Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

IP REDUX ; Khichdi !!

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Hi All,

A  Good episode  with good proportion of fun, suspense, drama  & romance.. Finally IP seem to have come to grips with its presentation, hope they continue in this vein ..

A episode which began with an eye turned outwards  a rosy future but ended  looking inwards at the  painful past !  Ended with Arnav standing tall all alone  amongst the ruins of the past ...

I would not be doing any analysis today but will be gathering all the stray thoughts that had been swirling in my mind and present it to u as a bouquet ..whether it is a Bouquet of flowers or of weeds, You , readers be the Judge.

There is no doubt that Dadi's arrival is changing the dynamics of Raizada House..but what  kept me intrigued and riveted was the equation between Arnav and Dadi ...The equation appeared to be pretty complex  and interesting ..Wherein stands his Dadi with respect to his Maa, his father .. How  deep was the bond ?? what sort of bond was it??  These were the questions puzzling me  ...The answer obviously  was buried in his childhood his fragmented past , the pieces of which are  assembling now !!

Arnav Malik, The scion of the Maliks, The inheritor of Malik Legacy , A unhappy child , A loner, mischievous  but weighed  down by sorrow ...A young boy who saw more than he shud, understood more than he could !!  A little boy who had to grow before  his time , be the  Atlas  for the family, be the Prometheus for his  family, be the Zeus to world and yet burnt in the fires of Hades ..The fires  burning the flesh of his heart, the roar of pain muted lest his family hears of it and crumbles..The quiet cry of anguish for a soul-mate who would wipe the tears of blood  ..A man who had to grow thorns to hide the sensitive heart, a heart yearning to love, to belong, to cherish , A man who had  become a stone  so that he could take the blows of fate stoically while shielding his family , his world from any danger...what made him so ?

Two women !! Till date I was always wondering why Arnav  would explode  at the slightest whiff of attachment/bonding..why he would run away from relationships  & Commitment .. Most of the time  it was felt that it was bec of his parents Marital status ..But was it the only factor ...No, I think the major factor was Dadi !!

Here was a young lad  who saw his weak mother living a sham of married life..He knows not everything is well in his parents life..Arnav has witnessed the silent tears of pain, despair rolling down his Mother's care worn cheeks , His  trusting eyes had seen the break of trust between his parents, His innocent eyes had seen the parents living a lie ...He had picked up on the vibes , the undercurrents that existed in his  parents relationship ...he withdrew into his shell,  his  cry  of despair   revealing itself only  by his bed wetting  ..which went unheard, unheeded ..what prevented this impressionable child from total breakdown ? what made him keep the faith?? It was his Dadi !!

A Domineering Dadi  who kept the family together, who  enforced the rules of happy home and made sure every one followed it ...It was to her Arnav withdrew for solace, He was forever running around her, he basked under  shade, He drew strength from her presence, drew courage from her aura of invincibility ..If His Mom roused the protective instincts in him , His Dadi  was the fountain of endurance, hardiness , he absorbed his resilience from her , learns the art of indomitiabilty under her tutelage , studied the lessons on decisiveness and learned to differentiate between right and wrong ...She was his backbone !!

Life was chugging along slowly when catastrophe strikes  and life delivers not one, not two but four blows in quick succession ...Arnav reels under this  hard knocks , secure under the shadow of his Dadi ...When to his utter shock, His seemingly indestructible Dadi deserts him , Abandons him , rejects him for no fault of his !! This rejection is the kiss of death to all sorts of relationship..In that second, Arnav's  belief in Relationship, commitment, trust eroded , The edifice  just crumbled  ..Arnav Malik Died and Arnav singh Raizada was Born !!

The past has never left Arnav, Once again he is in the same crossroads ..Once again Arnav has two women in his life ...Anjali, frail, weak, susceptible like his Mother ...Khushi, strong, decisive,upholder of family values   like his  Dadi ...Past repeats again as Anjali evokes the protective instinct in him whilst Khushi provides him the nourishment and motivates him to face his duties  squarely n head on ...Will Arnav be able to save his Mother  this time around , Will his Dadi stay by him through all the hard times ..Will Arnav successfully negotiate his path thru the fires , over come his trials & tribulations  & exorcise his Past ...something tells me he will !!

Contracts ;  from past few days , nay weeks indeed... wherever one turns , we are hit by 'Contract Marriage'... I just could not help but reflect on the role of Contract played in the life of Arnav & Khushi...It was the contract which brought Khushi into Arnav's life, kept her on in Arnav's life ..Khushi came into his office and instantly signed a 'Contract' ...where in Khushi would have to fulfill her obligations to AR for a period of  10 days !! If Khushi failed , she had to pay compensation, if Khushi won , Arnav would change his name ... In the first  Contract, Khushi failed to honor the ' Contract ' resulting in Arnav Singh Raizada retaining his name ..but Second time around, Khushi is discharging her duties competently, is succeeding  in her goals , is proving to be  a loving, supportive, caring companion..Has the time come for Arnav  to change his name..  from Arnav Singh Raizada to Arnav Malik Raizada !!

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Once again a fantastic episode!!! Loved it!!!

The crowd was buzzing with excitement... and a suppressed sense of dread. They were going to witness the ongoings surely, but they also wished for nothing too harmful. The warrior stepped into the arena, his sword held high. He was going to be tried for his deeds. He was going to be punished. But he stepped inside his head held high. He was a proud man... some said a bit too proud. The clouded sense of righteousness was evident and there wasn't nary a soul that silently wept for the tragedy they knew was about to occur. They longed for the guilty to be punished, but they wished for... a better way. Finally the murmurings calmed and an eerie silence filled the arena as his opponent entered. It was a wounded lion. Its scars were still raw and it had a limp. But nothing could ever hope to tame its strength and courage... nothing apart from death itself. The battle was on. The man tried. And tried. And tried. But his clouded presence of mind could never hope to win against the lion's instinct to survive. Yes it was wounded, but that would never stop it. They crowd looked on as the wounded lion killed the man. Justice was served. The man was shamed in life... and in death...

The forces are dining together. The White Queen walks in. Sweet, humble Queen serves her allies, but her mind is on the preordained shedding of her maiden head. Her head is up in the clouds and so she is unaware of her surroundings, her subjects... even of her own clothing! Her King elegantly hides his laughter by placing his strong fist on his lips, taking pleasure of the fact the he affects his Queen so... even going so far as to teasing her lovingly... in front of his subject!

A Sanka Khushi... is a sign of danger. Whenever Khushi is troubled... it blows up in EVERYONE'S faces. Arnav is emerging from his shell. He can now openly smile in public and tease Khushi. I loved Darling Di's indulgent smiles and Nani and Pinky's Payalia's worries. Pinky seems to have put Khushi in his good books again. Maybe him and Payalia have put their bed to good use? (*winks*) but that's not possible... is it now...

The White King and his Knight are assembled together, preparing strategies when glides in the Black Queen with her shield. Diverting attention and dodging questions, she tricks the White King and his Rook. Shunning their caring advances, she leaves alone on the quest to meet her King once more.

Darling Di... today you've lied to Chotte and Mami to their faces. The other day when he asked who was there, you uttered a half truth. Today was an outright lie. Do you not know that jhoot bole kauwa kaate? But in your case it's a snakewa and he's out to sink his fangs right into you. By lying to Mami you're arousing Manorama Bond. You don't want her on your case sweetheart! She clung to Khushi when Arnav was taken. She clung to you when she discovered Shyam's truth. Now she's gonna stick to Arnav if she's suspicious about you! She already approached him once! Girl, be careful... actually don't! I want you to get caught! It'll be more fun that way!

The White Queen is helping her subjects. She carries a large platter of yellow flowers... only to be intercepted by her King for a romantic "reminder". He clutches her body close to him and grinds himself into her (he does actually!) He whispers sweet nothings into her ears seductively and coaxes her heart into running a marathon... He leaves her just as abruptly and our Queen is as scared as a deer caught in headlights... Bambi eyes and all.

Bitwa... you've got guts... but we've always known that. You're out to get your wife's hymen real bad! But I don't mind. Afterall you haven't got any since... I don't know a year? You're really going all out to prove that your libido isn't as "Chotte" as Darling Di loving implies. ROFL Poor Khushi! Well the faster you run the faster you're gonna lose it. So Bitiya keep running! 

The Queen walk into the kitchen with her heart under stress. She is met by her Bishop and is asked to make something as sweet as herself. She makes the sweets but her nerves are made visible to the White Bishop and Rook. They cluck in worry at the Queen's agitation when the King arrives and successfully makes in worse without batting an eyelid.

Khushi and jalebis are a sign of calamity. But her agitation is noticed by Nani and Payal, two of her stringent and strongest allies. They are made aware of her "Sankaness" and Arnav takes advantage of this to rile her up even more.

Then we have the White Knight and Rook argue over the King of another Kingdom facing his own wars. They argue over it and soon after the Rook is worried about the disappearance of the Black Queen. Worried out of her wits, she rushes to the White King, not wanting to lose a precious second. Meanwhile the Black Queen continues to be trapped inside the illusion. My dear, the illusion will entrap you so long as you wished to be trapped inside...

Nonsensical banter hiding a message perhaps? Was NK's desire for the forbidden a reflection of Malik senior's obsession for what was out of bounds for him? Was it a reflection of the Malik's stubbornness that has proven to be destructive? I think it is. But Mami isn't one with a rosy outlook on life. She stops to smell the roses and admire them, but she remembers to be vary of the thorns. She rushes to Arnav at the first inkling of trouble but is prevented by Anjali. Darling Di you are knowingly playing with fire. Right now you think that those burns are going to be worth it. It will... till they start to burn away everything you've EVER held dear...

The White King's rule is being questioned. His decisions, his loyalties, his judgement is all being scrutinised and judged. All by the Black Bishop who has thrown away right with which she had to do so. Years after the fire, she returns with the past trailing behind her. The plague she brings. The King roars back. He is right, he is just, he is fair. Yes his emotions are running high but they will never hinder his sight that which is firmly set on his goal. He will conquer. If need be by breaking all chains that he allows to bind him. The White Bishop arrives in the nick of time. The Black Queen has returned. She reminds her counterpart and her King to be cautious. They leave the King alone in his misery... all alone...

Arnav is close to hitting rock bottom. He needs this. Only by facing his past can he walk towards his future with peace, serenity and happiness by his side. Without facing Hitler Dadi he cannot be with either Khushi or Darling Di. He needs this. He won't let his battles affect what's at stake: Darling Di's safety and happiness. But the ball in no longer in his court (pun not intended). Darling Di is diving headlong into trouble, supported by Hitler Dadi and manipulated by Slippery Shyam. Arnav is in for a rough ride...

"The Catalyst"

God bless us everyone,
We're a broken people living under loaded gun.
And it can't be outfought,
It can't be outdone,
It can't be outmatched,
It can't be outrun.

And when I close my eyes tonight,
To symphonies of blinding light!

God bless us everyone,
We're a broken people living under loaded gun.

Like memories in cold decay,
Transmissions echoing away,
Far from the world of you and I,
Where oceans bleed into the sky!

God save us everyone,
Will we burn inside the fires of a thousand suns?
For the sins of our hands,
The sins of our tongues,
The sins of our fathers,
The sins of our young.

And when I close my eyes tonight,
To symphonies of blinding light!

God save us everyone,
Will we burn inside the fires of a thousand suns?


Like memories in cold decay,
Transmissions echoing away,
Far from the world of you and I,
Where oceans bleed into the sky!

Like memories in cold decay,
Transmissions echoing away,
Far from the world of you and I,
Where oceans bleed into the sky.

Lift me up,
Let me go...

God bless us everyone,
We're a broken people living under loaded gun
And it can't be outfought,
It can't be outdone,
It can't be outmatched,
It can't be outrun.

God bless us everyone,
We're a broken people living under loaded gun.
And it can't be outfought,
It can't be outdone,
It can't be outmatched,
It can't be outrun.

The wheels of time are turning... they've never stopped. But what's left to be seen is are the wheels turning forwards... or backwards...

Khushi is lost and confused. She poured water in Dadi's glass by accident. That glass had milk in it, presumably. Milk is a pure substance. Dadi's intentions are pure. Water is a cleansing agent. Though Dadi's intentions are pure, her judgement is clouded. Khushi will help her see what the world truly is.

Akash seems to have warmed up to Khushi. Payal and Nani are concerned about Khushi. Di laughed at Khushi's mishaps. Mami, too, was rather warm to Khushi, all things considering... Hawt izz haipainings?

Darling Di is lying and her lie is going to cost the family big. By refusing to go to the mandir with Arnav and then Mami, she is preventing Devi Mayya's blessings on all three of them. Arnav isn't being cleansed of his wrongs to Khushi, Mami for her behaviour and Anjali for taking the Lord's name in vain and for betraying Arnav's trust.

Khushi is helping out with decorations. She walks with a large thaal of flowers when Arnav wants to play touchy-feely. It was a very cute scene. It reminded me if the Sangeet challenge. Oh and remarriage symbolism!

Khushi made jalebis... oh dear! *tightening seatbelt that I've already been wearing* Nani and Pinky's Payalia are becoming more aware and attentive towards Khushi. This was a major sign for Pinky's Payalia to keep an eye on Khushi and cling to her. With Slippery Shyam on his way, Pinky's Payalia will need to keep her eyes peeled and locked on Khushi at all times. 

I have already mentioned Malik senior's desire for the forbidden and the consequences of it. 

Mami is becoming aware of Anjali's miscalculations. And thankfully she made a beeline for Arnav. Anjali managed to cover up thus far, but Darling, for how long? You don't want Mami or Arnav of all the people after you! If it was Khushi or Payal or NK, you could've weedled and cried your way out. But with these two? Girl you've got your work cut out for you and I refuse to pity you because it will be your fault. Though I'm pretty sure Daljeet could probably win me over *damn you Daljeet!*

Then... Hitler Dadi questions Nani. Years ago on Anjali's wedding, Nani had confronted Dadi on the whereabouts of her Damadji. It was Anjali's wedding and no one had any clues as to where he was. She demanded his presence and was ready to create an uproar. Dadi had tried to calm her, saying that now was not the time. It was Anjali's big day. She's tell Nani when the time would be right. But fate had blown up in their faces. 

The past and the present are being merged. The majority of the players are still the same, but the positions they play are different. Most are walking the path they desperately wanted to avoid. Arnav has swore, he would never be like his predecessor and and swore to save his sister from the same fate as his mother. He wants to put the past behind him and move on. Dadi is right when she said he couldn't till he faced his past. But that is not her battle to fight. He wasn't wrong when he blamed his father for his mother's death. He wasn't wrong to marry Khushi because it was the right decision at the right time with the right aim but with the wrong intention. It was the only way to enter the equation. It was at the right time because it stopped Shyam from reacting and safeguarding himself. The aim was to distract Shyam from Anjali. But the intention was to hurt Khushi. He had misunderstood. But the situation is such that you can't blame anyone other than Slippery Shyam.

Nani comes and diffuses the situation. Once again Anjali is the cause of everyone's concerns. I wonder how will they react when they discover the entire, naked, painful truth.

A wonderful episode. I loved it! It was beautiful and the story is simply flowing gracefully! Now for some random pickings from today's episode!

Loved the family's giggles over Khushi's craziness! I adored Arnav thinking "This girl is absolutely bonkers!" She is Bitwa and only for and because of you !!! LOL

Arnav's pacing around in front of the stairs made me with of Simba (from Lion King) pacing in front of the Pride Rock, determined to protect his daughter Kiara (Lion King 2). If Arnav is Simba, then Mami most definitely is Timon and Pumba, Kiara's babysitters. That leaves Anjali as Kiara. I can easily draw parallels with Anjali and Kiara. Running away from Arnav/Simba and fooling her babysitter(s) Mami/Timon-Pumba. to see her mate who everyone hates Shyam/Kovu. The only difference is Shyam is evil while Kovu was misunderstood. 

When Arnav grind into Khushi (He so did!) Khushi uses the thaal as a barrier to stop their chest from colliding! ROFL Girl, do you really think that would stop Bitwa's roaring hormones? The more you run, the more hungry he's gonna get! He's been celibate for you for far too long! Now with sharing the bed with you, he's fast reaching his limit.

Anyhoo... I ADORED NK's weirdly epic hip movements as he said "Out, out". LOL I love NK!!!

Finally... from the precap, shall I assume Darling Di into sexting? Did she say she got a perverted message, or a forwarded message? If it is the former, then I believe Bitiya is the biggest guttermind in all of IPK world!!! And the sexy smirk as she reads the text and the scalded cat reflex? Naughty Bitiya!!! I mean, she is the one who wanted to go on an extended Honeymoon with Snakewa. She came with Delhi Mein Bali idea. On the day after, she certainly looked as thought she's gotten some, even if Arnav and Khushi didn't. Plus she never fails to laugh at Mami's innuendoes. No wonder she's non-existantly preggars! Bitiya! You're a SP SIL!!! Manners! ROFL

Well, that was an epic episode! Loved every bit of it! Cast and crew, keep it up!

Barun, a special shout out to you! You are on a role and keep it up!

Karan, I simply love you!

Swatisji, you are amazing!

Sanaya, Jayshreeji, Utkarshaji, Daljeet, Akshay and Payal you were all very good today!

A big Hug and thank you to everyone who reads and appreciates my writings!!!

Lots of love!

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Dear Arnav Singh Raizada,

I remember writing to you on the 29th of February 2012 (Arnav Singh Raizada - I get you) where I tried to understand the reason behind why you believed Shyam over Khushi. Today, My heart asked me to write this to you again and again because today I saw the lonely boy of 14 who had grown up to be a ruthless business man still stuck somewhere in the horrors of his past and still trying to fight it day and night. What touched me most is the silent tears that keep swimming in your eyes and never fall down - and yet your eyes are a window to the extreme pain and the million pieces of your broken heart. I dont know how horrible is your past - with Mom and Dad both suiciding - with the whole past still unclear to you and most importantly no one - not a single person standing by you.I always wondered why I could see your pain more and understand it better and today I know why - its the silence and the turbulence in your eyes that make me cry for you. You may not cry for the world to see but your heart cries whenever you think about your horrid past and it astonishes me that how none of your family is ever bothered about your pain. Trust me - this makes me love you even more.

Today when I saw your grandmother bring up your past, when I saw her question you - and question your actions - I wondered where was this woman when you needed her the most. The flash of pain that I saw in your eyes when she called your mother a weak woman - a woman who could not take care of her family and chose the route of death than to face the reality - I wondered where was this woman when she left you and your sister - abandoned in the hands of Nani - where was her strength then to protect her grand children from the difficulties of the life!? When you said you did not want to hear about your past - you did not want to talk about it but forget the horrors of it - and she did not stop - I wondered - Is Anjali the only one important? Cant she see the pain of the grandson who longs for love for happiness!? I have never felt sorry for anyone like I feel sorry for you at this very moment.

I saw the 14 years old boy - fighting against all odds to overcome his past and live his present - I saw the 28 year old man - whose life may seem rosy to the outside world - but no one and I mean no one can understand the inner turmoil that is inflicted deep in his heart. I saw the young man standing alone - no one there by his side - looking out - only his silence a witness to his pain and anguish.

As of now, I really dont care whether you were right about your Dad or not - I know you are right about the present and I assure you - you are nothing like your Dad - you are a just man and a righteous one. I would like to believe that you were right in the past also - but even if not - I trust you to trust the present and your life with Khushi. I feel bad that your mom had to succumb to death because of your Dad (If that is what happened) and you had to lose your Dad too - however I want to remind you even if your family does not understand you - and does not see the pain that you go through - I remind you that you have us - the audience who understand you and you are soon going to have your wife - Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada who will understand you. She NEEDS to because she is the only one I think you will ever have to yourself and just to yourself and I hope I am right or you will be left alone. I dont see anyone - be it Mami - Nani - Dadi - NK - Aakash or even your sister to understand you and be there for you. They all may love you but none care for you. You stood alone today and I want you to have Khushi to take care of you. You cannot hide your pain ever - your shattered heart and your past - and you need someone to hold on to you - to love you - for who you are and make you a strong person in what is to come in the future.

Soon enough you will realize, that you have been betrayed and betrayed by the woman you love the most - your sister - your mother - your life - Anjali Shyam Manohar Jha. That will be the end of your life and I mean it. You will be DEAD from inside and it scares me to what an extent! You have tried and fulfilled what a brother promises to his sister on Rakshabandhan - you will protect her from any harm - you have done it and I know you will do it in the future too - that night when you forced Khushi into the marriage that night I now realize that you were trying to save your sister from coming to the same fate as your mother - I realize that Anjali is also weak - and you were scared that what if Anjali realizes the truth and decides to leave you alone just like your mother - now I understand the flashbacks - however I cannot imagine what you will go through when you realize what has been happening behind your back - it will torture you to an extent that will kill you 1000 times more and along with your past you will lose trust on the present. But I want to believe that it will be your present - your Khushi - who would be your path towards light and help you sort out all the cobwebs of the past - present and future. You deserve happiness more than anything else - and if Khushi really loves you then this is her test of love to stand by you and protect and shield you from the blows that are to come. You both have to stand together and fight against all odds and I do hope that you will be successful in it.

It came as a no surprise that you were blamed and faulted for the past and again the present and I can imagine how deeply tortured you might feel when you kept hearing Dadi talk about your "decisions". I would like to believe that whatever you did in the past was not wrong and I would like you to hold on to it. You and Dadi are both head strong - but I dont know who is right and who is wrong. Personally I dont think much if a woman who comes out of no where after 14 years and demands to know about her grand children's life and wants to run them the way she thinks is right. As most of us feel - she too we think lives in a delusional world like Anjali where everything what she wants to see is right. She does not care much about what you went through when she left you in the hands of your Nani - but she does want to come and take reign and control over your life now. For good or bad - let us see.

Please be rest assured that today AGAIN you have given me a reason to love you and to understand you better. The skeletons from the past will come out soon and I know it will break you - I your ardent fan - hope that you along with your better half is able to cross this fire that is approaching you.

- some one who understands you Smile

Coming to the episode ;

Loved the initial scenes of Arnav and Khushi.
They were a delight to watch! Khushi is scared and that shows and somehow I adore it. Also love the way Arnav keeps coming in to make her nervous - it brings a big smile on my face.

Mami I think could be the first person to know about Shyam. Looks like that - but let us wait and watch. Sometimes I want to believe that Dadi has already been manipulated by Shyam and that is why she believes Arnav to be wrong. But I wont speculate and would like the creatives to surprise me.

Shyam is coming in and his entry is going to be in a grand way and I fear that. Cry Dadi along with Anjali are gonna bring him back and Arnav will be shattered. I do not want to imagine but why does it nag me that Arnav's property is going to have a role in it. Maybe its me getting paranoid.Ouch

Actor Credit

Barun Sobti You ROCKED IT!!!! You made me cry without sheding a single tear yourself - BRILLIANT Clap Clap

Swati Chitis : Fabulous! Quite a contender to Barun and you are Fab at your expressions too! Clap Clap

I shed tears for Arnav - seeing him standing alone and today's post is completely dedicated to MY MAN - ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA - a man who has grown up - but still has to come out of his shell of pasts when he was 14 year old. The young boy has to understand everything and fight this time - and fight to save himself and his family.

Love and Light
Anna Smile

PICS CREDIT : ~Saraa~ (the written updater of today's episode) :))

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For so many days we are talking about Panchajanyam, Devadatta conch who will blow it and Kurukshetra war and Chakravyuh in it. But how this all started. Who was the mastermind behind it.

Till now the important character Shakuni has not come into play. Shakuni was Duryodhana's uncle. Younger brother of Dhritarashtra's wife Gandhari. He was shrewd and unscrupulous, well known in the courts of Hastinapura and Indraprasta as an expert dice player.

What was the revenge for, many state that it was for his sister. The story goes like this upon learning that the great Bheeshma had asked for the hand of Gandhari for his blind nephew Dhrithrashtra. He regarded this to be a matter of great insult and was further aghast by her sister's decision to remain blind-folded herself.

Following the advice of astrologers, Gandhari was married to a goat (subsequently sacrificed) prior to her marriage to Dhrithrashtra to avoid a certain calamity (known to be practiced in case of Manglik brides). So, technically this made Dhrithrashtra her second husband. Duryodhana upon having learnt this was deeply enraged and wanted to extract revenge from his maternal relations. He promptly had King Subala and his relations imprisoned. So cruel was his treatment that the entire family was only provided with one fistful of rice daily. King Subala realizing the elaborate plan to starve them to death decreed that only his youngest son would eat the sparse food and take revenge from the entire Kuru race. This son happened to be Shakuni, who after his father's death got dice made out of his father's thigh bones which he used to his advantage during the Game of Dice against Yudhishthir. He moved to Hastinapur to stay with his sister and constantly fed Duryodhana's mind with the foulest of the ideas to usurp the power, which was deemed to be Yudhishthir's for taking, as he was the eldest of the Kuru princes. He finally succeeded in orchestrating the war between the just Pandavas and the vile Kauravas, especially with Lord Krishna supporting the former.

The war was actually between Dharma and adharma. Sakuni's intentions were clearly stated that his sole purpose was to defeat the entire Kuru Dynasty hence he played along with the brothers and achieved his goal.

Facts that we have:

Arnav's chacha forced them out of their own house that is Sheesh Mahal. His parents committed suicide. His version is that his dad forced his mom to commit suicide and later he too did the same. He hates his dad and loves his Mom. Dadi accuses Arnav's mother to be the weakest women who cannot take care of the household cannot keep it together her children and hence she committed suicide.  Certain Women has been held responsible for the whole story and that fatal incident that happened 14 years ago.

Now keeping all this in my mind I can come up only with this. Chacha taking his role of Shakuni would have been behind all the wealth or some ulterior motive. So he played his game. How Shaguni had the game of dice as a weapon here Chacha used the certain women to destruct the entire family. He would have led his brother in that path which was the wrong one influencing him that it will give him pleasure just like how Shakuni led Duryodhana in the path of destruction. So the game was played. Chacha Shaguni won. The entire Malik parivar was torn into pieces. He easily threw the Kids out of the place to enjoy his life.

Going by the series when did the actual Khurukshetra war started. When the game was played it was decided that the defeated party should go with his brothers into exile to the forest and remain there for twelve years and spend the thirteenth year incognito. If they were recognized in the thirteenth year, they should go again into exile for twelve years. But pandava's rightfully served the period and returned and now Duryodhana and Shakuni had no excuse now, but to offer Pandavas their due portion of kingdom. Out of greed and evil mind they told Yudhisthira to prepare for war, indeed it was the only option left to regain their glory and wealth. So the war was declared rightly after thirteen years.

The past is coming into the front and the war is nearing for the Raizada's Gupta's Maliks, Jha to fight it as the 13 period contract is also coming to an end. Who are the participants of the war. Are they not all relatives?

So with the conch blown the, war between right and wrong has started and here who is the Shaguni, Duryodhana the two most important characters who were instrumental in rift? I am seeing Dadi as Dronacharya who fought for Kauravas as he thought himself to be the servant of Hastinapur so fighting for duroyadhana was his duty. Here Dadi has already told that Anjali's child cannot be without a father so she will fight on the other side till she sees the truth for herself just like Arnav. Nani will be like Bhishma who was the grandfather of both Pandava and Kaurava as we saw today in the table Dadi with anjali in one side Arnav in the opposite direction and Nani inbetween. She will make sure that both the ends do not create any pain on others.

Saying all this where does Khushi stand. I have always maintained that and even maintaining now who came between the peace maker between the two sides in Mahabaratha it was Krishna. So it will be Khushi who will be the centre of all this. She will lead Arnav's side both will enter the chakravyuh and come out.

Last time also Arnav has given his verdict that his father was the one who separated him from his mother and this time he blamed Khushi for playing with his sisters life. Both the times he has taken to be misunderstood the victims to be the sinners. But in the present, Khushi came out clean for him and Shyam was executed. But now its turn for him to know his father's story in line with the other women context. Both the times it was his mother and sister who was in the receiving end but what will happen now when the war has been started for the past deed? Is there more what all these people have witnessed during that incident but ignored? So all the players including Shyam will be in RM ground and the battle will start there.

In Panchajanya thread I said about the present Duryodhan

What marked the end of the War??It was the end of Duryodhana. I can only imagine Shyam as Duryodhana for whom winning is everything and for that he can do anything. Duryodhana gathers support with such a power that he cannot be defeated and he even went to blackmail and make the near ones against the Pandavas so that they will withdraw from war.

But is this all clear no past will bring some more details to really show who is who, and who is the framed and the actual one to be framed so till that will wait for the amazing episodes to come. I hope I did not confuse anybody with such writing. Maaf Kardo if so.  I am really happy for the learning that is now happening. Thanks to my redux pearls

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I have no idea how to write today's analysis. Just when I was about to start penning down I learnt terrible news from Purvi. You all know her through my analysis. Her one of the second cousins' daughter lost her Mom today. She lost her Dad when was 5 years old. Now, she is 18. I have no idea how to react as my heart is even sinking hearing this news but felt as if only one thing we all can do is "Pray" for her. I don't know which city she is from but open today's NDTV page and you all will see the headline - "Are Mumbai women not safe even at home"???We had this terrible incident at Guwahati last month. I know we all are habituated with all the incidents around us but when we learn the news of someone losing their parents at an early age especially when she is a girl, always make me question the "Security of Women" in this cruel and ruthless world. I told her the only relief is she is 18 and she will be ok because she is a FIGHTER. I humbly request please take a moment and pray for her as this is all we can do right now and we will.

Everyone goes through seasons in life that seem overwhelming; times when you've felt drained of strength and power. But, you haven't been left without HOPE. You haven't been left without an ANSWER. The God of heaven and earth is near you and promises to give you strength and might to overcome. Where does this strength and power come from??? It comes directly from the Almighty. The Lord is your source of strength.

When Khushi lost her parents she was only 8 years old and Arnav was 14 years old when he lost his. Losing parents is terrible but not knowing what you have lost or that you have lost someone is even more terrible. Today I remembered the episode when Khushi informed Arnav about her fears, her loss, her adhering to the remembrances of her parents, her belief, her faith. In her words - "hum aat(8) saal ke the jab humare Amma Babuji ek accident mein gujar gaye the ... tab humhein pata bhi nehin tha ki marna kisse kehtein hain ... kitne dino tak humhein laga ki woh kahin chale gaye hain ... wapas aayenge ... aur kya pata nehin hain humare bare mein??? Aap ko pata nehin hoga naa aaj bhi humhein lagta hain ki humare Amma Babuji tare ban gaye hain ... Isliye hum apne bistar ke upar tare latkakein sote hain ... aaj bhi humhein tezz gaadhi se darr lagta hain ' akele sone mein darr lagta hain ... andhere mein jaane se darr lagta hain ... itne saal ho gaye par aaj bhi aisa lagta hain jaise yeh sab sirf ek bura sapna hain 'ek din hum uth jayenge aur woh aa jaayenge".

Yes, she said in her own words she lost her parents in an accident when she was 8 ... she didn't even know what "Death" is ... for so many days she felt they have gone somewhere ' they will come back ... Khushi then told Arnav what else you don't know about me??? You might not know that till date I believe they have become "Stars" and that is the reason I put stars above my bed ... even today I am scared of fast cars ... I'm scared of sleeping alone ... darkness still haunts me ... so many years have passed by but still somewhere I feel that this is just a "Bad Dream" and one fine morning I'll wake up and realize that they have come back. 

Arnav was 14 when he lost his Parents. His Mom committed suicide then. Anjali I am assuming would have been 18 years old. When Khushi came to share his pain the day of his Parents' "Death Anniversary" ASR rebuked her with  - "Pata hain kaisa lagta hain jab apni haathon se aapni Maa ko Agni dete hain??? Kaisa lagta hain jab apne Maa Baap ko jala kar ghar wapas aatein hain ... kaisa lagta hain jab kehtein hain ki hum sab kuch samajhtein hain lekin koi kuch nehin samajhta". Then he remembered how he had thrown Khushi out that day saying - "Aaj ka din mere liye bahut important hain aur aaj ke din agar mujhe tumhari shakl dekhni padhe yeh mujhe bilkul pasand nehin, Get Out".

Then there is Anjali who also lost her Parents at an early age, elder among the 3 orphans. She enquired Khushi's state of mind that day seeing the "Shradh Puja" preparations and Khushi replied - "hum aur kar bhi kya saktein hain Anjaliji ... jo guzar jaate hain hum unhein kitna bhi bula le woh wapas kabhi nehin aate ... sirf unki yaad ati hain". Anjali encouraged Khushi her to cry her heart out and said - "Humari Mamma kehti thi ki jab rona aaye toh dil khol ke rona chahiye, dil mein nehin rakhni chahiye".

At least Arnav and Anjali have some memories of their Mom and Dad, good and bad both but does Khushi have that "Privilege"??? No. Nah. She doesn't have. She have None just a "Payal (Anklet)" of her Mom as a keepsake and her maternal aunt (Maasi), Garimaji. Apart from the anklet and Garimaji, there is none and nothing that she can associate with her past, her life. Today love has entered in her life but on the basis she received love, is "Righteous"??? Is it ??? No. It's not. Life has given her "One" single happy memory but will always be like this "bed of roses" ??? Life has taken away everything from this girl since when she was 8. An 8 year old, generally known as a 3rd grader, plays with dolls and kitchen sets; does she have any idea what "cheating" means??? What "Dignity" means??? What is the meaning of "blackmail"??? What is the meaning of a "Deal"??? No. But all these life have taught her. Life has taught her to be strong. Did she lose faith in God??? No. it is still intact in her blood. Did she lose faith in humanity??? No. still she believes in it. When she lost her parents she never realized she lost them but when years passed by, life has taught her this crude "Truth". 

On the other hand we have Arnav and Anjali who lost their Mom because it was her decision to end her breath. If for Khushi it was "Fate" responsible for her loss then for Arnav it was his "Mom's Decision" responsible for his loss. 14 year old, generally known as a 9th grader, Arnav definitely was aware of what is called "Decision Making" and what is called a "Death" and what is called a "Loss". 

If you all go through the databases regarding "Suicide Cases" then it will prove you that there are many 14-18 year old students who when failed achieving higher grade marks in Board Exams have committed suicide. Why??? Just because their parents would scold them??? Just because they cannot face their friends and families??? Just because they saw their future as blank???

My Mom says "cowards commit suicide". Yes, because they are not "Fighters". You know who are fighters??? The women who have lost their fathers, brothers, husbands at war but still have the courage to send their sons to the battlefield. They are "Fighters". The people who have lost their body parts due to some incidents and still courageously live their lives on a daily basis. Look at them and then decide is "committing suicide" called a courageous mentality??? No. NEVER.

Why the mighty Arnav Singh Raizada is like this today??? Have you ever thought??? Because of his Dad??? NO. He is like this today because of his "MOM". He left his Dad's name just because he was "Not Righteous". He didn't want to be a "Malik" just because that name took away his Mom, took away the respect he had for his Dad and family, took away his rights. Everything. That name gave him "Humiliation" and nothing else. This is the reason he didn't prefer to carry "Malik" with his name. He is a "Raizada" today with choice. But why he is hell bent to prove that he is not like his Mom??? Why he fell in love with Khushi??? Why he protects Anjali??? You want to know???

Let me take you to the episode where ASR asked Khushi to take care of the parking lot on a rainy day late in the night. When he saw Khushi all drenched in the rain and was about to hit by a car he saved her. Before he offered her the coat he said - "yun bheeg kar kya sabit karna chahti ho ke tum bechaari ho ya logon ki nazron mein aana chahti ho??? Ab rona mat shuru kar dena ... yeh coat pehen lo aur apna hulia thik karo ... apna nehin toh mere company ke hashiyat ka khayal rakha hota". Do you all remember what Khushi did then??? Yes, she returned the coat back to him  saying - "Humhein isski koi zaroorat nehin hain". That was the moment he realized that this girl is NOT a coward BUT a "Fighter". He knows that IF his Mom would have fought then today they wouldn't have lost her. This is the reason he paused today when Daadi said - "Aap ki Maa ne khud khoosi ki kyun ki woh ek KAMZOR stree thi".I am not sorry to declare that I agree with Daadi today. 100 %. Yes she was not a fighter and she was not brave enough to fight; to accept the truth; to fight for her rights and for her children; she was unable to choose between the right and wrong. Didn't she know that what she was about to do is wrong??? Yes, she knew but still she chose the weakest path to run away from the truth. She did. Indeed. A 14 yr old boy is capable enough to judge the right and the wrong. That day he taken an oath to fight for the justice and not run away from the "Fact". This is the reason I always mention Arnav Singh Raizada NEVER sits and cries over spilt milk. He chooses a path and walk ahead. Right or wrong that time have always told him.

But have he done justice with Anjali??? Well NO. He has always over protected her but never taught her to be like him, a fighter. He himself have risen from the ashes but when the responsibility came to structure the character of Anjali he failed to make her "Strong", infact for anyone. All he decided is to prove he is not like his Dad, irresponsible and not coward like his Mom. He fell in love with Khushi she is a "Fighter" and is capable of facing any hurdle that life throws at her. He has taken all the responsibility on his shoulder and fought his own battles. He is trying hard to prove he is exactly opposite from his Dad and Mom. But you know what??? In the process, he have proven many a times that his actions are like his Dad and he avoids certain decision making like his Mom. Along with this he forgot that his Khushi is going to pay the price once again but if he would have thought clearly then he could have taken wise decision and avoided that "STORM" to hit but like we all know ' truth can never be hidden as Mark Twain says ~ "A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes".

Truth. This is what we all want to know right??? What is this truth??? Well, one version of truth we all know and that is how and what is the condition behind Arnav and Khushi got married. What is needed is the truth of the past which I have also laid as an overview. There is one scene in the episode today where the truth was shown but in the past it was shown as an "Opposite" or rather been played in a "Khichdi" setup and in current situation the "Truth" is going to unfold pretty soon.

The entire truth is in this above scene. The family was present here and we have Naani instructing Khushi to give her water and she mistakenly poured it in Daadi's "Glass of Milk". Now there lie the truth and it was shown in the past also as it will come out in the present. It was shown to the whole family then and it will be shown to the whole family again now. But like last time it was "Twisted" by Chachaji will this time it will be revealed and understood fully by the members???

Milk also denotes food of the Gods. It is the first and most important nutritious food. Milk is the elixir of life, given from mother to child and it is pure.  Water is life, purity and fertility but above all Water is known as "Truth". Yes, when a person is been baptized then he/she have to take a dip in the water and not milk because water is the truth. Whereas Milk is associated with "Mother and Children". We have here Khushi pouring water in Daadi's glass of milk and not Naani's, right??? Khushi showing the truth of her son and grandson. Look at the second picture, we have Arnav's refelction while Khushi pours water in the milk. Khushi here portrayed both as past and present. Yes, even 14 years back when Shyam's Sister intruded the wedding then she came to "Expose" ASR's Dad and showed the whole family the truth but did they see it??? No. They didn't. Why??? Because ASR said "Kya pagal ladki hain" and NK said - "Yeh style aacha hain" and Naani said - "Aap ulta kurta pehni ho" and Maami said - "lagta hain brainwa holidays pe hain". WOW. Now this is called "Designing". In a single scene the past and present is weaved in a perfect way. But why all negated Shyam's Sister truth???I'll tell you.

Let touch Thursday episode a bit. Yesterday it was all about how Chachaji set up the "Khichdi" plan. I have already explained in detail in Wednesday's analysis about the past so today I'll briefly touch on that. I guess I have already explained Chachaji's motice was to capture Seesh Mahal and also the property and kingdom, right??? Rememver ASR said - "Indore ka market iss time upcoming hain, realestate mein enter karne ka isse aacha time humhein nehin milega ... isiliye yeh deal crack karne ka isse ... kal ki presentation tum lead karo kyun ki clients ko tum aache se jaante ho ... research pe jyaada dhyaan mat dena ... humare figs aache nehin hain ... unhein facts batao." Shall I break it??? Here we go.

Indore - midway of Delhi and Mumbai which is "Middleman" , which is Chachaji.

Real Estate - Seesh Mahal

Deal - Naming of the babies

Presentation - Meeting with Daadi and ASR's Dad

Clients - Daadi and ASR's Dad and Family

Research - How the other woman was trapped by ASR's Dad

Facts - Babies

Who made ASR signed the papers of Indore Deal??? Yes, Aakash. Wasn't there sarcastic "Good Day" exchanged by both??? Now all of got the Khichdi setup by Chachaji and how he planned the whole confrontation on Anjali's Wedding day??? But there was one mistake he did. In his calculation he didn't visualize that the "Other Woman" is "Principled" and ASR's Mom will commit suicide. But at the end he actually managed to pull off the "Operation" successfully. How???

That night the confrontation happened as per planned but Shyam's Sister showed the "Proof" of how ASR's Dad forced her into the relationship. What did ASR say to Khushi??? "Maine tumhein majboor kiya tha shaadi karne ke liye, tumhari iss mein koi galti nehin hain". Isn't it??? And we all know now that she showed the true picture of ASR's Dad to the family as in the above piture and ASR's Mom couldn't take it further and she crashed. For the family reputation Daadi and ASR's Dad  somewhat agreed to name the babies but the death of ASR's Mom failed the plan of Chachaji and Shyam's Sister had to leave the place. Arnav took the strong decision of against it as we all know but then in this susceptible situation ASR's Dad as by all committed suicide which I still feel was murder or the suicide was instigated by Chachaji but the Maliks still believe it was because of Shyam's Sister. On the other hand it was Chachaji who fed Shyam's Sister against Arnav being the one against naming of the babies and hence the "Revenge" planned years later by Shyam and his Sister. All in all, Chachaji acquired the property and became the KING where as he double crossed all of the parties involved here.

Daadi wanted to name the babies as she said today - "Aur bacche ko unki zaroorat hain", isn't it??? Didn't NK say - "Aapki goli ... I mean aap ki boli kitni sweet hain ... Aap aisi bhashan mujhe sikha sakte hain" ???  with Daadi corrected - "Bhashan nehin bhasha".  Yeah and what was Daadi's Bhasha??? Remember??? It is  - "Humare bte bahu ke cheezon pe tumhari nazar hain". Now Shyam and his Sister have planned to attack Daadi's "Bhasha", Bete bahu ke cheezon - Arnav and Anjali. Interesting, isn't it???  What did Khushi say about Arnav??? "Inhein dil ki nehin deal ki bhasha samajh aati hain". So, do we know the Agra deal??? Shyam's exchanging the baby "Kumars" for naming of his "Nephew". Yes, there you go the future story. For the uninitiated please read my July 18th and 20th analysis, if you want.

I'll touch briefly on the bed breaking scene because that was related to the past. The moment ASR's Mom came to know about the "Illicit" babies the foundation of their wedding "Crumbled" and we saw the bed been broken. Bed is considered to be for "Consummation and married life" and when that breaks down then it's "Over". This is symbolic.  Then followed her "Suicide".

The creative team has started Shyam's entry into Anjali's life 4 years back since yesterday. This was after Thursday's scene when Arnav and Anjali decided to move on with their lives laving the past when Arnav caught Anjali holding on to the past. We have ASR saying - "Tumhein unki performance ek hafta monitor karni hogi and the value of the stocks too". How Shyam had passed ASR's test before getting married to Anjali we need to wait and watch. The unwinding of this track has started.


Before I touch the bed breaking scene again letme explain the "Number Etymology" that the "Creative Team" is using perfectly. Lets see them.

13 days left - Number 13 is "Rebel";  Khushi said 13 din mein sab thik hoga. 13th year ASR entered the "Chakravuyuh" and he was unaware about it at first right???

12 days left - Number 12 is "Govt. Perfection"; ASR vowed he will make Khushi as Mrs. Raizada forever and Khushi said she will not remain Mrs. Raizada and that's because she will be Mrs. Malik.

11 days left - Number 11 is "Imperfection"; We witnessed the "One night stand" between ASR's Dad and other Woman which caused the entire storyline.  

10 days left - Number 10 is "Divine Order, Law"; Shyam's Sister conceived and she rejected the idea of Abortion; in the present ASR tricked Khushi to return to RM on the basis of disclosing the contract to the family.

9 days left - Number 9 is "Judgment"; ASR and Khushi returned to RM.

8 days left - Number 8 is "Repentance, Resurrection, Rebirth, New Beginning"; Daadi entered RM and Khushi threw the "Dirty water" on her blaming her of abortion and she saw the lizard meant the truth coming of her parents' death.

7 days left - Number 7 is "Completion and Spiritual Perfection"; 2 floods will come and cleanse the earth. We have Naani explaining the "Saat Pheres" of a Marriage and it's completion and acceptance in the society; Also love without a name.

6 days left - Number 6 is "Man, Evil, Stigma, love of Money, Sin". The new bed replaced infront of the family and the suitcase arrived. We have Khushi showing the "Truth" of Daadi's both son and grandson to the family.  Shyam's planned entry into Anjali's life 4 years back have also started today.

Now let me touch the main part. Before I start below are the excerpts from my "Blackout" analysis of "Two Worlds" on Apr 19th.

Let's come to my earlier message that I was actually intended to write at first - "Blackout". This scene straight took me to the second episode and also made me realize that first the "Contract Marriage" will be out to the Guptas and then the "Footage" clipping fiasco.

Today again the same indication was given. When Arnav wanted to switch on the AC the society power cable could not even take the "Load". The electrician said - "load badh gayi hain, jab bhi koi nayi machine aata hain, pata inhein hi chalta hai sabse pehle". Yes, "Load" which means the "Blow" that is going to hit the Gupta family pretty soon. When the technicians accused of the walls being old then Garimaji uttered - "nehin nehin deewar pukhta hain, itna vajan le legi" and Buaji said - "suno ghar bhale hi purana hain, leki humri tarha majboot hain'samjheio". The blow of another daughter's marriage is going to hit them pretty soon but they will survive this one too for this time they will be not alone and there will be Arnav beside them. This time also the "Destroyer" will be their "Savior". 

Yes, the society will stigmatize Khushi this time too but the "LOAD" will be taken by Arnav mostly. He will and that is why we saw two different pictures today. They got the blessing to be together for eternity and we saw them crossing the paths as there will be separation inevitably but when the blackout happened we saw both Khushi and Arnav staring at it from inside the house whereas last time it was Khushi alone who had faced the wrath of the society from outside and facing the house.

Arnav married Khushi to save his sister's marriage but in the process he forgot that this is also about the "Dignity" of a girl. A wedding which no one witnessed, no priest conducted it still been accepted by the family and society. So far so good, right. But like I always say "Fate" have it's cruel way of showing what is right and what is wrong. Today the mighty Arnav Singh Raizada is a good man, in love with his girl, Khushi Kumari Gupta, but imagine for a moment if he was an evil man then what would have happened with Khushi's Dignity??? Where would that girl get the strength from??? Who lost her parents at the age of 8 and have no one beside her. The family that laughed off at the broken bed and imagined it the case of worst possible scenario between a man and a woman if tomorrow comes to know that they were never properly married and this was just a "Deal" between them, then what??? Even if ASR and Khushi scream at the top of their voices that they love ach other will ASR be able to prove her Dignity??? Will he be able to answer Garimaji that her adoped daughter is "Pure"??? Even if he says will Garimaji be able to believe that??? Can Khushi prove her innocence to all her "So called" family members??? Is our "Society" so "Nave"??? No. They will RIP the girl's Dignity and question her every single move. This is the "Crude Reality" of the Society.

Didn't I tell earlier that "Reality" always strike when people almost forget it. Khushi and Arnav are aloof in their own world but when they fled and married their "Conscience" knew they are doing the wrong thing, isn't it??? Yes. They knew and this is the reason they couldn't tell the families about the truth of the "Contract Wedding" when it was 10 days left and Arnav came to pick up Khushi at Gupta House, remember??? Yes, Number 10 is "Divine Law" but they covered it up A-gain. Has truth ever been hidden??? No. Never. The time has come when Khushi will show the truth like she did while pouring the water in th milk glass and we saw Arnav's reflection, interesting isn't it??? 6th day morning we saw Arnav received the "Suitcase" as Mr. Raizada and Daadi realized he abandoned his father's name. WOW. Yes, because now the death accident truth of her Parents will come out and when she will be about to leave, ASR will try to stop her but then it will be too late as the contract will be on the verge of ending. Khushi will again have to fight as she is a "Fighter". This is called "DESTINY".

Now, just read above what I said when 12 days left. Khushi said she will not be Mrs. Raizada and I said she will be Mrs. Malik then. Yes, "Blackout" is happening and this time as I mentioned in Apr 19th analysis, that Arnav will be with Khushi and fight against the society and return his Khushi her "Honor". Yes, as I see he will walkout with her this time like he did when Daadi confronted the day she came and they have to because Khushi will return as Mrs. Khushi Arnav Malik after the wedding with all the rituals. 


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For me, today it was all about Arnav...The boy, the man...a tortured soul within, who has no one to share his pain till now...who has built his life on the remains of his dreams..and is now ready to walk through it with his only "happiness". I dedicate my post today to Arnav the boy who lived it through all in the past and is still living in it,though this time, he has a ray of light, his life, his Khushi.

There are three souls who reside in this man. The boy - chotte who lost it all ,
the Man - ASR who conquered it because of his will and brain 
And somewhere in between there is both - Arnav who is healing under the love of his wife and who is content within as his heart is filled with love but is still haunted by his past. 
Allow me to take you through them along with my analysis.


A 14 year old boy whose life resides in his sister, who literally worships her, is finally witnessing her marriage. A beautiful moment, an unforgettable one as his beautiful sister is beaming and is blissfully happy.There is decoration, celebration and a feast all around. He cannot look beyond his sister's angelic face and he wants to prolong this moment of sheer happiness. But that moment turns into the darkest of his life. His parents take that dreaded step which leaves the family in tatters. His sister's dream is shattered, his life crumbled!
He struggles for years to remove those memories, those dark moments from his life. He knows he can never forget it for its etched in his brain, his heart, his subconscious. But he tries his best not to remember them. He removes himself from all emotions, feelings that reside in that tiny, insignificant part of the human body, the heart and he thinks he feels whole again.

The last segment was completely emotional one for me because I could feel this boy's pain, his hurt, his betrayal and his sheer determination to rise again from that rickety existence! 


He is satisfied for he is rich, powerful and successful. He is feared, obeyed. He believes he has got it all and is very content as he doesn't give away to emotions, as he doesnt succumb to that weakness of man called love... or so he thinks. For there comes a girl in his life who makes him realize that feelings don't make a man weak, they make him strong, she makes him realize that its not just brain that reside in human body but also a heart..which always beat when that particular girl was around. He feels what he has denied himself long ago, he starts to smile, to experience that rare emotion which starts to cure him from within. 

And when finally he is ready to break those shackles around his heart and confess to this "weakness", he witnesses the life-shattering "pal" . His Di's only happiness proclaiming love for his woman!
He remembers the other night when something like this happened, he remembers the moment when his and his sister worlds collapsed. But this time, its only his life that crumbles. And he takes an oath of saving his sister's world, he pledges of protecting his "mother" from the man who dared to cheat her again.
So he decides to protect his sister by blackmailing his dream girl to marry him. He makes his life a nightmare so that his di's dreams are kept intact.

I thought I always understood what made Arnav marry khushi in that manner, that haste. But I was wrong. Its today I have got it why he did that. 
That night when he witnessed shyaam proclaming his love for khushi, it was not just shyaam who was doing that. It was his Father doing that to the "other woman", it was his "father" who was cheating on his mother again. An action for which he has suffered a lot till now, an act which influenced his mother to leave her two kids for ever, an act which gave him the deepest of scars that are still raw, still hurting!

For a man who learns from his mistake at the first go, how could he have let shyaam do what his father did to his mother. For him it was all about saving anjali and thus saving himsef. Of course it mattered that it was khushi who was the "other woman" in this case, But at that moment I think it was about his parents again.


Finally the misunderstanding clears and the healing process begins again.
The man is happy with the way things have shaped up. His wife is right where he wants her to be, at his home, with him wholeheartedly. His home again has laughter, happiness and joy. 
More importantly, his wife smiles at him and he winks at her. They laugh together and he enjoys that. He teases her about their suhag raat just to make her nervous, just to scare her a little bit, to see that red nose flaring again! he leaves no opportunity to claim "sadda haq" on her and hold her in plain view of anybody.
He is content!Blissfully happy!

But then, the dark past is again here to remind him of what he had and what he lost. He wants to forget that day but his dadi doesnt let him. He justifies his actions, he claifies that it was what shyaam did to his di, that he had to take an extreme step. That shyaam dared to hurt the one person he cannot let anything happen to. But his dadi is bringing the past before the present. She reminds him of the "decision" he has taken in the past and how wrong he was. She tells him that he has made a mistake in doing what he did and by this, he is not ensuring his di's happiness, in fact quite the opposite. He clearly asserts that his brother-in-law cannot enter his home, a decision that he is sure is correct in the same way as was in the past.

It is here that I saw both, the man and the boy. 
When I saw him today in the initial part of the epi, I was extremely glad. 
A man who believed in handling things directly, is now literally playing games with his wife. Just to ruffle her a little bit. He is teasing her, enjoying her discomfort and leaves no opportunity to pine her to him. He is a man who is happy within, who looks forward to a new day for he wants to see his wife, he wants to dream , to plan a future, to be like a normal happy married man.
And this filled me with so much content myself for he deserves it. Not just he but both of them deserve this happiness, this bliss of love that they have for each other. After what they have gone through, this is the least the life can offer them!

Loved the shot with them standing together with flower petals falling on them..Reminded me of a wedding ritual that takes place the minute the bridegroom and bride put Varmala on each other..I really loved that shot!!Big smile

But in the next moment, again I see the man who is torn between the past and the future. His dadi tells him that we cannot escape the past but we can rebuild the future. For him, how can he ever do that without healing his wounds first.
The torment he goes through when dadi blames his mother to be a coward, the memories he is trying to forget but she is not letting him, the silent plea in his voice as he tells her how hard it was for him to build his life from shambles...It touched me to the core. I cried with him, for the boy, for the man..who carries so much within his heart, who has suffered unimaginable pain till now and is again going to suffer...For past is still buried, just the top layer has been removed. And when it is unleashed, I am scared to think what new scars it will bring in its wake. And how will Arnav along with his strength, khushi, overcome that...

Other things to ponder:


She is still buried in past, she blames Arnav for a decision that he took and she wants to make him understand that he is wrong both the times, then and now.
Why does it look suspicious? Is dadi sent here by shyaam? or by shyaam and anjali together?
Because when Arnav explains why he threw shyaam out, there is not one fleeting expression of shock, hurt or grief. The time she is really shocked is when he tells her he threw the man out. But nothing for the "reason". 
I did not get that. As a dadi, a woman why doesn't she see the "paap" her damadji has done? why doesnt she feel sorry and sad and most of all angry at shyaam for daring to cheat on her gudiya?
Is this because she already has been brainwashed by shyaam? She is here to pave the way for his entry at RM?

Another thing that didn't sit well with me is her persistence in raking up the past at Arnav's face even though he is literally pleading with her to no do it.  As a Dadi, his tears should melt her, but she looks unmoved to me. All that was important at that time is to prove that Arnav is wrong and she is right. That his mother is a coward for ending her own life when her son did exactly the same.
I understood her reasoning of explaining to Arnav about how we cannot leave the past behind, it has to be with us. But what if it is the illusion of the past that she believes in, what if she is not ready to see the actual truth. How can a mirage help to heal the wounds? It will just cause more Confused.


She really loves khushi for the only reaction that she shows at her erratic behavior is concern. She inquires if everything is alright, not once but twice! Sweet.

She wants to balance things, to not break the fragile world of Anjali who has just started restoring it, to somehow avert the disaster that is to follow when dadi learns about shyaam. But how can she stop the storm that Arnav Singh Raizada is when it comes to communicate directly..esp if it has to do with Shyaam and his di. 
She wants to pacify her bachpan ki saheli "Sumi" **Rolls eyes** and fails.

The minute Anjali returns from her mandir yatra, she swiftly enters the den and requests to lay the matter to rest. Her only concern is Anjali should not be a part of this maha yudh that has started to build up. She is unhappy with both Dadi and Arnav for not understanding the circumstances, of not taking into consideration the Janamashtami utsav which is sure to bring smile on Anjali's face.
Her last look to Arnav indicated her displeasure at his stubbornness once again.

I am really very keen to find out about "once again" factor which was the theme in this epi. Dadi kept repeating it and Nani;s look said it all. What did Arnav do, what decision he made all those years ago? I want to know that.


Amazed that I am mentioning her in almost at the end of the post. But today the epi was dominated by Arnav and all his roop and Dadi, Nani. 
She is scared, consicous and totally freaked out about the SR. So much so that she doesnt know if it is glass of milk that she is filling with water, that her dress is worn wrong or that she is making jalebis pe jalebis out of hermisery!

Loved the 1 min dhak-dhak when he pins her on the hallway and her frustration and "I will see u" look when he tries to tease her in the kitchen!

Very little things to ponder:

Anjali is a bad liar and she feels guilty after lying. Not justifying her character, just an observation..

Mami is once again the one who is closest to suspect anything. Will she be the one who will first see Anjali with Shyaam? need to wait and watch.

NK is ever so sweet. Loved how he first tries to see if anyone else has noticed khushi's wardrobe error, then when he realizes no one has, how very politely and in a friendly way points it out to her.


Swati Chitnis ji: 
Your character is not something I am currently sympathetic to but you are an amazing actress. The total poise, the calm but the rigid sternness in your face off with Barun was excellent! Hats off!

Jayshree ji:
Small scenes but effective. You are good at everything you do. Even that guilty face when Arnav looks at you for not telling the whole thing to dadi. Well done.

Sanaya Irani:
Your presence lights up the screen and brings a smile to my face everytime! You are a joy in whatever role you do. Loved you making jalebis again and that "moment" with Arnav. Poor you, he is really scaring khushi.

Barun Sobti: 
Man, Oh will kill me with your acting prowess! 
The happiness at khushi;s discomfort, the anger at dadi;s persistence, her extreme fury and the effort to control it..Wao! Everything just wao!!
What to say more! I am speechless whenever you are on screen!!

Love, Sumi

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Assumptions are the termites of relationships. Henry Winkler

Day 6
Another great episode which rested solely of Arnav/BS acting prowess and he scored a perfect 6 with his brilliant potryal of 14 year old trapped inside the man Arnav is today, The eyes, the stance, the BL & superb voice modulation,,,, Take Salute thy who is worthy of potraying Arnav to its the best...
The episode started with another light opening in the start where khushi nervous against Arnav's word is commiting a blunder in front of the one who doesnt approve her, infact the whole dinning table scene was brilliantly done, where khushi was nervous like old self and Arnav noticing the moment her hands fumbled and the whole family enjoiyed a nervous khushi,
Arnav once agn teasing khushi with something she hasnt anticipated, even though she has accepted arnav and she knows marriage consist a part of physical imtimacy, there is a visible hestiation in Khushi may be its bcz she isnt 100% comfortable in the realationship... something needs to be there to mk here there, assurance desire or something else we will find it in due course,,,
The next scene where anjali avoids mami & arnav both accompaning her to temple and whole guilty sigh  and the averted eyes once agn mk you believe she is doing something which isnt making her comfortable, sumthing which will be detrimental in the future of Love
and then came the faceoff, Two Powerful Ppl, Two Scions of the family, Two Conflicting views,  The Past & The Present,,,
In one of the most direct ways dadi asked nani abt the missing SIL, and in the most direct  ways Arnav replied to her, That the SIL will be nvr a part of the family agn bcz he has cheated and let it be the final decision, Dadi doesnt take it, She is the matriach of the family and she doesnt agree to fatherless growing yp of children so she heads to Arnavs,
She tells him, I see u hv grown up and learnt the ways to the world, you are no longer a child who loved me respected me and took my word( emotional)
He calmly replies, Life taeches a lot of bitter lesson, n this being one of them to take care of my family I hv learnt the hard way when all my near ones left us on the fate n went away (mother father & grandmother,,, the closet of Kin abondining two young kids, one of them on the verge of altar, left to deal with the double blow of cheating abondment)
She agn questions him, how do u think will you protect ur pregnant sister by throwing her husband out, how will you protect a child from a fatherless existence,  will you throw him at the same fate as yours, He replies I was left alone bcz my father committed suicide and before that he forced my mother too,,,, he forced her for suicide too,,,, meaning it was not the pain of one abondonment but multiple where he says mother n than father and then family who this young lad trusted, who were a part of his existence,
Dadi replies, you mother was a weak women, who didnt know how to be strong, tie a family take care of kids and family,,,, once agn Dadi has assumed that the DIL was weak, without realising the effects of this powerful statement on a young child, on man who was left alone on a night where happiness surrounded the world and suddenly cloaked into the misery...
He once agn says that Dadi meri ma,,, control himself, turns around visiblly reigns himself diue to the relation, the age and the respect he has for dadi, agn says no body talks like that for my mother, not even you, much I respect you, i will not allow you to tarnish my loved one( same stance he took with Shyam)
She tells him once ur once agn on the wrong side, once agn ur protecting the wrong person and punish the innocent u did that years back and once agn u are doing that
He visible looses himself and says stop it why do u do it, why you keep draggin the past ahead of us , why do not let us move, with great diff we hv gathered ourselves and move ahead
Dadi says I do not wana you to repeat the same mistake
he says that time dad was fault that time n today it shyam, he did the same mistake( betryal)..
N shaym will never come back in this house,,,
This whole scene was epic in terms for performace, and dialouge but also in terms of past, A past where Arnav who was left alone to face his demons by his loved one, a reticent child who never spoke much and held evrything inside him, tormenting him, the very hands which could hv soothed him, absent, the mother who was dead, the grandmother who left, He who has let his pain alive buried in the depths of his soul with the fear that his loved one will leave him, he who has erected the walls arnd his heart so that no one comes close to him, he has never let him grow from that moment,, he has stuck himself there, in love in betryal
Dadi who could hv been the soothing hands for a motherless child and a hurt grandson, who culd hv been a guiding light to string back the famly, the one who culd hv been there to teach them the life important lesson of let go is once agn forcing them to take life as she views them
Arnav the other day refrenced Khushi that" Dadi is always like that, she views things as per her angle and those who do not view them her way are wrong" so this stands correct with Arnav and the missing SIL but Arnav got a view of a diff life with khushi entering in his life once agn we see Khushi has entered Dadis life too due to arnav & her Realtion, will she be able to rectify her vision too...
We saw a Arnav who has always assumed his mother was correct, and now he has assumed his siter will stand by him, the day he passed judgement without solid proofs for his sister and he has assumed that he protected her, this very sister is doing something which mite kill him, with the results
Anjali has assumed her husband shyam who has displayed a picture perfect persona is the perfect man husband without realising that he is cheating her on evrystep and
& a dadi who hasnt got all the facts just that his grandaughter has been married to a man and he cheated yet bcz of the child she needs the husband, how contridictory is her whole stance here bcz one end she says that DIL was a weak women who chose death as she could deal with ugliness of life at the same time she wants the ugliest scumbug SIL in her granddaughter life bck bcz the child is involved, if she feels that DIL shud hv taken care of her children n not commited suicide so shudnt Anjali take care of the child wo Shyam???, wouldnt that make better.
Once agn I realised the characters are strong and epic but they do accept the simple truth o fa realtionship that, loved one can also mk mistake, jus bcz we love them doesnt garuntee their correctness, the past however bitter must be dealt and standing by your loved ones is the the biggest test of love... and that my friends is the story of
ISS pyaar ko kya naam doon,,,,
I loved the khushi sanka devi form
A lover in arnav anticipating the joy of love with his partner,
A shy scred Khushi who is to ancipating love in her own way. 7 phere, 7 vachan
The nani dadi equation
Dedication to Arnav Singh Raizada

Love is the whole and more than all.       ----- E E Cummings


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Im usually a silent reader on Redux.. but i thought i would add a couple of thoughts if thats ok Embarrassed

I for one loved todays episode!

Best moments.

- Arnav teasing khushi is so hilarious.. i just love how he constantly makes khushi so nervous.. Im glad there relationship is reaching a point where both of them are comfortable with one another..

- Dadi is epic.. As much as her hand signals annoys me she is actually a brilliant character.. yes she is brutal and blunt but i love her impact on other people... she seems to be a very strong character and is opening all the loops that RM tried to close up. (Shyam/ arnavs past) .. Her presence impacts everyone in the house Clap

- Payal and khushi bond is coming back! .. Im so glad cv's have made payal a bit more important.. i loved how she is becoming happier and part of Rm.

- i dont know about you but in the beginning of the scene i loved how everyone was eating breakfast together.. reminded me of the old ippkknd days.. ( I also loved the shot of Arnav,Nk and Aakash looking at khushi) LOL

- Another past revelation happened today.. Arnav's dad commited suicide too.. i love how cv's are slowly putting in small revelations in each episode this week Clap

- Mamiji getting suspicious of anjali is leading to shyams comeback.. Arnav doubted his sister yesterday and khushi has seen been confused too.. slowly Anjali's deception will come out !

- Loved the Dadi and Arnav face off.. They are very strong characters and their clashes are becoming more frequent and is having a massive impact on Arnav.. Arnav already has cried on khushi's shoulder on wednesday .. Could we expect khushi to comfort him on monday? Smile


I have to say this past week has been very consistent.. theres been a balance of humour,intensity,drama,suspence and laughter is every episode.

Loved every episode this week.. this tight storyline  mixed in with some dadi spice is exactly the right formula to gain high Trp's

Well done Cv's Thumbs Up

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