Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

ArHilicious Droolers # 44: Aaja Piya Tohe Pyaar..

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ArHilicious Droolers #44: Aaja Piya Tohe Pyaar Doon...

Song of the week: _Aanchal_
Poem of the week: PinkCinderella
Summary of the week: _Aanchal_/Star Plus
Funny scene of the week: -Smiles- 
Picture of the Week: stardust-
Filler of the Week: -.Preet.-
Rating of the Week: ~Saraa~
Videomix of the week: Deepali_88
Rakshabhandan Scene of the Week: Roshini1494
Achari Scene of the Week: -.Preet.-
Best Character of the Week: shobrakapooor
Most Irritating Character of the Week: ShiningStar18
Funny Character of the Week: -Ammie-
Video avi of the week, Icon of the week: minuu
Best FF of the Week: arisai
 Best OS of the Week: OnlyHope
Message to CVs: ~Saraa~
Siggy of the week, Video siggy of the week: minuu
Most Active Thread of the week: Appy_Indy
Most Active Member of the Week: -Barun-
Costume of the Week: godhuli12
Dialogue of the Week: ~Saraa~
Joota scene of the week: ~Saraa~
Blooper of the week: ~Saraa~

Banner and animated logos: Khushix + PurpleFairy

Winning Siggies: -Fatz-

Thankyou everyone for supprting us sooo much. Its all due to your support we have reached the 44th newsletter. 


From now on please send your assigned task by Friday night and no later than Saturday afternoon 12pm (India Time), to IPKKNDentries and not to Sanjana or Neethi.

If you are unable to do your assigned task for any reason, PM the same ID (IPKKNDentries) with the reason why by Friday and so back-up could be arranged.

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Arnav's grandmother visits Shantivan. Khushi accidentally pours dirty water on her. Dadi assumes that she is a servant and insults her. Khushi tries to clear the misunderstanding but Dadi forbids her to enter her room. She scolds Manorama for letting Khushi decorate the temple and orders her to clean the puja room. Manorama obeys Dadi's orders out of fear. Anjali gets emotional on seeing Dadi after many years. Dadi inquires about Shyam. Arnav and Nani are shocked to see her in Shantivan.


Nani introduces Payal and Khushi to Dadi. She tells Khushi to receive Dadi's blessings but Dadi rebuffs her. Khushi questions Arnav about the strained relationship between Dadi and him. Dadi questions Nani for not informing her about Anjali's pregnancy, Shyam's disappearance and Arnav's marriage. Nani criticizes her for deserting the family after a tragic incident in the past. Arnav forbids Dadi to talk about his father in his house. He supports Khushi when Dadi forbids her to enter her room.


Nani questions Dadi for being rude to Khushi. Arnav has a restless night because of his tragic past. Khushi tries to comfort him. Arnav tells her that his mother committed suicide. She sympathizes with him and vows to be there for him whenever he needs her. Anjali asks her to retrieve a shell that belonged to her mother for janmashtami puja from the storeroom. Khushi finds Arnav's family photos there. Dadi scolds her for going through the photos. Arnav defends Khushi's right as his wife.


Anjali and Arnav decide to leave their tragic past behind and move on with their lives. Payal is pleased with Arnav for defending Khushi. Khushi teases Arnav with his naked baby photo. He chases her around the room to get the photo from her but they end up jumping on the cot and breaking it. Dadi asks Manorama about Shyam but Nandkishore interrupts her. Khushi tells Arnav that their wedding is incomplete without fulfilling the ceremonial customs. He tells her to be ready for their wedding night.


Khushi becomes flustered after Arnav tells her to get ready for their wedding night. She is teased by the family for wearing her dress inside out. Anjali lies to her family and goes out to meet someone secretly. Nani tells Khushi to prepare kheer for Janmashtami but she prepares jalebis instead. Dadi questions Arnav for throwing Shyam out of the house. He becomes enraged when she criticizes his mother. He blames his father for his mother's suicide.

It has to be the Aaja Piya Tohe Pyaar Doon Song Sequence. Arnav was sad and Khushi tries to change his mood with her acts, completely matching with the lyrics of the song. For the first time, Arnav shared something from his past with Khushi and Khushi's  hug gave him an assurance that he is not alone here. Khushi will always support him. It just shows how their relationship has grown now.

Remember that scene everyone that Dadi had to give her aashirwaad (blessings) to Arnav and Khushi and they both touch her feet? You don't?! Well, here are a few pictures to remind you first and then we'll talk about it.

Yeah, so now that we are all on the same page. So, this scene has got to be the worst scene or in Newsletter's language the Joota scene of the week. I mean, Dadiii it's okay if you don't like Khushi. We love her. It's perfectly fine with us if you don't give Arnav and Khushi your blessing, the entire forum gives them their blessings and it will be from the bottom of the heart. EmbarrassedBig smile

The funniest scene for me this week was the bed breaking scene!! LOL It was hilarious! ROFL The way Arnav jumped on to the bed and broke it and how they laughed afterwards was such a treat to watch. Big smile

That's All For Now,
Tara Tongue

This week we had Arnav-Akash cute scene,Payal-Khushi scenes even Anji-Khushi hug and few minutes of arnav-anji.But this week the scene which showed us the siblings love a lot is Payal-Khushi scene.There are two scenes.The one in which payal shows her happiness about arnav supporting khushi.It showed the love she have for khushi.Payal is so happy for Khushi to get a husband like ASREmbarrassed. We even saw our KKGSR blushingBlushing.And the other scene is one where khushi is scared about SR and asks payal about it.It showed the shyness and cuteness usually the sisters convo have, that too it is about SRLOL.So they must be shy for sure.Thats all for now.Lets hope we get a nice siblings scene next week too.Until then,

Signing off,


This week all the scenes between Mami and Dadi were completely filler. It happened for 2 times, first for Khushi and then for Shyam. When Mami can easily tell her the truth about Khushi being Arnav's wife and not  maid, she just dragged the whole situation. Mami's over-reaction every time Dadi comes in front of her. Everything is just being dragged. Second time, when Dadi ask her about Shyam, the whole scene with NK, Mami and Shyam was just not needed.

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Why Arnav why? kyun tum meri saath aise kar rahe ho? my expectations of my future husband is increasing because of u! LOLI dont think there's anyone perfect as Arnav. If i keep demanding that my husband must be like Arnav then I guess I'll only end sitting at my home. As Payal said Khushi is really lucky to have a husband like Arnav! Every lady wishes their husband to be protective. nd Arnav is ready to argue with his family for his wife. He is caring, defensive , playful nd what more romantic too!Smile He is defensive in the sense when Dadi keeps on taunting his mom he reacts agains it nd the same goes with Khushi. He is a gud son, gud brother and ofcourse a gud hus too.  He was in full form this week. As a brother he takes good care of Anjali nd doesnt like when she gets sad. As a husband he is always there to support Khushi no matter whoever says bad about her at the end its he who stands on her side. I just wish every guy to be like Arnav, which will neverever happenWink


The most irritating character of the week is one who annoys us whenever he/she comes on screen. This week it's none other than Dadi ji! Angry

Dadi ji is really a very fierce character. It was really annoying to see how she called Khushi a maid upon entering the house. Does the girl even look like a maid at all? Confused Agreed that Khushi accidentally threw the muddy water on her but there was no need to be so rude with her.

Secondly, its' so frustrating to see how she keeps giving Khushi 'stop
 signals with her hand all the time. She is the bahu of the week and does deserve some respect by the old lady if not much. I can't believe she stopped Khushi from entering the room when she was talking to her husband. That was really very annoying.

Also, what was the big issue of Khushi going through the store and seeing Arnav's childhood's pictures? There was no reason for Dadi to react like that. The lady really needs someone to talk some sense into her.

Thanks! See you next week. Bye Embarrassed

Hello hi everyone and welcome to the funniest character section this week! Its been a great week with some really meaningful scenes and lots of progress! This week i've got myself a handful of funny scenes which come from all different characters!

So obviously choosing has been a stressful job...nah i'm exaggerating stuffLOL anyhow after alot of soch bichaar (Thinking) i've come to the conclusion that this week's funny Character goes to NK the cool dude and mami the hipster!

The pics say it all (Pic credit:chowna)

Wat can i say m loving this duo...them against Daadi ji is a must watch!
this is it for this week folks...see u next time


Arnav: Jahaan meri Patni nahin aasakti, mujhay nahin lagta wahan meri zaroorat hai. Main yahin sey sun raha hoon, kahiye.


Who else wanted to kiss Arnav for this amazing dialogue? JUST...fantastic! Show your dadi what you got, Arnav. ClapClap

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What  a fatak week!! Its like romance was flying ALL around!!Dancing

here go some memorable pics!!

ArHi exclusive!! give them any ball, they knock it right out of the park!! Heart

*thud* *hayye* *OMG* is that enough? sure not, but speechlessness isin't a thing with him! its EVERYTHING LOL Blushing

*Nazar utarofies* Day Dreaming Heart

This week we have been blessed by CVs once again with a dashing baby blue shirt and very well fitted suit of Arnav.Thumbs Up All the phangirls went to dreamland again.Day Dreaming
Thank you CVs, at least you are listening to us. Now please stop experimenting with Khushi's wardrobe, give her a chance.

Here lets drool again with THE BABY BLUE SHIRT ...

Day Dreaming

I wouldn't call this blooper of the week. Most likely, blooper of the century! Big smile

So, let's assume Anjali was about a month pregnant when she found out that she was pregnant. And she found out on Arnav-Khushi AND Payal-Aakash's marriage day. Agreed? Okay, let's take it from there. It has been mentioned about 15 times so far that the two couples are to complete 6 months in 12 days. Now, that should be about 7-8 days. Agreed? So, how can someone being around 7 months pregnant NOT have a baby bump?! We are VERY curious to know. It has been pointed out in this forum million times by literally everyone so I'm really keen on knowing any assumptions you guys might have regarding this baby bump mishap. Please enlighten us too. Big smileWink

Here's the latest picture of Anjali minus the baby bump. Sleepy

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Made by: -Myrphy369-

Here is ur Gift

Made by: -CuteSomi-

Here is ur Gift


Made by: Ankita.M

Here is ur Gift

Made by:-Afridimalikk-

Here is ur Gift

Made by: Ashoo

Here is ur Gift

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Pride and Beauty

'' ASR - I Hold the burning angst inside me ''

Pushing past the burning pain inside me 
Sitting , staring into the darkness 
Don't feel hurt At that moment you think
That you're living In the darkest part of your life,
But still there is a life
Even in the darkest part of our life,
So try to feel the dark in your heart
And you will see the light again

Everything is as i had hoped for,
Everything is except for the turmoil
That plagues me inside every day;
I sleep, i smile, i laugh, i play, i eat and i live
In a constant state of fear, a fear that i did not ask for,
And one that i did not longed for;
Killing me from inside,
Silently screaming for it to stop,
I am devoured by my own inner self, day in and day out,
Life is at standstill in angst as the backyard of mind haunts me

My thoughts of you are fewer now each day.
Has time begun to heal my withered soul?
I know that time begins to fade the pain,
but can't imagine when I'll have control
The rain falls and it trickles down the glass
I trace the drop as if it is a tear
The silence sometimes deafens me, but now,
It is a peaceful silence that I fear

I know you're drowning into thoughts of my imagination
Lost within a sea of roaring waves all around
Filled with swimming memories shaded gray,
Each screaming to be heard, but not emitting sound

I've landed upon an empty shore, breathless and gripping sand.
I think perhaps I've forgotten how to breathe,
Or perhaps maybe I have been suffocated by life's callous hand

Runner Up
Solace by Firebolt

Here is ur Gift

Home Alone by lexaxel

Here is ur gift

Runner Up
We Found Love by Ri_Luvs_ArShi

Here is ur gift

Shades of Grey byGargee & Bingala

Here is ur Gift


Here is ur Gift

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This week, as much as I would have liked to give IPKKND a full 5/5, I can't. And the only name that comes to my mind is Dadiii. WHY Dadi WHY? Was she brought in so that the TRP drop? One minute we see a loving ArHi moment and the next minute, it's Dadi's cruel behaviour towards Khushi.

Dear CVs,

We would like to tell you that we LOVE and ADORE ArHi. And their moments are what we look forward to. This whole Dadi drama should blow over soon. We don't like to keep waiting. Plus, to see moments that reflect SaRun is amazing. Embarrassed We loved the bed moment. Please make those scenes happen again. Oh and Manorama Mami's "swag" moment. ClapClap

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Congratulations guys on the 44th NL! ClapClapClap

Great work EVERYONE! ClapClap

Just 6 away from the big 50! Big smileBig smile

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