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IP REDUX ; Khichdi !! (Page 47)

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Posted: 10 August 2012 at 9:08pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Jhalak29

Originally posted by S003

Originally posted by Supna9

Originally posted by S003

Originally posted by Supna9

Hi S003 can u plz solv ur mystry 4 me ur post is posted by sandy but u chat urself


Yes yes... So this chatting I'm new to... and I very rarely stick around Sandy is my Cyber Sista... who comes after me with a Danda if I don't write... she reserves a spot and I drop everything and write... if she wouldn't I wouldn't write everyday... its kind of pressure... but you see I live up to expectations...

Hope that answers your question... the name is Sheila by the by...

Man I'm in a wordy sort of mood!

u mean sandy gives u danda through pc n wo u ko lag bhi jati hai wow sandy became magician yeah i knw ur name is
sheila sheila ki jawani
See mujhe na daat se darr lagtha hai... whether on PC or in person... so automatically I do what I'm suppposed to not to get the daat...  Also by now you might get that I'm a little crazy!
S crazy mks u unique, its hows a passion with u,, so no harm bein in crazy for urself
Lol Oh I know I'm unique... I'm not very forgetable you see... man I love chatting on here... wait I got sidetracked going to read your post...

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Why khichdi its a so simple dish na
this past story 4 me
katta katti na
maghaz mind

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Originally posted by Jhalak29

Assumptions are the termites of relationships. Henry Winkler

Day 6
Another great episode which rested solely of Arnav/BS acting prowess and he scored a perfect 6 with his brilliant potryal of 14 year old trapped inside the man Arnav is today, The eyes, the stance, the BL & superb voice modulation,,,, Take Salute thy who is worthy of potraying Arnav to its the best...
The episode started with another light opening in the start where khushi nervous against Arnav's word is commiting a blunder in front of the one who doesnt approve her, infact the whole dinning table scene was brilliantly done, where khushi was nervous like old self and Arnav noticing the moment her hands fumbled and the whole family enjoiyed a nervous khushi,
Arnav once agn teasing khushi with something she hasnt anticipated, even though she has accepted arnav and she knows marriage consist a part of physical imtimacy, there is a visible hestiation in Khushi may be its bcz she isnt 100% comfortable in the realationship... something needs to be there to mk here there, assurance desire or something else we will find it in due course,,,
The next scene where anjali avoids mami & arnav both accompaning her to temple and whole guilty sigh  and the averted eyes once agn mk you believe she is doing something which isnt making her comfortable, sumthing which will be detrimental in the future of Love
and then came the faceoff, Two Powerful Ppl, Two Scions of the family, Two Conflicting views,  The Past & The Present,,,
In one of the most direct ways dadi asked nani abt the missing SIL, and in the most direct  ways Arnav replied to her, That the SIL will be nvr a part of the family agn bcz he has cheated and let it be the final decision, Dadi doesnt take it, She is the matriach of the family and she doesnt agree to fatherless growing yp of children so she heads to Arnavs,
She tells him, I see u hv grown up and learnt the ways to the world, you are no longer a child who loved me respected me and took my word( emotional)
He calmly replies, Life taeches a lot of bitter lesson, n this being one of them to take care of my family I hv learnt the hard way when all my near ones left us on the fate n went away (mother father & grandmother,,, the closet of Kin abondining two young kids, one of them on the verge of altar, left to deal with the double blow of cheating abondment)
She agn questions him, how do u think will you protect ur pregnant sister by throwing her husband out, how will you protect a child from a fatherless existence,  will you throw him at the same fate as yours, He replies I was left alone bcz my father committed suicide and before that he forced my mother too,,,, he forced her for suicide too,,,, meaning it was not the pain of one abondonment but multiple where he says mother n than father and then family who this young lad trusted, who were a part of his existence,
Dadi replies, you mother was a weak women, who didnt know how to be strong, tie a family take care of kids and family,,,, once agn Dadi has assumed that the DIL was weak, without realising the effects of this powerful statement on a young child, on man who was left alone on a night where happiness surrounded the world and suddenly cloaked into the misery...
He once agn says that Dadi meri ma,,, control himself, turns around visiblly reigns himself diue to the relation, the age and the respect he has for dadi, agn says no body talks like that for my mother, not even you, much I respect you, i will not allow you to tarnish my loved one( same stance he took with Shyam)
She tells him once ur once agn on the wrong side, once agn ur protecting the wrong person and punish the innocent u did that years back and once agn u are doing that
He visible looses himself and says stop it why do u do it, why you keep draggin the past ahead of us , why do not let us move, with great diff we hv gathered ourselves and move ahead
Dadi says I do not wana you to repeat the same mistake
he says that time dad was fault that time n today it shyam, he did the same mistake( betryal)..
N shaym will never come back in this house,,,
This whole scene was epic in terms for performace, and dialouge but also in terms of past, A past where Arnav who was left alone to face his demons by his loved one, a reticent child who never spoke much and held evrything inside him, tormenting him, the very hands which could hv soothed him, absent, the mother who was dead, the grandmother who left, He who has let his pain alive buried in the depths of his soul with the fear that his loved one will leave him, he who has erected the walls arnd his heart so that no one comes close to him, he has never let him grow from that moment,, he has stuck himself there, in love in betryal
Dadi who could hv been the soothing hands for a motherless child and a hurt grandson, who culd hv been a guiding light to string back the famly, the one who culd hv been there to teach them the life important lesson of let go is once agn forcing them to take life as she views them
Arnav the other day refrenced Khushi that" Dadi is always like that, she views things as per her angle and those who do not view them her way are wrong" so this stands correct with Arnav and the missing SIL but Arnav got a view of a diff life with khushi entering in his life once agn we see Khushi has entered Dadis life too due to arnav & her Realtion, will she be able to rectify her vision too...
We saw a Arnav who has always assumed his mother was correct, and now he has assumed his siter will stand by him, the day he passed judgement without solid proofs for his sister and he has assumed that he protected her, this very sister is doing something which mite kill him, with the results
Anjali has assumed her husband shyam who has displayed a picture perfect persona is the perfect man husband without realising that he is cheating her on evrystep and
& a dadi who hasnt got all the facts just that his grandaughter has been married to a man and he cheated yet bcz of the child she needs the husband, how contridictory is her whole stance her bcz one end she says that DIL was a weak women who chose death as she could deal with ugliness of life at the same time she was the ugliest scumbug SIL in her granddaughter life bcz the child is involved, if she feels that DIl shud hv taken care of her children n not commited suicide so shud ANjali take care of the child wo Shyam , what will it make better.
Once agn I realised the characters are strong and epic but they do accept the simple truth o fa realtionship that, loved one can also mk mistake, jus bcz we love them doesnt garuntee their correctness, the past however bitter must be dealt and standing by your loved ones is the the biggest test of love... and that my friends is the story of
ISS pyaar ko kya naam doon,,,,
I loved the khushi sanka devi form
A lover in arnav anticipating the joy of love with his partner,
A shy scred Khushi who is to ancipating love in her own way. 7 phere, 7 vachan
The nani dadi equation
Dedication to Arnav Singh Raizada

Love is the whole and more than all.       ----- E E Cummings

Waah JJ (Jhalak Jaan because you don't like JhalakJi) Waah meh kya bolu... truly BS acting today was mindblowing, he truely has gone under the skin of ASR.
Also love the hyprocrazy of DADI its the fact that she can view things only in one dimension. Also for the past 14 yrs she has been in an ashram... secluded... so she has remained where she was when the incident happened but Nani has evolved with time...
Again I say Waah maza aa gaya!

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@ S, I loved the 3 instances u qouted where Arnav laughed, each diff yet the same purpertor for them, she is slowly unscrewing him, his pain, taking the light into his darkeness
I love the way u siad family noticing the change of Dynamics of A & K reationship, the slow evolvement of KKGSR from KKG, from the adopted one to the chosen one, ,,, the confidence
& each relation each member,,, U hv such  clarityClapClapClapStarStar

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After seeing the episode yesterday I really was disturbed. It really affected me. Daadiji's character belongs to the 1600's I think. I decided that I will make a post combing all my rants. That way may be my blood will stop boiling.

 The first half of the episode was fun with Kushi in an absent minded way wearing her Kurta the wrong way and being the butt of everyone's laughter.  Naaniji asked her to make Badam Kheer and she was still thinking about the SR and made a lot of Jelabis instead. Then Payal and Naaiji were asking here what was wrong with her. Arnav joins the fun and teases her. She then promises to make the Kheer.

Anajli is getting ready to go to the temple. Arnav offers to take her but she refuses. She gives a guilty look when she tells that she has called the driver.  Next in line Manorama Maami comes and tells her that she will accompany her to the temple. She easily puts Maamiji off but not Maamiji's detective instinct.

Maamiji realizes that Anjali who said will return in an hour from the temple is missing for two hours. She calls Anjali up. Anjali is in the coffee shop with Snakewa [I am very sure now]. She does not pick the call. Maamiji does not give up so easily. She calls the driver who tells her that he is waiting for Anjali near the temple and is missing for two hours. Maamiji rushes to tell Arnav this. Bye that time Anjali will call Maamiji saying that I heard you called the driver I am on the way home shortly.

 When Daadiji and Naaniji 's confrontation starts about missing Damadji. Hearing the noise Arnav and Maamiji come down and Arnav will tell Daadi that he threw Damadji outside the house. He has no place in this house and no one should talk about him.

Then the famous show down takes place between Arnav and Daadiji. I will not get into it as it will be covered by the the experts.


I will conclude with a few questions for Daadiji:

1.       You said Arnav's mother is not a strong person so she committed suicide. She did not keep the family together.
Why did you leave the house and sit happily in the Ashram for 14 years when these children struggled. Did you look after them and keep the family intact. Your second son threw the children out and Naaniji came forward to look after them.

If Arnav's mother is not strong then your son is also not strong because she also committed suicide. (I think that accounts for the gunshot.  Father must have shot himself.)


Actually my blood is boiling just thinking of Daadiji. her attitude of hers is so casual while Arnav is really reliving the past. He was literally in tears and she goes on about how he was wrong then and now and how his mother was not strong.

She may not feel anything for his mother after all she is a daughter -in -law but at least she should have some emotions when he mentioned that his father committed suicide. After all her son committed suicide. How can she be
so rigid and emotionless?

 There are some cases like this Daadi who are so rigid that what they feel is right under any circumstances. It is like these Kaap Panchayats. When she knows Shyam has made the same mistake still she wants that creep back. Why do people give more importance to boys and sons- in 'law? What wrong will all the Bahu's do?  This time I really hope the serial killer turns his guns on her and succeed this time around.


Why are you promoting lamp and Wick show, in the show CV's, please promote and spend some money on your show first. Charity begins at home.

I will end my once in a blue moon post appreciating others.


Fantastic opening post. It is quite fitting for the episode. I love the  way you describe things and the underlying sense of humour.In fact I  was waiting for someone to use this dialogue  "jhoot bole kauwa kaate?"  and that person was you.Then we have the White Knight and Rook argue over the King of another

Kingdom facing his own wars. This line was fantastic.


Your post was brilliant. I never thought that Arnav married Kushi to  save Anjali from committing suicide. Just like his mother had  committed. I think that's why he freaked in the hospital and shouted at  Kushi that day when Anjali was trying to abort herself. Fantastic post.


The post was just brilliant. I have forgotten all about that dogmatic  daadi for now. Some where at the back of my mind I felt that the 14 or  13 years had some symbolism. Now you have rightly pointed out that Arnav has completed 12 years of vanvas and I year of Agnaythavas and at the end of the 13th year the story started. So now the battle lines are drawn.

I was under the impression that Dhuruyodana took revenge when Draupadi laughed at him. But mow I know the real reason. I did know why Sakuni

was against the Kuru race.

This post was nothing short of brilliant.


As always I was waiting to read your post. I will pray for the girl who lost her her mother at an young age. Your posts are class apart. It is nothing short of a work of a genius. You have decoded the past but for Shyam.

Waiting for the events to unfold.


Your post was fantastic with all the right points. I loved it.


Your post was awesome. I loved the way you explained about Arnav. Just

loved it.


Glad you are back with your wonderful quotes and poetry. Welcome home.


I read your post. It was fantastic.


I loved the post. It was very well written accompanied by the photos.

I loved your well written excellent post.


I would like to congratulate all the other talented REDUXIANS on their posts if their names are not are not mentioned.


Life is too short, Enjot it too the fulllest




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Yaaro 4 writing my usual post i m demotivated na i want my motivation 4rm sathya till then i ll nt write.

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Originally posted by sunshine99

When the twain meet: Past and Present
Dadi to Arnav:
The past  will always  make it's presence felt...You cannot overlook it...But do not commit  the same error  that will mar your present ...

Arnav to Dadi:
The past cannot effect the present ...Does not deserve a worthy look now... It can never shape the present...

When  the past and present meet...fireworks light up  the horizon... because it is a spectacular event  where  the old order meets the new.. the past brings necessary learning for the present in its errors and hidden treasures ( truths) for the present to correct its course.. and  together they shape a better future . It is not about who is wrong and who is right.. both have erring and victories..

Arnav has a better understanding of the present .. Shyam and Khushi.. and was not unjustified in his actions in whom to trust and mistrust...He was a 14 yr old kid when the events of the past unfolded  on the fateful night who might  not be aware of the entire truth of the situation or have the maturity of an adult to view the incident critically...He has not solved the puzzle of the past as he proudly thinks...

Dadi was in the thick of  events as it played out in the past... she knew more about it than her young grandson then... her belief still holds true and may be justified with time...she has been away from her grandchildren for 14 yrs... they have grown up and are not the same as they were then...Arnav is living in the present  he has a better knowledge of the incidents at Shantivan... Dadi is adamant on her staunch belief that she understood the drama behind the four walls of sheesh mahal so she knows what has transpired in Shantivan...She needs to be made aware that Shantivan and Sheesh Mahal are not same..they are very different from each other...

As the manthan of their ideologies and  beliefs unfolds we will keep getting pearls of insights into the tragedy of the past to string it together and see how the knowledge of past and present shared by the grandson and grandma  shapes up the future of Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon...
Concise... my goal is to write like you ... to the point ... and bam!!! I feel like I ramble on and on and on... Well done ClapClapClap

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Originally posted by Jhalak29

@ S, I loved the 3 instances u qouted where Arnav laughed, each diff yet the same purpertor for them, she is slowly unscrewing him, his pain, taking the light into his darkeness
I love the way u siad family noticing the change of Dynamics of A & K reationship, the slow evolvement of KKGSR from KKG, from the adopted one to the chosen one, ,,, the confidence
& each relation each member,,, U hv such  clarityClapClapClapStarStar
JJ we have our own mutual admiration society going on here hai na... lol... arre yaar I loved the flower falling today... it was like last year when she slipped on the curd and the flowers fell... He is just too much though meri halat ko meh kya naam doon?

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