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Posted: 11 August 2012 at 9:32am | IP Logged

So, considering the pre-cap what is going to happen to the room mate situation?  Will they now start living in separate rooms?

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Originally posted by InduG64

@Sadiie: Where are the monkies?Unhappy 
 Aarti, a stalker and a would-be rapistShocked LOL Plus a psycho..as per Red. Poor, poor Yashbabu...he might as well sing...jayen to jayen kahan; samjhe na, koi mera, dard yahan; jayen to jayen kahan...Tongue
Monkeys are on Vacation, I introduced a cat in my take instead LOL
Idk the way she was staring at Yash, like she's about to eat him up. No wonder he was so uncomfortable..
@Bold - Translation please LOL

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Dear All,

I have been a silent reader of the DC threads for quite a while now...and it has been an awesome experience reading everyone's takes - thought-provoking, enriching, fascinating, not to mention the downright funny and sarcastic!...if enjoying PV was a shocker for someone who is a self professed critic of all Indian serials - spending hours reading [and enjoying Shocked!] reviews of an Indian serial takes the cake!!...if watching PV is eating vanilla softy ice cream, reading DC discussions & takes is like the hot chocolate sauce and the walnut and almond sprinkles on top Big smile!!...yeah, I can eat the ice cream by itself - but the sauce and the nuts make it extra special Tongue...wanted to thank you all for flavouring my ice cream Wink

Till date I have been satisfied with just reading all the discussions...didn't really feel the need to participate...coz more often than not, my thoughts would be covered somewhere in someone's post...and the rare few moments when it was not - I choose to let it go...but today I couldn't contain myself...I waited enough for someone to bring it up and none did Shocked! - so I just had to throw in my two cents worth - about the sand heart scene...coz I found it fascinating that it provided me an uncannily excellent synopsis of Arya's journey so far...

Both Yash and Aarti start the walk together...in the direction of the kids - towards the kids or shall I say for the kids...just like how they started this punar vivah - it was completely for the kids and not for them...

Then they stop to look at the kids...it was interesting to see Aarti had eyes only for the kids whereas Yash was staring into the horizon and it is Aarti stopping to look at the kids that shifts his attention to them...I always felt, from the very beginning, that Yash got married only so he can hand over the responsibility of his daughters to somebody else so he can completely wallow in his Arpita memories...everything else in his life he could do on auto pilot - his work, interactions with the other family members etc., but he couldn't be so with his girls - they pulled him to live their life with them and being the conscientious person he is he couldn't wash his hands off of what he knew was his duty - so the punar vivah solved his problem coz he now could happily and rightfully hand the baton over to Aarti and retire from the race...but the very person whom he thought would absolve him of his responsibility towards his daughters drew him to be an active part of their life - not just in getting them ready for school - but in the fun parts as well - like playing with the water hose, impromptu games like Chinese whisper, dog n bones etc...an interesting but related aside, while Aarti was completely turned, facing the kids, Yash was only half turned - half of him was still pointing towards the horizon!

Now that Aarti has successfully turned his attention [even if only momentarily] from Arpita to the kids he realizes that he actually enjoys it - he has a smile on his face seeing them play with the sand...which I felt was indicative of the current Yash - he is actually a lot more involved in the kids' life these days and is happy with it coz they bring a lil sunshine into the dark room his life has become...evidenced by the arm wrestling game this morning that was NOT initiated by Aarti...it was just between the kids and him...

Now Aarti who has satisfied herself that the kids - all three of them - are doing ok - happy, occupied and at peace - doing what kids should do - 'be kids'...she sees that they don't need her immediate attention, presence or help...she sorta involuntarily turns to Yash - kinda wondering what sort of guy he is etc...when she discovers the heart...I felt it was beautiful that the heart was just there - none of the characters in PV had a hand in drawing it - it was neither Aarti nor Yash who created it - it was not even the kids' doing...it was not planned by anybody in any way...it was just there to be discovered...and Aarti does just that...and it makes her smile and laugh - just plain happiness...and just like in the story up till now she is satisfied with hoarding it for herself and enjoying the light hearted feeling it gives birth to...she doesn't in any way try to get Yash to notice it too...

Yash who is occupied with the happiness on his kids' face finds his attention distracted suddenly by Aarti's laughter and overt display of happiness… joy even...and since he is not as blind as a bat [unlike my worry that the CVs wanted us to believe exactly that - ever since I saw the bangle scene and all the Aarya scenes that followed - I guess I owe them an apology!] he wants to know why she was laughing...and she shows him the reason...another interesting aside, even as Yash was looking at the kids and Aarti was looking at him, although it looked like his complete attention was on the kids he was in a way aware of Aarti looking at him, evidenced by him shoving both his hands into his pockets, usually a sign of discomfort - a defensive gesture...and he has his hand in his pocket only when Aarti is looking at him, when she shifts her attention to the kids the hands come right out!

Yash who has involuntarily walked into the heart having followed Aarti in walking towards the kids and stopping to see them play - shall I say 'realizes' where he is standing, thanks to Aarti pointing it out to him...although he was standing inside it, he was not conscious about it - as in, his mind didn't know it...which I feel is a beautiful depiction of the status quo between Aarti and Yash right now...I personally think that Yash does not "love" Aarti yet or even in "love" with her - but he most definitely has started having feelings towards her - maybe taken just the first few steps on a thousand mile journey - but he still has taken it...but all of this is in his heart...and his heart having played truant with his mind - in a conscious level he is cool coz his mind thinks the parameters of his relationship with Aarti haven't changed since day 1...giving him, shall I say "permission" to be with her...

Now that his conscious mind has been made aware of exactly where he is standing – more importantly, where both he and Aarti are standing - his first reaction is that of shock – then he turns to Aarti sorta hoping she would be shocked and uncomfortable too, as she used to be in the early days - but he sees her being absolutely cool about it...which displeases him or rather his 'mind' and he walks away from there...which I feel is how the precap will play out...Aarti declares her love to him...he is shocked at first and then displeased...but [I think] he won't go ballistic as so many of you think he will...simply coz he can't - if it was a few months back he would have happily played his rudra avatar since his mind and heart would have been in sync and he would have blasted Aarti in the blink of an eye - but he would find now that there is a strange and completely unexpected tussle going on inside of him - between his mind and his heart - leaving him all confused and disoriented and his first priority would be sort that out...Aarti having rocked the boat, he would first focus on getting his balance before retaliating...he would probably just walk away - just like he walks away from the sand heart - choosing not to address Aarti's declaration coz he wants to figure out everything in his mind, even to figure out how things got so out of hand and he was not even aware of it!...

Having stepped out of the heart, he goes straight to the kids - sorta like his mind declaring that this PV has always been about the kids and it should remain so...but what does he find?...the kids are happy even without him!...it was interesting for me to see that when Yash went to the kids, he placed his hands on both Ansh and Palak and neither turned towards him! - both were just that completely preoccupied in their respective sand castle that they didn't need Yash right then...that throws Yash completely off coz he doesn't know what to do - so he turns to Ansh - as if to tell Aarti - see this was all about the kids - I don't like that you are changing the parameters - see I am doing my part - being a dad to Ansh...so you stick to yours - be a mother to Palak and Payal - and letz rock the boat no more...

But Aarti stays within the heart - Oh she heard Yash alright, but she is not changing her position - metaphorically and physically...she is in love...but she is not expecting Yash to change - she doesn't in any way try to stop Yash from going out of the sand heart nor does she try to bring Yash back into the heart...and the fact that Yash walked out didn't exactly devastate her...she was still smiling...coz she was still very much happily in love and Yash's reaction doesn't change that Tongue

My thoughts on the precap - in one particular aspect I am happy Aarti confesses her love for Yash...a while back when they showed Aarti saving Yash from the floods - the morning when she brings him back and she serves him breakfast, she keeps staring at him and Yash is completely unaware of her feelings for him...and that sorta made me squirm...coz I felt it was creepy that she keeps looking at him like that and he doesn't know!! - if I were Yash and Aarti was going to keep checking me out like that I would WANT to know - that her feelings have changed and that they were no longer platonic like I was still believing they were - else it would be just plain [yes again] creepy!...having heard from her I can choose to react in any way I want - go  crazy, scream at her, call her names, go silent, go into shock, think how hot am I she fell for me Wink - anything...that is up to me - but I would definitely want to know that things have changed - coz it levels the playing field - else like I said already it is way too creepy and totally unfair...

Apart from this observation I wouldn't go so far as to say whether it is right or wrong for Aarti to declare her love to Yash, even though I believe it was completely involuntary...all I do know is that if I were her or for that matter, if I were the CVs of PV I so wouldn't have done it - simply coz it scares the living day lights out of me! - declaring Aarti's love to Yash is like taking a late afternoon picnic on top of a volcano that is spewing ash by the buckets and is predicted to erupt at 3:30 that very afternoon!!...that guy is one loose cannon! Confused...boy, I so definitely wouldn't do it!!...but that is exactly why I am so looking forward to see how the CVs handle it...its kinda like I so wouldn't on my own drive through peak traffic on a Harley Davidson @ 100 km...given I always drive my scooty within the 40 km speed limit!...but if I 'trusted' a Grand Prix winner on a Harley Davidson, I would like to go along on the pillion ride - one has to admit, it sounds like a thrilling experience...and in this particular case I would like to take that ride with PV CVs coz they haven't let me down so far Smile...but I still am wearing my helmet coz one never knows - what if they pulled an Aarti on me! LOL


That was way longer than I initially intended Shocked!...I guess that was me over compensating for the months of silence!! ROFL

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DMKJ_VB IF-Rockerz

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@ yourztruly- that was terrific. pls don't remain silent now onwards.Tongue

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Awesome Write UpBig smile

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Posted: 11 August 2012 at 10:28am | IP Logged
Originally posted by redeye2012

@...Sadiie...: I saw you wrote two takes. Bravo!  And we both seem to have some choice words for Aarti as @Indu pointed out..Cover for me as I'll cover for you...LOL
Well the first one surely annoyed some people, decided to write another one to make my points more clear.
ROFL Sure I'll cover for youLOL

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@Yourztruly; That is one fantastic post! It is true, that heart scene was very symbolic and represented the AarYa relationship as it stands. I had similar thoughts but nowhere near the depth you explored! See? This is why you must not be silent any more.

I loved your break down of the whole scene with regards to past, present and future, but especially loved your discussion of Yash and the kids. I completely agree that he wanted to make sure his kids were taken care of so he could retreat to Arpita-land full time. But Aarti turned out to be so much more, making him aware that he was an integral part of his kids' life rather than just a figure head.

Yash seems to be a creature of habit. Once he settles into a routine, or a way of life he likes to stick to it. Arpita fit into that perfectly, with her prasad every day and their annual Mumbai trips, but Aari is different. First she made him aware of his kids' needs and just when he got comfortable in that routine, she is springing this new truth on him for him to deal with. I can't really argue for how much this is doing on purpose and how much is unintentional, but she is keeping him firmly in the present with new challenges every day.

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So far everything has been contradictory in Punar Vivah. In most serials we see the man falling in love first hard and then confessing their feeling. But I wonder why they changed it around. We know its not the typical love story but still. In future I really want to see Yash pursue Aarti and not the other way around. I feel bad for Aarti she never gets the to be given the importance she deserves.

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