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AarYa new FF- Without you I'd die NOTE: pg 37 (Page 11)

Kesha_H. IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by Kittya_Cullen

@Sadiie and Kesh: Armpits? o.O ROFL Arpita has so much misfortuneROFL

dat wasn't me it was SadiieROFL I just made Arpita look lyk a despoTongue

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Kesha_H. IF-Sizzlerz

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Arti was in the backyard of her house angrily shooting hockey pucks(the little round ball thingy, I think that's wht they call it) remembering the incidents where she almost kissed Yash she too badly wanted to kiss  him but she had to stay away from him as she remembered her mother's words to her the night b4 she died.

Arti's mom: " Babli beta, all men r the same they use u and dispose of u whenever they get fed up of u and they leave u feeling shattered so whenever a guy tells u he loves u never believe him 'cause that just means tht he wants u for his sexual needs"

she had just hit her last hockey puck into the goal. She then dragged her self into the hammock in the backyard as she remembered how Yash tried to help her ease her tension about her little sister and also how he tried making her laugh when he accused himself of being badmaash , when a slight smile crept across her face as she drifted off to sleep.

 Meanwhile at Yash's house, Yash was head over heels for Arti and all he could think of is tht he wants to give her all the happiness in the world since she was an orphan.

Yash: he "I love you Arti, I really and truly love but I need to know y u push away guys from ur life , y don't u give them a chance to express how much they really and truly love you, just give me one chance Arti and I'll give u the world of happiness"

and he closed his eyes in agony as he imagined him and Arti dancing to the song 'tere liye' by Shreya Ghoshal and Atif Aslam in a desert at sunset Arti was wearing a pink strapless gown and Yash was wearing a black see through shirt with a tight black pants


 Next morning Yash pulled up in front of Sanjana's house. Sanjana walked up to his car. She was wearing a white over sized tank top a light blue denim cut off hot pants and a black and silver Nike






blazer and black and silver one strap handbag. Her long curly hair was flowing freely in the breeze.

 Sanjana: "Yash I'm so sorry but I cannot go with you this morning because I have to meet Arti at her house first and the we will both travel together from her house"

Yash: "well jump in, just tell me where she is living and I will drop u to her house and maybe we can all go to school together"

Sanjana: thinks"Ok! But I don't think tht Arti is gonna be too pleased when she sees you 'cause she is not so crazy about you"

Yash: "I know but its worth a try!"

 Sanjana just looked at him confuse and sat in the car when Yash re- started the engine she heard the song 'love story' by Taylor Swift playing.

Sanjana: giving Yash a weird look says "dude! What the heck r u listening too!?!?"

Yash: "Taylor Swift, y?"

 Sanjana: bursts out laughing saying " r u in love or something y r u listening to such songs?"

 Yash: absentmindedly says" Yes, Sanju, I am in love, in love with'" and he stopped as he regained his conscious state of mind and rudely replied "how does tht affect u?? Whether I'm in love or not r u jealous or something,"

Sanjana: starts laughing uncontrollably "Hahahaha! Me,jealous???Yuck! Just the thought of that makes me feel to vomit' she stops laughing and says "btw Yash who is it that u r in love with, u know the one that makes u listen to Taylor Swift' she sarts laughing again hahaha!"

Yash: blushes and replied softly "ummm' I'll tell u later ok! can't tell u right now!" Sanjana: teases Yash and says "ooo' I think someone is really in love look at how u r blushing. Oolalala'and Sanjana starts laughing uncontrollably again.

Yash: feeling embarrassed says "umm.. Sanju so wht type of songs do you listen to?

Sanjana: totally forgetting abt their conversation before says "I mostly listen to Rock and Rap. I know weird combination right but right now I'm feeling to listen to some Nicki Minaj do you have any of her songs?

Yash: says "yup I hav her album Pink Friday and Roman Reloaded which one do u wanna listen too? 

 Sanjana replies " please put on Pink Friday quickly or else I might die of boredom listening to ur Taylor Swift!"

Yash: laughs at her and says " Yes madam, as u wish" and he played the song 'Roman's Revenge'

Sanjana then starts rapping to the song " I am not Jasmine I am Aladdin so far ahead these bums is laggin' see me in dat new thing bums is gaggin' I am starin' to feel lyk a dungeon dragon Raah! Raah! lyk a dungeon dragon'"

Yash: laughs at her and says "well, well looks lyk we hav ourselves a little rapper here'hahaha"

Sanjana: whatever! Just shut up and drive ok!

 Sanjana then looks out the window and sees that they had almost reached Arti's lane.

Sanjana: pats Yash's arm "go into this street Arti lives here!"

and he swings into the street and stopped in front of Arti's house and he saw Arti in the garden watering the plants. She was wearing her hair in a messy side plait with a tight dark blue denim jeans, an off shoulder  t shirt and a brown converse.



Yash: Yash's self thought "wow! she is really beautiful I wish I could just hold her and kiss her right now"

 Sanjana came out of the car and came ran to Arti shouting her name. Yash too came out the car and stood there drinking in the beauty of Arti playing in the water while watering her garden. Just then Sanjana came up to her shouting her name and this totally startled her causing Arti to spray Yash with the water. Arti stood there shocked while Yash was enjoying how she was spraying the water on him.

Arti: seeing how he was laughing and ran to him and said "Omg! I'm so sorry come with me I'll take u to my neighbor's house next door he might have something to lend u"

and she took him to there when she rang the bell he saw a guy in his twenties opened, he was tall, fair, handsome and quite muscular. He then saw Arti looking at the guy and he saw the guy staring at Arti. Yash immediately began to feel jealous and he glared at the guy

Arti:  "Yash, this is Prashant, my neighbor and really good friend, and Prashant this is Yash, a guy who goes to my college, actually I mistakenly sprayed him with my garden hose and he is all drenched do u have something u can lend him"

Yash looked at Arti and felt hurt because even though she was helping him out she still didn't even consider him close enough to be a friend to b a friend but he was interrupted by Prashant.

 Prashant: "WOW!! Arti you look really fabulous in that top sweetheart"

Yash clenched his fist and gritted his teeth because he didn't like how this guy was giving her compliments.

Arti: ignoring Prashant's comments "I don't have time for your flirting now Prashant just lend him something fast cuz we need to get to college!!" 

Prashant: "Yes, meri maa! I'm going now come with me Yash!" and Yash followed him and Prashant showed him the bathroom and gave him a tight dark grey v neck t shirt to wear.


 Yash was changing in the bathroom

 Prashant: asked him " So Yash are you into men?" Shocked

Yash: stands there rooted on the spot and replies with fear "ermmm'no I am straight, I like girls!" Dead

Prashant: r "O that's such a pity, else I would've rocked your world!"LOL

Yash: feeling uncomfortable he says "ummm' I'm finished now" Dead

and when Yash came out of the bathroom he looked hawt in the t shirt with his muscles printing through the t shirt . Prashant pulled Yash's hand and Yash got scared and punched Prashant.

Prashant: then looks at him holding his jaw, says "chill yaar! U made it clear tht u r not gay I'm not gng to force myself on u or anything, I just wanted to say tht I have seen the love tht u have for Arti in your eyes but Yash, Arti is a really tough nut to crack when it comes to boys. I was there with her the night before her mother died and her mother told her that guys are r always up to no good and tht no guy can ever truly love u and things like that I didn't say anything because I was really afraid of her mother anyway Arti always loved her mother very much so her mother's words were lyk her life and she could've never disobeyed her, also she had to witness her father walk out on her mother at a very early age. But she befriends them if you show her that you are only interested in being friends."

 Yash: "thanks yaar for telling me that and I will prove to her that not all men are pigs and I will love her with all my heart" Yash thinking to himself "how will I become friends with her now I have already flirted with her too much I will have to talk to Sanju as soon as possible she might be able to help me"

Prashant: breaking Yash's trail of thought "I believe you can and I can see the persistence in your eyes, but remember if things don't work out I'm always there"

Yash looked at Prashant in disgustDead and allowed him to walk in front of him as he was not comfortable with Prashant walking behind him. Yash and Prashant came downstairs and Yash was shocked to see Arti waiting on him.

Yash: Arti??

Arti: she spinned around to see a stunned Yash looking hott in the t shirt she couldn't take her eyes off him when suddenly her trance broke as she asks Yash"voh..actually' Sanju aur mein can't get any rickshaws at this hour to get to school on time can u drop us please"

Yash: sure!! Come with me and he held her hand

Arti: glaring at Yash "you don't have to hold my hand I can go by myself"

Yash: feeling sad "ok go ahead then" and he moved for her to walk first and he followed her behind as she waved goodbye to Prashant.

Yash, Arti and Sanjana reached to school within minutes. Sanjana ran to the the cricket room to talk to her coach as Arti and Yash headed to TD class.

Ok!!! finally updated please comment EmbarrassedBig smile


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luv_lvndr IF-Dazzler

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Loved ur update...pity of Yash have to struggle one for make Aarti in love with him...

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villager00 IF-Sizzlerz

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gurl! you finally got around to making the updateBig smile and that too on a balmy saturday night..
ClapClapi did love that! i hope you won't make us wait for too long for the next oneWink

Thank you very much for the pmSmile..
Donnaa IF-Addictz

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Posted: 13 October 2012 at 11:04am | IP Logged
nice update ...thanx for the pm...
sending u request accept it
Kesha_H. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 October 2012 at 11:05am | IP Logged
Originally posted by villager00

gurl! you finally got around to making the updateBig smile and that too on a balmy saturday night..
ClapClapi did love that! i hope you won't make us wait for too long for the next oneWink

Thank you very much for the pmSmile..

I'll try its just tht I didn't hav much revision to do this weekend as I do it in school plus yesterday was a holiday so I was able to work on it I don't really knw wen I'll b able update again thoughUnhappy but thnks for ur comment I really appreciate itBig smile
Kesha_H. IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by dona86

nice update ...thanx for the pm...
sending u request accept it

I think I already hav u as my buddy

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nice update I liked it Big smile

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