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Allbut1 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 August 2012 at 4:53am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Charishma

Hopefully Yash doesn't get too mean. Maybe if the kids are there too, then maybe they'll step in and start echoing it (like they like to) or something. I have a feeling any confrontation they have might be a little delayed. Which is good. Yash will have some time to think before he goes ballistic in a reflexive action.
Maybe he will calmly tell her he can't feel the same way. And that'll be that.
I don't want another "you're not Arpita" speech. For the love of all that is good and kind, please noooD'oh

This is exactly what I am hoping for as well! If she does indeed confess to him, I don't want him to completely blast her like he did the last time during Palak's birthday fiasco! The excuse of kids and them being in a public place is non withstanding because these two factors were present the last time as well and that did nothing to deter him! I just have my fingers crossed that because he is in a much stable condition (mentally) today than he was back then, he thinks twice about how his reaction to this should be! And if this confrontation gets just a little bit delayed, I am sure it will be dealt with maturely! Because the thing with Yash is that he is very, very quick to lose cool and ends up throwing extremely hurtful words around when he is in that zone, but when he gets the chance to actually process and think about the situation a little bit he is able to deal with it much more rationally and with a cool head! I really just want him to tell her in a no nonsense way that he is still standing strong on his previous belief that he can't love anyone other than Arpita and she should not have any expectations from him, not now not ever!

And even though Aarti is holding no false notions about their relationship, this statement in the face of her confession will sting and this is necessary for her to backtrack a little and face the reality of the situation she is in! She needs to realize that she can't make Yash fall in love with her on a deadline, that this needs to come naturally and hopefully this will make her pull away a bit and give him the breathing room he needs to completely come out of his past! But even though it might be easy for Yash to say all that verbally, it will leave him in an extremely tough position mentally and emotionally because this will actually raise the expectations he might have even from himself. So yeah, Yash will be going through some tough times ahead, but it will be satisfying because they will be courtesy of Aarti LOL

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jyoti06 Channel Moderator

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Posted: 11 August 2012 at 4:56am | IP Logged
@Maham : Since last night , I just cant get enough of the 2 secs precap and your take on the precap makes it all the more interesting to me now and I so dont want it to b a dream sequence or anything misleading EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...
U know what I loved the most was Yash's transition in the precap in just those 2 secs .. from that smile to sudden shock and dilemma on his face when she says those 3 words .. how quickly he changed those expressions ...ClapClap...
I agree about that smile too .. what a pleasant shock there .. it was such a positive awww type smile that if I was in Aarti's place ,I would hv gone for a sudden ILU too LOL .. how can Aarti resist such a adorable guy with such vibrant positive smile EmbarrassedEmbarrassed... I can see from Aarti's expressions that she just could not resist him that time ... KS was equally brillaint there as her expressions made it all the more clear that she was completely blown away with his smile Embarrassed... It really makes me curious that what actually resulted in that smile .. what did Aarti say so funny that Yash Scindia could not stop his smile ShockedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...
Aahhh when is monday arriving AngryLOLLOL...and this time I really dont want SBB or SBS to spoil the moment for me AngryLOL

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Strawbella IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 August 2012 at 5:06am | IP Logged
Hey sorry all Lyrics for the song on the way am sure u will like itSmile

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Charishma Goldie

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Posted: 11 August 2012 at 5:09am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Allbut1

She needs to realize that she can't make Yash fall in love with her on a deadline, that this needs to come naturally and hopefully this will make her pull away a bit and give him the breathing room he needs to completely come out of his past!

On second thought, the G3 imposed deadline probably isn't as harmful as I first thought. What if she confesses, they deal with it, they go back home, and then someone in the house (they all seem to be in on it) lets him know about G3's deadline? Will he question Aarti's motives? I would love to see him be taken aback by something like that.
He'll think to himself: "Why should I care if its fake or not?" But he will care.
Man, I'm insane. I doubt this will happen. I'd love it to, but yeah, PV always manages to shock me.

*Edit: I would love it, if after her I love you, Aarti just laughs at the shocked look on his face, and tells him to chill out. That his virtue is safe with her, and that she said it simply because it felt right. I would love it if she didn't give him the chance to freak out. So in one breath she says she loves him, but in the other sort of removes the awkward charged-like atmosphere that will come with it. And then she should just get up and go find the kidsLOL. Just cool as a cucumber. Star

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Strawbella IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 August 2012 at 5:16am | IP Logged


 Kadhal kavithaigal padithidum neram, idhazhoram
ini kaaman kalaigalil pirandhidum raagam, pudhu mogam
i see all ragas and songs on ur eyes and lips
Idhayamm idam marum,  Ilamaii parimarum
Heart changes brings back youth
Amudhum vazhindhodum, azhagil kalandhaada
  Sweet memories are filled and i endear with ur beauty  
idham tharum...Kaadhal
(... kavithaigal padithidum neram, idhazhoram
ini kaaman kalaigalil pirandhidum raagam, pudhu mogam
Idhayamm idam marum,  Ilamaii parimarum
Amudhumm vazhindhodum, azhagill kalandhaada [SAME AS ABOVE] [2] 
kaiveesidum thendral...kan moodidum minnal
with bare hands breeze and lightning
idhu kanniyo..kaviyo..amudho..silai azhago
Hey virgin are u sweet

 Pan paadidum sandham...un naavinil sindhum
The sweet sandal i feel through ur tounge
adhu mazhaiyo...punalo.. nadhiyo .. kalai azhago
Is that rain or river artistic beauty

 Megam ondru naeril ingu vaazhtha vanthathadi
Acloud that i cant see which comes earth
Dhaagam konda bhoomi nenjil serthu kondathadi
which feels thirsty earth.

Idhu thodarum, valarum, malarum 
This should continue,blossom,grow
ini kanavum, ninaivum, unnaiyae
Both dream and reality is with u from now

 thodarnthidum..kaadhal kavithaigal padithidum neram ..idhazhoram
Love stories should continue 
Daily i read love stories

ini kaaman kalaigalil pirandhidum raagam, pudhu mogam 
(m) Idhayamm idam marum,  Ilamaii parimarum
Heart interchanges
(f) Amudhum vazhindhodum, azhagil kalandhaada
Sweet overflows and dwells in soul

(m) Idham tharum..
Brings nice feeling
Kadhal kavithaigal padithidum neram..[2]

Poomaalaigal konjum...paamaalaigal kenjum
All garlands will endear u
unai manadhaal, ninaithaal, anaithaal, adhu inimai
If i think by ur mind if i hug u both are sweet

 Thoal sernthidum gangai... sevvazhaiyin thangai
Water giving Ganga and sweet sister
enai oru naal, palanaal, thodarndhaal adhu pudhumai
all should continue from today

 Kovillukul aetri-vaitha dheepam allavo?!
Is she a light on temple
Kaadhaluku kaathiruntha kaatchi thandhadho?!
Is she a one longing for love??

 Ini varuvai, tharuvai, malarvai..
Wiil u come,give and blossom
enai uyiraai, uravaai, thodarvaai
Will u continue as my soul and breathe??
dhinam dhinam kaadhal kavithaigal padidhidum neram
 idhazhoram.. ini kaaman kalaigalil piranthidum raagam, pudhu mogam
i see all ragas and songs on ur eyes and lips
 idhayam idam marum..ilamaii parimaarum
Heart changes brings back youth
 Amudhum vazhindhodum, azhagil kalandhaada
Sweet memories are filled and i endear with ur beauty

 idham tharum.. kaadhal kavithaigal padidhidum neram
 idhazhoram.. ini kaaman kalaigalil piranthidum raagam
pudhu mogam[Same as above]

Please share ur feed backs without failTongue

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redeye2012 Goldie

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Posted: 11 August 2012 at 5:30am | IP Logged
@Sam: I think your frustration is misplaced. My comments have nothing to do with the confession at all!  

The confession is part of the precap, which is suspect any way. It may not play out that way at all or it may. And anything I say about the rejection stems from the assumption that an overt confession has been made. But we will cross the bridge when we come to it. 

What I talk of and having been so in all my posts is about revealing her feelings (as opposed to verbal confession). Her behavior - her staring, her pointed glances at the lover couple etc. (not to repeat myself either), she doesn't feel the need to hide them, even as she sees Yash's obvious discomfort.  That's what I mean. It is not a spur of the moment reaction like the love confession. She's watching him, thinking about him, and that's all there is in her mind, and nothing else. So, my own discomfort with Aarti's actions comes from the question- why is she railroading Yash even as she sees his visible discomfort?

And it is her own fault that she chose to take care of all the problems herself and if she feels  under pressure so be it. She has yet to treat Yash as an adult. And when she treats him like an equal and not as a child cum patient, is when she can really get through.  

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-Deepzz- Moderator

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Posted: 11 August 2012 at 5:32am | IP Logged
I was preparing for my 10th boards when this movie Gopura Vasalile was released...and Karthik was my crush then LOL  ... My mom did not let me watch it until my school was over...and by that time movie was not there in theaters any more... I did not talk to her for 3 weeks coz i was so angry with her..Finally I saw it when the video was released after a long time. 

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angake IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 August 2012 at 5:35am | IP Logged

@ Maham, that was beautiful. I mean you actually elaborated on a pre-cap. I loved it. And I went ditto on everything you said. I too was horrified when I first saw the pre-cap. Whatever way it goes ie wether the pre-cap is true or not, I think we are in for some exciting moments. 

@All, Fantastic discussions guys,  that really got me thinking. I swear if I had such thinking capabilities to analyze when I was in school or college I would have been so much better of today. LOL

One of the questions that immediately came to my mind after I watched the pre-cap and then after reading many posts here is : Is Aarti being fair on Yash if she confesses and tells him I love you but I don't want your love? I am going to try and look at it from both these characters point of view.


- He has been in an emotional limbo for 4 years. He has very well managed to build a wall around him that no one can penetrate and only a few have access to ie is his kids. 

- Is he capable of completely shutting Aarti out after hearing the confession? Yes, that is if he doesn't care for her and see her only in the role of a mother for his children. But can he keep himself aloof if he didn't care for her. Absolutely not! Because everything she does or doesn't do is now in his conscious awareness. 

- Is there a time limit to when he will be ready to come out of his stupor. If there was then all the family members would have waited until that time limit elapsed to get him re-married. 

- Will her confession be too much of a burden on him especially when he feels he cannot reciprocate? Could be. But what is wrong with that especially if it gets him to introspect and analyze ? If he was totally unaffected by Aarti I get it. He would feel horrible thinking that she loves him but he cannot. But he does have feelings for her and what is wrong if he was made to think about those feelings. 


- If she confesses, isn't she putting Yash in a difficult situation? Yes she is but then the opposite is true too. If she doesn't confess aren't we asking her to be in a difficult situation for God alone knows how long it takes Yash to come out of his illusions? 

- Aren't we asking her too much to keep all her emotions curbed just because it will be too much of a burden on Yash at this point. So, she has to check herself every time she interacts with Yash. When you are in love it is very difficult to keep it hidden from your eyes. But she will have to make that extra effort to make sure that he is not aware that she is in love. Aren't we asking her too much just because Yash is afraid to face the changing dynamics of this relationship? 

- Aarti in her earlier marriage probably had to curb her emotions because once Prashant got into a relationship with Naida he probably didn't want to face Aarti's emotions. If Aarti keeps her love from Yash, she is asked to do the same once again, keep her emotions from her husband whom she loves. How can she live like that? She is a strong woman but isn't there some limitation to her strength? 

Pre-Cap: I am fine with Yash rejecting her. But at least it will get him thinking.

The Scindia family :

People around Yash have feelings too and that all this while everyone has indulged him and has given him time to come to terms with his loss. They have given him time to heal. Not anymore. If he is in pain so are the others around him. When you love someone it is very hard to sit and watch and wait, hoping that someday they will get better.  I hate G3's deadlines but I see where she is coming from. As for Aarti remembering G3, I think instead of the deadline what she remembers or what comes to her mind is the emotions behind these deadlines. And it is that what gets to her because she herself feels the same even though she has known Yash only for a short while.

I knew someone very dear who was suffering from cancer. She refused to go through treatment. We tried our best to make her aware that she has more than 50% of chance for a wonderful life after the treatment and it is worth taking that risk. But she refused because she was scared. And watching her die a slow death was the most painful thing for her family who felt helpless and guilty they were not able to do anything. I see the SCindia family in the same light but especially Aarti. She loves Yash. It is probably killing her seeing him morose and living a dead life and wanting to heal him however way possible, I don't see it as a crime.  Her confession (if it is true) comes in a moment of pure unadulterated joyful moment of watching Yash embrace life with happiness). Yash is old enough to handle her confession in whichever way he wants and Aarti is old enough to face whatever the consequence maybe. 

Also completely random, I have to wonder has Aarti ever seen Yash laugh so beautifully with no pain in his eyes. No wonder how he is always drawn to Aarti when he sees her laugh with abandonment. 

Sorry, this really did get much longer than I expected. Embarrassed I'll be surprised if any of you get through this. LOL

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