Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Director' Cut : 10th August, 2012

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                  AB KE SAJAN SAWAAN MEIN .. 
                     AAG LAGE GI BADAN MEIN
                             GHATTA BARSE GI 
                              MAGAR TARSE GI 

                   ITNE BADE GHAR MEIN NAHIN .. 
                                  EK BHI JHAROKA 
                  KISS TARAH HUM DENGE BHALA 
                          DUNIYA KO DHOKA 


(gif courtesy: payal)


Dear Fellow Viewer & Reader .. Welcome to yet another edition of DC .. an episode which made us grin .. made us go ooo .. made us go awww .. made us go hmmm .. made us go ufff .. made us go grrr .. made us go hai ram .. kahan con .. 
Sab toh tha ( all was there) .. right .. yea .. thats our IPK for you . an episode . liberally sprinkled with .. fun, comic moments, romance, intrigue, drama .. all packed in 18 minutes .. 


Guys i will break my analysis in 2 parts .. one on the romance & the other on drama .. so grab ur remotes .. & lets start pause release .. 

Itne bade ghar mein nahi 
Ek bhi jharoka 
This is what was running in my mind while watching the episode tonite .. u know the other verse ..

Do Dilon ke beech khadee kitni deewaren 
Kaise sunungi piya prem ki pukare .. 

The story of Arnav Khushi ... Such a big house .. but no place for romance . ... sigh ...
The story of Arnav Khushi ... So many people to disturb at inopportune moments with "CHOTTE" . ...  Anjali, Nani, Mami, Lakshmi .. & NOW dadi .. ...sigh ...


Part 1 : scene 1 : 


OH well Khushi .. bitiya is sunk .. truly sunk .. more sunk than us looks like .. we are just grinning .. bitiya is loosing it .. yea BIG time .. 

The family is gathered round the dining table eating their meal ( men eating food & women fasting for janamashtami so eating fruits & milk ) .. Khushi walks in .. pause first ... Look at Arnav ..its a split second expression .. he is JUST about to rile her .. when Nani interrupts .. ( told ya ..kitni deewaren) .. release 

Nani asks her for water .. & bitiya pours water .. hmm water down .. Dadi's MILK .. pause ... pause pause ... .. look at Arnav .. he is practically out of his seat wanting to stop her .. but stops himself .. i love the small look he gives dadi .. expecting fireworks ... hmm ..
All round the table are shocked .. everyone looks at Dadi .. Payal brings Khushi's attention to her mistake .. she is shocked .. she looks at DADI . literally shivering .. & appologises .. 

NOW pause .. NO BOMB BLAST .. the old lady keeps shut .. hmm interesting .. NOW just rewind a bit .. & i will tell u why .. REWIND TO ARNAV's reaction .. when Dadi .. looks at Khushi pouring WATER DOWN HER MILK .. look at the table .. THERE IS ARNAV"S REFLECTION ... that is what DADI sees .. & stops herself from reacting .. remember .. ITS KHUSHI's HOME .. & SHE CAN DO WHAT SHE WANTS .. Arnav the MASTER OF THE HOUSE said it ... Big smile
U know when water is mixed with MILK .. it is done to KILL acidity .. hmm now i am going to leave this for u to interpret .. whose heart burn needs the balm more .. KHUSHI or DADI Wink

Well if pouring water down the drain .. oops Dadi's milk was not enuf embarrassment for bitiya .. our ever available court jester ( NK ) .. jumps right in & points out .. Bitiya has worn the DRESS BACK SIDE FRONT .. whoops .. GOLMAAL hai Bhai sab GOLMAAL hai .. 

Now ofcourse u guys pause here .. well needless to say Khushi was embarrassed .. & others were amused .. well .. they did see a broken bed being repaired just the other day right .. Big smile ... BUT now look at Arnav .. this was what he wanted to do when she came in before as well ( yea asked u catch his first expression) ... he wanted to rile her .. goad her .. keep her on the edge ... oh is it called .. BUILDING THE ANTICIPATION .. Embarrassed
So he gets a chance .. he asks .. her .. what is the matter .. WHY R U LOOKING SO LOST ... whoa BANG ON BITWA .. so many targets with one dialogue .. 

1. Target 1 : KHUSHI .. riled her .. keeps hammering her with Suhaag Raat .. building the anticipation
2. Target 2: Family ...  reminded them of broken bed .. the fact that KHUSHi is lost in her reverie .. so established the status quo of the relation .. we are in love ... ( look at Akash .. in the back drop .. all knowing smile .. look at Nani looking at Arnav .. hmm brilliant bitwa) 
3. Target 3 : DADI .. i am right here .. dont u dare question or scold my wife .. the only person who has the right to do that IS ME her HUSBAND 

 ooo did i forget to mention .. the "pagal hai yeh ladki" was simply perfect .. Embarrassed

     ______ Heart  _______ Heart  _______ Heart  _________ Heart  _________

Ok lets move on ... Payal asks Khushi to get some marigold flowers for her ( now why is it that when someone wants flowers they send KHUSHI .. hmm ) .. 
Khushi is on her way ... when Arnav pulls her to himself .. 
behind the pillar 

"Itne bade ghar mein nahi Ek bhi jharoka  
Kiss tarah hum denge bhala duniya ko dhoka 
Raat bhar jagaegi yeh mast mast pawan .. mast mast pawan "
(eng ; such a big house no small place to hide .. how do we cheat the world & meet .. will be up the whole night because of the lovely wind blowing)

Maybe Arshad Khan was also thinking the above lines while shooting the scene .. it so fits .. Wink

Of course Pause ... actually no harm in a bit of a long pause as well ..Wink

Guys honestly .. first lets bask on the manoeuvre .. bitwa is a pro by now .. on the twist the arm & pull close manoeuvre ..Pulls .. her extremely close to him .. now .. please see the alignment . brilliant . she is sitting snug within his hold .. 

They both look around .. to see whether .. they have been spotted ( aww) ..& finally Arnav tells her i just came to remind u of our Suhaag Raat .. Khushi stutters Suhaaa g raaat 

Then he bends very close to her .. more crowding of space .. & whispers in his bedroom voice .. hope u r not scared or nervous .. KHUSHI DOESNT SAY ANYTHING .. Arnav says very GOOD .. C U TONITE .. 

Ok .. now what was so interesting .. apart from the most amazingly lovely HOT romantic scene that was played out .. 

1. Khushi does not struggle in Arnav's hold even once .. she doesnt try to free herself .. nor does she ask to be freed

2. Khushi .. since yesterday .. since Arnav has mentioned the word "Suhaag Raat" has not once said .. NO .. suhaag raat  ... she too is ready to move forward in this relation 

3.The more Arnav went closer .. the more madam did not move back .. she doesnt say she is scared ... no cause she is not .. & Arnav knows it .. 
Yes its the anticipation .. that he is building .. & the anticipation .. which she is feeling ..  

Now for the last bit .. SHE MUTTERS  .. Hey DM .. what will i do .. she wants to move forward in their relation ... but she wants it .. to move with the RIGHT FOOT FORWARD ..  pahle ..7 VACHAN .. verbal .. affirmation of LOVE & MARRIAGE .. before she moves to the physical. consummation of Love & marriage 

SO bitwa won the challenge is it .. Bitiya .. wants the marriage .. she wants to move forward .. she wants to SAY THE 7 vows that bind .. she wants to walk those seven rounds around the pyre that .. will bind them .. Bitiya is ready to .. become .. Mrs. Khushi Arnav Singh Raizada . 
& Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada knows that .. well .. so what if he is basking in his glory for a bit Big smile ..Could'nt u guys hear the BINGO .. in Arnav since yesterday .. or GOTCHA .. Wink

  ______ Heart  _______ Heart  _______ Heart  _________ Heart  _________

Well then they head to the kitchen .. another public place full of deewaren ( nani & payal) .. seriously .. leave the guys alone now will ya ... Angry

Nani asks Khushi to make Badam ka kheer .. but Khushi ends up making .. Jalebis .. her comfort food & comfort cooking .. hmm flustered ya did he .. but thats not enuf .. when Nani & Payal are questioning her .. her Knight in shining armour comes to her rescue .. BUT .. oh well .. he flusters her more .. keep up the pressure .. bitwa .. bitiya's ire is up .. the more her ire gets up .. the more she flares up .. the more .. passionate she gets hmmm .
Well .. Kheer .. badam ka kheer .. interesting .. ofcourse .. Ladoo Gopal ( Krishna Bhagwan) .. loves all milk products .. BUT .. hmm milk product .. suhaag raat .. hmm GUL what are you indicating here Wink.

     ______ Heart  _______ Heart  _______ Heart  _________ Heart  _____

Part 2 : Scene 2 : 



Ok here guys .. pura pause release .. Big smile again 2 parts .. 



Dadi is saying to Nani that it's been two days since she came and still Shyam didn't come to meet her. Arnav comes there and says he won't come either. Dadi asks why? Why Shyam is not living in this house with Anjali? Arnav says because I threw him out of this house. 
Nani asks Dadi to calm down and says she will tell her everything but not now. But Dadi insists on  finding out the reason now .. when Arnav enters ... saying Shyam will not come to meet her .. she asks Arnav why. 
 Arnav says Anjali is the important person in his life and he can't see someone hurting her. And Shyam made her very sad, betrayed her. Arnav says so it's better if no one takes his name in this house especially in front of Anjali. EXIT Arnav 


A very happy Nani .. steeped in the thots of the happiness of a festival celebration .. walks up to speak to her friend .. the friend .. DADI .. who like a broken record is STUCK on "damadji"  .. 
( weird ...  a woman living in the dark ages asking the whereabouts of a "GHAR JAMAI"  .. shouldnt she be asking .. why is ANJALI .. staying in this HOUSE & not with her husband ?? okay rant over ) .. 

She is enraged .. & is pounding questions .. rather demanding answers of Nani .. she has a very superior tone to her voice .. the very .. HUM LADKE WAALE hai voice .. while NANI .. is stunned .. not knowing what to say .. stuttering .. about pooja .. but DADI is relentless .. her tone of voice .. her words .. reeks of authority  .. reeks of I AM THE BOSS IN THIS HOUSE .. she has huge territorial claims in her voice .. 
Note the scene .. as it she keeps hammering question after question at nani .. her tone of voice is increasing ... SHE is exerting her authority over NANI .. 

WHEN The BOSS ENTERS .. Now pause here .. & listen to Arnav's voice .. he calmly & casually walks up & says .. Shyam will not come her either .. so basically DONT HOLD UR BREATH .. 
NOW look at the real BOSS .. calm relaxed .. not a trace of anger in his voice at this juncture .. BUT .. has smoothly .. MOVED the IRE & FIRE away from Nani .. 

Now hear .. Dadi .. asking Arnav "KYON" see the drop in anger from her tone .. see the expression just an enquiry .. she knows the BOSS is here .. 
she asks once again why is damadji not staying here with Anjali .. 

Now look at the change in expressions .. Arnav .. has got irritated .. & Dadi .,. is once again shocked & angered by Arnav showing her her place .. 
Nani tries consolling .. but .. dadi is adamant .. hmm tenacious woman .. its like she has a hidden agenda Wink
Nani .. says let not talk about this now . look at Arnav .. he hates .. shoving issues beneath the carpet .. he wants it out now .. 
 Dadi . the wounded lioness strikes back ( is she too a leo hmm ) .. saying why have u chucked him out .. 
Arnav .. once again . controls the anger in his voice .. drops his voice ..

BUT makes his point .. NOW NOTE HIS DIALOGUES HERE .. 
1. Di is the most important person in MY life
2. NO ONE dare Hurt MY Di
3. He has cheated MY sister
4. ITS best NO ONE .. utters his name in THIS HOUSE .. Raizada HOUSe .. MY HOUSE .. I AM RAIZADA .. 

He gives a Long stare .. to his DADI .. & then turns to walk away ( does not ask bother if the convo was over .. he declared it over he is the BOSS) .. BUT turns around .. for the last warning .. 

DO NOT TALK ABOUT SHYAM IN FRONT OF DI .. .. hmm . . bitwa .. love u r so protective .. may want to ask Di if she wants protection Wink

Could he have driven the point across more bluntly than this .. naaah .. 



    Dadi follows Arnav but Nani stops her. Dadi says no, not today and says she won't let Arnav go like this without answering. Dadi now comes to Arnav's room and says, I can see you're not same Arnav as what you used to be. Now you have grown up and you make decisions for this family. Arnav says time can teach you many things and I have learned how to take care of family very well. Dadi then asks so you were protecting Anjail by throwing Shyam out? Anjali is pregnant and she needs Shyam most right now. Dadi then says or you want her child to grow up without father just like you? Arnav says I grew up alone because my dad committed suicide and before that he made my mother to commit suicide as well. Arnav says he won't let Shyam do anything like that with Anjali.


Dadi says your mother committed suicide because she was a weak woman. She never learned how to take care of kids and her family properly. Arnav says ENOUGH DADI JI and tells her not to say anything about his mother. He says he can't hear anything against his mother from anyone including Dadi.


Dadi says again you're taking a wrong side. You're blaming the ones who has no fault just like last time. Arnav says STOP IT DADI JI. He asks her, why you keep bringing that incident back again and again which destroyed our family. Arnav asks don't you want us to forget that? Dadi says no one can forget their past and run away. But we can change our future. Dadi says throwing out Shaym will surely affect our future. She says she doesn't want Arnav to repeat mistake that he did before. Arnav says his decision was correct before as well and today too. He says last time mistake was his father's and this time it's Shyam's. Arnav says Shyam will never come back to this house.


Nani comes there and asks them to stop fighting. Nani says Anjali has came back and asks Dadi to end this conversation here for Anjali. Nani says they did so much to make Anjali smile again and asks Arnav to stop fighting as well. Dadi leaves from there.


If the above was a power struggle .. this was .. complete war of the past .. & ideologies clash .. the old with the new .. it was a war of .. past v/s present .. incredibly brilliantly written .. hats of Ritesh & Hitesh ..
( i am putting interpretations of dialogues only .. please see the episode post which) ... 

Attack 1 : 

Dadi walks into Arnav's room .. This is not the Arnav i knew .. a boy who ran around me .. never questioned me .. i was the boss .. i dictated .. 
she hits at past .. first reminder . albeit gentle .. 

Arnav : hits right back .. 
Life & time teaches us a lot .. & i have learnt to take care of my family ...i had to .. since i was ABANDONED .. BY YOU .. i am living in the Present .. facing the FUTURE ... 

Attack 2 : 

Dadi : u were thinking of ur family ur pregnant sister when u threw ur bro - in law out of home .. OR WERE U THINKING OF URSELF ?? do u want ur sisters child to grow up .. in the same way u did .. fatherless .. 
The wounded lioness strikes to hurt .. she is manipulating him . saying .. the words .. WHICH will be the rudest awakening for Arnav .. little does she know .. Arnav too is a LEO .. the lion when hurt .. strikes right back .. 

Arnav:  The wounded Lion .. now strikes right back .. ( pls pause & see his body language .. there is a caged ... lion feel to him .. wanting out ) .. 
I grew up alone .. since MY FATHER COMMITTED SUICIDE .. (whoa whoa dint know about this did v) .. & UR SON .. not only committed suicide .. he made my MOM commit one to .. before .. he did .. 
READ .. ur SON abandoned us .. NOT only that ... He FORCED .. my MOM to abandon me as well .. Even in ur wildest imaginations .. dont expect me to let SHYAM do this to my DI .. he will not FORCE my DI .. to abandon ME TOO .. ( pls keep this interpretation in mind will come back to this in future) ...

Attack 3 : 

Dadi : U attacked MY SON .. here .. let me also hit u where it will hurt most .. UR mom committed suicide .. since SHE was a WEAK woman .. instead of HOLDING HER FAMILY TOGETHER .. SHE let it all GO .. (let who GO ? & HOLD on to WHOM Arnav DAD ??? ) ... 
whoa lady .. read the signs .. this spells trouble for ya.. 

Arnav : the chained lion .. looses himself .. screams .. ENUF ( yippe) .. & says .. DONT u dare talk about my MOM .. he visibly holds himself back .. turns away .. & says .. NO ONE WILL TALK ABOUT MY MOTHER .. my MOTHER .. is my WEAKNESS ..  (pls remember this line too)
He turns around .. moves his stance to intimidation . drops his voice to a threat & says .. I will not tolerate anyone talking about my mother .NOT EVEN YOU .. .. basically .. SPECIALLY NOT YOU .. 

Attack 4:

Dadi : .. saw the unleashed lion .. demon .. now .. tries to become conciliatory .. says . u r making a mistake .. u r once again LIKE THE PAST .. BLAMING THE WRONG PERSON ..basically .. MY SON was not wrong .. UR MOM WAS .. ( very old school thought) .. 

Arnav : a shattered Arnav .. who is he fighting here .. his own dadi .. frustrated.. tells her . why r u even reminding me of those days .. thats the day u abandoned me .. do u want me to remember that .. After a lot of efffort .. we are moving ahead with our lives .. WHY r U pulling us back ??? ( brilliant voice modulation of Barun & even better caged body language .. take a bow boy) 

Attack 5 :

Dadi : now sees a leashed arnav .. so moves forward to claim her advantage .. she says .. U CANNOT RUN AWAY from past .. basically .. Do u think by changing ur name .. u r going to remove MY SONS identity from ur life .. I AM not going to let u do that .. 
Similarly .. do you wish to remove .. SHYAM's identity from Anjali's child's life .. make him a Singh Raizada too ???  
I dont want u to make the SAME MISTAKE .. which u did in the past .. Anjali's cHILD .. shud have a father's identity ..

Aranv : There ... he is back .. the BOSS .. he says .. I WAS RIGHT THEN I AM RIGHT NOW .. 
Last time around .. i threw away the identity since my DAD was wrong 
This time around TOO .. i am throwing away the identity as SHYAM IS WRONG .. ( the author has a smile . & a thank you GUL )
We all know . that why .. Shyam is wrong .. hmm interesting .. would now love to know the wrong .. Arnav's Dad did .. were there similarities to the tale ???

( i am keeping this open for u to interpret .. all thots welcome Big smile

Now i hope u know what has triggered todays war fare .. yes .. the courier .. for Arnav Singh Raizada .. 
But having said that .. Dadi .. was relentless today .. 


Nani .. steps .. in .. closes the door .. & says .. SHUT THE HELL up .. 
Stop this petty territorial war fare .. a war of identities & EGOs .. 

Then the magic words .. Anjali is back from mandir .. 
Now pause here .. 

See Arnav .. he hold himself back .. relaxes himself .. for him this is a war .. for his Di .. to give his Di the best .. NOT HURT Di .. 
Look at Dadi .. for her the war is of EGO .. hence she continues .. her anger stance .. she is not letting go .. 
Even Arnav looks at her .. she is not letting go .. ( hmm bitwa lady is very stubborn .. beware .. of loose canon) 

But Nani .. the gentle matriach .. reminds .. of Anjali's delicate condition ...& the hurt that Anjali is going thru .. & the struggle of not only the family but Anjali too .. to come out of depression .. . It is an Auspicious occasion .. there is a PUJA .. hence ANJI is happy ( hmm point to be noted bitwa) .. 
Then she hits at the right spot .. she tells dadi .. u have just come back after so long .. u want to start ur relations with ur grandchild .. in this manner .. 
THEN .. look at the shift in tone .. she commands Arnav .. take a chill pill for Di .. SHUT UP .. 

Finally ( phew !!!) Dadi .. leaves ..


Ok guys .. i know have not touched on Anjali today .. dont worry .. will catch up on her in my next one .. ( still time on this one ) 

Now for all of u .. 
Sit back relax .. just one suggestion ... PICTURE ABHI BAAKI HAI MERE DOST ... the day is not over .. the night has not begun .. 

So a firm pack up ..  Gudnite & C U at the IPKS. 


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Great end to a great week!!! what more can we ask for? ok we dint reach the suhaag raat yet!!! but the day is not yet over in ...
                      "   raat baaki baat baaki "
                                         fingers crossed
   dediaction time- today's post is dedicated to frn payalia..Hug

gyan for the day
    " a smirk from arnavji a day, keeps the doctor away"
how true is this saying by a maha gyanijiWink

i was not expecting the suhaag raat to happen today.. infact i dont think any of us were.. after all we are veteran-ipkiars...
infact it doesn matter if "SR" doesn happen next week also...
i am all for remarriage n pheras...
i wont even touch the dadi aranv parts.. i ve capable friends for tat..
as you guys know me well by now.. angel loves arshi.. loved the nok jhoks..Day Dreaming
 n i am very happy with my rabba vey ration... no complaints... i can sleep peacefully tonight.
p.s. i love NK tooEmbarrassed aint he cuteEmbarrassed

credit shybabe..
vm for the evening ... for the flirty arnav

hey guys!!! i am back with my rant.. i missed u guys so much yesterday..but angel forced me to keep quiet so that we can celebrate bituwa's birthday in peace..
sometimes i feel she is the nani in me..Angry asking everyone to keep queit.. just to keep the bubble intact!!AngryAngry

1. why stale flowers for my krishna? janmashtami is today then why were they putting flowers n thorals yesterday? i m telling ya "laddu gopal" will not be very pleased!!

2. how come they are not following the same tradition they followed last year?Confused last year ASR got the saaman for pooja.. n anji says "chottey har saal ki tarah...blah blah blah"
now what happened this year??? ConfusedConfusedConfused

3. nk and mami do you really need to promote candle n wick? they can very well take care of them selves.. don even get me started on who needs helpwith TRPsAngryAngry
4. Akash bituwa wears his pink shirt again huh? he really thinks he looks good in pink..doesn't he? i think its high time we burst his bubble.

5. summy.. as a good friend i am advising you to
1.reduce your blush on.. don take make up tips from nani..
she is still using the same brown lipstick from 1yr.

2. pull up the wig a bit from that forhead of yours.. u ll luk cuter n way way less scarier.. u scared my nk yesterday..

6. guys even if u wait for another 3weeks i don think SR will happen..
our arnie was in such a flirty mood ..sab satyanash kar diya summi ney...

7. another RM wasee who enters without knocking.. join the gang summi..

8. anji babes.. u are getting more adventurous day by day huh?
meeting someone.. in a 5* rest... one question for you
did u pay the bill?????

9.  so mohan the driver calls anji... anjali bitiya?ConfusedConfusedConfused
he should be calling her didi..
the latest mohan was so broke my heart!!

p.s. -incase u guys forgot mohan its the guy in lavender shirt.

10. swati chitnis- babe.. u need to join anupam kher's school of acting pronto..
don worry PH is excellent with cover up.. ask a certain mr sobti...Wink
we wont miss ya don worry.. for wide shots we ll use a body double.. n ipk wasees are used to them...

thats it guys... its a hello hi bye bye from me...
enjoy your weekend..Wink
       p.s. nazar na lage mere ipk koWink 

c ya at DC ... monday nyt... Wink

The Director's Cut - Index

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Gumm hai kissi ke pyaar mein... Dil Subah Shaam
Ke main kar nahi paaun... koi sa bhi Kaam !
Haai Raam !!!


Welcome my dear friends to yet another edition of The Director's Cut... a fantabulous episode with a hint of romance, some light funny moments... a reflection in mirror of the past... and little suspense !!!! So hop in, and enjoy the journey of Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon... with us !!!


Scene 1

There's an old saying... A family who eats together, stays together... How true for the Singh Raizada Clan... With Nani, the matriarch of the family sitting at the head of the table... and the brothers sitting all together... eating fresh fruits... as the family is fasting for the Janmashtami Utsav !

Aayi Re Aayi Re Khushi... Jalebi Bai !!!

Khushi is at her best being Sanaka Devi... pouring water in a glass already filled with Milk, wearing her dress inside out... making her favorite Jalebis instead of the Kheer that she was supposed to... Poor Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada is lost... lost and scared and confused... and our dear old bitwa is leaving no stone unturned to remind her of their impending "deal" tonight... He leans close to her, knowing full well how scared she is... and asks her if she is indeed scared... but without waiting for the response, again promises her of his intentions for the night... "See you tonight" !

Bitwa is at his flirty best... Bitiya is scared shit !!! And me... I had not yet recovered from the fainting spell last night... that I was floored once again !!!!     

Scene 2

Anjali... Anjali... Anjali... sabki aankhon ka taara Anjali...

But sabki pyaari, sabki raajdulari Anjali bitiya is hiding a secret... she wants to go to the temple alone... she dives past Arnav's volley... to get caught by Maami... but she makes an excuse to Maami too and hurries off to the "temple"... or shall we say the temple's coffee shop... Who is she meeting??? No prices for guessing... the shadow of the snake is lurking in the background...  She is late and Maami, the mother hen, is worried about her... she calls her, to which Anjali does not respond. Maami, thinking the worse, calls up the driver... but even he doesn't know where Anjali is ! She rushes towards Arnav's room to inform him of the missing Anjali, but just on cue, Anjali calls her up and tells her she is on her way back !

Anjali is unable to see the dangers ahead... she is blindly following her heart... unfortunately for her, it's leading her to doom !

Scene 3

The Clash of the Maliks !

Subhadra Devi Malik is in no mood to wait for answers... she wants her answers, and she wants them now !!! She demands to know from her childhood friend, Devyani Singh Raizada - where Anjali's husband is and why hasn't he come home for the festival ! Poor Naani, is still trying to make excuses and wants the festival, the pooja to be over peacefully, before she reveals the truth about Shyam... But Daadi having the same genes as Arnav Singh Raizada... is adamant, and wants to know the truth... On hearing her shouts, Arnav comes downstairs and informs Daadi that Shyam will not come... because he threw him out of the house as he hurt and cheated on the person he loves the most... His beloved Di !

Scene 4

The Revelation of the Past ! 

For the past 15 months, the only hint of Arnav and Anjali's
tragic past is that on flashback scene that we have seen repeatedly... a lady running away on Anjali's wedding day... a sound of a bullet... and a young Arnav screaming out  Maa... This one nightmare, we have all shared with Anjali and Arnav... Today, we finally, we come to know what happened...

Arnav's mother was forced to commit suicide, apparently because of something his father did in the past (we may assume he committed adultery, but this is not yet been revealed) ; Later his father committed suicide too - the reason yet unknown !

Daadi, as shown from the beginning, being the conservative, old fashioned woman, still living in probably the 1960s... We saw her old school thought, when she refused to take food from the hands of a servant... and today, yet again she proved that she hasn't changed with the changing time... No matter what crime her son committed, she is still blaming her daughter-in-law, Arnav's mother, for being weak enough to commit suicide -- for not being able to b a good wife or mother and giving up on all her responsibilities by giving up her life !

What Daadi forgot conveniently was that she also gave up her responsibilities towards her grandchildren and took sanyaas when they needed her the most !!! They had lost both their parents and were thrown out of their own home by their uncle, her other son... but Daadi didn't take responsibility for either of her son's actions... instead blamed, their mother, their grandmother (Naani) for flaws in bringing them up... She has blamed everyone else but herself !!!

Today, despite Arnav telling her that Shyam committed adultery, he cheated on his Di... she wants Arnav to bring back Shyam, because he is the father of Anjali's child and she doesn't want Anjali's kid to grow up fatherless, as both Arnav and Anjali did !!!

Daadi once again forgot that Arnav had the hand of his beloved Maama - the father figure --  over his head, the love of his Maami, the mother figure... at the time when he needed them the most... and that's what made him the balanced man that he is now !!! And in the same way, he'll be the father figure to Anjali's child... much more than Shyam can ever be !!!

Daadi doesn't want Arnav to make the same mistake twice by taking the same decision again... She thinks Arnav is believing the wrong people and blaming the innocent... But Arnav is adamant, he knows what he has done in the past is right, and what he is doing now is the right thing to do as well !! Just then Naani comes in tells them to quiet down as Anjali, who seems to have just recovered from her sorrows and has started living again, has come back from the temple... for for her sake, both Arnav and Daadi should tone down their voices !

The ever sensible Naani, doesn't want any other problem before the festivities begin... she doesn't want Anjali to go into depression again thinking of her sorrows... She once again calms down both the aggressive Maliks.. and defuses a live bomb... for now !

Point to be noted:

Pinku Singh Raizada in Pink once again... and Pinky Singh Raizada... one step ahead of her hubby... in HOT PINK !!! LOL

Haathi Ghoda Paalki, Jai Kanhaiya Laal Ki !!!

Happy Janamashtami to all my friends... we'll be celebrating it with Arnav, Khushi and the rest of the Raizada clan next week... same time, same place !!! See you on Monday... sharp at 8:00 PM IST !!!


Thank you my darling Saru for the pics !!!

For those of you who missed the previous threads... You can visit The Director's Cut - Index Thread !


Tally Ho !


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Lizzy2012 IF-Rockerz

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Aaj Mausam Hai Suhana
suhaag raat ka hai bahana
What The What The What The
Aaj Mausam hai Suhana
khushi ko satane ka bahana
What The What The What The

So OUR beloved ASR is back in action..doing the best he knows..satana and the dhak dhak acidity badana ..of Who? all know her..his wife..khushi kumari gupta singh raizada..why is he doing this..?he is doing it because patni hai woh unki..haq hain unka ...awww ASR know what makes him wifey flustered..he wants her in house,in his room,in his heart,in his arms,and finally in his bed where she belongs..but why this satana..?Arnav in the ASR gets a high out of flustering his wife..gets a  high looking at what his proximity is evoking in his wife...gets a high arousing her strong emotions..make her feel like a woman..gets a high seeing her innocence and  that only he has the right to glance at it

The dining table brought the sanak khushi..the khushi ASR wanted to see..the khushi he was missing because of the tensions of the past days..the khushi  who is caught in quagmire of desires and taboos without knowing what it is...the pouring of water in to the milk glass brings back the "not again" smile back to Arnav..the family knowing khushi's traits looks at her fondly..and dadi with absolute disgust..more trouble and satana is waiting for khushi. when NK sees her wearing the kurta  ulta and asks her if it is the new style ..Arnav knows why his wifey is flustered and adds fuel on to the fire enquiring as to whether everything is fine with her ..and mentally calls her pagal.don't u all remember the dialogue that ASR said during holi that khushi is pagal but the pagal was so fondly  said..isn't it what ASR wants..the embarrassed khushi knows her husband is teasing her,,gives him a stare and rushes to her bedroom..the family tableau was watching the interaction of Arnav and khushi with interest especially akash ..wondering why his bro is smiling away to glory from the morning..the slight head shake by anjali reiterates the knowledge she has about khushi..isn't this nok-jhok one of the features of arhi magic..
credit westindian

the pooja sequence brings in another hubby-wifey satana in the forefront.Arnav deliberately pulling khushi in to his arm when she is delivering the pooja ka thaal.. flowers falling and blessing the couple...Vintage ASR it was..putting her arm behind,pulling her close..making her aware of him physically,his face zeroing of that his breath caresses her neck and face.
..and releasing his weapon..that is reminding her of the SR..the expression on khushi's face is the gift he gets..he knows she is affected by the the hubby says sadda haq instead of the wife..the haq to satana..his pleasure in doing it so that her fieriness is aroused

the worried flustered khushi starts to make jalebi instead of the badam kheer she is asked to make..payal and nani yet again enquiring if everything is alright with khushi..the hubby takes another potshot at his wife ..putting on an innocent expression..asking as to what is troubling if he doesn't know..wanted to say arnav bitwa..biwi hain tumari ..aur satavo..the innocent look when he asked the question and the smirk when he saw the khushi flustered expressions running amok on her face was really telling the story..the story of  arnav was back being a boy..naughty..seems he was back being ASR who love sataoing khushi..this time with difference..with loads of love


the past has raised its head and all the three are maintaining the same positions as they maintained fourteen years back..what is that Dadi blaming  Arnav's mother for being weak and not able to look after her children thereby committing she indirectly tells arnav that he had taken cudgels for the wrong side(then it was his mama,now khushi),she is exonerating his dad and shyam of wrong doings..i just wanted to say dadi smell your coffee ..which era are u living in?..U can tolerate a married daughter staying in the house..u don't ask about that..u don't feel guilty about abandoning the kids  for fourteen years but today standing under the roof of your grandson's house you are accusing the women dearest in his life of misdemeanour..

on the other side arnav is taking up the fight for the wronged women in his lfe..though he hides this under the subterfuge of his Di..he is fighting  a battle for his mom who was wronged..he is fighting a battle for his DI..and indirectly now fighting and will directly fight for his wife Khushi..he asks Dadi not to accusse his mom..the son arnav was not able to correct the mistakes in his past..this tortures him and has left an visible scar on his soul... but the man of the house is ready to wage a full out war to defend his home ,hearth and heart  when he said shyam will not enter his home in future,...way to go ASR..isn't this very thing all of us wanted to see

coming to Anjali..she is doing the very thing that she accused her brother of..that is lying.lying to her brother ,lying to mami(beware of mami ,my girl)...meeting somebody on the another Raizada who feels the ends justify the means..isn't it? are we seeing a certain snake (shyam)slithering his way back into bosom..filling her head with all the romance and blinding her to mistakes..let's wait and watch

coming to my daily connections with the Christmas celebration and the 12 days of wooing-
didn't we the wooing pattern today too..what did we see today..before we go further the excerpts from the earlier analysis

On the eighth day of Christmas,

my true love sentto me

Eight maids a-milking,- the term maid is also the shortened form of maiden which is a young, unmarried, woman. By combining the images of maiden and milk (which can also bring to mind a woman's breasts), it is easy to get the idea that this particular gift has more to do with sex and romance than with cows.should relate this to IPk ,we know what arhi are capable are.. arent they combustible put together?is it that they will getting married here.. shall we wait and watch?

so what was arnav doing today..arousing that fieriness in her comes out..he wants to see the lover khushi..the woman khushi who is affected  by his touch..he wants to tease khushi  so that he gets the innocent khushi who is not able to hide her feelings for him..he wants to tease her so that boy in the  him is satisfied with her prey look ..looking at him with dove eyes..isn't it precursor to the SR we are talking about

but with the confrontation between ASR  and Dadi continuing(the last goose who is not convinced about khushi's status) ..and ASR in the anger mode..Will the SR that ASR promised happen..? Or will the anger enhance the wooing ?what was the contents of the suitcase that ASR it something to do with the SR that he promised..will have to wait and get an idea l will leave you all  with a teaser(remember what i said about that the two days of wooing being combined in to one) of the ninth and the tenth day celebrations so that you all can start guessing

On the ninth day of Christmas,

my true love sent to me-

Nine ladies dancing,- nine ladies dancing evokes images of music and dancing which were a big part of the celebrations at this period of history in England.

The term ladies probably refers to noble ladies as in a Lord and his Lady or a lady in waiting (high born ladies who waited on the queen at court ' not servant women).doesnt it look like the arrival of the newbride in her sasural with all the pomp and splendour..or is it heavenly maidens of DM dancing with joy at the reinstatement of khushi to the place where she belongs.. that is her husband's house and heart

On the tenth day of Christmas,

my true love sent to me

Ten lords a-leaping,-
The ten lords a-leaping most likely refers to leaping dancers (called morris dancers) who performed leaping dances between courses at feasts.This type of wild and strenuous dancing probably evolved from more ancient war and fertility dances /.. so the men are here stooping and dancing to conquer.. is it here that arnav will stoop to conquer khushi and tell her to bare her heart's secrets to him.. about him being her heart's desire

till we meet another day happy Rabba veying to u guys

Post dedicated my sunshine gal priya who i hope is happy for her khushi and my dearest megha who I have turned to whenever I needed something for my posts

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paayaal IF-Dazzler

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Bavra Mann Dekhne Chala Ek Sapna
Bavre Se Mann Ki Dekho Bavari Hi Baten...


Arnav Singh Raizaada, after living in emotional isolation for 14 long years, finally found the happiness & love he craved in the arms of Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizaada!!!! Her craziness, innocence, & laughter cracked the shell that had en capsuled his heart for so he wants to smile, laugh, enjoy, play...with her!!!  

Bavre Se Iss Jahan Mei Bavra Ek Saath Ho
Is Sayani Bheed Mei Bas Haathon Mein Tera Haath Ho
Bavri Si Dhun Ho Koi, Bavra Ek Raag Ho...


He has found that one person with whom he can share his pain, grief, sorrows, anger, love, happiness...basically, himself. Someone with whom he doesn't has to pretend to be in control. Someone who doesn't want to change him but has accepted him as he is, warts and all. Someone with whom he wants to share his present & his future.

Baveri Si Dhadkane Hain, Bavri Si Saansen,
Bawri Si Karwaton Se Nindiya Door Bhage,
Bavre Se Nain Chaahe, Bavre Jharokon Se, Bavre Nazron Ko Takna...

He had almost lost her due to first his ego & then because of his misunderstandings. He had almost lost her to death, but his own heartbeat beating in tandem with her, brought her 
back,,,,,,,,She is someone without whom he can't breath...She is his life, his wife, whose hand he holds even while sleeping, because he can't let her go, not even while sleeping!!!! Her hand in his would ensure no nightmares of his past haunt him...

Bavra Sa Ho Andhera, Bavri Khamoshiyaan,
Bavra Sa Ho Andhera, Bavri Khamoshiyaan...

Just when he thought he had it all, his past comes back to haunt him in the form of his dadi. A past that he has tried so hard to forget & bury deep down!!! A past whose darkness and silence had darkened his very soul...His dadi, a lady so prejudiced against her own sex, that she doesn't want to accept, that yesterday her son was wrong, and today her grand son-in-law is at fault!!! 

Her world has stopped moving 15 yrs ago, she is still stuck there, in the past, expecting things to be as it is...She thinks what she perceives is the truth and everyone should abide by her word...She doesn't want to see the truth nor accept facts...she has unjustly judged, before her own DIL, the other woman in her son's life, & now Khushi!!!

What she has not realized is that Arnav Singh Raizaada is a grown man of 28, master of his own destiny and answerable to none...He's not a 14 yr old Arnav Malik, whom she had also abandoned when he needed her the most...He's someone who has learnt to take care of his family...his Di & his Khushi!!!!

Thartharati Law Ho Madham, Bavri Madhoshiyaan,
Bavra Ek Ghoongta Chahe, Haule Haule Bin Bataye,
Bavre Se Mukhde Se Sarakna...

The past that he has tried so hard to hide & forget is slowly & steadily unraveling. It is threatening his present and present a huge danger to his future!!! Darkness is creeping in & he'z feeling dazed at not being able to curb it!!! 

Bavre Se Pair Chahen, Bavre Tarano Ke, 
Bavre Se Bol Par Thirakna...

Mr.Arnav Singh Raizaada, don't despair, you have Mrs.Khushi Arnav Singh Raizaada by your side. She'll be your strength & your guiding light out of all this darkness...Have faith Mr.Raizaada, trust, in her love, in your are not alone now, she's with you every step of the way!!! She'll free you, just as you've freed her...

Enjoy...Big smile

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meghavn Goldie

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res  for Beena (amarb)

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redwine1 IF-Rockerz

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No Longer a 'Good Day'

The timing of the arrival of Dadi in the Raizada Mansion is no coincidence. She has come here with a purpose, correction, she has been brought here with a purpose. She has to bring the darkness - Shyam (which means black) - into the Raizada house. 

When Shyam Manohar Jha stood in the middle of the living room, deflecting the arrows from Khushi and Payal and NK, he weaved monstrous stories, lies, and vile accusations against Khushi and Payal. He danced around their accusations and made counter-claims, none of which he could back  up either. But no-one had asked him to support his words either. 

He sowed the seeds of doubts about Payal in her husband's mind. Those seeds flowered and for a time, they smothered the love that Akash had for her. It is only now that Akash and Payal have mended their relationship. Their love is perhaps a little stronger now, having weathered one storm together. An adversity in a marriage can strengthen it, or break it. Payal and Akash's marriage is on course to be strengthened.

Shyam cast aspersions on NK's maturity, his ability to be fooled by a beautiful woman - a loose one, who wanted the attentions of not only her husband but that of her cousin-in-law and her brother-in-law. NK is perhaps the purest soul in Raizada mansion. He was not affected by these accusations and even today defends Khushi every time she needs it. He has won the heart of Payal, and her friendship. Together, he and Payal, are Khushi's staunch supporters.  

But Shyam had revealed the ugly side to his nature to the entire Raizada clan. And slowly, they seem to have come to terms with his abrupt departure. They accepted Arnav's explanation and with Nani's support, have also made their peace in their own way with Khushi. 

It is a happier household now. 

Until Dadi's arrival.

Subhadra Malik lives in the past. She cannot let go of the memories of her son, who committed suicide. She cannot let go of Anjali's memories of her husband, who has been thrown out of his house by his own brother-in-law. 

She has been away for 14 years, fourteen long years in which things have changed. Living in a sequestered ashram, time has stood still for her, while the outside world and the Raizadas have moved on. 

When she first walked in the door, and met Anjali, it was the latter who hugged her Grandma. At last, here was a person who she could confide in, talk to about her loss. In Anjali's mind, Chotey had changed and the cause for the change was Khushi. Even on Raksha Bandhan, she recognized that Khushi had achieved what she had never been able to do, get Chotey to put on a kurta. She recognized the power that this slip of a girl wielded over her brother. 

Did she forget the innumerable instances when she herself used this girl to get her brother to do what she wanted?  

The aarti for Janmashthami last year - Khushi's idea.

The Diwali decorations - Khushi's idea

Getting Chotey to agree to the Sangeet - Khushi's idea. 

Then, she welcomed those ideas - because it got Chotey to do what she wanted. 

Yet now, Chotey was buzzing around Khushi, and it was not what she wanted. To her, Khushi is the reason for Shyam's departure. And while on the surface she seems to accept her brothers changed status, she does want to bring her own life back to its status quo. Shyam as her husband, by her side. 

So today, she has started hiding things, lying and avoiding her family, getting mysterious phone calls and text messages - and finally a date(?!) with this mysterious person. All of which she is keeping hidden from them and especially Chotey. She has started saying the things that she knows he wants to hear, much as he has said the things that he knew she wanted to hear. There is a rift between this brother-sister duo, and they are not even aware of it. Each has done their part in putting that rift in place. The tie between these two is loosening. It remains to be seen how much further apart they will drift. Except we know Chotey will do all in his power to protect her.

Enter Dadi. She has heard her little grand child's story. We were not witnesses to that conversation. Dadi has come with a well-thought out preconception of Khushi - this much is evident. There is hatred and anger every time she looks at this hapless girl. Perhaps she should at least look at the other people around her and try to find out if what she knows about Khushi is true. But she doesn't ask. Because after all, Subhadra Malik is always right. 

What she hadn't reckoned with is a grandson who is more than ready to face her down. She hadn't expected a grandson who would not comply with her wishes.

And what is her wish?

That her damad must be brought back to the house. 

Truly a closed mind. Without even enquiring about the reasons for his departure, she is demanding that the whole household bow down to her wishes. It is after all, her son's son's house. Nobody, not even Devyani, her so-called best friend, can be allowed to have a difference of opinion. It must have been a bitter pill to swallow when this same grandon quickly and incisively made her aware that HIS wife had as much a right and authority in this home as he did. She was his wife, his ardhangini, his other half. What was his, is hers. They are equals. 

And now he sets down one more rule. Damadji has been thrown out the house. She is shocked at this. She wants to know the reason from Arnav. And he tells her what made him do it. Damadji is not welcome in this house. Not anymore.

She can't leave it alone. She follows him to his room. He is standing alone, grim, ready to face this old lioness who is now fighting for the right of her young cub. She starts with the manipulation, playing to his emotions, evoking memories of his childhood. But Arnav has come far, far away from that. He is the head of his pride, and he will defend it. Life and time has taught him how to defend his family. Like the one swift move in which he threw out the hyena. He barely lets out a growl, but it is a menacing one nevertheless. Then she makes two mistakes: She starts with the emotional blackmail - he is your sister's unborn child's father; and she mentions his father. Now the lion turns, bares its fangs, and spews out one more horrible fact from the past. His father had committed suicide. And before committing suicide, he had forced Arnav's mother to commit suicide too. Shyam will never be allowed to do that. Does he believe that Shyam could take Anjali's life? Absolutely. As yet he does not know how many times Anjali was close to being killed by Shyam. 

The lioness goes for his vulnerable spot. Your mother was weak. She didn't know how to raise a family and keep them happy. 

He roars at her, Enough! And then controls himself. The only thing standing between Dadi and him right now, is his misplaced respect for an elder. But he will not hear anything negative about his mother - not even from her. 

Then, Dadi reveals something surprising and she reveals her hand. She is still equating the past to the present. Once more, she says, you are on the side of the wrong and not of the right. 

Arnav had told Khushi - my dadi will always believe what she wants to believe, and what anyone else thinks is immaterial - they are wrong! Yes, he certainly knows his Dadi well. But more importantly, we now know that all along Dadi has known the reason for Shyam's departure - or at least a version of it. Why else would she be so convinced that Arnav is in the wrong? Why else would she be so adamant that the outcome of an event that she was not even a witness to, is wrong? It is clear that she has been fed, and fed well by someone, whose sole purpose is to get Shyam back into the house. Dadi has listened to the grandchild she did not hug, but is unwilling to give the benefit of the doubt to the grandchild she offered a hug to. In a couple of days, her allegiance has changed completely. She is now firmly in Anjali's corner. 

As much as he knows her, she does not know him at all. She does not recognize herself in him. Neither does he. 

She starts dragging her claws into his hide. Digging up the past, again. And finally he has had enough. Stop it, Dadi. His paw flails. He doesn't want to touch her, for if he had done so, he would have harmed her, physically. And he would not do that. He is too well brought up for that. He just wants her to stop with her constant references to a past that he has just begun to deal with. Why does she keep dragging the murky shadows of the past into the present? Does she not want them to forget it? Does she not want them to get on with their lives?

She does not. You can't run away from your past. It will always be there for you. Your decision to throw Shyam out of this house will impact the future of this house. 

He is immovable. I was right then and I am right now. Then it was Dad's fault - today its Shyam's. Shyam will never come back to this house. 

Devyani - the voice of reason, comes in. Asks them to stop this argument as Anjali is back. For her sake, they should stop. 

It is interesting that it is Arnav who acknowledges both Devyani and her words. Subhadra does not. She walks away. 

It is also interesting that this battle is about Anjali whom both claim to love. We have seen Arnav's brand of love, and we know that it is pure. He has been trying to bring the balance back into his life between his wife and his sister. It seemed like he was succeeding for a while. A little down time and thinking thing through will show him how far off he is. 

But what of Dadi? What does she gain by trying to bring Shyam into this house? Dadi, as old as she is, is not wise to the ways of the Queen Bee. Lioness she may be in front of her grandson. In front of the other, she is now a worker bee - but one that might have a very powerful sting. 

For Arnav Singh Raizada - it was no longer a 'Good Day'.

After thought:

Arnav on the phone saying: 'You will have to monitor their performance for a week. At least a week. Yeah. And the value of the stocks too.'

Whose performance needs to be monitored for at least a week? and what value will they add to the house? Or are they already here, but only for a week? Will Shyam be given yet another chance to stay at RM for a week? And will ASR need someone to look out for his 'performance' while he is away? Who will do the monitoring, Akash or NK? Where is ASR going? Yesterday, we saw a suitcase, today the request to someone to monitor something... Something tells me, there's travel in store for ASR and... perhaps KKGSR too?

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..mrinalini.. IF-Rockerz

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I'm not making an analytical post today...I just felt like sharing an incident with you people..Just because I'm an ardent Arshi fan and I watch the show with an ardour that often eats up my time..But I still watch the show because I love it and I care...

Few years back...while I was still in school,I had scored a perfect 10 in my class tests.I came to my Mom'ecstatic'...with my exam papers overjoyed with my marks.My Mom while praising my efforts and patting me on my back..had explained to me that though my efforts and success was worth praise..but I needed to give my best when the real Mccoy is here...I mean during the final exams...


I was disappointed at first and also a little hurt...And also argued with my Mom...But I thought about it..I relized she was indeed right..that I needed to score that perfect 10 at the real spot...where it mattered the most...


However talented you might be...How many perfect 10's you score at your class test...If you don't end your year with that brilliant score card...Everything else falls flat...At the end of the day..we should never forget the adage.."Alls well that ends well.."


All said and done..I hope the experience I shared above will touch you in the right spot..and hit it where it's needed'It's something that I've learnt in my life till now and felt like sharing it with y'all!!

Good Night

SamBig smile

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