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IP REDUX ; Khichdi !! (Page 49)

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Originally posted by clarissajohn

GM all


Yeah my min is like khichdi since last night after 8 pm


So much mess


So not in mood I to red anything


Howru all
ShamiHug  Aaj itna jaldi,,, kya hua no work in office ya khichdi ke baad kaam samjh mei hi nahi aaraha,,,,,,, y dunt u gv a song on the situation
Hug Maria

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Hi o maria o maria
hi shami yaar i want to ask do u v an id of FB prince nt na plz confirm me

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Originally posted by sunshine99

Originally posted by mommamia

This post is From Sheila (S003).. Just Enjoy!!

Hello Hello,
Please be advised following is a mamoth post as I missed writing yesterday due to extreme illness, I mean anybody who watched yesterday's episode will know I would have had to be gravely ill not to write.
Let me just dive right in I can't keep it in me anymore...
The 3 times Arnav Singh Raizada Laughed his heart out...
The first time: ASR was kind off pissed of he showed vulnerability in front of KKG (of all people), he fainted, he couldn't stand, she fed him, he probably DID NOT WANT TO SEE HER AGAIN THAT DAY!!!! But there she was standing at the door asking him if he was ok. Then to his utter dismay she walks in and starts talking a mile a minute, she has no idea she has some stuff on her hand and she wipes her face in embarssement. He is trying to get her to stop talking about the whole awkard situation so he points it out to her, instead of paying attention to what he is saying she is still talking a mile a minute and seems more worried about him forgiving her, what the hell for anyways. But in the mean time she looks like a clown... He couldn't help but laugh...
Khushi on the other hand had never seen him laughing before, it stunned her... yes he was laughing at her but the sight was so shocking...shockingly wonderful that she didn't mind. That was the first time she witness the innocence behind the hard exterior.
The second time: ASR had everything where he wanted it to be... The Guptas were losing, the Raizada's winning and Khushi was about to take the stage. He was entralled with her dancing, lost in how wonderfully she enjoyed each movement, and had the best time while making sure everyone was entertained. Then everything went to hell...
Khushi knew she was over stepping boundaries...she knew that in a sangeet its traditional to make fun of the other side... yet she was picking on the toughest one of the lot...when has Khushi ever cowed down from a challenge. Yet somewhere deep down she was nervous. Then he challenged her... and all the nervousness went away...
He stood there in shock...first he thought did she just throw a flower at me... has she lost it...then the person immitating me... her audacity... his temper just flew off the handle... then he heard the words, she was actually telling him how she felt about him... Then he thought to himself... that girl is doing a pretty good impression of me... Jeezz do I really behave this way... and before he knew it he was laughing... at her... only she would have the guts to throw his crap in his face like that. She is the only one who called him out on his CRAZY behaviour and habits...
She knew he could react very very badly, and therefore she ended her performance by holding her ear, silently apologizing... but secretly glad that he had found it funny...see she knew he had a sense of humour after all...
The third time: ASR stood awkwardly shocked staring at his wife... what the he thought when had she seen him naked... Then she brought out his baby picture... for a second he was relived...then he realized... its not going to be possible to maintain his intimidating persona with such a picture in his wife's hands, I mean there is a rubber ducky in the picture, he might have loved the thing but please, and not to mention his "family jewels". He had to get it back. Chasing Khushi around the room, this wouldn't do, I mean Khushi was the last person who should have such a potent incriminating product in her hands... He was going to jump for it and he did. But the thundering crash made him realized that all this activity was too much for his bed which was not used to anything but singular action... And then it all sunk in... Arnav Singh Raizada, a self made man...who has risen from obscurity chased his wife around their room and broken the bed... And just like that the burdens he carried melted away in the peels of laughter that followed.
This time though neither one laughed at the other... They laughed together... And the laughter washed away his pain... But please remember he is the one and only ASR, he got the picture from her before he got up... Khushi had never seen him enjoying himself like this before... never seen him laughing at a situation... so infectuous was his laughter that she joined in herself... he was opening up showing her a whole new self... But just like that he remindered her he was ASR always in control...but hey she didn't mind that at all...

Part 2
The family notices...
Payal and Khushi are sitting down... Payal is Khushi's sister "PERIOD" like a true sister she says Dadi is just being hard on Khushi...Yes she knows Khushi is kind of "kookie" but she has no malice in her heart and is the best person she knows. She also knows Khushi hates when people don't like her... and this person is important to Arnav... Khushi needs this reassurance, Payal knows that about Khushi... Payal also knows Khushi's tendency to focus on the bad and forget about the good that happened. She reminds her about how strongly Arnav supported her, how he took up for his wife. Told everyone there she has full rights over everything he has and can do anything she likes. Payal points out that she had no idea he could be so possessive (over Khushi), getting Khushi to admit that she herself didn't know that about him. Payal feels a satisfaction that her sister has someone who has her back. Will not let anyone say anything to her. Then she says, she is very lucky to have someone like him... Very poignant words...perhaps Payal wishes Akash would stand up for her just as Arnav did for Khushi... Akash has before in his own way... but it did not put an end to the touture that she has to bear. Where as Arnav... he stood like a rock putting a FULLSTOP to any doubts about Khushi's presence in his life... Words laced with a tinge of envy... So very realistic... Payal's words have made Khushi realize what Arnav has done for her... validated her existence...reciprocated her love and how...
Akash and Arnav are doing their official business. Akash sees Arnav smiling at the paper... OH Wait a second... is bhai smiling ...randomly...What the... but Akash realizes he likes bhai smiling... he has seen him this way a long ...long time ago.  In fact his happiness is infectious. So he casually asks, why is he so happy... nothing its just a good day was Arnav's response... Just a good day Akash repeats... I can't remember when last he said that to me. I like it Akash thinks to himself, I am happy to see him smile.
Why am I writing about this... Random and not so random moments. Why... Because there is a change in the protagonist of our show... and their family is noticing...Khushi for the first time is being shown what her position is... Remember Khushi has been reminded many a time by her buaji, amma and even Payal that she is adopted... Even Arnav said to her, he wished he never met her...This is  what she is used to ... but now he is teaching her how to be confident with her position. Confidence in her rights is something she has never had. So... this is important for her. Arnav on the other hand is just happy... He hasn't been happy in forever and a day... Khushi has spread warmth in his life... And that warmth is running thru him touching everything that he touches...
I feel like I am writing a book... if you are with me so far... thank you... there is so much to discuss and I haven't even reached today's episode... Sorry guys... please bear with me...
Khushi has started on unsure steps to walk towards Arnav... she knows she is in love with him... goes to him and hugs him... for no reason... he wasn't kidnapped...she was afraid... just because she can... a silent physical thank you... Arnav is a little shocked... for her to react physically like that something must be bothering her big time, and he won't have that...not on his watch... When she apologizes he assures her its not her fault... Wow what a change in Arnav... Loved it. Loved it. Loved it. But Mr. ASR did you forget who you were dealing with Mrs KKGSR! She had other things on her mind to harrase you. The bed breaking scene I have already gone through...

Part 3
The Shaadi: For the first time ever Khushi has a saathi... a true partner... with whom she can face all things... but suddenly she realizes this very legal partner is actually only a half partner???? She has accepted her love for him... he has accepted his love for her... so without fear she goes to tell him they must complete all the steps... ofcourse she wants it all because she knows she has the right partner. In Khushi's defense she didn' t forget about the rituals its just that in the last two days she really wants to be married to ASR, before that she didn't I mean do you really blame her? he was all kinds of CRAZY!!!
We have seen the Shaitan in Arnav but are we ready for his Shaintani???? I'm not yaar... meri halat tight ho rahi hai...
First, he knows Khushi is maha uncomfortable with the disclosure of their bed breaking... he doesn't care... he is clued in and has decided to make it worst for her... he winks she is shocked at this behaviour... my heart is somewhere around my knees... Then he listens patiently as she recites her desires... but there is some naughtiness that creeps in... afterall she had teased him now its his turn... Pay back is a B**** Mrs KKGSR. He entraps her... beautifully... She falls hook line and SINKER!!! And me... I'm blushing... smiling...laughing... (seriously I'm acting like a hormonal teenager). ASR doesn't let up he now knows she is nervous as hell... he is taking full advantage of it... reminding her... being the caring husband which is worrying her more... He is being so perfect that she is getting more and more nervous... LOVE IT!!!
OK Setting changes from all the good fun to all the good drama...
Anjali and Arnav: Arnav catches Anjali going through an album, he wants to move to into the future. He wants them to support one and other and move away from their past... What is Anjali doing... hiding the album... clinging on to the past... It is one thing to say they are moving on... quite the other to actually do it. The one thing I have come to know about Arnav and Anjali is that Anjali talks of doing stuff but never does it... Arnav does stuff... Because Anjali is still holding on to the past... she is unable to learn the very difficult lessons from it and apply the lessons in her present and save her future. She is therefore destined to repeat the same mistakes that her mother made. Trusting the wrong persons... She now has begun to lie to Arnav... Mami and everyone because she wants to secure her love... in her defense she knows she must trust her Chotte but her heart won't let her. She loves her husband... And so her past will become her present...
Mami and Anjali: Mami is a mother hen...she knows that there is something that is not right with Anjali and so she is clued into her. She wants to be assured that she is ok.
Nani and Dadi: Nani feels guilty, guilty that her grandson refutes his fathers claim on his life, that her granddaughters life is in shambles and therefore she is giving Dadi a free reign... however... she stand like a rock when the times comes, she will stand up proud for the man her grandson has become.
Mami and Arnav: Mami might be materialistic... we know that... insecure...she demonstrates that everyday... however... she has a good heart... she has always been there for Arnav and Arnav knows that. There is a special relationship here, she is another person from whom Arnav doesn't mind being made fun off. She has stood up for him when he had nothing. Why am I bring this up now you might ask... Welll because some people claim to have a place in Arnav's life because of relationships... Mami has on the other hand earned her place...
Dadi and Mami: Dadi has been very rightly put into her place by one Mr. ASR, he has told her yes I respect you... But you need to respect my life... the life that I have built for myself without your guidance or blessing... Dadi now stands on unsure grounds. She is used to being the matriach... people dancing around her... to her tune... she is desperately trying to gain power and so she cues in on old alliances... Mami... Here she knows she will easily be able to intimidate Mami... because she has done it before... Mami on the other hand knows she needs to get out of this situation immediately because she is in grave danger... She also wants to protect her niece and nephew...
Dadi and Arnav: Ok so this is epic right... epic confrontation... First, Dadi is shocked to know that Arnav doesn't associate himself with his father... he has truly created his own persona... She has no control over this man... He is not the boy who used to run around her... Now she seeks answers... she has been told that she cannot take her son's name in the house... her grand daughter in law has free reign in the house... and she cannot say anything bad about her daughter in law... Firstly... I'm sure this women doesn't like to be told what she can or cannot do... secondly, she clearly things the world of her son, who has wronged not only his wife but also his children... Can you imagine the pride of this woman... she is standing in her grandson's house... where his maternal grandmother resides... a grandmother who has taken him in when no one was there for him... and she calls this woman's daughter and this man's mother a weak women... this line shocked me to the core... This was epic!!! ASR true to his words has created his own destiny... he removed himself from the past and moved to the future... Today he stands on the cusp of that future holding Khushi's hand... however there are two forces pulling him back to the past... Anjali (unbeknowst to him) and Dadi... how will he make it through...
If you have read my post in the past you know I save what I think is the best for last... and this to me knocked the ball out of the park...
DADI and NK:  NK was being his normal self here and Dadi asks him what kind of upbringing he has had. Firstly, one thing about kids who grow up abroad... They are taught from a very young age to question authority... Many a time I have seen a child ask their parents... teachers... elders... "but why"... curiosity is encouraged... why do people do this in the west? Because they want their kids to grow... understand rather than follow...  become future leaders...I'm quoting Michael Gladwell's book Outliers here... I know and identify this because I grew up in India and I had to teach myself this trait when I moved to the west. Very very hard lesson... So when NK was being casual and curious with Dadi she took offense because she is from another school of thought. Old fashioned I may say... Where as Nani encourages NK and would allow him to learn from her... she realizes that he hasn't been around and he doesn't mean disrespect. I know this scene was meant for comic relief but to me it meant so much because for the second time around IPKKND has tackled an underlying issue that is occuring everywhere... the generation gap was captured without hooplaa... and beautifully executed...This isn't such an obvious issue... but it is one that every Indian every where in the world faces... WELL DONE CV'S CATERING TO YOUR AUDIENCE.
Ok so I'm almost done ... special mention for a certain Mr. Jha...
Even though you are not seen you are always present...
He is arming himself... get Anjali to his side... check...Dadi questioning Arnav...check... the family to pick sides...check... and the Raizada's will come crashing down...check
The penultimate mastermind is perfecting his moves... will he make a mistake in his overconfidence again... Yesterday, he showed up to the house... today he invited Anjali out... the game of cat and mouse has just began... And this time he will ensure that he wins... because on all sides this opponent (ASR) stands to LOSE!!! and that is how Shyam Manohar Jha plays!!!!
I will not pick out any members of the cast to appreciate, because each and everyone played their parts and to the T... You guys are the best ensemble on TV!!!
CV's you have made me a hormonal teenager... and proud NRI... given me fun...romance...drama...suspense...and everything rolled into one amazing AMAZING SHOW but most of all you have given me friends on this forum and this thread for which I will be eternally grateful!!!
To my friends on the redux... if you have reached here...Thank you... if you left off half way ...Thank you... For all the encouragement, and promotion Thank you...
See I am feeling the love and instead of writing succinctly I'm writing horribly long posts... Blame Tant... if she keeps encouraging me this is what is going to happen...
I have been sick and busy and my time management skills suck so please if I haven't responded to your PM's kindly forgive me I will respond I promise.
To my Darling Sandhya... chal to TO aaja what would I do without you and your danda...
And that was my Two (feels like forty two) cents
P.S. Please send me PM's with your thougths... I went over board today... but I hope you guys will let me know if you liked it ... or not... either way... would love to know ... Thanks again. Also thank you for putting up with my horrible spelling.
Nothing escapes the eyes of 003... wow girl u rockClapClapClap Loved the nuances u captured so beautifully... I always await ur posts  it is such a nice read.. where the heavy stuff doesnot look heavy at all...Amen to Sandhya's danda...for making sure we get this wonderful view of IPK...
My God Just look at how much I wrote... you actually read all of this... (sharam si Laal) Loved your take too... So concise and hard hitting...ClapClap

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Originally posted by Jhalak29

Originally posted by clarissajohn

GM all


Yeah my min is like khichdi since last night after 8 pm


So much mess


So not in mood I to red anything


Howru all
ShamiHug  Aaj itna jaldi,,, kya hua no work in office ya khichdi ke baad kaam samjh mei hi nahi aaraha,,,,,,, y dunt u gv a song on the situation
Hug Maria

Jhalak im in bad mood today feeling bad for arnie baby


Then woh stupid SP pormoting only coockery show what the hell


And that too porjectcng its as eatsing non veg is crime like thing –we have to make non veg if we have to win –kya karoo vote pleeej


Bloody hell


Hey mariakutty


Hi suppu no yar I have not

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Hi sunny read ur analysis tareef k lye words less ho gaye hain. When ever i read ur i want too to write but i ll nt.
I love ur writing style u knw why short simple to da point n senti.

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Originally posted by coolgal270

For me, today it was all about Arnav...The boy, the man...a tortured soul within, who has no one to share his pain till now...who has built his life on the remains of his dreams..and is now ready to walk through it with his only "happiness". I dedicate my post today to Arnav the boy who lived it through all in the past and is still living in it,though this time, he has a ray of light, his life, his Khushi.

There are three souls who reside in this man. The boy - chotte who lost it all ,
the Man - ASR who conquered it because of his will and brain 
And somewhere in between there is both - Arnav who is healing under the love of his wife and who is content within as his heart is filled with love but is still haunted by his past. 
Allow me to take you through them along with my analysis.


A 14 year old boy whose life resides in his sister, who literally worships her, is finally witnessing her marriage. A beautiful moment, an unforgettable one as his beautiful sister is beaming and is blissfully happy.There is decoration, celebration and a feast all around. He cannot look beyond his sister's angelic face and he wants to prolong this moment of sheer happiness. But that moment turns into the darkest of his life. His parents take that dreaded step which leaves the family in tatters. His sister's dream is shattered, his life crumbled!
He struggles for years to remove those memories, those dark moments from his life. He knows he can never forget it for its etched in his brain, his heart, his subconscious. But he tries his best not to remember them. He removes himself from all emotions, feelings that reside in that tiny, insignificant part of the human body, the heart and he thinks he feels whole again.

The last segment was completely emotional one for me because I could feel this boy's pain, his hurt, his betrayal and his sheer determination to rise again from that rickety existence! 


He is satisfied for he is rich, powerful and successful. He is feared, obeyed. He believes he has got it all and is very content as he doesn't give away to emotions, as he doesnt succumb to that weakness of man called love... or so he thinks. For there comes a girl in his life who makes him realize that feelings don't make a man weak, they make him strong, she makes him realize that its not just brain that reside in human body but also a heart..which always beat when that particular girl was around. He feels what he has denied himself long ago, he starts to smile, to experience that rare emotion which starts to cure him from within. 

And when finally he is ready to break those shackles around his heart and confess to this "weakness", he witnesses the life-shattering "pal" . His Di's only happiness proclaiming love for his woman!
He remembers the other night when something like this happened, he remembers the moment when his and his sister worlds collapsed. But this time, its only his life that crumbles. And he takes an oath of saving his sister's world, he pledges of protecting his "mother" from the man who dared to cheat her again.
So he decides to protect his sister by blackmailing his dream girl to marry him. He makes his life a nightmare so that his di's dreams are kept intact.

I thought I always understood what made Arnav marry khushi in that manner, that haste. But I was wrong. Its today I have got it why he did that. 
That night when he witnessed shyaam proclaming his love for khushi, it was not just shyaam who was doing that. It was his Father doing that to the "other woman", it was his "father" who was cheating on his mother again. An action for which he has suffered a lot till now, an act which influenced his mother to leave her two kids for ever, an act which gave him the deepest of scars that are still raw, still hurting!

For a man who learns from his mistake at the first go, how could he have let shyaam do what his father did to his mother. For him it was all about saving anjali and thus saving himsef. Of course it mattered that it was khushi who was the "other woman" in this case, But at that moment I think it was about his parents again.


Finally the misunderstanding clears and the healing process begins again.
The man is happy with the way things have shaped up. His wife is right where he wants her to be, at his home, with him wholeheartedly. His home again has laughter, happiness and joy. 
More importantly, his wife smiles at him and he winks at her. They laugh together and he enjoys that. He teases her about their suhag raat just to make her nervous, just to scare her a little bit, to see that red nose flaring again! he leaves no opportunity to claim "sadda haq" on her and hold her in plain view of anybody.
He is content!Blissfully happy!

But then, the dark past is again here to remind him of what he had and what he lost. He wants to forget that day but his dadi doesnt let him. He justifies his actions, he claifies that it was what shyaam did to his di, that he had to take an extreme step. That shyaam dared to hurt the one person he cannot let anything happen to. But his dadi is bringing the past before the present. She reminds him of the "decision" he has taken in the past and how wrong he was. She tells him that he has made a mistake in doing what he did and by this, he is not ensuring his di's happiness, in fact quite the opposite. He clearly asserts that his brother-in-law cannot enter his home, a decision that he is sure is correct in the same way as was in the past.

It is here that I saw both, the man and the boy. 
When I saw him today in the initial part of the epi, I was extremely glad. 
A man who believed in handling things directly, is now literally playing games with his wife. Just to ruffle her a little bit. He is teasing her, enjoying her discomfort and leaves no opportunity to pine her to him. He is a man who is happy within, who looks forward to a new day for he wants to see his wife, he wants to dream , to plan a future, to be like a normal happy married man.
And this filled me with so much content myself for he deserves it. Not just he but both of them deserve this happiness, this bliss of love that they have for each other. After what they have gone through, this is the least the life can offer them!

Loved the shot with them standing together with flower petals falling on them..Reminded me of a wedding ritual that takes place the minute the bridegroom and bride put Varmala on each other..I really loved that shot!!Big smile

But in the next moment, again I see the man who is torn between the past and the future. His dadi tells him that we cannot escape the past but we can rebuild the future. For him, how can he ever do that without healing his wounds first.
The torment he goes through when dadi blames his mother to be a coward, the memories he is trying to forget but she is not letting him, the silent plea in his voice as he tells her how hard it was for him to build his life from shambles...It touched me to the core. I cried with him, for the boy, for the man..who carries so much within his heart, who has suffered unimaginable pain till now and is again going to suffer...For past is still buried, just the top layer has been removed. And when it is unleashed, I am scared to think what new scars it will bring in its wake. And how will Arnav along with his strength, khushi, overcome that...

Other things to ponder:


She is still buried in past, she blames Arnav for a decision that he took and she wants to make him understand that he is wrong both the times, then and now.
Why does it look suspicious? Is dadi sent here by shyaam? or by shyaam and anjali together?
Because when Arnav explains why he threw shyaam out, there is not one fleeting expression of shock, hurt or grief. The time she is really shocked is when he tells her he threw the man out. But nothing for the "reason". 
I did not get that. As a dadi, a woman why doesn't she see the "paap" her damadji has done? why doesnt she feel sorry and sad and most of all angry at shyaam for daring to cheat on her gudiya?
Is this because she already has been brainwashed by shyaam? She is here to pave the way for his entry at RM?

Another thing that didn't sit well with me is her persistence in raking up the past at Arnav's face even though he is literally pleading with her to no do it.  As a Dadi, his tears should melt her, but she looks unmoved to me. All that was important at that time is to prove that Arnav is wrong and she is right. That his mother is a coward for ending her own life when her son did exactly the same.
I understood her reasoning of explaining to Arnav about how we cannot leave the past behind, it has to be with us. But what if it is the illusion of the past that she believes in, what if she is not ready to see the actual truth. How can a mirage help to heal the wounds? It will just cause more Confused.


She really loves khushi for the only reaction that she shows at her erratic behavior is concern. She inquires if everything is alright, not once but twice! Sweet.

She wants to balance things, to not break the fragile world of Anjali who has just started restoring it, to somehow avert the disaster that is to follow when dadi learns about shyaam. But how can she stop the storm that Arnav Singh Raizada is when it comes to communicate directly..esp if it has to do with Shyaam and his di. 
She wants to pacify her bachpan ki saheli "Sumi" **Rolls eyes** and fails.

The minute Anjali returns from her mandir yatra, she swiftly enters the den and requests to lay the matter to rest. Her only concern is Anjali should not be a part of this maha yudh that has started to build up. She is unhappy with both Dadi and Arnav for not understanding the circumstances, of not taking into consideration the Janamashtami utsav which is sure to bring smile on Anjali's face.
Her last look to Arnav indicated her displeasure at his stubbornness once again.

I am really very keen to find out about "once again" factor which was the theme in this epi. Dadi kept repeating it and Nani;s look said it all. What did Arnav do, what decision he made all those years ago? I want to know that.


Amazed that I am mentioning her in almost at the end of the post. But today the epi was dominated by Arnav and all his roop and Dadi, Nani. 
She is scared, consicous and totally freaked out about the SR. So much so that she doesnt know if it is glass of milk that she is filling with water, that her dress is worn wrong or that she is making jalebis pe jalebis out of hermisery!

Loved the 1 min dhak-dhak when he pins her on the hallway and her frustration and "I will see u" look when he tries to tease her in the kitchen!

Very little things to ponder:

Anjali is a bad liar and she feels guilty after lying. Not justifying her character, just an observation..

Mami is once again the one who is closest to suspect anything. Will she be the one who will first see Anjali with Shyaam? need to wait and watch.

NK is ever so sweet. Loved how he first tries to see if anyone else has noticed khushi's wardrobe error, then when he realizes no one has, how very politely and in a friendly way points it out to her.


Swati Chitnis ji: 
Your character is not something I am currently sympathetic to but you are an amazing actress. The total poise, the calm but the rigid sternness in your face off with Barun was excellent! Hats off!

Jayshree ji:
Small scenes but effective. You are good at everything you do. Even that guilty face when Arnav looks at you for not telling the whole thing to dadi. Well done.

Sanaya Irani:
Your presence lights up the screen and brings a smile to my face everytime! You are a joy in whatever role you do. Loved you making jalebis again and that "moment" with Arnav. Poor you, he is really scaring khushi.

Barun Sobti: 
Man, Oh will kill me with your acting prowess! 
The happiness at khushi;s discomfort, the anger at dadi;s persistence, her extreme fury and the effort to control it..Wao! Everything just wao!!
What to say more! I am speechless whenever you are on screen!!

Love, Sumi
  Sumi..  the post needed to come with an alert.. stock up on the tissues before u read...Embarrassed.. A soulful look at the man ASR/Arnav.. you again reminded me of Atlas who carried the burden on his shoulder in silence... his turmoils are never known to the people  for whom he does it... A thoughtful look at every character that made viewing so enjoyable today..ClapClapClap

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Originally posted by clarissajohn

<font size="3" face="Times New Roman">GM all</font>

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<font size="3" face="Times New Roman">Yeah my min is like khichdi since last night after 8 pm</font>

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<font size="3" face="Times New Roman">So much mess</font>

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<font size="3" face="Times New Roman">So not in mood I to red anything </font>

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Howru all

shami due to this i m making biryani on page 34 u can joine me

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Originally posted by Jhalak29

Originally posted by S003

Originally posted by Jhalak29

@ S, I loved the 3 instances u qouted where Arnav laughed, each diff yet the same purpertor for them, she is slowly unscrewing him, his pain, taking the light into his darkeness
I love the way u siad family noticing the change of Dynamics of A & K reationship, the slow evolvement of KKGSR from KKG, from the adopted one to the chosen one, ,,, the confidence
& each relation each member,,, U hv such  clarityClapClapClapStarStar
JJ we have our own mutual admiration society going on here hai na... lol... arre yaar I loved the flower falling today... it was like last year when she slipped on the curd and the flowers fell... He is just too much though meri halat ko meh kya naam doon?
lo ab koel bhi aa gayi hai,,, she too feels u write beautifully
haan mutual admiration hai tabhi to we hv redux bcz diff view,  diff thoughts diff visulaizing but same IPK
the flower scene remided me of prateeka shaadi flower scene, last year ka kaunsa u saying please eloborate
Hai Na, thats why I got so addicted to the Redux because its a mosaic of views on the same picture... I simply love it... it makes a great show epic... I got one of my friends to start watching it too... I'm so happy...
Last year, Arnav walks in and Khushi slips on the curds and the flowers from his hands slips and falls... this year she drops the flowers on them on the same day... last year they were both awkward this year he is fully at ease...
I also loved how they are now behaving like a typical couple in love ... croping up a feel any and everywhere...
Yaar JJ this flirty ASR is going to be the death of me...

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