Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Director' Cut : 10th August, 2012 (Page 3)

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Just like Monday, today's episode was high in drama content, necessary for the story to move forward. It is interesting to note that dadi holds the other woman and Arnav's mom responsible for the incident that occurred so many years ago. Her son is merely considered a victim in that whole fiasco?? For the first time, we see someone daring to speak against Arnav's mom in front of him. Arnav's interaction with dadi today gave me a strong insight into why Arnav feels so responsible towards his di. Why her happiness is of utmost importance to him? Deep inside, Arnav feels profound guilt that he couldn't save his mom that night. He was only a kid then, but he still feels that somehow he could have averted the tragedy that night. In all likelihood the entire situation was beyond his control. But when has that stopped a man from feeling unreasonable guilt? The only person left behind from that night's tragedy is his di, who is probably as brittle and delicate like his mom. Since he failed his mom that night, under no circumstances will he ever fail his di whatsoever. Hence, this utmost sense of responsibility towards her that puts her at the highest pedestal in his life. He is trying to reduce his guilt by over-compensating for his di somewhere. Only if/when this guilt is obliterated completely will he have a "normal" relationship with his di.

Dadi, very confidently stated that he trusted the wrong person then and he has trusted the wrong person (read Khushi instead of Shyam) this time too. This statement really intrigued me. Why does dadi think Shyam is not at fault? Is it because she knows something that we aren't aware of, or is it simply because she always puts the blame on the woman instead of the man? Is she aware of something that Arnav is not aware of that makes her feel that his dad is not at fault? Also, why is she accusing him of making a wrong decision so many years ago? How is Arnav responsible for taking decisions so many years ago? He was just a kid then, wasn't he? Too many questions to which we don't have answers for. Dadi did prophesize one thing correctly though. By throwing Shyam out the way he did, the future is going to be turbulent. We are already seeing that with Anjali acting all weird and secretive. No one will come out of it unscathed, however, one would hope that the entire family will be able to face this storm together and finally bury this past and the dreadful past of many years ago finally to rest. 

Finally coming to Arnav's Khushi. We have seen so many facets to their relationship so far. So far we have seen passion, love, respect, protectiveness, possessiveness and togetherness. Now we are experiencing tenderness in their relationship. it is endearing to see how delicately he treats her. He is almost treating her like a child. Did you notice the tone he spoke to her in? It is as if he is talking to someone much younger than him, at the same time making her aware of him physically. He is enthralled at her childlike innocence and inexperience and is deriving a high seeing her all flustered and disturbed at his physical proximity. He is getting her ready for the next level of intimacy in their relationship and I am enjoying his not so subtle style of making her aware of him:-) 

Finally, couple of lines on the controversial "di is most important" statement. Please don't read "di is most important" to mean "Khushi is second fiddle". If you think that way, then you have not understood the essence of Arnav-Khushi relationship. Hopefully, what I wrote about Arnav-Anjali right in the beginning will shed some light into why Arnav feels for his di the way he does. He cannot even breathe without his Khushi. With Khushi, do not forget that for the first time, he unburdened himself on her. He derives strength from her. He feels light with her. He feels "himself" with her. It was heart breaking to hear him say to his dadi that from a very young age he has learnt how to keep his family happy. Note, he never mentioned his own happiness. For him, it has always been about responsibilities towards his family. His love and responsibility towards his di being the utmost priority. With Khushi, for the first time he has dared to dream. For the first time, he has felt some happiness. For the first time, he has been able to shed some of his responsibilities. There will be many more firsts with her. With his di, there is always tenderness and protectiveness, as it should be. With Khushi, it is that and much much more. How can then one compare the two relationships? 

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Originally posted by sarithaipkknd

Great end to a great week!!! what more can we ask for? ok we dint reach the suhaag raat yet!!! but the day is not yet over in ...
                      "   raat baaki baat baaki "
                                         fingers crossed
   dediaction time- today's post is dedicated to frn payalia..Hug

gyan for the day
    " a smirk from arnavji a day, keeps the doctor away"
how true is this saying by a maha gyanijiWink

i was not expecting the suhaag raat to happen today.. infact i dont think any of us were.. after all we are veteran-ipkiars...
infact it doesn matter if "SR" doesn happen next week also...
i am all for remarriage n pheras...
i wont even touch the dadi aranv parts.. i ve capable friends for tat..
as you guys know me well by now.. angel loves arshi.. loved the nok jhoks..Day Dreaming
 n i am very happy with my rabba vey ration... no complaints... i can sleep peacefully tonight.
p.s. i love NK tooEmbarrassed aint he cuteEmbarrassed

credit shybabe..
vm for the evening ... for the flirty arnav

hey guys!!! i am back with my rant.. i missed u guys so much yesterday..but angel forced me to keep quiet so that we can celebrate bituwa's birthday in peace..
sometimes i feel she is the nani in me..Angry asking everyone to keep queit.. just to keep the bubble intact!!AngryAngry

1. why stale flowers for my krishna? janmashtami is today then why were they putting flowers n thorals yesterday? i m telling ya "laddu gopal" will not be very pleased!!

2. how come they are not following the same tradition they followed last year?Confused last year ASR got the saaman for pooja.. n anji says "chottey har saal ki tarah...blah blah blah"
now what happened this year??? ConfusedConfusedConfused

3. nk and mami do you really need to promote candle n wick? they can very well take care of them selves.. don even get me started on who needs helpwith TRPsAngryAngry
4. Akash bituwa wears his pink shirt again huh? he really thinks he looks good in pink..doesn't he? i think its high time we burst his bubble.

5. summy.. as a good friend i am advising you to
1.reduce your blush on.. don take make up tips from nani..
she is still using the same brown lipstick from 1yr.

2. pull up the wig a bit from that forhead of yours.. u ll luk cuter n way way less scarier.. u scared my nk yesterday..

6. guys even if u wait for another 3weeks i don think SR will happen..
our arnie was in such a flirty mood ..sab satyanash kar diya summi ney...

7. another RM wasee who enters without knocking.. join the gang summi..

8. anji babes.. u are getting nore adventurous day by day huh?
meeting someone.. in a 5* rest... one question for you
did u pay the bill?????

9.  so mohan the driver calls anji... anjali bitiya?ConfusedConfusedConfused
he should be calling her didi..
the latest mohan was so broke my heart!!

p.s. -incase u guys forgot mohan its the guy in lavender shirt.

10. swati chitnis- babe.. u need to join anupam kher's school of acting pronto..
don worry PH is excellent with cover up.. ask a certain mr sobti...Wink
we wont miss ya don worry.. for wide shots we ll use a body double.. n ipk wasees are used to them...

thats it guys... its a hello hi bye bye from me...
enjoy your weekend..Wink
       p.s. nazar na lage mere ipk koWink 

c ya at DC ... monday nyt... Wink

hey my vamp is back...Hug...thnxs for the dedication...Hug

dadi ke saarey pts...i agree, last wala...uchal uchal ke agree...waisey,
 woh chali jayegi to Anji kya karegi, to Shyam kya karega...Wink

or tera post...masha allah masha allah...ROFL

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Updated on Page 2...

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Originally posted by redwine1

                  AB KE SAJAN SAWAAN MEIN .. 
                     AAG LAGE GI BADAN MEIN
                             GHATTA BARSE GI 
                              MAGAR TARSE GI 

                   ITNE BADE GHAR MEIN NAHIN .. 
                                  EK BHI JHAROKA 
                  KISS TARAH HUM DENGE BHALA 
                          DUNIYA KO DHOKA 


(gif courtesy: payal)


Dear Fellow Viewer & Reader .. Welcome to yet another edition of DC .. an episode which made us grin .. made us go ooo .. made us go awww .. made us go hmmm .. made us go ufff .. made us go grrr .. made us go hai ram .. kahan con .. 
Sab toh tha ( all was there) .. right .. yea .. thats our IPK for you . an episode . liberally sprinkled with .. fun, comic moments, romance, intrigue, drama .. all packed in 18 minutes .. 


Guys i will break my analysis in 2 parts .. one on the romance & the other on drama .. so grab ur remotes .. & lets start pause release .. 

Itne bade ghar mein nahi 
Ek bhi jharoka 
This is what was running in my mind while watching the episode tonite .. u know the other verse ..

Do Dilon ke beech khadee kitni deewaren 
Kaise sunungi piya prem ki pukare .. 

The story of Arnav Khushi ... Such a big house .. but no place for romance . ... sigh ...
The story of Arnav Khushi ... So many people to disturb at inopportune moments with "CHOTTE" . ...  Anjali, Nani, Mami, Lakshmi .. & NOW dadi .. ...sigh ...


Part 1 : scene 1 : 


OH well Khushi .. bitiya is sunk .. truly sunk .. more sunk than us looks like .. we are just grinning .. bitiya is loosing it .. yea BIG time .. 

The family is gathered round the dining table eating their meal ( men eating food & women fasting for janamashtami so eating fruits & milk ) .. Khushi walks in .. pause first ... Look at Arnav ..its a split second expression .. he is JUST about to rile her .. when Nani interrupts .. ( told ya ..kitni deewaren) .. release 

Nani asks her for water .. & bitiya pours water .. hmm water down .. Dadi's MILK .. pause ... pause pause ... .. look at Arnav .. he is practically out of his seat wanting to stop her .. but stops himself .. i love the small look he gives dadi .. expecting fireworks ... hmm ..
All round the table are shocked .. everyone looks at Dadi .. Payal brings Khushi's attention to her mistake .. she is shocked .. she looks at DADI . literally shivering .. & appologises .. 

NOW pause .. NO BOMB BLAST .. the old lady keeps shut .. hmm interesting .. NOW just rewind a bit .. & i will tell u why .. REWIND TO ARNAV's reaction .. when Dadi .. looks at Khushi pouring WATER DOWN HER MILK .. look at the table .. THERE IS ARNAV"S REFLECTION ... that is what DADI sees .. & stops herself from reacting .. remember .. ITS KHUSHI's HOME .. & SHE CAN DO WHAT SHE WANTS .. Arnav the MASTER OF THE HOUSE said it ... Big smile
U know when water is mixed with MILK .. it is done to KILL acidity .. hmm now i am going to leave this for u to interpret .. whose heart burn needs the balm more .. KHUSHI or DADI Wink

Well if pouring water down the drain .. oops Dadi's milk was not enuf embarrassment for bitiya .. our ever available court jester ( NK ) .. jumps right in & points out .. Bitiya has worn the DRESS BACK SIDE FRONT .. whoops .. GOLMAAL hai Bhai sab GOLMAAL hai .. 

Now ofcourse u guys pause here .. well needless to say Khushi was embarrassed .. & others were amused .. well .. they did see a broken bed being repaired just the other day right .. Big smile ... BUT now look at Arnav .. this was what he wanted to do when she came in before as well ( yea asked u catch his first expression) ... he wanted to rile her .. goad her .. keep her on the edge ... oh is it called .. BUILDING THE ANTICIPATION .. Embarrassed
So he gets a chance .. he asks .. her .. what is the matter .. WHY R U LOOKING SO LOST ... whoa BANG ON BITWA .. so many targets with one dialogue .. 

1. Target 1 : KHUSHI .. riled her .. keeps hammering her with Suhaag Raat .. building the anticipation
2. Target 2: Family ...  reminded them of broken bed .. the fact that KHUSHi is lost in her reverie .. so established the status quo of the relation .. we are in love ... ( look at Akash .. in the back drop .. all knowing smile .. look at Nani looking at Arnav .. hmm brilliant bitwa) 
3. Target 3 : DADI .. i am right here .. dont u dare question or scold my wife .. the only person who has the right to do that IS ME her HUSBAND 

 ooo did i forget to mention .. the "pagal hai yeh ladki" was simply perfect .. Embarrassed

     ______ Heart  _______ Heart  _______ Heart  _________ Heart  _________

Ok lets move on ... Payal asks Khushi to get some marigold flowers for her ( now why is it that when someone wants flowers they send KHUSHI .. hmm ) .. 
Khushi is on her way ... when Arnav pulls her to himself .. 
behind the pillar 

"Itne bade ghar mein nahi Ek bhi jharoka  
Kiss tarah hum denge bhala duniya ko dhoka 
Raat bhar jagaegi yeh mast mast pawan .. mast mast pawan "
(eng ; such a big house no small place to hide .. how do we cheat the world & meet .. will be up the whole night because of the lovely wind blowing)

Maybe Arshad Khan was also thinking the above lines while shooting the scene .. it so fits .. Wink

Of course Pause ... actually no harm in a bit of a long pause as well ..Wink

Guys honestly .. first lets bask on the manoeuvre .. bitwa is a pro by now .. on the twist the arm & pull close manoeuvre ..Pulls .. her extremely close to him .. now .. please see the alignment . brilliant . she is sitting snug within his hold .. 

They both look around .. to see whether .. they have been spotted ( aww) ..& finally Arnav tells her i just came to remind u of our Suhaag Raat .. Khushi stutters Suhaaa g raaat 

Then he bends very close to her .. more crowding of space .. & whispers in his bedroom voice .. hope u r not scared or nervous .. KHUSHI DOESNT SAY ANYTHING .. Arnav says very GOOD .. C U TONITE .. 

Ok .. now what was so interesting .. apart from the most amazingly lovely HOT romantic scene that was played out .. 

1. Khushi does not struggle in Arnav's hold even once .. she doesnt try to free herself .. nor does she ask to be freed

2. Khushi .. since yesterday .. since Arnav has mentioned the word "Suhaag Raat" has not once said .. NO .. suhaag raat  ... she too is ready to move forward in this relation 

3.The more Arnav went closer .. the more madam did not move back .. she doesnt say she is scared ... no cause she is not .. & Arnav knows it .. 
Yes its the anticipation .. that he is building .. & the anticipation .. which she is feeling ..  

Now for the last bit .. SHE MUTTERS  .. Hey DM .. what will i do .. she wants to move forward in their relation ... but she wants it .. to move with the RIGHT FOOT FORWARD ..  pahle ..7 VACHAN .. verbal .. affirmation of LOVE & MARRIAGE .. before she moves to the physical. consummation of Love & marriage 

SO bitwa won the challenge is it .. Bitiya .. wants the marriage .. she wants to move forward .. she wants to SAY THE 7 vows that bind .. she wants to walk those seven rounds around the pyre that .. will bind them .. Bitiya is ready to .. become .. Mrs. Khushi Arnav Singh Raizada . 
& Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada knows that .. well .. so what if he is basking in his glory for a bit Big smile ..Could'nt u guys hear the BINGO .. in Arnav since yesterday .. or GOTCHA .. Wink

  ______ Heart  _______ Heart  _______ Heart  _________ Heart  _________

Well then they head to the kitchen .. another public place full of deewaren ( nani & payal) .. seriously .. leave the guys alone now will ya ... Angry

Nani asks Khushi to make Badam ka kheer .. but Khushi ends up making .. Jalebis .. her comfort food & comfort cooking .. hmm flustered ya did he .. but thats not enuf .. when Nani & Payal are questioning her .. her Knight in shining armour comes to her rescue .. BUT .. oh well .. he flusters her more .. keep up the pressure .. bitwa .. bitiya's ire is up .. the more her ire gets up .. the more she flares up .. the more .. passionate she gets hmmm .
Well .. Kheer .. badam ka kheer .. interesting .. ofcourse .. Ladoo Gopal ( Krishna Bhagwan) .. loves all milk products .. BUT .. hmm milk product .. suhaag raat .. hmm GUL what are you indicating here Wink.

     ______ Heart  _______ Heart  _______ Heart  _________ Heart  _____

Part 2 : Scene 2 : 



Ok here guys .. pura pause release .. Big smile again 2 parts .. 



Dadi is saying to Nani that it's been two days since she came and still Shyam didn't come to meet her. Arnav comes there and says he won't come either. Dadi asks why? Why Shyam is not living in this house with Anjali? Arnav says because I threw him out of this house. 
Nani asks Dadi to calm down and says she will tell her everything but not now. But Dadi insists on  finding out the reason now .. when Arnav enters ... saying Shyam will not come to meet her .. she asks Arnav why. 
 Arnav says Anjali is the important person in his life and he can't see someone hurting her. And Shyam made her very sad, betrayed her. Arnav says so it's better if no one takes his name in this house especially in front of Anjali. EXIT Arnav 


A very happy Nani .. steeped in the thots of the happiness of a festival celebration .. walks up to speak to her friend .. the friend .. DADI .. who like a broken record is STUCK on "damadji"  .. 
( weird ...  a woman living in the dark ages asking the whereabouts of a "GHAR JAMAI"  .. shouldnt she be asking .. why is ANJALI .. staying in this HOUSE & not with her husband ?? okay rant over ) .. 

She is enraged .. & is pounding questions .. rather demanding answers of Nani .. she has a very superior tone to her voice .. the very .. HUM LADKE WAALE hai voice .. while NANI .. is stunned .. not knowing what to say .. stuttering .. about pooja .. but DADI is relentless .. her tone of voice .. her words .. reeks of authority  .. reeks of I AM THE BOSS IN THIS HOUSE .. she has huge territorial claims in her voice .. 
Note the scene .. as it she keeps hammering question after question at nani .. her tone of voice is increasing ... SHE is exerting her authority over NANI .. 

WHEN The BOSS ENTERS .. Now pause here .. & listen to Arnav's voice .. he calmly & casually walks up & says .. Shyam will not come her either .. so basically DONT HOLD UR BREATH .. 
NOW look at the real BOSS .. calm relaxed .. not a trace of anger in his voice at this juncture .. BUT .. has smoothly .. MOVED the IRE & FIRE away from Nani .. 

Now hear .. Dadi .. asking Arnav "KYON" see the drop in anger from her tone .. see the expression just an enquiry .. she knows the BOSS is here .. 
she asks once again why is damadji not staying here with Anjali .. 

Now look at the change in expressions .. Arnav .. has got irritated .. & Dadi .,. is once again shocked & angered by Arnav showing her her place .. 
Nani tries consolling .. but .. dadi is adamant .. hmm tenacious woman .. its like she has a hidden agenda Wink
Nani .. says let not talk about this now . look at Arnav .. he hates .. shoving issues beneath the carpet .. he wants it out now .. 
 Dadi . the wounded lioness strikes back ( is she too a leo hmm ) .. saying why have u chucked him out .. 
Arnav .. once again . controls the anger in his voice .. drops his voice ..

BUT makes his point .. NOW NOTE HIS DIALOGUES HERE .. 
1. Di is the most important person in MY life
2. NO ONE dare Hurt MY Di
3. He has cheated MY sister
4. ITS best NO ONE .. utters his name in THIS HOUSE .. Raizada HOUSe .. MY HOUSE .. I AM RAIZADA .. 

He gives a Long stare .. to his DADI .. & then turns to walk away ( does not ask bother if the convo was over .. he declared it over he is the BOSS) .. BUT turns around .. for the last warning .. 

DO NOT TALK ABOUT SHYAM IN FRONT OF DI .. .. hmm . . bitwa .. love u r so protective .. may want to ask Di if she wants protection Wink

Could he have driven the point across more bluntly than this .. naaah .. 



    Dadi follows Arnav but Nani stops her. Dadi says no, not today and says she won't let Arnav go like this without answering. Dadi now comes to Arnav's room and says, I can see you're not same Arnav as what you used to be. Now you have grown up and you make decisions for this family. Arnav says time can teach you many things and I have learned how to take care of family very well. Dadi then asks so you were protecting Anjail by throwing Shyam out? Anjali is pregnant and she needs Shyam most right now. Dadi then says or you want her child to grow up without father just like you? Arnav says I grew up alone because my dad committed suicide and before that he made my mother to commit suicide as well. Arnav says he won't let Shyam do anything like that with Anjali.


Dadi says your mother committed suicide because she was a weak woman. She never learned how to take care of kids and her family properly. Arnav says ENOUGH DADI JI and tells her not to say anything about his mother. He says he can't hear anything against his mother from anyone including Dadi.


Dadi says again you're taking a wrong side. You're blaming the ones who has no fault just like last time. Arnav says STOP IT DADI JI. He asks her, why you keep bringing that incident back again and again which destroyed our family. Arnav asks don't you want us to forget that? Dadi says no one can forget their past and run away. But we can change our future. Dadi says throwing out Shaym will surely affect our future. She says she doesn't want Arnav to repeat mistake that he did before. Arnav says his decision was correct before as well and today too. He says last time mistake was his father's and this time it's Shyam's. Arnav says Shyam will never come back to this house.


Nani comes there and asks them to stop fighting. Nani says Anjali has came back and asks Dadi to end this conversation here for Anjali. Nani says they did so much to make Anjali smile again and asks Arnav to stop fighting as well. Dadi leaves from there.


If the above was a power struggle .. this was .. complete war of the past .. & ideologies clash .. the old with the new .. it was a war of .. past v/s present .. incredibly brilliantly written .. hats of Ritesh & Hitesh ..
( i am putting interpretations of dialogues only .. please see the episode post which) ... 

Attack 1 : 

Dadi walks into Arnav's room .. This is not the Arnav i knew .. a boy who ran around me .. never questioned me .. i was the boss .. i dictated .. 
she hits at past .. first reminder . albeit gentle .. 

Arnav : hits right back .. 
Life & time teaches us a lot .. & i have learnt to take care of my family ...i had to .. since i was ABANDONED .. BY YOU .. i am living in the Present .. facing the FUTURE ... 

Attack 2 : 

Dadi : u were thinking of ur family ur pregnant sister when u threw ur bro - in law out of home .. OR WERE U THINKING OF URSELF ?? do u want ur sisters child to grow up .. in the same way u did .. fatherless .. 
The wounded lioness strikes to hurt .. she is manipulating him . saying .. the words .. WHICH will be the rudest awakening for Arnav .. little does she know .. Arnav too is a LEO .. the lion when hurt .. strikes right back .. 

Arnav:  The wounded Lion .. now strikes right back .. ( pls pause & see his body language .. there is a caged ... lion feel to him .. wanting out ) .. 
I grew up alone .. since MY FATHER COMMITTED SUICIDE .. (whoa whoa dint know about this did v) .. & UR SON .. not only committed suicide .. he made my MOM commit one to .. before .. he did .. 
READ .. ur SON abandoned us .. NOT only that ... He FORCED .. my MOM to abandon me as well .. Even in ur wildest imaginations .. dont expect me to let SHYAM do this to my DI .. he will not FORCE my DI .. to abandon ME TOO .. ( pls keep this interpretation in mind will come back to this in future) ...

Attack 3 : 

Dadi : U attacked MY SON .. here .. let me also hit u where it will hurt most .. UR mom committed suicide .. since SHE was a WEAK woman .. instead of HOLDING HER FAMILY TOGETHER .. SHE let it all GO .. (let who GO ? & HOLD on to WHOM Arnav DAD ??? ) ... 
whoa lady .. read the signs .. this spells trouble for ya.. 

Arnav : the chained lion .. looses himself .. screams .. ENUF ( yippe) .. & says .. DONT u dare talk about my MOM .. he visibly holds himself back .. turns away .. & says .. NO ONE WILL TALK ABOUT MY MOTHER .. my MOTHER .. is my WEAKNESS ..  (pls remember this line too)
He turns around .. moves his stance to intimidation . drops his voice to a threat & says .. I will not tolerate anyone talking about my mother .NOT EVEN YOU .. .. basically .. SPECIALLY NOT YOU .. 

Attack 4:

Dadi : .. saw the unleashed lion .. demon .. now .. tries to become conciliatory .. says . u r making a mistake .. u r once again LIKE THE PAST .. BLAMING THE WRONG PERSON ..basically .. MY SON was not wrong .. UR MOM WAS .. ( very old school thought) .. 

Arnav : a shattered Arnav .. who is he fighting here .. his own dadi .. frustrated.. tells her . why r u even reminding me of those days .. thats the day u abandoned me .. do u want me to remember that .. After a lot of efffort .. we are moving ahead with our lives .. WHY r U pulling us back ??? ( brilliant voice modulation of Barun & even better caged body language .. take a bow boy) 

Attack 5 :

Dadi : now sees a leashed arnav .. so moves forward to claim her advantage .. she says .. U CANNOT RUN AWAY from past .. basically .. Do u think by changing ur name .. u r going to remove MY SONS identity from ur life .. I AM not going to let u do that .. 
Similarly .. do you wish to remove .. SHYAM's identity from Anjali's child's life .. make him a Singh Raizada too ???  
I dont want u to make the SAME MISTAKE .. which u did in the past .. Anjali's cHILD .. shud have a father's identity ..

Aranv : There ... he is back .. the BOSS .. he says .. I WAS RIGHT THEN I AM RIGHT NOW .. 
Last time around .. i threw away the identity since my DAD was wrong 
This time around TOO .. i am throwing away the identity as SHYAM IS WRONG .. ( the author has a smile . & a thank you GUL )
We all know . that why .. Shyam is wrong .. hmm interesting .. would now love to know the wrong .. Arnav's Dad did .. were there similarities to the tale ???

( i am keeping this open for u to interpret .. all thots welcome Big smile

Now i hope u know what has triggered todays war fare .. yes .. the courier .. for Arnav Singh Raizada .. 
But having said that .. Dadi .. was relentless today .. 


Nani .. steps .. in .. closes the door .. & says .. SHUT THE HELL up .. 
Stop this petty territorial war fare .. a war of identities & EGOs .. 

Then the magic words .. Anjali is back from mandir .. 
Now pause here .. 

See Arnav .. he hold himself back .. relaxes himself .. for him this is a war .. for his Di .. to give his Di the best .. NOT HURT Di .. 
Look at Dadi .. for her the war is of EGO .. hence she continues .. her anger stance .. she is not letting go .. 
Even Arnav looks at her .. she is not letting go .. ( hmm bitwa lady is very stubborn .. beware .. of loose canon) 

But Nani .. the gentle matriach .. reminds .. of Anjali's delicate condition ...& the hurt that Anjali is going thru .. & the struggle of not only the family but Anjali too .. to come out of depression .. . It is an Auspicious occasion .. there is a PUJA .. hence ANJI is happy ( hmm point to be noted bitwa) .. 
Then she hits at the right spot .. she tells dadi .. u have just come back after so long .. u want to start ur relations with ur grandchild .. in this manner .. 
THEN .. look at the shift in tone .. she commands Arnav .. take a chill pill for Di .. SHUT UP .. 

Finally ( phew !!!) Dadi .. leaves ..


Ok guys .. i know have not touched on Anjali today .. dont worry .. will catch up on her in my next one .. ( still time on this one ) 

Now for all of u .. 
Sit back relax .. just one suggestion ... PICTURE ABHI BAAKI HAI MERE DOST ... the day is not over .. the night has not begun .. 

So a firm pack up ..  Gudnite & C U at the IPKS. 

PS: Havent got good videos of the episode .. as soon as i get it will upload 

Hey Ruby...gr8 post Anji hmmm...interesting!!!Wink

U R rite, the fight between the past & the present is heating up...I just hope this doesn't affect bitwa's plans for the night!!!!

Dadi hasn't moved forward, she's still looking at the world from 15 yrs ago...

I know Shyam babua is about to make an entry soon, but what m looking fwd to s the day both dadi & Anji realize what a slime ball he is & both together teach him a lesson hez not likely to forget in any of his lifetimes!!!

Also, have u noticed how similar dadi & Anji's outlook to life is...they're both still stuck in the past, don't want to believe any1 else, what they have perceived is I need to even go on... 

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paayaal IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by iritz

Post cannot be quoted.

Wow Ritu, wonderfully done...Clap

In few simple words u brought out the whole episode!!!!

Dadi is not likely to understand or change...shez stuck in the same place for the past 15 yrs...m wondering how nani would have reacted hearing her own daughter being called a weak woman!!!! nani going to teach dadi some basic truths about life?...I sincerely hope so...well lets wait & watch...

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Originally posted by sarithaipkknd

10. swati chitnis- babe.. u need to join anupam kher's school of acting pronto..
don worry PH is excellent with cover up.. ask a certain mr sobti...Wink
we wont miss ya don worry.. for wide shots we ll use a body double.. n ipk wasees are used to them...


Well said! Loving the rant! I am with you on the above point... yup she can go! Even if she turns out to be a "nice" (i doubt she even knows what it mean), after the entire anjali-shyam drama is over, i don't want her at RM for constantly hurting our Arnav so much! Angry  The ashram is still a good place for her to go back to...she still has a long way to go... but wait, the ashram vasiyons might not agree!

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Originally posted by coolgal270

For me, today it was all about Arnav...The boy, the man...a tortured soul within, who has no one to share his pain till now...who has built his life on the remains of his dreams..and is now ready to walk through it with his only "happiness". I dedicate my post today to Arnav the boy who lived it through all in the past and is still living in it,though this time, he has a ray of light, his life, his Khushi.

There are three souls who reside in this man. The boy - chotte who lost it all ,
the Man - ASR who conquered it because of his will and brain 
And somewhere in between there is both - Arnav who is healing under the love of his wife and who is content within as his heart is filled with love but is still haunted by his past. 
Allow me to take you through them along with my analysis.


A 14 year old boy whose life resides in his sister, who literally worships her, is finally witnessing her marriage. A beautiful moment, an unforgettable one as his beautiful sister is beaming and is blissfully happy.There is decoration, celebration and a feast all around. He cannot look beyond his sister's angelic face and he wants to prolong this moment of sheer happiness. But that moment turns into the darkest of his life. His parents take that dreaded step which leaves the family in tatters. His sister's dream is shattered, his life crumbled!
He struggles for years to remove those memories, those dark moments from his life. He knows he can never forget it for its etched in his brain, his heart, his subconscious. But he tries his best not to remember them. He removes himself from all emotions, feelings that reside in that tiny, insignificant part of the human body, the heart and he thinks he feels whole again.

The last segment was completely emotional one for me because I could feel this boy's pain, his hurt, his betrayal and his sheer determination to rise again from that rickety existence! 


He is satisfied for he is rich, powerful and successful. He is feared, obeyed. He believes he has got it all and is very content as he doesn't give away to emotions, as he doesnt succumb to that weakness of man called love... or so he thinks. For there comes a girl in his life who makes him realize that feelings don't make a man weak, they make him strong, she makes him realize that its not just brain that reside in human body but also a heart..which always beat when that particular girl was around. He feels what he has denied himself long ago, he starts to smile, to experience that rare emotion which starts to cure him from within. 

And when finally he is ready to break those shackles around his heart and confess to this "weakness", he witnesses the life-shattering "pal" . His Di's only happiness proclaiming love for his woman!
He remembers the other night when something like this happened, he remembers the moment when his and his sister worlds collapsed. But this time, its only his life that crumbles. And he takes an oath of saving his sister's world, he pledges of protecting his "mother" from the man who dared to cheat her again.
So he decides to protect his sister by blackmailing his dream girl to marry him. He makes his life a nightmare so that his di's dreams are kept intact.

I thought I always understood what made Arnav marry khushi in that manner, that haste. But I was wrong. Its today I have got it why he did that. 
That night when he witnessed shyaam proclaming his love for khushi, it was not just shyaam who was doing that. It was his Father doing that to the "other woman", it was his "father" who was cheating on his mother again. An action for which he has suffered a lot till now, an act which influenced his mother to leave her two kids for ever, an act which gave him the deepest of scars that are still raw, still hurting!

For a man who learns from his mistake at the first go, how could he have let shyaam do what his father did to his mother. For him it was all about saving anjali and thus saving himsef. Of course it mattered that it was khushi who was the "other woman" in this case, But at that moment I think it was about his parents again.


Finally the misunderstanding clears and the healing process begins again.
The man is happy with the way things have shaped up. His wife is right where he wants her to be, at his home, with him wholeheartedly. His home again has laughter, happiness and joy. 
More importantly, his wife smiles at him and he winks at her. They laugh together and he enjoys that. He teases her about their suhag raat just to make her nervous, just to scare her a little bit, to see that red nose flaring again! he leaves no opportunity to claim "sadda haq" on her and hold her in plain view of anybody.
He is content!Blissfully happy!

But then, the dark past is again here to remind him of what he had and what he lost. He wants to forget that day but his dadi doesnt let him. He justifies his actions, he claifies that it was what shyaam did to his di, that he had to take an extreme step. That shyaam dared to hurt the one person he cannot let anything happen to. But his dadi is bringing the past before the present. She reminds him of the "decision" he has taken in the past and how wrong he was. She tells him that he has made a mistake in doing what he did and by this, he is not ensuring his di's happiness, in fact quite the opposite. He clearly asserts that his brother-in-law cannot enter his home, a decision that he is sure is correct in the same way as was in the past.

It is here that I saw both, the man and the boy. 
When I saw him today in the initial part of the epi, I was extremely glad. 
A man who believed in handling things directly, is now literally playing games with his wife. Just to ruffle her a little bit. He is teasing her, enjoying her discomfort and leaves no opportunity to pine her to him. He is a man who is happy within, who looks forward to a new day for he wants to see his wife, he wants to dream , to plan a future, to be like a normal happy married man.
And this filled me with so much content myself for he deserves it. Not just he but both of them deserve this happiness, this bliss of love that they have for each other. After what they have gone through, this is the least the life can offer them!

Loved the shot with them standing together with flower petals falling on them..Reminded me of a wedding ritual that takes place the minute the bridegroom and bride put Varmala on each other..I really loved that shot!!Big smile

But in the next moment, again I see the man who is torn between the past and the future. His dadi tells him that we cannot escape the past but we can rebuild the future. For him, how can he ever do that without healing his wounds first.
The torment he goes through when dadi blames his mother to be a coward, the memories he is trying to forget but she is not letting him, the silent plea in his voice as he tells her how hard it was for him to build his life from shambles...It touched me to the core. I cried with him, for the boy, for the man..who carries so much within his heart, who has suffered unimaginable pain till now and is again going to suffer...For past is still buried, just the top layer has been removed. And when it is unleashed, I am scared to think what new scars it will bring in its wake. And how will Arnav along with his strength, khushi, overcome that...

Other things to ponder:


She is still buried in past, she blames Arnav for a decision that he took and she wants to make him understand that he is wrong both the times, then and now.
Why does it look suspicious? Is dadi sent here by shyaam? or by shyaam and anjali together?
Because when Arnav explains why he threw shyaam out, there is not one fleeting expression of shock, hurt or grief. The time she is really shocked is when he tells her he threw the man out. But nothing for the "reason". 
I did not get that. As a dadi, a woman why doesn't she see the "paap" her damadji has done? why doesnt she feel sorry and sad and most of all angry at shyaam for daring to cheat on her gudiya?
Is this because she already has been brainwashed by shyaam? She is here to pave the way for his entry at RM?

Another thing that didn't sit well with me is her persistence in raking up the past at Arnav's face even though he is literally pleading with her to no do it.  As a Dadi, his tears should melt her, but she looks unmoved to me. All that was important at that time is to prove that Arnav is wrong and she is right. That his mother is a coward for ending her own life when her son did exactly the same.
I understood her reasoning of explaining to Arnav about how we cannot leave the past behind, it has to be with us. But what if it is the illusion of the past that she believes in, what if she is not ready to see the actual truth. How can a mirage help to heal the wounds? It will just cause more Confused.


She really loves khushi for the only reaction that she shows at her erratic behavior is concern. She inquires if everything is alright, not once but twice! Sweet.

She wants to balance things, to not break the fragile world of Anjali who has just started restoring it, to somehow avert the disaster that is to follow when dadi learns about shyaam. But how can she stop the storm that Arnav Singh Raizada is when it comes to communicate directly..esp if it has to do with Shyaam and his di. 
She wants to pacify her bachpan ki saheli "Sumi" **Rolls eyes** and fails.

The minute Anjali returns from her mandir yatra, she swiftly enters the den and requests to lay the matter to rest. Her only concern is Anjali should not be a part of this maha yudh that has started to build up. She is unhappy with both Dadi and Arnav for not understanding the circumstances, of not taking into consideration the Janamashtami utsav which is sure to bring smile on Anjali's face.
Her last look to Arnav indicated her displeasure at his stubbornness once again.

I am really very keen to find out about "once again" factor which was the theme in this epi. Dadi kept repeating it and Nani;s look said it all. What did Arnav do, what decision he made all those years ago? I want to know that.


Amazed that I am mentioning her in almost at the end of the post. But today the epi was dominated by Arnav and all his roop and Dadi, Nani. 
She is scared, consicous and totally freaked out about the SR. So much so that she doesnt know if it is glass of milk that she is filling with water, that her dress is worn wrong or that she is making jalebis pe jalebis out of hermisery!

Loved the 1 min dhak-dhak when he pins her on the hallway and her frustration and "I will see u" look when he tries to tease her in the kitchen!

Very little things to ponder:

Anjali is a bad liar and she feels guilty after lying. Not justifying her character, just an observation..

Mami is once again the one who is closest to suspect anything. Will she be the one who will first see Anjali with Shyaam? need to wait and watch.

NK is ever so sweet. Loved how he first tries to see if anyone else has noticed khushi's wardrobe error, then when he realizes no one has, how very politely and in a friendly way points it out to her.


Swati Chitnis ji: 
Your character is not something I am currently sympathetic to but you are an amazing actress. The total poise, the calm but the rigid sternness in your face off with Barun was excellent! Hats off!

Jayshree ji:
Small scenes but effective. You are good at everything you do. Even that guilty face when Arnav looks at you for not telling the whole thing to dadi. Well done.

Sanaya Irani:
Your presence lights up the screen and brings a smile to my face everytime! You are a joy in whatever role you do. Loved you making jalebis again and that "moment" with Arnav. Poor you, he is really scaring khushi.

Barun Sobti: 
Man, Oh will kill me with your acting prowess! 
The happiness at khushi;s discomfort, the anger at dadi;s persistence, her extreme fury and the effort to control it..Wao! Everything just wao!!
What to say more! I am speechless whenever you are on screen!!

Love, Sumi

Sumi, brilliant...Clap

Chottey, ASR, Arnav...the three stages of the same man, described so very beautifully...loved it!!!
kushikumari Goldie

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Fantastic analysis! Loved how you brought out what was unsaid but implied between Dadi and Bitwa. Very powerful! A clash of ego vs righteousness... 

Hate to see our Arnav being badgered like this. Just hope after all this is over, he (& us!) just get to chill for quite a few months... I for one, won't complain!

Sobti - you take our breath away, thank you for showering upon us such a wonderful performance every single time!

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