absolutely miserable and pathetic, poor thing!

April 21 2005 by chillyflakes


Brilliant episode. I think this one was better than the slap one, in some aspects! Kripa completely stole Angad's thunder today, her performance was just superb! And Prithvi, God, its impossible not to fall head over heels in love with him, he is just such a doll! I am warming up to Mishti in a great way and also to Kartik, who's real self is coming out in the open slowly! But the show was dominated by Angad and Kripa's dazzling confrontation scene, in which, hold your breath, Kripa discloses her deep love for Angad, as he listens dumbstruck and believe it or not, actually cries…..it was a gem of an episode, not be missed at any cost! Angad is definitely falling for Kripa and as much as she denies it, Kripa is still so in love with Angad…..gosh, these two have to get-together somehow (though I will feel miserable for Prithvi, he is an angel, he deserves someone great like him!)


Angad pulls Kripa to his side and asks her in a terse and angry voice why the hell is she being so stuck up and not dancing properly, he says that he is touching her only because it is a part of the sequence and not because of anything else. Angad asks her what the hell does she think of herself that she is always acting so pricey in front of him. Kripa is furious at the same time, very upset, she tries to untangle her hand from Angad, but his grip is too strong, Kripa tells him to leave her, he refuses and asks her that she has to give him a reason why is she behaving with him in such a rude manner. Kripa somehow manages to let loose her hands and tells Angad that she does not want to see his face and as a furious Angad looks on, she picks up her bag and walks out. Tania who is overlooking the entire scene is incenced and goes behind Kripa and tells her to keep away from Angad and not try to divert his attention. Kripa initially keep mum but then tells Tania to shut up and says that she is not the least bit interested in Angad and infact she doesn't even want to see his face ever, as soon as this contract is over, she will leave Mumbai forever and never come back. As a shocked Tania listens, Kripa tells her that she not just hates Angad as a Star, she also hates him as a Human being and  that he is a completely disgusting person who turns her off. As Kripa walks away crying and angry, Angad listens to the whole conversation and his face his red with outrage and as a confused Tania tries to stop him, Angad follows Kripa.


Kripa goes into her room and breaks down crying badly as she is not able to come to terms with her emotions for Angad and the reality that faces her today. Just then a mad with rage Angad comes inside her room and confronts her to tell him what the hell is wrong with her and what the hell did she just tell Tania. Kripa tells him that she told Tania that Angad did not affect her in any which way and that she is not interested in him at all. Angad gets an irritated look on his face and tells her that he is not bothered whether she is interested in him or not because he doesn't care one damn for her. But what else did she tell Tania about him. How dare she say that Angad is not a good human being and what right does she have to pass judgement on him. Then in a lovely scene, Angad who is bellowing over Kripa, accidentally throws open a drawer and his pictures and posters fly all over the room. Kripa is frozen where she is, and Angad at first is dumbstruck, then he gets an evil, sarcastic, knowing smile over his face! He insults Kripa in the most vile manner by saying that he thought that Kripa was a girl with tremendous self-respect and that she was different from the others. But now he knows that she was just trying to gain Angad's attention by showing herself to be a different person, she after all turned out to be one of his innumerable fans. Angad tells Kripa, who is just silent as a stone, that if she was so desperate to call for his attention, she had no need to slap him and that too in front of so many people, and that she is a hypocrite and attention seeker. Angad then starts laughing on Kripa and picks up one of his pictures on which Kripa has written ''I love you Angad'' and then tells her cuttingly that he can see through her entire gameplan, this was just a ploy to attract his attention and that is why she came to stay in the Outhouse so that she can run into him more and more.

As Angad finishes his tirade against Kripa, she turns and then has a brilliant dialogues, I am just trying to get the essence of all that she said, but it was a lovely scene, which brought tears to my eyes! Kripa's who's eyes are now overflowing with tears tells Angad that yes she loved him, loved him with all her heart, loved him like she had never loved anyone before. Kripa says that Angad was her first and only love, he was the reason for her smiles, her happiness, her joys, her excitement. He was the beginning of her day and the end of her nights, he was the Sun who brightened her mornings, the moon which lulled her to sleep. Every time a breeze touched Kripa's face, she could feel Angad's breath in it, every time a rain-drop kissed her cheeks, she could feel Angad's touch in it. Every note that Kripa sang, was drenched in the love for Angad, he was the music of her life. Kripa says that Angad was the only human being she loved and worshipped before God and that he was the reason for her living. Kripa says that she spent innumerable days praying to God  that just once she should meet the man whom she has worshipped and adored so much. Angad's views and belief in love made Kripa believe that true love existed in life and that he is the reason that she started believing in love.

Kripa then says that after meeting Angad, she lost all her dreams, hopes and happiness in just one go. He not just shattered her illusion, he broke her heart into a  thousand pieces and that she will never be able to gather them for the rest of her life. Kripa tells him that the night she heard him telling that love is a commodity for him and he has no value for it, she lost faith not just in him, she lost faith in herself. With Angad's love vanishing from her heart, Kripa lost the zest for life and the hope that she will ever believe in love again. Kripa tells him the reason for her reacting toward Angad negatively was the most natural reaction in the world for anyone who's whole life comes crashing down in one moment. Kripa tells Angad  that she no longer loves Angad nor does she believe in love anymore and that these pictures and posters and Angad himself make no difference to her. The love and respect she had for Angad has gone in a second and that it will never come back.

All the while Angad is shown to go through a gamut of emotions, from a cocky expression, to a shocked one, to a dazed one and then one to realization and regret. His eyes fill with tears as he listens to Kripa tearing her heart open and her pain and anguish reflects in his eyes, as Angad realizes what he has done to Kripa, albeit unknowingly. There is a moment of silence, as Angad looks crestfallen and dazed and walks out of the door, Kripa turns back and tells him to take the pictures along with him as she has no need of them anymore. Angad just walks off, still shaken up completely. Kripa is now left alone in her room and she falls down on the floor shattered by the emotional upheaval that she has just undergone and cries her heart out, while Angad's pictures are strewn all around her!


Prithvi and Mishti are sitting together and Mishti is constantly noticing Prithvi who is completely lost in his thoughts. Suddently Mishti gets a mischievous gleam in her eyes and very causally asks Prithvi that she is thinking of inviting Kripa over for the party that they are having tonight. As if woken up from a slumber, Prithvi immediately responds by saying that it's a brilliant idea (it was so cute, I felt like kissing Prithvi on his cheeks, he is so lovable!). Mishti starts laughing and pulls Prithvi's legs and teases him mercilessly about Kripa, Prithvi though embarrassed tells Mishti to shut up and says that there is no such thing about Kripa. Mishti tells him that she will invite Kripa over to their house, after all she has to get her brother married. Prithvi goes all red and just ignores Mishti's playful jibes! Damini Bose comes over and asks them why are they arguing, Mishti very jovially tells her mother that they have to get Prithvi married soon, as every girl is after his life, Prithvi being one of the most eligible bachelors in town and also the only scion of the biggest event management company in India. Damini smiles affectionately and tells Mishti that they will surely get him married but only after Mishti gets married. The Mother and kids have a great family moment and we come to know that unlike the Khanna's the Bose are a very close knit and loving family bound to each other closely!


Angad is sitting alone in his room, highly disturbed and emotionally strung, Mannan enters and asks him what is wrong with him these days, why is so touchy and lost. Angad does not answer, Mannan tells him that since the day you have come in touch with Kripa Sharma, you seem to be a different person. As soon as her name is announced, Angad gets livid and tells Mannan that why the hell would she affect him in any manner and that he hates her more than anything else. Mannan looks at Angad and tells him that there is a very thin line between love and hatred and at time people get confused over the same and do not realize that they are actually in love and think of it as hatred. Angad gets a are you crazy man type of a look and reacts in a volatile manner and tells Mannan that he doesn't care one damn about Kripa and that he just wants to even out with her once and take revenge for her slap and then the chapter of Kripa Sharma will be over once and for all. Mannan gets a strange look in his eyes as if he has understood what is bothering Angad so much and looks worried for him.

Just then Naina comes in and tells Angad to get ready to go for a party at Damini Bose's house tonight and that it is very important for him to attend it. Angad has a, no I don't want to, kind of bored look and tries to talk himself out of it, but Naina gives a frigid look at Angad and tells him that he knows there is no use arguing with her and that he should be ready on time. Angad gives up and does not say anything, while Naina tells Mannan that its her responsibility to see that Angad attends tonight's party.

Naina and Dilip are getting ready for the party when Dilip asks Naina what is the party about, Naina tells him that their son is going to meet their future wife today. Dilip is surprised and asks her when did she select a girl for Kartik, Naina tells him that she was talking about Mishti and Angad's marriage. Dilip tells her that isn't Kartik elder to Angad and that he should be the one to get married first, Naina very coldly answers that while Kartik might be the elder one, Angad is the more important one. Kartik meanwhile is listening to the whole conversation and his face shows no emotions, just a deep resentment in his eyes. Naina then thinks to herself that she has to somehow get Angad and Mishti married, then Angad can afford to be as careless about his career as much he wants to be, because Damini so rich, that Angad will not have to do one single  thing for the rest of his life.


A grand party is hosted by Damini and the Khanna's are enjoying themselves except Angad who looks sulky and lost, with Mannan standing besides him. Prithvi's eyes are constantly looking at the door, and an angelic smile spreads over his face as he sees Kripa entering the Party along with Harshini. As Kripa (looking very pretty in a pink suit) looks around for Mishti, Prithvi walks to her and greets her cheerfully. Prithvi then tells Kripa that he wants to introduce her to his Mother, Damini Bose, Harshini immediately recognizes her name and very excitedly tells Prithvi that she had no idea he was the son of Damini Bose, the big boss of India's biggest event management company and that he is so down to earth and unassuming. Prithvi looks embarrassed as Kripa looks at him with respect and affection and tell him that she is very pleased to know that there are people still left in the world who do not let their power and position influence their thinking and stay grounded to life. (Amazing Prithvi dialogue!) Prithvi smiles at Kripa and tells him that all this money and business belongs to his Mother and that probably the day he is able to make something of his life, he might become a snob too and misuse his position. Kripa looks at Prithvi with great affection and says that such a day will never come and that Prithvi will never change his nature and remain as nice as he is always.

Meanwhile Angad notices Kripa and gets all the more upset, Mannan tells him to keep his cool and not do anything untoward or react to her in front of everyone. Angad who looks very disturbed turns his face from Kripa's and tries to control himself.

Meanwhile Prithvi introduces Kripa and Harshini to Damini who is very pleased to see them and is very warm and cordial toward both of them. Mishti joins her mother and then teases Prithvi with Kripa, who goes all embarrassed and red while Kripa is clueless! Then in a lovely scene, the music begins to play, and Prithvi asks Kripa, May I? Kripa is very reluctant and tries to avoid, but Harshini pushes her towards Prithvi and both of them join the dance floor for a dance.

Meanwhile the Khanna's are chatting up with Damini and Mishti, while Angad's eyes do not seem to leave Prithvi and Kripa at all and he has a strange mix of emotions in his eyes, and a clear hint of jealousy shows in it. Then as if in an impulse, he asks Mishti to join him for a dance, till then he was not even looking at her! Mishti and Angad join the dance floor and Kripa's eyes fall on Angad and her face goes sad. Both the lovely couples continue to dance, Angad keeps staring at Kripa, while Kripa stares back at him, Prithvi keeps looking at Kripa love-struck, while Mishti is cool! Meanwhile (I might be wrong her, do correct me, if so!) Kartik is looking at Mishti! The scene ends on Kripa's sad and heartbroken face and Angad's anguished and confused one staring at each other while dancing with 


April 25 2005 by chillyflakes


The Party is going on in full swing, and Kripa cannot lift her eyes of Angad, who keeps giving her strange looks, at times possessive, at times indifferent, at times intrigued, at times confused and at times mesemerized. While Kripa is so clearly still in love with Angad, she keeps turning her head and glancing at Angad, while dancing with Prithvi, who is bessoteddly looking at only Kripa and no one else. Mishti meanwhile shows no such special inclination towards Angad and just seems to enjoy the Party. As the music slows, Mishti very mischievously tells Angad if he can smell something burning, Angad who's concentration is obviously not on the dance, is taken unawares and he is like, ''Duh?'' Mishti tells him that every girl present in the party is probably dying of jealousy and might be cursing Mishti, that she is dancing with the dashing and handsome superstar Angad. Angad smiles casually and in a flirtish manner tells Mishti that there is one girl present in the party who does not think that Angad is handsome, Mishti is surprised and asks him who is it, for which Angad smiles and tells her that it is you. Mishti laughs on this and they enjoy their dance. Then suddenly, Mishti keeps looking at Prithvi and Kripa (who has thankfully stopped staring at Angad and is looking at Prithvi for a change) who seem to be enjoying their dance, and comments to Angad on them. Angad's cool expression changes and he gets the sulky look on his face while staring at Kripa. Mishti tells him that she suspects Prithvi to have fallen for Kripa, even though Prithvi hasn't admitted anything to her. Angad's face falls even further, as Mishti asks him that he obviously must be knowing Kripa, she is being launched with him, Angad keeps staring at Kripa and Prithvi and does not reply. As they keep dancing, Kripa and Angad bump into each other, and Prithvi notices how their expression gets frigid and feels something is definitely missing.

Damini Bose comes on stage and declares that she has to make a special announcement and she wants her children, Mishti and Prithvi to come on stage for that. The couples stop dancing and while Prithvi goes to the stage, in a rather dramatic manner, Mishti lets go off herself from Angad and turns to hold Kripa's hand and to the shock and surprise of both Angad and Kripa, gives Kripa's hand in Angad's and tells him to take care of her, while Prithvi is away. Angad is stunned and keeps looking at Kripa, who is equally stunned, and the Camera focuses on Angad holding Kripa's hands and both of them keep looking at each other, dazzled and confused. Tania enters and looks at Angad with a lovelorn expression on her face, and gives an envious look at Kripa, who is completely unaware of anything around, meanwhile Anita comes near Tania and tells her that if she does not let Angad know of her feelings for him today, then she will lose him forever. As Tania goes near Angad, he lets go of Kripa's hand and both of them go in the opposite directions. Tania goes to Angad, who is at the Bar with Mannan and tells him that she wants to speak to him.

While both Kripa and Angad are away, Damini announces that from now onwards, her event management company will be taken over by Prithvi and Mishti and that Angad Khanna's next world tour will be handled by both of them. Everyone cheers for the Bose Siblings and Naina is seen to be particularly happy! Mishti and Prithvi hug Damini affectionately and we yet again get to see how happy the Bose Family is as opposed to the Khanna's.


Angad looks cool enough and tells her that ok, they both go to a secluded corner where Tania asks him why does he keep avoiding her these days. Angad looks very cool and relaxed and tells her kindly that he thinks of her as a good friend and nothing else, but he is noticing that she is getting the wrong signals about their friendship, Tania starts crying and tells him that what they shared was more than just a casual friendship and that she has deep feelings for him. Angad tells her that even when they did share a physical relationship, he had always made it clear to her that in spite of that, he will still consider her as a friend and nothing else. Angad tells Tania that when he himself does not believe in love, how can he think of sharing his life with her. Tania breaks down completely, while Angad looks cool and unrepentant, but at the same time, he is not completely insensitive towards Tania, but is very clear on his stand. Angad tells her that she has to get over this stupidity and just treat him as her friend and nothing else, and that he cannot offer anything more than that to her. Angad walks away, while Kripa, who has overseen the entire conversation is shown to be shell-shocked and her eyes well up with tears (Who on earth told her to follow Angad like Mary's Little Lamb everywhere?)


Naina, who has also overseen the entire episode (Another Peeping Tom!) is seen to look victorious at Angad's response to Tania and when he has vanished, she goes to Tania and insults her in the most vile manner possible and tells her that if Angad every loves anyone, it will someone of his own status and if he ever marries someone, it will again be someone of his own status. Naina says that just because Angad spent a few nights with some girls does not mean he will end up spending his entire life with them, he is a star, for him such girls and just like tissue paper, use and  throw. Naina tells Tania that how dare she even dream of Angad in this way, and that she is no longer needed in the show. Naina walks away, while a shattered Tania is shown to run off the party weeping, and Kripa, who has not heard Naina's conversation with Tania follows Tania outside.


Kripa and Tania meet outside, where Tania tells her that everyone is allowed to love the Angad the Star, but if someone dares to love the person in him, this is what becomes of  her. As a even more heart-broken Kripa listens, Tania tells her that Angad is a heartless person, who values no relations, no emotions and no feelings and for him everything is inferior to his self. Tania tells him that today Angad is probably feeling benevolent towards Kripa, but tomorrow when he gets bored of her, he will dump her like a waste paper and walk on to another girl, shattering Kripa's life into pieces the way he has broken Tania's heart. Tania tells Kripa that if she has any amount of sense in her and if she cares a little bit of herself, then she should never make the mistake of falling in love with Angad, because nothing except heartache will come out of that. As Tania leaves Kripa, she is staggered and emotionally wrangled and stands there like a statue.

Prithvi comes from behind and asks her what is wrong with her, Kripa says that she is not feeling too well and that she would like to go home. Prithvi (love this chap!) tells her that he will get Harshini and drop them both, Kripa says that let her enjoy the party, Mishti will drop her, but she wants to leave now.


Prithvi offers to take her home and both of them drive down. While driving, Kripa is lost and sad, and Prithvi asks her softly what is up with her and Angad. Kripa is taken aback and avoids the question, Prithvi tells her that its ok if she does not want to talk about her relation with Angad, he won't pry into their personal matter (isn't he a doll?) Kripa smiles and says that nothing like that, its just that she ended up signing a contract with Angad in a fit of fury and now she has to complete it, after that she will leave for Nainital. Prithvi is surprised and asks her why does she want to leave so soon, for which Kripa says  that there is too much hypocrisy and meanness in Mumbai and that people are always the opposite of what they seem, and  that she thinks, she will never be able to fit in with such a culture. Prithvi tells her that while all this is true, what is also true is that Mumbai is the only place where even the farthest dreams come true and that Kripa should not be bogged down because of one or two people. Kripa tells him that she is not bogged down and the reason for her staying back is just one person, for whom she is willing to give Mumbai another chance. Prithvi's face lights up (loved him for this) and he asks her very hopefully who that special person is. Kripa very innocently replies that its Dadi (Devyani Khanna) and when she asked Kripa to stay put, she could not let her down. Prithvi immediately realizes what he was thinking and what Kripa said, and kind of looks a little let-down but again cheers up and builds Kripa's morale. Prithvi thinks to himself that he is amazed that such a beautiful and delicate girl can be so strong and willful.


Meanwhile, Angad is shown to drive back home, when Mishti is standing waiting for her Car. Angad pulls his Car back and asks her what is she doing here, for which Mishti replies to him coquettishly that she is waiting for a decent boy to offer her a lift home, because her Car has gone to drop Harshini home and has still not come back. Angad (God, I loved the way he said this line, he made this simple line sound so sexy!) smiles causally and tells her that though he is not decent, he is a boy and he can offer her a lift home if she is willing. Mishti (who is obviously smitten by him like most girls) happily jumps into his Car and both of them enjoy the ride back. (I liked the way Angad is pally with her, in a very casual and laid back manner) where both of them playfully flirt with each other, Mishti asks him to put on some Music, and when he begins to play one of his songs, she tells him that she did not know that she had to put up with his song, to get a lift in his Car. Angad laughs and tells that its ok, he will switch on the radio if she likes, but Mishti tells him, its ok, she will listen to his song, there is not much choice. Both of them playfully banter with each other, obviously enjoying their mutual company! Angad pulls the Car infront of the Bose House and gets down to open Mishti's door (Not just devilishly handsome, but so courteous, no wonder girls are all flip-flop over him) and bids good-bye to her. Misthi who looks smitten with him, walks slowly to gate, hoping that Angad will kiss her or atleast say something romantic, but he just calls her name, and as she turns back hopefully, he says that he is sorry to have forced her to listen to his songs. As Misthi laughs and looks at Angad wistfully, he drives away.


As Prithvi drops Kripa to the door, he tells her that he is really glad that she came to the Party tonight, for which Kripa smiles affectionately and thanks him for making the evening special for her. Both of them shake hands, and while Prithvi keeps holding her hand, Angad comes from behind and looks at both Kripa and Prithvi from distance and thinks to himself, ''Accha toh baat yahan tak pahunch gayi hai.'' Angad is clearly jealous and as Kripa laughs on something that Prithvi has just said, clutches his fists in anger and gives a dirty stare at Prithvi. Kripa very hesitatingly offers to make Coffee for Prithvi and would he like to come in, but Prithvi being the gentleman he is, refuses and bids her good-bye and while going, Kripa turns and tells him that he is a very nice human being. Prithvi blushes like crazy and walks out, while Kripa goes inside and closes the door. Angad is standing in front of Prithvi throwing daggers at him, while Prithvi also doesn't look too pleased to see him. Angad very sarcastically tells him that while he was busy offering his services to strangers, his sister was stranded in the party and that he had dropped her home. Prithvi very coolly replies back that he is thankful to Angad for the same but Mishti has a Car and she could have well managed to reach home herself, even if Angad had not offered her a lift, but Kripa did not have a Car and hence he dropped her home. Angad, who looks clearly hostile now, tells Prithvi, in a voice reeking of jealousy, that while Kripa might not have a Car with her, she sure found a chauffeur for her. Prithvi now looks angry, but controls his temper and tells Angad brusquely that Kripa is a very nice and decent girl, for which Angad has a, oh sure, aren't they all? look, and Prithvi continues that even though Angad and he are not friends (its pretty clear that they will never be friends, now that Angad knows about Prithvi's feelings for Kripa and his own growing attachment to her) he knows Angad from childhood and that is why he is telling Angad to just let Kripa be alone and not bother her. (God, I felt like kissing Prithvi for this, he is such an amazing guy!) Angad is like, oh yeah, you are threatening me, and just gives a very cold look at Prithvi, who is completely unpetrubed and gives the same glare back to Angad and walks off, leaving Angad fuming and mad with anger and resentment!

April 26 2005 by chillyflakes


Naina is telling Angad that she has thrown out Tania from the group, Angad is surprised but not much, and asks her why. Naina tells him that she was getting too attached to Angad and that she did not want any last minute scandals. Angad gets a, oops, she knows about it, look and makes a cute face. Naina tells him that they have to get a replacement very soon and that she is going to get the best available professional singer for the concert. Angad is like, no way mom, I won't sing with a professional singer, I want to perform with someone new. Naina tells him that no one in World can ever over-shadow Angad Khanna and even if she does get the best talent from the industry, Angad will shine in front of her also. Just then Kartik comes and tells her that some legal hassle has come up in Delhi and that Dilip and she will have to fly down personally and sort out the matter. Naina is disturbed and tells Kartik and Dilip (who joins later on, I think) that she has never missed any concert of Angad's and this is a big one, how will things get managed. Angad assures her that everything will run smoothly and  that Kartik and he will manage things on their own. Naina is not too happy but realizes she doesn't have much choice, and then the three of them leave for Office.


Angad is seen to potter around the house, when Dadi comes and Angad reacts happily like a child and gives her a warm, bear hug. Dadi smiles affectionately and asks him, ''Duniya ka sabse accha baccha kaisa hai?'' Angad and Dadi are shown to share a great rapport and Dadi seems to love him like anything. Angad seems to be a little lost and Dadi asks him what is bothering her darling baby, for which Angad asks her if she too thinks that he is too insensitive as a person. Dadi smiles knowingly and tells him, oh so that is what is eating you up today. Dadi says that Angad is like the Race Horse which has been trained rigourously to just look ahead and concentrate on the race and win it by hook or crook. If the race Horse ever makes the mistake of looking on his sides, he will probably get behind in the race and lose it. Angad smiles at Dadi and asks her, is it wrong to be ambitious. Dadi smiles back sweetly and as Angad places his head in her lap (I was like awwww in this!) she says that it is definitely not wrong to be ambitious but it is wrong to be inhuman. Angad is taken aback and asks Dadi that she too thinks that he is inhuman. Dadi says that she knows that Angad is a sensitive and loving person, but he has buried that facet of his personality under layers of outwardly harshness and ruthless ambition and he does not let his inner goodness come in the way of his achievements. Angad gets a little introspective and tells her that if ever he did make the mistake of falling in love with someone, then it would probably interfere with the career and his future plans and he would never want it that way, he says that he is sure, he wants to put everything in the backburner for his ambition and future and that he is willing to make any amount of sacrifices. Then both Dadi and Angad get into a very jovial, leg-pulling mode and  Dadi keeps pulling Angad's leg and he keeps giving smart retorts back. Angad is like, what is this Dadi, you keep calling me a Horse, then you say I am inhuman, this is not fair, I am your favourite Bachha, how can you call me names? Dadi goes like, awww, my baby and then Dadi tells him how would he like to have his favourite Chocolate Cake baked specially by Dadi in the evening. Angad is like, wow, yum, yum, ofcourse, I would eat the whole thing up. Dadi tells him that he can drop by at her home after his evening jog. Angad mocks and tells her that, ''Chocolate Cake after evening jog?'' Dadi tells him to shut-up and jog for one hour extra! Angad hugs her and tells her that he will surely drop in by at her home in the evening.


Dadi is shown to be frantically preparing the Chocolate Cake for her favourite person in the kitchen with her maid helping out. Dadi tells her that she has not even started baking the Cake and Angad will come by any moment and ask for it, what will she say. (Dadi seems to be besotted with her grandson, like all other women!) Dadi looks pretty unhappy with the way the Batter is turning out and she asks the help to get some additional flour for the same. As the Maid goes to fetch flour, Kripa comes in and hugs Dadi affectionately from behind and Dadi is elated to see her. Kripa is curious as to what is going on, while Dadi tells her to go and see where the maid is, she had gone to fetch some flour for the Cake. As Kripa goes to see her, the maid comes in and bumps into Kripa, spilling the entire contents on to her Kameez! Kripa is like, oh no, while Dadi starts laughing and tells her to go to her room and change. Kripa very cutely tells her that she doesn't have another set of clothes, Dadi tells her to put on her track-suit. Kripa goes to Dadi's bedroom, gets a pair of track suits and goes to the washroom to take a shower. Just then our stud enters prancing happily and looking va, va, vroom in a pair of sleeveless T and track-pants, sweating from this evening jog! He goes straight to the kitchen and very cutely asks the maid  where is his Dadi and where is his Cake, the maid, who seems to be equally besotted with Angad Baba tells him that Dadi has gone out for 5 minutes and he can wait for her in the living room. Angad is like, ok, whatever and goes straight to Dadi's bedroom. He takes off his shirt and then stands infront of the mirror and admires his muscles and all and seems generally very happy with himself. As he keeps admiring himself in front of the mirror, and does something with the towel like Superman, Kripa dressed in a bath-robe, very causally comes into the room from the Washroom and both of them are facing their backs. Suddenly Angad begins to whistle a tune, and Kripa is stunned and slowly turns to look around, at the same time, Angad who is completely unaware of anything, is still admiring himself and he also turns around and both of them shout at the same time, ''TUM?'' Angad is stunned and Kripa looks ready to faint, Angad is highly embarrassed and wraps the towel around his bare chest and Kripa is mortified and quickly puts a towel over herself and asks him, the words barely tumbling out of her mouth, what is he doing her, Angad who is still shocked, asks her what is she doing out here. Both of them keep looking at each other for some time, with the Camera panning on Angad and Kripa's eyes and while Kripa lowers her eyes, Angad keeps looking at her, mesmerized and hypnotized for a moment. Kripa just shakes her head and rushes inside the wash-room, while Angad is still not belieiving what just happened, then the cutest thing happens, Kripa very slowly opens the Washroom door slightly and as Angad turns to look at her, she puts her hand inside and says in a very slow, soft voice, ''Aap please mera track-suit mujhe denge, who andar hi reh gaya.'' Angad kind of makes a rotten face and gets an irritated look in his eyes and without saying anything, hands over the track-suit a much relieved Kripa!

But just then Dadi comes in and both Angad and Kripa are self-conscious and thoroughly embarrassed, Dadi keeps looking at both of them and smiles indulgently and tells them that its ok, no need for explanations, she can well imagine what would have happened. Angad is like, thank God, he makes a cute, relieved expression and goes out with Dadi, but not without giving a snort to Kripa, who looks ready to fall down any moment. The next scene shows Kripa looking really funny in the over-sized track-suit, looking very discomfited and coming to the living room, where Angad and Dadi are sitting. Angad throws her his typical intimidating look, but it was kind of softer than before and since he too is still embarrassed over what happened, does not say anything and looks her and there. Kripa suddenly tells Dadi that it has got really late and  that she has to leave for home, Dadi tells her nothing doing, first she has have a piece of the Cake, it is Angad's favorite. Kripa makes a funny face and says that she doesn't like Chocolate Cake, while Angad gives her antagonistic look. Dadi very sweetly says that she has to taste it since she herself baked it, Kripa is at a loss and sits down resignedly, Angad then gets up to go, Dadi scolds him maternally and tells him that both of them have to finish the Cake. The poor souls eat up the entire thing, sulking and not looking at each other at all. Dadi then tells Angad that it is very late at night and since he is going home, he can drop Kripa. Angad is like, yuck, whatever, and Kripa is like, oh no, home with this Monkey? Kripa tries to get out of the situation but Dadi refuses to listen to her, and Angad who has the cutest, sulky expression on his face tells Kripa rather harshly that he will drop her home and that he waiting for her in the Car. Kripa just keeps looking sullen and in a huff and does not reply, while Dadi asks Angad if he has forgotten anything. Angad is like, oops, and he goes and gives a warm hug to Dadi and kisses her on her cheeks and scoots off. While Kripa too hugs Dadi and is about to leave, Dadi tells her that she should not judge Angad so soon and so harshly, people are always not what them seem to be. Kripa gets a sad expression on her face and  tells Dadi that its true what she has said, people are not what they always seem to be. Dadi understands Kripa's meaning, and tells her that this is not what she meant, and that as Angad's grandmother, she knows him inside and out and tells Kripa to be less judgemenal towards Angad and she will realize what she has just said. Kripa appears confused and just bids good-bye and leaves.


Angad and Kripa are shown to be in the Car, sulking and brooding and generally in a resentful and morose mood. While Angad is concentrating on is driving, Kripa is looking out, and at times looking at Angad covertly! Angad gives a sly look at Kripa and then gets a very devilish expression on his face and suddenly increases the speed of his Car and as Kripa looks on scared and shocked, he begins driving very, very fast. Kripa is petrified and asks him what is wrong with him and why is he driving the Car so fast. Angad gives her a grouchy look and tells her that this is the way he always drives and if she has a problem with his driving, then she can just get off here and now. Angad pulls his Car to a stop at a deserted place, Kripa just gives one fuming look at Angad, who is obviously enjoying the drive now, and gets off the Car in a huff. Angad doesn't even bother to look back and Kripa and just drives off leaving the poor thing stranded in the middle of nowhere. As Kripa, looking very cute and lost in the over-sized trackpants and slippers walks down, dejected, tired and slightly scared, a roadside waif begins to follow her. The guy is middle-aged and looks like a junky or something, at first Kripa does not notice, then she is very anxious and begins to walk very fast, the junky keeps following her and he too speeds up. Kripa is now terrified and starts running, just then the swanky Red Car pulls back and Kripa's fearful, timorous expression changes into one of reprieve and she breaks into a tearful smile as she watches Angad walking out of the Car looking intense and forceful and walks toward the Urchin, who is now obviously scared. As Kripa looks at Angad, who seems as if he will he will just kill the guy, in the most hilarious and funny manner, Angad's expression changes into one of extreme, false sweetness and he puts his hand over the Urchin's shoulders and tells him rather kindly, that he is an old guy, why is he wandering about like this alone in the middle of the night  and that he should get into his Car, he will drop him wherever he wants to go. (I must have laughed for atleast 5 minutes continuously in this, the way Angad's expression changes was so good, so cute and so funny!) As a stunned and appalled Kripa looks on, her eyes wide open with surprise, Angad throws her a, ''I won this round baby'' type of cheeky look and very coolly drives off with the guy. Kripa is still shocked and then realizes how Angad has made a total cartoon of her and stomps her feet in frustration and picks up a stone and hurls it at Angad's Car, and mutters something in irritation!!! Angad is almost laughing aloud as he drives off with the Old Man!  As Kripa walks down dejected and irritated, her face lights up when she sees Angad's Car parked down and he lying on the Bonnet very coolly, as if nothing has happened. Kripa is very happy at seeing him, but at the same time angry, she just gives one cold stare at Angad, who is completely unperturbed and sits in the Car. Angad hops inside the Car and gives her a, ''you loser'' type of a competitive look and very victoriously drives off as Kripa is majorly frustrated and annoyed!


As the Car pulls down at the Khanna House, Naina, Dilip and Kartik are seen to be in another Car, leaving for the Airport. Naina tells an indifferent Dilip and an irritated Kartik, that just because she is away, she doesn't want anything going wrong with Angad's concert and that she will never tolerate if anything messes up. She says that she cannot bear to take one single chance with Angad's career, Kartik looks quite upset but tells Naina to cool down and that he will take care of the Concert behind her back. Naina tells Kartik to find the best replacement for Tania, for which Kartik tells her that she should rethink about getting Kripa back, as she already knows the composition well and getting a new person at this stage won't be such a good idea. Naina tells him stubbornly that nothing doing, she can't stand Kripa being anywhere near Angad and that he will perform only with the best talent. Kartik gives up and just shuts up. Just then the three notice, Angad and Kripa in the Car, and Naina gets very disturbed and asks Dilip and Kartik, what is Kripa doing with Angad. Dilip is not bothered and says that they must have come back together from the rehearsals, so what, just let him be. Angad leaves Kripa sitting in the Car and goes towards this parents and brother and bids a very affectionate good-bye to Naina (who clearly loves him too, as opposed to what we were thinking earlier) who tells him to not be careless and practice well for the concert. Angad teases his mom and tells her that if she worries so much for him, she will get wrinkles on her beautiful face, Naina's face lights up with affection for Angad and she tells him to be serious sometimes. Kartik and Dilip both break into a laughter and we see a rare glimpse of the Happy Khanna Family. Kripa is looking at them from distance and she has a strange look on her face. Angad bids good-bye to his Parents and walks off.


Angad and Kripa are shown simultaneously in their bedrooms, both lying on their beds, and both thinking about each other and both getting disturbed by their thoughts! Angad keeps thinking of the Bathroom scene, where he had bumped into Kripa and how she had been mortified with embarassement. Angad is highly disturbed and gets up and then switches the lights off and then keeps tossing & turning on his bed, trying to catch some sleep.

Kripa, meanwhile is equally disturbed and keeps thinking of Angad slapping her back, in the Studio and then about their Car Drive and how he had waited for her, lying on the bonnet. Kripa appears to be very confused and she too switches off the lights and tries to go off to sleep!


Kripa goes to meet Tania at her place the next day and overhears a conversation between Tania and her Mom and gets to know that Tania is facing a huge financial crisis because she has been thrown out of Angad's group. Tania sees Kripa and is pretty rude to her, Kripa tries to talk to her, but Tania gets emotional and tells her that Mumbai has no place for losers and that no one has time to wipe off the tears of people who have failed to make it, and that Kripa should go and make her future, so that she won't be alone and waiting for someone to wipe her tears off. As a sad Kripa listens on, Tania tells her that she dreamed of an upper-middle class existence, and ended up in a financial and emotional mess like this, because of people like Angad, who will trample anyone and everyone, to secure their future. Tania breaks down and walks off, while Kripa is shown to be shaken up and thinks to herself, that ''No Dadi, I was not wrong in judging Angad, he is what he seems to be.''

April 27 2005 by chillyflakes


The episode beings with Damini chiding Mishti to get ready soon to leave for the inauguration of the Fashion Show or Boutique, and Mishti tells her that she doesn't want to come to the Fashion Show, Damini teases her that Angad is coming, and Mishti is like, so? Mishti  tells her that she has to go the Academy, her buddies are waiting for her, Damini asks her Kripa and Harshini. Mishti tells her only Harshini, because Kripa will be gone for the Chorus Practice. Damini is surprised and asks her wasn't Kripa supposed to be the lead with Angad, Mishti makes a bad face and tells that Naina Aunty was very unfair to her and put her in the Chorus Group without any explanation! Damini is very surprised and wonders why that could have happened. Damini once again very sweetly asks Mithti if she is sure she doesn't want to meet up with Angad, Mishti is like, Mom, Please cut this off and breaks out laughing with Damini!

KRIPA SINGING, AND ANGAD ENTHRALLED – (Parvaton Se Aaj Mein Takragaya, Tum Nein Di Aawaz, Lo, Mein Aagaya……..)

Angad, looking his burning hot and attractive self, is the Chief Guest at some Fashion do, with Damini in tow there and is happily cutting the ribbon  and prancing about smiling and enjoying. Suddenly he hears a voice singing, Om Jagdish Hare, and he is rooted to his spot as he strains his ears to listen to the voice! Angad asks some lady standing nearby, if she knows where this voice is coming from, the lady tells him that there is a famous temple nearby, and someone must be singing a Bhajan there. Damini too listens to the voice and tells Angad that such an incredibly sweet and powerful voice, wonder who is this. Angad who is totally lost in the song, mutter something to Damini and says that he has found the voice he was looking for and  whoever this person is, will sing along with him in his Concert. Angad still mesmerized by the voice rushes out following it, totally lost to the world, as he nears the temple, the voice becomes more prominent, Angad gets a smile on his face as he listens to the voice and sees a girl standing with a Aarti Ki Thali and singing. Angad keeps looking at her, but is not able to see her face, as it is covered with a dupppata, and follows her throughout the temple, when she is taking the Parikrama. The girl stops midway and lifts her Thali, hence her face is hidden, she is unaware of Angad's presence and is busy praying, when Angad (in that melt in your mouth voice, btw!) tells the girl, in a voice full of admiration and awe, ''Aapki aawaz mein Jadoo hain, aap bahut aacha gaati hain, aap mere saat gaana pasand karengi?'' The girl is stunned as she recognizes the voice (who wouldn't) and gets the Thali dwon from her face and stares at Angad. Its Kripa! Angad's expression was priceless when he sees that its Kripa, and keeps staring at her with a hostile, irritated look. The Panditji comes and gives some Prasad to Kripa nd tells her that it is for her and her husband and may God always keep them together and happy. Kripa is stunned, and Angad's face gets even more severe, as he gives one rotten look at the Pandit and then at Kripa and walks off in a huff. Damini Bose who has followed Angad and asks Angad who was singing, he makes an angry snort and tells that it was nobody and lets go. Damini is surprised and then notices Kripa leaving the temple, when she tries to call her name, but Angad stops her and tells Damini that let her go, Damini is completely taken aback and asks Angad, that it was Kripa who was singing, wasn't it? Angad gets a severe expression on his face and tells Damini, that Aunty, come what, I will never sing with ''that girl''. Damini is stunned and before she can ask Angad for an explanation, he walks away in anger.

PIG-HEADED ANGAD AND PRACTICAL KARTIK (Main Aisa Kyon Hoon, Main Aisa Hi Hoon………)

Angad, Kartik and Damini are in a meeting at her Office, where both Kartik and Damini are trying to reason it out with Angad that Kripa is the only one who can sing with Angad at this last moment, as she knows the composition and is definitely very talented and good. Angad, like a stubborn pig refuses to comply and says that come what, he will never sing with ''that girl'' and that he cannot stand her at all, leave aside performing with her on stage. Kartik is agreeing with Damini but tells her that even Naina is against this. Damini very calmly tells Angad that he is a Professional and as a true professional, his personal feelings for someone should not interfere with his singing, it should not matter to him with whom he is singing, what is more important is, what he is singing. Kartik agrees with Damini and tells Angad that aunty is correct, and that he has to be practical and agree to sing with Kripa, but will Kripa agree to sing with Angad now, as soon as Kartik says this, Angad's expression gets all the more outraged and he fumes thinking about Kripa. Angad is still stubborn and again says that he won't sing with ''that girl''. (Both Kartik and Angad keep referring to Kripa as ''that girl'' only Damini takes her name, these two boys are so manner less, I tell you!) Damini gives up and tells Angad that its finally his choice and if he doesn't want to sing with Kripa, then its ok, they will find someone else, but he should think about it once more. As Damini leaves, ruffling Angad's hair affectionately, Kartik tells Angad that they have to get on with the show, and once its over, to hell with Kripa. Kartik tells Angad that he will have a word with Kripa and convince her to sing, Angad gets an intense expression in his eyes and tells Kartik in a cold voice, that no, I will speak to her myself. Kartik is, ok whatever, just get the job done.

ARROGANT ANGAD AND STRONG-WILLED KRIPA – ULTIMATE SHOWDOWN! (Aa Dekhen Zara Kisme Kitna Hai Dam, Jam Ke Rakhna Kadam, Mere Saathiya!)

The Choreographer is waiting for Angad to come and is looking very worried and asks one of the Chorus Girls why is Angad still now come in. Kripa is shown in the background happily chatting with one of the Chorus girls and is completely unaware of anything. Just then Angad comes in and the choreographer breaks into a bright smile and tells him that only two days are left for the concert and they don't have a lead singer yet. Angad (looking like a million bucks in a black sandoz) gets a strange look in his eyes and gives a sideway glance at Kripa, who has not even noticed him, btw! And announces that they have a lead singer, Kripa, the choreographer is like, what? Kripa?, but looking at Angad's steely expression, refrains from saying anything and is like, ok whatever, get back to your positions. Kripa is so taken-aback that she just keeps staring at Angad who is not even looking at her and has already taken his position and he puts his right hand out and tells Kripa, ''Kripa, apni position par aa jao.'' (Some cheek this guy has, I tell you!) Kripa just keeps staring at Angad's back and then at his outstretched hands, Angad has the cockiest expression on his face, as if nothing has happened and that dancing with Kripa was the most natural thing in the World. Kripa comes towards him, gives him one hard look and literally screams at top of her voice by saying, ''Nahin, mein tumhare saat nahin gaaongi.'' And as a ''Oh, Oh'' Kartik looks and Angad is left completely humiliated and flustered, Kripa walks off in complete outrage and disgust. Everyone is left staring at Angad, who looks ready to eat Kripa, and follows her outside and tells her to wait. Kripa turns around and tells him that how dare he suggest that she should perform with him as his lead after all that he and his mother have done to Tania. Angad is slightly taken aback, as Kripa tells him that Angad and his mom might be one who can trample over other people's dreams and go marching forward, but Kripa is one who will prefer to step out of the way, incase her going forward is ruining someone's life. Kripa tells him that what was Tania's mistake, that she dared to love Angad, dared to love a superstar, so that was the price she had to pay, and Naina threw her out of her job leaving her penniless. Kripa tells Angad that she is not ruthless or heartless like Angad or his Mom, and that she will never step into Tania's shoes and hurt her any further. Kripa tells Angad that he is positively disgusting and she would rather quite the Academy than ever sing with a person like him. Angad looks so mad at Kripa, that it seems he will immediately wrangle her neck, he tells her very coldly that she cannot quit the show in this manner, she has signed a contract and she has to fulfill it at any cost. Kripa tells him to get lost and says that she cares two hoots for the Contract and that he cannot do anything about it, if she won't fulfill it. Kripa gives one furious look at Angad and says that she will never, ever sing with Angad, come what, he can just go to hell. Angad is left incensed with wrath and mad rage, as he cannot digest Kripa's major snub to him!

SLIMY KARTIK AND ''IN HOT SOUP'' KRIPA (I can never think of a song, with Kartik in it!!!)

Kartik comes to meet Kripa at the Outhouse, Kripa is surprised but calls him in politely, Kartik is very cool and tells her that she has signed a contract and that she will have to fulfill it anyway. Kripa says that she doesn't want to sing with Angad, Kartik tells her that she doesn't have a choice and if she doesn't report to the rehearsals tomorrow, he will send a legal notice not just to her but to her Parents also in Nainital and that she will have to cough up 50 lakhs if she won't fulfill the contract. Kartik tells her that Angad is a fool and that instead of dealing with the whole issue in a cold, business like manner, lost his temper on her and blew the whole issue like anything, but Kartik has the right method  to regin in Kripa and  that she better oblige to what is being told to her, else she and and her family is going to be in a big soup! Kripa is stunned and doesn't know how to react, while Prithvi who had come to meet Kripa, listens to the entire conversation from outside the room and is furious with the Khanna's but decides about something and walks away from there, unnoticed and quietly!

CUTE MISTI AND CUTER PRITHVI (Phoolon Ka Taaron Ka Sabka Kehna Hai, Ek Hazaron Mein Meri Behna Hai….)

Mishti is shown to call up Kripa and tells her that they have been planning a dinner for so long and  that Harshini, Prithvi, Kripa and herself have to go tonight for it. Kripa is in no mood and is worried sick after her conversation with Kartik and tries to wrangle herself out. Mishti refuses to listen to her and says that nothing doing, she has to come to so and so restarurant and that they will be waiting for her there. Prithvi has a cool expression on his face, as if he has planned something. (And he dresses up really well, he was looking very nice in a light blue linen shirt and off-white cargos, goes well with his overall personality)

PRITHVI ROCKS MY WORLD (AND ANGAD STOPS MY HEART!) (Yaaron Dosti Badi Hi Haseen Hai, Yeh Na Ho Toh Bolo Kya Yeh Zindagi Hai…)

My Prithvi, my sweet, my adorable, darling Prithvi. He rock like anything! Prithvi very coolly hands over the cheque of 50 lakh and is absolutely relaxed about it. Kartik is surprised and asks him why is he doing this, to which Prithvi replies that their event management company supplies the chorus girls for Angad's shows and that he is just letting go of one of them, by giving the compensation amount back to the Khanna's. Kartik is very surprised now, but does not react and tells Prithvi that its ok then, Kripa is free from the Contract. Prithvi very politely thanks Kartik and leaves the room. Once Prithvi has left, and Kartik is left wondering now whom will they arrange at such a short notice, Angad walks in very coolly and greets Kartik, hi brother, why do you look so worried. Kartik in his usual, deadpan manner tells Angad that Kripa has freed herself from the Contract, now what will they do about the show. Angad's face gets all frigid and terse and he asks Kartik if Kripa was here, Kartik says that no, Kripa wasn't there, but her friend came and  gave this, he hands over the cheque to Angad, who is quite surprised at seeing it. Kartik tells Angad  that he is very surprised at this and he had no idea that Kripa had such powerful friends who would go to such an extent for getting her out of this muddle. Angad is now dying out of curiosity and asks Kartik, who was it who gave the compensation on behalf of Kripa, Kartik says, Prithvi Bose. Angad's is mad with jealousy and his face wrinkles in anger and he is left with a cold fury, as he takes the cheque from Kartik and walks out, leaving Kartik wondering what his brother is upto now!

FURIOUS ANGAD AND LOST KRIPA – ULTIMATE RETORT BY ANGAD TO KRIPA'S SNUB TO HIM! (Aaj Na Chodoonga Tujhe Dam Dama Dam, Tune Kya Samjha Hai Mujhe, Dil Mein Hai Toofan Bhara…..)

Kripa is getting ready for the dinner and combing her hair, when someone knocks at the door and she goes to open it. Kripa opens the door and is staggered to see Angad, who is looking at her with a rotten expression comes in and tells her that he had thought that however arrogant and stupid Kripa was, she was atleast a self-respecting, independent person and not one to take favours from her so called friends. Kripa is taken aback and asks Angad (quite politely, btw) that what is he talking about. Angad (looking really good in a red shirt and denims!) very coldly and cruely tells her that is she was desperate to free herself from the contract, she could have very well spoken to him too, why did she have to go and beg in front of her friend and his mom for that. Kripa is still lost and tells him, that she has no idea what he is talking about. Angad snorts sarcastically and tells her to stop acting so innocent and he has seen through her game already.

Angad's exact words to Kripa are, ''Ms.Values, pehle Angad ke saamne khud khada hona seekho...himmat hai to mujhse akele ladh kar dikhaao...phir mujhse oonchi aawaz mein bat karna.''

Kripa keeps asking him what is he talking about, what cheque, which friend, she has no clue. Angad tells her that Prithvi had come to Kartik and given a cheque of 50 lakh which will free Kripa from the contract, before Kripa can react to this statement, Angad who looks mad with cold rage, tells Kripa that he knows Prithvi and his Mom from a very, very long time and has immense respect for both of  them, especially for Damini Bose. As Kripa listens stunned and reactionless, Angad turns and gives her a powerful, forceful look and throws the cheque on her by telling her that she can return the cheque to her friend and tell him that Angad himself frees Kripa from the Contract, not because she was able to give him the compensation for it, but because he has immense respect for Damini and since Kripa is close to her son, he has no intentions of causing any disharmony between all of them. As a dazed and shaken Kripa listens to all this, Angad throws her one putrid look and walks out of the room!

April 28 2005 by chillyflakes


Kripa is sitting alone in her bedroom, pondering over all that Angad just said and still not believing Prithvi's actions. The phone rings, its Harshini, who whispers conspiratorially on the phone and asks Kripa why isnt' she coming, a lost and irritated Kripa tells her that she is not feeling too well and that is why she decided to give the dinner a miss, and to apologize the others for the same. Prithvi, Mishti and Harshini are sitting together, and as Harshini tells them Kripa is not very well and hence won't be able to join, Prithvi immediately senses what could be wrong (not just sensitive, but smart too, I like this lad!) and excuses himself from the dinner. Harshini is disappointed, but Mishti understands and smiles to herself.

The door bell rings and Kripa is taken aback at seeing Prithvi standing there looking kind of guilty. Kripa is very upset, as Prithvi asks her if she is feeling better now. Kripa tells him that she had never expected this of Prithvi and for God Sake, he didn't have to show his position and wealth by baling out Kripa like this. Kripa tells him that it was her decision to sign the contract and she shared her problem with Prithvi, because she considered and trusted him as a friend and not because she expected him to come running in her aid (Lovely dialogues uttered by Kripa in this scene, wish I could put the exact words, can't recollect now!) Prithvi is calm and collected and tells her that his reason for helping out Kripa was not to shown his power and position, but because he believed that what Kripa did was correct and he knows that by not wanting to perform with Angad, she is trying to help out Tania and not harm Angad in anyway. Prithvi says that he admires Kripa's strength and sentiments, and that is the reason he decided to help her out. Kripa is still upset and tells Prithvi that it is not a question of her not fulfilling the terms & conditions of the contract, it is a question of commitment and loyalty to one's own decision and if she has the brains and guts to sign a contract, she can find her own way to either fulfill it or not. Prithvi tells Kripa that he really admires the strength and self-respect in her and will always stand by her, Kripa melts and apologizes to Prithvi and says that she knows Prithvi did not help her out to show his position but because he considers her as a friend.


The next scene shows Prithvi and Kripa walking towards the main gate, where she is seeing him off, both of them are laughing and talking very animatedly. Just then our dude's Car is shown parked outside the gate, and Angad is looking at both Kripa and Prithvi from the rear view of his mirror and gnashing his teeth in anger and seems to be in a foul mood. As Kripa laughs gaily over something that Prithvi has just said, Angad goes completely mad with anger and his eyes burn with  jealousy. As Prithvi is shown going off in his Car, Angad steps out and goes towards Kripa who is completely put-off after seeing him and just makes a unpleasant face and walks off. Angad being Angad cannot resist passing an acidic comment on Kripa, follows her dutifully to the Outhouse and as Kripa (who has not noticed him following her) goes inside, Angad comes and stands near the door with his hand resting on one side and he is staring at Kripa, as if he will have for dinner tonight! Kripa notices him and is furious at seeing him, and asks him rather rudely, what is he doing here? Angad who was waiting for this, very acerbically comments that, oh, I didn't know that only your boyfriends are allowed in the Outhouse. Kripa is disgusted and shouts on him that Prithvi is not her boyfriend. Angad who is now in full glory gives one sharp look at Kripa and tells her that, all that nonsense she was sprouting about self-respect and all, and then she has her ''special friends'' coming over at odd times to meet her and help her out. Kripa is completely mad at Angad and just keeps staring at him in cold rage, waiting for him to finish. Angad then says some pretty nasty things to Kripa, he tells her that, she saw his picture somewhere, fell in love with his image and then when she came to Mumbai and discovered that Angad the person was not like Angad the Star, it broke her heart. How the hell is that his problem? (Hey, this is exactly what we were discussing a few days back!) Angad says that if he is being a hypocrite, that is because, his profession demands so, at least he does what he believes in his real life and if he says that he doesn't believe in love and relationships, it is because he doesn't! Atleast he is not a double minded charlatan like Kripa is, who talks about values and morals and then has her ''special friends'' dropping by at her place and going out of their way to help her. Angad is absolutely reeking of sheer jealousy, but he talks sense, in one way! Kripa first keeps listening then tells him to shut up and now listen to her. Kripa says that first and foremost Prithvi is not her boyfriend but her well-wisher and a good friend, but obviously, a person like Angad who does not believe in love and relationship, would never understand what friendship is. Kripa says that all that Angad just said had little bit of truth and a lot of envy. Kripa tells Angad that he is just plain jealous of Prithvi and that he cannot bear to see that someone is helping her out. (I felt that what Kripa said was equally correct!) Kripa tells him that she is not taking Prithvi's help and that she will sort out her problem herself, because she is not one who will give precedence to herself over her friends, unlike him. Kripa says something rather nasty to Angad (can't recollect exactly) and Angad totally loses his cool and utters, ''You Bloody….'' Kripa is stunned and keeps staring at him, while Dadi enters suddenly and is shocked and says, ''Angad? Mind your language, yeh kya bol rahe ho tum. Aur yeh ho kya raha he tum dono ke beech mein?'' Angad who suddenly realizes Dadi's presence is bewildered and gives one look at Kripa and walks out of the room! Dadi comes inside, looking dismayed and asks Kripa what was going on between both of you. Kripa who looks totally staggered mutter something and is not able to control her tears. Dadi looks very confused and tells Kripa, that till date, she has never heard Angad ever uttering a single profanity against anyone, and that she still cannot believe her ears over what Angad just said to Kripa. Dadi tells a weeping Kripa that she will speak to Angad and ask him to apologize to her.


Angad is sitting in his rocking chair with a glass of chilled beer (to drown his woes over Ms. Sharma, I guess!) and has a frustrated and highly disturbed expression over his face. He hears Dadi's voice calling out for him, and he immediately gets up and tries to hide the glass (Awww, see he has so much respect for his elders, he won't even pretend to drink in front of them) Dadi comes in and very indulgently tells Angad that how much more is he going to drink, and that he should just stop for today. Angad looks very embarrassed and has no reply. Dadi then gets a very sad expression and tells Angad that though she knows that Angad is a little short on temper, she had never expected Angad to say such a thing to Kripa and what on earth provoked him into doing this. Angad looks like a school kid caught cheating and trying to give an explanation to the teacher! Angad makes a frustrated grunt and tells Dadi that he doesn't know why Kripa irks and irritates him to such an extent that he is not able to control himself and just loses his cool over her. Angad looks very fore lone and guilty and walks out of the room, while Dadi smiles to herself and says that she knows now, why Angad lost his cool with Kripa. Till date, no one had the guts to question or argue with Angad, and Kripa not just stood bravely infront of him, she actually showed the true picture of Angad to himself and that is why he could not digest the fact that someone could behave with him in such a manner.


Angad, Kartik and Mannan are in a Press Conference talking to the Media about their forthcoming Concert. Angad utters the same stuff about love and feelings and says that only a person who can believe in love can sing from the heart and reach out to people. Then the Media persons begin to ask him about his new co-singer for the upcoming Concert, Kartik and Angad get an embarrassed look and try to avoid the question, but the Media is persistent. Just then Kripa walks in and though Angad is surprised, he very coolly tells the Media present, that his new co-singer has just arrived, why don't you guys speak to her directly. Kripa smiles confidently and arrives on the podium and sits right besides Angad who again has the same grumpy expression on his face but alternates it with a smile for the Tv! As Kripa keeps smiling and answering questions from the journalists, Angad very cutely, says in a sarcastic voice, while continuously pretending to smile, that, she finally came to her senses and decided to perform with him, Kripa who is no less than him, does the same thing and tells him in the same vein that she decided to perform with Angad because she did not want to take either Prithvi or Angad's favor for that matter and deal with her own problem herself. Angad just makes a funny face!

BOSE HOUSE – Prithvi and Damini

Prithiv is sitting on his couch and watching Kripa's press conference and has a completely love-struck expression on his face, Damini comes from behind and is surprised at Prithvi's strange expression and then looks at the Television Set and smiles to herself. Damini asks Prithvi very sweetly what is so lost in, Prithvi tells his mother that he wants to confess something to someone, Damini smiles and asks him if that someone is a girl. Prithvi says that yes, and also a very good friend of his and he is afraid that she might take what he says in a wrong sense and he doesn't want to lose a good friend. Damini tells him that he should not worry about what her reaction might be, he should just go and say what he wants to right away. Prithvi gets a wide smile on his face as Damini hugs Prithvi affectionately and pats his head!

THE COFFEE HOUSE – Angad, Prithvi, Kripa and Mishti

Mishti calls up Angad and invites him for a Cup of Coffee, and tells a surprised Angad that she wants to discuss his forthcoming World Tour. Angad is cool and tells her that he will be there on time. Meanwhile Prithvi calls up Kripa who is sitting with Harshini and asks her out for Coffee, Kripa is surprised and asks him if any special reasons, he says that nothing, he just wants to discuss about the Concert. Kripa is like ok, whatever you say, while Harshini tells Kripa that she has these butterflies in her tummy for Prithvi and can she ask him what he feels about her. Kripa is very happy and tells her that she will surely talk to Prithvi on this.

Angad and Mishti are chatting in a very jovial vein, and as girls nearby keep giving him wistful looks, he very cutely gives a flying kiss to one of them and makes a face at Mishti and tells her, I tell you these girls, it becomes rather tough to handle them all the time. Mishti is like, oh lay off, she laughs and tells him that she knows Angad is very fond of all this female attention and he is saying this only to impress her. Angad retorts very cutely that Mishti is already impressed with him, is there any need of him to further impress her. Mishti breaks out laughing and chides him playfully. Just then Prithvi and Kripa enter, and Mishti is elated at seeing them, and calls them towards herself. Angad is very upset and completely ignores both of them, its only when Prithvi says hi, he replies in a sullen way!  (That way, Angad is such a baccha and Prithvi is so mature!) Kripa is highly discomfited at seeing Angad and doesn't say anything to him. Mishti forces Prithvi to join them, he makes a very cute, irritated face to her and says, whatever and sits down much to his disappointment! Kripa ends up sitting right next to Angad who keeps giving her strange side-way glances. There is a very uncomfortable silence round the table, as Prithvi goes off to get Coffee for Kripa and the others! Mishti then comments that how is the rehearsals coming along and how are both Angad and Kripa getting along. Angad just makes an even more sulkier face while Kripa says something sarcastic about the rehearsals. Mishti senses that there is some issue between both of them, but is not clear about it. Thankfully Prithvi joins them, and Kripa then says rather emotionally that she is really and truly grateful to both Prithvi and Mishti for their unconditional support to her and its only because of them and Dadi that she has been able to fulfill the contract, else she would have completely given up. Angad is still giving her funny stares! Kripa then very innocently says that she is really looking forward to going back to Naintial now once the concert is over, as soon as she says this both Angad and Prithvi look astonished and dismayed! While Angad has a curious look on his face, Prithvi looks highly disappointed and sad! Mishti looks startled  too and asks Kripa why does she want to go back to Nainital so soon, Kripa gets a poignant look on her face and gives one side-way glance to Angad and says that she has no reasons left for her to stay back in Mumbai once the concert is over. Angad looks kind of guilty and Prithvi looks totally gloomy! Mishti smiles and gives one look at Prithvi and says that, she has a reason to stay back in Mumbai, only she has not noticed it till now. Angad senses what Mishti means, and looks highly displeased, while Prithvi is embarrassed out of his life and gives one shove to Mishti under the table!!! Mishti gives a cute wink at Prithvi who is just miserable about what Kripa just said, while Kripa tells Mishti that she has thought over it a lot many times, and that she will surely go back to Naintial once the Concert is over. The episode ends on Angad's mystified face and Prithvi's distressed one!



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