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RAYA FF:Sirf meri Ho *THREAD-2 part 41 on page 148 (Page 61)

Siacutie IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 November 2012 at 11:23am | IP Logged
waiting for next part 

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luvsakshi IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 November 2012 at 1:28am | IP Logged
Originally posted by leena04

awesome update neel...
sorry for late reply...
but this chocolate wala love is so awesome... yaar Ram ki yahi halat rahi na so soon will will see little Peehu running in K-mansion lol... poor Priya come on Ram at lest kicahan ko toh baksh dena tha n that was even so wild... awww. but want next one more in other part too... if possible :p... awesome as usval hot update do next update soon waiting for it...

Hii leena ji ,Thank you so much for your warm feed back ...Will see wether the next one is romantic or hot or superb update ..When lil peehu is running in K-Mansion our Golu will be on a new mission for junior brother for peehu ..LOL
luvsakshi IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 November 2012 at 1:29am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Oneandall

great updates... EmbarrassedWinkClap... had everything... and than some...

now i am waiting for another update...

Thanks sheethal ... Wink
luvsakshi IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 November 2012 at 1:30am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Siacutie

waiting  for the next part neelDay Dreaming
i want to know what happened after there romanceLOL

Hey sia will be update soon ... Im also eagerly waiting for it ...LOL
luvsakshi IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 November 2012 at 1:30am | IP Logged
Originally posted by nagma0

waiting update soon

Will be soon ...
luvsakshi IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 November 2012 at 1:31am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Siacutie

waiting for next part 

After this post ...
luvsakshi IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 November 2012 at 1:33am | IP Logged


She looked at her ...she was in her saree perfectly just lil disturbd here and there ,If anybody has seen also there wont be any sign of their love making ..He didn't undress her today ...She thought what was just  happen ...
"In a low voice she asked him what have i done!!"
He muffled in her you did the mistake by having chacolate aloneee...

[Maybe you will find difficulty with the conversation so i made Priya words in Red ,Ram wrds in Green so you no need to confuse]

Her eyes widen up with the answer ,Her eyes fumed with anger ,You ...You acted like i did something wrong and you shouted at me infront of everyone ..
She is hitting him on his chest ..

Ruko ..Priya kya yaar ...The hits are getting wild this time
"Auchhh" he yelped in pain and hold her hands in his tightly ,made her look at him ..

Hey sweety what happen ???You are hurting me ..

Ohhh she lost in his cuteness ,
He leaned on her "Didn't you liked the punishment for your silly mistake"
Blood rushed up her cheeks ,Her eyelashes lazily casting downwards ...
Bolo na Priya "Didn't you liked it "
She nodded her head as "NO" ..
Ohhh so why your cheeks are telling someother answer ...
"She hurriedly got up from there ,She knows that if she sit here with him, He will read her answer sooo she gatherd herself up and ran from there before his hands embraced her , telling I hate it Mr.Kapoor ...

He followed her to their room, When he reached his room ,He found an empty room welcoming him ..
He heard water sound from the washroom he thought she might be in there ...
He sat in the sofa waited for her to come somehow his eyelashes closed for a small nap .

Priya came back after her shower ...Stunned to see her love is sleeping so cutely in the sofa ..
She so wanted to caress his cheeks paused thinking it might wake from his sugary nap ..
She closed her eyes remebered what just happend in the kitchen ...She badly wanted him when his hand caress her body ,
Oh even im unable to resist my emotions when he was with me ...
She ruffled her wet hair with the towel[the water drops fallen on Ram's face ] her cheeks turned to pinkish colour reminding their early morning lovemaking in kitchen ...

He squzeed his eyes to open and saw his beautiful wife lovingly making her hair dry ...
But why ... why she has taken bath again ... He slowly looked at her in the mirror ,
He know by seeing her face she is thinking about him only ,He slowly slid his hands around her waist pulled her closer to his chest ..

She startled and asked him, seeing in the mirror ..aap aap... uthgaya aap  ...
"Smelling her hairs ,moving his lips on her neck ..
"Ha ye bin mausam barsadh joh abhi  chehire pe aaye  uthana tho pada"

[Ohhh i loved this scene in the show ,i want to revisit this scene again with peehu ]

She bit her lower lip ,Sorry ...
Hmm moving his lips around her neck , Sorry ka koi jaroorath nahi ,sucked her soft skin ..
She let out a plesurly moan by calling his name "Rammm"
Hmmm kya ??? Im here itself dear..With you palming her stomach very gently ...
She lost in his touch ,He asked her again may i know why you are blushing ...
She again punished her lower lip...
"Don't do that jaan,its mine..kissing her lower lip "
she struggeld under his embrace  muffeled in  a low voice " Chodiye  muzhe "
He pushed her hair on right side,His lips traveled  her back of the neck
...She arched her back to give him more access  ..stammered I.. I ..Im getting late ..
"Oh really" ..He laughed seeing her restless ness ...
Ek huggie do na.. Im getting late to office ..

She controled her emotions ,pushed him away from her ..
NO means NO , first morning you didnt wake me up in correct time and you laughed at me ..
2nd you made {his eyes beamed with the anticipation] she cut inbetween seeing his glow,and changed the sentence while her cheeks are turning to tomato red colour .
"You gave punishment "so forgot about your hug and its getting really late for your meeting now you can go ,Turning him to door side ...
So did i hurt you in the kitchen making a puppy face ...SHe is searchin for her accesories in the drawer couldnt notice his expression ..
He walked along the door ,"Rishab gave him message that it just 10 more mins im coming to your room ..."
He looked at the message ,and back to Priya now she can see him from the mirror ...
Chaliye na ...she said
pakka "He asked like  a kid "'
She sensed something wrong with Ram, What happen suddenly why he is so mood off ...Her heart flatterd seeing him in this condition ..
When he is about to turn to leave ...
Ram" she reached him with in few secs ...
He asked her "kya kuch bhool gaya kya " His face almost pale in colour ...
Ha Ram aap ek imp cheese bhool gayi ..
Kya hai "
She embraced his in her arms so tightly "I love you my dear hubby " and I loved your love making also ..A naughty smile danced on her lips..
He is dazed ...Do he heard her correctly ...Ohhh her hands tightly clasping him to sink in her embrace ,she really dont want to leave him but as he said yesterday it will be his most imp meeting today ...
Rishab climbing the steps and Ram hugged her back ...yelled yayyy Priya hugged me ..She hugged me man ...He lifted her up a bit and twirling with her ..
She astonished for his behaviour .she is  trying to place her hand on his mouth but his twirls are making her to feel dizzy ..

Ram stopped when he found rishab at their entrance.Slowly he made her stand on her own ,Proudly asked Rishab about the bet ..
Hello my dear pyarri Priya hugged me before my leave so i won the best ,could you plz hand me over the cheque ,with his 32 teeth LOL..

Rishab muttered something under his breath ..Bhabhi ye kya hai ,subha aapka gussa dekh kar i thought you wont give huggie to bhai ..
Ek min ek min ...Im i missing something im not getting what you are talking Rishab ...
He explained what happend ...
[Hmmm you dont know rishab,when you will get married na that time you will know how it difficult it is ..
And like Priya ki jaise hitler se kabhi nahi expect karogi ..
Priya bhabhi to easy hai bhaiii ...
Ohhh so prove it my dear rishab ...
Ok bhai if bhabhi hugs me, you should give me 1lakh rupees ..Ye bet hai ..ok Ram agreed
Ok but it just for 5 mins only rishab i wont give more than that ok ...
Ok bhai i need only  2 mins to complete this task ...and if priya bhabhi will hugs you back i will handover the 1 lakh to you ..but im giving you time upto you leave for the office ..ok bhai winked at her but we should not disclose this to bhabhi until it gets over ok..]

Priya embarassed as well as shocked knowing about the bet ..Sensing her anger he reached her ,clasped her shoulders pulling her into a sidehug ...
Rishab about to give the cheque back to Ram , Priya insisted to Rishab keep it with you and will you please give me some alone time with my husband ..

Rishab winked at her naughtily ...
Bhai ab toh aapko koi nahi bachega .He ran out of the room..

Priya closed and bolted the door ..Turned with the same anger ..What are you playing with Rishab and that too about our personal matter ..
Where are you Mr.Ram kapoor ,How can you deal a bet with him about our personal hug ...
Hmm Baby he sat on their bed , pulled her she directly launched on his lap ...He explained nothin happen and YOur devar is not a kid now just shut your mouth otherwise i very well know how to shut your mouth ...Rammm hitting on his chest ...
Priyaaa ...both laughed in unison ..

So you like dark chocolates ...
Hmmm ...
Why ???
I love the taste ,I will feel refresh when i ate those ...He is crushing her in his arms...
Ram aap kya kar rahe hooo ,sensing his arosoul on her back ...kuch nayi
Ok tell me why did you take the shower again ...
She flushed to the core ...
Because ...Kissed on her dhori ,his hands removed the click of her dhori ...
she gasped ...
hmm bolo na because :!!!!~?????
"Because Im smelling like you " He smiled at her answer
"Oh but you said you liked when you are smelling like  me "He pulled the threads of dhori and hooked it back ...Her breath comes to normal..

Yah but i ..i ..only i want to feel your presence , i want to mask your smell with me, I want to be with your fragrance per now Im going to attend my lectures , I will go mad if i will go in the same attire which i wored while  you make love to me ,I will go crazy and couldnt able to concentrate on lessons as well as my self , blushing she hid her face in his chest ...
Oh why like that , we made love somany times but you didn't tell me about this anytime...
About what ???[confused ]

Wahi that you will go mad if you wore same attire while i... you know right " winked at her ...
Ha oh toh sahi hai .. now her blush on cheeks turned to total pinkinsh ...

Than all these days you were wearing na ...
Ohh now she got the point what he was asking ...

She hit on his forehead lightly & lovingly ...
Ole ole mela GOLU ... I dont have any when we are togother .. This is the first time im having clothes ...As you know you dont like it when we are ...
And Mr.Kapoor you tortured me today morning tying my hand with the towel ,I so wanted to feel you caress you with my fingers but you didnt allowed me to do that ..
Remember you will pay for this ... i bet you ...caressing his face with her lanky fingers ..
Planting a kiss on his lips ..God i love you so mmuch Rammm... taking his invilibityness from his lips savouring the movement ...

P.S:Will Ram reach to the meeting in time or not ..What is on Priya'smind ????

Thank you very much for sapring your time to read this FF and make me feel happy with your commnets ... Thank you soo much ...
HugHeartHugHeartHugHeartGod bless you all

Plzplz do leave your feed back and dont forgt to hit the LIKE button...

If anybody wants Pm add me to your buddy list ,will send you PM..

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so finally huggie day he diya priya nay ...romantic update would be priya's turn to torture ram by tying his handsLOL 

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