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Orphans and Suicide... (Page 4)

Nrp77 Senior Member

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Posted: 10 August 2012 at 12:47pm | IP Logged
Great post!!!  Definitely a nice change from the usual ones i come across on this forum...

I get that the creators use tragedies to garner ratings, but that isn't even the biggest problem here.  The problem has always been, how these tragedies are being portrayed.

I understand that tragedy is a part of our reality, but it needs to be addressed realistically and maturely. Unfortunately these 'creative geniuses' (I use the term loosely) have failed to do that.  From the way they glossed over Anjali's breakdown and attempt to abort her baby to the mockery that they made of Khushi's attempted suicide, the creators are doing a half-assed job addressing these issues.

It's difficult enough dealing with these types of tragedies in our own lives, but to then watch shows make a mockery of it in the name of entertainment is beyond absurd!!!

Yes sex sells, but that alone cannot sustain a show long-term!!!

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GodHelpUs Senior Member

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Posted: 10 August 2012 at 12:49pm | IP Logged
AngryAngryNothing more can possibly be added to this thread and still sound novel. I'll probably end up rewording and restructuring the thoughts already shared herewith... Going by the responses one can be assured that a sizable if not majority of the audience continues to stay sane whilst walking the tight rope between lucid thought process and entertainment.
We know which end of the rope we are in, don't we?

I have invested my energies in reading through the entire thread and derived much satisfaction primarily because I am in agreement with em all. I should have never gotten to watching an India daily soap in the first place. Me being me can't live with questions and will be a pest till they are answered..and that explains why I still follow the damn show. 

I want my mind blown away into smithereens by the handling of the whole making of ASR , the man who rose like a phoenix from the tragedies that besieged him and continues to torment. And I want to be perpetually weaned off daily soaps. Considering IPKKND is only the 2nd daily soap I have ever followed that's quite a strong statement one would think. And oh btw, I bid adieu to Geet, the fist of Gul's venture...which started off with tackling a social issue of NRI's deceiving gullible families, marrying their daughters and cheating them off their money and more importantly strip them off their honor...Ah, Did you hear me say the word, "honor"? That word alone is a vice that cripples one for life at least this side of the subcontinent.

Little girls  ( and boys) get raped, molested, assaulted, abused but most families don't report them and probably coerce the victims to shut up for their own good. In the name of Honor.

Girls putting up with sexual advances, leering and jeering in public places and in their own neighborhood but can't do anything about it. Parents don't encourage you to do anything about it either. Why? In the name of honor.

I am digressing!!! Why rant any more than I should..

It's said life imitates art and vice versa but the exaggerations and cinematic liberties that telly shows take on in the name of entertainment is unf******belivable.

Going  by the number of Gutter Mind related posts, its clear what works for the show. CV's are pandering exactly to what the average audience wants. ( I hope no offense is taken because none is meant ). Whichever finger, including the middle, should actually be pointed towards us, the audience.

CV's don't give a rats ass crack about handling issues sensitively on a daily drama. That's why it's drama... The fact that its a fiction, liberates them from owning responsibility to sensibly portray such issues...
They are better off or worse off in the process of earning their bread and butter, which is none of an average audience's concern. So why should CV's be concerned over what a segment of audience thinks...being dismissive of that lot is easier and smarter.

But what they can't care less and we be greatly concerned with is airing our views here at IF on threads like this and take comfort in the fact that while the hopes from reel life dwindles, we have ours to keep and cherish in real life.


Okay .so I am pissed off,  I admit...I just wanted someone to plant a slap on ASR's cheek for asking that rhetorical question , " tumhare liye bhulna itna aasaan hai kya?' and then I wanted another tight one on Khushi yesterday for all that phere, mehendi, sangeet...blah blah, puke puke, suhaag raat blabber.

And today,one resounding, ear drum cracking one for Dadi ji...for making insinuations against the DiL. The bloody woman couldn't for the love of god see a thing wrong with her precious son who presumably brought about the whole devastation. Why din't nani ji come in time to witness this dialog and ask her Subbi to shut the f**k up for talking  like that about her daughter? Nayi soch , my arse!!!!

How conveniently the story lurches forward, with little thought to continuity and character sketchAngry People in real life have only so much of control over their lives. But whats with a bloody fiction...theirs minimum to no uncontrollable factors at play story wise. 
So ,why write BULLSHIT?

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Drwho IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 August 2012 at 1:07pm | IP Logged
Tangam darling,

With all due respect, personally, I feel it is a failing in the story telling. I cried a river with Khushi and Arnav last year during the episode following Arnav's parents sraddha ceremony when Khushi reveals to him, she is an orphan too...Now I do feel terrible for the tragedy that happened 14 years ago, when a 14 year old boys lost his parents to suicide...But more than that, I feel absolutely incensed by the mockery that was made of Khushi's suicide attempt. I feel angry for the tragedy that is khuhsi's life. 

Also there is no emotional depth to the script and dialogues any more. Like day before, Khushi tries to cheer him up and get him to talk, he blurts out about his mother, she hugs him, he hugs back and bingo! We are in the following morning and she is stealing glances at him! Absolutely no insight into what happened later after the hug...I haven't watched today yet so cannot comment on today's episode. 

This preoccupation with Suhaag Raat is completely beyond me! I mean grow up writers, this is the 21st Century, there is more to marriage than the wedding night!

Writing meaningful scenes and dialogues requires some effort and exercise, the short cut is tricks and treats which we have been getting for the last several months! If people on the forum are making funny, lewd and crude posts, I suppose that is a way of letting off steam in the absence of anything worth watching. We have been banging our heads against a brick wall for the last several months requesting a meaningful track and what did we get? Bubbli and Masala Mama, and now Daadi! 

Afterall this is a Hindi TV show and the writers, of their own admission are not looking for literary merit or artistic excellence. This is not a work of art by a Munshi Premchand or Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay or Tagore or Hemingway or Harper Lee.! This is a purely commercially driven operation intending to generate money and in their view this is what will get them more viewers and more money.

Also how in God's name are we supposed to feel empathy towards a pregnant woman who is not pregnant? Film and TV is about projecting an image, that is why there is make up and props etc to present a convincing picture to the viewers. They might as well act in their pajamas if they are so blase about it! That shows how much respect they have for their work. In fact I should pat myself on the back that I am still watching this improbable, implausible, preposterous show or rather should I club myself on the head.

Sorry it came out as a rant!

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enigma17 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 August 2012 at 1:19pm | IP Logged

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Drwho IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 August 2012 at 1:19pm | IP Logged
Imagine if Ben Kingsley refused to wear a dhoti for acting in Gandhi, saying it would be bad for his 'image'!

I am entirely justified in my dislike of a certain person!

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CravingKhana IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 August 2012 at 1:20pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Jayne

Answering the last first, yes, we are that preoccupied with sex.
As a civilization (are we really civilized?), our waking and sleeping moments are ruled by it.
That aside, I do agree that making sensitive subjects fodder for the prurient interests of the masses is something that has now become par for the course.
Suicide is actually very mild in terms of what the public can take and enjoy - stripping it bare until it stands naked; and enjoying it in all its macabre bits.
I would not be at all surprised if there are many more shows being introduced with all the truly reprehensible aspects of human nature that were displayed on Sutyamave Juhyuhtay.
Female foeticide and child sexual abuse would just be the beginnings.
They would be introduced on SP and other channels as under the rather dubious umbrella of 'social cause message', but the message part would be lost under all the detailed depictions of the devious way in which to actually carry out such atrocities.
In that sense, suicide is mere child's play for our PH.
It leaves behind broken individuals forever scarred, and what good is a hero if he does not have personal demons to battle?
The question is not if the PH has any sense of fair-play, or shame, or remorse. It's if we - as the viewers - have any piece of soul left to be sold.
Are we civilised...thats a good rhetoriacal question.. ...for if we are preoccupied by our basal instincts then it ought to preclude us of being civilised...yet we discuss it and put up approriate barriers for what is allowed and not so i guess we are...
Re: SMJ...i think finally someone has managed to put down in words what seemed to niggle me...i am a big Aamir fan (as big as me allows it)...and yet i did not watch after the first cpl of epis)

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HeadOverHeels Goldie

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Posted: 10 August 2012 at 1:29pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Drwho

This preoccupation with Suhaag Raat is completely beyond me! I mean grow up writers, this is the 21st Century, there is more to marriage than the wedding night!

I loved your entire post, but I just wanted to highlight the above and yell "YES!! "

God, it's sickening isn't it? This ridiculous portrayal of the need/want for a SR, when the couple have skirted over everything meaningful, and based their entire connection on freaking Rabba Ve eye locks most of which transpired during aggressive male bullshit, or Bela Swan awkward tripping. 

So, WHAT f**king institution of marriage are these people displaying as "sacred?" 

But, again... the masses, oh the damned masses who thrive, lust, seek, demand, pant and salivate over a goddamned SR, or as it's popularly known around these parts... "consuf**kingmmation" (Pun intended).

They want it, and insist on it... If I owned a vibrator company, I'd sponsor shows like this. Target marketing and all that... then roll in my millions, and sing "Iss fickle relationship ko, kya naam doon?"

*rant over* *runs off to write a better chapter in my story to impress Tangam* 

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CravingKhana IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 August 2012 at 1:30pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Rabba-Ve-Delena

All root problems with IPKKND is lack of inconsistency. Standard answer.

To be frank, it's been said already but the writers are simply wasting the talent they have in this show in the form of Barun, Sanaya, Daljeet, Jayshree T with these dribble drabble scenes that deal with real life tragedies such as being orphaned and suicide.

They present these issues but deal with them in a lack lustre manner, when Khushi was abandoned by the Gupta's the night she was forced to marry Arnav, they dealt with it but so briefly but Sanaya managed to excel.
The irony of it all right now is how they're attempting to show the biggest tragedy of Arnav's existence is the fact his parents committed suicide yet previously Khushi's suicide attempt was dealt with so comically.

But I think us as viewers, we're fickle, if the drama delves too much into drama we complain if it indulges in comedy we all so cry out in frustration and the show sadly can longer get that initial balance of comedy, drama, romance etc ... daily soaps in a nut shell.
All trps, nothing else.
Constant change.
True Ouma i was and still am amased at the growth of this industry and the opportunity for the young to grow...and those ther big industry of bollywood grew tired of have a new lease of life...
its also a regualr pay check...
tho the competition is mercinery...
the competition being so high has dine zilch for quality...demand and supply
that brings me back to the question...
As an audience are our stds so low that we will settle for naught...
and those of us who do are so negligent that the makers can still go on with if you want to see then see...if not move on...(there are enough to bu the shit that we dole out...u will not be missed)
Agree that atleast the onscreen aftistes the actors seem to be good...and some of em steller...Daadi only adding to that class...

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