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Rishbala: A commitment soaked in wounds .

TheBlackJaguar IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 10 August 2012 at 10:17am | IP Logged

Rishbala: A commitment soaked in wounds .


After  you are done seeing the episode, one thing seems  certain , at least by current storyline. Maddy will never leave Rishabh until he tells her that she is free to go. She is an honest and committed woman and if the return of those 40 lacs is an entire life with Rishabh , she will  keep her promise and her side of the deal. She will consider herself  sold to him for 40 lacs and she will keep her part of the deal.  I keep seeing posts that say that she should fight back Rishabh, stand up to him  bravely , take revenge from him. But will she? Rishabh  made an offer , a proposition , clearly told her that he is a villain and her life with him will be a lifetime  of hell . She considered the pros and cons , sacrificed herself for her  loved ones and  signed  the pact. A proposition ' an acceptance ' a signed deal ' both the parties get what they want . So, what fight back and what revenge on a man who is delivering what he promised?  Rishabh has not betrayed her , fooled her, backstabbed her or trapped her . He made an offer and she could not and did not refuse it.

Anyway, coming to the episode today ' Powerful. Dramatic. Emotionally violent. Sealing of two destinies forever. Lights. Camera.Action. And thus , begins a tale of passion, hatred , love, violence and toxic emotions between a wounded superstar and a fragile girl  next door. The set was so beautiful as it came to life with lights . The lamps, the pillars, the drapes ' Wow. The art department did a kickass job and the lighting added an aura of  something larger than life to it.

Rishabh was on an another trip altogether ' something  wounded , passionate , still bleeding  inside him is desperately calling for help. Maddy doesn't know, Rishabh doesn't know that what nerve has Maddy touched inside him, but now , he is an electron out of its orbit.  He was drunk- badly drunk , perhaps totally sloshed  but whatever he told Maddy , whatever hatred, anger and intensity came through  because his emotions were in senses. All the hurt and pain that Maddy had mysteriously unleashed inside him came to the fore as a fiendish yet  disturbed  declaration of victory ' the way he sees  her stand  in that spotlight ' helpless, vulnerable, defeated , rounds   her up like a predator and asks her where is her  pride? Her arrogance ? Those blazing  red hot angry eyes?  Humiliating her will lessen his hurt but its only in his head ' its not going to happen.

Maddy , on the other hand understands  her situation and she has bowed not because she is weak or a sissy. She has surrendered because she has accepted Rishabh's proposal and she will  keep her part of the deal.  She is numbed by her own decision and she is still fathoming what is happening with her and how she has  surrendered  to Rishabh's ownership.  She looks like such an adorable pleading child when she requests Rishabh that he should let her go to the hospital and she will come back in two hours. Of course, Rishabh doesn't trust anyone as such and nor is he in his mind at the moment but someday, he will know that  this woman is a woman of her word. She would have come  back to him in exactly  two hours.  Maddy's patience , her perseverance and her ability to deal with him and his sanakpanaa is going to surprise him beautifully someday.

A marriage of  passion , emotional mockery , open wounds and a cold business arrangement has  bound them together tighter they can think. On the surface , it seems like a mockery and humiliation of sanctity of marriage ' the whole filmy set up , the  taunting and ridiculing dhol with Bittu G dancing , the same people who witnessed Rishabh getting beaten up being brought to witness his marriage to his arch enemy , Maddy being paraded around like a doll in bridal clothes , the setting up of the agni-kund by a sloshed Rishabh. A lost and numbed Maddy being tied in Holy matrimony with a dazed and crazed Rishabh by a confused and appalled priest.

This whole spectacle is disturbing and a mirror of  how damaged Rishabh is inside and how much damage he can cause Maddy.  Yet, the relationship which springs out if it will not be a mockery in the long run. This crazyball of a man will perhaps finally hit the brakes that he needs. And this beautiful woman  , no matter what tests Rishabh and others put her through , she will build him back , brick by brick, maybe crumbling herself in the long run.

The precap is another teaser ' Its Rishabh who makes all the promises ' the  promise to take care of her and her family ,  to guard her, to be  her soulmate and partner in the good, the bad,  the ugly. And  for him the marriage is complete in 4 pheras . The  way he jerks off Maddy's hand after that shows that he has no expectations from Maddy as  a wife who would even give a fig about whether he dies  or lives. But , by some twist or the other, he will keep all the promises that he has made

It may not make sense at the moment, but looking at how the story is being built up ( kudos Saurabh Tewari)  and the intensity between Rishabh and Maddy , it doesn't seem like they will ever separate .

Anyway, we had a cute moment in this high drama episode .  Rishabh brought Maddy to the agni-kund  and sat down. A numbed Maddy didn't even move, so Rishabh  got up, gently pushed her down and then, went back to take his seat. It was so adorable and emotionally wrought at the same time.

Love and luck always to everyone.Heart

God bless everyone.Hug

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readingworms. IF-Rockerz

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exactly what startled me about the precap...just like you mentioned......more than Madhu killing herself is RK who by every unconscious route with his lamb across the alcohol imbedded fire is promising and Destiny and establishing the peril and firm knot of RK killing himself completely and giving birth to Rishabh..more than Madhu dying a silent death today by being a katputli from now is RK who has in drunken stance...promised himself through the meaningful four pheras to save , respect , honour and cherish Madhu always..and the "marriage ends" only on the establishment of RK's if the cosmos..the stars..destiny's mock grin has entangled its dark child to bury himself and find rishabh within through the every meaning and belief within the first four pheras..its baffling but it shows the future of their marriage...and that is RK deconstructing himself for his wife and making Rishabh born who will save protect , shield this lamb through her every circumstance even though her life has become nothing but a tag and brand of his gob smacking..and so thoughtful of the writers to symbolize each phera to be the steps towards killing the wolf and igniting the you he jerked her hand...that means his steps in fulfilling these vows will be selfless as he threw Madhus hand as if her mutual commitment of those pheras don't master..this damaged wounded rock star will be a strong , selfless mother one day that will shake you.

And Madhu? She was wrapped in a scarlet thread of rose buds embracing and kissing her with her ornaments glistening her forehead through the tingling tikli..the seemly neck glowing and shining through the silver necklace beautifully trapping and concealing her  her into a gorgeous death..her eyeliner accentuating the bridal copper pooled eyes but the eyes have no life in them anymore..they drift within the liquids in numbness as if even the eyeliner will not be enough to bring the spark and the vibrant colour of her irises back..her mouth is embedded in a stunning pink , pouty and glossy colour bringing out the pale beauty and purity of the lamb's nimble skin..but even the accentuated Bride's lip colour today could not save the death , the seizing trap and the forbidden closure of that mouth..freezing and dying within its scared red skin pressed together from now on...She is the most beautiful woman today..but she is killed through being a monument of beauty for the biggest day of her life as well...she is in a  intricately embroidered  garment in the most lavish way ..more lavish than RKs hand of sculpturing..and yet...this creation of a luminous bride is the reason why she is stabbed and bruised and killed to death in front of the whole RK promised her..She will die a beautiful death..and can seriously say she she's lifeless.paralyzed and dead...she is burnt and her bones have been chiseled as today were her official steps into the aag kya daariya..and as the precap showed..The wolf's official steps in killing himself has been unconsciously promised by the pheras and by Destiny's decisions too..So as they kill themselves for each other..they will be born again as two different bodies BECAUSE OF EACH OTHERS' LOVE just like you said. LOL

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-BreakingDown- IF-Rockerz

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nice post but didnt read it complete LOL

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manesha76 IF-Stunnerz

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            Poco , I must say the whole setting was beautiful . Rishab is actually broken man from inside . By bringing Madhu in his life he is actually helping himself . 
         RK what a performance 

       Madhu was looking like Doll today 

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.SmokeySilence. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 10 August 2012 at 10:24am | IP Logged
coming after watching the episode...

sorry for keeping reserved so long... just watched the episode... superb analysis Hug
"yes Nafrat nehi asan, ek aag ka dariya hai aur doob ke jana hai Clap"
My 1st question was why is Rk consuming himself in soo much alcohol? what he exactly trying to drain in the bottles? LOL humiliation from the slaps, sadness, frustration or the undefined obsession he has for madhubala which has gone out of his control now. Well, seems the the latter one. He didn't leave a single chance to humiliate her again but it was not like he is very happy that all the fire within Madhu, the anger is gone. he is well frustrated. Poor Madhu - she seemed lifeless and lost. helpless in the name of fate and ready to play chess with her life. even before Madhu agreed RK was ready to send money. he was sure she is going to say yes but i couldnt help admire him.. do i sound mad Tongue
Though it was complete mockery of marriage and i felt bad for Madhu but couldn't help admiring the set. so beautiful and the lights were nicely add. Clap
RK would be elated because he WON today. its 2-1 for RK-madhu but he looked all broken and trying to drain his broken self in alcohol to stand up high with his RKish attitude. 
and thanks for making me understand the take on pheres that RK might have no expectation from Madhu but he will always fulfill his apart doesnt matter how much he hurt her..  Embarrassed
Vivian was outstanding today as RK Star and DD is always good when she is playing vulnerable, broken state. 
superb post Clap

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Shiv_Sati Groupbie

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Posted: 10 August 2012 at 10:25am | IP Logged

Great analysis.. my friend...Totally spot on... Wow...

But the question is will she go and leave RK...I really dont think so... I think maddy will be comitted with Rishhab till the end.. Hopefully.. My mind going bonkers now... Just pls GOD.. I dont think he will be able to survived without her...

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Courageous_Leo IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 August 2012 at 10:25am | IP Logged
Poco...It was a gud episode...CV's shld be appreciated...agar unki baja sakte hai to praise bhi karna mangta hai...LOL...

RK- Dulha...Talli Tharkey Pati Parmeshwar...LOL

MB-Poor soul...Cry...

Their of its kind...Passionate...Bonded with each othr 4ever...Fevicol ka jod ban chuka hai...LOL...Thy cant be Separated...n thy wont b...Tongue

N All MBians...Mubarak ho ...LOL...V r officially related with Rishbala marriage...V promise v will b gud ladke wala...Jst like our ladka...Wink...LOL...

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Aaj toh Rishbala pe full focus Tha and i hope every1 is happy LOL My Favourite Dialogues of Tonight's episode"Ye Nafrat nehi hain asaan, ek aag ka dariya hain and doop ke Jaane" and 2nd one i don't remember clearly Confused LOL but it was sumthing like " Sher karta shayari par humne toh nafrat ko he ishq bana diya " Clap

RK what shud i say abt him ye banda rock and Shock dono deta hain Cool ROFL...i m sure Pinky tujhe Bohot pyaar aaraha hain uspe Wink ROFL and Madhubala uska toh aaj ahaan hogaya LOL but she was really looking beautiful in dat dressDay Dreaming Smile bina kiye he was looking prettyEmbarrassed

Cuming to Bittuji his dancing is Clap ROFL I hope Rk sees his Talent and offers him an Item number ROFL

and ye Barati expressionless kyun hain re Confused LOL and Rk khud sab kaam Kar raha hain ROFL

Waise toh i don't shout Trp bhajan but on dis episode i will be waiting to c it Wink

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