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OS: In The End

Dr.Strange IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 August 2012 at 7:41am | IP Logged

Things at the Raizada house were not good at all. Especially after Dadi had brought back Shyam into the house. Arnav and khushi had tried to fight Dadi's decision but as always dadi was against whatever khushi stood for.

There was some hatred inside her against khushi that she and arnav could not point.

Things had gone out of hand when even Anjali had taken the side of Shyam and Dadi and had started to point fingers at Khushi's character.

Even though Akash had hated the gupta sisters for hiding this in the beginning and had not forgiven khushi even though he had forgiven payal completely. But here he took his stand with Arnav and khushi along with his wife.

Nani and manorama mami and NK were just spectators as they watched the house crumble before their very eyes.

Arnav and khushi had then on nani's insistence for calling it a peace stopped reacting to what dadi and his di along with shyam were lashing out to them.

Akash and Arnav took turns to stay at home and keep an eye on the snake shyam who was now completely sweet-talking to Dadi and his wife Anjali who luckily for him was blinder than a blind man.

But one day would change the happenings of the Raizadas. It will be a day of immense pain as everything would change.

It was the day that a very happy khushi had returned from the hospital with reports in her hand and when she saw Arnav at home she just ran into his arms and threw herself on him.

And without giving it second thoughts she placed her lips on his ravishing them completely.

Arnav was surprised beyond doubt as to why his wife was so happy that she had not given a damn about the people looking at her but had openly kissed him in the middle of RM.

The only problem to this PDA was a pair of eyes that belonged to a man who was fuming looking at his lust in someone else's arms and kissing someone else.

Shyam was fuming in anger looking at khushi kiss Arnav.

Arnav: What happened khushi? What made you so happy?

Khushi blushed a cherry red colour as she just realized what she had done.

Khushi tried to move from his arms but Arnav kept her pinned against him in place.

Khushi stopped squirming and replied,

Khushi: there is a mini laad governor or cute jalebis on the way.

Arnav: What?

He looked confused as hell and khushi laughed looking at him as his expressions changed as he finally registered as to what khushi was trying to say.

Arnav: Please don't be joking khushi.

Khushi smiled and shook her head.

Khushi: It is the truth. You are going to be a father.

Arnav picked her in his arms and happily twirled her around in his arms.

Everyone who were in the house came to see as to what all that commotion was.

Shyam was angry as much as he could be. He was shaking with anger as he saw them run around and tell everyone the good news.

But shyam wanted to spoil their happiness. SO when he saw Anjali who had forgotten everything for a moment and go forward to share the happiness with her brother Shyam came and stopped her.

Arnav and khushi went silent as khushi was trying to calm Arnav's anger.

Shyam: Rani Sahiba, don't get too excited.

Anjali: Whay do you mean?

Shyam: Your excitement for Khushi's baby is meaningless because we don't even know if Arnav is the father or not.

There was silence as arnav flamed with fury. Even Akash had come forward now to help restrain Arnav from going into a rampage as khushi felt shocked at Shyam's words.

Dadi came out and looked at khushi in pure disgust.

Dadi: You are right daamaadji. She cannot be carrying an heir to my son's family. She might have slept with anybody. Who knows she spends so much time in the kitchen that I think that Hari prakash may be the father of Khushi's child.

Arnav: ENOUGH DAADI. Before I lose control and insult you, stop right there.

Anjali: How can we be sure chottey? She should take a DNA test.

Khushi's world came crashing down as she heard Anjali too think of her as so characterless.

Akash came forward and said,

Akash: Stop it di. You have accused khushi bhabhi enough. Now stop with all this nonsense.

Shyam smirked at all of them evilly as he knew he had dadi's and his wife's support.

Shyam: Dadi, I told you na. She has magic. She has used her charms to even capture akash in her spell. Who know maybe akash is the father of that child.

Arnav broke free from akash's and Nk's grip and walked towards Shyam but from the corner of his eyes he saw khushi swaying and losing her consciousness. Payal caught her and before Khushi could fall down Arnav had swooped up khushi in his arms and walked to his room.


After a few hours when the doctor had checked her up and told Arnav akash and NK that it was due to stress that she had fainted, they relaxed. Akash and Nk soon retired to their room leaving Arnav to take care of khushi.

Arnav was sad that khushi had fainted.  He went on the bed and kept an ear on khushi's stomach and tried to hear his soon to be born child.

Arnav didn't sleep the entire night and he kept talking to khushi's stomach informing him every ten minutes that he and khushi loved their child already.

It was in the early hours of the morning that Arnav finally dozed off after pulling khushi on his chest and caressing her hair. But what Arnav didn't know was that this was going to be the biggest mistake he would do.


When Arnav woke up he couldn't feel khushi's warmth against him. He woke up immediately to search for her but she wasn't found in his room or in the bathroom or at the poolside.

He then opened khushi's cupboard to see that it was empty but had a small letter. He opened and read the letter which told him that she had left RM for good. 

Arnav's heart stopped. Khushi wrote that she had left because she felt that she was the problem and that she wouldn't be able to raise her child among people who called her child Naajayaz. 

She could raise her child in between so much hatred as she knew she could cope with the hatred but she didn't want her child to go through so much pain. 

And she was scared that shyam might do some damage to her child.

She wrote that she had left hoping that Arnav could take care of Anjali and the house and even dadi's hatred for arnav and akash decreases.

Rage built itself inside Arnav's body as Arnav crushed that letter and started to pack his bags as well. He had had enough.

He knew she was right in the arguments except the one where she said she was allowed to leave him.

Akash had seen everything. When he saw his brother pack he too had made his decision. He went to his room and asked payal to pack her clothes as soon as possible.

Arnav took his suitcase and started to the door. He went and took Nani's blessing which she gave and then moved towards the door.

Anjali: Chottey, where are you going?

Right then Akash and payal too came down with bags in their hand.

Akash: bhai, I'll take the car out.

And before Arnav  asked akash why he was leaving, akash and payal went through the door and left Arnav to deal with Anjali and dadi while shyam was actually happy that now his claim on this property.

Arnav turned to face his sister. But for the very first time Anjali was going to face the ruthless Arnav Singh Raizada.

Anjali literally shook as she saw the coldness in Arnav's eyes.

Anjali: Chottey, answer my question. Where are you all leaving?

Arnav strode forward towards Anjali as he wanted her to understand each and every word that he utters.

Arnav: Your chottey is dead. You killed him yesterday while accusing his wife and son.

Dadi: That is no way to talk to your sister Arnav.

Arnav now turned to face his dadi.

Arnav: Its Raizada. Arnav Singh Raizada to you. Only people who know me can call me Arnav. And Anjali is no longer my sister. I have broken all my ties to the pair of you. You both can take shyam and go to hell for all I care. My wife and me have been accused and accused for past 6 months and haven't said a word. But now enough is enough. I am leaving.

Anjali: is it because of that witch? Or that pathetic excuse of life she carries within herself?

When Arnav turned to face Anjali, she shivered. This glare that Arnav gave of pure hate was something she had never seen.

Arnav: Another word against my wife or my child and I will slap them without regard to their age.

Shyam to joined the ladies.

Arnav: And one more thing. I am the major owner of AR industries with 51 percent and Akash has the remaining 49 percent between us. We will not send a penny to you for running this house nor are any of you going to be in my will. Yes Anjali, even your daughter isn't going to get neither my love nor my money.

And he turned and left to the parking lot where akash was waiting in the SUV and they drove straight to Gupta house.


Khushi was sitting and crying on her bed at Gupta house. Just then she heard a white SUV screech to a halt before the house and a very angry and irritated Arnav step out of the vehicle and enter the house.

Before Khushi could bolt the door to her room, Arnav barged in and locked the room. Khushi could feel his anger even from a distance.

Arnav brought her crashing to him and threw her against the wall slightly cushioning her and crashed his lips on hers and kissing her brutally.

Khushi tried to push him away but Arnav didn't budge.

Arnav pulled himself off her lips to yell at her.

Arnav: How dare you think of leaving me? How could you.

And before she could answer, Arnav's lips were torturing hers all over again.

He placed his hand on her bare stomach,

Arnav: This child equally belongs to me. Do you know how big a crime you were doing separating a father and his child.

He crushed his lips on hers again. Now his hands were moving all over her body torturing each and every nerve in her body.

She was like a piece of wood and Arnav was igniting her and then extinguishing her and igniting her again and then extinguishing the flame her created inside her by his single touch.

She was getting really irritated at his torture on her body and she moaned in frustration.

Khushi: Stop torturing me Arnav. P----P----Ple----please----

Arnav: First promise me that you will never think about leaving me again ever.

And when khushi didn't reply he just kissed her harder and tortured her more, all the while keeping the baby safe.

In 2 minutes Khushi had given up and she said,

Khushi: Alright. Alright. I will never think about leaving you.

Arnav: Now thats a good girl. Just remember khushi.  You and the baby are mine and it is my duty to stay at your side through good times and bad. You cant leave me in the first sign of trouble. Because In the end the fact remains that I Love You and will Die without you.

Khushi: Please forgive me laad governor. You know that i am a complete paagal. So since you know what you signed up for you cant complain.

And then Arnav's face broke into a smile as he scooped her off the ground and lay her on the bed. 

Arnav: Believe me. I have no complaints khushi. This piece is just perfect.

He gently lay himself beside her and kissed her again. Khushi and Arnav were lost to each other as they consumed themselves all over again.


It had been over 9 months that Arnav and the rest had left RM and khushi was in the delivery room with khushi as khushi was in immense pain and was crushing Arnav's hand.

After a while Khushi gave birth to twins. A boy and a girl.

After a few hours after khushi had recovered, She was playing with her son and Arnav held his daughter proudly. He never believed in god, but this tiny being that was breathing in his arms was definitely something that only god could make.

He kissed the tiny forehead of his daughter.

Nk, akash, payal and nani ad the gupta family came inside too to play with the small children and see them for the first time.

When Aranv passed his son to NK, he laughed out loud when he saw that his son had peed openly and the front half of NK was completely wet.

Arnav looked at khushi and said,

Arnav: Finally found someone who hates NK as much as I do.

Khushi and the rest also laughed at that comment as NK gave the baby to payal to change the bedsheet it was in.

There was a knock on the door.

Everyone turned to see that it was Anjali and dadi behind her.

Anjali and Dadi started to place their foot inside the room when Arnav's anger resurfaced.

His hand shot up in the air immediately to stop them from placing even a foot inside the room.

Arnav: What do you both want now?

Anjali looked at Arnav completely broken.

Arnav: Oh I forgot. Shyam left you Anjali. Am I right? As soon as he got you to sign that check to empty the bank of the remaining cash that was in your account and he left you for the money along with the house's maid. Khushi and I begged for you and dadi to listen but you didn't listen to us. Just following your own blind path. Khushi and I already had a chat when Shyam left you 2 months ago. She has already convinced me to forgive you for her. But I have my condition Anjali. I khushi and our children have moved into another house in Delhi. We will never return to RM to stay there. And you will not try to influence either of us to change our decision. If you agree you can enter this room.

Anjali broke down after listening to all this. She had already suffered the last two months when she had walked in on shyam cheating on her with the maid in their own room.

Khushi: Arnav, please.

Arnav looked into anjali's eyes and the amount of guilt he saw there melted him. Even though he had left the house he made a point to know what happened in RM and make sure that his sister was well.

After seeing her cry at the door he went and hugged his sister and broke down.

Anjali: I am sorry chottey,--- I mean Arnav.

Arnav: it's alright di. And call me Chottey. I will always be your chottey as you are the closest thing I can get to feel ma.

It took many days for everything to come back to track with Arnav and khushi staying in the neighboring building of RM. There was no boundary between the houses too.

Arush and Muskaan played around the Arshi mansion waging war and playing pranks and turning the house upside down.

Arnav and khushi were also at times part of these battles that always led to them ending going out for an ice cream for Arush and jalebis for muskaan.

Finally Happiness had made its way into the life of the Raizadas and even Khushi's Devi maiyya had thought that she would let happiness stay in their household forever. 

-------the end-------

so how was it??? 

to my regular readers of CMYAD, dont bash me for writing this instead of updating the ff... i have hit a small bump which needs some thinking... but fear not it will be out tomo as most of the update is already written.

so i start to write daily or almost daily updates starting tomo...

ps. i hope the ending wasnt too abrupt... i wanted to keep it within a one shot limit so had to make it end... 

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saavan_lover Goldie

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Posted: 10 August 2012 at 7:54am | IP Logged
Awww that was sooo good!! Really good job Thumbs Up 

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HansaN IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 August 2012 at 7:57am | IP Logged
Superb dear

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..SunnYaara.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Omg great yaar...loved it...

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Downhill IF-Addictz

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simply awesome .loved it,.

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AnnieCheli1997 Senior Member

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Nice OS!! :)
But you better give us an extra long update of CMYAD!! :)
As for this, well written!! :) The intensity between Arnav and Anjali, was, well... I'm speechless!! :) xx

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rukuswasthika IF-Sizzlerz

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superb dear

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Diva_Akorshi IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 August 2012 at 8:15am | IP Logged

wow! my dear evilwaa friend  it was lovely ss ooopppsss sorry OS...

but after one incident hpning another was like reading ss wid all parts together...

here i loved arnav's character much...

it was lovely entertainment...loved it...

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