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IP REDUX ; Khichdi !! (Page 2)

shreya_l IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 August 2012 at 12:06pm | IP Logged
Hi ReduxiansHug  Change of plans I'm back to Redux!LOL 
Thanks to all the readers and writers of Redux. Thanks to all who have commented. I left a message for the first 4 page writers on pg 102 of previous Redux (thread 1). Please check if time permits. 
Vasi Hugread your comment, Thanks. I'm glad to be back among you all.

Since I wasn't planning to write... I'll leave you all with something I thought was apt for today...
Enjoy reading and Have a wonderful Weekend!Hug
For Arnav!

Raatrirgamishyati Bhavishyati Suprabhatam
Bhasvanudeshyati Hhasishyati Pankajasri: |
Iti Vicharyati Koshgate Dvirefe
Ha Hanta Hanta Nalinim Gaja Ujjahaar||

Translation: Night will be over, there will be morning,The sun will rise, lotus flower will open. While the bee inside the lotus flower was thinking thus, the lotus plant was uprooted by an elephant. Such is fate...but that does not mean the bee will stop doing what it does and the same applies to the elephant or the lotus flower.

Karmanyevadhikaraste Ma Phaleshu KKadachana|
Ma Karmaphalheturbhurma Te Sangostvakarmani||
~Shreemad Bhagwad Gita, Chapter 2, Verse 47

Translation: Your right is to the duty only, not to the fruits, thereof. Do not act for the results of your deeds. Never be attached to not doing the duty.

Past and Future

Gatee Shoko Na Kartavyo Bhavishyam Naiva Chintayet|
Vartamanen Kalen Vartayanti Vichakshanaa: ||

Translation: One should not regret the past. One should not worry about the future. Wise men act by the present time. 
I hope Arnav goes by this!

Sources which I know I have quoted and which I do not know I have not. You can check here for the Slokas.

Jab kisi ghatna ka hota hai dukhad anth,
Uski peeda hoti hai kashtadayi atyant|
Jab vishaya ho apne hi parivaar ka...
Dansh sehna pade apno ke krityon ka|
Kya deta hai adhik kashta?
Jab sambandh ho gayein hon nashta...
Jab akalik ho gaya mata-pita ka nidhan!
Jab vidhi ki kroorta se chin gaya ho bachpan!
Asamay hi parivaar ke kartavyon ka karna pada ho vahan...
Jab itne saarein lage ghaat, h
riday ko lagega kitana bada aaghaat|
Kya hai aise mein mahatvapoorna?
Kiska tha dosh aur kyun yeh dosharopan?
Is tulanatmak vishleshan se nahin nikalega hal,
Ateet mein chipa hai vish ka halahal|
Kisko punah banana hoga Neelkanth?
Kya Khushi de payegi sheetalta ban mayank?
Kya anubhav se nahi hua yeh gyaat? 
Paristhitiyan hain vikal...
Kahin to hoga pratyaksha ya apratyaksha humara bhi yogdaan!
Galat ko sahi ya sahi ko galat nahi hai koi ram baan!

When a situation has sad ending,
The pain generated is unbearable.
When it is the matter of family, and 
Everyone has to bear the brunt!
What is more painful at that time?
when relation cease to exist...
When you lose parents in untimely demise...
when the childhood had been cruely snatched by fate!
when the burden of the family has to be borne by young shoulders.
When there are so many merciless attacks...
The wound inflicted would be infinite.
What is important at that time?
Who was at fault and why to have this blame game?
Will a solution come out of this comparison?
The past has hidden a pot of  bitter poison.
Someone will have to drink it again like Lord Shiv...
Will Khushi become the moon and provide the much needed coolness?
Was nothing learned from the experience?
Situations are imperfect and sorrowful,
As there must have been our own visible/invisible contribution!
To prove right as wrong and wrong as right is not the cure!

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mpk2011 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 August 2012 at 12:06pm | IP Logged

Only the time will tell!!


Back to back great episodes over the last few days. Today it reached a new height. The past is revealing itself and is opening up the wounds which are still raw even after so many years. Sands of time are indeed shifting and dynamics of relationships are changing!!!! The episodes are meaningful in many ways and above everything else today's episode etched out the similarity between the past and the present. That day it was Mrs. Malik-Mr. Malik-The other woman, today Anjali-Shyam-Khushi. Both the times Arnav is in the seat of the judge!!! Once again life will give him the chance to be the judge and decide the guilty!! Will he be successful this time also or his emotions will prove to be a hindrance in the path of his judgement this time? Is it the time to revisit the statements 'kaash main tumse nafrat kar pata' and 'mohabbat  inn aankhon mein dard banke rehta hai'  ? Only time will tell…

Arnav and Khushi

From hatred to love they have travelled a long way. Slowly Khushi have started realizing how less she knows about the man she claims to love. She has now beginning to see the man whom she thought to be ruthless, arrogant and selfish is hiding an ocean of pain behind those cold eyes of his. She is now trying to share his pain which will take some time, some pains are too personal to be shared even with one's own shadow.


Arnav-Anjali, the bond which has been tested and tried, time and again and so far could get past all the hurdles which life has thrown in their direction. But how long will this bond be able to survive now that time has decided to take the test once again? Anjali is planning to or is already meeting Shyam. What should I say, is she right or is she wrong? She has heard about Shyam's truth but couldn't believe it till date coz she doesn't have a proof, may be just like the way her mother had refused to believe that her husband had ditched her 15 yrs back. And when she could see the truth she did the unexpected, she committed suicide. Today, dadi called Arnav's mom as a weak lady, does this word 'weak' ring a familiar bell, ofcourse it does, it is the word which has been often used to define Anjali! Is Anjali also heading for a similar fate as her mom or this time Arnav would be there to save the day?

What Anjali is doing to Arnav  by meeting Shyam is totally wrong. It is specially wrong to be done to a person who till date has been living his life for her sake. Why is she doing it? Well there are several reasons for that, as I have already mentioned, she is ignorant about the whole truth, she could feel that her brother is drifting away from her, she had seen her brother to play the judge of their lives 15 yrs back and she had accepted his judgement but this time she could feel that his judgements are clouded by emotions, which to some extent is true. What would happen to Arnav when he would find out that Anjali had backstabbed him? Would he have second thoughts about his judgement this time? Would he feel being orphaned again? Only time will tell….


The clash of the titans!! Arnav and his dadi are indeed genetically the same. The same head strong and stubborn nature. Dadi is back in his life and along her came all those memories which he had been struggling hard since long to fight off, but couldn't be successful till date. Till today the memories of that fateful night haunts him and now with dadi back in his life he would have to revisit his past to his greatest horror.  Dadi practically hates Khushi, why? There must be a valid reason for that and it is not the financial status coz Payal belongs to the same house and dadi doesn't have a problem with her. Khushi reminds her of somebody, one whom she doesn't like, whom she despises. Who is she? Only time will tell…..


I have always said in some other posts that to get orphaned at an young age is a tragedy in itself but to see ones parents commit suicide in front of his/her eyes is a different thing. In the last two episodes Arnav spoke that out through the raw pain and grief that poured out of his eyes when we talked about his parent's death.  Slowly and surely we would come to know what made Arnav Singh Raizada, the phoenix who rose from ashes and dared to touch the sky on his own terms!! What that 14 yr old kid had to go through to prevent himself from breaking down and shattering so that his di could get a lease of life? How this man forgot to live so that others can live? How for so many years he has hidden those immense pains behind those cold eyes of his, that hard faade of his? Only time will tell….

Performance wise the entire cast has proved to be excellent. However, the show stealer turns out to be Dadi and Arnav. The new addition to the cast in the form of dadi has proved to be an excellent addition, not only she fitted the role to T, her performance was commendable. In her scenes with ASR, she never looked like being subdued by his presence and has successfully left her mark.

And Sobti, what should I say specifically about the scenes concerning his past, be it with dadi or Khushi or anybody else. He had already proved that he lives ASR and Arnav on screen, but the pain and anguish  he had portrayed in those scenes were simply spectacular.

Khushi had been proved to be good in occasional scenes, one worth mentioning is the hug after knowing the truth about his mom's death.


Finally, many speculations can be made on the past track but I won't delve into those now. Each one of us understands and interprets the story as per their choice but none of us are the writers of this story. So here I would leave it as their call. What have they decided? Only time will tell…

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vaatuhaara IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 August 2012 at 12:07pm | IP Logged
An episode that made me Love 'Arnav' even more... And before I start, 'Barun'... Instead of a 'bow', i wil give u a 'rainbow'... You are that 'spectacular' with your expressions...Embarrassed

14 years... Thats the term of a 'Life Imprisonment' in India, normally... And 'within these 14 years, 'Arnav' has been a prisoner... A 'Prisoner' whose 'Life' was sucked out of Him...

14 years before Arnav was a 13yr old boy... Is that the only difference? No... It isnt... 14 years before, his pain was 'Fresh' and 'raw'... Now it is 'Raw' and 'old' with strong Roots deep enough to question his existence...

Arnav 'lived through 2 Suicides... To keep alive One Life... His 'Di'... And now, if she backstabs him, Arnav n the beloved 'Chotte' she wil be having a 'Funeral' of him...

I cried for my Boy, when pain oozed out of his eyes...Cry

Smile now to my 'Report' wa of the daySmile

'Arnav' was not born as an ordinary Baby... He was born becoz, 'The Raizadas, Maliks, Jhas n Gupthas' went on a hunger strike andolan... And their prayers were answerd when 'ARNAV' was born to be the 'BURDEN BEARER' of everyone's life... With an appealing 'designation' called 'DECISION MAKER'...Wink

EARNING MONEY is a bad thing n He should hav fed (up) people with bhashans on love...and then let them starve. May be then he would hav been a 'Punyaatma'... U know 'angelwa'...Wink thats d kind of disrespect his 'bhawna bhari' family n lover has for 'hard earned Money'.

Starve for 2 days n we wil knw, No 'pyaar n Bhawna' regains you the losing consciousness...

Every Person of His Life, 'Created a mess' according to each one's 'bhawna, kartavya... Parampara... And Parivaar...' n then after they hav terribly crawled thru the innings of their 'horrible' decision n lives, they hand over the 'Bat' to 'Arnav'... Ofcourse for 'Decision Making'.

The boy comes into face the 'last over' n then if He hits a six, everybody's 'mahatva n decision' wins... N if he is 'Clean Bowled', then the 'Decision Maker' has made a 'grave Mistake'... What a position to be in, Beta...!Unhappy

Daadiji... In your Parivaar, 13yr olds take 'Decisions of Life...'?? I thot, at that age 'kids dont knw, to whom they shud write a 'love letter' or may be 'crush letter'...

Naani..., 'tell me, what does Arnav has to do to get a 'caring hug' frm you...? Clearly, you are immune to his 'Tears' n 'Pain'...! Should i ask him to hang a 'pom pom' to his suit, then you may know 'how much he has Sacrificed'... Isnt he your Grand child...? That too 'Lucknowi'... Then why naani, why?

The google meaning of 'Arnav' isnt 'ANSWERING MACHINE'... Bt, then why do Naani always, Daadi now, and others need 'answers' frm him.

The puzzle has been created by all d 'wonderful great sweet natured' people of his life... Bt, their 'Shaitaan' has to suffer and get the 'ANSWER' for them...good Gamewa!Wink

Is there a 'bill' stuck on Arnav's head dat 'all Sorts of Grievences wil be recievd... N Sorted out'... That too without any 'bhaashan'...? Nice ofer naa... 'all dadis, naani's n bitiyas'...

Arnav, the next time, u say 'the most important person in my Life'... Remember to say 'KUSHIENT' instead. Your family wil never be happy with u... So the next time to 'save your life' atleast in d forum replace that dialog as...

'The Kushiest Kushient Kushien in my Kushi is Kushi''...

'kushi ka tho patha nahi, bt the Forum wil give u a 'brownie point'...

Finaly, 'Arnav Singh Raizada' in d show n in d forum has a 'price tag'... And the 'Price' is 'His Life'...

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Sanayam Senior Member

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Posted: 10 August 2012 at 12:08pm | IP Logged
First of all I would like to congratulate Anji. She has been successful in fooling more than half of the RM clan. This lady has been bothering me since Judgement Day (u know the one where Shyamu got thrown out)Big smile.  The initial shock of Shyam's departure fried the mini cerebrum she possessed. She then proceeded to be a total senseless bundle of reactions. Or so it seems. Since emerging from her "hum apne kamrey mein jaa rahey hain aaraam karne" phase she has suddenly become over active. It all started with those mysterious phone calls. Those calls slowly brought back the colour in her life. She started going out, alone. Arranged secret meetings. Slowly became the Anjali that we knew. Pre-judgement day Anji. Yes she is back is this strange shadow. Is it Shyamu? It seems more and more likely. So what is Anji thinking?
  • Mera pati mera Devta hai? Bhala hai bura hai jaisa bhi hai...?Confused  OR
  • No he can never do something like that. Chhote has been lying to me much latelyCry   OR
  • I will not think about it coz thinking needs brain and my brainwa went for a walkwa the day I met snakewa.Dead           OR
  • Nobody will give me proof so I will get it myself from the horses or in this case snakwa's mouth.
Is the precap predicting she will be found out pretty soon or Mami quizzing Anji regarding forwarded messages is the most exciting thing that'll happen on Monday?
It seems like she is getting half-baked truths. What's with Nani trying to dust everything under the carpet? She needs to seat this lady down , tie her hands so she cant show it to her at every opportunity. Then she should tell all.
Dadi is trying to get herself killed by hotwa. She actually accused his mom right in his face? Shocked
As far as her accusations go its like the pot calling the kettle black. How can she say his mom didnt carry her children's responsibility when she herself upped and left the children to be thrown out by her other son?

He seems to be handling things pretty well. This type of confrontation with dadi and mention of his parents might have thrown him into blazing anger and pits of despair before. This time, however, the anger was tightly controlled. The pain was more than evident in his eyes, but he was talking of moving forward to a better future. With Khushi by his side he is trying to let go of the horrible past. Little does he know that the love of his life has much to do with his past. Keeping my fingers crossed for him and his little wife.
Whenever life takes away something from us it gives us some other thing in some other form so the balance is maintained. This man has suffered tremendously. All by himself. Despite being the younger sibling he undertook the role of the caretaker of the entire family. For this great "tapasya" he was granted the most sincere and most beautiful love one can dream of. Their love will help him conquer all obstacles. Heart
Dark clouds have been gathering. Dadi has fired the first "goli". Bring Shyam back. So this is how it will be. Blame games from dadi and tears from Anji.
Still think Arshi will go ahead with their remarriage next week.
Meanwhile natkhat Kanha is busy teasing his Radha and enjoying every adorable moment of it.LOL

Aww. You poor thing. Hope you aren't nervous for nothing.

 "I was just trying to make sure u aren't scared"   LOLLOLLOLLOLLOL

It's funny. Whenever I imagined Arshi actually getting down to doing "IT", I imagined Khushi scared and nervous just like now. May be even more so. Something like Arnav comes in the room expecting to see her bridally arranged on the bed but the bride is ghayab. She is hiding in the cupboard again praying to Devi maiyya to save her. That's where the groom finds her and has to chase her around the room before getting her to calm down enough to have a conversation. So they make a deal that khushi will be the one to initiate things. There is a rule though. She has to sleep in his embrace. So they sleep cuddled up to one another and when Khushi wakes up in the middle of the night the sheer force of love she has for this man overwhelms her. Her hands start caressing his face of their own volition. He wakes up but pretends to be asleep. Emboldened she proceeds to kiss him. That's when his control shatters and then bitiyas all bets are off. Ok ok. I'm back from SKD. Back to Khushi.
The girl is a bundle of nerves. Wore her clothes backward, made jalebi instead of kheer and poured water into dadi's glass of milk!!!ShockedShockedShocked 
I was expecting another tirade from dadi but she only gave her a "bevaqoof" look and left it at that. Somebody is scared of riling somebody?LOLLOLLOLLOLLOL
Mamiji -NK
What were you guys thinking? Advertising the lamp n wick show? Or was it supposed to be a jibe? Couldn't tell.ConfusedConfusedConfusedConfused
The plot thickens. Revelations are being made. So both parents committed suicide. One after the other. Arnav holds Dad responsible for Mom's death. Does he know why they committed suicide? Somehow I think he doesn't know the whole story. It seems like his world came crashing around him that day. Without preamble.

Waiting for Monday and another exciting week of Ipkknd.ClapClapClapClap 

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mommamia IF-Rockerz

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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sharmibalan IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 August 2012 at 12:11pm | IP Logged

Today Hopefully I would not be contradicted by anyone if I say that the second part of the episode was most intriguing. The conversation between Arnav and his Dadi was the most captivating part of the entire episode. Hats off to both Barun and Swati Ji for literally living and breathing as ASR and Dadi...ClapClapClapClap




Today we all witnessed Dadi accusing Arnav for making the same mistake that he made before...What mistake did he make..???




She points out the importance of Shyam in Anjali's life. She points out that the baby needs to take the dad's name. She accuses Arnav for stealing  the baby's right and making the baby grow without his or her dad...the same way he grew without his dad...This statement was enough for Arnav to charge like a bull...and leash his anger... I had to grow without my dad because he committed suicide. Not only did he do that he also pushed my mom to commit suicide before him... My heart went out for Arnav  today who had to live his whole life thinking his parents never cared enough for myself and his sister to stay alive'''..



Dadi counter attacks him by stating a simple truth that your mother was not courageous enough to stay alive and protect her family and children...for a moment Arnav is lost without an answer...he regains and instructs Dadi to never say anything about his mom...



But the truth is Arnav did know that his mom was not a fighter she choose to leave them...but today that was voiced out by Dadi...



A small boy, who had just entered his adolescent years, couldn't enjoy the joys of life the teen years presented. At fourteen years he loses the love of his mom not by natural cause, but because she committed suicide. Suicide is a moment decision but a decision taken without knowing the implications of the effects that it would have on the lives of those around them. You live life only once and to finish it at your free will is simply escapism...Suicide, an immediate solution to the problems for the person committing it but a life sentence for the loved ones who witnesses that and continue their journey of life.




They live through each day with the haunting truth was I responsible for that, could I have saved my mother, I didn't do enough, She left me without thinking about me & my sister, we weren't important to her otherwise she wouldn't have done that. You left us mom, I hate you''no sorry mom'..I could never hate you''..I love you so much'' should have never left us'''.I can never be you and I will never be like you. I will face this world, protect my sister and fight against this world. I am a fighter'''...





Next the anger focusses on the person responsible for it. In this case his dad. You pushed her to do that. Guilt'..guilty of negligence, guilty of not being a good husband to his wife, guilty of spoiling the life of a girl because of lust and finally guilty of snatching away the mother from his children had pushed the snr Malik to follow his Wife's path. Was that the right path. No''.Was anyone benefited by his sucide''.No'''



"When people kill themselves, they think they're ending the pain, but all they're doing is passing it on to those they leave behind."  - Jeannette Walls



Today we see an ASR who had always tried to prove to this world that he is not a coward and he can never let others decide his fate. He is a fighter and he writes his own fate whether it's right or wrong and take things under his control. The most important thing or rather the best thing about making a decision is that you can never blame anyone else for the outcome. You are solely responsible for it.


Now who else other than Arnav is a fighter''A fighter who does it in her own style''who couldn't be controlled by the Mighty ASR himself''.Of course it's our darling Khushi''.. He fell in love with her for the same reason''.




May be this was the reason he was always pulled towards Kushi from the beginning. A quality he adored and never found so far in any one else not even in Lavanya.  He tested Khushi in every possible way only to be proved wrong.




Khushi was eight years old when she lost her parents. She was literally a baby who was completely dependent on her parents from decision making to everything...She didn't even have the exposure that ASR had.





Khushi's parents were snatched from her by fate...try snatching a doll from a child and see their reaction...Sometimes I am confused and wonder with whom was life more cruel to...Khushi whose parents were snatched away from her by fate or Arnav & Anjali whose parents choose to leave them without thinking about them


Whatever is the answer I finally settle for the fact that two fought for their survival and one yet to fight...


Now coming to the rest of the episode. The morning started with Arnav happily reminding his beautiful wife that tonight it's there Suhaag raat. He loved watching her reactions and the affects his words had on her. He walks out with a smirk on his face only to be greeted by his Brother Akash, who requests him for some signatures in a deal. He signs the deal with the smile still lingering in his face. Akash notices this smile and enquires the reason for it and if there was any good news that he wants to share. Arnav merely replies that it's just a good day.




Here I have to point out something I felt when I was watching this scene...

Arnav became an adult and lost his innocence on the day his mom committed suicide.  when he lost his dad the family responsibility was automatically bestowed on his shoulders. The responsibility he was never shy off. But in that process he completely lost his adolescent days. He never got to live as a carefree teenager. Today I could see him reliving those days. Carefree teasing Khushi more like his girlfriend''and the walk in the corridor before  being interrupted by Akash'..was too good''





Ok now back to the episode...



A frightened Khushi is greeted by Payal in the kitchen who mentions the fear she had before her Suhaag raat. This answer doesn't help Khushi and she becomes more anxious. We all know the implication of our anxious Khushi...More Jelabies, Salwar suit inside out and she went one step ahead and filled the rest of the glass with water...which initially had milk in it...





Arnav enjoys the outcomes of her petrified actions pulls her aside and reminds her yet again about their Suhaag raat.




Anjali politely refuses Arnav's offer of accompanying her to the temple. She also refuses to take Mami to the temple and leaves the house silently. We can all safely assume that she had left the house to meet Shyam.  When Anjali doesn't return in the speculated time Mami calls the driver to enquire. When the drives tells her that he had been waiting for two hrs in the temple, Mami hurries to inform Arnav, only to be stopped by Anjali's phone call stating that she is on her way back home.




The day her brother realises the fact that Anjali went behind his back and met Shyam he will be completely devastated. He will be left cheated by Anjali for whom he destroyed his Khushi's happiness...





Thank you IPKKND team for providing us yer another beautiful episode...Hats off to all the actors for there fabulous performance...ClapClapClap




Thank you all for taking a moment to read my analysis...Big smile









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TheFaerieQueen IF-Rockerz

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Will try and write something if situation improves at home front.

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namedx IF-Rockerz

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Res for Chani123!

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