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Painful Rapture thread3 last part/ p.133~ 28.12.12 (Page 119)

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Originally posted by Hamlet53

missing you, hope tu thek hai..  getting better, by each day, just chin up, eat properly,and let the body regain its strength..  thinking about you always.. much love ,as ever yours xx hammie.
any news of tammy
missing her .get well soon dear

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Originally posted by Nakusha

Originally posted by Hamlet53

missing you, hope tu thek hai..  getting better, by each day, just chin up, eat properly,and let the body regain its strength..  thinking about you always.. much love ,as ever yours xx hammie.
any news of tammy
missing her .get well soon dear

no naku , koi news nehi...just sent her a message as i was annotating.., wanted to tell her yaad ati hai woh..xhammie

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for the lovely lovely annotations, always a pleasure to read them Approve  

Hope u enjoy this number eighties ka hai, sridevi on the lines of PC's role in barfi Wink then ofcourse lead is kamal hassan...  the movie was a super hit then called Sadma,  all shot in ooty a hill station in south india,   not sure if you have heard of it.

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                                  Mishal Raheja as Major Dutta Patel

                                     Painful Rapture ~ Chapter 72

                                      " Cruel to be kind"...Shakespeare

Naku  before AS's watchful eye, under the stern orders of her action man bit and gingerly   swallowed the piece of bread.Every so often she craned her neck ,visibly distracted where was he, her Saab? her eyes hadn't had enough of him and she hoped he craved to gaze upon her  too ,but it seemed he was nonchalant otherwise  why else was he not by her side ,at her beck and call.She smiled at AS, sheepishly, as she thought , she was indeed bluffing herself ,for Saab would maintain his decorum with her in the presence of his family ,what with his sense of respect for elders and sense of restrain in front of his younger brother cum bosom  chum and his sisters..Dutta on the other hand was enthused by a new found sense of accountability,  unknown to him before. He was a man who had been in charge of his platoons in the thick of combats and amidst tunnels of dug in trenches. But , this here was a charge of his wife and a part of himself, his continuation .. his life.. he walked stiffly towards Baji who smiled at him oafishly, but he ignored  Baji's gazes that  brimmed  with mischief and  further enquiry .However Baji being the incurable nosey poker, grabbed Dutta's arm with," so Bhao ankhoon ka ankoon se, aur dil ka dil se milan hoya ke nehi,bata ?..", he queried under his breath as he leaned towards his beloved Bhao's broad chest. Dutta, sided his narrowed  eyes and replied menacingly," I tell you what! my fist is dying to do a rude milan with your chin Baji," and after a  brief pause he muttered  "dont now why I am surrounded with nutters where ever I go udher uk mein it was that Bradley who was a photo copy of you Baji , bar the nationality"!. Baji leapt at him ,"areee Bhao you missed me so much that you looked for your mate Baji in Bradley ?now this is called , an OTT bond don't you think so Bhao?" he asked as he raised his eye brows and winked at his friend with a dimple dented  shy smile. Dutta lowered his eyes perked his lips and shook his head and then raised his eyes and looked at Baji, "let's say Bradley too like yourself suffered from verbal diarrhoea and heroically prattled  away at every bloody moment he got with me, now what hint do you  take from this comparison Baji are you going to give it a rest? ya phir nautanki jare rekha ga"? , he  remarked not amused.Baji gazed  Roops  who watched her brother and Baji from afar, Baji with  an undeterred, churlish smile,yet  with retreated nods he temporarily  got of Dutta's case as he watched Dutta  move towards one of the male doctors. Kala in the nick of time noted Dutta's move, and  she certainly didn't want her Bhao to realize that a male doctor had loosely,ummh initially attended to his wife so she in haste moved gracefully, and held her brother's strong arm with her painted ,ring adorned finger,",can I have a quick word please ,ah ja",said Kala.Obediently, his tall taut frame followed his older sister, as she led him aside to ensure privacy. He looked at her interrogatingly, his narrow eyes moved on her face, his lips feel apart and in a guttural voice ,he queried,"yes Tai, what is it?, and with that he stopped and waited, like a lion. Kala took his palm which made him uncomfortable, as he preferred aloofness, rather than the tactile. Kala was sensible, she was all too aware that Dutta whom she had hugged countless times in formal situations, was always giving and forthcoming in his embraces to her, but when he seemed withdrawn ,she knew it forebode that he was mindful of the possible gravity of what was going to be shared.Hence he was likely to use body language  that relayed , get it over to done with it!.Kala as such wouldn't mince her words.Nonetheless she still felt that this would be far from a trouble free briefing.She collected up her courage by the clear indicator, that after AS for whom it would be even more a tardier a task, she Kala as the eldest daughter, was the right person for it.Kala could attempt it but in a manner which was more supportive than a proviso  "Dutta , we are blessed that Naku and the baby are fine, for the minute," she said with actuality in her tone. Dutta's whole body along with his brain alerted but he haphazardly  gave a knee jerk reaction,"what do you mean  for the minute Tai?, what's wrong? or is this the usual scenario that Dutta is always the last person to know about everything?" he tilted his head to one side and his eyes held steady tears in them," Tai, I am a big man now you know, so why am I treated like a ten year juvenile who still has to be protected from all highs and lows of life because little Dutta  won't be able to handle it ,"he ranted , "dekh Tai if it's got to do with my wife and my new unborn child then I should have known about it first , not last !"he accused  tearfully. Kala looked at him pleadingly,"no Bhao, you are not the last ,in fact you have full right to be in the loop ,the pity is when the doctors first informed us about Naku's medical condition , only AS, myself and Leela were in the loop , and that too on the request of the patient, you were in the process of travelling,  so it was sensible to inform you as soon as you got here"she explained.He accepted that as logical and took a deep breath, as he braced himself for the worst, with his right eyebrow slightly furrowed. Kala carried on , with a degree of confidence,"now its true that she was inadvertently pushed into a situation at the hospital ,but upon further examination by the gynaecologist it was revealed that she currently suffers with the condition of a threatened miscarriage.."she stopped as he shook his head and palmed his stubble face  nervously , with a ,"I don't believe this! , ek kam bhi ye lardki thek nehi kar sakti,"he growled. Kala got hold of his arm and hissed in his face ,"dekh Dutta this is not about you it's about her at the moment!,she is the one who needs support from us all and above of from you ! now you listen to me, the doctors have clarified that it's nothing that cannot be treated by complete bed rest, we have to ensure she gets it, and before you say another word about her casual  attitude ,let me tell you it happens, the incident at her work, just aggravated it, but all you need to remember is that the baby and mother are fine , so a request for you to be calm would not be unwelcome,"she instructed severly. Dutta, pulled his lower lip into his mouth ,folded his arms across his chest and with dewy eyes and commented,"thank heavens, the pair of them are fine ,and ummh yes thank heavens for family too".. Kala looked at him and further warned,"erh yes Dutta , the doctors have said she is  to be kept away from all physical exertion , while she is in this delicate predicament" , she noted he blushed profusely and turned his face the opposite way to his sister , but she thought it her duty to reiterate it anyway ,"so basically you are  maintain a distance  from Naku" ..she said with almost a little sly smile which thankfully he failed to detect. But irritated he was , not by , the abstinence side of things!  but by being told like a child so he muttered, as he shifted his eyes back to his siter,"haan Tai, mujhe akal hai itna gadha nehi hoon main, why don't I pack my bags and check into one of the guest rooms, na rehe ka banss , na rehe ge bansore" , he said bitterly with a sulky expression. Kala just melted at his wide eyed school boy look and she leaned forward and kissed him on his ckeek and with a gentle caress of her palm on his stubble grown face, "now don't be silly Bhao, if you  move out of your room , tu Naku ka khayal kaun rekha ga  sauti samae hummh? is liye mera pyar se Bhao tu apna kamra mein he rehe ga apni jorru ka ghulam bun ke" she said, teased. He smiled feebly although  he felt hee had not much to smile about! it was worse forecast here than UK, so much so for  pyar ke barrish! , he lowered his eyes and stared at the floor with the a loser's eyes. Kala linked her arm in his fondly and they both looked at each other with sided glances and she said "that's my soldier boy ready to tackle any set up!" , and he walked towards an excited Baji,"haan ho gaye teri mental massage Bhao?  aur tu phir be hosh mein hai?  chalo bahut aacha hai main koi ne lotcha mang ta hai ab Deva shapat !ab main lambhi leave pe hoon , rest karoon ga" .. he chattered ,and Dutta , raised his palm,"Baji you don't need to rest anything but that bloody motor mouth of yours haat let me go and check Naku,.. he said firmly ,but Baji barred him ,"nope can't see, doctors are checking her up .you see unke morning rounds hain ,so we all will have to wait outside her room" , Baji indicated..


Dutta, caressed the stubble above his top lip with the fingers of his right hand folded up, while the left folded arm sat atop his left chest muscle. Baji , along with Dutta ensured that the ladies were seated outside the private room.Baji stood shoulder to shoulder with his Bhao,"tu chinta maat kar Bhao , Naku ab bilkul thek hai you never know woh use bol dien ghar jao." Dutta looked sideways and replied ,"and how the hell do you know she is well? ,tu koi clairvoyant hai ya us ka doctor? and no I don't want them to discharge her as yet ,they need to keep her here under surveillance" he said curtly ,and then with angst, continued as he rolled his eyes ," for you never know what the bloody next thing she is going to do! so damned unpredictable she has become, phele aise nehi thi!"he admittedly like a fool.Baji seized the opportunity and, returned,"phele Bhao Naku ka lagan tera saath nehi hoya tha! tu  company ka aasar hai us par!"  he went and Dutta cussed him under his breath "doon thujhe ulte haat ka salle!"and Baji with a snubbed face clarified "nahin, matlab tera jaise mahan hasste ke saiya mein rehe ge tu roz nehi roop rang ayea ge Naku par ,kiya bolta tu,?" he teased Dutta with a nudge. Dutta raised his right eye brow and firmed his mouth to show annoyance at Baji's idle babble , as he waited.. The door finally opened and the doctor called,"Major Patil please step inside". Dutta heeded ,but out of choice, reached out for Kala's hand and took her in as well , with  a curt,"I hope  you don't mind but I'd rather have my sister here as well" he said curtly , and the doctors looked at Naku for consent, but she busied herself with her eye candy .. but nodded, and Dutta looked away from her in the hope that his flared nostrils would have conveyed his displeasure at being ogled upon by her large green doe eyes and that to in front of a male medic.She lowered her eyes at his antics as Dutta waited for the medical verdict.The gynaecologist, this time looked at Dutta  and began, "I suppose you  know  by now the situation with your wife?, and Dutta , replied impatiently,"I do ma'am my sister Kala has briefed me" ,and he looked at Naku,  and carried on,"so if you can tell me things as they stand now, I understand you kept her here for obs?.. he confirmed. The gynaecologist could sense that he was not one the type to beat round the bush, so she apprised, "well Major Patil ,we are happy to inform you that both baby and mum are fine and we find no reason to keep Nakusha here longer than is necessary, so basically as of now she is discharged ,we have issued her next Out Patients appointment so when ever you are ready"..  explained the specialist doctor. Dutta's face stretched into a smile of gratitude and he  expressed,"ummh on behalf of me and my family may I thank you for your timely intervention ..I thank you again ,"and his eyes travelled to Kala who nodded and smiled to support her brother's statement, the doctor smiled back and replied with the inevitable answer, "that's fine Major you're most welcome, it' part of our duty!, now you make sure she does no laborious tasks  and has complete bed rest,!"she reminded him,  and left the room. Kala, too walked the doctors out ,to announce the good news .Dutta , turned his heels and feet slowly and stood and stared at her his eyes full of intensity. She looked up at him shyly as her heart leapt for joy , she could see he looked rough and his stubble too had grown and glistened pokily on his clear complexioned skin. He broke the visual message, "chal Naku ab ye stupid se marizoon wale kapre uthar .. ummh I mean  frigging get dressed in your own clothes now! let's go home! he snapped and she moved and lowered her legs  off the bed and he yelled,"oyee rok, tu kadher ko chal parthe hai ? hilna maat ,stay put I'll get Roops!" he ordered with his forefinger pointed at her , she pulled a face as she wanted him all to herself.. "kya hai Saab roku tu ,woh  cupboard mein hai mera kapre just put them here on the bed and help me to undress"! she  commanded , loudly , he turned to face her from the door, and carried out her instructions and  laid  out her yellow sari ,petticoat and her ummh blouse which he preferred not to touch . Naku watched him in amusement as he repeated the  exercise that she carried out normally in his room for him. Her large green doe eyes, kissed his every move , his  elegant erect posture ,his walking, his bending and then straightening up again , awaiting her next instruction .. pyar na is sher ko kya buna diya hai she thought in jest and rapidly bit her lip to sober herself.She looked up as he stood with his legs apart arms folded against his broad defined chest,"woh Saab pull the  curtains around the bed please and undress me.. Dutta didn't know what hit him he placed his palm against the door and growled ,at her"je Nahin mein ye kam nehin ker sakta I'll call Roops she can deal with you!" and Naku went.. awwwhh, and on hearing that sound, he turned again and growled "koi sharam hai tera mein ya nehi log kya sooche  ge ka parde ke peeche pata nehi Dutta kiya karaha hai!jahil aurat! and he pushed the door and stepped out and Naku giggled... ohhh my lion king itna darpok!

Dutta came out earlier then expected much to every one's surprise and he looked at Roops with his right handle pointed towards Naku's room,"Roops can you please go in and help her change into her saree please".. he said with lowered eyes and everyone laughed.. as Baji  guffawed,"hain?lo kalo baat? ho gaya Bhao ka Naku ko look aftering! ,"and AS laughed and warned Baji, "bas kar Baji ab Dutta ko , saree bandne tu nehi ayea ge, choor uska phecha,  thaka hoi ayea hai beechra", AS supported  her lion cub..  and Baji sniggered sideways  "baachra kahan sa ,mazza kar ke ah raha hai parion ke desh se".. he whispered to Roops, who yelled."ayee Baji Rao my Bhao never looks at another girl! vahini is the only star in his life" !she defended ,and Baji thumped the side of his head , and said to Dutta ,"Bhao ye Roops ke baache humien larwa ke he chorre ge  kisi din! humara dostana is se dekha nehi jate" he clapped and Dutta growled at him ,"hey Baji ye hospital hai koi tera ghar nehi ke tu yahaan pe nautanki racchai,! chaal ja aur transport ka intezam kar" Dutta commanded, after emphasizing the term intazam. Baji after spending all lifetime with his mate knew his Bhao's cryptic messages, such was their friendship .He gambolled towards AS and the rest of the family and beckoned Kaley,"areee Kaley kam ke time pe tum salla sab kahan mar jata ho? challo  AS ,Kala , Roops, aur Leela Tai  ko ek garre mein ghar la kar jaon aur jeep bhi le kar jaon , mera liye mercedes  rehena dena chabi de  mujhe!".. he demanded.. Dutta smiled and headed Baji towards him and whispered something in his ear, and Baji cheered up and winked at his Bhao with a dimpled smile, and departed briefly. A set of nurses went into the private room with a wheelchair, and Dutta followed them with AS, Kala and Leela.He walked towards his Naku who sat ready in her orange and red sari, her legs hanging from  the edge of the bed he stood  over her and bent down before her to allow her to put her arm around his neck and his arms were posed to go under her legs to scoop her up into his arms ,he didn't care who looked she was not putting her feet on the ground!he would carry her!  but the nurses stooped him "please Major Patil you cannot lift her and it's against hospital policy that patients are carried ,they have to be wheeled out to the patients transport, you see it's for hospital health, safety and insurance reasons"..she explained.. Dutta doubled his chin and gave Naku a sided look, he wanted to do the  least, help her into the wheel chair, but the two nurses  grabbed Naku's fair slender arms before him and aided her into the chair and he almost shook his head in despair and loosened his lips as he sighed inaudibly. Baji quick on the uptake suggested to the porters ," aree hum kerlain gain us ko push" but the porter declined the offer ," dekho Saab duty karne do humien , bas woh main darwza se ap ke  car tak  phir", and Dutta suddenly  stood before the porter outside the hospital in the parking lot and insisted he get to wheelchair so that he could feel some nearness to what was his. Baji opened the car door and finally,Dutta grabbed her arm and put her hand around the back of the his neck, but Naku, raised her palm,"Saab its'ok ,I can manage I'll just shift in on the back seat" she sounded  off in an  irritated tone of being  fussed over. But before she finished her action Dutta slipped into the back seat and just in time, received the rounded curve of her shoulder into his arm pit.In sheer bliss he gently sided more closely into her, to comfort himself he threw his right arm over the back seat protectively and some of his arm touched the back of her head .He gave her a sided look and questioned her lovingly "tu thekh haina Naku? ", and he suddenly moved back as Baji popped his head through the car window and held a cuddly red teddy bear with a large white heart saying, I love London, ,he gave it to Naku,"ye le Naku London se aye tera Saab"! and he winked at Dutta, who smiled shyly as he helped her to cuddle the teddy next to her heart, and whispered,"yahan rekh ise Naku, is ke dil ke dharkien suniye dein gi thujhe" he said meaningfully with a wink. Baji fixed his rear mirror on the love birds and his eyes filled with warmth as he saw his Bhao dying to come closer to his vahini, but she demurely lowered her eyes each time he turned his face closer to her ,in frustration Dutta looked up and warned Baji ,"oyee don't take the roads with ramps and speed checkers ,and if you do come across any then  make sure you drive in a lower gear over them I don't want any jolts! smahjhe gaye tu Baji? , he reiterated. Baji assured him ,"aree Bhao pata hai mujhe tu fikar maat kar smooth ride he hoge" ,he said .Naku put her hand on her mouth and her head sank on her man's wide tough shoulder and he lowered his stubble cheek on her soft warm head and  whispered  caringly,"thek hai Naku?and she sat up feeling queasy and began to turn pale.In panic Dutta hollered,"stop the car Baji" and Naku intervened, "lemon Saab.." and Dutta yelled "kisi sabse wali ke pass rok aur uther ke nimbo le ke ah fatafat! ordered Dutta and Baji did as he was told and  went to the local mrket ,muttering "ab dekho tu un doon na mujhe lemon bana diya hai kiya kiya kam karne parthe hain in dono ke liya mujhe" he found  lemon and give instructions ,"ab kaka  is ke char hasa karo aur  upar namak  bhi dalo",the man passed over the cut pieces of lemon and jested ,"ab Baji bhao tumhe kiya zarorat aan parhe hai lemo ke?" Baji slapped his forehead , "woh kaka  kya haina sham ko  darro mein  mix karne hi kuch wadesi mahmaan meeting karne ayen ge tu is liye,"the old man nodded "aacha Baji Baho dekhna  zayeedamaat darru pena , sahet ke liye aache nehi hoti.."he advised ,and Baji blushed ,grabbed the lemon in a polystyrene plate and walked towards the car and shook his head , he had to lie through this teeth , for there was no way on earth he would talk about his vahini and sister's  private life with others ,it was not on. .. he reflected. Naku lifted her head from her Saabs shoulder as Baji offered her the plate of lemon pieces and she put one to her mouth and squeezed the segments to get the juices to stop her from retching. Dutta watched her as she held the piece in place and he took it from her as she rest her head back on his arm her lips parted ,he was overcome with immense love for her and held another piece of lemon to her lips to suck Baji put the car in forth gear as he  got to the highway  towards  home. He caught sight of Dutta through the rear mirror, he looked tired  and jet lagged,  unshaven but still had about him a  military precision and an alert...   tending to his beloved wife ...


As they approached the turn into their drive Dutta  looked  at her delicate hands held in her lap ,beautiful smooth tiny fair hands, of one which he craved to nestle in dip the of his broad blood shot palm, but rubbed his finger tips  as restrain had to be shown.Bitterly, he looked out of the window as he recollected  not so long ago girls swooned around his neck ready to smother him under their mad passion which he successfully kept at bay. But here when his hands are free to carry out exercise missions on his target of interest, the firing range was not entirely clear to shoot!, he lightly tapped the car window with the his fore finger of his far side hand. She started up and looked at his pale knuckles,"Saab , ab thek ho ?"she leaned forward and turned her face to meet his face , but her concern he clearly heard ,yet instead chuckled and with parted lips replied ,"kuch nehi Naku mujhe bhi sickness ho rehe hai..". Baji pulled the hand brake in front of Patil Niwas entrance and clapped his hands and shouted "Deva re Deva, now why am I not the least bit surprised, Bhao ko bhi morning sickness, I tell you Naku zaroor is ne plane mein teen char peg lagie hoon ga ghar ane ke gushe mein".. he snorted , and Dutta turned and shook his head towards Naku at his side , "thujhe nehi lagta mere jana ke bad Baji aur zayeeda yedaa ho gaye hai? lagate hai is ko jack dene he parthe ka nehi tu ye sar pe bathie jaye ga"!, he said slowly , and Naku just gazed into Dutta's narrow eyes , not the least bit interested in his take on Baji..

 Baji with a big broad smile stopped the jeep gently to unload the two most valuable human cargo for him at the main entrance where the family waited for the return not only of the bahu but the eldest son of the house hold too.Dutta looked out of the window and found Rahman standing ready at attention to receive his officer.As soon as the car stopped Dutta's age old batman saluted and smartly opened the car's back door till Dutta disembarked.Dutta nodded at his batman and asked,"kaise ho Rahmaan, sab thek hai tumhara family ke saath?, Rahman ,lowered his head with the usual  per say "jee Saar".Dutta bowed his head and further ordered ,"woh Rahmaan, jeep mein se mara samaan unload karo aur kamre mein poocha dena,"..Before he knew it, all of Dutta's plans once again crashed as Roops and Kala , filled with familial care helped Naku disembark and led her towards AS who awaited their arrival into the house near the entrance with the arti thal. Baji turned to his beloved Bhao and jumped at the chance, "ab apne dil aur jigar ko welcome kerna ke liye tera Baji hai Bhao!" and he yet again held his bosom against Dutta's in a warm embrace, accompanied by a "baad mein mlite hain ghunoot ke saath Bhao ,can't wait!" ,and Dutta's hands patted his friends back beneath his palms..AS called, "Baji ab Dutta ko choor bhi de Naku intezaar kar rehe hai" .. and both let go and Dutta alighted the steps and stood next to his wife and looked at her sideways to check if she was fine.. AS performed the arti and  graced her children's foreheads with tilak. Soon after as tradition called for they both knelt to seek her blessings, however Naku was stopped by AS  from bending..

Dutta as soon diverted from Naku to the  warmth emotion of being embraced by his own four walls..the king of the castle had reverted back to his original habitat! his roots!.His eyes shifted and gilded over all the  familiar sections of his home, till he finally raised them up and spoke to his father within his heart,"babaa  ap ka beta laut ayea hai , apne desh ka nam roshan kar ke ,  and he looked down shyly and looked up once again...guess what babaa it looks our numbers have swelled, and he turned to look at Naku, who already looked at his tall military frame with a wide eyed expression which relayed, what? maine kiya kiya hai?.He realised soon enough that she had been on her legs longer than required, and he slowly but purposefully walked towards her in front of his whole family ,bent his knees and looped his arms under the back of her knees and at last with a heave and a sigh of relief he lifted her up in his strong muscular arms and looked at every one, "now if you all please excuse us my wife needs to be shown to her room"...

Naku blushed profusly as he lugged her closer into is tough hard chest and whispered in her ear ,"putting our frigging arms around my neck before I bite your shoulder off you gorgeous creature".With deliberate delayed movements he gradually carried her up the stairs in his arms.  once midway he grazed and slid the tip of his nose on her warm soft temple, "baaby I am dying to give you a smooch, de ge na Naku? , ya kiss lena pe bhi pabandi hai hummh bol? and in the loop of his strong he nudged her soft warm  bare back where her sari pallu had shifted. She giggled softely, as they got to the first floor corridor concealed from the family's eyes and buried her face in under his chin where the rough bristle of his coarse stubble grazed her soft fore head. She loved  their nearness and smelt him and closed her eyes as he squeezed her more into his chest  ..he moaned as he in turn sniffed her cheek, and his face began to descended into the warm nape of her velvety neck.

They reached their room and he turned to look down in to her eyes and  firmed his lips at her upturned face ,there was a certain helplessness in her eyes ,and with lion like eyes fixed on her upturned face he bent his knees and lowered her down on their bed. He bent across her to reach out for the head cushion, and in the process her mangalsutra caught itself in his button and he looked down into her big large green eyes and their profiles became so close that they felt each others warm breath. Dutta realized his inclined posture over her and in angst he pulled down his lips as she looked up at him vulnerably ... he moved back and covered her up and muttered "tu rest kar le thura sa.. main shower kar loon".With a gloomy face he went to the cupboard and laid out his black patiani, Naku watched him from where she lay and said,"Saab I feel really guilty ke ap apna kam kar rehe ho..  " he turned his face and darted her with a caustic look "kyon  main koi chotta baacha hoon ke apna kam kudh nehi kar sakta? itna dependant nehi hai main Naku" he replied bitterly, she wanted to say with much affection "baacha he ho ap Saab choota sa.. but she bit her lower lip, and determined that she would not bring up contentious issues ,as he was  possibly raw at being kept at her arm's length and she lowered her dewy eyes he was so near yet so far. He looked up abruptly and spitefully called out," aya Naku kya sooch rehe hai tu? have they not told you ke damak pe zayeeda zor nehi dena .. hummh?. Naku raised her eye brow slightly irritated by his taunts and called back firmly "jao Saab shower kar lo fresh feel karo  ge ap", and she closed her eyes as he went into the bathroom, and closed the door behind him.

Dutta emerged out of the bathroom his red head towel perched on his shoulders and he cast one eye on her and saw, found clutched  to her, the lion king cuddly toy on one side of her bosom and the red teddy on the other one, she lay asleep.He smiled with contentment as he wished her to rest and pulled his favourite black pathiani over his head and pushed his long taut arms through the sleeves .He sat on his turquoise settee ,instead of the bed ,lest he woke her up and shoved his long hairy brawny legs into his black bottoms, stood up and folded his sleeves slowly with his long slender fingers.He yawned,the journey,plus the arm shower relaxed him. But mechanically, he walked towards his dresser and smiled in great delight to find his very own contemporary dresser mirror as opposed to the Victoria furniture in his manor home.Gently he palmed his neatly contoured stubble and patted on his cologne on the rosy cheeks, and under his chin right up to his Adam's apple. Next he brushed his side parted hair into shape and he yawned, and yawned again as his head felt heavy , he turned to look at her in his bed ..umhh their bed and walked around to the other side of the bed and bowed his legs and rested his bottom and slowly swung his legs one atop the other right side of the bed. He curved his right arm and rested his head on it; closed his eyes and nodded off. He lay still..his body totally lethargic and limp...        

After a while Dutta's deep breathing stirred Naku, she cranked her neck to see that her Saab slept on his right side, behind her on the far side of their bed, but he lay uncovered with his slippers on! Her heart missed a beat and forth with , she threw her bed cover and nimbly lowered her feet. She pushed herself up from the bed with her palms and stood up cautiously and stealthily moved to his side and extremely slowly and gently pulled off his beige toe post slippers and covered his tall now docile frame ,up with a blanket. She prayed he wouldn't stir as he would flip.. but she was prepared if he created a problem she would say she needed to go to the loo..she looked at him and had this tremendous urge to press her lips against his forehead but stalled briefly and then as if in a trance she stood by his side and planted his forehead with a feather light kiss. He stirred and rolled on to his back bringing one knee up and straightening his other long leg, half asleep he nearly kicked off the blanket and rolled on to the right side of the bed again with a deep onnnh and a sigh.. ... she returned to her side of the bed and repositioned her cuddly toys back on to their previous place near her heart, and closed her eyes to.. it seemed they both hadn't slept for years..   


Downstairs Roops was getting restless as she wanted an audience with their Bhao,"Baji I am going to go up to his room ,in fact we should all go to his room," Baji glared at her and interceded "Roops  raat bhar us na travel kiya hai, sau gyea hoga let me go and see ,waise let's not barge into their room it's not right!" he said firmly. But AS, instructed, "Baji dekh ke ah , abhi sau gaya tu raat ko thek se nehi sau ga Dutta",however, before she could finished  Dutta's guttural voice called from his balcony, he blinked once as he had rested a bit,"aap log ah jao mera kamra mein, Naku bhi jaage hoi hai, baje iske ke woh neeche aye ap log he uppar ah jaien.. "he suggested.

 Baaji, AS, Roops, Leela, Kala came to Dutta's room.He made sure his mother and sisters were seated comfortably on his turquoise settee with the lime  green  cushions.. and himself sat on the single sofa chair, and very soon Baji came and sat on the dark brown mahogany wooden side with his arm behind Dutta's broad shoulders.Dutta cranked his head a bit to meet his friends dimpled smile and with a narrow eyed glare he muttered "haad mein rehena apne ,AS bhi hain edher.. and Baji nodded as he felt his ear lobes, and  demanded eagerly,"aacha  Bhao, tune gifts dena buliya hai un he kiya? ,and Dutta jutted his chin towards the duty free bag and Baji went to get only one of them, the other one with the Drambuie  he surreptitiously  hid behind the curtain. Dutta looked at Roops and said "ye le Roops  there's key chains in there,  one each for everyone, aur AS ap ke liye, ye chai ke pati ye tea bags rekhna ka tin hai Harrods se , pata hai AS ye store sau saal se bhi zayda purna hai ,aur yahan ke chote se chotte cheez bhi bahut expensive hoti hai," AS, smiled and wiped a tiny tear from the outer corner of her eye with the edge of her sari pallu...Kala looked across at Naku who sat contended  with her cuddly teddy bear huddled under her chin and Dutta too followed his sisters gaze.. any excuse to check his woman out, her hair that had escaped into spiralling tendrils framed her delicate chiselled features and those large green kajal slightly smudged doe eyes, just latched on to his narrow eyes  and spoke of intense love across distance and space..he let of the latch and lowered his eyes and loosened his firm lips "ummh haan Naku ke liye teddy bear hai.. he declared.Baji , clapped his hands ,"ho Bhao abhi tu maa use kare ge! baad mein baache ke kam bhi ayea ga, especially  jab woh roi ga for attention ,to shut the baby up  with the cuddly  toy! ju mujhe lagata hi AS, is mein koi baache ke daddy ke bhi pasan hai, "I love London"! haina Bhao!? sniggered Baji and Dutta gave him a dirty look with a fisted yank to his left arm ,Baji jumped off the chair in fear of receiving a punch and shamefaced rubbed his chin. Roops and Kala, shouted, "Baji tuna ye nehi batya Bhao tera liye kiya laye kar ayea? and Baji looked at Dutta ,sheepishly , but Dutta turned his face the other way, and Baji replied,"haan woh hai na AS, saarde rokne wali dawa hai, zukam nehi hota usse",.. he said embarrassed, and Kala tittered , "haan! haan Baji! sab pata hai thujhe tu bahut cold hota haina ?"she teased with a wink. Dutta, straight faced, leaned forward a little and rested his  forearms on his knees and felt his fingertips.It seemed obvious that he wished to speak which he did eventually, his eyes narrowed as he stared on the ground ,and then he raised his eyes and looked at his mother,"AS , main ne ap saab ko batana tha ke mera kam bahut aacha tha uk mein , aur unho nehi mera contract bharhna ka socha,  aur mujhe  job offer ke London mein..."before he finished he came across a mixed reaction, AS, held her hands against her bosom in disbelief and apprehensive dread at her son's decision, a Baappa! escaped Naku's lips as she shook her head with a sense of injustice and her nostrils flared , Roops and Kala perked up like Baji who gibed,"chalo humra liye tu aacha ho ga aagar Bhao na haan ke hai! ,hum sab bhi holidays ke liye jayen ga! aur Londion return khalean ga!".Dutta stood up and folded his arms, and looked at each one of them and his eyes caught Naku's pleading looks ,"nahin! yes maina  nehi liya job! I turned it down ,yes I was honoured but explained to them I cannot be away from both my family and my country,"he admitted and Baji thumped his head ,"there go my London dreams down the drain"!, but AS ,raised her hands "Jagdaame! humein pata tha humara Dutta kabhi hum se zayeeda dor nehi rehe ga.." she expressed,  as relieved she wiped her semi moist brow.Dutta turned his head towards Naku and she  blinked her eyes at him with a slanted smile, and he returned a slanted smiled back too , with eyes that twinkled with glee.. he turned towards AS again and continued,"aur ek kush khabri ye hai ke mujhe British army ne honorary Colonel ka darja de diya hai, because of distinction in all tasks undertaken", he explained ..."and before he could finish there was clapping ,cheering and dancing ,and Baji bent his knees spread his arms around Duttas long legs and hauled Dutta off his feet! yelling Patil Vadi ka sher ab toofani colonel! Deva shapat goliyan chale jayen ge! and Naku covered her face in her hands as she giggled and her tummy wobbled and Dutta looked down at her from space, "ayeee Naku ahista hass  zayeeda excited maat ho and he thumped Baji on his head "aur tu nautanki mujhe neeche uther salla jab dekho drama bazzi  neech uthar muhjhe!"he hollered.AS, stood before her son and hugged him, "humara beta, kush reha hamesha, humari dauen teri saath hai" and then she looked across to Naku and said "Naku ye baacha bahut kismat wala hai , apne saath apne  babba ke bhi promotion le kar aye hai, main  mandir ja ke puja karoon ge,"she said full of gratitude. Roops and the rest insisted ,"ab ek party hone chahiya,isi kushe main.."and Baji did a wolf whistle. Dutta raised his palm and announced,"ummh  in case you have forgotten, Naku abhi is halat mein nehi hai ke woh  party ,organise ye attend karsake ,tu you will just have to contain your over exubrance".. he said  curtly. AS agreed with her son's decision, and Baji walked over, stroked Dutta's face and pressed his cheeks in wards near the lips and said with a wink,"hai re mera colonel Bhao !tere kitna shan hai.. Deva shapat!" and Dutta shrugged him off his shoulder,  while Baji doubled up in hysteria and called out to Naku ,"dekh tu Naku tera Saab ek dum sharmilee tim tim bun gaya hai cheeks gulabi gulabi!" ,and Dutta , held Baji by the collar, who  winked at Dutta  as he was shown the door,"woh ghunnot Bhau..? and Dutta  pushed him out of the door and closed it shut..

Naku, watched her Saab's back and her heart missed a beat, alone at last.. he turned and walked slowly towards her, his fingers nervously played with his wedding ring and he stopped at the foot of the bed.. and just stared at her in  deprived intensity, he craved to hold her against his chest but.. Naku gave him a feeble smile shyly, and spoke of what came into her mind first "Saab, bhook lage hai ap ko ? main la ka ayon ap ke liye kuch khana ko? Dutta curled his upper lip and furrowed his eyes and looked at her directly ,"is ka ye matalab hai Naku ke thujhe bhook lage hai , chaal main la ke ata hoon khana.."and before he finished his sentence, the door opened and in walked Baji with a tray balanced on his  palm! "Bajirao! here at our service ma'am and Sir.. and he put the stand tray before Naku, with a "bon appetite!" and Dutta eyed him to leave.. which he did. Dutta looked at her, "chal shrru kar!,he ordered and she pulled a face, "kathe hai main Saab phele ap khao", he bowed his head sulky ,and muttered,"khala mujhe phir dal aur chawal" and she blushed and with a twinkle in her eyes as she brought a spoonful near his pink gaping bottom lip and he took it in and munched and licked his lips as he moved his head open mouthed over the tray, and Naku giggled and he moaned "khalaa! chaale! ,patni ke haat ka khana nehi khaya bahut daer se aur tu hass rehe hai!" and he grabbed her hand with another spoonful of rice and dal, and shoved it into his mouth.. and chewed away his square jaws  grinding away. She scooped another spoonful and brought it to his mouth and he moved her hand "bas Naku mara paet phir gayea hai .. chaal ab tera barre, eat now!", and he fed her with his hand, every now and then he moved her wayward hair with his fore finger and then once the meal was over, he carried the tray to the door and yelled "Rahaamaan  ye tray liye jao.."

Dutta looked at his wrist watch it was past 8pm and he did want to go down to Baji for a drink but his eye feel upon Naku who laid her head on the pillow to one side her eyes closed.. may be he should stay by her side.. he twitched his jaw and griped internally and do what ?.As if she heard him she half opened her eyes dreamily and raised her arm, "khader ja rehe ho Saab?", he stood and turned his head at an angle and replied," nowhere Naku just was going to change and perhaps go to sleep.. "she  approved of the response and waited while he smiled mischievously and opened his wardrobe and got a clean pair of white kurta pyjama suit. While she watched he pulled of his pathiani and stood bare chested towards her for a second, and she covered her eyes quickly as he dropped his trousers and chuckled, "itne sharam ah rehe hai tu cover your bloody face with the quilt and don't peep till I am dressed!".. he called and she giggled under the quilt. Once dressed he went to the right side of the bed, and she watched him, handsome, and imposing in his crisp white thread embroidered Kurta, his neck buttons completely undone,and revealed his manly hairy chest. He looked down into her up turned eyes, "so ummh mera colonel buna ka inam kadher hai Naku ? de ge? yah phir main kudh he loon? ummh ,you should know by now that I don't bloody waste my time I just act!" and with great confidence in his discipline he sat on the edge of the bed , and slid himself near her and pushed his arms under her shoulders and his mouth sank on her neck.. baaby I missed you Naku , I love you my darling and his burning lips slide and travelled all over her fair slender neck as he pressed his heavy chest down on her, and his mouth opened and helped itself to soft bits of skin off her neck. Naku  sighed as his lips kissed her, pressed her and nipped her neck ,her arms went around his neck and in ecstasy she pushed her fingers through the short crop of hair at the back of his head .He shifted his head and brought it over her inviting mouth, those luscious lips that he missed for so long .. he looked down into her green eyes and his mouth pressed softly on hers. She shuddered as her fingers pressed his hard back. Carried away on a current of passion ,his mouth parted and he possessed her lips fully and utterly as she winced under the pain and pressure of his deep passionate kiss and embrace, and he pressed her shoulders and upper body in his strong arms more tighter with every wave of passion .. BUT, Kala's words to him earlier, "no exertion, maintain a distance from Naku!, suddenly braked him and he loosened his grip over her and tore away from her bosom and rolled over to his right side and rested his head on his folded arm. Naku, sat up, much frustrated, and anxious about his sudden turn off.. she moved to his side  and shuffled closer to his sided body and pressed her warm body into his back.."Saab kya hoya  hai? narazz ho kya?" and she gently push her left arm down his waist to his hairy belly and up to his chest and hugged him tightly her face pressed in his tough back ,he moved his bottom and sulked "peeche haat Naku , ab dorre he rekhe pare ge tera sai ,waise bhi I bloody was getting carried away kissing you,pata nehi kya hoya hoga",he complained. Naku pulled her arm away and pulled him flat towards her and lay him on his back, her left arm folded on his chest and her face in his face ,her eyes flashing, "oohho kya hai ap ko? ek kiss se kya hoga I am fine so is the baaby , give me your right arm spread it out please I want to rest my face on the curve of your shoulder and chest" she, insisted, and he spread his arm and she snuggled her face under his chin and he stared at the ceiling in sheer vexation. He closed his eyes as she pushed her side into his side and his right arm folded and ,his jaw twitched  as his right arm caressed and stroked her soft warm back,  and she bopped up her face and planted a kiss on the stubble under his chin, "Saab ,just relax main theek hoon",his right hand moved on her upper arm and his fingers squeezed it and he doubled his chin and gave hera kiss on warm forehead.."jahil aurat one thing  can easily lead to another, itna bhi nehi jante tu, hummh ? then when her fingers ran through the hair on his chest. he pulled out his right arm  gently, and with his left hand pushed her shoulder and winced , "chaal apna mau udher kar aur sau ja!"he ordered,  and in misery he rolled once again to his right side, folded his right arm under his head closed his eyes and dozed off.. Naku sat tilted for a moment and stretched the quilt over to cover his shoulder and moved back to her side , .. whatever, however , still she was the world's happiest wife today, her husband was  back with her by her side... to be continued.Hamlet53~ 7.12.12

Precap: "Bhao ap se milne koi aadmi ayea hai" ,informed Kaley.    

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Warda. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 December 2012 at 6:18am | IP Logged
hello hammie Hug
pheww finally making it with all those server issues Ouch
Loved the update as always...what a delight to see tasha together that too in thier home sweet home Heart
this update has to be the other way round with dutta working around and naku resting like a queen and ahmm kind of inviting too *cough* LOL
baaji is too happy to have his bhao back he is in full blow with his verbal diarrhoea...EPIC WORD LOL...heheh  so much so that majors has to clench his fist..
knew it he will get hyper considering nakus condition ...i loved the word accountability used here for it for his wife and a part of himself ohh the child...its how even without realizing he has accepted this big responsibility..Embarrassed

ufff the little baby of tai ... he is right they treat him like a child...ohhh and the complaints why always the last one to know the facts whos the baby moaning??lol 
 haaiiinnn naku asking him to change her sari *faints* is this the same naku who hides in the quilt when he is changing his clothesWink ...may be she was under spell of some medication ...LOL
dutta and baaji and their obssession to pull wheel chairs still remember majors sexy ride rascal and how eager baaji was to ride it too lol
so finally biwi ke nakhray started with that lemon he will know what accountability is i hope he knows how long the period is lol ...

ohh great to see him back to the place where he belongs PN...king of castle that summed it up the connection how AS linked the childs fortune with his is often belived that a child brings his good fortune alongSmile ..
now naku isnt well so resting in her room dutta looking after her so staying there but baaji ...ermmm somebody just put a no entry board out for some time usko tu bahan chaiye apne bhao ko daikhne ka ...every now and then he will come to thier room like see with khanay ka tray LOL

finally the two love birds get their privacy par kiya faida *sniff* ...yeh kala tai ki baat abhi yaad anni thi...just hoping naku gets well soon..nahi tu *sniffing some more*

looking forward to the next update ...and for the annots too Smile
lots of love 

Edited by Warda. - 13 December 2012 at 4:10am

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.iridescence. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 December 2012 at 8:08am | IP Logged

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Nakusha IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 December 2012 at 10:12am | IP Logged
hi hammiee
nice ud Smilewill be back with comment .have a nice weekend ,my amazing hammiee tc
mein aa gai hammiee loved the ud like alwaysSmiledutta finally with his fly .
dutta & baji convo ,he was right bradley was a clone of baji ,he did made him feel at home LOL
kala scared of dutta reaction to male doc attending naku ,thanfully the screat wasn't out ,thankfully naku has female doc to attend .not just duttas fury naku would feel more comfortable too
i just loved the dutta comment phele toh naku aise nahin the ,sach mein dutta ke kuch gadhagiri & work holic rubbed on her
the gift session was cute ,yeh kya gift for naku i luv london ,LOLthankfully pain jane ka kissa will remain kissa only
fly was proud of duttas acheivement & he rejected a lucrative offer to serve his country
saab aap ko bhook lage reminded me of LTL so muchhh .thanks for taking reverseSmile
dutta wil be nakus batman ,agar woh nahin toh role reversal he playing naku for few days .i hope naku recovers soon & baby doing well
as always u r amazinggg hammiee tc

Edited by Nakusha - 08 December 2012 at 9:58am

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jedy25 Senior Member

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Posted: 07 December 2012 at 10:25am | IP Logged
Hi hamlet
superb UD .naku is fine &dutta is home Smile

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