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Updates for May 2005 (Page 5)

livingforelvis IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 May 2005 at 6:41am | IP Logged

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Ronit IF-Dazzler

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thank u guys thank u soo much

Update for 30.5.05


Episode starts:-


   Prerna:- Par ab wo kissi aur ki ho chukki hai wo tumhara zindagi sa jaa chukki hai.

   Anurag:- Jaanta hoon. Main pyaar kar ka bhi dekh chukka hoon aur shaadi kar ka bhi. Maine Kabhi tumhara kissi bhi baat ko manana sa inkaar nahiin kiya par tumhara yeh baat mera bass main nahiin hai.

Prerna:- achaa anurag ab main chaalti hoon

Anurag:- arra thori deer to rukoo

Prerna:- nahiin actually ghaar par boohat taiyareyaan karni hain.

Suddenly they begin talking about shravan

Prerna:- Maine daarti hoon ka kahin shravan kasak ko koi dukh na de aakhir wo hai tu aparna ka beta.

Shravan comes and hears their conversation

Anurag:- wo apo*na ka beta nahiin hai wo mera beta hai

Prerna;- haan magar janam tu apo*na na diya hai na. I hope he never comes to know about apo*na

Anu:- Agar usko aparna ka baare main pata chala tu main kiya jawab doon ga.

Shravan is really angry in his room. Anu reaches

Anu:- shravan yeh loo. He gves him the shagun and tells him to get ready fast coz the barat would be arriving any minute now.

Shravan takes out the suitv and sprays shaving cream all over it.

Barat reaches. Shravan is about to sit in the car when anurag calls him and says

Anu:- shravan tumne wo sherwani kyoun nahiin pheni jo maine de thi

Shravan:- wo thori si gaandi ho gai thi

Anurag:- but………………….. okay let's go

In the bajaj house Prerna was helping kasak in dressing up. Prerna delivers some emotional dialogues about a relation between a daughter and a mother.

Then Prerna opens a drawer and takes out the red dupatta. She has some flashbacks where anurag hand the red dupataa to bajaj on their marriage.

Prerna gives this red dupataa to kask and kisses her. Then they both hug.

Barat is still on way anu and the rest basu parivaar dancing except shravan. Anurag sees that the road is blocked. An officer comes to them and says that they have to turn back coz the road is blocked coz of an accident. They take the other route to bajaj's hose. In the meanwhile Prerna is getting worried and nervous. Komolika calls her.

Prerna:- hello

Komolika:- ik larki ki maa hona kitna mushkil hai. Prem phir sneha phir kasak.

Prerna:- who's speaking

Komolika:- Prerna main tumha tab sa jaanti hoon jab tum us moor par khari thi jahan ajj tumhara beti khari hai.

Prerna:- koun ho tum??

Komolika;- maine tumha aaga bhi kaha hai na ka is ki fikar maat karoo ka main koun ho wo sunoo jo main kahne jaa rahi hoon. Un lamhoon ko yaad karoo jab tum aur anurag ik saath tha shaadi sa phela.

Komo disconnects the call

Prerna is really tensed she is going to go to kasak's room when sum 1 comes and informs her that barat is here.

Sneha Prerna are laughing seeing the basu parivaar dancing. Diya comes and asks sneha to dance. But snehs refuses she says that she would not dance until or unless shravan is there. Anurag goes to call shravan he sees the car is empty shravan is not there.Anurag calls shravan

Anu:- shravan tum kahan ho

Shravan :- uncle wo koi zaroori kaam aa gaya tha is liya urgent jana para.

Anu:- tum pagal ho gaye ho mujhe bataiya kyoun nahiin

Shravan:- agar main app ko bata deta tu kiya app mujhe 2 secs ka kaam ka liya baahir jaana deta. Then he says hello hello uncle I cannot hear u and disconnects.

Prerna sees that anurag is tensed she goes to him and looks in the car. She asks him abut shravan anurag says that he has gone for sum work he will be back in 5 minutes.

Bajaj enters wearing a white sherwani looking ultra HOT AND SEXY!!! As usual man he was looking soo sweey. Then he sees kasak coming down the stairs. He smiles and then he kisses on kasak's forehead hugs her and says chaloo beta. Kasak was cariied to mandap. Bajaj was wearing a pagree looking at kasak smiling. For a sec I felt like it was mihiir that soooo sweet inoccent face then his white hair covered. He was exactly looking like swett sa baccha mihiir. Kasak sits in mandap smiling. Suddenly she is shocked when she looks up. Shravan is there with tansiha both married. Everyone gets shocked especially bajaj. His eyes gets RED! With anger his expression were out of the worl simply FABULOUS!

Anu says with anger:- yeh sab kiya hai shravan yahan tumhara shaadi.

Shravan:- Maine app sa kaha tha na ka main kasak sa shaadi nahiin karna chahta ohir bhi app na zabardaasti…. Ab khudi dekh lain app ki zabardaasti ka natejaa.

Bajaj full of ANGEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRR!!!! Looking such a hotty!

Bajaj was about to got to shravan when Prerna said

Prerna:- 1 minute

Bajaj had slight tears in his eyes but still with ANGER!

Prerna:- anurag you knew tumha pata tha

Anu:- Prerna wo actually

 And then a masala daar SLAP!!!!!! By mrs Prerna bajaj to anurag basu.

Bajaj was sooo angry.


      The episode ended on anu's face.

-Rose- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 May 2005 at 4:04pm | IP Logged

Cry i feel so sorry 4 anurag and he has been taking so many slaps from prerna!! what has he done?? i h8 shravan Angry.. i feel like slapping him & prerna!!

prerna: how many time she has to apologize.. i wish anu should teach her lesson.. she is wrong!

As 4 Komo i think i should blast her with bombs!! no i want to give so much pain to her than she has given others!Angry


Clap thanks 4 lovely update.. Ronit


can u plzz try to upddate old kzk as well!!

Melvee Senior Member

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Posted: 30 May 2005 at 7:55pm | IP Logged

AngryAngryAngry i too hate prerana ,shravan,komolika,tanisha all these for they are the ones giving touble to anurag....

and Izzy  u said -As 4 Komo i think i should blast her with bombs!! no i want to give so much pain to her than she has given others..LOLLOLLOL I want to do that too...maybe ill come n help u hehe LOL

anyway thnks for the grat update ronit Clap

Chatoyant. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 31 May 2005 at 4:33am | IP Logged

Thanx 4 da wonderful update !Smile

Oh i feel sorry for anurag . Unhappy

i hate shravan how can he be so mean to kasak,anurag and aveyone else, just because he heard some facts about his mom which are not fully true .  Angry



-Rose- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 31 May 2005 at 5:04am | IP Logged

hey melvee,


join me as a team so that we can both destry all enemies that we hav in kzk! hehe LOL Wink

livingforelvis IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 31 May 2005 at 4:22pm | IP Logged

Update of 30. 05. 2005 done by mukherjeda

The show begins with a recap of the previous episode. In the present moment, Prerna advises Anurag to remarry. Anurag explains that he tried his best at love and at marriage, but failed in both instances. Anurag says that there was one woman who would have made is world. Prerna replies "lekin woh kisi aur ki ho gayi hai". Prerna changes the topic to asking Anurag if he has told Shravan about Aparna. Anurag says that Shravan is not Aparna's son, but is his. Shravan in the background listens to this conversation when Prerna asks "lekin janam to Aparna ne diya hai". Anurag looking in interest listens on. Aparna continues "tumhe nehi lagta use sab kuch bata dena chahiye?" and Anurag replies "Ab. Main use kaisa samjhaunga?Aur woh mere bare mein kya sochenge?" Sharavan looks very confused and walks away angrily. Prerna says she will be leaving and wanted Anurag to deliver the sherwani she has brought for him to wear. Prerna just stops and says "kya ajeeb baat hai na...aj mein basu parivar ki sherwani de rahi hoon"

Anurag enters Shravan's bedroom with the sherwani, and has a small conversation with him.

At the Bajaj house, Prerna is helping Kasak get ready in her shaadi ka jora. She has an emotional moment with her and reminise about how she grew up so fast, and today she will be leaving the house.

Back at the Basu house, Anurag is on the phone with Subroto, and tells Shravan to get dressed quickly. Shravan feeling aggrevation, goes into his room and pulls out the sherwani from its cover, and places it on his table. He then sprays shaving cream over it and looks deeply at it.

Shravan comes down to the baraat car and Anurag sees that he has on a different outfit. Anurag asks "woh sherwani jo tumhe diya tha, woh kyun nehi pehena" and Shravan says "us pe kuch lag gaya tha aur woh pehen ne ki layak nehi tha". They then rush into the car to proceed to the wedding. On the way, all cars are stopped by police. Anurag inquires and finds out that the road is closed due to an accident. Another member of the family says "are inspector muhurat ki waqt nikal ja raha hai, ap kuch kariye". Shravan looks outside and thinks in deep thought.

At the Baja house, Prerna is giving final insturctions before the Barat arrives. She recieves a call from Komolika whom she does not recognize on the phone.After confusing Prerna with rubbish statements, prerna asks " tum ho kaun" and komolika replies "main kaun houn yeh mat socho, socho ke tumhare shadi ke pehele kya hua" Prerna goes into flash back to remember before her marriage, one of Anurag's family members came to Prerna's house to seek blessings. She then shouts "KASAK" but cannot go furthur as the barat has arrived. Outside everyone is dancing to Bengali matrimonial music. As everyone is dancing, the girls from Bajaj house will not dance until Shravan comes out. As Anurag goes to the car to recieve Shravan, he sees that Shravan has left the car. He calls Shravan on his phone and says "Are Shravan tum kaha chale gaye ho" Shravan says "Uncle, main 2 minute ke liye kuch zaroori kam se chala gaya hoon". Anurag answers "Lekin tumhare shadi ke din mein kya zaroori kam a gaya?" Shravan says "Uncle, agar main apko pehle keh deta, ap mujhe jane nehi dete,bas abhi a jaunga"

Anurag disconnects from the phone and prerna asks the whereabouts of Shravan. Anurag says he has sent shravan on a small task and he should be arriving soon. Prerna asks if anything is wrong, and Anurag says no everything is fine.

In the house, Kasak is brought in to the Mandap and is seated. As she looks up, she looks dead-straight with her eyes open wide. The same goes for Bajaj,Prerna,Anurag, and the rest of the family, as they see Shravan standing side by side to his new wife,TANISHA. Dressed in malas and with sindoor, they look like they did a brief wedding or had gotten married before. Anurag walks straight to Shravan and asks him to explain all this.

Shravan says that he told Anurag lots of times that he did not marry Kasak because he did not love her. And that it was Anurag who told him to marry only for love, not out of the wishes of anyone else. Since he did not love Kasak, he felt it unnecessary to wed her. Prerna then shouts "THERERO" She walks upto anurag and asks "Kya yeh sach hai?" Anurag gives her that guilty face and as always,She slaps him across the face.

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