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AarYa new FF- Without you I'd die NOTE: pg 37 (Page 4)

darrish Senior Member

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Posted: 12 August 2012 at 9:53am | IP Logged
I will definitely be looking out for this ones. Sounds very interesting. Please update soon!!

..Pankhudi.. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 August 2012 at 10:59am | IP Logged
hey don't stop it ... its sounds very interesting do continue it ASAP Big smile
shah10 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 August 2012 at 8:47pm | IP Logged
nice cs..
Kesha_H. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 August 2012 at 3:12pm | IP Logged
Part 1

It was a beautiful day in Mumbai. Aarti was awake since 5:30 am took a bath and went to the prayer room in a simple,white anarkali with a red dupatta to offer aarti for Lord Krishna as today was Jamashtami. Aashi had awoken at the the soud of Aarti singing the bhajan "O re Kanha". Then literally flew off the bed and took a bath and came out light pink salwar (think abt the salwar suits Neelam used to wear) and rushed down to the prayer room and she quickly wore the dupatta on her and clasped her listening to Aarti sing just as Aarti finished she turned around and saw Aashi holding out her hands for prasad, Aarti just smiled and nodded at her and gave her the prasad. Aashi then told her that she wants to be here for sometime since she needs Lord Krishna's blessings for the big exams she has today.
Aarti : "Ok but hurry up because I'm making your favourite dish Aloo parathas"

Aashi: "Ok I'll come just now"
and Aarti left from there & went into the kitchen and started making Aloo parathas as soon as she set them down on the table Aashi came and started eating almost immediately
 Aarti: "take your time I don't want any these are for you" (while laughing).
Aashi : " come sit next to me let me feed you too" Aarti had to give in to her little sister cuz she knew if she refused to eat then Aashi would've gotten up and throw away her food. so Aarti sat and Aashi fed her while Aarti also fed Aashi.
 Meanwhile at Scindia's mansion...
 "Prince" Yash was still on his bed bareback and snoring loudly  he was also drooling. His father and Gaurav were on the breakfast table  waiting for Yash to come down. Then Pratap could'nt take it anymore he quickly called daima to wake him. She immediately went went up to his room and saw that Yash was lying on his side with his head on both his hands and had a dreamy smile on his. She looked at Yash with a smile and nodded then she quickly went to his bedside
Daima " Yash beta, get up ur father and elder brother r waiting 4 u downstairs" Yash then lazily opened his eyes ,yawned and then stretched out his body and looked at Daima.
Yash:"Arre! Daima, y did u wake me up I was having the most wonderful dream abt the most beautiful girl, Haye! she had such beautiful eyes they were chocolate brown, they were so big and beautiful and they were lined with kajal and her gaze was so alluring I was just abt to see her whole face when u came and wake me upAngry"
Daima: " Acha! so you're dreaming abt girls and yr father and big brother are downstairs waiting 4 u"
and Yash looked at her Shocked
Yash: " what! they are downstairs waitng 4 me" he then looked at her again and said " did I do anything wrong last night, oh no! did dad find out I kissed tht muslim girl " daima then looked at him and laughed
Daima: " well go and see for urself... how am I supposed to knw"
Yash quickly slipped on his maroon silky robe over his muscular body and sped downstairs there he saw his father on the breakfast table reading the morning's paper and his brother having a cup of tea, quietly sat down near his bro and looked at both of them with a million thoughts racing through his head finally Pratap saw him and said "Yash frm today u r going to one of mumbai's most prestigious college" but sill kept his eye in the morning paper.
Back at Aarti's House         
 Just then Roma Aunty came in.

Roma Aunty " Happy Janastami" they looked up , smiled and relied "Happy Janashtami Aunty Roma"
Aashi then looked at her
Aashi:"Arre Aunty why are you standing there come and sit beside and taste di's famous Aloo parathas"
with that Aunty Roma sat down and took an Aloo Paratha and started eating it and she looked and Aarti

Roma Aunty:
"Arre wah beta these are so scrumptious,I'm sure when you go to your in-laws they'll appreciate your meals"
Aashi looked and Aarti and startrs laughing while Aarti gave both of them a cold stare and got up from the breakfast table.

Arti: "Roma Aunty didn't I tell you already that I hated just the idea of marriage, so why did you bring it up?"

Roma Aunty: "Arre beta I was just joking, you don't have to get all upset" Aarti then replied " well, I don't like such jokes and don't ever make such jokes again"
Arti then clamed down.

Arti:' I'm sorry Aunty Roma, plz 4giv me I shouldn't hav been so rude to you"
Roma Aunty:
" Its ok beta, I understand"
Aarti: "I'll just be back let me get some prasad for u"
and with that Aarti headed to the prayer room leaving 
Roma Aunty in self thought " I wish u cud realize the importance of love in yr life then I would've gotten u married to my nephew, Yash"
Just then her thoughts broke when Aarti came with the prasad. She took the prasad and touched her forehead wid it and then ate it after she had finished it she took out her purse and gave Aarti some money.
Roma Aunty: " here take it beta, these are for the household expenses"
 Aarti smiled and took it.
Arti: " Y do u take such pity on us and offer us ur own money to bear the household expenses"Roma Aunty: " Arre, beta don't say tht u both are like my daughters and whatever is mine is urs" Aarti smiled and hugged her and the ran up to her room to put the money.
Back at Yash's House
Yash was abt to object to his father's decision when Gaurav pulled him down.

Gaurav: " Arre Yash take this as an oppurtunity man u'll be able to gurther ur education move away frm this house also the college is full of beautiful girls, who knws u may find that special girl"

just then all Yash cud think of were the beautiful pair of eyes he saw in his dreams this morning.
Yash: " ok dad, I'll go to college"
Pratap was confused but happy  at the same time.

Pratap: " ok here's what u'll do, as soon as u reach to the college go up to the the principal's office and tell him tht u're my son tell him the classes u want to do and he has extra textbooks available he'll give them to u"

Yash just went up to the bathroom and took a shower when he came out he wore a pair of tight black jeans, a plain white fitted v-neck t-shirt, a cool leather jacket, a pair of air jordan sneakers and pair of ray ban sunglassesCool.
Back to Aarti
Aarti was already on her scooty on her way to college, finally she reached she had gotten there extra early cuz she need to finish her technical drawing project wid her classmate Pratik.

Same time she parked her scooty Vicky pulled up in his black Audi and both of them walked to the pavillion together and met Sanjana, she looked at Vicky and Aarti and shouted.

Sanjana: " Good morning"

and hugged both of them Vicky had a weird feeling in a stomach and he hugged her back but was angry as he had to share his hug wid Aarti who was confused and then broke the hug and looked at her confused.
Arti: "Good morning Sanju, why r u so bubbly 2day"
Sanjana :"because I checked the results for my physics results online yeasterday and I passed wid flying colours, I got 99/100"(while doing her famous victory dance its a mixture of the sprinkler and the moon walk also there some crank dat soulja boy moves in thereLOL)
 Aarti then hugged her while laughed at her funny dance moves.
Arti" congrats honey u passed"
Sanjana:" Ikr I was so sure I was going to fail cuz tht test was so freakin hard, remember Vicks and u said don't worry I will pass and look I passed... hehehe I'm so happyBig smile"

Vicky: " I'm so happy 4 u too, so wht do u want choclate or ice-cream"
Sanjana then looked at him and smiled and said "umm both!" he then said " ok let's go...r u coming Aarti?"
Aarti who was on the look out for Pratik didn't hear her.

Sanjana: " Aarti!" (shouting)
Aarti finally snapped out.
Sanjana:" who are u looking 4?"
Aarti: " Pratik'
so Vicky and Sanjana started laughing at her.
Vicky: " OMG, Aarti Dubey is impatiently waitling 4 a boy!"(in teasing mode)
Aarti: " R u mad, I was just waiting for Pratik to finish the td (technical drawing)Angry  project and he hasn't even arrived yet... wonder what's taking him so long?"(while giving them death stares)
just then Pratik showed up and who didn't even look at Aarti cuz he knew Aarti wud murder him if they fail this project.
Pratik: " A-a-rti s-s-sorry yaar but It was diificult for me to find a rickshaw this morning"
Aarti: " ok! that's fine now let's go and c yr drawings!"
he just innocently shook his head, as they were abt to leave.

Sanjana " Hey! Aarti don't 4 get my cricket match 2day b'twn my team and the girls cricket team frm Xavier's college!"
Aarti:" Arre! buddhu hav I ever missed any of ur games... of course I'll be there!"

and she left. Sanjana then looked at Vicky in a warning mode.
Sanjana:" Hpe u remember too otherwise I won't speak to u!"
Vicky then looked at her and smiled
 Vicky: " I won't miss it for the world!" and kept on staring at her finally his trance broke when she said " shall we go!"
and then he said feeling awkward " yea lets go"
after they left.
  The hot playboy Yash arrived in his black bugatti veyron.

Almost all of the girls in the college gathered around his car like if he was some kind of celebrity or something Yash came out of his car smirking and as he was abt to leave for the principal's office. Arpita came up to him.
Arpita: " Hey there, I'm Arpita but u can call me Arpi"Yash looked at her lyk if she was some kinda wierdo.
Yash: " Hi I'm Yash!"
Arpita chuckled and looked at him
Arpita:" I knw who u are but soon u will be known as Arpita's boyfriend throughout this college and someday maybe my husband " Yash gave her a wierd look and though to himself 
Yash: then thought to himself Whoa! man this girl has issues and said " oook den ArpitaJI... can u politely move out of my way I need to go to the principal's office"
Arpita then glared at Yash as he walked away.

Arpita: " Huh! Arpitaji? how dare he?"
just then her friend came up to her and smirked
Friend: "he's so freakin hot yaar u can't let him slip away frm u so easily"

Arpita then looked at her with a evil smirk.
Arpita:"don't worry he's going to be all mine and no one can stop me!"

with that she ran after him.
Yash is now in the principal's office.

Yash: "Hi Mr. Principal I'm Scindia, Yash Scindia, son of Pratap Scindia"

the principal then looked up at him,
Mr. Khanna:" Arre! beta come in and call me Mr. Khanna, come and sit and tell me which subjects u wud like to choose.
Yash: Bussines Management, Accounts and TD
the principal then looked at him .
Mr. Khanna: " Wow! beta you choose such wonderful subjects also you're very lucky because in these classes only had one extra place anyway convey my regards to yr father and u shud get going now u hav business management now ur class is in room #5 block "
Yash then walked out of his office when he came out of the office he heard a familiar voice calling out to him when he looked to the direction of the voice he heard he saw Arpita was running to meet he looked in the other direction and started running at the same time Aarti was coming up the corridor when he looked back to c if Arpita was still chasing him his hands unknowingly grabbed Aarti's hands and he tripped on one of her legs and fell to the ground pulling Aarti down with him and all of Aarti's hair fell onto her face hiding her view. He slowly and absentmindedly removed her hair when he suddenly got attracted to her big beautiful eyes lined with kajol, her moon- like face and her lucious pink lips, he was shocked as he saw that her eyes were just like the girl's eyes he saw in his dreams earlier this morning and he was having a difficult time taking his eyes off them she just left him awe-struck by her beauty and he felt tht he never wanted to remove his eyes frm he gaze he just wanted to stay there looking at her forever.

Next: Yash sees Aarti practicing a dance for a farewell ceremony for one of their teacher Mrs. Kapoor
Ok that's it for now and sry if I bored uSmile and u Better comment cuz I literally almost died writing this update.LOL and tell me if u want me to continue. 



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darrish Senior Member

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yes please continue. Nice so far!!

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very cute start- have to say I love that Yash drives a bugatti- one of my favorite cars for sure!! 
freya123 IF-Sizzlerz

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superb  part
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