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Credit for this gorgeous alternate banner goes to Maham (Allbut1)!

Paridi Acting Lie Vs Aarti's Divorcee Lie Ouch
I think Paridi's lie and Aarti's lie r going to sort of inter-relate in future and thats why this nonstop comparisons r shown where all of a sudden Daddy Scindia and Gayatri r developing blind trust on Aarti Ouch...
It will turn out that Aarti's lie about her divorcee status is much more bigger than Paridi's lie because in Paridi's case at least she is truthful to her own hubby about her working in a TV show whereas in Aarti's case even Yash is not aware of her divorcee truth Ouch...
I get a feeling when Paridi's lie will come out in front of entire family and all will blast her , that time Bua is going to throw a bomb regarding Aarti's divorcee status lie from somewhere and tell everyone look how all had blind trust on Aarti and her honest nature but she has hidden the biggest truth not only from the family but also from her own husband Ouch...
Thats why I want Aarti to get some thoughts about her past and mayb take a decision to tell the truth at least to Yash now that she has fallen in love with him and its no more a relationship just for the sake of kids Smile... If Yash is made aware of the truth , then in future even if it comes out in front of all , she will at least hv Yash on her side like how Paridi has always kept Pratik in the loop for her every act  Ermm

Episode Analysis
Wowww more than the Episode , The precap left me in shock ShockedShocked...So today I m going to do my analysis in reverse order starting from the precap ... I dont think in my 12 yrs of serial experience , I hv ever witnessed such a unpredictable precap where I almost spilled my water while watching it ShockedShockedShocked  ; I mean mostly we do get hints from various SBB/SBS segments about all the twist and turns , and we remain mentally prepared for it but wowww CVs actuallly gave us a 200 volts ka jhatka by giving no indication that such a precap is on the way ShockedShocked...Aarti and Yash laughing  in the precpa was still fine  as we know its coming and Yash will start smiling soon but Aarti's sudden "I love u Yash ji"  was so not expected ShockedShocked..For me thats today's woman .. Bold and Bindaas ClapClapClapClap..Take a Bow Aarti Scindia StarStarStarStar...
Lets talk about the most shocking precap first ...Aarti actually succeeds in engaging Yash's mind with real thoughts and bring him out of the abstract world of Arpita with her Love confession Smile
Precap is not a dream because thursday's precap where Gayatri tells Daddy Scindia that Aarti is bringing my hasta khelta beta back is already shown Big smile... And in today's precap we saw Yash is actually laughing his heart out on beach along with Aarti ... so its obviously not a dream because after this scene , Aarti will inform the same to Gayatri which we saw in thursday precap and which is yet to come .. right Embarrassed
Now coming to Aarti suddenly saying ILU to Yash .. this I feel was Aarti testing out Yash's reaction so that she can know whether Yash really moved on in life or not and whether he is actually ready to accept her in his life or not Wink... But the moment Aarti said those words to Yash , she saw he became all serious and went back to his depression state Ouch...So Aarti now will b sure that Yash can become the old Yash again only if she becomes his best friend but never confesses her feelings to him or else he will go back in depression Ouch...
After checking out his reaction , Aarti might twist her words and tell Yash that she was only joking because initially when both Yash and Aarti r smiling together , it looked as if they r smiling after a series of jokes , so Aarti can easily turn her ILU into a joke too just to make sure Yash's smile never fades away Embarrassed... I dont think Yash will blast Aarti or anything because remember thursday's precap Wink ... so Aarti had to succeed in making Yash smile or else how can she call Gayatri and give her the good news which was already shown in thursday's precap Big smileBig smile...
So Aarti might just twist her ILU into a joke Ouch even though I will want her to b bold enough and declare her love by saying these dialogues to Yash  ...I want Aarti to say " I love u .. but  I m not forcing anything on u .. u dont need to love me .. I m fine loving u forever , even if u dont love me in this lifetime ... your choice .. but I cannot play this hide and seek game with u anymore ... so no more games ... let me face the truth and tell u what I feel .. u can just choose to ignore it  but plss dont ever stop smiling " EmbarrassedEmbarrassed. Embarrassed

Whether Aarti twists her ILU into a joke or boldly declares it  , but her confession and that too in such direct tone will certainly  move the story ahead from here on Tongue... Yash will b aware of the fact that Aarti definitely have some feelings for him Embarrassed .. So he wont b too insensitive towards her gestures and nor will he do Arpita jaap anymore Smile...
Also I feel this confession will actually give a rough idea of the promo that had come out last week where Yash is alone standing in one frame and saying noone can come in my life again and outside that frame Aarti is standing waiting for Yash to come out of the old frame and join her in a new frame but is not forcing him to come out Embarrassed .. Promo was shot on the beach itself Embarrassed... So I dont think Yash will blast Aarti but he might  just say noone can come in my life again  in a polite tone and just move away  which will complete the promo  and finally Aarti's bubbles will burst at the end of this Mumbai track Cry...Mayb thats why throughout the Mumbai  track , those bubbles kept appearing around Aarti  as they were symbolic and bursts in the end of Mumbai track Ouch...
I dont think after this confession Aarti will make any more efforts  .. Now the journey of Yash discovering his own self will start  .. Aarti has given the much needed  jerk and push in his life .. She has made him realise that love can happen again like she fell for him again ... now its his turn to rediscover himself .. whether he can love again or cannot love again , depends on him whose decision he will take from here on  .. Smile
Aarti's  declaration of love and at the same time if she says that "no problem if u cannot love me , mayb u can  take my confession like a joke " LOL, will actually put Yash in a fix because he wont b able to blast her either as Aarti will not force him to love her but will only confess her feelings  which will make her honest and matured whereas Yash will b left all alone wondering what reply should I give to this gem of a woman who is ready to love me unconditionally and in return wants nothing  EmbarrassedEmbarrassed..This might just begin Yash's realisation which I m sure  will b beautiful since Aarti's confession will make Yash start thinking about Aarti as a woman now leaving behind Arpita's thoughts because now Yash's mind will b engaged with Aarti Tongue...So what Aarti achieved is engaging Yash's mind with real thoughts of real people and no more abstract thoughts of Dead people Smile
Yash's senses were affected today with Aarti's bold Bawra Mann moves .. Tongue
Yash today was caught in a tangent of web himself on many occasions when he tried to breakfree from the trance that he was falling into all thanks to Aarti's bold moves  Embarrassed ;
Whether its the arm wrestling moment or the bhutta eating moment or the nariyal paani moment , everywhere its Yash who was sort of getting carried away into Aarti's eyes and was struggling to break the trance somehow and moving out of it with embarassment written on his face as if his chori pakdi gayee LOLTongue whereas Aarti was bold enough not to break the trance and nonstop keep checking him out with her almost drunk eyes filled with Love and passion WinkEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...
Throughout the Nariyal paani scene , it was Yash who was trying hard not to look at Aarti with the scare of getting carried away but he just could not help turning back again and again to see whether she is checking him out or not WinkLOL ; Even in bhutta scene Aarti was bold enough to offer him bhutta but he got scared of getting carried away with her in the moment and ran away to his kids  only to return back later with nariyal paani when he felt bad for leaving Aarti alone on beach LOLEmbarrassedEmbarrassed ... But Aarti was bold enough not once to look away from Yash Embarrassed..Her eyes was completely glued on Yash as if she is openly today declaring to Yash that do whatever u want but I m just going to check u out .. thats it WinkLOLLOL...Today Aarti dint force anything on Yash but its Yash himself who offers nariyal paani to Aarti in return of bhuttas EmbarrassedEmbarrassed..Even their standing on that heart made on the mud was a natural moment where Yash was caught off-guard but Aarti certainly enjoyed it EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
In short Aarti's determination to win Yash's heart today for the first time started affecting Yash's senses and his stealing glances towards Aarti and then trying to break out from those glances in a funny manner on the beach is a proof of that EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...Aarti's bold ILU declaration and then if she goes on to say I dont expect anything from u in return but just let me love u while u can continue loving Arpita will leave Yash in a even bigger fix because he cannot stop Aarti from loving her and at the same time he knows he is affected with Aarti's presense and also Arpita is starting to fade away from his memories reason why that Nariyal paani moment which was once his and Arpita's moment as per photos  was never remembered by him today on the beach Big smileBig smileBig smile...
I feel the song Bawra Mann in the background was just apt since the song gave a clear indication that Aarti is madly in love today , almost drunk in Yash's love and her heart is no more in her control , so she had to confess her feelings to Yash today  EmbarrassedEmbarrassed... Mayb we might never see such a bold and beautiful plus confident looking Aarti again in Bhopal  , but that moment something just caught her and she was almost drowned and drunk in his love  , so a perfect moment for her to actually confess her feelings and feel all relaxed Embarrassed... Yash actually gave her this confidence with the way he chooses to loose in that arm wrestling match when both were looking into each other's eyes and Yash sort of understood the silent ishaaras of her eyes where she was trying to tell him indirectly  that plss dont b stubbon and loose the game so that kids can enjoy the beach EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...Aarti even thanks him for understanding this point and from here on Aarti was all drunk in love since she knows that Yash has begun to understand her silence EmbarrassedEmbarrassed ...
By the time precap came , Aarti knew that Yash already knows that she is in love with him , so why play the hide and seek game anymore , and thats when Aarti decides to confess her love boldly which Yash already had guessed it today in the beach Big smile... For me the beach scene was extremely well done by the CVs  the way Aarti was made to look almost drunk in love so that tomorrow when she boldly says ILU to Yash on that same beach , it looks convincing enough for the viewers as well as Yash Embarrassed..
Paridi and Pratik track holds a very good significance  here ...
As expected Paridi's first day shoot as a young anchor who is not married leaves Pratik all embarassed and awkward today Ouch ; He is supporting his wife for sure but how long is the question because showbiz is not a piece of cake for sure and he will hv to tolerate such comments and remarks about his wife regularly now Ouch
So  Paridi's lie might come out in front of family one day when Pratik's patience will die out Ouch and there might b a huge hungama over it Ouch...Since Pratik-Paridi and Aarti-Yash tracks r both going together ..so both tracks eventually had to inter relate at this point Wink...Seeing the reaction of family over Paridi's lie ,  Aarti might finally remember her past related to Prashant and the lie attached with it which she has told all in Scindia family Ouch..It will put her in guilt because she will not want Paridi matter to b repeated again in future in case her divorcee truth comes out Ouch... So she might then decide to tell the truth to Yash and this will b the day Yash might decide to tell about his feelings to Aarti  Embarrassed...It will b similar like Geet serial's peeloo  scenario .. the day Maan decided to confess , he came to know Geet is pregnent Ouch...same might happen here , the day Yash will decide to confess , Aarti might tell him the truth about her divorcee status  because she will not want Paridi chapter to repeat again ...
I certainly feel thats the main purpose of taking this Paridi track parallelally with AarYa love track as both r going to connect somewhere  which is nothing but a very good story telling ClapClapClap
Overall I loved today's episode mainly because of the beautifully done Beach scene and then the shocking precap of the millenium LOLTongue

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Reserved <3
Yaaay Am on the first page for the first time!

Sadiie's Analysis



Gayatri: Paridhi is fooling you, you fool!Angry

Paridhi: Stop Fooling Gayatri!Angry

Prateik: Do 1!Angry

Aarti: WHAT Is wrong with you?!Angry

Yash: RUN AWAY! No Wait, I'm Coming to save you!!!


Paridhi&Gayatri Scene

Paridhi, Watch Ramayan Smile...is she REALLY Gonna Watch Ramayan?!Angry


Yash&Aarti & Kids as their Backpacks

I don't get why this scene was 'needed' here. Either way, both would have taken the kids to the beach anyway so what was the need to show them arm wrestling one another?.. Ermm

I'm Not listening to excuses like 'For fun' 'a game' 'a scene to please AarYans' Nah I Didn't like it; Except seeing Yash..

It's not like if Aarti Lost she would have to spend her own money at the beach. They're from the same friking family!!Angry


Paridh& The Hideous Co-host of hers scene

Pari Khanna? Like Seriously Paridhi? There's 'Media' out there like that dude said. She can stay away from Prateik and lie about her Martial status because of the 'Media' YET

Say her name is Pari Khanna when it isn't. Is she dumb?! DUDE! You're gonna appear on the TV And your In-laws are bound you see you!AngryAngry


What The...Never Mind


Beach Scene

Why is Aarti smiling So So Sooo Much? No she's laughing actually. The only thing I found cute was when Yash turns away from her and looks the other way ROFL ROFL

And she stares at Yash so much!

Last 30 Seconds where he's doing the Sandcastle crap with the kids, she's staring at his Ass not his face; Smiling Stern Smile

She was annoying! Poor Yash must be thinking she's got some bad spirit inside her; she's acting STRANGE Like crap.

WHAT A Bakwaas Episode! It Made No Damn Sense!AngryAngry




The Pre-cap has made my day.


You're gone Miss I-Smile-Too-Much-Nowadays Evil Smile

Yash Is Gonna Blast at Her and I Can't wait to see it!


If This Pre-cap does not go my way,

get ready for this!



Sadiie x

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Beautiful title reminds me of Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge

I hope Aarti buys something for Yash

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A very good episode to end the week and keep us guessing what's gonna happened next...Is it real or isn't it real? That's the question regarding the precap Tongue

It starts off with Yash playing arm wrestling with the kids which he defeats one by one (poor kids didn't stand a chance LOL)...Aarti joins them, she has FB of her promise to G3 (to make smile & enjoy life again) so she challenges Yash to a game of arm wrestling match, the loser will have to take them to the beach and feed them grilled corn.

At first Yash refuses but then he gives in when Aarti states that he is afraid cause he will loose haha...It was a very good scene and the intense eyelock between AarYa was awesome...In the end Aarti won cause Yash deliberately lost to her in order to make the kids happy Big smile Aarti thanks him for his gesture!

G3 will lecturing Paridhi was promoting Zee tv's new show Ramyan as well by telling Paridhi that Pratik is like Laxman Shocked   LOL

PraDhi at the studio...Pratik is about to smack some guy who makes a comment about how hot Paridhi is and that the whole nation is going to drool over her *RME* ROFL Paridhi gets to Pratik in time before he did something impulsive, she then blasts the guy.

AarYa's family of five finally made it to the beach...the kids are having their corn and start playing in sand making huts Smile
Aarti offers Yash a corn but once again he refuses & goes to play with the kids Ouch

Aarti is alone on the beach Unhappy Yash seeing that feels bad so he goes and brings her coconut water...Aarti sees a couple who are having coconut water as well watches them...LOL Yash sees them as well and gets embarrassed so he tur
Ns his back to Aarti who laughs at his actions Wink LOL LOL...Aarti all lovey-dovey looks at Yash which makes him Embarrassed
So drinks his coconut water fast and literally runs away from there ROFL

Unknowingly AarYa end up standing in a heart sculpture in the sand together Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed...Aarti laughs when Yash looks, he realizes why, he moves out of the heart and joins the kids while Aarti keeps on laughing Big smile Heart

Precap: What can say after I died and came back alive...I think it could go either way (dream or reality) I both cases Aarti is gonna get a reaction 4m Yash and I don't see him blasting her...He might just politely tell her that he doesn't desire to love anyone again (like he always does)

EDIT: It's so funny to see Yash always running away from Aarti...He is afraid that if he stays near her too long she might jump his bones especially when she gives him those lovey dovey looks LMAO

Have a goodnight and a fab weekend my Lovelies Hug

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Fall in Love...interesting.This reminds me of Jaaneman come lets fall in love...again.

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chalo chalo jaldi running updates dedo... jyo sam deeps every one around...

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