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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Director' Cut : 10th August, 2012 (Page 20)

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Originally posted by redwine1


No Longer a 'Good Day'

The timing of the arrival of Dadi in the Raizada Mansion is no coincidence. She has come here with a purpose, correction, she has been brought here with a purpose. She has to bring the darkness - Shyam (which means black) - into the Raizada house. 

When Shyam Manohar Jha stood in the middle of the living room, deflecting the arrows from Khushi and Payal and NK, he weaved monstrous stories, lies, and vile accusations against Khushi and Payal. He danced around their accusations and made counter-claims, none of which he could back  up either. But no-one had asked him to support his words either. 

He sowed the seeds of doubts about Payal in her husband's mind. Those seeds flowered and for a time, they smothered the love that Akash had for her. It is only now that Akash and Payal have mended their relationship. Their love is perhaps a little stronger now, having weathered one storm together. An adversity in a marriage can strengthen it, or break it. Payal and Akash's marriage is on course to be strengthened.

Shyam cast aspersions on NK's maturity, his ability to be fooled by a beautiful woman - a loose one, who wanted the attentions of not only her husband but that of her cousin-in-law and her brother-in-law. NK is perhaps the purest soul in Raizada mansion. He was not affected by these accusations and even today defends Khushi every time she needs it. He has won the heart of Payal, and her friendship. Together, he and Payal, are Khushi's staunch supporters.  

But Shyam had revealed the ugly side to his nature to the entire Raizada clan. And slowly, they seem to have come to terms with his abrupt departure. They accepted Arnav's explanation and with Nani's support, have also made their peace in their own way with Khushi. 

It is a happier household now. 

Until Dadi's arrival.

Subhadra Malik lives in the past. She cannot let go of the memories of her son, who committed suicide. She cannot let go of Anjali's memories of her husband, who has been thrown out of his house by his own brother-in-law. 

She has been away for 14 years, fourteen long years in which things have changed. Living in a sequestered ashram, time has stood still for her, while the outside world and the Raizadas have moved on. 

When she first walked in the door, and met Anjali, it was the latter who hugged her Grandma. At last, here was a person who she could confide in, talk to about her loss. In Anjali's mind, Chotey had changed and the cause for the change was Khushi. Even on Raksha Bandhan, she recognized that Khushi had achieved what she had never been able to do, get Chotey to put on a kurta. She recognized the power that this slip of a girl wielded over her brother. 

Did she forget the innumerable instances when she herself used this girl to get her brother to do what she wanted?  

The aarti for Janmashthami last year - Khushi's idea.

The Diwali decorations - Khushi's idea

Getting Chotey to agree to the Sangeet - Khushi's idea. 

Then, she welcomed those ideas - because it got Chotey to do what she wanted. 

Yet now, Chotey was buzzing around Khushi, and it was not what she wanted. To her, Khushi is the reason for Shyam's departure. And while on the surface she seems to accept her brothers changed status, she does want to bring her own life back to its status quo. Shyam as her husband, by her side. 

So today, she has started hiding things, lying and avoiding her family, getting mysterious phone calls and text messages - and finally a date(?!) with this mysterious person. All of which she is keeping hidden from them and especially Chotey. She has started saying the things that she knows he wants to hear, much as he has said the things that he knew she wanted to hear. There is a rift between this brother-sister duo, and they are not even aware of it. Each has done their part in putting that rift in place. The tie between these two is loosening. It remains to be seen how much further apart they will drift. Except we know Chotey will do all in his power to protect her.

Enter Dadi. She has heard her little grand child's story. We were not witnesses to that conversation. Dadi has come with a well-thought out preconception of Khushi - this much is evident. There is hatred and anger every time she looks at this hapless girl. Perhaps she should at least look at the other people around her and try to find out if what she knows about Khushi is true. But she doesn't ask. Because after all, Subhadra Malik is always right. 

What she hadn't reckoned with is a grandson who is more than ready to face her down. She hadn't expected a grandson who would not comply with her wishes.

And what is her wish?

That her damad must be brought back to the house. 

Truly a closed mind. Without even enquiring about the reasons for his departure, she is demanding that the whole household bow down to her wishes. It is after all, her son's son's house. Nobody, not even Devyani, her so-called best friend, can be allowed to have a difference of opinion. It must have been a bitter pill to swallow when this same grandon quickly and incisively made her aware that HIS wife had as much a right and authority in this home as he did. She was his wife, his ardhangini, his other half. What was his, is hers. They are equals. 

And now he sets down one more rule. Damadji has been thrown out the house. She is shocked at this. She wants to know the reason from Arnav. And he tells her what made him do it. Damadji is not welcome in this house. Not anymore.

She can't leave it alone. She follows him to his room. He is standing alone, grim, ready to face this old lioness who is now fighting for the right of her young cub. She starts with the manipulation, playing to his emotions, evoking memories of his childhood. But Arnav has come far, far away from that. He is the head of his pride, and he will defend it. Life and time has taught him how to defend his family. Like the one swift move in which he threw out the hyena. He barely lets out a growl, but it is a menacing one nevertheless. Then she makes two mistakes: She starts with the emotional blackmail - he is your sister's unborn child's father; and she mentions his father. Now the lion turns, bares its fangs, and spews out one more horrible fact from the past. His father had committed suicide. And before committing suicide, he had forced Arnav's mother to commit suicide too. Shyam will never be allowed to do that. Does he believe that Shyam could take Anjali's life? Absolutely. As yet he does not know how many times Anjali was close to being killed by Shyam. 

The lioness goes for his vulnerable spot. Your mother was weak. She didn't know how to raise a family and keep them happy. 

He roars at her, Enough! And then controls himself. The only thing standing between Dadi and him right now, is his misplaced respect for an elder. But he will not hear anything negative about his mother - not even from her. 

Then, Dadi reveals something surprising and she reveals her hand. She is still equating the past to the present. Once more, she says, you are on the side of the wrong and not of the right. 

Arnav had told Khushi - my dadi will always believe what she wants to believe, and what anyone else thinks is immaterial - they are wrong! Yes, he certainly knows his Dadi well. But more importantly, we now know that all along Dadi has known the reason for Shyam's departure - or at least a version of it. Why else would she be so convinced that Arnav is in the wrong? Why else would she be so adamant that the outcome of an event that she was not even a witness to, is wrong? It is clear that she has been fed, and fed well by someone, whose sole purpose is to get Shyam back into the house. Dadi has listened to the grandchild she did not hug, but is unwilling to give the benefit of the doubt to the grandchild she offered a hug to. In a couple of days, her allegiance has changed completely. She is now firmly in Anjali's corner. 

As much as he knows her, she does not know him at all. She does not recognize herself in him. Neither does he. 

She starts dragging her claws into his hide. Digging up the past, again. And finally he has had enough. Stop it, Dadi. His paw flails. He doesn't want to touch her, for if he had done so, he would have harmed her, physically. And he would not do that. He is too well brought up for that. He just wants her to stop with her constant references to a past that he has just begun to deal with. Why does she keep dragging the murky shadows of the past into the present? Does she not want them to forget it? Does she not want them to get on with their lives?

She does not. You can't run away from your past. It will always be there for you. Your decision to throw Shyam out of this house will impact the future of this house. 

He is immovable. I was right then and I am right now. Then it was Dad's fault - today its Shyam's. Shyam will never come back to this house. 

Devyani - the voice of reason, comes in. Asks them to stop this argument as Anjali is back. For her sake, they should stop. 

It is interesting that it is Arnav who acknowledges both Devyani and her words. Subhadra does not. She walks away. 

It is also interesting that this battle is about Anjali whom both claim to love. We have seen Arnav's brand of love, and we know that it is pure. He has been trying to bring the balance back into his life between his wife and his sister. It seemed like he was succeeding for a while. A little down time and thinking thing through will show him how far off he is. 

But what of Dadi? What does she gain by trying to bring Shyam into this house? Dadi, as old as she is, is not wise to the ways of the Queen Bee. Lioness she may be in front of her grandson. In front of the other, she is now a worker bee - but one that might have a very powerful sting. 

For Arnav Singh Raizada - it was no longer a 'Good Day'.

After thought:

Arnav on the phone saying: 'You will have to monitor their performance for a week. At least a week. Yeah. And the value of the stocks too.'

Whose performance needs to be monitored for at least a week? and what value will they add to the house? Or are they already here, but only for a week? Will Shyam be given yet another chance to stay at RM for a week? And will ASR need someone to look out for his 'performance' while he is away? Who will do the monitoring, Akash or NK? Where is ASR going? Yesterday, we saw a suitcase, today the request to someone to monitor something... Something tells me, there's travel in store for ASR and... perhaps KKGSR too?

Brilliant Post MadhuClap... loved how succinctly & beautifully you have brought out all the observations & underlying thoughts running in the episode...absolutely loved it!!

@Red - Loved these anjali who not only time & again had used the effect of khushi on arnav to get what she wanted but had even told arnav that he did many things coz of khushi, isnt liking the same effect khushi has on him!!

@Green - Truly dadi's allegiance has totally changed...soon its gonna be Nani & Arhi V/s Dadi & Anjali!!

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what an amazing post..crisp and to the point!And beautiful lines, some of which I truly loved!

Bitwa is at his flirty best... Bitiya is scared shit !!!

Very nicely put!LOL

What Daadi forgot conveniently was that she also gave up her responsibilities towards her grandchildren and took sanyaas when they needed her the most !!! They had lost both their parents and were thrown out of their own home by their uncle, her other son... but Daadi didn't take responsibility for either of her son's actions... instead blamed, their mother, their grandmother (Naani) for flaws in bringing them up... She has blamed everyone else but herself !!!

me Agree with you on this one. She has blames everyone except herself. For she sees herself to be the one who is always correct. She doesn't even show any anger towards the fact that her damadji cheated on her GrandDaughter! Felt strange to me!

And I loved how you mentioned that Arnav would be the father figure to Anjali's children the same way his mama was like a father to him!Beautiful beautiful thought!! Kudos!Clap


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Originally posted by sarithaipkknd

Originally posted by Lizzy2012

Originally posted by sarithaipkknd

Originally posted by Lizzy2012

Originally posted by sarithaipkknd

what a spoiler lolThumbs Up

saru bahut dino se main yehi spoiler likhrahi no surprises for me..but dill went garden garden after listening from mishti

i m also happy

saru..shyam's entry is also not far off now..i gave this spoiler on redux some 2 weeks backBig smile...
one more thing saru..i have watched the 5 -8 episodes..and have prepared my list of important points of the epiosde..should i send it u?

yup waiting for him..
yup send me

ok will send it by tonight

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Originally posted by coolgal270

For me, today it was all about Arnav...The boy, the man...a tortured soul within, who has no one to share his pain till now...who has built his life on the remains of his dreams..and is now ready to walk through it with his only "happiness". I dedicate my post today to Arnav the boy who lived it through all in the past and is still living in it,though this time, he has a ray of light, his life, his Khushi.

There are three souls who reside in this man. The boy - chotte who lost it all ,
the Man - ASR who conquered it because of his will and brain 
And somewhere in between there is both - Arnav who is healing under the love of his wife and who is content within as his heart is filled with love but is still haunted by his past. 
Allow me to take you through them along with my analysis.


A 14 year old boy whose life resides in his sister, who literally worships her, is finally witnessing her marriage. A beautiful moment, an unforgettable one as his beautiful sister is beaming and is blissfully happy.There is decoration, celebration and a feast all around. He cannot look beyond his sister's angelic face and he wants to prolong this moment of sheer happiness. But that moment turns into the darkest of his life. His parents take that dreaded step which leaves the family in tatters. His sister's dream is shattered, his life crumbled!
He struggles for years to remove those memories, those dark moments from his life. He knows he can never forget it for its etched in his brain, his heart, his subconscious. But he tries his best not to remember them. He removes himself from all emotions, feelings that reside in that tiny, insignificant part of the human body, the heart and he thinks he feels whole again.

The last segment was completely emotional one for me because I could feel this boy's pain, his hurt, his betrayal and his sheer determination to rise again from that rickety existence! 


He is satisfied for he is rich, powerful and successful. He is feared, obeyed. He believes he has got it all and is very content as he doesn't give away to emotions, as he doesnt succumb to that weakness of man called love... or so he thinks. For there comes a girl in his life who makes him realize that feelings don't make a man weak, they make him strong, she makes him realize that its not just brain that reside in human body but also a heart..which always beat when that particular girl was around. He feels what he has denied himself long ago, he starts to smile, to experience that rare emotion which starts to cure him from within. 

And when finally he is ready to break those shackles around his heart and confess to this "weakness", he witnesses the life-shattering "pal" . His Di's only happiness proclaiming love for his woman!
He remembers the other night when something like this happened, he remembers the moment when his and his sister worlds collapsed. But this time, its only his life that crumbles. And he takes an oath of saving his sister's world, he pledges of protecting his "mother" from the man who dared to cheat her again.
So he decides to protect his sister by blackmailing his dream girl to marry him. He makes his life a nightmare so that his di's dreams are kept intact.

I thought I always understood what made Arnav marry khushi in that manner, that haste. But I was wrong. Its today I have got it why he did that. 
That night when he witnessed shyaam proclaming his love for khushi, it was not just shyaam who was doing that. It was his Father doing that to the "other woman", it was his "father" who was cheating on his mother again. An action for which he has suffered a lot till now, an act which influenced his mother to leave her two kids for ever, an act which gave him the deepest of scars that are still raw, still hurting!

For a man who learns from his mistake at the first go, how could he have let shyaam do what his father did to his mother. For him it was all about saving anjali and thus saving himsef. Of course it mattered that it was khushi who was the "other woman" in this case, But at that moment I think it was about his parents again.


Finally the misunderstanding clears and the healing process begins again.
The man is happy with the way things have shaped up. His wife is right where he wants her to be, at his home, with him wholeheartedly. His home again has laughter, happiness and joy. 
More importantly, his wife smiles at him and he winks at her. They laugh together and he enjoys that. He teases her about their suhag raat just to make her nervous, just to scare her a little bit, to see that red nose flaring again! he leaves no opportunity to claim "sadda haq" on her and hold her in plain view of anybody.
He is content!Blissfully happy!

But then, the dark past is again here to remind him of what he had and what he lost. He wants to forget that day but his dadi doesnt let him. He justifies his actions, he claifies that it was what shyaam did to his di, that he had to take an extreme step. That shyaam dared to hurt the one person he cannot let anything happen to. But his dadi is bringing the past before the present. She reminds him of the "decision" he has taken in the past and how wrong he was. She tells him that he has made a mistake in doing what he did and by this, he is not ensuring his di's happiness, in fact quite the opposite. He clearly asserts that his brother-in-law cannot enter his home, a decision that he is sure is correct in the same way as was in the past.

It is here that I saw both, the man and the boy. 
When I saw him today in the initial part of the epi, I was extremely glad. 
A man who believed in handling things directly, is now literally playing games with his wife. Just to ruffle her a little bit. He is teasing her, enjoying her discomfort and leaves no opportunity to pine her to him. He is a man who is happy within, who looks forward to a new day for he wants to see his wife, he wants to dream , to plan a future, to be like a normal happy married man.
And this filled me with so much content myself for he deserves it. Not just he but both of them deserve this happiness, this bliss of love that they have for each other. After what they have gone through, this is the least the life can offer them!

Loved the shot with them standing together with flower petals falling on them..Reminded me of a wedding ritual that takes place the minute the bridegroom and bride put Varmala on each other..I really loved that shot!!Big smile

But in the next moment, again I see the man who is torn between the past and the future. His dadi tells him that we cannot escape the past but we can rebuild the future. For him, how can he ever do that without healing his wounds first.
The torment he goes through when dadi blames his mother to be a coward, the memories he is trying to forget but she is not letting him, the silent plea in his voice as he tells her how hard it was for him to build his life from shambles...It touched me to the core. I cried with him, for the boy, for the man..who carries so much within his heart, who has suffered unimaginable pain till now and is again going to suffer...For past is still buried, just the top layer has been removed. And when it is unleashed, I am scared to think what new scars it will bring in its wake. And how will Arnav along with his strength, khushi, overcome that...

Other things to ponder:


She is still buried in past, she blames Arnav for a decision that he took and she wants to make him understand that he is wrong both the times, then and now.
Why does it look suspicious? Is dadi sent here by shyaam? or by shyaam and anjali together?
Because when Arnav explains why he threw shyaam out, there is not one fleeting expression of shock, hurt or grief. The time she is really shocked is when he tells her he threw the man out. But nothing for the "reason". 
I did not get that. As a dadi, a woman why doesn't she see the "paap" her damadji has done? why doesnt she feel sorry and sad and most of all angry at shyaam for daring to cheat on her gudiya?
Is this because she already has been brainwashed by shyaam? She is here to pave the way for his entry at RM?

Another thing that didn't sit well with me is her persistence in raking up the past at Arnav's face even though he is literally pleading with her to no do it.  As a Dadi, his tears should melt her, but she looks unmoved to me. All that was important at that time is to prove that Arnav is wrong and she is right. That his mother is a coward for ending her own life when her son did exactly the same.
I understood her reasoning of explaining to Arnav about how we cannot leave the past behind, it has to be with us. But what if it is the illusion of the past that she believes in, what if she is not ready to see the actual truth. How can a mirage help to heal the wounds? It will just cause more Confused.


She really loves khushi for the only reaction that she shows at her erratic behavior is concern. She inquires if everything is alright, not once but twice! Sweet.

She wants to balance things, to not break the fragile world of Anjali who has just started restoring it, to somehow avert the disaster that is to follow when dadi learns about shyaam. But how can she stop the storm that Arnav Singh Raizada is when it comes to communicate directly..esp if it has to do with Shyaam and his di. 
She wants to pacify her bachpan ki saheli "Sumi" **Rolls eyes** and fails.

The minute Anjali returns from her mandir yatra, she swiftly enters the den and requests to lay the matter to rest. Her only concern is Anjali should not be a part of this maha yudh that has started to build up. She is unhappy with both Dadi and Arnav for not understanding the circumstances, of not taking into consideration the Janamashtami utsav which is sure to bring smile on Anjali's face.
Her last look to Arnav indicated her displeasure at his stubbornness once again.

I am really very keen to find out about "once again" factor which was the theme in this epi. Dadi kept repeating it and Nani;s look said it all. What did Arnav do, what decision he made all those years ago? I want to know that.


Amazed that I am mentioning her in almost at the end of the post. But today the epi was dominated by Arnav and all his roop and Dadi, Nani. 
She is scared, consicous and totally freaked out about the SR. So much so that she doesnt know if it is glass of milk that she is filling with water, that her dress is worn wrong or that she is making jalebis pe jalebis out of hermisery!

Loved the 1 min dhak-dhak when he pins her on the hallway and her frustration and "I will see u" look when he tries to tease her in the kitchen!

Very little things to ponder:

Anjali is a bad liar and she feels guilty after lying. Not justifying her character, just an observation..

Mami is once again the one who is closest to suspect anything. Will she be the one who will first see Anjali with Shyaam? need to wait and watch.

NK is ever so sweet. Loved how he first tries to see if anyone else has noticed khushi's wardrobe error, then when he realizes no one has, how very politely and in a friendly way points it out to her.


Swati Chitnis ji: 
Your character is not something I am currently sympathetic to but you are an amazing actress. The total poise, the calm but the rigid sternness in your face off with Barun was excellent! Hats off!

Jayshree ji:
Small scenes but effective. You are good at everything you do. Even that guilty face when Arnav looks at you for not telling the whole thing to dadi. Well done.

Sanaya Irani:
Your presence lights up the screen and brings a smile to my face everytime! You are a joy in whatever role you do. Loved you making jalebis again and that "moment" with Arnav. Poor you, he is really scaring khushi.

Barun Sobti: 
Man, Oh will kill me with your acting prowess! 
The happiness at khushi;s discomfort, the anger at dadi;s persistence, her extreme fury and the effort to control it..Wao! Everything just wao!!
What to say more! I am speechless whenever you are on screen!!

Love, Sumi

WOW...Sumi...Outstanding & Brilliant PostClapClapClap...Loved your post !!!
Such a holistic & comprehensive analsysis...touching each character in such a in-depth manner...absolutely superb!! loved how u dissected all of them & esp. Arnav!!
Very true...the day belonged to the Man..both the ASR & the Arnav inside him!!
@RED - loved the way you inferred the scene...very true...subconsciously he was trying to save his mother!! the mother whom he couldnt save 14 years he wanted to do that!!
I too loved the Flower-Shower scene...totally reminding me of a marriage sceneEmbarrassed

Further, Even i was shocked...that not even once..not even for a second...Dadi was angry at shyaamShockedShocked...not even once she said, "how could he do it to anjali" was as if she knew it if someone had already brainwashed her about the whole thing!!
Lastly... totally killing us with his acting after day stunning us with moving & powerful performance...first his confrontation with Dadi the day she had returned, then his pain & hurt when revealing about his mother to khushi, & now this!! & not to forget the amazing flirtatious charm that he is spelling on all of us...falling in love with him more & more...If that is even possibleEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed!!

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Originally posted by sarithaipkknd

what a spoiler lolThumbs Up

tats a Sooper Duper Good news dear Dancing!!! Rabba Vae ... EmbarrassedDay Dreaming

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Originally posted by Mahamluvsght


A splendid blend of passionate romance , m &b intact with family drama."ISS PYAAR KO KYA NAAM DOON " ROCKS MASHALLAH ...

another beautiful episode reflecting arnav's past the story is from arnav's forte and hence we r getting to see Barun rocking in each n every kinda scene !hes given the best and he is doing the best ! A simple scene simply turns magical with his awesome awesome awesome performance!!!!! Along with sanaya its like "soney peh suhaga " double masti double maaza!!!!

The first scene where khushi's confusiion and fear of suhaag raat starts reflecting in her work was amazing and arnav taking pleasure of every silly move made by the poor little girl!yes the madly in love arnav singh raizada is getting pleasure in teasing his beautiful and very  innocent hearted wife khushi who is just a kid at heart ! khushi wore her dress inside out noticed by NK followed by aranv , his dialoge "yeh larki poori paagal hai " was awesome  yes hes loving her sillyness and probably thats wht attracts him to her  more n more !

on the other hand khushi is a darling  angel really n badly effected by her naughty n hot husband !!!!arnav makes things difficlut for her by adding "are u okay y r u so lost "LOLleaving khsuhi more embarassed . A very cute and sizzling momemnt between husband n wife infront of the family . ...

Khushi comes down the hall with flowers in her thaal , naughty arnav who is hidding behind the pillar pulls her to him making all the flowers Dropn over them like they are thrown over a couple who is getting married ! Khushi 's eyes are widen with fear while arnav eye r full fo deep dark passion ahhh love it love it to bits ! he asks her tht its their wedding night today is she scared lol. If u see barun actually titled his head towards sanayas neck as if ... POOr khushi is on RED ALTER by this intense  physical closeness that is growing wilder with time .BUT she is khushi and gives him a message no she isnt (HOW CUTE SHE IS  ADORABLE ) He takes her anwser as yes and says "see u tonight " as if they have some exam or any competition LOL 

Khushi gets more upset and instaed of making kheer ends up making jalebis   nani is sure she isnt fine and to make things even worse arnav lands in the kitchen  saying whts wrong i have been asking you since mrng y r u so lost LOL.Khuhsi now finally seems to be getting irritated and ge t started with her work .

The drama quotient was no bad at all instead pretty gripping ! the tu tu mein mein between arnav and dadi gave us a more insight abou t his dark past !

Y wouldnt arnav be so bitter ? he has led a miserable life dad commited sucide mom comitted sucide sister's wedding broke off who is suffering from polio ! they r thrown out of their house sheesh mahal ! Who wouldnt be bitter im shocked he managed to make it BIG for himself many any normal guy would have gone into drugs !

But ever since he has found khushi  he has started LIVING HIS LIFE with peace love and fun !Embarrassed where things were so bad for him god had planned an angel who is half crazy to pacify him to be with him to love him , whose beauty he could marvel  who softness and warmth he can feel !who belonged n  belongs to HIM !

 dadi's questions abt kicking shaym  seemed very vauge she wants him back JUST CUZ OF THE BABY ? she is not seeing the fact he is a criminal .Im sure  dadi was sent to Rm by shaymu and anjali only !

Dadi lashes out arnav's mom abt being a coward  and not a dotting mom well hello OLDIE WHAT R U ? U RAN INTO ASHRAM YR SELF LEAVING THE KIDS TO SULK ? u r a bigger coward ...never once did u come n see them  so stop behaving the way u  because u dont deserved to be answer tillu answer them back !I LOVED NANI poor her is pacifying every one !BTW loved the way he told her off tht he will not take any one talk crap ant his mom not even from dadi !

dadi remembers arnav loving her so much   but wht did she do forhim probably tht night when he lost his parents she must be the only place he would want to run n hide  and wht did she do go n run into an ashram ?COWARD DADI im glad the guy is giving her the due respect !

dadi wants aranv attached to her pallu , di wants her choatey attached to her pallu but arnav wants himself attached to khushi y cant these aunties watch this ! seriosuly selfish !

anjali di aka  the khiski howee di ! another liar on the block she lies abt going to mandir and runs with shamu for lunch wah wah wah ...Ouch

this dadi-anlaji and shayamu are a triangle !

nk was damn cute but y promote tht cookrey show urghhh!
HP is present in every scene I was like i hope he dont come n see them behind pillar again He loves their romance i guess LOL

 and this is what i call what the world call the HOTTEST COUPLE EVER !MASHALLAH



Lovely post dear & amazing pis & the banner!!
This is truly the Blockbuster Show...& ArHi are the hottest couple everEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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aditi07 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 03 October 2011
Posts: 3453

Posted: 11 August 2012 at 6:05am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sarithaipkknd

hey guys  so read all the posts n replying...Big smile dc style!!!
             n waiting for the rest to update!!!

@ruby- scene one was superb..bitiya is as ready as bituwaEmbarrassed
scene 2 was mind blowing!!! while watching it i was confused.. as to wat he meant when he said"i was right then..n i m right now"
great analysis.. for him its abt de..n for her its abt her ego.
Clap@ritz- tally ho!!! speechless babe.. esp enjoyed the scene4..
She once again calms down both the aggressive Maliks.. and defuses a live bomb... for now !"
p.s. u r welcome 4 the pics
@lizzy-wow!!!Clap... thanks for going through the epi... n i was waiting for the 12days to christmas!!! it makes sense.. i am so excited.thank u sooo much!!!
@payalia- you ve outdone yourself this time.. n u are always fond of taking a different angle.. but this was bind blowing!!
take bow!!!
@madhu-  spectacular!! is the word that is coming in my mind!!!
the siblings are moving away n even they are not aware of it!!
dadi was really in for a surprise.. she dint expect arnav to change so much!! n loved the comparision of him to a lion..n the family to a pride!!
n were u serious about the 2nd post??? were they really making fun of sp nuns??LOL
@sam- "
However talented you might be...How many perfect 10's you score at your class test...If you don't end your year with that brilliant score card...Everything else falls flat...At the end of the day..we should never forget the adage.."Alls well that ends well.." agree...thanks for sharing this experience with us!!Embarrassed

@sumi- "
he boy, the man...a tortured soul within, who has no one to share his pain till now...who has built his life on the remains of his dreams..and is now ready to walk through it with his only "happiness"." Clap
chotte who lost it all ,
the Man - ASR who conquered it because of his will and brain 
And somewhere in between there is both - Arnav who is healing under the love of his wife and who is content within as his heart is filled with love but is still haunted by his past. " i am speechless..
It was his Father doing that to the "other woman", it was his "father" who was cheating on his mother again."
great post summy.. Clap read it twice!! esp asr's motive.. Clap

@maham- my fav neighbour!! n my dearest cheer leader!! ur post spreads so much cheer than my attempts with gifs!! love reading it!! mashallah!! blockbuster huh??LOL
u know wat makes ur post endearing.. its directly from ur heart.. don believe me ? read this line..
dadi wants aranv attached to her pallu , di wants her choatey attached to her pallu but arnav wants himself attached to khushi y cant these aunties watch this ! seriosuly selfish !"
i was ROFLing throughout... n we all know about ur love for sarun..
@aditi- cutest analysis ever of arnav n khushi... arnav's sweet torure... hayeee...Embarrassed
i am also keeping my fingers crossed for the pheras..Embarrassed ..yup drama is gonna get more n more interesting day by day!!!
p.s. -nice song selectionWink
@bidz- i look forward to read ur post daily.. small compact n effective.. amazing write up bidz.. read it last nyt itself!! superb. Embarrassed
p.s.-thanks for clearing the doubt abt khushi's status in arnav's life..tat many ppl ve..!! was really needed!!!
@dramacrazy12- "t
he consistency in the episodes continue in terms of content mix much to my immense pleasure- there was romance, there was comedy, there was sexual tension, there was drama, there was intrigue so overall I was satisfied. I particularly enjoyed flirty Arnav- he is bold  and almost shameless and yet there is an odd sweetness about him. "
wow.. the questions answered segment was fabEmbarrassed


Bacause of all of u DC rocks!!! n r USP is always positivity!!!
i am loving every minute here!!!
p.s.- beenz where is ur postAngry

Awww...Thank you so much Saru dearHug
I did find it a Sweet torture only...poor khushiLOL
Glad you liked the song dear..I guess i am on Aamir Khan's song spree!!

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IllGetOverIpk IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 August 2012 at 6:09am | IP Logged
guys puraaney din  might comeback

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