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FF ~ Those Lost 5 Years ~ part.17_ pg.108_ 08.Oct (Page 97)

Sakshi_Deewani IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 September 2012 at 4:49am | IP Logged

wooohhhooo its my century..Dancing thnks to all of u for bearing my crap n supporting me so much that we r on page 100 in less then two months.. hope u enjoy this one.. hv a gr8 week ahead



P: I am sorry raaammm... I really love you...
those were da last 2 sentences that came out in a hush.. her clutch on his coat loosened and she fell with a thud on the marble floor...!
R: priiiyyyaaa...!!!!!!!
he knelt down n grabbed a motionless priya securely in between his broad arms
raaajjjaaattt... he yelled at the top of his lungs... get da damn car...!!

everyone else along with peehu n rajat rushed to where priya was
RJ: wht the hell! kya hua pooja ko??
R: yaar tu zyada sawal maat pooch just take out da car yaar please
RJ: haan haan main abhi nikalta hu

peehu started crying uncontrollably.. mamma.. kya hua mamma?? utho na mamma.. she touched priya's cheeks lovingly... golu uncle mere mamma ko kya hua bolo na

R: kuch nehi baby.. tumhare mamma ko kuch nehi huya main hu na main unhe kuch nehi hone dunga... 
rajat came back within next couple of minutes... chal chal ram

ram picked a lifeless priya in his arms n stormed out towards da car... he placed priya carefully at da back seat n he sat on da other side putting her head comfortably on his lap

RJ: daija ap peehu ke sath ghar pe hi rahiye plz.. uska hospital jana thik nehi hai.. ayesha tum bhi yehi raho.. cady n i will take care of both ram n priya.. just dont worry will keep u posted

R: rajat chal yaar

rajat started da car.. da engine roared to life n raged out on the road.. he drove as fast as he could trying to avoid as many signals n hurdles as possible..
all da while ram kept caressing her hair n blabbered to himself.. while cady kept praying in  her mind

after sometym which felt lyk forever to all da 3 of them, rajat pulled over.. all of them got down n ram picked up priya carefully n ran towards da emergency ward... she was instantly attended by a team of doctors n taken to da ICU

ram dropped down on da bench.. he felt so helpless.. he was cursing his fate, rather his decision to stay away from priya.. rajat came n sat beside him.. placing a hand of solace on his shoulder.. he turned to look at rajat with tears welled up in his eyes
R: yeh sab meri wajah se ho raha hai.. ussne mujhe kaha tha.. kaha tha ki hum apne kismat se nehi bhag sakte.. dekh aj kya hogaya.. he choked

RJ: kuch nehi huya hai ram.. usse kuch nehi hoga.. she'll be fyn

R: she is my wife rajat.. teri pooja meri patni hai.. woh.. woh priya hai rajat.. he choked once again

RJ: main janta hu

ram was stunned.. janta hai?? kya janta hai??

RJ: mujhe pehle hi pata chal chuka tha ki pooja hi priya hai aur woh bhi teri priya.. main janta tha ki woh Mrs. Ram Kapoor hai

R: kya?? toh tuney mujhe bataya kyun nehi??

RJ: usse kya pharak padta ram... tu toh tyag.. balidan.. sacrifice karne chala tha.. kya soch raha tha tu ki tu uske bina aur woh tere bina jee payegi.. she is your wife damn it..! kyun dhoka de raha hai apne ap ko?? apne jazbaato ko..?? uska kya faida hua?? dekh liya na

ram felt lyk a thousand bricks hammering his head.. haan.. sab meri galti hai.. main nehi samajh paya yaar... mmm.. main kya karu rajat?? I-I- I can't afford to loose her for the 2nd tym.. he stammered

rajat gave a warm buddy hug to him.. tu pareshan maat ho kuch nehi hoga teri priya.. tujhe ehsaas hogaya na.. bas ab uski thik hone taak ka intezaar.. bas.. ab Ram aur Priya alag nehi rahenge.. he patted on ram's back consoling him n smiled at a crying cady

RJ: areh yaar cady ab tumhe kya huya..?? can u plz stop crying

she came down on her knees in front of ram n held his hands..

C: yeh sab meri galti hai ram sir.. pooja rajat sir se baat karna chahti thi.. lekin maine socha ki aap.. woh.. maine pooja ke feelings ko miss judge kiya.. i never thought ki situation itni complicated banjayegi.. m really sorry sir.. plz mujhe maaf kardo

ram placed his hand on her head.. teri galti nehi hai cady.. aj shayad teri aur rajat ki wajah se main yeh realize kar paya hu ki aj bhi mere zinddegi mein priya sabse zyada maiyne rakhti hai, just pray ki woh thik hojaye.. varna main zindegi bhar apne ap ko maaf nehi kar paunga

the scene shifts to rajat's house with peehu on daija's lap resting her head on daija's chest..

peehu asked in a gloomy tone: daija.. mere mamma ko kya hua?? woh baat kyun nehi kar rahi thi??

daija replied stroking her hair lovingly.. kuch nehi huya beta.. jaise tum kuch din pehle bimaar thi na waise hi mamma thodisi bimaar hai.. doctor hai na?? sab thik kardenge

Pe: sacchi?? meri mummy thik toh hojayengi na?

DJ: haan beta bilkul thik hojayegi..

Peehu smiled hearing her

A: chalo beta apko kuch khilati hu.. apko bhuk nehi lagi??

Pe: ap meri maasi ho??

A: haan baby.. apko kaise pata??

Pe: mummy ne bola tha

A: accha.. aur kya bola mamma ne?? saying that ayesha picked up peehu n took her to da kitchen to feed her


back to the hospital

ram was getting restless now.. it had been 1 hour since priya was inside n there was no reply from da doctors.. he walked to n fro across da corridor..

RJ: areh yaar relax.. itna restless kyun ho raha hai..

just then the doctor broke in.. Mr. Ram Kapoor..?? ram instantly marched forward.. rajat stood up beside him

R: yes doctor..

Doc: see Mr. Kapoor your wife's state is critical.. her body has been over dozed by tranquilizer

ram's face became pale.. his jaws dropped down

D: see its a very powerful drug.. usually for people who r having sleepless nights.. but such high doze of it can only cause death.. her tissues are badly damaged.. it has left a bad effect on both her kidneys as well.. we hv washed da drug off but still she is unconscious.. we hv shifted her to da cabin next but will hv to keep her in observation for another 36 hours.. by this tym if her conditions doesn't improve then m very sorry i wont hv anything to do..

each word from da doctor stabbed inside ram's heart lyk a thousand knives.. he slammed his helpless body on da bench n kept staring at the ground expressionlessly

D: i can understand your feelings mr.kapoor.. we hv tried our best.. the doc looked up at rajat..  i need to talk to u rajat.. something important

rajat walked forward along with da doc..

RJ: yeah doc

D: see Rajat.. i knw u personally thats y m telling u.. otherwise this is a police case

RJ: wht?? wht do u mean??

D: m assuming that this is a attempt to suicide case.. most probably Mrs.Kapoor has taken them by herself or somebody might hv given her

rajat was in shock.. he never thought things would turn so much complicated

RJ: thnx doc.. u knw i can't involve police here.. my frnds they r from india.. dont wanna drag them into this unnecessary headache

D: i can understand rajat.. counting on u only i didnt inform da police.. take care n yeah one of u can go meet Mrs.Kapoor.. but be very carefull

RJ: thnx again doc

D: anytym.. i will be checking on her in every hour

rajat came to ram.. n started speaking to him who seemed to hv turned into stone.. ram.. raaammm.. rajat jerked him.. but still there was no response

RJ: ram listen to me.. priya ko kuch nehi hoga.. doc ne kaha hai ki hum mein se ek priya se jake mil sakta hai.. tu ja na... jake usse mille... she will fine..

ram finally looked up at rajat.. rajat cupped his face n jerked it again.. "she will be fine.. sun raha hai tu?? now go inside damn it"

ram got up n made his way to da cabin where his love lied cold with an oxygen mask over her mouth n number of strings attached to her petite body.. ram entered da room with careful steps.. making sure not to disturb his sleeping beauty.. he took da stool n sat beside her bed

caressing her hair he placed a feathery kiss on her forehead.. he touched each needle that was injected in her delicate skin lightly as if they were hurting him.. he took her hand in between his n placed his head on them

R: m sorry priya.. m so sorry.. aj meri wajah se tumhari yeh halat huyi hai.. kash maine tumhari baat suni hoti.. toh aj yeh din nehi dekhna padta..

he started weeping lyk a little kid whose most favorite toy has been damaged for some reason

he continued between his sobs.. tum mere galati ki saaza apne ap ko kyun de rahi ho priya.. kyun priya kyun?? tumhe jo saaza deni hai mujhe do... lekin plz aise chup maat raho.. i can't see u like this.. plz priya ek baar thik ho jao.. tum jo chahogi jaise chahogi waise hi hoga..  lekin plz priya  meri galati ki itni badi saza mujhe maat do.. main maar jaunga tumhare bagair.. main galat tha jab maine yeh socha tha ki main tumhe kisi aur ke hote huye dekh paunga.. i was wrong priya.. main nehi jee paunga tumhare bagair.. ek baar mere paas laut aao.. phir kabhi main tumhe apne aap se dur nehi hone dunga.. i am sorry priya... plz meri gudiya ek baar mujhse baat karo na..

by now he was weeping insanely.. he kept his head on her bosom n listened to her slow unsteady heart beats.. one of his hands was still holding her tiny palm.. his tear drops landed on her bosom n rolled down to her neck

ram's love for her pierced through her cold unconsious state n reached her heart.. it pumped fresh blood through out her body n paced faster.. her body became warmer.. ram unaware of wht his intense love did to her still kept weeping.. her heart thudded harder against her chest n within next couple of seconds she entwined her fingers in between ram's

finally ram felt her movement.. he pulled up his face to look at her closely.. he watched her grip getting firm between his fingers.. there was movement in the other hand as well.. her eye lids were moving though they were shut

ram touched her cheeks lightly with his other hand.. priya.. he said softly

she parted her lips in order to say something.. her eyes were still shut.. after which felt lyk ages to ram finally his priya spoke up da 1st word



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haribol79 Goldie

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Posted: 30 September 2012 at 5:03am | IP Logged
Glad u decided to continue... Anu.. loved it...
RaYa ko toh RaYa bhi juda hain sarkte!
parulkhare13 Senior Member

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Posted: 30 September 2012 at 5:24am | IP Logged
WOW kya likha hai again an awesome update my  just fabulous full of emotions love and mystery ...loved each and every part of it from beginning to end just perfect ...
aaj toh bilkul power pack update thi saray emotion daal diyay tunay yaar too good 
the way ram broke was too good at least usko realize toh hua ki kitna galat karnay ja raha tha loved ram and rajat conversation

AUR yay kya PRIYA KO TRANQUILIZER KIsnay  diya yaar priya khud toh lay gi nahi kaun kar sakta hai  jisnay bhi na uski toh   kya ab tu ekta ki tarah MYSTERY BHI dalnay lag gayi abhi twist ka bhoot tha ab mystery ka  GOOD  I LIKE IT  par yaar priya kitna sah rahi hai yaar pls ussay kuch honay matt dena plss and last part that was OUTSTANDING really you have written so well ki baar baar wahi padhi jaa rahi hoon so beautifully written each and every emotions was so perfect and adorable the way he was crying on her was so touching yaar fabulous again i am speech less  aur last part that was just Outstanding perfect ,beautiful it touched my heart yaar so touchy when priya entwined her hand and spoke her first word and that was ramm ufff that was too good and sweet & tooo goood loved it and love u my WRITING QUEEN  ur are fabulous thank u for writing this FF 

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sss283 IF-Dazzler

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sorry for being late dear..
glad you continued...
aww love the efforts made by cady,rajat and ayesha to bring raya back together...
ab next part jaldi se update karo na...

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jaysree18 Newbie

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Originally posted by Anamika163

Originally posted by jaysree18

yipeee..  me first... thanx 4 ur spl service janu... Anu anu first of all thank u sooo much 4 continuing ur ff... abh to tujhe meh v bolungi junior ekta... kitna suspense rakhti hai tu... i cn imagine each and every scene anu... i love priya's character u portrayed here... bt anu usko hua kya??? plz priya ko kuch mat hone dena... as always loved it... kitna intezaaar karwayi tu... aur kya bolu sachme u r a fabulous  wrriter... plzzz continue soon... love u mmuuaahh...

agayi..?? nautanki.. tere wajah se yeh sab horaha haiAngry chal chod.. pagal tu hai toh main kaunsi normal huROFL thnk u so much jaanu.. ab jaldi jaldi update kar ke khatam kardungi.. no more waiting... u knw i was upset with da last days' epis.. isiliye yaha pe bhadas nikalaLOL love u too muuaaahhhHug

Nautanki??? aur mere wajese eh sab?? lo kuch to accha kam kya maineWink jaldise update karegi yeh samajh ayi par khatam kardegi???? nhi tu aisa nhi karsakti... meh kya k liye wait karungi Cry are epi ke wajese to sab upset hai... tu jab chahe continue kar... par plzzz khatam mat kar... aur abhi next part k liye rukh rhi hu abhi...Wink

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viny_queen IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 September 2012 at 9:17am | IP Logged
u r making me crazy by ur update like this i m sitting and wait 4 update
 i have tears in my eyes out of joy turely they love eachother
keep rockin

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Sakshi_Deewani IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 September 2012 at 11:48am | IP Logged
updatedBig smile
lipshaa IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 September 2012 at 11:55am | IP Logged
Oh Thats an pretty Good update. I like cady's character in ur ff. She is strong.

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