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This Archive contains the Updates of Astitva Ek Prem Kahaani for the month of April 2005.


Update 4th April 2005



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All are stunned to hear from Simran that the college authorities have sent AStha's Rustication letter. Astha cannot believe this and is in tears. All are upset. Astha gets up and runs to her room crying. Simran is upset. She says this is rubbish. This is the limit. Illegal actitvities cannot happen inside the college premises like this, she says and gets up to call the principal. The principal picks up. Simran says the decision is unjustified. The principal says she has told her everything and this is the decision the board has taken. Simran says everything is false and that they are doing this only to protect the professor and also to hold the college reputtaion unharmed. The principal says there is so much news in the paper about girls having drugs and doing all wrong things and the parents not being aware of this. Simran says Astha is not like that and she knows it. The principal says don't mind but the time you devoted for your career, if you had given it to the upbringing of AStha,then she would have been well mannered. Simran is very upset and disconnects the phone. Simran then says to Sid that they have to immediately meet Zarina. Sid says she will be in the hostel. Simran says we will go to the hostel.Saurabh is worried.


They both go to the hostel and enquire for Zarina with the security.The security then checks records and says she has left to her home town this afternoon. Simran is upset. She then tells the guard that she wants to get details about Zarina and requests him to call the warden. The guard then goes to call the warden.


In the next scene, Simran and Sid are travelling in the car. Simran calls Saurabh and tells him that they are going to Pune to meet Zarina and that they have got all details about Zarina from the warden. SAurabh looks unhappy and tells Simran not to go to Pune so late. Simran says i have to save my daughter and i will do anything for that. She then requests SAurabh to be with AStha and give her moral support. She asks him to be with her and take care of her. Sid then tells Simran that if Zarina is not co-operative, then what will happen? Simran says she has seen Zarina and that she is a very straight forrward girl , who is shocked by the incident. She then says she has no idea whether Zarina will understand the situation as today's generation always runs away from  problems. Simran looks worried.


Victor and Divya are travelling in the cab. Divya is talking to Sia over the phone. Divya looks very excited and tells Sia that their Goa story has become more or less like her film script. She then asks Sia to guess what they are upto. Then with full enthusiasm and elated feeling, Divya tells Sia that they are on their way to meet Anand. Divya then tells Sia that indeed, she is missing something very important and that she would regret her not coming later. Divya says to Sia to pray for them as their interview should prove to be a great success.She says Victor is smiling and is very over confident to Sia. She then keeps the phone. The driver is as usual watching their activity thro' the mirror. After keeping the phone, both Victor and Divya hug each other in full excitement. He is seeing that thro' the mirror.


SAurabh is upset. Urmila tries to console him. SAurabh says nobody listens to him. Astha and Simran do whatever they want to do. He is not needed, so he will go to a old age home. Astha is standing and listening. She is in tears and runs inside. Urmila tells Saurabh that Simran had to take this move as she wants Astha to be well settled in life. SAurabh says then why did Simran not tell Astha the biggest fact of her life. Urmila cannot answer to this question.



The driver takes Victor and Divya to a no man's land away from all activities. It is a big fort with lots of steps. It is pitch dark as it is late in the night. He stops the car and says this is the place and they have to go up. He then volunteers to carry Victor's bag. But Victor says he is used to doing all thses things. Divya is really surprised to see that Anand comes to such a deserted place and asks Dilip. Dilip says he does not live here , but comes here to walk as he wants to be away from people. Dilip says he has the torch with him, they should move up. They start climbing the steps in the torch light. Otherwise, it is fully dark. Divya exclaims that this is a perfect place for a philosopher. Victor says he will shoot this place also. He starts to take out his camera when Dilip says if he wastes time, then they might miss Anand. They then agree and move forward.


Simran is there with Sid at Zarina's house and is talking to Zarina's parents. Zarina's father says he understands the situation pretty well but is helpless as they belong to a middle class family and they cannot afford to fall into all such confusions. He says they have a daughter who will face all ridicules .She has to get married and if she is upt down before everybody, then nobody will marry her. So he says he is more concerned about his daughter. Simran is very upset. Zarina who is in the adjacent room tries to come out but her mother pushes her in. Zarina's father offers Simran tea but Simran says she does not need it. Zaraina's mother then tells Simran that she should not allow her daughter too to fall into such confusions. Simran is surprised at this and says she will never ever try to compel her daughter from pointing out what is wrong. She is actually proud that her daughter has done this. Zarina's mother says they have a daughter and they should fear about the society around them. Now they have to worry over their daughter's future and not about society. Sid is upset and says AStha has been put out of  colleger bcos of theri daughter and they are talking like this. Zarina's father says AStha tried to support their daughter without anybody forcing her to do it. It was her choice. Simran is upset and says if Zarina needs to be afraid of everything, then now it will be the professor, leter it will be her employer. Then it will be her husband, inlaws. So her suffering will never end. She has to be submissive her whole life. She says they are making their daughter crippled by protecting her unnecessarily. Zarina's father wants them to go and says so now that everything has ended, will she leave? Simran says she wants to have a word with Zarina in front of them. Zarina's mother makes a no sign to her husband and Zarina's father refuses and says this matter is over. Simran and Sid are upset and they get up. Zarina's father then says i know this doctor. She is very famous.


Simran and Sid are going back in the car. Simran is in tears. Sid is also upset. Simran says she has no idea what to do next. Sid says they are very strange people. Do not want to fight for a good cause. Simran says leave alone the parents, Zarina if she cannot come out of the room and talk to us, then how is she going to speak against the professor?


At Zarina's place, Zarina is faighting with her parents. Zarina's mother is scolding her for peeping out of the room when Simran was here.  Zarina says she is feeling very guilty that bcos of her, AStha has been removed from college and she ran away without saving her. Zarina's parents then remind her of her izzat. Zarina says if AStha has not come at the right moment, she wouls have lost it and they would be brooding for that now. She cries and says to her parents that they are selfish and goes in. Zarina's parents are shocked at her reaction.


Simran is telling Sid that she has no other option left but to open this as an issue in the Women's Forum. Sid agrees. Simran says she is very much worried about Astha. Sid tries to console her.


Victor, Divya and the driver keep walking in that deserted and dark place. Both are tired. But they keep saying the place is fantastic and they must shoot it too. Then Dilip reaches a spot and says hear it is. He asks them to wait here and he will  go and bring Anand here. Victor sits in a rock. Divya is so excited and nervous. Victor takes out his camera and is ready for the interview. Divya si very thrilled and says as soon as she sees Anad, her first question will be why did he refuse such aprestiguous award. When she is narrating this to Victor, Dilip comes there with another person. Both Victor and Divya are thrilled to see Anand. Dilip introduces the person as Anand and tells Anand that they were very dejected when they could not meet him. So he arranged for this meeting. Dilip tells them to sit and have a talk with Anand and he wouls come in a moment. Then Victor takes his camera. The person who comes as Anand looks very odd. Divya starts to ask him why he refused the prestiguous award. The person very plainly says he did not feel  like taking it. He then sees Victor taking his pictures. Then asks him what he is doing. Victor says this will be telecast in tv. The person does not understand and again asks where will it be published. They then answer that this is for tv. Divya and Vcitr keep asking questions when the person makes a sign with his hand and a person comes from Divya and Victor's backside with  aknife. The person is proceeding towards Divya and Victor when Divya sees the hand and the knife. She screams at Victor who looks back and they both are shocked when the person tries to come near them with the knife.



Update 5th April 2005



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Warning: This episode contains some very emotionally disturbing scenes. Watch it at your own risk!




Yesterday, we left off where Divya and Victor are talking to Anand in a deserted area at night, while Dilip comes up stealthily behind Victor holding a very large knife in his hand…



THE RUINS IN GOA (Scene of the Crime)



As Dilip grabs Victor from behind, Divya lets out a blood-curdling scream. She shouts to Dilip, What are you doing? We trusted you! Victor is stunned and tries to fight back. Both of them are screaming. Then Anand grabs Divya as she is trying to free herself. Divya manages to struggle free and runs for her life with Dilip hotly in pursuit. They fall to the ground as Dilip catches hold of her and asks her to give him everything she has on her. Meanwhile, Victor delivers an eye-popping blow to Anand on the stomach. Anand doubles up in pain and swears to get back at him. Victor runs to rescue Divya where she is grappling with Dilip and tries to rescue her. Anand comes running to where they all are and there ensues an unholy battle for control – eventually, Anand and Dilip empower Victor while Anand screams to Divya to run as fast as her legs can carry her. Divya tries to run but as she turns to look around, she watches Anand grab a large boulder and smash Victor's head with it, yelling all the while… once, twice, several times… there is a lot of screaming and a lot of blood … until Victor is lying prone on the ground. As Dilip removes Victor's camera and wallet, Divya stands frozen with terror but musters the strength to scramble madly to save her life. Anand starts out behind her this time. She finds a small cave and hides inside, gasping for breath. Immediately she calls Sia on her mobile phone and begins talking to her rapidly, telling her that they are in trouble and there is NO one to help them.. that Anand is a crook, a fraud! Sia does not respond and Divya cries in frustration Outside, Anand is taking a breather and thinking about where Divya could be. Then both Dilip and Anand start searching for Divya once again.






Simran is traveling in her car with Sid, on their way back from Zarina's home. Divya calls Simran on her cell, and barely have the words "Aunty Simran! Aunty Simran!" escaped from her mouth that Dilip and Anand find her and all hell breaks loose. They mercilessly drag her out from the cave, kicking and screaming, taunting her all the while. Simran is surprised when the call gets disconnected. Sid says that it must be some kind of network problem. Simran is worried because Divya's voice was sounding afraid – different. Simran tries to call Divya back.






(The next scene is a very graphical rape, and I am so sorry and upset that I have to be the one to type this out)


Meanwhile, Anand is raping Divya behind a boulder, with Dilip standing close-by. Divya is screaming her lungs out. It's a most gruesome, chilling scene. Divya's cellphone rings – it is Simran. Dilip gets frustrated and disconnects the call. Simran is again worried that Divya is not responding. Back at the scene of the crime, the same thing keeps going on and on – all the screaming and blood and gore. Dilip is getting frustrated at the delay and tells Anand to finish up fast.






Simran tells Sid that the ringing has been going on incessantly, but Divya is not responding. Sid suggests that Divya might have gone off somewhere and left her phone behind, and that she will call Simran when she sees her missed call. Simran is not convinced, and continues worrying. Sid tries to be reassuring and tells her to think of alternatives – that sometimes there are network problems too. After all where could Divya have gone? Indulgently he remarks - You mothers! You worry about the smallest things. Do you have to worry about Divya on top of Aastha and me both?? Simran smiles wistfully and says that Divya is such a sweet girl. Sid says they have a mutual admiration club – Divya praises Simran and vice-versa. Simran feels gladdened to hear this and asks what Divya says about her. Teasingly, Sid tells her that Divya is in awe of Dr. Simran, and feels that there is no one like her in the world. Simran falls silent and says quietly, "I was telling your mother, had Aastha been alive today, she would have been just like Divya.."






Dilip and Anand are preparing to flee in the car. Dilip asks Anand if he 'shut the girl's mouth forever' and Anand replies in the affirmative. They jump in and drive off into the night, leaving Victor and Divya's dead bodies, smashed and bloodied, next to each other…






Shaguna and Aastha are talking in Aastha's room. Aastha is looking down and depressed and Shaguna is trying to cheer her up. She coaxes her to come downstairs and eat her food. Aastha is feeling guilty about everything that happened and says that her mum had to listen to so much just because of her. Shaguna chastises her for feeling bad. Aastha says in her little-girl voice, "I never want to bother Mama… but I don't know why, something always happens! And this time, even my college has made me look like a liar!"  and starts sobbing. Shaguna tries to act tough and asks her not to worry, as Simran will make everything OK again. She always defends the truth. She fights till the finish! And this time my baby hasn't even done anything wrong! She has spoken the truth, just like her mother! Don't worry… Aastha then asks playfully, will mama never ever be angry with me? Shaguna doesn't bite the bait and warns her to be careful from next time.. or else!!! She then hurries Aastha and tells her to go downstairs for dinner, as Saurabh is waiting. When Aastha still keeps sitting, she turns back and makes a crack about sitting like Meena Kumari .. and coaxes her downstairs at last.




It is morning. Aastha is sleeping and Simran enters her room and gently begins stroking her hair. Aastha's eyes are wet with tears. She confesses that she is scared of going back to college as she is afraid everyone will laugh at her. Simran assures her that no one will say a thing. Aastha doesn't get up. Simran tells her that Zarina's father called, and he said he will be coming to the college. Simran will also be accompanying Aastha to the college. She tells Aastha that since she has done nothing wrong, there is nothing to be ashamed of, and that everyone will appreciate Aastha's courage. Don't be scared! When Aastha turns around Simran sees her crying and feels bad. She tells her not to begin her day crying and to give her a cute smile, which Aastha does.. they kiss and hug closely. Simran asks her not to lose hope, that too after doing something so big. Whatever has happened to you is nothing new… it happens to everyone who tries to raise their voice. So – have faith in yourself and do what YOU think is right! Aastha is touched by Simran's words and they hug again, Aastha sobbing and exclaiming, "You're the best, Mama!"






All concerned parties have gathered at the Principal's office. Zarina's father asks Zarina to tell everyone what happened. Zarina talks in a painful voice, "Ma'am I had asked Prof. Kumar for some notes. He asked me to take them from him after class. However, when I went to him, he molested me!" Prof. Kumar tries to cut in but the Principal shuts him up. Zarina goes on to say that when she tried to scream, he tried to stifle her… Aastha saw this and tried to help me. Prof. Kumar ran away on seeing her. Aastha broke his car window in a rage. I could not tell you all this the other day because I was scared. Prof. Kumar had threatened me with dire consequences if I dared say a word." When the Principal asked Zarina why they should trust her today in that case, a few girls standing behind Zarina spoke up. They said that Prof. Kumar had molested several girls before. Prof. Kumar interjected again but no one let him speak. The girl continued speaking – that they had kept shut because of the fear of getting a bad name, but people like this think they can do anything! After seeing Aastha, we realize that keeping quiet is most harmful for no one but ourselves.




The Principal is disgusted and asks Prof. Kumar to say something in his defence, as she cannot ignore the words of so many students. Prof. Kumar is struck dumb and can barely manage a "Sorry Madam!" The stern Principal says that merely "Sorry" is not enough, and tells him to apologize to everyone from Aastha and Zarina to the other girls. The Prof. does the needful and the girls look at each other, delighted at their victory. The Principal apologizes for misunderstanding Aastha and withdraws the rustication order. She says, "How can I expel a girl who has set an ideal example for the other students?" Aastha thanks her. Zarina's father feels sorry for holding back his daughter initially, and says he was scared that his daughter would get a bad name, but that Dr. Simran's words forced him to rethink his decision. Simran lauds him for trusting his daughter and taking her down the correct path. She thanks the Principal and then Zarina for saying the truth. Everyone feels vindicated.




Outside, as soon as Aastha emerges with her friends, there is a lot of clapping and cheering going on. She is surrounded by girls and boys who egg her on, celebrating her victory, "Hip Hip Hurrah!!". Simran stands some distance away and in her mind's eye sees Neha.. and her dying words echo in her mind, "you will make her just like yourself, won't you?" She smiles to herself and then she imagines she is seeing Abhi.. Abhi is smiling away, happy, satisfied… Simran feels very glad she has done the right thing. Meanwhile, the students begin raising anti-Prof. slogans, "Hai hai!" Prof. Kumar is standing close and hears them. He makes a twisted face on hearing this and swears beneath his breath, "OK, Aastha.. now the fun will start!" Amidst all this, Simran tries Divya's cell again but gets a recorded message (switched off). She looks disturbed.






Urmila and Saurabh are sitting on the couch and watching TV. Saurabh berates himself for saying harsh words to Aastha, and wonders how badly she must have taken it. He can't understand why he could not trust Aastha. Shaguna says in her sing-song voice, not to take tension, and to smile and make up when baby comes back home! She will love you and hug you and say "Nanu, I love you!" Saurabh shakes his head and says that he will feel even worse then, and scolds himself for doing this every time… that he could not understand Simran fully either, and now it's the same with Aastha..!! Urmila assures him smilingly that it's OK, everyone makes mistakes. And that Aastha is so loving – she would never hold it against her Nanu!!




Saurabh is about to say something when Simran and Aastha enter, looking pleased as punch and smiling at everyone. Urmila tells Aastha how proud they are of her and that this is the only way Simran's Aastha can ever be.. Sid says teasingly how he's always telling everyone that Aastha is a good girl! God knows why everyone keeps scolding her! Aastha and Saurabh look at each other with naughty faces. Saurabh looks sheepish but invites Aastha over. She sits next to him and mimics his voice, saying something about going away to an old-age home.. Saurabh hugs her and tells her that she better not go away anywhere and leave him!!! He regrets everything he said to his lil girl, for distrusting her. He says ruefully, that distrusting Aastha is like distrusting your upbringing, which Simran and I have done! They exchange "I love you's" again and hug. Simran's cell rings and she gets the good news that the Board has decided to terminate Prof. Kumar's services. Everyone is ecstatic to hear this. Shaguna is very happy to see her baby become a hero




Simran is drifting away into her own thoughts when Sid tells her, "Aunty, I see you are upset since last night. I told you, they must be in the interiors of Goa, hence Divya and Victor are unable to contact you!" As they are talking, Shaguna's eyes are caught by something coming on the telly. They are showing pictures of Divya and Victor lying on the ground, dead. She stares in horror and draws everyone's attention to the TV. They gather around the screen, open-mouthed. Shaguna is blabbering, Bai, Bai, this is… she is looking shocked beyond words. Simran's heart sinks to the floor as she sees Victor and Divya's pics – she is shell-shocked. They hear the newscaster say, that the police is investigating the deaths of two bodies found in some ruins in Goa. The victims' names are Victor and Divya, NRI's, ...." Everyone has glazed looks on their faces.



Update 6th April 2005



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Simran is shocked to hear the news in the tv. She just sits down in shock. Sid is also shocked. He starts to cry. Simran keeps repeating this news is not true..Divya had promised me that she will meet me on her return. I was with her just 2 days back and starts to cry. The sudden shock makes her pant for breath. Urmila asks Shaguna to get water. Shaguna runs in. Astha goes near Sid who is crying  very bitterly and tries to console him. Urmila sees Sid crying and goes to him to console him. Astha then moves towards her mother and gets her ASthma reliever and gives it to her. Shaguna and AStha try to help Simran with her breathing problem. Sid is crying very heavily and says they both were very close to him and were his childhood friends. Urmila tries to console him. Simran says this news must be wrong and nothing would have happened to them.


The next scene, some sights of London are shown. They then show a girl sleeping with the book Attraction by Anand kept open over her face. Her face is not visible. Just then, the alarm rings. She without showing her face, switches off the alarm and turns the other side and sleeps. Then her phone rings and the answering machine gets on. A girl leaves a message saying Sia, where are you , switch on the TV. There is a shocking news. Victor and Divya are dead. The girl at once gets up in shock. She is a young girl who is quite modern looking. She is Sia, Divya's friend. Sia then searches for the remote very desperately and switches on the tv and quickly puts a news channel. There, they are showing glimpses of the dead bodies and the news reader si saying that no clue has been found regarding this murder. It is believed that Divya and Victor had come from London to take the  interview of the famous writer Anand. Sia is crying and is in deep shock on seeing this on tv.


Sid is crying pretty heavily. Urmila is packing his bag. Urmila in a very sorrow tone, asks  Sid whether he has informed  Victor's uncle. Victor says yes and cries saying just imagine what must be going thro' his mind. He cries more. He then says Divya's mother is in the hospital and if she hears this news, she will probably suffer an attack and he cries more. Urmila is also lost for words. He hugs her son. She says she will also accompany him to Goa bcos he will not be able to manage all the formalities alone. Sid first refuses. But Urmila adds on to say that after all, he has to arrange to send Divya and Victor to their family. He will not be able to do this alone. So she will come with him. She hugs her. Sid cries all the more and says how will he see both Divya and Victor in this state?


Its night time. Simran has not slept and is sitting  on the sofa and is thinking about Divya and Victor. She thinks of the nice time she had with Divya. Divya during holi, putting colour on Simran and telling Simran hope she becomes like her. Then Divya wearing the yellow sari and calling her Aunty Simran. Then Simran telling Shekar that Divya has lots of similarities with her and she gets reminded of her college days when she sees Divya. Simran starts to cry. Just then, Simran gets a call. It is Urmila. Urmila says tomorrow she along with Sid are leaving for Goa. Urmila is also very upset and is not in a position to talk clearly. Urmila says they have to send their bodies to their people. So they are leaving and they both will not be attending hospital for 2-3 days. Simran says its ok .Then Simran says she was also thinking about it and says she will also accompany them to Goa. Urmila reminds Simran that Astha will be having her exams very shortly and she might need her. Simran says she will talk to AStha about it. Urmila then says in that case, they all will be leaving tomorrow early morning.


Simran then goes to Astha's room. AStha is busy studying. Simran sits there. AStha asks her why she has not slept. Then AStha realises Simran's sorrow and says sorry. Astha says when Simran had compared her to Divya , she did not feel good and had scolded her. Astha says she will now become like Divya. Simran is touched and says my ASthu is also nice. She hugs AStha. She then tells AStha that Sid and Urmila aunty are going to Goa to get their bodies and send it to their family. They both had nobody in India except us. So i also want to go. Astha says no problem, you go mama. Simran says but you have your exams from tomorrow. Astha says she will amnage it and this time she will do very well and will not make any mistake in her absence. Simran asks her whether she is sure. AStha assures her and tells her to go. Simran is relieved.


The next scene is AStha's college. All her friends are praising AStha for her bold and courageous step against the professor and for having the professor dismissed from duty. They say AStha is a super star. But AStha is in no mood to talk. They ask her the reason. AStha says Sid's friends who had come from London were found murdered in Goa. It was very scary. Her friends are shocked and ask more about it. But AStha is very sad and says all at home are very upset about this. Then her friends ask for an outing . Astha says she has not fully prepared for the exam and she has promised her mother that she will do well this time. So she has to study.


Simran, Urmila and Sid reach Goa. Sid goes to the Goa Police Headquarters and is having a talk with the inspeactor there. The inspector says they found Victor's diary in his hotel room and it had Sid's address and phone number. Sid says they were his schildhood friends and had come to India only a week back. They had come to  Goa in connection with Anand's interview. Sid then says if they meet Anand, they might get some clue whether they both met him or not. The inspector says but Anand never meets anybody. The inspector says they can go and talk to the  publisher who might be knowing Anand. Sid agrees.


AStha's college. The guy who was very suspiciously seeing the happenings during AStha's problem with the professor comes running to Astha and says congrats. He says hei s Prashant and though he is not in her friend circle, he really appreciates AStha for getting the professor a good lesson. He then says to AStha that during her rustication periaod, AStha might have missed some important classes  and he can help her.Astha is happy and asks him how. The guy takes her to one corner and then tells her that he has got the question paper and that he can give it to her. AStha is shocked. She asks him why is he giving it only to her. He says he is very impressed with AStha's bold behaviour and does not want Astha'a paper going really bad bcos she wasted some precious time bcos of the professor. AStha looks happy, though hesitant a bit. She then takes the paper from him.


The inspector along with Sid go to meet the publisher. The publisher says just bcos two people who had come here to meet anand were murdered, they cannot be troubling Anand. Sid says they both might have met Anand and so he wants some information from Anand. The publisher says they could not have met Anand. He says  he himself has not seen Anand to date. His manuscripts have arrived either in courier or thro' email .He has never spoken to Anand over the phone nor seen him. Sid then asks him to give Anand's address. The publisher says he cannot do that. The inspector and Sid are unhappy.


Simran and Urmila are in the hotel room in Goa. Simran is talking to her father over the phone. She looks upset and tells him that Sid is busy with the formalities.He has got the permission and they will be able to see the bodies tomorrow. They will then send the bodies to London in the first flight. Urmila is standing near Simran and is listening to Simran's words. Saurabh very sorrowfully says the kids came for some other work and look what happened. Simran then enquires about Astha. Saurabh says she has not returned from college and said she had to prepare some notes. Simran says tomorrow is Astha's paper and if she is not able to talk to her beofre the exam, convey her best of luck to AStha. Simran says, however i will be SMSing AStha. Saurabh says not to worry and keeps the phone. AS soon as he keeps the phone, AStha arrives. Saurabh says mama has wished her best of luck .AStha looks very cheerful. Saurabh asks her how she has prepared for the exam and whether she is going to do night out for studies. Astha says this time she has prepared very well and she will do exceedingly well and create dhamaal. She then goes inside saying she has little bit to study. Saurabh is very happy that AStha is going to do Dhamaal in the exam.


They show Dilip and Anand in the car. They both are laughing. Dilip says he knew he could fool them very easily. Anand says yes. Dilip says even though they were literate, they did not have brains. Anand says just bcos they did not have brains, they faced this end. They then share the money between themselves. Dilip asks what they have to do with the mobile and camera. Anand then laughingly says the sim card of the mobile should be burnt and burns it then and there. Then Dilip says the camera has his recording. Anand says now that they are on their way to  Mumbai, in the middle they can destroy the camera tape in the jungle. They both look very happy and proceed towards mumbai.


In London, a very dejected and depressed Sia is having a look at an album which has pictures of her with Divya and Victor. There are many snaps where Divya and Sia are very close. She is crying. Just then, she receives a phonecall from a friend who asks her how she is. She says she is ok. She looks very upset. She then tells the friend that she did not receive the message on SMS as she did not even notice from morning that her mobile was switched off. She then tells her friend that she will check the message. She keeps the phone down. She is very depressed and switches on her mobile and listens to the voice mails. She then hears Divya's screaming voice. Divya is saying Sia, we are in a crisis. Nobody is around to help us. This Anand is a crook , a fraud. Why are you not talking, Sia?

Sia is shocked to hear this and hears it over and over again. Sia is very upset and looks at the book Attaraction which is lying there. She then in a fit of anger tears the book to pages and then says to herself that Anand killed her friends? They had gone to take his  interview. How could he kill them? and Why? She then vows that after killing her friends, he cannot lead a normal life and that she will avenge him for her friends' death.    


P.S: I should tell you that this episode was highlighted with horrible acting by Sid.



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The episode begins with some sights of Goa...Then they show Simran and Urmila in the hotel. Urmila is packing her bags. Urmila is telling Simran that Victor's family members will be waiting in the Police Station and they have to meet them. Simran looks as though she has cried a lot and she says she knew Divya only for 2 days but sometimes it so happens that you consider someone very close suddenly. I cannot explain why i felt like that but whenever i saw Divya , i felt like she is my mirror image. When i got to know that Divya is dead, i went many years back and thought this is the same thing that happened to my Astha. Simran is crying. Urmila tries to console her. Just then, the door bell rings and Urmila opens the door. Sid is there. He comes near Simran and very sorrowfully asks Simran whether she wants to see Divya once. Simran is very hesitant. Simran says she has no courage and bursts into tears. Urmila says you have to face the facts and think that this is Divya's fate and she was destined to be with Simran only for 2 days. Urmila then tells Simran that her AStha is her real AStha and she loves her very much. Simran then tries to hold her tears back and says yes to Sid.


In Astha's college, all are seated for the exam. The question paper is given. Astha sees the paper and gets a sudden shock. She says to herself that there is not even one question from the paper that Prashanth gave me. I have not prepared at all to answer thesse questions. Oh, My God, what will i do? She keeps her hand over her head and sits in frustration and fear.


Simra, Urmila and Sid reach the mortuary.A person opens the room where 2 coffins are kept. Simran, Sid and Urmila enter the room very hesitantly. The person first lifts the coofin lid in which Divya's body is there. Divya is wrapped in full white and still has the pretty face. She is sleeping like a doll. Simran instantaneously starts to cry, so do Urmila and Sid. Then the person closes Divya's coffin and opens the other where Victor's body is present. Sid goes near his body and weeps all the more. Simran cannot stand there as shs is getting suffocated due to her crying. They all go out crying. All the three sit in the car. Simran and Urmila are seated in the back seat and they hold each other's hand to comfort each other. sid also looks very pensive and is sitting in front.


In Astha's college, the exam is over. Prashant is there with a girl discussing his paper. Astha sees him and runs towards him .She screams at him and says he is a cheater. Why did u give me the wrong paper, she asks. Prashant , as though nothing has happened replies what happened? I gave you the question paper and you took it on your own risk. It was your fault that you prepared only for those questions. It is a part of the game if that question paper did not come. You did not study properly and so you took the question paper from me .But there was always no guarantee that only this paper will be got. Anyway, better luck to you the next time, he says and simply walks off leaving a very dejected and shocked AStha. He then gets into a car. In the car, Professor Kumar is sitting. Prashant tells him that AStha was very hot to handle. Kumar says she is also a bad mannered and violent girl. Prashant asks him to relax and addresses him as Uncle. After all, you taught Astha a good lesson and that matters, says Prashant to Kumar. They both have a laugh.


Next scene is Goa hotel where Simran, Urmila and Sid pack their bags and vacatethe hotel. They sit in the car and the car leaves the hotel premises. Just when their car is going out of the hotel premises, another car enters the hotel premises. They show the other car and Sia is in it. She looks very sad. She is having her mobile in her hand and she is going on listening to Divya's last words. She is very much upset. Just then, the driver stops the car as the hotel has come. She in a hurry, gets down from the car and gives the driver the money. In that momen,t she keeps her mobile in the car and the driver goes away. Sia does not realise that she has left her mobile in the car. She then goes to her room, keeps all her dresses in the cupboard and then tries to take out her mobile from her bag. But she does not find it. She becomes very desperate and searches for it in her bags. She does not find it. She then runs to the reception and enquires about the driver. She runs out to the parking lot and asks the security. But all is in vain as the car has already gone. Sia just stands there crying. She does not know what to do now.


Sia then goes to the police station and speaks to the same inspector with whom Sid had talked. She tells him that she has a message by Divya in her mobile in which she had said that Anad was the culprit. The inspector says he cannot do anything without the proof. Sia gets upset and leaves the place.


Simra, Urmila and Sid come home. SAurabh is there. Saurabh says he was feeling very lonely without them. Then he enquires whether all went on well. They all sit and are in no mood to talk. They are all depressed. Simran then asks SAurabh where is AStha. SAurabh says she is in her room from yesterday night and has not come out. She is not talking to anybody, don't know what is wrong. Simran looks upset and says i hope AStha's paper has gone well. She says she will go and see her. Sid says i will go and talk to her, you sit. He goes in.


In London, Sia is there at the Publisher's office. She then argues with the publisher and tells him that he being a publisher, if he says he has not seen the writer, Anand, then she cannot believe that. The publisher gets angry and asks her whether she means to say that he is lying. He then tells Sia that she being such a great fan of Anand's , after reading his books and knowing his thoughts, does she think that Anand could have been involved in two murders? Sia is very silent as though he has a point there. She then continues to say that then what should she do with the truth? her two friends had come here to get the interview of Anand, but they never returned. She had Divya's message in which she was crying for help and looked very frightened. Sia then says that Divya had said Anad is a crook ,then what does it mean? It means that  they both had met Anand. So she requests the publisher to giver her Anand's address so that she can further look into the matter. The publisher refuses bluntly and Sia is frustrated. She again says that she has lost the only proof she had. But he does not listen. She goes out. She then thinks to herself that she has lost the only proof she had against Anand. But she says to herself that she will not worry. She will try to find out the truth, even though there is nobody to help her.


AStha says everything about the question paper to Sid. Sid is very furious at Astha and asks her how she could do such a thing. Astha is sobbing very heavily.  She repeatedly says she did not know that doing this would be wrong. Sid again flares up at her and says there are number of ways to pass an exam. One way is this. But AStha cannot be doing such a thing to pass the exam. If Simran Aunty comes to know of it, what will happen, he says. AStha is crying. Sid screams how can you break the trust your mother has in you?Just then, they both see that Simran is standing near the door and she has heard everything. AStha is very upset. Simran gets very annoyed and just walks away crying.


In Lonodn, the publisher is talking to someone in his mobile and he is hurriedly approaching his car to go out. Sia is still there and she notices the publisher go in his car. She at once gets into her car and follows him.


Simran is very upset and is talking to SAurabh. She is very upset on herself and says to her father that she did not bring up AStha well. Why did AStha do this to her? SAurabh tries to console her saying AStha is a kid. Simran at once says AStha is not a kid. She wants to pass the exam by default and then wants to make me happy. She has misused my faith and trust on her. I always thought i should give more attention to AStha inspite of me being a career woman. I gave AStha all freedom to do whatever she wants. I was at fault. She has poured water over all my aspirations, she says. Simran starts to pant for breath. Saurabh asks her to relax and gets her reliever. She takes in the spray. She is not alright and is panting for breath. Just then, AStha comes there. She calls mama. But Simran ignores her and is holding her chest and struggling for breath. SAurabh leaves the room leaving AStha and Simran there. Astha comes near Simran. She squats on the floor. Simran does not see her at all. Astha is crying very heavily and she says I am sorry mama. She says i don't know how i got convinced by that fellow. She says i will try my level best the next time. Simran at once says to AStha Don't talk to me. AStha says sorry again. Simran who is not able to talk fluently bcos of her asthma attack asks AStha why sorry? You thought you can make me happy and proud by passing the exam by doing this. Did i ever force you to become a doctor? If you had no intention in studying and becoming a doctor, you could have told me,Simran says very sorrwofully. AStha is crying and she says mama please forgive me , mama. Simran does not listen to her  and tells AStha that she has upset her a lot. AStha tries to promise her that she will do well the next time. Simran at once says don't promise me. I don't trust you from now and you please leave my room. AStha is begging Simran to forgive her. But Simran very forcefully pushes AStha out of the room and bangs the door on her. AStha is banging on the door and telling Simran mama give me just one more chance mama, please mama listen to me and is crying very heavily. Simran on the other side of the door, is holding her chest and is crying. The screen freezes on a devastated Simran who is sobbing her heart out.



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Astha continues to bang the door from the other side. She is sobbing very badly. Simran, on the other side, is clinching her chest, still unable to breathe, and is crying. AStha is very dejected and stands near the door not knowing how to convince Simran. But she keeps on saying i am sorry mama. Simran, in the meantime, goes and sits on the bed, she is gasping for breath and takes out her inhaler which she is having in her hand and takes it.She feels a much better. She is swallowing her tears and is trying to control herslef so that her breathing pattern gets normal. She then picks up a diary which is kept nearby and takes out the envelope containing Abhi's letter. She kisses the envelope and cries more. She says sorry Abhi. With you and Neha not around, i do  not know what to do. I could not handle AStha well. I could not fulfill Neha's last wish and make AStha just like me. I have failed. I have lost Abhi, she says and cries even more.


Astha is crying in her room. Sid is there with her. Astha is saying to Sid I accept my mistake , but why is mama behaving like this to me? She for the first time, pushed me out of her room. Sid then tells AStha that what she did was also not correct. Astha then says ya, i agree that everything happened bcos of me, it was my mistake. I have hurt mama. Mama was right when she said she has not stopped me doing anything. Infact, mama's love did not even make me miss my papa. But today, if my papa was aorund, he would have definitely forgiven me, she says. Sid comes near her and tries to console her. Astha says  if mama gives me one more chance, i will definitely make up. I want to do all good,I will try my best, she says and leans towards Sid's shoulders who holds her head and tries to console her.


The publisher is going thro' the roads of Goa.Behind his car, Sia's car is coming and she follows him without his knowledge. They go thro' many roads. Then the publisher gets down from the car near water and gets into a motor boat. Sia also gets into a motor boat and follows him. They go quite a distance in water and the publisher stops in an island. He then goes out of water and takes a bike with a rider for hire. The rider dirves the bike and the publisher is sitting behind. Sia too does the same, takes another bike with a driver. She follows him. They go thro' roads and then the publisher stops at a place and tells the driver that he will be back. He enters a big bungalow and knocks at the door. Somebody opens the door and he goes in. Sia waits till he goes inside and then goes near the door. But the door is locked. She is just wandering when she comes across a glass window thro' which she can see inside. She sees that the publisher is talking to a person. The person's face is not visible as he is turning his chair against the window from where Sia is seeing. The publisher is telling him that the girl has come from London and the most amazing part is that she is accusing him of the murder of her friends. He says she wanted to meet him once, but somehow he has managed the whole issue. The person (sounds like Abhi) says this is wrong. The publisher continues to say that it was a fact that two of them had come to see him and interview him. But as he does not meet anyone, he did not give them his address.The publisher says but the girl is blaming him for Divya and Victor's death.  The person says but he has not met anyone by the name Divya and does not know anything about this. Sia who hears it says to herself "You Liar". The publisher says he knows him very well and completely believes that he is not responsible. But he came here to inform him about this. He starts to go. Sia then runs to a hiding place.


Rashmi is trying to console AStha who is still looking sad. She is telling her that her mama will forgive her. But AStha says mama is behaving strange. Rashmi tells her that she did not do the right thing and so Simran has every right to be upset with her. AStha says she has told Sid that if mama gives me another chance, i will prove my worth. She says Simran is very upset with Victor and Divya's news, so might have over reacted. She tells her to give Simran some time and she will definitely forgive her. AStha asks her is it, and then says ok i will give her time. Then RAshmi very joyously, asys I have got a gift for you. AStha is at once happy and asks for it. Rashmi then gives her a bag. AStha picks out something from the bag and is overjoyed. She says this is my favourite perfume. Rashmi then says all the things in the bag are her favourite. AStha is happy.



In Goa, the publisher is coming out of Anand's residence. Sia is hiding there. AS soon as he goes in his bike, Sia goes near the door and thinks of knocking at the door. Suddenly she stops and starts to think to herself. She says to herself that she has to somehow get to know the truth. This will not be possible if she reveals her identity. This person has raped Divya and then killed both Divya and Victor. So he is very dangerous. Now, if he gets to know that i am their friend, will he allow me to go? She then says to herself that it will be better if she does not meet him right now. She goes away.


At Sid's house, Sid and Urmila are sitting and drinking some juice. Sid is worried about AStha and says AStha has never missed her papa due to the love showered on her by Simran aunty. But today, she actually told me that if her papa was there, he would have forgiven her. Urmila gets up, comes near Sid and says it is very difficult to take up the responsibility of somebody else's kid. Simran has done this very well. If something  bad happens to the girl, the whole society which is watching Simran, will point out that Simran did not take care of AStha well. When i see you and AStha together, I get reminded of Manas and Simran's friendship. They were also like this. Urmila says friendship is more than any other relationship and she says to him that he has to always have it. Sid says i will take care of AStha. She is my responsibility. Bcos of my friend, your friend will not have any problems, he says.


AStha is studying in her room. It is late night. She takes a tablet and continues to study. Shaguna comes ther and gives her coffee. Shaguna then goes to Simran's room. Simran is sitting in the dark. Shaguna switches on the light. Goes near her and asks her whether she wants coffee. Simran is crying, tries to hide it. Shaguna sits near her and tells her that she has come from baby's room. She is still studying. She seems to be tensed. So she needs you. Simran gets angry and screams at her. Shaguna says AStha looks tensed and if she goes and gives her support, AStha will study well. Simran again screams at her and says even when i was supporting AStha, they used to tell her  that she was at fault. Now that, AStha has committed such a big mistake, Simran is angry with her. But still , they all feel Simran is at fault. She tells Shaguna that she will not forgive her and asks her to go , closing the door. Shaguna goes away.


Shekar ans Simran are  meditating when Shekar tells Simran that she has to forgive AStha. Simran retorts. Shekar says she is a kid and at this point of time, needs Simran's support. Astha is at a crucial age and needs you. If you do not support her at this time, then she willl become bad. If you give her encouragement now, she will get new found maturity, he says. This makes Simran think.


Sia then comes again to Anand's house,and knocks at the door. Anand comes and opens it. We see Abhi for the first time after the leap. He looks at her and so does she. The episode ends here.





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The episode begins with Abhi and Sia standing face to face. Sia tells Abhi that she has lost her way and spent the whole night roaming on the roads. Her driver is also not traceable. So asks him the way to get to the main road. Abhi comes out of the house and starts to tell het how to go when Sia says she is feeling very thirsty and wants water. Abhi goes in to get water. Sia enters the house and in the living room, there are huge bookshelves filled with plenty of books. She goes near them and is seeing it when Abhi arrives from the kitchen with a glass of water. He does not see Sia near the door , looks here and there and then sees her inside the hoose near the bookshelf. Sia says this is a nice house. She asks him what do you do? Abhi does not say anything but gives her water and tells her to drink it. She again asks him whether he lives in Goa or is a tourist. She asks him his name and then asks him whether he lives alone. Abhi gets wild and tells her that he just finished his meditation and now it is the time for him to do yoga. So he asks her to leave. Sia says sorry. Abhi says you ought to be. Sia then says she is feeling very tired and needs some rest and tries to go to the bedroom. Abhi yells at her and says Stop there. There are many hotels in Goa and you can go to one of them. I don't allow starngers at my place, he says. Sia at once asks him whether many starngers come to his place asking for help. Abhi tells her to drink water and tells her that it is not bcos of any fear that he does not allow strangers , but it is his discipline in life. He orders her to go. Sia just walks out.


Astha is ready to go to the college for her exam. In the living room, Simran is there with Abhi's parents who have come to see her. AStha says she has prepared very well for the next paper and she wil do it well. She then goes to her grandparents and seek their blessings. Simran remains silent thro'out. AStha then comes near Simran and seeks her blessings. Simran first does not put her hand over Astha's head. She is hesitant. Then seeing Abhi's parents react, she puts her hand over AStha's head, but very hesitantly. AStha then goes. Abhi's mother asks Simran is there anything wrong between the two? Simran gives a disgusted look and says i cannot handle this anymore. Abhi's mother then gets up and goes near Simran. She tells her that AStha looks very sad. She is a kid and even if she made a mistake, it si for Simran to forgive her. You are her father and mother. So you need to be supportive, she says. Simran retorts but she keeps on saying that AStha is a kid and if Simran pushes her far from her, she will feel very lonely and that should not happen. Abhi's father then gets up and tells Simran that she has to consider all the years she has spent in AStha's upbringing and tells her not to break that relationship. Simran is worried and does not know how to react.


Sia is in her hotel and is thinking whether Anand recognised her. She says to herself that he looked  very realxed and did not give such an appearance. But he is so innocent looking , could he do that to Divya?


On the other hand, Abhi is sitting pensively and is thinking who the girl was. Why did she come here. She said she lost her way. But she did not appear like that. Why did she come here? She wanted to talk to me. She had no fear at all. She had a hold on herself. She was very strange. Above all, she had a similarity in appearance to Simran, he says to himself. Suddenly he realises that he is thinking too far and stops himself.


Sia is lying on her hotel bed. She is reminded of Divya's screaming message. She thinks to herself that Anand looked so innocent. Then suddenly, she goes into Anand's house without his knowledge. She enters, Anand sees her and holds her tightly and Anand in a fit of anger, tells her that he knows that she is Divya's friend. He will do the same to her too and tries to behave badly with her. Suddenly Sia gets up from bed screaming. This was her dream. She realises it. She then sees the newspaper near her which has the headlines of Victor and Divya's murder with their brutally murdered photographs. She then picks up the paper and again vows that she will not spare Anand.


Abhi is writing in his room. He narrates these following lines in the background.


I am running away from my past. This is the repentance for all my mistakes. I am away from my family. Why is it that I get so much of importance even after making so many mistakes? My life can be described with two women. Neha who taught me pure and unconditional love. Simran who taught me the inner meaning of trust. All think i am a very good man. I have so much of human values. But nobody knows my inner nature. After commiting all sins, here I am showing the way to the whole world. What right have i got to write about all these human values when i have no human values within me. The girl who dies a Mrigatrishna bcos of me must be wondering how i became a path indicator to all. My parents, who at this old age might be living only to see their son once, will be thinking how bad i was to them. Simran whom i left midroad must be wondering why i did so. Astha might have different questions to ask me. In the midst of all this, why am i considered a great writer and philosopher. In my own eyes, i am absolute zero. This is the moment of enlightenment for me. This is the beginning and this is the end. He says all this in background with  Abhi doing chores like watering the plants, wandering in his garden, making  pottery designs etc.


Astha comes from college and Simran calls her. She asks her to sit and Simran sits too. She tells AStha that she should not have done this to her and is very sorry. AStha says she is very sorry and has hurt her so much. AStha says all are right when they say that she is spoilt.


Sia comes to Anand's house again. Anand is making designs on pottery. She takes a book in her hand and tries to scroll pages. Anand looks at her and takes the book away from her. She tells him that she wanted to know his name. Anand tells her that she has come from London. He asks her whether she goes into other people's house and goes thro' books like this. Sia asks his name. Anand replies that his name is Harish Trivedi. Sia looks surprised. Anand is making pottery design and there are lots of different kinds of pottery with desgins spread in the room. She says you are a great potter indeed. She has a look at them. You have great imagination and this shows in your books, she suddenly says. Ananad looks at her. She addresses him as Anand. He is shocked.


Sia says she is a big fan of his. Anand then asks her what are his books she has read? Sia says she has read  Journey and it depicts human values so well. Her friend very recently gave her Attaractions, but she had to come to India . She says you are the greatest writer of modern contemporary times. He says thanks. She then tells her name as Sia. Sia says her journey has now begun. Sia then asks him whether she can take a pottery design of his. Anand says no and says it is his hobby and not profession. He says it is his request that she does not mention to anybody tha she met him. Sia asks him why do you hide? Is it fear? Anand says he is not inclined to have friends and roam about. Sia asks him why? Anand tells her very sternly that every individual has a right to lead his life in the way he wants. If this is not problematic to others, why are you bothered? He then insists to her that she has to forget him and not mention his name out. She agrees. Sia then asks him whether he does not meet his family or relatives. He says no .Sia then asks ther reason for it. Anand gets angry and tells her that she is interfering too much in his personal life. Sia says i am not understanding why, but after just one meeting, she feels as though she has a strong bond with him. Anand looks stunned. Sia then wipes the colour from his hand with her kerchief. He says its time for his tea , so asks her to leave. He says not to come back again. Sia says this time he did not ask her for tea. But the next time she comes, she will definitely have tea with him and spend more time. Saying this, she leaves the place leaving a shocked Anand just gazing at her going.


P.S: Sorry friends, there were frequent cuts in my cable, so might have missed out some scenes.....




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Its night time. Abhi is lying in a sofa and is thinking. Heis telling to himself that she was very good. Intelligent and ince. Sia, who is in her hotel is thinking about Anand. She is saying i am so confused. Not understanding anything. Anand looks so innocent. The thing is he must be very shrewd fellow or he must be really innocent. I don't know, she says to herself. But then says Divya very clearly said Anand is a fraud , so this must be right.


Its morning. Simran is in her jogging dress. She is in AStha's room. Astha is sleeping. Simran wakes her up ,suddenly she sees a tablet strip in AStha's bed. She is shoced to see it there. She wakes up Astha and asks her to open her eyes and answer her question. Simran says why are you taking these tablets, ASthu? You know bcos of this, your health will get spoilt. You might have side effects like headache, tiredness, memory loss etc. Astha says she took it bcos she did not want to sleep and wanted to study all night. Simran asks AStha why she is looking so tensed, she tells her that there is no need to get so  pressurised. It is fine if she does not become a doctor. Astha says no, i want to become like you. Then ,Simran tells her to cheer up and not look tensed. He papers will go well,she says. Simran is upset and then says ok get up. You will be late for your exam.Astha gets up. But Simran is looking at those tablets and is  worried.


Sia is sleeping in her hotel room when she gets a call from the recepition. The receptionist tells her that a taxi driver has come and says one of his passengers whom he dropped here, has kept her mobile in his taxi. So i wanted to enquire. Sia is full of joy and hope and tells her that keep the driver there, and she is coming.


Sia comes out. It is the same taxi driver. He then tells her that she is the one who lost her mobile, right and shows the mobile to her. He asks her whether this is her mobile. Sia is very happy to see her mobile and says it is hers . She thanks the driver profusely and gives him Rs.500.The driver does not take it but Sia tells him that this mobile means a lot to her and he has helped her so much, so he has to take it. He takes it and asks her to be careful the next time and goes.


Simran is reading the book Attractions when AStha comes home crying. She puts her head on Simran's lap and tells her that her paper went very bad. She says she had studied everything and knew everything, but she went blank in the exam hall. She says she suddenly developed headache and so she could not do anything. Simran is upset but consoles her and says this is bcos of the tablet that she had been taking. Simran tells AStha that studies is not one night job. It is the preseverence of one full year. She tells AStha that she has to change her attitude towards studies if she has to achieve something. Saurabh is listening to all this. AStha says I will change myself, mama. Next year, i will study the whole year and then write the exam. I will also clear the pre-medicals, she says. I promise you mama she says. Simran says its ok and asks her to get changed and eat , sleep early. She goes in.


SAurabh at once, comes to Simran and says like father, like daughter. She is also a very good actor like her father. Always giving false promises never to keep up. Simran is upset and tries to tell him that it is bcos of the pill she took .But SAurabh does not listen.He goes no to say that the inborne intelligence to become a doctor is not in her genes. She has the genes to act before others and to run and play around like her father, thats it. Simran is upset, at the same time worried if AStha hears all this. She tells him that Astha has grown in her lap, not to forget that. She says she is spolit bcos o pampered her alot. But just bcos she is not of your family, you cannot blame her like this, she says. Just bcos, you have hatred towards Abhi, you cannot show it on Astha, she says. SAurabh says bcos he is telling so many things does not mean that he does not love AStha. But the fact remains that he is not able to forget his real AStha. He says Simranis also not able to forget her. Simran on hearing this, has tears in her eyes.


Abhi is making pottery in the garden when Sia comes there. He says you came again. Sia asks him whether he expected her. He says not expected, but he thought she would come. He asks her for how many days she is in Goa? Sia says now that her motive on staying is known, she will remain till she succeeeds. She then says she is a big fan of his, and she wants him to take her as his student and teach her the art of writing as she is also a writer. Anand refuses and says it cannot be done. Sia holds his hand which is dirty with pottery clay. Anand is very hesitant and takes out his hand.He tells Sia to wash her hand. But Sia says she is very adamant and will get what she wants. Anand gets angry and tells her to wash and go.


Astha and Sid are  jogging. So are Simran and Shekar differently. Shekar is telling Simran that she handled the situation very maturedly. Simran says AStha was very depressed that her papers did not go well. Her ambition could not be fulfilled. To top it all, she was afraid that i might disown her. So i had to be very patient with her. Shekar sees Sid and Astha jogging at a distance and says now that Sid is with her, she will be occupied.


AStha is tired and sits. Sid says Jhansi ki rani , come and jog. AStha says she did not sleep properly, so is tired. Sid meakes her get up and takes her for another  round.


Anand is sitting in his study desk and is writing when Sia comes from behind and without showing her face, pushes a bouquet to him .Anand at once, says you came again. Sia then asks him so he expected her. Anand says she is the only living person to come to his house without even being asked to come. Sia smiles. He then asks her to go and make tea. Sia is surprised and says Excuse me. He again says go to the left, enter the kitchen and make two cups of tea. He wants to talk to her. Sia then goes in very happy.


Sia has mande tea and is serving it in cups. They are seated in the sofa. She gives it to Anand. Anand then tells her that she should stop coming here. She has come to Goa for sight seeing. So she should not be wasting time here. He is so boring a character. He says you need to spend  your time for a better cause. Sia who is drinking her tea  is looking at him in anger and says to herself that this is all drama. Suddenly, she pours tea all over her dress wantedly. Anand gets up and asks her to go to his room and change. She takes her bag with her and runs to the room.


In the room, she takes out her camera from her bag and places it between books so that it is facing the cot there. She then keeps a mobile for recording under the pillow.


She then comes out wrapping a towel around her. She looks very lcumsily dressed. Anand ses her and is very embarassed. He asks her why she is like this. She says her dress was all wet. Then Anand picks up a shirt of his and gives it to her and asks her to change it. She in the meantime, sits on the cot, posing. She tells him that she is comfortable like this and tells him that she needs to talk to him and asks him to sit. Anand is hesitant and says he is going out, she can change to the shirt. He is leaving, but Sia holds him with his collar and tells him that life is romantic. Loneliness here  brings about romantic feelings in her. She says writers are usually very romantic. She holds him and asks him not to hide his feeling towards her. She starts doing all crazy things with him. Anand is  shocked and pushes her with force to the bed. He screams at her  that she is shameless and this is ridiculous. Sia is upset and yells at him that what is he, is he a saint and a mahatma? Anand is shocked to see her reaction. sHe continues to say that he is  a rapist and a killer who has killed her friends. All of a sudden, Anand gets a realisation and recognises her. He then in an exclamatory tone says so she came to meet him to find the truth. He says but he has not killed them. Somebody is using his name. She says she does not believe him. She again screams that he is a rapist, a fraud and a killer. You appear to be innocent, but you are not. I know you, she says. Anand says if he was the one she was looking for, then he could have used this opportunity too and could have behaved badly with her. In this deserted place, even if she had screamed, there was nobody to help her. Sia at once, says you got angry. Nowadays, even celebrities are afraid to go near a girl bcos they fear cameras being placed and they fear being caught. She says she will definitely show the world the real face of Anand. She says she has proof with her. She then takes out her mobile from the bag and makes him listen to  Divya's last words. He hears it and is shocked. He says now that you have the proof, why didn't you go to the police? She says she wanted more proof, so was waiting. He asks her whether she got. She says no. Anand is very upset and says you probably might have lost trace of the real culprit as you are already late. You should have taken this proof to the police and could have atleast given a complaint against me, so that the police start their investigation. Why didn't you do that? Sia is standing like a rock hearing his reply. She is totally confused. He continues to say that she should immediately go to the police and also volunteeers to come along and help her. Sia looks stunned at this new development.




Update 14th April 2005



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today's episode begins with Sia leaving Abhi's house in a huff. Sia tells Abhi that she can't make such a big mistake to recognize the real you. She won't let him get away with what he did to her friends.

Abhi tells Sia that he lives alone in the area. No one knows him. People are in fact taking advantage of this. He too would like to get to the bottom of it all.

Sia refuses to believe he is innocent.

Abhi tries to reason with Sia telling her that the people who did this to her friends are dangerous people. She should not venture out to find them all by herself. She should take the help of the police. He wants to maintain his privacy and therefore will not he will not be able to the police.

Sia tells him that he is refusing to come to the police as he is afraid of getting a bad name for himself.

Abhi tries to explain to Sia he has his reasons for maintaining his anonymity. Infact his name too is not his own. He refused the international award for the sole purpose of remaining incognito. Sia is upset and angry. Sia goes back to the police station where the inspector in charge tells her that such kind of an investigation takes time and cannot be taken lightly. They are on the job. They tell her that they have told the same thing to Dr. Sidhant Awasthi too. Sia takes the contact details of Sid from the Police.


Sid and Astha are dining out and enjoying each other's company. When Sid goes to the loo, Astha switches his mobile to silent mode. When he gets back, he gives Astha a study time-table and tells her that she should concentrate only on her studies. Astha insists that Sid dance with her else she won't adhere to the study time-table. Both get on the dance floor and have a good time.

When they get back to their table, Sid realises that there were several missed calls and asks Astha why she has put his cell on the silent mode. He does not recognize the number and tries to call back but the caller's phone is switched off.


Sid is at home with his mother. He says that he is going to service his car and give it a overhaul. On Urmila questioning him, he tells her that he has grown up in the US and is used to doing this kind of work.

He tells her that he has called a domestic help agency in the morning and asked them to send a domestic so that Urmila can get some help with the house work.

Urmila is appreciative and says that she could definitely use the help as she can't cope with the work at home and at the hospital.


Sid is outside under his vehicle pottering around with his walkman plugged into his ears.

Sia comes there and addresses him as the driver. Sid is unable to hear her as he is listening to music.

Finally Sia taps him on the knee and angrily asks for Dr. Sidhant Awasthi. He tells her to wait to which Sia replies that she can't wait till he finishes repairing his car!!

Sid tells her that if she can't wait she can go.

Sia realises that she needs to meet Dr. Sidhant and tries to appraoch "the driver" again in a calmer tone. She asks him if he will take her to his boss. Sid thinks that she is from the domestic help agency and talks rudely to her telling her that she should know who she is talking to and whether the agency teaches them only how to be rude to their prospective employers. He takes her inside the house to meet his mother.

Urmila also assuming that Sia is the help sent from the agency tells her that they do not need someone for 24 hours and that 8 to 8 is good for them.

Sia realises that there is some confusion and clarifies that she is not who they think she is but infact she is Divya and Victor's friend from UK.

They all introduce each other and Sia tells them of her tryst with writer Anand in Goa and Divya's last call to her before she was killed. Sid realises that the missed calls on his cell were from her and Sia tells him that she has been to the police in Goa and the investigations are very slow.

Urmila tells Sid and Sia that before they go any further they should talk to Simran maybe she can help.

Sia says that she too would like to meet Simran as she has heard a lot about her from Divya.


The scene shifts to Simran house and Simran is shown in her bedroom.  Shaguna goes to her asking her whether she is awake and how come she has not gone for her morning walk. Simran says she is awake just feeling a little uneasy. She asks Shaguna whether Astha has woken up. Just then Astha calls out asking Simran to see who has come.

They all go out to the living room and Simran is face to face with Sia for the first time. Sid does the introductions and Simran gives Sia a warm hug with Astha looking on.

Simran asks Sia whether she too is studying to become a doctor like Divya. Sia replies saying that she is studying film making in London. Sid jokes with Astha that she too should go to the acting school and laughs. Astha retorts that she does not want to take up acting but wants to become a doctor like her mother.

Simran is painful when Sia mentions London and asks her how long she has been in UK. Sia says that her grandfather has settled in London.

Just then Shaguna enters and Sid introduces her as "Aai". He tells Shaguna that Sia is Divya and Victor's friend and has come from London.

Shaguna immediately looks at Simran at the mention of London as the city brings painful memories for them all.

Simran gets a control of the situation and gets the conversation going again. Sid tells Sia to ask Simran all that she wants so that Simran can help her.

Sia tells all to Simran and even gets her to hear the voice message on her cell.

Simran is alarmed to hear Divya accusing Anand. She says that she can't believe that Anand has committed the crime. She says that Anand seems to be a sensitive writer and doesn't seem to be capable of such a heinous act. Perhaps someone else has committed the crime and is using Anand's name.

Sid reminds Simran that Divya had tried to call Simran. The recording on Sia's cell seems to be Divya's last message. Simran says that they should try to catch the culprit through the message and that she will contact the Commissioner of Police.

Sia says that she will not return to London till the culprits are punished.

Sid and Sia are shown driving in the car. Sia tells Sid that she is grateful that Simran made the call to the Commissioner and they have got an early appointment to go and see him. As they are driving, Sia yells at Sid to stop the car. She sees a woman shopping on the roadside and tells Sid that that woman is carrying Divya's bag. Sid asks how she can be so sure that it is Divya's bag? Sia says she knows the bag very well as she herself had gifted the bag to Divya!!!





Update 18th April 2005



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The episode starts with Sia identifying Divya's bag. She screams at Sid to stop the car and ask the girl where did she get the bag from? They run out. They stop the girl who is walking. She is a very small girl in her teens. Sia is very upset and forcefully asks the girl where did she get this bag from? The girl gets nervous. Sid then manages the situation and tells the girl that he bag is very nice and he wants to buy such a bag. So she asked. The girl says i don't know where you can get this bag bcos my father got it for me from Goa. They both are shocked. Sid then continues the converstation and asks where her father is? He wants to get more info on the bag bcos they want to buy it. She says her father will be at home. Sid asks her whether they can come to her house to asks her father from where he bought this bag. The girl says yes and asks them to follow her to her house. The girl takes them thro' some narrow roads and finally reaches her home. She calls for her Aayi. Her aayi come out. The girl asks her mother from where her father got this bag? Her mother asks Sid and Sia why cannot they buy such a bag in Mumbai? Why do they want info on that? Sid then says they had another reason to meet the girl's mother. Sid then says they are from the TV and they liked her daughter's face and they want to take her photograph to make her a hroine. The girls's mother is very excited. She says i agreeand says it was her ambition that one day , her daughter becomes a heroine. Sid says they will come tomorrow at 11 with the camera and then will take her pictures. The mother agrees and is excited.She says her husband is a taxi driver and he had gone to Goa a few days back. He took two foreigners there and they gave him plenty of money and this bag. Sid then asks whether her father is there at home bcos they wanted the consent of both mother and father. She says he has gone out but will be at home tomorrow. Sid says he wants to ask her husband about the bag too as he like it very much. They leave.


Abhi is doing pottery in his garden. He is thinking. His pottery work does not come out well. He says to himself that whatever he does is not proper nowadays. I was happy to lead a very secluded life, but after meeting the girl, i feel like i have got an instant liking for her. Why is it? I felt like stopping her when she left. I felt the same pain within me when i was forced to leave Simran and come here. , he thinks.


Sia and Sid are at the Mumbai police station. The inspector is on a phone talk with the Panjim  inspector. He is happy to know all the details from the other policeman. He keeps the phone down and thanks Sid and Sia for helping the police out. He assures them that it is now their action time.Tey have done their best in identifying the culprit, now they will do the reast. Sia tells him to keep them in touch with the happenings to which he agrees. They leave. The inspector tells his deputy to ask the Special detection team to be ready.


Simran and Rashmi are having their tea and are very happy that Saurabh went to meet his friends and now he is feeling very relaxed. Simran says from now, he might spend much of his time with friends than being alone in the house. Rashmi makes a joke saying thank god, then he will give all his homeopathy medicines to his friends and we will be spared. Both have a laugh. Rashmi asks where Sid is. Simran tells her that he is busy with Sia making rounds to police station. Rashmi  asks who Sia is. Simran tells her that she is Victor and Divya's friend. She is some 20 years old and she is very brave and confident and has come alone from London to catch the culprits. Just then, AStha enters in and screams at her mother asking her how she gave permission to Sid for being away for so long with Sia? Simran gets angry and yells at her and tells her that Sid is not sight seeing with Sia. They both are in the police station looking for the culprits. She tells AStha for heaven's sake, get your facts together, AStha. AStha feels bad and says sorry to her and leaves. AS she is leaving, both Sid and Sia enter the room. Astha sees them and gives a half smile with anger and leaves. Sia hugs Simran. Simran introduces Sia to rashmi. Simran then asks about the case. Sid says that Sia has brought in a very good evidence to solve this case. She caught hold of a girl with Divya's  bag. Simran remembers the bag and says yes, correct. Sid says they managed to go to the house of the girl and played dramam that they are from the tv and says the driver with whom Victor and Divya travelled was the culprit. Simran is happy and says this is wonderful news. Sia and Sid then leave.


Dilip comes home with lots of gifts for  his daughter and wife. His daughter is excited to see that her father has come with toys for her. He then gives a gift to his wife too. He then opens the beer bottle he has bought and says he will drink it and then have food. His wife then says today was a very good day and TV people came looking for their daughter to make her a heroine. He is surprised to hear this. He asks her how they got the address? She says actually they liked the bag you got from Goa .So came with her home. She says she told them that her husband got the bag from Goa. They have said they will come tomorrow to take pictures. Dilip gets very wild and screams to her saying whoever comes home, you will tell them all secrets. He slpas her and tells her that they were police and not TV people. She asks him why should police come to their place? He is very frightened and gets up at once to pack his bags.


At the same time, the Detection team is there in that place . They are all dressed as civilians. They are searching everywhere and are in a big group. They then run from one place to another searching for Dilip. Then they find him coming out of his house and nab him from behind. He is then in the cell where the police is beating him up and asking him from where he got the bag. He is not saying anything. He says law is doing all wrong things and that he is innocent. Just then, some police men bring another culprit there and tell the inspector that he did not open his mouth. The inspector says if he does not open his mouth, then it is better that they kill him and shoots at him. The person falls dead. Dilip sees this and is very afraid. The inspector says the other police men that this fellow also does not open his mouth, so it is better that they kill him too nad says they both died in an encounter. Dilip gets scared and says that he was not alone in this crime. His friend Virendra also helped him. Actually his intention was only to loot them both. But Viren after seeing Divya, changed his mind and raped her. He then killed them both. The police ask him where Viren lives. Dilip says he lives just two houses away from his at the corner. After he has told the truth, the person who was shot by the inspector gets up. All this was a play by the police to get the truth out of Dilip. Dilip is very upset and shocked to see this.


Viren is running in the streets and the Detection team is after him. He runs for a long time. The chase happens for a long time. They finally nab him from all sides and he is caught.


Sid and Sia arre at home. They both are tensed. THe police inspector calls Sid and informs him that the culprits have been caught. It was the taxi driver along with his friend. He asks them to come to the station and identify Victor and Divya's belongings. Sid then tells Sia about it. Sia is crying. Sid says we have started the fight, come we will end it too. They both leave.


The police show all the things got from them to Sia and Sid. Sid says the camera and wallet are Victor's. Sia says the earring and necklace along with the bag are Divya's. The police then tell  them that it was the driver Dilip's scheme. They first wanted to rob them of their money and belongings. He along with another man did this, but ended up killing them. They bring both Dilip and Viren there. Sia is angry. She stares at them. She comes near Dilip and asks him How could you? How could you do this? How can you kill another person? You have a daughter , why don't you take your daughter to that person? Why did u do this, she asks and slaps him and gets very emotional. Sid holds her and asks her to control herself. Sia then drinks some water and controls her anger. She then asks the police about Anand's involovement. The police say that Anand waS never involved. Dilip does not know who Anand is. He made this plan along with his friend to rob them. Anand is nver involved and they have used his name. Sia is relieved and thinks to herself that i knew Anand will not be involoved in such wrong acts. She is happy and relieved about Anand's reality, but at the same time sad for Divya and Victor.



Update 19th April 2005



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Sia and Sid are in a press conference with tv peoople taking their interview. Sia explains everything to them. The interviewer asks Sid how did u get so much of presence of mind being a doctor? Sid says Necessity is the mother of invention. We were desperate to find them. So did it.


Simran is at home. SAurabh is reading the news about Sia and Sid's bravery act. He is reading aloud. Simran andcShaguna hear it. Saurabh reads Both of them were very brave in handling things. When contacted, Sia said after all, i am a guest here does not mean that i have forgotten my mother land. Sid has said Necessity is the mother of invention. SAurabh reads this and is happy,. He says the girl is very brave  and says shabaash, she deserves this praise. After coming from London, she made it a point to catch them. Simran says we are feeling happy that the culprits are  caught. But spare a thought for Victor and Divya's parents. This news will not make any difference to them as they have already lost their kids. They all feel sad.


Abhi is reading the paper and reads the news about Sia. He thinks to himself i knew this girl would do it. She is such a brave girl , i knew she owlud go to any extent to get the culprit. I knew it the day she made a drama here, he thinks. He then thinks why is it that i keep thinking of her always? I feel that she is a part of my life. Why? I wonder whether i will meet her again in my life.


Sia is also thinking. Urmila comes there. She asks Sia what the matter is. Sia says nothing. Sid is also there. Urmila praises them both for their brave act. Sia says she is unhappy that she hurt the feelings of some one and she s  feeling bad about it. She says he is such a great writer and what must he be thinking of her now? Urmila asks her to calm down. Sia says if only she had accompanied Victor and Divya to India, such a thing would not have happened. Sid says no, it is my fault. I should not have sent them all alone to Goa. They were new to this place. Urmila says nobody knows what the future has in store for them. I they knew, they would try to correct their present and act accordingly. But there is something called Destiny and that cannot be changed. We cannot win over our destiny. She tells both not to feel guilty. Urmila suggests that Sia and Sid go out for sight seeing. They both agree. Sia wants to go to the beach.


Shekar and Simran are in the park. Shekar asks her whether she tries to find her AStha in every girl. Simran says she is trying to contro her emotional behaviour. But after seeing Sia, she thinks more about Astha. Shekar says i want to meet Sia. Simran says they are coming to my place for tonight's dinner. You too come. Shekar is happy.


In the beach, Sia and Sid are having a wonderful time. They both are having a tonga savari when Sia asks them to stop. She gets down. Sid asks her whether she is afraid. Sia says this is cruelty on animals and she cannot bear. They then eat vada pav. Sid says this is india's burger. Sia eats it, feels that it is very spicy and hot and wants water. She then has candy. They both then have pani puri. They are in the car when Sid gives a gift to Sia. She opens it and finds the book "Attraction " by Anand. She feels very sad and guilty. She opens the first page, asks for a pen from Sid and writes in bold capital letters "I am sorry" over it. Sid notices it. Sia is in deep thoughts.


Its night, all come for dinner. Urmila, Sid and Sia arrive. Rashmi is also there. SAurabh greets them. Simran and AStha are also there with Shaguna. Simran gives Sia a gift. She opens it. It is a salwar set. Sia says she has not worn Salwars. Simran says she can try it from now on. Whenever she wears it, She can think of her. Sheakr arrives. Shekar then gives a red rose to Sia and gets introduced to her.Shekar says Sia is very pretty. Astha is jealous that Sia is the centre of attraction. She tells Shekar that she thought according to him, she was the prettiest. Shekar says so you are too. Astha gets upset and goes in.


All have finisheed having dinner and are seated in the sofa. But Shekar is continuously eating. Shaguna says its my sleeping time , i am going. Saurabh asks Shekar all have finished eating, is he waiting for next day's  breakfast? All have fun. Shekar too joins. AStha then grabs everybody's attention and says they are now playing Dumbshirazz. The winner will get Rs. 500 from nanu. They start. Astha says it is her turn first. She turns to Sid and starts her act. It is the name of the film they have to guess. She is  trying. All are trying to get it right. AStha wants Sid to answer it. But, Shekar answers it and says Hum Apke Dil main rehte hai. AStha is upset that Sid did not answer. Then, Shaguna's turn. All try , then Rashmi says correctly Devdas. Then it is Sid's turn. He mimicks. AStha is trying desperately to answer correct. But Sia answers it correctly and says Hum aapke hai koun. AStha is very upset that both Sia and Sid are having an eye to eye contact and are happy seeing each other.


Rashmi is about to leave. She says to Simran that Sid and Sia got diverted from their sorrow. It is good. She leaves. Then, Urmila,Sid and Sia start to leave. Simran tries to stop them. Sid says he has hospital the next day. Urmila says now, she too works. Simran tells Sia that she can stay back here. Sia says she has no probs but has no change of dress. Astha is not happy at this. Simran says AStha can provide you dress and you can spend time with AStha. AStha is still more unhappy when Sia agrees. Sid then tells Sia that if she is not comfortable with anything, feel free to tell Simran aunty. She says yes. AStha does not like this at all. Sia then asks AStha whether she does not have any probs if she shares her room. AStha very hesitantly says no probs, its ok.


Sia and AStha are in their night dress and they both enter AStha's room. Sia says that her room is very nice and asks her whether she arranged it.AStha says yes and says she has reservations over everybody entering her room. Sia is a bit surprised. She asks who are allowed. AStha says only her mom, Urmila aunty and Sid are allowed. Nanu does not come here at all. Aayi enters only when she is there. Otherwise, Aayi tries to clean the room and displaces all her things. Looks as though there has been an earthquake after aayi has left, she says. Sia asks AStha whether she has a boyfriend. Sia says it is Sid. Sia is surprised. AStha asks Sia what she feels about Sid. Sia says he is very nice, caring, sensitive, feels for others, everybody will want a friend like him. Nobody can say no to him. She then says after spending so much of his life time abroad, he cares so much for him mama and Simran aunty. She has heard a lot of him from Divya and Victor, but he is more that what she heard. She says what more can she tell about this wonderful person. AStha feels very jealous and angry. She hides her temper and very casually says nobody can understand Sid as much as she does. She says they both love each other very much. Plenty of girls make a line around Sid to grab attention. But Sid never entertains such girls. She tells this very harshly seeing Sia eye to eye. Sia is upset and feels awkward about Astha's behaviour. AStha continues to give Sia a very threatening look. Sia is shocked.






Update 20th April 2005 ---Sia is real Astha




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Sia is real Astha!!!


Sia is shocked to hear AStha's words. She asks AStha what does she mean? Does she mean to say that she is trying to get close with Sid? AStha says no. Sia continues to say that he is her friend, nothing more. Astha then tries to clarify that she di not mean her, but meant that many girls were flocking around Sid. Sia says don't worry. I do not have time for all these things. I have my own priorities. I am happy that you got your man, she says. Astha is embarassed.


Saurabh is making his ayurvedic medicine. He has in display many bottles, of various colours, yellow, red, blue, green , white. He is mixing some powder into a bottle. He shakes it. Shaguna sees this and says why struggle when all these medicines are available in the market? Saurabh says allopathy will slowly kill people as it is poison. Shaguna asks him whether bhayi gives poison to everybody. Just then, Simran comes there. Simran scolds Shaguna for talking more. Shaguna says she is actually trying to defend her and she is scolding her. Shaguna says he is saying that her medicines are poisonous. Simran says there is no use arguing with him. I have also fought with him for this. She then asks Shaguna to get her tea.


Simran is getting ready the next morning to go to the hospital when Sid comes there. Simran asks him why he is not in hospital? Just then, Sia comes there and says i am ready. Sid then tells Simran that he wishes to do night shift today as he wants to take Sia to shop and then wants to show her Mumbai. Astha comes there. Hugs her mother. Sid tells her that they are going out, so asks her to get ready in 10 minutes. AStha says its wonderful and runs in to get ready. Saurabh is also there. Sia says seeing this love and affection, she sometimes feels jealous for AStha.If she was in her place, she would have aslo got this love. All are touched. So is Simran.


Astha, Sid and Sia are in the beach shore. AStha is kicking the water which is coming near the shore. She wants Sid to join. He does not. She asks Sia to join. Sia says you have chosen the wrong person. AStha gets confused. Sia then explains to her that she feels that sea is always silent. She says when you see river going into the sea, the river makes noise. But once, it goes into the sea, it becomes silent. Mind is also like that. It wants to jump and roam until it reaches the ultimate. But after that, it becomes quiet. Astha is unhappy at this unwanted lecture. Sid enjoys it though and comes near Sia and says well said. They both have a smile . Astha does not like them getting close. They both leave AStha and join hands and run in water. Astha is very unhappy.


All the three come home. There, Simran, Rashmi, Saurabh and Shaguna are assembled. AStha comes running in and says they enjoyed a lot. She is describing when she notices that all are sad for some reason. She asks what the reason is. Simran is having a crying face. Sid asks too. Then Rashmi says today AStha's medical entrance results were out. AStha says she forgot about it in excitement, then realises that she must have failed again. She sees everybody's face which is sad, she starts to cry. Simran then very concerned, puts her hand over AStha.She says its ok. Try better next time. SAurabh is unhappy. Rashmi also says you can try harder the next time. Failures and successes are part of life. Sia says you must learn from this and try hard the next time. AStha does not like Sia's interference and at once, gets up and screams at her. She says she had done her best, so she does not want all to console her. She can handle herself and runs in crying. All are upset. Sia is upset at her reaction.


Sia and Sid are together. Sid asks Sia are you upset for what AStha told you? Sia says if she says no, she would be lying. But still, she is not upset. She says AStha has lost one full year. Her momentary reaction towards me  is not that much when compared to what AStha has lost. Sid is happy and says to react in this manner, you need to have a big heart. Sia realtes this to Divya. She says sometimes we do so much of planning of what we will do, when we will do etc. But in a moment, everything comes to a halt. She says Divya was her room mate. They both used to discuss their life in future every night. Divya used to have many things in mind. She used to say she will get married to Victor in May, then would change it to December. She would say they will rent a house, then would say they will own one. She is crying. Sid consoles her and says Victor and Divya were very much in love. Sia says they both had made unsaid promises. She says they are still fulfilling it together. Thay both are upset. Sid says this is true love. Only few will get it. Sia then looks at Sid and asks him as though , you have not got one. Sid is surprised. Sia says AStha. Sid laughs and says AStha is my friend and is very small. By the time, she gets to know what love is, i will be married with kids. He laughs and goes away. Sia is just standing and does not know how to react.


Night time. Simran is crying. She remembers Neha's last wish. She is telling Abhi are u angry with me? I could not fulfil Neha's wish. They show Abhi. He is having Simran's photo in his hand and is saying sorry, i left you all alone. They again show Simran who is saying i struggled a lot to bring her up. I don't know what is right and what is wrong now? Trust me, i tried my best. Abhi is saying i know you always do it. You are always a fighter. Simran says I miss you a lot and cries. They show the moon.


Shaguna and Shankar are sleeping in thier house. Shaguna gets the dream of AStha being kidnapped in London. She sees the lady's face. She screams that they are taking baby and gets up. Shankar consoles her. He gives her water. Shankar says its 18 years since this incident happened. But, still, she dreams of it every night. He says he is going to tell mamdam about this. Shaguna pleads to him and says bhayi is trying to come to terms with her life with this AStha. So please do not push her back , she begs. Shankar hugs her.


Urmila, Sid and Sia are talking . Urmila is actually narrating to Sia about Sid's naughty behaviour when he was young. Sia says she cannot believe that Sidwas naughty. Sia says she wants to see Sid as a child. Urmila says she has a photo of his and AStha's. She will get it. She fgoes in much to the hesitation of Sid. Seeing Sid hesitating, Sia asks him whether it is a nude photo as a kid. Sia then says she has put all her cleanly dressed photos in order where she looks cute. Sid at once says she is cute even now. They see each other. Sia says thanks. Urmila gets the photo of Sid and the real AStha. AS she is getting it, she sees that Sia's mobile is ringing. She picks up the phone. It is Sia's mother. She says just aminute, comes out and gives the phone to Sia. Sia takes it, runs across to another place and talks. Urmila meanwhile has the photo in her hand. Sid takes it and says she should not show this as this is not tha AStha who is here. Urmila agrees and keeps the photo inside.


Sia is talking to her mother. They show the back of a lady who is sitting in a chair and talking. She says to Sia that nani is missing her. Sia asks her whether it is nani alone , not her. Thelady says she too is missing her. Suddenly, there is a problem with the line. It gets disconnected. Sia then tells to herself that mama, i know how you will react now. She says you will throw the instrument down , then pick it up, then try calling again. Her momdoes the same thing. She throws it, then picks the phone again and says this dreaded instrument is horrible. They then show her face. It is the same lady who had kidnapped AStha. She is trying to call again , but stops for some reason.






Update 21st April 2005 ---Sia goes back to Goa



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Sia goes back to Goa!!!


Sia is at home. She is just thinking about AStha saying that she loves Sid. She then thinks about what Sid has to say, that  AStha is  akid and his friend. Sia thinks to herself that the day Astha and Sid realise this, many hearts will be broken. Sid, AStha and Simran all will be upset.


Abhi is writing his book. He feels that Sia is sitting before him. He is talking to her. She is saying that this line is wonderful. How do you write so good lines? Abhi laughs. Sia then asks him whether she is disturbing him? Abhi then says she is not here, but still feels that she is everywhere. He then sees the chair where he had seen her sitting. Nobody is there. He realises that he was dreaming. Just the, the publisher comes. Abhi greets him and says the book is almost done. The publisher says it is ok, he knows that for writing, a writer wants a patient surrounding. But , whatever happened with him, in the past few days, it is really good of him that he has completed the book. Abhi says if Sia had not caught the culprits, he might not be able to finish the book on time. So the publisher says he has to thank Sia for Anand completing the book on time. Abhi says he has mentioned her name in this book. Abhi then requests the publisher to get her address. The publisher says he will enquire from police, but he knows that she was from London. Abhiv says ya, get info, i feel we have one more meeting left in our lives.


Sia is sleeping with Anand's book Journey over her. She is getting glimpses of her screaming at Anand callinghim a rapist and a murderer. Sid comes in and wakes her. She gets up and asks for the time. Sid tells her that even after so many days, she has not got adjusted with Indian time sense as it is now night in London. He asks her what she was thinking. Sia does not say. Sid tells her that he is weak in forcing people to tell him what they think. Sia then tells him that she was thinking of Anandji. She hurt him so much and she is guilty. Sid says not to worry so much as she did that unknowingly. He says if done unknowingly, it is a mistake. Sia says it is just words to change their thinking. She says that she is feeling  very guilty that she hurt such a big writer's feelings. Sid says then write a letter to him saying you are sorry. Sia asks him whether that will be sufficient. She then says she wants to go back to London as she misses her mother in these situations. She says that her mother has a remarkable attitude. She is like a sponge in my life. Whatever problems, i have , i tell her and she like  a sponge, just soaks it away. Sid is upset that she is leaving. Sia asks whether Simran aunty will be at home. She wants to meet her as she has decided to go the next morning.


Sia with Sid go to  Simran's house to bid adieu. Simran is upset too and asks why so early. Sia says her mom is upset, and it has been so many days since she is away. Simran agrees. Simran says she could not spend much time with her. Sia says my mom always says  it is not  quantity but quality that matters. They both hug each other. Astha who is there, does not like it. Sia sees AStha and comes near her and says bye. Astha apologises for that night's behaviour. Sia says we are friends. Sia then demands for sweets next year thro' mail after she tops in her exams. AStha smiles. She wants to  hug Sia when Sid says you can hug her tomorrow as you are alos coming to the airport to see her off. AStha agrees. Sid says i know you very well, AStha. AStha likes this words from Sid. Sia notices it, but feels sad.


Sid and Sia are talking as Sis is packing. Sid is telling her that his life was not a roller coaster ride. When he was with his fsther, his mother was not with him. But now, when he has his mother, his father is not there. Sia says  both our childhood has some emotional deprivements. She says you have not been able to live with your  parents at the same time. I have my mom but no dad. She begins to say something but notices that Sid is day dreaming looking at her. She stops and says hello. Sid then replies. He then tells her that her thoughts match Simran Aunty's thoughts. Sia is very excited and says this comparison is a very big compliment. Urmila comes in and assk Sia whether she has packed everything. Sia says she has done all packing, the things she had got from there, the things she bought here, their love, affection, remembrances etc. Urmila says she will miss her. Sia says she had a nice time with her. The next time i will come here, i will bring my mom as she will not miss me then, and i can stay longer.


Sia, AStha and Sid are going to the airport. Sid and Sia are in front and AStha is back. Nobody is talking . Sia asks why there is silence. Astha say she is tensed. Sid asks why? AStha says she thought she will drop Sia at the airport and then go to her class. But  now, bcos her flight is delayed, she will miss her class. Sid asks what class? AStha says she has joined Bhattacharya's classes for extra coaching. She does not want to miss a single class. So she asks Sid to drop her there, she will go in a taxi. Sia says don't do that, she asks Sid to stop the car. She will take a taxi and proceed and tells Sid to drop AStha. All agree. Sia catches a taxi. All say bye. Sid and Sia hug each other. Sid asks when you will be coming again. Sia says when you call me from your heart. Astha looks angry. Sia goes. Sid is upset and has tears in his eyes. Astha is upset after noticing this.


Sia is going in a taxi when Shekar calls her. Simran is also with him. They are at the park. Sia does not recollect him , but later does. He asks her when she will come again as she did not spend much time with her. She asks him to excuse her for that. Then Simran also speaks to Sia. She tells her to think of her. Sia says she cannot do that as she will never forget her, you only think of a person whom you forget. Simran is touched adn cries after disconnecting. Shekar gives her a hankie and asks her why she cries being a strong woman. Simran says after seeing Sia, she has some strange happiness as well as a desperation. He says it is bcos she is from London.


Sia is going in the taxi. She repeatedly is thinking about how she hurt Anand. She then asks the taxi driver to stop.


In Goa, Abhi is making tea. He takes the tea to the lawn and is preparing two cups. He then realises that he has made two cups and asks himself why two cups? He tells himself that he is getting old, Mr. Anand. He is laughing  and is seeing the water at a distance when Sia says Hi. He looks at her in disbelief. I think he still feels she is not around, but it is his imagination. He says you are looking nice. Sia is surprised at what he said and says "Ji".




Update 26th April 2005 ----Radha back from Nasik



Radha back from Nasik, threatens to tell the truth to Astha!!!


The episode opens with Anand seeing Sia. He says Telepathy works. Sia asks what? Anand asks  Sia to sit.Anand says he thought she might have gone back to London. Sia says she had a flight this morning, but could not go. She was feeling very guilty. She says i could not forget that i hurt you. Anand says its ok. If i was in your position, i would have also reacted in the same way. Circumstances forced you to react so. He tells her to forget that and think that it is a bad chapter in her life. He asks her to delete it. He then asks her whether she knows computers. As a delete butten clears everything, clear everything from your mind, he says. Sia asks him did he expect her? Anand says ya i have some old habits. Anand asks her whether she has informed her parents. Then asks where she is put up. Sia says she has not told anything about this to Sid and not to her mom too. If she had told, then she could not have made it to Goa. Sia then asks him whether he can spend some time with her. Sia then takes out a book and gives it to him saying she bought this for him in the airport. Anand sees that book. It is titled Photography Crash course for beginners. Anand laughs at destiny. Sia says she has seen some of his pictures in his book .She feels he has a flair for photography. Anand laughs more. He asks her to get up and come in. He takes her to the room. He opens a drawer and takes out many books. He throws all on the bed. Sia sees them. They are all books on Photography. She is surprised. Anand begins to say that in younger days, he was a famous fashion photographer , then realises his folly and says he wanted to become one. So bought all books. He is upset and Sia can see the sudden change in his face reaction.


Its night time. Astha comes from college. She comes rushing into Simran's room. Simran is busy reading Anand's book. She does not want to be disturbed. But AStha wants to say something interesting that happened in college and begins to tell that. When she sees that Simran is still reading the book, She takes the book from her hand. This makes Simran angry and screams at AStha. If there is something important, tell me otherwise i am reading. Astha gets upset. Simran then realises and then pats her back and asks what she wanted to say. AStha is angry and tells in this house, only important matters can be discussed and not interesting ones and says nothing and goes. Simran calls her but she goes away. Simran is upset about  AStha's childish behaviour.


Sia is in her hotel room. She is talking to her mom over the phone. She is telling her that she is going to Goa now. Her mom tells her not to go. Sia says she will then be sad. She does not want to live with guilt and keep this chapter open. Her mom says you can apologise to Anand after coming here over the phone. Sia says i have not damaged some article in his house, i have hurt his feelings. Her mom does not listen and orders her to come home catching the next immediate flight. Sia says if so, she will  come, but then she will feel sorry as Sia will  be upset after coming back too. Her mom screams at her and says she cannot blackmail her emotionally. Just then, there is a network probelm and the line gets disconnected. Her mom in disgust, throws the phone down. Sia is happy, giving a very bright smile, says Network problem, blessing in disguise. She says mom thinks i am going to goa. But she will get the next call when i reach Goa and laughs.


Sid is lying in his bed. He is thinking about Sia. Urmila enters. She asks him what he is thinking. He does not tell anything, then Urmila forces him. Sid then says Sia has not calledon reaching London. I hopes she is ok. Urmila asks him why should she call as soon as reaching? She was here only for a few days. She has not become such great part of our family that she should remember us always. Sid says she is not that kind of a girl. Urmila continues to say that Sia has been born and brought up in London, so her way of dealing with things will be different. Sid says that Sia is a very nice girl. He knows her and she is very keen in taking care  of even minute things.He says she must be busy , otherwise she would have called. Urmila says if he knows all the answers to his questions, then why ask? Just then, his phone rings and it is AStha. Sid is somewhat disturbed to see that it is AStha and talks. Astha again says the same intersting thing that happened in her college. Sid is upset and says if there is nothing important to tell, please keep the phone down. I will talk to you later. Astha is upset. Sid sees that he has another incoming call, sees that it is from Sia. He is excited, he tells AStha that Sia is trying to call. So disconnects. He gets up and goes to another place to talk to Sia. Urmila who is watching Sid's reaction change from disappointment when talking to AStha to excitement when Sia called makes her upset. AStha is upset.


Sia is talking to Sid. She tells him that she is in Goa to do prayashchit. He then gets to know that she is there to meet Anand. She says international flights do not allow Excess baggage and so she decided to shed it before going. Sid is happy. He says he was respecting her before, but now he respects her even more. He says so now that you in India, its good bcos we can meet again. Good gfor me and good for you, he says. Sia asks whether Simran aunty will be awake. He says to try her luck. She says bye catch you later. Sid then funnily says why not catch me in person. Sia says i did not expect such a serious doctor like you to be so very funny. Sid laughs. They disconnect the phone. But Sid is still standing her, dreaming about Sia , laughing at what she spoke.


Simran is reading the book when she gets a call. It is Sia. She asks her to guess from where she is calling. Simran says its not from London. Sia asks how does she know? Simran says if it was London, then she would not have askd her to guess. Sia says she is in Goa , came to meet Anand. She says she already had a long talk with him this morning. Simran says she can understand, she says she was reading his book and was engrossed in it. Simran says the next time she meets Anand ,tell him that there is another person in his fan list and that is Dr. Simran. She says she will tell. Simran then enquires when she will be meeting him next. Sia says waiting for the night to get over.


Next morning, Anand is meditating in the lawn. Sia comes and proceed inside when she notices him in the lawn. She comes near and disturbs him. Anand opens his eyes, distracted, and sees the time. Sia says good morning to which Anand says its a very early good morning. Sia then asks him to come for a walk in the beach. Anand says this is fine for him. Then Sia says fine, they can even walk here as this is quite big. Anand asks her to keep quiet as she is disturbing him in meditation. He continues. Sia then sits near him. Anand is in Padmasana position. She als tries to do the same, but cannot. Anand sees it. He comes out of the position, sits and sees her trying to do the same. He then helps her. He touches her legs, comes close to her and helps her with the postition. Sia is looking at him. He then holds her hand, places them in position and then turns her face, asks her to see straight and close her eyes. All the way, Sia is seeing Anand's eyes. She is emotionally touched. ( I don't know in what sense). Anand then says after she finishes with this asana, she should go and make two cups of tea. He says he is going to have his bath. He goes. Sia is sitting there smiling to glory. ( wonder why)


Astha is cutting one of her clothes in anger. Simran and Sid come to her room. Sid says AStha is imagining the dress to be his face and is cutting it. He sits near her and tries to change her mood. She is angry. Simran is looking with a smiling face. Sid then gets up, but before leaving, tells AStha that if she wants to go to a movie, get dressed and come to the hospital in the evening. They both leave, stand at a distance and watch AStha's reaction. AStha begins to smile. Simran calls AStha. AStha turns and says mamma, Simran says see you in the hospital. Astha is happy.


In the hospital, Simran is discussing a case with other doctors when the receptionist calls her. She says that a lady is trying to push thro' and enter her cabin. Simran asks her name. The receptionist says she did not tell her name. Just then, Radha comes in like wind and screams at Simran. Seeing this, all the doctors get up and start to move. Radha calls the doctors and tries to tell them that their doctor is so selfish. But they are all gone. Simran who is tensed, sends a sms to Sid. Radha screams at Simran that now, you don't want to meet me too. Yuo have not told AStha that you are not her mother, Neha is her mother. Seeing all this, my Neha's atma will not be happy, she says. Radha starts to go and says she will at once tell this to AStha. Simran asks her to calm down.


Sid is in his cabin. He sees the SMS. Simran has written Radhaji is in my cabin, AStha ia about to come. Stop AStha. Sid rushes to the reception. Just then, AStha comes, says hi to the receptionist and proceeds to Simran's cabin. Sid comes there and asks whether AStha comes. She says yes. Sid runs to catch aStha. AStha walks thro' the cabin and is about to enter Simran's cabin when Sid sees her, and calls her AStha. AStha does not hear,breaks into the room in excitement. Sid is very worried.




Update 27th April 2005 --- OMG, Sia in love with Anand




OMG Sia indirectly expressing her love for Anand!!!!


Sid sees Astha trying to enter the cabin. He calls for her and she turns. He quickly pulls her from near the door and takes her away. He says come along. AStha says she has to bring mama out of the cabin. Sid says Simranis not there. She has gone out of the hospital for consultation. She has asked you to go home, get ready and then come to the theatre with Rashmi  and Nanu. AStha asks what about you? Sid says he will come tih Simran. AStha then goes home. Sid is relieved.


In the cabin, Radha is screaming. Simran is telling her that this thing cannot be sorted out in the hospital. She asks her to be at Mummyji's place, she would come there and they can talk it over. Radha agrees and tells Simran that she has to come there and turns to the door to go out when she sees Sid entering. She gives a stare and goes out. Simran enquires to Sid about AStha. Sid tells her to relax and says she has gone home and will be at the theatre. Simran says you carry on, i am going to Mummyji's place to talk with Radha. Sid says i can't leave you alone in this crisis. Simran says AStha will feel bad if both do not turn up. Sid says he will call AStha and tell her , but will definitely accompany her. They leave to meet Radha.


On the way, Sid from the car, calls Astha. AStha, Rashmi and Nanu are ready to leave. AStha gets the call from Sid adn tells Sid Don't tell me that you are in the theatre and buying popcorn for me. Sid says there is an emergency and we both are attending it. So Simran and myself will not come. AStha gets angry and cuts the phone. Simran who is in the car is worried.


At Abhi's home, Radha is screaming and telling Simran that its 18 years since she has been holding the truth. Have you ever thought about me? You have AStha in front of you, so you do not understand. You all are joining hands and making me bad. This time, i will tell her everything and take her with me, Radha says. Simran is crying and so is Abhi's mother. Abhi's father is also there. Sid says he will speak and tells Radha that will telling AStha solve the problem? She thinks Simran is her mama, suddenly if she knows that this is not true, all around her are not related to her, somebody else is her mother, all were telling lies to her, will she be happy? Will she be able to face the situation? Will she not be disturbed bcos of this fact? If you take up the responsibility of taking care of her, not hurting her mentally, then i will tell AStha the fact. He then picks up the phone and tries to call her when Radha gets concerned about what Sid said and asks him not to call. She is angry and just storms in. All are worried. Simran sits in the sofa crying. Abhi's parents try to console her. They say you have to control yourself. We will try and explain it to Radha. Simran is still crying.


Simran is in her room thinking about what happened. Astha comes in is in a sorrowflu mood. Simran sees her and holds her hand calling her near. AStha is very upset and she lifts her face and asks her mom why did she not tell her that she is not her daughter? Just then, Shaguna enters, she too hears it. Simran and Shaguna get a shock of their life. AStha continues to say that why did she not tell her the truth? She got to know it from a third person. Simran is very upset and is about to cry. AStha then sees her reaction , then laughs loudly and says these were the dialogues in the film, it was a melodrama. Shaguna and Simran are relieved. Simran starts to laugh. Shaguna says old man is waiting for dinner. So come. Saurabh enters and asks why is his age being mentioned? They have a hearty talk and AStha goes to eat. Simran and SAurabh are there.SAurabh is asking Simran why she is not getting dressed up as before. She does not see herself in the mirror. Simran says i am aged, how can i dress like prior? It is astha's age now to do all things. SAurabh says if she says she is aged, then what about him? Then he says he has a medicine which will take care of that. Simran avoids it and says she is hungry, so is going to eat.


Sia and Anand are sitting in the dark and talking. Sia says you write about love and friendship as though you have seen and lived them. Anand looks at her in an acknowledging manner and says those two relationships are very intricate. Friendship can become love, though not necessary. When he says this, Sia's face blossoms. He says moving ahead from friendship to love is like graduating from one level to another. When emotions increase in a relationship, it becomes brittle. Now, Sia's face changes to sorrow. this is strange but it happens, he says. Small mistakes you commit take a tol on your life. So we have to be extra careful, he says. Then our entire life is gone, leaving behind only memories of good time and sorrow. Suddenly, Sia is overcome with emotion and she holds his hand. She tells him that she wants to assist him in his work and be with him. She wants to see life closer being with him. Anand says it cannot happen. He pulls his hand from hers and says i am a person who has come out of life. How can you be with me and see life closer? He gets up, pats her on her back and goes in. Sia keeps looking at him. She is worried.


Sid is lying in bed and is thinking about Sia. He is smiling to glory for no reason. Sia on the other side, is lying and is thinking of Anand(likely). She too si smiling. Sid then gets up, sends a SMS to Sia .Sia picks up and sees the message whcih says Sia, are you awake? Sia smiles and calls back. Sid responds and they both talk. Sid asks her how she is? Sia says she is very happy that she came to Goa. She is enjoying her time with Anand and says he is a very intelligent person. Sia then asks Sid whether he can come to Goa for a few days on a holiday. Sid is excited but does not express it to her. He says he will try to come and will inform her about it.


SAurabhis sitting in the hall when Simran comes there. He lifts his head and sees Simran. Simranis dressed up as before with matching bindi, lipstick. Saurabh says she is looking so good. He says he is happy. Just then, there is somebody at the door. Shaguna opens the door. There is a person asking for the doctor. Simran gets up and proceeds towards the man. Shaguna notices a changed Simran and gets near her, starts laughing and says Madhuri Dixit. Simran laughs and asks her to go inside. The person says to Simran that he has come to meet the doctor. She saya she is the one, but the person says no, i want to meet the elder doctor and goes and sits near Saurabh. Simran and Shaguna are very angry at this. Simran sits ther and watches the entire scene. The person addresses Saurabh as magician and says he removed the bhoot of a disease which was in him for years. Simran is surprised. He then says his relative has been diagnosed with hypertension. Saurabh says he can handle it and starts to enquire all detailsabout the patient. simran is like no way, this cannot go on. But she gets a thought that if she fights with her father now, then he will pack his bags and will say he is going to the old aged home. So she keeps quiet whereas Saurabh keeps talking about his medicines to the fellow.


Anand is preparing Dum aloo. He is done with it, then is sitting in the bed, reading a book. He sees the time and looks to the door. Sia slowly comes in. He does not see Anand, then notices that he is asleep in bed. She goes near him and calls him. He gets up. She says he is sleeping with the door open. He gets up , looks at the time. It is 5 in the evening. He asks her why she did not keep up to her normal time. He had cooked food for both and was waiting for lunch. She says sorry and jumps to see in the table. She says Dum aloo, rajma, palak. Yummy she says. She tastes dum aloo and says you are very good cook. Anand smiles at her and says he should not have scolded her for being late. After all, he had no right to do that. Sia says no probs, actually if  one is used to a specific time for the other person to come, then it becomes a habit. She says she wanted to inform but he does not have a phone. Anand laughs and says yes. Sia then tells him its high time that he had a phone. He says he has to think about it now. They begin to eat. Sia says tomorrow, she will come with a friend of hers. Anand is staring at her. He asks her why did you commit that without asking him? Sia says he is very close friend. Anand I don't care who he is, i don't like meeting people, he says in an angry manner.Sia says this is bad. She asks him why he meets his publisher? Anand says he has to meet him for work, does he have other ways? She asks him why he meets her? Anand looks at her without an answer. Then tell her I don't know. Honestly, i don;t know why? Please don't ask  me again , bcos i do not have an answer to this. I really don't know, he says. Sia is smiling. She says  she knows the answer. She says Jab Rishte Faasle bante hai aur mit jaate hai, aisa hota hia. She is smiling at him as though she is telling him "I love you" .Anand does not know how to react tot his and looks stunned and speechless at her reaction. Sia keeps looking at Anand and smiling.


P.S: I think this story is reaching unexpected lines and i am seriously thinking of moving out of writing updates...





Update 28th April 2005 ----Astha sees Neha's photo



AStha sees Abhi and Neha's marriage photo!!!


Sia is leaving Anand's house after having  food. Anand is in a very pensive mood and does not speak anything. Sia thanks him for the dum aloo. Sia  sees the change in him and asks him what the matter is. Anand then takes hold of the situation and tells her that he is still thinking the real meaning in what she told while they were eating. Sia smiles. She says she just told him that tthey both like each other's company and that's it. She asks him why? and then asks him whether he is testing her. Sia then saYs look i am not a philosopher andcannot tell sensitive and mature things as correctly and easily as he does. However, i am trying to keep it very simple. I do not have words to explain this, when she then tries to continue speaking, Anand stops her abruptly and says Bye. Sia understands that she should not talk further and goes.


Its night time. Sia is lying in bed and dreaming about Anand. They show them both in the beach. Sia is drinking tender coconut water, Anand comes near her and tries to take it away from her. She remembers that( don't know whether she is dreaming such a scene or this actually took place). She then gets up, takes Anand's book and kisses it. Sid calls in the meanwhile. Sid is very excited and tells her that he has got his tickets to Goa and is coming tomorrow. Sia is unhappy. Her face reaction changes at once. She tells him not to come. Sid asks why? Sia says even if he comes, Anand will not meet him. So there is no point in his coming. So we will meet in Mumbai, she says. Sia says she is honoured that Anand meets her, does not know why he meets her as he does not want to meet anybody else. She is happy here. Sid is upset and keeps the phone down.


Abhi's house. AStha comes there and hugs her grand parents. They are happy to see her. She says she is going to spend the whole day and the next day morning here. She says she has decided  a menu and lists  Pizza, Burger, American Chopsey and Noodles, Fried Rice. Abhi's mother says then she does not have to cook , so then can get it from a restaurant. Abhi's father says instead of eating that, he can starve for a day. Astha says mum says if one starves once a month, it is fgood for health. They all laugh. Abhi's father gets angry, Astha says she is joking. He also says he was not serious. They have a hearty laugh.


Anand is making pottery in the lawn when Sia comes there. Seeing her, he says his regular Hi and appears normal. He asks her to sit. She sits. He says the time he gets from painting and writing, he spends on these friends, indicating to pottery. He says  now he has got a new  friend. Sia asks who. Anand says you, then who? Sia gets lost in thoughts. Anand then notices it and then asks her why is he not her friend? Sia says yes. Anand says  in life, we find different types of peo0ple. One set whom we like the most, one set which are firends, one set of people whom we do not like at all. We never want to see some people again. But sometimes, it does happen that we develop some sort of closeness and togetherness with certain people. we wish to sit with them, talk with them for hours. But this closeness is like the clouds in which we see images. One can see different images there. It depends upon the eye which is seeing them. Some see an elephant, while some see a house. So this closeness is not love. Love is something more than this. Love is a very different feeling. It has depth in it, is freash, is pure, sweet. To say this in simple words, it is simple, but complex. Tender but very strong. He sees the pot he has made and tells this. He asks her do you understand. Sia says yes with hesitation.


Simran comes home , calls for AStha. Shaguna reminds her that she has sent her to her dada's place. Simran says she misses her. Shaguna says Saurabh is in AStha's room, when she comes back, there is going to be a big hungama. They both go to aStha's room where they find Saurabh changing the direction of AStha's pillow. Simran questions to which Saurabh says AStha was sleeping in a wrong direction , so very immature and not studying. Now according to vaasthu, he has set things, now her mind should be calm. Simran says Vaasthu. Shaguna says her mind is calm or not i don't know, but the calm in this ohuse is gone when she seesit, she says.


Anand is telling Sia that he refused the award not only bcos he does not want recognition. He says there is one more reason. She asks what is it. He says  i am not doing a big and important thing by writing. I am writing only for my satisfaction. I did certain wrong and immature things in life and am just putting it in paper, bcos this might help others to change their ways. If one gets happinesss by reading my books, i have achieved something, that's it. He says it pains when  life goes away and leaves just dust in your hands. I tend to see certain faces in this sand. He then stops and realises that he should not be telling everything. Sia says why did you stop, come on. You are hiding many things from me, speak out. Anand gets furious and asks her why he has to tell her everything, who the hell are you? He  goes in and then turns back and tells her that he does not want her friend coming here. Sia is crying. She says she has already told him not to come.


Sid is seeing the paper in which Sia and his photo is there. He is talking to her while a phone comes. He picks up, nobody speaks. Again , the blank call comes. He dials this time,it is AStha. She laughs and says she wanted to bully him. He gets angry and screams at her. He says you give blank calls so late in the night. I can be busy, sleeping, why can't you understand? You ar so immature. Urmila hears this. AStha gets upset and cuts the phone. He then tells himself in a a loud voice that nobody asks him what he wants. AStha keeps on disturbing him and this Sia who he wants to meet, asks him to come to Goa, then  says don't come. What the hell do they think, he says. He goes away leaving the paper there,Urmila looks at the paper, sees Sia's photo and says to herself, Is he in love with Sia?


Sia is in her room. Sia is saying loudly, Anand , i am grown up and mature now. I understand all feelings. I understand yours too. U behaved in such a way as if everything was normal, you were looking to be cool, but that was not right. You were wearing a mask over your face. I could see your inner face hidden inside the mask. Your dramam is of no use. She goes bery near the mirror, faces the mirror and says  if you are not accepting facts, its your wish.


AStha is crying in her room. Abhis' mother  comes there. She sees this and asks the reason .AStha tells her that Sid scolded her. ASbhi's mother consoles her and says he must have been busy, or sleeping. He takes so much care of you, helps you avoid scoldings grom you mom. AStha smiles. Abhi's mother says she has kept her papa's photos in the hall. Astha goes and starts to see Abhi's photo. Just then ,the door bell rings and they both go. Behind a photo, Astha sees another photo. She removes it adn sees Abhi's maariage photo with Neha. She is shocked.


She goes to Simran with the photo. Saurabh is also there. AStha screams at her and says this is papa. But who is this dressed in marriage dress with him? Speak up, i want an answer. Simran is shocekd.



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