Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

MG~ PAGALPAN~(SS) EPILOGUE pg/136 jan13th!!! (Page 85)

dreamyharika IF-Rockerz

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warning: plz skip the update or give up reading if u dont like the language i have used bt dont be mad at me as the title itself says the content

18+ only!!!!!


She placed him on the bed and walked towards the washroom to change, bt he followed her there too who was unaware of him behind her turned around to close the door and was shocked finding maan starting at her. She walked back fearing trying to read his mind while her reverie broke wen he questioned her kal mujhe dekhne aayi aayi thi, why didn't u speak to me?? She was quite for sometime as if the world stopped

Woh'. Woh' geet tried gathering words as she started to strive his words, make out his actions. Geet walked back towards the wall till she got sandwitched between wall and him. He opened the shower tap wetting her and himself, jawaab do geet!!! kal ghar aayi thi na?? placing her tendrils behind her ear, biting her earlobe

He looked into her eyes lovingly I love u mishti dont run away from me I wont be able to survive, geet had goosebumps all over wen he kissed her on her hand. She pushed him and try to go away bt he was too fast he caught hold of her dupatta, first she held the dupatta then loosened her grip on it and escaped from him in quick steps. Maan's frustration levels rose to peak wen geet tried to run away from the bathroom. He held her wrist tightly and dragged her towards him I want u geet don't u understand this!!! Please let me touch u I want u dammit' his breath was hot, eyes red which was making her scared maan u are drunk plz leave me kal baat karenge saying this she pushed him out again and locked herself. After a long time geet came back in a towel wrapped around her naked body as she forgot to get the clothes with her. she sighed in relief wen she found maan sleeping, slowly walked towards the wardrobe to collect her dresses. She suddenly felt a manly grip around her waist pulling her into him kyun mishti tumhe laga ki main so gaya??? Geet did not know wat to say leave me maan jo tumhe chahiye who tumhe nahi mil sakta, she gulped wen he held her waist even more tight, firmly and kissed her bare shoulders placing her hair on the other side I want to love u tonight don't say no pagal ho raha hoon tumhare pyar mein he held the towel and opened the knot in one go where geet gripped it in her fist no maan I cant!!! Bt he swept her on to the bed in his arms removing the towel completely from her hand and also from her body. He came on top of her looked into her eyes which had a clear denial for wateva he is doing, he was drunk bt cud make out her mind u don't trust me na geet??? fine I wont touch u not now!!! Neva eva!!! He got up the bed when geet gathered the bedsheet covering her body and ran past him trying to stop him from going away as she understood that its time for her to make him understand that she is fearing only her sister maan meri baat suno aisa kuch nahi hai jaise kit um soch rahe ho its all' he pushed her away and stepped out wen heard her I trust u maan, I trust u more than anything thing, love u more than any one maan plz come back iss baar agar tum chale gaye toh main mar jaongi tumhare intezaar mein

He turned around love me?? U said that u love me??? Tumhe kya pata geet ki pyar ke liye bharosa bhi hona chahiye jo tumhe nahi hai mere upar u don't trust me so lets leave all this I promise ki main tumhare saath jaroor rahonga bt will neva touch u he declared to which geet closed his mouth with her palm no maan aise mat kaho u have every right on me, I trust u

He laughed trust??? U??? that too on me??? Tumhe kya lagta hai geet?? main pagal hoon?? I know u don't trust me so it wud be better for me if I wont try to get close to u'.. she did not let him complete just took his lips into her nibbling his lower lip unsure of wat to do next all that she wanted was to let him know that she does want to give in but her reasons are not just allowing her to. She pressed herself more into him, arousing him. He was damn ignited wen her bossom touched his torso. He took over kissing her hungrily and ravenously, sucking her, biting her, chewing her lips madly. Geet was almost out of breath wen maan left her u said u love me na geet?? she nodded understanding that he was damn serious then just let me love u let me feel u only then will believe that u love me

Geet was shocked all of a sudden he needed me to prove that she loves him!!! She held his collar wat are u saying maan?? U want proof of my love?? She shook him vigorously wen she heard yes!!! I want u to prove that u love me I want proof geet that was it she walked back leaving him. She just held his wrist and led him to the bedroom, slipped the bedsheet from her body and drew him along with her on the bed I am all yours maan jo karna hai karlo!!! Maan's drunkenness was now taking a toll on him. All he wanted right now was to love her madly. He leaned forward and kissed her forehead followed by her eyes, nose, he bit her cheek harshly making it red in the process

He came down to her neck tracing his path with his tongue from her chin and bit her harshly moving further down to her cleavage, he looked at her naked breasts for a while and came back to her lips capturing them with a searing kiss venting out his unending restlessness for having her,  increased his pressure on her lips biting them hoarsely, tasting her, he just wanted her so madly that he was in a want to eat her even. Geet was unable to match his passion, she didn't know this side of him. He was a way to harsh, so raw. Geet traced her bare feet on his calf muscles and his legs provoking him further. He was behaving like an untamed animal, somewhere she was liking it, he bit her upper lip making it to bleed, licked the blood from her mouth and then took her tongue between his teeth making her gasp for air. Within a minute he freed himself from all the barriers and was as naked as geet. He leaned on her holding her waist raising her from the bed opening her hair. He kissed her jaw and bit her chin, then bit her on throat intensely, deeply leaving marks of his claim followed by her collarbone. She clutched his hair in her tiny palm pulling him more closer. His hand caught hold of her breasts gruffly then with his teeth bit them, sucked them, geet just wriggled under him moaned his name that made him even more wild he licked her taut nipples and latched on her curves madly. Geet was still in a feeling that he wud leave her as she was not ready to give in bt he was nowhere to stop. Instead he moved down to her navel and placed his tongue into her belly button encircling it replacing with his teeth munching it literally holding her waist firmly and then with both his hand squeezing her hips madly he kissed her navel open-mouthedly slipping the sheet completely from her body and entered her with a thrust not understanding that she was in pain. She screamed his name to suppress her agony wen maan took her lips calming her still entering into her deeper and deeper, she didn't protest till now geet was in a feeling that he will stop bt no!!! he didn't and finally he got wateva he wanted. Bt was nowhere to stop wen he withdrew and entered her again this time trying to penetrate further into her. Geet closed her eyes as tears cascaded from her hazels. He captured her lips again running down to repeat the passion again and again, the whole night.

Early in the mrng geet woke up in maan's arms, her thoughts drifted to his passion last night


Geet(st): Kahi aisa toh nahi ki maan only wanted me for the night??? Her heart almost stopped beating as the thought of him wanting her for a night made her so mad. She lost all her ability to think. He did not even stop for once last night, geet just got up and sat on the bed clutching the bed sheet closer to her body resting her head on the bed post

After a while maan woke up with a heavy head, found geet sitting on the corner of the bed. He found tears in her eyes, just cudnt take them

Maan: geet kya hua?? Why are u crying?? Wat happened all of a sudden??? He questioned her holding her arms shaking her while geet smiled looking at him

Geet: kya hua?? Wahi hua jo tumne chaha maan we slept!!! Ab khush ho?? I guess u are and u will be kyunki jo tumhe chahiye tha who mil chuka mera pyar ka sabooth

Maan: GEET!!!!! he roared kya keh rahi ho tum?? I was drunk mishti main hosh mein nahi tha geet smirked pata hai maan jab aadmi peetha hai na tabhi sachayi saamne aati hai and u wanted me to prove that I love u so sleeping with u was the only way for me to make u believe that I love u

Maan: are u mad geet?? tumhe apna pyar prove karne ki koi jaroorat nahi hai I know u love me kal job hi hua I was not in my senses

Geet: so wats the difference even if u are in senses u only love to have my body hai na maan?? Last night u proved it how much u love my body.

He slapped tight across her cheek, blood oozed out from her mouth due to the crack in her cheek, maan faced geet and was shocked to see blood in her mouth

Maan: I am sorry geet I didn't mean to' geet cut him off

Geet: pata hai maan tumhe kuch kehna tha kyunki its now needed for us mostly to confront few things of life now I understood that u wanted my body lekin Main darthi thi maan darthi thi ki kahi di ki bharosa na todh doon, yehi ek wajah hai she paused as her heart started to burn with an unknown sensation, looking at him maan, pehle bata toh dete ki tumne sirf mere badan se pyar kiya toh pehle hi tumhe apne aapko dedeti yeh pyar ka naatak kyun? U have taken me as a frnd bt I have loved u deep in my heart u were always there maan waise bhi tumhe jo chahiye who mil chuka  mujhse toh ab yaha kyun khade ho? Jao yaha se!! or is it that u want me again? If it is so do tell me I am ready to give in she said clutching the spread close which was covering her naked body with her hands trying to open the knot waise bhi jiska mujhe darr tha who ho chuka I wont be able to face di anyways I am all ready for u maan kal raat ko tumne yehi maanga tha mera pyar ka sabooth tumhe mil chuka''.. haan!! tum hosh mein nahi the toh yakeen nahi hua shayad ab toh tumhe samajh aajayega hai na?? come have me!!!




Maan: y geet?? kyun mere kareeb aane se darti ho?? Main tumse pyar karta hoon bohut pyar lekin tumhe toh Tumhari di ke alawa kuch nazar nahi aati hai na?? since the day I proposed, u neva made me feel that I am a special person in ur life. Dev aur mujhme kabhi koi fark hi nahi dikha geet!!! u care abt ur sister, u care abt ur frnd wat am i?? tumne kabhi socha?? If I tried by myself u felt as if I am forcing u and made me feel the same!! Ek din tumhari di ke wajah se tumhe bohut pachtana padega I am telling u.

Geet: isse jyada kya pachtana maan job hi hamare beech hua use toh '' *slap*

wanted to type more girls bt cudnt and update ke liye main aur der nahi karna chahti thi so gave this one next one needs a fresh brain so i stopped as geet's pov needs to be told coming up next teaser of mujhe haq hai and then updates of all my other stories!!!

target for next update 130+ likes get to work!!!




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yay im first great update! 

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Nice update... Aaa itni MU Angry,Angry,Angry,Angry,Angry,Angry,Angry,Angry,Angry

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omg ...yeh kya ho gaya ??

Ab kya hoga ?

Nice update

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Nice update

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Finally the climax of the story! Loved it! Please continue soon!

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nice update

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Hey ridz but plz check ur update yaar
u have posted part 7 again as part 8 i think by mistake it has happened so plz check it and change it yaar waiting for the correct part 8

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