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Arhi SS: The devil is back COMPLETED parts 1-9 (Page 11)

jaffacakes Senior Member

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Posted: 20 August 2012 at 10:11am | IP Logged
Part 6

They strode towards the front door, out of the corner of her eye Khushi saw something black glistening on the picture hanging high on the wall. What was that? She stopped, trying to focus on it. "Khushi, come on." Arnav said, confused.

"Yes, let's go," she gave the black spot another glance, and followed Arnav, shaking her head, it was nothing.

Arnav opened the car door for her, his eyes lost in thought, clearly trying to think of a way to expose Shyaam. He slid inside, about to put the gear into reverse when Khushi's hand stopped him. "You're thinking about Di, aren't you?"

He nodded.

"We'll figure it out, okay?" He looked into her hazel eyes, pressing against her hand that was now cradling his cheek, he nodded. His eyes still looked a bit distant, but as he reversed out of the atmosphere he began to smile, grateful for a chance to be away from the house.

"So what do I have to do at the office?" khushi said, perking up at his smile.

"Well... you have to do some filing downstairs, I have three meetings today, but I was hoping at 12:00 we could have lunch, what do you say?"  Arnav asked, watching her from the corner of his eye. It sounded peculiar but although they had been married for some time now, his heart still hammered into his chest and his palms began to sweat ever so slightly as if he had asked her on a date.

"Yep! In the canteen," Khushi replied, having taken no notice of this.

Arnav breathed in an inward sigh of relief.


"Sir, they're ready for you," called Aman into the intercome.

"Right, I'll be right there, tell them I'll be coming," Arnav replied.

His transparent office allowed him to see his princess from high above, before he had thought the office had been one a nuisance, not giving him a glimpse of privacy. Today, for the first time, he was grateful for it. She was talking to one of her colleagues, asking her a question about a piece of paper, he focused onto her angelic features, her lips a rosy pink, her high cheekbones, her long hair swaying slightly as she tilted her head. Then, saving the best for last, her eyes.  So soft, so full of pureness, she was glowing in the centre of his office. His star. The colleague next to Khushi, leaned across her and whispered something in her ear, stifling a giggle. Khushi immediately looked up, and the world stood still for a tenth of a second. Her heart fluttered like it always did when he looked at her like that. She disguised her self-consciousness by giving him a disapproving look, inwardly smiling at his return smirk. He looked around her, no one was looking in his direction, and so seizing the opportunity he blew a kiss to her. Her mouth dropped open at that, making him laugh. She blushed, turning her back to him. "Mr Raizaida?" Aman's voice came again from the intercom.

"Right, coming..." He replied, rushing off to the conference room.


It was 12:01 and Khushi was sitting in the canteen waiting for him, she glanced around the workers, hoping to spot him somewhere. Seconds past like minutes and began to fidget, she took out her phone and pretended to be texting someone, not liking the fact that she looked lonely. "So are texting your ssecret boyfriend?" Arnav whispered into her ear, making her jump.

 "Better," she said, grinning at him, "my husband." His eyes softened at that.

"Let's go up to my office and eat," he suggested.

She liked that idea, nodding. Taking her hand they walked up the stairs that led to his office. "I've ordered some food, it'll be here any moment," he told her as they entered his office. They sat down on his black leather sofa which was situated the left hand side of the office. "So, how has your day been?" He asked.

"It's been okay...when we're finished I need to make a phone call to Mr Patel, we're missing some papers." She replied.

"Oh, I-"

There was a knock at the door, a man dressed in white was carrying a small matching in colour bag, Arnav got up, paid him and sat back down again.

"I thought we'd have pasta today," he announced. "I know you like it".

"Thank you," she replied, smiling. "So how has your day been?"

They began to eat, a light conversation accompanying their meal, with the occasional light tap on Arnav's shoulder everytime he teased her. When they were finished Khushi strode over to his desk.

"So this is where Mr Raizaida, works his magic," she grinned, running her fingers along his chair, "let me take a seat in the throne". He watched her, amused.

She sat down and was about to lean back and do a perfect  impression of Arnav when somethinh caught her eye. On the desk was a small A5 picture of herself, she was wearing a bright red saree, looking directly at the camera, her lips stretched into a flawless smile, clearly meant for the photographer which was none other than Arnav.

She looked up, her eyes suddenly glistening with tears, she was loved by her love. How grateful she was.

Arnav took in her expression, and walked slowly to her, he sat on his knees, whilst Khushi bent over so they were now on the same level. He looked into her eyes, trying to tell her through unspoken words how much he loved her.

She leaned forward and pressed her lips to his forehead, replying. Khushi, suddenly heard a clatter from downstairs, and jumped, feeling aware that many eyes could be watching her. Pink in the face she stammered "I-I'll see you at 5:00"


The drive home was quiet, not because there was nothing to say, they were both just very tired.

"I'm going to take a shower, bring my tea upstairs, will you?" He asked her as they entered the house. She nodded, heading for the kitchen. "Khushi, bitiya, she heard a voice calling her from upstairs. She looked up to see Nani's concerned face, "come here for a second, please," she asked.

"What's wrong, Nani?"

"Payal bitiya phoned, she said your Babu-ji's blood pressure has increased". Khushi felt her heart rate take off. "She said it's nothing to be overly worried about," Nani quickly added "she just thought she'd let you know".

"I'll call her right now," Khushi said.

She made her way to their room, Babu-ji's blood pressure had been quite high for a while now, and yet he seemed to be fine. There was nothing distressed about, he just needed to take his medicines in time and everything will be fine, she thought.

Khushi stood near the poolside, took out her phone and was about to call Payal when she stopped short. There was that same black glimmer she saw from this morning, but this time it on the poolside door. She looked closer, and gasped...was that a camera?


"Khushi, I said no, didn't I?"

"Do you want Di to know what kind of scum she is living with or not?" Khushi replied.

Arnav gritted his teeth; I guess this was the only way.

"Fine," he said, painfully, hating the position he was now in.

-Please share you views, critique is more than welcome as it will help me improveSmile
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BarunSanayaHM Goldie

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Posted: 20 August 2012 at 10:21am | IP Logged
nice update

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arushi05 Goldie

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Posted: 20 August 2012 at 12:37pm | IP Logged
Loved the update. You have an unique way of writing. I really liked the way you brought the hidden camera's topic into this story. Why is arnav angry in the precap?. Thanks for the pm. Update soon

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chavvi16 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 20 August 2012 at 12:52pm | IP Logged
so she found out the cameras before arnie did
she can be pretty observant sometimes na

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...Penknife... IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 August 2012 at 4:57am | IP Logged
awesoem aweoem awesome!!!
i am in luv with this atory

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arnavkhushiluv Senior Member

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aww please continue

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shonagudia IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 August 2012 at 9:27pm | IP Logged
Loved the office moments specially the blow kiss and Arnav's cabin moment. So shyam has camera in the house.. 
thank god Khusi found it.
The precap looks good.

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jaffacakes Senior Member

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Posted: 28 August 2012 at 3:45pm | IP Logged

I know I haven't written in ages, but in an attempt to make amends I have made this update extra-longSmile. I hope you enjoy it! Wink

Part 7

Khushi stood near the poolside, took out her phone and was about to call Payal when she stopped short. There was that same black glimmer she saw from this morning, but this time it on the poolside door. She looked closer, and gasped...was that a camera?

Why was there a camera in their room? Who would do such a thing? It daunted on her that the only person in the house who would do that was Shyaam, but how could she confirm this? She wiped an imaginary stain  on the poolside door, hoping the viewer would not see she knew about the 'hidden' camera. She turned her back on the black spot, her eyes darting towards the hallway when she heard Arnav's footsteps. Could the viewer be a listener as well? Was there more cameras? She let out a frustrated growl under her breath.

"Yes, cancel it," Arnav said into the phone, his expression turning from slightly worried to pure confusion as he took in her demeanour.

"Bye," he said, ending the conversation with his accountant. "Khushi, what-"

She grabbed his arm, leading him out of their room and out of the house. She didn't stop until they were in the park that was situated across the Raizaida Mansion, however Arnav did not come quiet, he was losing patience as they approached the park, "Khushi, stop!" He exclaimed, ripping his hand from her grip.

"There are cameras in the house," Khushi replied, sending Arnav into a more baffled state.

She explained how she had seen one in the hallway and one in their room. Arnav looked down at strands of green, his mind whirling. Khushi told him, she suspected Shyaam, making him look up. He nodded slowly, "I think you're right, Khushi, I got a phone call from the accountant, he told me that the receipts didn't match the amount of money spend on Di's credit card, he said someone had used the card to buy a bunch of cameras and a tablet"

"A tablet?"

"Yeah, like a portable computer to view things'like images from a camera'" Arnav's face turned into shock, so Shyaam had used Di's credit card to buy camera equipment so he could spy on the house?

"What a freak," Khushi said, matching his thoughts.

"I'm gonna kill him," Arnav fumed, advancing towards the house.

"Wait-" Khushi grabbed onto his arm a second time, "I have an idea!"


"Khushi, no bloody way!" Arnav replied, taking a step away from her, turning his head slightly.

"It'll be fine, I'll be f-"

"Khushi, I said no, didn't I?"

"Do you want Di to know what kind of scum she is living with or not?" Khushi replied.

Arnav gritted his teeth; I guess this was the only way.

"Fine," he said, painfully, hating the position he was now in. "How can you be okay with this Khushi, I don't under-"

"Don't worry, Arnav-ji," Khushi said, lacing her fingers with his. She could see his eyes were full of desperation for another way out of this. "Let's go."

The sun slowly fell, burning a bright scarlet, showing its defiance towards the night. The sky followed in its wake, growing darker, the whirls of white now turning a bold grey colour as night slowly overthrew the sky, challenging anyone to oppose it.


They walked into the Raizaida Mansion hand-in-hand. One of their hands was shaking but they couldn't tell which one it was. There he was, leaning against the sofa, one leg crossed over the other, his eyes on the TV. They paid no attention to him, as discussed; it was good only Shyaam was in the room, allowing the spotlight to only be on the couple.

Khushi's brave front was now slowly crumbling; Arnav enveloped her in his arms, feeling Shyaam's eyes on his back. They stood there for a while, putting on the act, yet performing each movement truthfully. "You don't have to do this, Khushi" Arnav whispered into her ear, his hands pressing her against his chest. She shook her head, leading his heart to sink, why was she so stubborn?

On the other side of the room Shyaam was beginning to burn, his red-hot temper flaring, little did he know the match had been lit on purpose by the two people that stood right in front of him. His Khushi was touching someone else, was with someone else. He pressed his nails into his palm, clenching his jaw, trying to gain some sort of control on his anger. He would get her.

Arnav unburied his head from her hair, she looked up at him, still secured in his arms her heart was beseeching him not leave her, but her eyes disguised this emotion, trying to tell him she would be okay. He placed a hand on her cheek, eyes flickering, attempting to persuade her to not go through with the plan, to let it go. She gave him a sad smile and nodded, he closed his eyes, hating the devil.

Opening his eyes, Arnav announced to the house that he would be going back to the office for a few hours, not looking at Shyaam. Anjali appeared at the top of the stairs and chimed, "is Khushi-ji not coming with you?"

"No, she's tired," Arnav replied, his eyes on Khushi, one last look and he was gone.


Khushi was now in their room, sitting on the bed, not at all ready for the storm which was to come any minute. She grabbed a fistful of the bed sheet under her, feeling abandoned. It was now totally dark outside, adding to her gloom, the bedroom light doing little to deflate it.

Khushi's heart rate began to pick up, the dread of the devil's arrival was killing her. She buried her face in her hands, trying to keep her breathing steady, she closed her eyes thinking of Arnav's smile, immediately calming her down.

You can do this, you can do this, she thought to herself.

She freed her head from her hands, instantly back-tracking her thoughts, dread making its way through her system, the cold eyes above her paralyzing her.

There he was.

Standing right in front of her, his arms crossed over his chest, looking at her. He had a traumatizing smile on his face.

She gulped.

"What are you doing here?" She asked the monster, still sitting on the bed.

The devil merely smirked. He took a step forward, his eyebrows raised, as if she had asked something absurd. "I came to see you, Khushi-ji."

"What do you want?" She asked, standing up. She took a quick glance at the black camera behind him.

"You, Khushi-ji," Shyaam whispered, sending ripples of freezing cold air down her spine, "I want you, and I want you to want me to," he said simply. His eyes making its way over her body.

"Leave me alone," she no longer felt she was doing this for an audience, she wanted to get out, away from him, her lower lip began to quiver.

"Khushi-ji, no..." Shyaam said tutting, "I'll tell you what the problem is, okay? I love you, and want you to love me too, not Arnav," Shyaam's eyes flashed at his last words.


"Yet, you touch him when you are mine," his eyes began to harden, his breathing picking up, the rage once again showering upon him.


"Forget Rani Saiba!" Shyaam bellowed, grabbing onto Khushi's arms, leading her to cry out in pain. "I don't love her," he hissed. "Did you hear that?" Thrusting his face into hers, "I don't bloody love her, she can rot in hell for all I care."

Khushi's eyes widened.

"Don't you understand Khushi-ji? I would do anything for us, anything, that's why I disabled the brakes of Rani Saiba's car, I've tried to get rid of that thing inside her-" he began to struggle for words, in his pathetic and failing attempt to impress her.

Tears began to make there way down her cheeks, Khushi knew Shyaam was evil, but she had never imagined that he was a danger to Anjali. She snatched her arms away from him and said, "you deserve to rot in hell, you don't deserve anyone's love not Di's or her baby's and I will never love you," her voice shaking.

"Oh yeah-" Shyaam replied, placing his hand firmly on her neck-

"Shyaam-ji!" Anjali's voice ringed from downstairs.

"Doesn't this lady ever give up?" Shyaam seethed, and with that he went out the room.

Khushi stood there for a moment, her body stiff, her eyes glistening with tears and her lips trembling.

"Khushi!" Arnav called, he was rushing into the room, his voice hoarse. She ran towards him, allowing him to take in her shaking body. "Sssh Khushi, I'm here, you're safe." Arnav soothed. "We're going to show everyone who he is," he whispered into her ear before placing soft kisses in her hair, one hand holding Shyaam's tablet.

I hope you like it! I know this update may be a little confusing, but the next part should clear everything upSmile. Please leave comments Wink

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