RS:An Angel in White<3updated pg 6:)

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k guys m writing an RS after real long tym..well this tym i thought m nt goin to 
write RS connected to show navya but just connected to the characters of it 
has nothin to do with the show..its just a random concept i tuk in to write ma 
RS..i hav hought something out of the box this time..its nt hot romance, nor u ll 
find a sinle kiss or hug..but its just the romance wic depicts purity, innocence 
n yearnin fr LOVE...

the snow filled hilly area..all around the place luked no less than 
heaven..undoubtedly Kashmir is the heaven on earth..two guys gt out of their car 
n luked all around the place..a handsome guy tuk of his glares n viewd the most 
beautiful place he ever saw before..

anant 'bhagwaan ne bhi kaisi duniya banayi hai yaar..a master piece of his 

well yeah his eyes was one such master piece made by god..but he never boasted 
anythin much abt it.Anant was here wit his best friend ranbir.Anant always loved 
photography n no place wud be better than kashmir to click the beauty of heaven.

ranbir 'haan yaar..jagah aisi hai..toh yahan ki chicks kaisi hogi?'
anant 'tu apne bird hunting main lag jaa..aur main apne camera ke saath iss 
paradise ke saat romance kartha hu..
ranbir 'cool dude..pata nahi tu kabh ladkiyon ko dekhega..'
anant 'jab koi dekhne layak mile..'
ranbir 'hope aaj tujhe yahan koi mil jaye mere dost..accha teek ab chalo'

anant n ranbir start on their journey..they walk around the streets of kashmir..a 
beautiful place wic had a world created by its own..a diffrent style of 
dressing,their accessories wer much heavier n yet beautiful..the streets had 
kinda markets all around sellin fruits,variety of necklaces,bangles n such 
heavily studded accessories..some places had these chaiwala's,butta sellers..
with every walk ranbir saw gals who luked absolutely simple n elegant.Their apple 
red complexion almost killed him..

ranbir 'yaar in ladkiyon ke gaal toh dekh yaar..bilkul kashmiri apple jaisa hai 

anant was busy wit his cam clickin pics..

anant 'unse bhi zyada khoobsurat dekhne layak cheezein hai yaha yaar..just luk at 
the ppl..i love their dresiin sense..woh accessories..yeh markets..all around is breath takin..'

ranbir 'tera kuch nahi ho saktha'

they walked down the lane..wer they saw a bunch of school kids happily merryin 
songs as they wer their way back home..anant clicked pictures of these kids..a 
smile curved his lips..he joined them in their walk n started merrying wit 
them..he laughed n enjoyed with the kids..ranbir too joined him..n they wer 
jumping like kids..anant was still capturin the pics n he turned around still wit 
his camera..n suddenly he saw something wic he cudnt take his eyes off..he still 
luked from his camera..aww..wat a pleasant eye pleasin beauty she was..her smile 
cud lit thousands of lights..her eyes twinkled more than the stars wud do at 
night..she had the perfectly carved figure n she was dressed in pure white half 
sleeve salwar..she had this heavy kashmiri kinda silver earings..her hair brushed 
so long n soo smooth..the open hair beauty was even loved by the 
air around her tat they kept playin ith her hair n duppatta..she was thr in the 
market buying bangles for her..she tried the bangles one by one..n loved playin 
wit them..she was with her friend or may be a relative he thought..he removed 
away his camera n saw her from his naked eyes..his heart lost a beat..a smile 
curved his lips..

ranbir 'oye kya dekh raha hai'

ranbir's call disturbed anant n he turned to him..

anant 'nothin'

sayin this he turned again tu luk at the magnificient creations ever..ohh..!he 
lost her..she wasn't ther..he ran towards tat shop..he luked all around..but he 
cudnt find her..he ran around the whole market..ranbir realised tat somethin is 
wrong wit anant..he followed him to knw wat was it that he is searching for..

ranbir 'anant ruk yaar..kisse dhoond raha hai'
anant 'woh..ladki..'
ranbir 'arre wah ladki..pehli baar tu kisi ladki ke baare main baat kar raha 
anant 'shut up yaar..kaha gayi woh??'
ranbir 'ahhaa..!aaj tak mumbai main saari ladkiya tere peeche bhagthi thi..aur 
aaj pehli baar tu kisi ladki ke peeche bhaag raha hai..woh bhi first luk main 
hi..not bad..kuch toh baat hogi uss ladki main'

anant  wud always get irritated wen ranbir spk some flirty lines but fr the first 
time anant dint react much..his eyes wer constantly searchin fr the beauty he 

ranbir 'chod yaar chali gayi shayad..chal raat hone ko hai..hume tikhana bhi toh 
dhoondna hoga..warna sadak par sona padega..chal abhi'

anant was nt much bothered abt wat ranbir was talkin abt..his eyes still serachin 
n wondering whether wat he saw was true o not..ranbir just pulled anant n made 
him sit inside the car n they drove off..they finally gt a place to rest..ranbir 
was damn tired n he lsept off soon as they had to travel tomorrow to himachal wic 
was quite far awat frm kashmir..

anant mind was nt stable..he gt up from his bed n sat beside the window..the cool 
breeze hittin his face gain reminded him of the angel he saw..he still had the 
glimpses of the beautiful gal he saw..he said to himself 'kya woh sach main thi 
ya..mera wehem tha..matlab achanak se koi kaise gayab ho saktha hai..but she was 
soo damn beautiful..simple but yet elegant..ek pari se kam nahi thi woh..'
he tuk out his camera in wic he clicked her pics..he went thru the pics 
again..'kitni khoobsurath hai..her eyes reflects her pure heart, her smile her 
innocence, her dressin her simplicity, her hair reflected her soft nature n her 
lips reflected her overall beauty..koi itna perfect kaise ho saktha hai??no i 
gus..she was ma imagination..may be an angel..tats it..kyunki in reality koi itni 
perfectly beautiful to nahi ho sakthi..i gus i shud sleep..aur waise bhi agar woh 
sach hai.fir bhi shayad mere naseeb main nahi hai..'with the heavy heart he slept 

5 months later in mumbai

om 'anant beta tum tayyar ho na'
anant 'haan dad..packin sab ho gayi hai..'
sugandha 'hope beta iss baar tujhe koi ladki pasand aajaye..warna tu har baar 
ladkiyon ko reject kar detha hai..'
anant(huggin his mom) 'mama..main kya karu..koi mujhe pasand anewali abhi tak 
mili hi nahi...(he had the flashbacks of the angel he saw n murmurred)ya shayad 
mili..par woh mere naseeb main hi nahi hai..'
sugandha 'tumne kuch kaha beta?'
anant 'haa..nahi mama..'
ranbir 'abe saale idhar aa..maza ayega..aaj tere liye ladki dekne jayenge..'
sugandha 'arre ranbir agaya tu..accha hai..chalo jaldi kar lets move'

anant n ranbir both had no idea to wic place they wer goin..their flight lanede 
in delhi n thn they finally they reached kashmir..anant n ranbir wer utterly 
shocked at the sight of kashmir..

ranbir 'kashmir??'
om 'kyun tuna socha hum london ja rahe hai?'(teasin)
ranbir 'arre nahi uncle..woh bas aise hi..'(n luked at anant's face)

though anant never spk abt the angel later..ranbir knew that the gal had made an 
impact in his heart wic he cud never ever wash away..ranbir many times had seen 
anant lukin at her pictures in his lappy..anant had started likin the gal just by 
lukin at her only once..he had lost his heart n mind fr her..though anant's 
parents wer the coolest mom dad on ths earth..he still hided things frm them wit 
the matter of fact that she was just someone who he cud never ever get in his 

anant's face turned pale..n again his eyes unwantedly n unknowingly started 
searchin fr tat angel..they wer on their way to some mishra's house wer he cud 
see the gal who might be his future wife..but he hardly was interested..the place 
gain brought all his 5 months old memories back..

they reached the mishra house

anant and his family wer greeted..all sat on the sofa n started discussing abt 
their personal matters..sugandha started spkin abt household stuffs wit 
meeta(gals mom)like a typical housewife..the men wer discussing the buisness 
matters..anant remained silent n ranbir watching anant still remained 
silent..anant was told to take sweets n snacks by meeta..he tuk them n gav a 
slight smile..

meeta 'haan woh dekhiya aa rahi hai hamari beti..'

the cool breeze welcomed her..anant felt a wierd but very strong feelin in his 
heart..he closed his eyes n he cud sense the angel..he opened his eyes n luked up 
wer the gal was walkin n comin downstairs..he only cud see a few glimpses of her 
coz of the long curtains disturbing his sight...n now he saw her walkin down 
stairs..his eyes cudnt believe wat he saw..a smile curved his lips..his heart 
again skipped a beat..oh they started pondering..he dint even blink his eyes for 
a second may be wit the fear that he might again loose this breath takin 
sight..he lost her once..n dint wanted to loose her again..yes his angel was ther 
right in front of his eyes..again dressed in perfectly white salwar studded wit 
silver n jardosi works..she had untied her long beautiful hair..she had wore a 
dozen of silver  n white bangles..she had this smile cravin her was this 
sight wic he longed frm past 5 months in his life n she was finally here..rright 
in front of his eyes..the gal slowly luked up to see who is the man gazin at 
her..their eyes met..for the first time she saw a pair of hazel colored eyes wic 
wer no less than seemed like a deep sea..with some much of 
love,care,affection,longing n need..wit just one sight she fell in love wit this 
man..but unaware of the fact that he was already in love wit her..

*anant mind voice*

"An angel in white stole my heart 5 months ago n nw she is here in front me going to be mine forever..She wasn't my imagination but she is my Destiny.."


part 2 on jantha demandLOL

dont giv me she is 'insane' look..well i know its quite vey diffrent frm wat i 
usually write..but change is necessary right??hope u guys hav liked it n do hit 
the like button n do comment plss..

k guys i hav previously written 8 RS's..if anyone has nt read it hav a luk 
n hit the like tab n are the links.. wanna spend ma life wit u(shamya RS)

My first ever os on anya..well almost many hav read this before..but i hav changed he title of it..

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lovley rs neetha

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Wow amazing, beautiful mindbluwing rs neetha...beautifully written. Iloved it. It felt like I am watching new anya pure. I am big fan of ur writting...

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me kal se soch rahi hun kya coment karu, muje words nahi mil rahe yar, its beautiful, marvelous, heart stealing, fairy tale like, dreamy, n what not.. more of al white is ma fav color, i juz loved it to d core, cant describe u wht i felt after reading it.. went into a dreamy land of anya/shamya, Day Dreaming want to read its continuatn part neethu, plz continue..

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from onwards i wont comment u you know the reason na...because i have no words to comment aweome...

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Oye idiot :) Mind blowing dear. In each and every RS i could see your writing skill go up higher n higher. Its just an simple story but you ve bought it out so marvelously..:) read thro mob thats why delayin in comment. Sorry idiot:)

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this is beautiful, just loved the concept and the way it has been executed, loved your style of narration.

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superlyked...lovely RSThumbs Up 
keep writing more..

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