The Buddy Project  Season 2 - Now in College


The Buddy Project  Season 2 - Now in College
The Buddy Project  Season 2 - Now in College

TBP OS - Starting Anew | Update Pg. 10

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Hey guys... So yeah i'm back with a new OS, yes right after the first one that I wrote yesterday. I guess it's the weekend mania and also that i'm having a researcher's block regarding my current case.

So this is one is including the whole cast, but i't essentially Kiya-Anya. Yes i wrote on the sisters. We haven't seen Anya in the show, we don't know how she is. What if she's really not the snob we think of her. So this is my version of Anya Gujral.

It's long, I'm done half with it. i'm posting this half because it's a little independent of the second part even though that's a continuation. I hope i'm making sense.

So read along...


Starting Anew


"Fine Mom! I'll talk to you later. Bye."

And cue - SLAM!

Kiya knew this old routine of Anya since forever. A fight between her and Mom, slam goes the door of her bedroom and then her dunking into bed for a nap to get that anger off her brain. She concentrated on her assignment in front of her. Finishing her schoolwork - Kiya Gujral's favourite weekend recreational activity, laugh all you wish.

"Hey." She heard a little voice say from behind her. She turned around to see Anya on her bed. This was strange; Anya never "bunked" on her bed, at least not since her rise to stardom.

"Hey." Kiya replied not looking back at her sister, not in a mood of a blasting from her sister who had seemed taken after their mother, what a nice change from her usual fights with Mom.

"I saw the door of your room open. I... I needed... I didn't want to sit alone." She heard her sister taken deep drawn sigh and she turned to give her sister a genuine smile, the old Kiya smile that used cheer Anya up after her teenage tiffs with "friends" and loss in competitions, the old Anya.

"You're always welcome here Anya..." Kiya said putting some of her hair behind her ear as she read something off her textbook, the pen between her lips deep in concentration.

"What are you doing?" Anya asked sprawling on her sister's bed.

"English assignment, it's due tomorrow." Kiya said as she jotted down something that finally stuck her.

"Oh wow!! What's it about..." Anya, the literature enthusiast, approached her sister's study desk almost skipping. Kiya giggled, that was so like Anya, six years back.

"Jane Austen's Persuasion. You favourite..." Kiya said as she passed her sister her copy of the novel from which she was currently jotting down the details.

"You pierce my soul. I am half agony; half hope... I have loved none but you."  Anya said in a dramatized voice and Kiya burst out laughing.

"How quick come the reasons for approving what we like." Kiya quipped back and two sisters burst out in a fit of laughter. After the whole comedy turned out of classic literary piece was over Kiya went back to finishing her assignment.

"You need any help K?" Anya asked as she flipped through the novel to read her favourite parts.

"No I'm done." Kiya said as she put the loose sheets together and stapled her assignment, looking satisfactorily at her work of "art."

"Oh... So... what are you going to do now?" Anya tried to think of some conversation started. When had conversations between them been so difficult?

"Dunno." Kiya shrugged as she shifted in her seat to look at her sister.

"Let's go out shopping..." Anya beamed at her sister.

"Sure!" Kiya got up from her seat. More than happy at spending some sister time with Anya. But she wondered how it would go. Anya was surely trying to let out something, and she wondered if she would even be able to handle her then. And then there was Mom. If stepping out of the house with Anya led to something, she was sure a month of being grounded would be a breeze of a punishment.

"Why don't you call your friends along?" Anya said as she put the novel down on her sister's study table.

"A... I... I don't." Kiya tried to tell her the truth. Today she didn't feel like lying or fooling anyone or herself.

"Don't worry." Anya said as she came and held her sister by the shoulders. "Neither do I." She said looking down, not meeting Kiya's eyes. Kiya looked at her sister, who seemed as lonely as she was.

"Well... it'll be just us sisters... after such a long time!" Kiya said smiling.

"Can I pick the clothes for you..." Anya said as she opened Kiya's cupboard. Kiya chuckled and nodded. Today was such a different day between the two of them. Recently she had hardly seen her sister. She couldn't remember when even the last time she was with Anya without Mom was or without it being an event.

After some fashion parades inside her room just to go out shopping, the two sisters stepped out of the house both in fits of laughter and flushed out faces. Anya had made her keep a pair of huge Armani glasses that she had bought for her to stay away from prying eyes.

It was a lot different, the crazy "girlfriend" shopping in the mall as they whooshed from one shop to the other as if they were going to buy out the whole place. The huge number of bags that they held. Also there were those moments when they'd remember some old memory of time together.

"K, you remember when you were ten and mom had left us in this aisle at Forever 21 to take a call and by the time she was back we had taken off almost the whole aisle to buy. She had to spend half an hour in telling us that half of the things were not even our size." Anya said with a grin as they both talked through the wall of the adjacent changing rooms in the shop.

"I still have that blue skirt that I threw tantrums to buy. It started fitting me last year." Kiya laughed out.

"Life was so simple then, before all the hula of the stardom." Kiya could hear Anya say under her breath as they both came out simultaneously. She looked her sister, something in her eyes said she was tired. The look on her face was one like she had spend hours working and just wanted to crash on a bed and sleep.

"I'm hungry Anya..." Kiya said as she put all her clothes in the hands of their concierge, the ones she wanted to buy and proceeded to change back to her summer dress.

"Let's call it a day and bunk at the cafe here. I'm hungry too..." Kiya saw Anya folding the clothes herself as she came out, the concierge staring at her amazement. Kiya smiled, that was the old Anya, the one who liked to spend the morning watering their terrace garden along with the Gardner.


"An... What's wrong?" Kiya said as she sipped on her sugarfree lime juice sitting in the caf with Anya, both of them in one quite corner booth.

"Nothing..." Anya said trying to look away from her sister as she bit down in the whole wheat sandwich. Kiya raised an eyebrow knowing Anya was lying. "I... I'm tired K. I'm tired of all this. I don't want to be some money making fame garnering machine Mom thinks me of. Today I was asking her if I could join a college. Come on man, I'm almost 20, I should be graduating right now, and by education I'm just a high school graduate. And she said I can only do it by correspondence, she doesn't want me to be a common student in some college. She was like, I should concentrate on getting into Julliard if I want to get to college. I want to do English Honours for heaven's sake!!" Kiya listened to her sister say it all, frustration evident on her face, and for once she seemed like the sister who used to blow air at her bruised knees when she was a kid and Mom would've just screamed at her for getting hurt, not the Anya Gujral she cursed for ruining her life. For the first time she felt sorry for blaming her.

"I know An.." Kiya said as she held onto her hand across from the table. But before she could continue her phone rang. She picked it up and just said that they were in the corner booth. When she cut the call, She saw Anya looking at her with raised brows. "You told me to call a friend. Well she's just a batch mate, but then she had been pestering me to go out with her and... I.. I was just in good mood today." Kiya shrugged and Anya laughed.

"Kiya!!" Juhi shrieked as she neared them and gave a huge hug to her friend who was still sitting. As soon as she saw the other girl, she was about to give a bigger shriek but both of them shushed her. "Oh my god, Anya Gujral!" Juhi said in a under the breath voice making Anya chuckle. Kiya felt something sinking inside her, obviously Juhi would give the attention to Anya, she was after all THE pop-star, and Kiya, just the sister.

"Not the pop star today..." Anya said with a smile. "Just Anya, your friend's sister..." She said extending a hand to girl who sat down on the chair between them. Kiya smiled, she felt her eyes tearing and brushed them aside, she missed her sister.

"I'm Ji... Ju... Juhi." Juhi said as she took her hand, completely flushed.

"Nice to meet you Juhi." Anya said with a smile right when Juhi's phone buzzed with a message and she blushed.

"Samar's coming here... Is... Is that okay?" Juhi looked at Kiya with a worried look.

"That's okay Juhi." Kiya said. She was in a seemingly brilliant mood. "Samar is her boyfriend.*" She told Anya who was looking confused who simply nodded. A few minutes later, Samar and Panchi joined them. Paanchi was going along with Samar and Juhi later to a common friend's party. After another round of happy shock on the face of Panchi seeing Anya, the lot sat down chatting. Kiya felt her heart swell, these people were with her talking with her normally.

"Hello?" Panchi said as she picked up her phone.

"Moti kidhar hai tu?" Ranveer said from the other side.

"I'm with Samar and Juhi in Phoenix**. Kyu kya kaam hai tujhe?"

"Tu Samar ke saath kya kar rahi hai."

"Nonu tujhe kaam kya hai..."

"Kuch nahi. Main bhi aa raha hu."

"Tu kya karega idhar?"

"Jo bhi tu kar rahi hai. I'm just coming." He said and cut the call.

"Ranveer's coming." Panchi said in a low voice to Samar who became serious in-between the funny conversation between Juhi and Anya and they both looked at him with wonder.

"Woh... Ranveer bhai aa rahe hai." Samar said to Juhi. All of them suddenly fell silent. Panchi and Samar wondering where this will actually go, Ranveer seeing them with Kiya whom he despised a lot after KD. Kiya wondering where her perfect day was leading her and where it was going to leave her at the end of the day. Anya wondering why did that one name make them all silent and look glum. Juhi just staring from face to face.

...To be Continued


*Supposing Samar-Juhi date for sometime after the Freedom Party and nothing else between all of them has changed.

**Phoenix is a mall in Mumbai.

So people tell me how it was. And if I did the right thing by pitching the whole group in the Kiya-Anya (KiAn if I had to name them) outing.

Yes, the other three will also end up there, somehow. LOL

Hope it's not jumbled up like a khichdi.

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Pree. Heart


Part 2 - Page 10

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Mohit_monaya IF-Rockerz

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awesumm OS Clap

loved it alot... Heart

do PM when me d next update... Wink
and cont soon Big smile

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Awesome os
I really liked anya n kia convo n their outing..
Continue soon

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omg!!Shocked the whole gang together...your OS has me hooked right from the beginning, and believe me, it doesn't happen with too manyLOL please do update...i just love the Anya you potrayed here, the sister bonding was so beautiful and unique...main to teri fan ban gayiEmbarrassed

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OMG amazing please pm me if u continue

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This is awesome Pree! Though somehow I dont imagine Anya to be a snob, hence I feel connected to her. The whole gang together? Lolz! Would love to see that! :D continue soon!

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WOW Pree!!!This is awesome.I love this Anya.I so hope she's like this in the show and not a brat.Um...why do you say the other 3?KD,Ranveer,Piddi n Bobby are left right?Pls get them all there.I'm lookinf forward to Ranveer-Kiya's confrontation and Anya-KD meeting.Pls cont soon.Thanx for the pm:D

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