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FF ~ Those Lost 5 Years ~ part.17_ pg.108_ 08.Oct (Page 96)

viny_queen IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 September 2012 at 9:17am | IP Logged
btw how much time u take 4 an updateWink

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Sakshi_Deewani IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 September 2012 at 9:38am | IP Logged
Originally posted by viny_queen

btw how much time u take 4 an updateWink

will get it late toniteEmbarrassed

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parulkhare13 Senior Member

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Posted: 29 September 2012 at 9:57am | IP Logged
NOw pahlay toh a big SORRY KI mein teray FF kay part 12,13,14 ka timely comments nahi they payi and u know the reason very well toh aaj finally here my comments to all ur parts full and final ab pls next part update karday plss
meri pllsss warna u know my gusaa

PART -12- 
what a Starting yaar loved it ek ek scene i was able to imagine very well their and loved the part were raya entwined their hands moved towards the door that was too cute aur uskay baad TERA TWIST ufff ram saying  POOJA JI  what was that baychara ram dilemma mein tha poor ram ki dost ko chunay ya wife ko and that part where pihu wants to meet her golu uncle but priya not allowing her to meet ram and yelling on her phir saying mumma sorry hai aaww that was really  painful ...

KYA DHASHU START kiya hai yaar what a start mind-blowing so perfect  loved it it was best part and our mrs. priya ram kapoor on her raging mode that was awesome priya grabbing ram collar ...  aur uskay baad she stress ON MRS. PRIYA RAM KAPOOR that was awesome amde me remind of JANKI  and rushing out to tell truth rajat wow and twist pay end kiya ""di aap "" yani ayesha wow 

PART -14- 
this part was a small one and u know how much i am greedy about ur ff toh itnay chotay say kaam nahi banay ga samjhi na and ayesha supporting cady and rajat that is really shocking  haan par yay cady kay dimaag mein kya pak raha hai yaar aur the way she scold ayesha that was too hilarious  and ram ko tunay scarifying walay character mein dal diya felt really bad when priya said ki yahan say hamaray raste alag hotay hain mr.kapoor
aur yay kya pre-cap yay kya tha priya ko kya ho gaya anu plss ab likh dey jaldi say sabr nahi ho raha kya hua priya ko yaar   
me waiting aur haan ek aur baat kahni thi thujhay   I LOVE U MY  

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Sakshi_Deewani IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 September 2012 at 1:56pm | IP Logged
this part is specially for Jay, Parul, Panchi, Viny n name2saakshi n Siacutie (donno your names)
i had decided not to write further.. da current track made go nuts.. but upar ke logo ne mera jeena haram kardiya haiD'oh
so this is dedicated to my pagal gang.. love you allHug

extremely sleepy to correct themSleepy


priya nodded giving up.. thik hai.. apko rehna hai ayesha ke saath ap rahiye main kuch nehi kahungi lekin main bhi rajat se baat kar ke rahungi.. usse shadi kar ke main uski zindegi kuch abad nehi kar rahi hu.. woh bhi utna hi baarbaad hoga..
aj se humare raste alag hote hai Mr. Ram Kapoor and i would expect ki ap mere mamle mein dakhalandazi nehi karenge..!!

priya stormed out of the house leaving Ram dumbstruck... she was already late to pick up peehu from her school.. departing from the house she dialed rajat's number.

RJ: hello

P: rajat mujhe apse baat karni hai.. kya ap ek ghante mein mere ghar aa sakte hai??

RJ: areh woh pooja m stuck in work yaar.. daija ki stict instructions hai ki kal mujhe pura din ghar pe hi rehna hai.. kal ke liye bohot kaam pending rehjayenge toh main bas wohi khatam kar rahi hu.. ghar pohochne mein bhi raat hojayegi.. kuch urgent hai kya??

P: haan rajat its kind of serious.. she spoke in a serious tone

RJ: accha suno.. aj toh possible nehi hai... kal subah main tumse milne ki koshish karta hu ok

P: koshish nehi rajat its very important plz.. i need to see u tomorrow.. party se pehle

RJ: ya pooja will try my best, suno gotta go ek important meeting hai.. bye

rajat hung up n leered doubtfully towards Cady.. i think hum galat kar rahe hai cady.. m sure priya wanted to say about her n ram to me.. yehi toh hum chahte the na ki dono confess kare.. so y da unnecessary dragging?? tumne mujhse jhooth kyun bulwaya??

C: kyun ki sir confess sirf priya karna chahti hai ram sir nehi... apne unki conversation nehi suni.. maine aur ayesha ne suni hai... priya ka apse sacchayi bolne se kuch nehi hoga.. ram sir needs to realize wht priya is for him... woh apne khud ke emotions se bhag rahe hai.. n we need to make him realize that its only priya who holds utmost importance in his life

RJ: woh sab toh thik hai cady but some where i feel yeh sab thik nehi hai.. kuch galat hogaya toh

A: haan cady i agree with rajat mujhe bhi yeh sab thik nehi lagrahi.. i think rajat ko di se baat karleni chahiye.. n then we all can confront ram na..

C: ohho.. aplog na bekar mein pareshan ho rahe ho.. kuch galat nehi hoga... ok main samjhati hu.. priya wants to talk to rajat sir about her relation with ram sir right.. that they r husband n wife n everything we already knw.. kal engagement ke pehle tak unko sir se baat karne ka mauka nehi milega.. till then we hv to note down to how ram sir's reacting... ab woh bohot badi badi baatein kar rahe hai but m sure engagement ke waqt woh yeh bilkul bardasht nehi kar payenge that unki priya kisi aur ki hone ja rahi hai.. bas aur kya woh khud ba khud burst out karenge

A: nehi cady ram aisa nehi karenge

C: areh ruko toh sahi.. meri baat toh poori karne do.. agar aisa nehi hota hai tab hum sab dono ko aamne samne daalke unko confront karenge.. as simple as that.. iss mein kya prob ho sakti hai yaar

both rajat and ayesha agreed to her still ambiguous about the whole idea

another dawn broke in da night... both priya n ram were awake all night.. none of them could sleep thinking about the consequences of the decisions they were making..

back to priya's.. her morning began lyk another day.. she could not let the happenings in her lyf hamper her 4 year old.. that infant had nothing to do with all these.. she tired to keep it as normal as possible with her little doll.. she made da usual breakfast for peehu.. packed her lunch box n took her to school.. coming back to home she had nothing much to do... it was da 15th tym in 2 hours that she'd called rajat which carelessly went to his voice-mail.. priya was restless.. but she had nothing to do but to wait for him to return her calls.. she went to pick up peehu at due tym n her bundle of joy started with her tit bits

Pe: mumma... ap ajkal itne sad sad kyun rehte ho??

no matter how much she tried to hide but her daughter was so much connected to her that it didn't get unnoticed... areh nehi toh mamma kaha sad hai..?? ap ko aisa kyun laga

peehu puted n retorted.. bas mujhe laga.. ap aj kal thik se baat bhi nehi karti.. accha mamma.. ap se ek baat poochu??

P: haan baby bolo na

Pee: kya rajat uncle mere papa banne wale hain??

priya stared at peehu in shock.. n became mum

peehu shaked priya demanding her answer... kya hua mamma.. bolo na

priya gulped a big lump in her throat.. yeh ap se kisne kaha??

Pee: golu uncle ne

P: golu uncle ne?? woh apko kaha mile??

Pee: areh woh aj mujhe school mein milne aiye the.. mujhe ice-cream khilaya, chocolate khilaya.. unhone bataye ki rajat uncle mere papa banne wale hai.. bolo na mamma yeh sach hai kya??

there's a limit.. priya thought... ram apne ap ko samjhte kya hai... priya was fuming inside... the cab stopped with a jerk which broke in priya's boiling thoughts

P: baby dekho ghar agaye na.. hum ghar jake fresh hoke acche se baat karenge ok??
peehu nodded an ok with a smiling

soon the shining sun crept behind da dark sky.. priya called rajat a zillion time but still no response... wht the hell is wrong with this man... cady ko call karti hu

cady picked up.. hello haan pooja kya hua?? ap taiyar huyi ki nehi.. meri koi madat chahiye?? main ajau kya??

P: nehi nehi cady tu meri baat sun.. mujhe zaara rajat se baat karwa plz..

"areh cady" ...daija called out.. "haan daija ayi"...

C: areh yaar abhi kya baat karni hai thodi der mein toh ahi rahi ho na.. this is a madhouse.. agar main rajat sir ke dhundne jaungi na toh main khud kho jaungi... hv to go now.. daija bularahi hai.. aur apke liye gadi bhej diya hai pohochti hi hogi ap taiyar hoke jaldi se ajana.. byyyeee..

Priya sank in da rocking chair.. she burried her face in between her palms... she was trapped.. there was no way out.. her one n only way her ram has stepped back.. she sucked in a mouthfull of oxygen n thouught in her mind... aur koi rasta nehi hai priya.. tujhe yeh karna hi padega.. u hv to do it..

peehu came running holding a beautiful piece of dress.. mamma... main aj party mein yeh pehen ne wali hu

she caressed peehu's head n nodded a yes with teary eyes...

Pe: wwoooww kitna sundar hai na mamma?? chalo na hum taiyar hotei hai..

she dragged priya to their room..

there was a lot of hustle bustle in Rajat's house... it seemed lyk da whole Dubai was present to witness Mr.Khadoos Kapur's grand engaement.. but no one knew wht the da party exactly aimed for

rajat stood on da terrace watching da stream of ppl entering da party looking forward to a grand celebration.. he stood their lost in his own world.. why did fate had to play this game with him all over again?? why did he love her so much n still couldn't live with her?? why did she had to turn out to be his best friend's wife?? so many questions buzzed inside his head

he felt a light touch on his shoulders.. he turned to find daija in front him

DJ: kya soch rahe ho beta?? pooja ke bare mein na

rajat let out a sarcastic smile.. nehi daija.. apne kismaat ke bare mein soch raha tha... kya kisi insaan ki kismaat itni kharab ho sakti hai?? kya galti thi meri?? kya iss zindegi mein kabhi mujhe apne haq ka pyar nehi milega??

DJ: nehi beta.. aisa maat socho... pyar sirf haasil karna nehi hota hai.. priyane humesha se ram se pyar kiya hai aur ram bhi usse utna hi pyar karta hai... ap jisse pyar karte ho usko khushi dena hi pyar ki sabse badi jeet hai... aur aj tere jeet hogi rajat.. chalo beta niche chalo.. tumhara jeet tumhara intezaar kar raha hai
rajat gave her a satisfied smile n went down to attend da crowd...

after sometym ram came down his trademark black suit n white shirt with open collar... looking ever handsome but his face was weary n frustrated from all da jerking around

as soon as he came down his eyes fell on da entrance... a gorgeous lady dazzling in a red n purple saree.. absolutely traditional... with a pair of light danling earing matching her outfit.. her hair neatly tied in a bun with just couple of strings let loose to gv da perfect touch.. it was her... priya.. his priya... who wont be his any more after few hours.. he felt a sharp knife piercing through his heart just by da mare thought... they shared an eye lock but priya avoided it as it was going intense.. his eyes fell on his lil bundle of joy who was holding her mothers hands with her tiny palm dressed in da same combo as priya with a lil pony tied on top of her head... look wht your gonna loose ram.. he thought to himself.. he close his eyes shut to shrug off the feelings n joined da rest of the people

as soon as priya entered da party cady greeted her.. wow pooja.. u r looking so beautiful yaar.. she knelt down next to peehu.. aaawww meri golu baby is looking so cute... chal tujhe main tere favorite dishes khilati hu.. pooja main isse le jau??

priya nodded a yes.. her eyes were searching for rajat hoping to get one last chance to talk to him.. finally she spotted him standing across da bar talking to some guest.. slowly she made her way in his direction.. tapped on his back reaching.. rajat turned towards to look at the most beautiful sight in da world.. so he thought.. he did admire her beauty in n out but today this sight was breath taking..

RJ: hey pooja kab ayi??

P: bas abhi.. woh mujhe..

rajat broke in.. 1stly m extremely sorry yaar i could make out tym to talk to u.. main apna phone bhi office bhul aiya hu.. kisi ko kehke usko lekar aau uska bhi waqt nehi mila... u knw last moment preparations n all.. aur tumhe pata hai humari rings bhi abhi tak nehi ayi.. how irresponsible can ppl be.. but u dont worry thode hi der mein ajayega

P: woh mujhe apse baat karni thi

RJ: haan haan right tumhe kuch important  baat karni thi na bolo

P: raja main aur.. ra

areh Mr. Kapur.. a guest called out for him from a distance

RJ: hello Mr.Khanna.. he waved at the person n looked back to priya.. pooja just gv me some tym.. main abhi ata hu.. saying that he rushed to greet da guest

P: lekin rajat...

priya gave up.. she couldn't fight this any more.. she stood by da counter of the bar n asked for a glass of orange juice... sipping it her eyes fell on ayesha standing next to ram smiling.. her younger sister... why didnt she hv da same kind of feelings for her... why couldn't she bear her beside ram?? she looked away from them n took another sip

after sometym rajat went in da middle of the enormous hall n appologised for the delay in da engagement ceremony.. he thnked all his guest n requested them to join da dance for the time being

da music piece played a soft number perfect for the evening.. slowly few couple joined da floor swaying with da rhythme.. ayesha insisted ram to dance with her but his eyes were transfixed at priya
he had no energy to argue with her so he agreed.. priya fumed watching ayesha dancing with her man.. she smacked da glass on da counter just then rajat came to her

RJ: may i have da pleasure to dance with u...
without giving a 2nd thought she gave her hands on his n joined right next to ram n ayesha.. both of them shared a look.. priya's was filled with envy though ram had an apologatic one.. he gulped in n wanted to leave but ayesha insisted to keep on going a lil more..
music changed.. it was one of RaYa's favorite.. ram looked at her from da corner of his eyes... da whole tym they kept looking at each other as if da other two rajat n ayesha didnt even exist.. after a while rajat left priya alone to attend an important client... but priya didn't depart.. she stood there at a distance still watching ayesha dancing with ram... she glared at them a few tyms n slowy marched forward.. she tapped on ayesha's shoulders n said

excuse me... may i dance with my husband?? she asked stenrly

ayesha was shocked hearing her but some how they had actually hit da nail..

A: yeah sure
 she smirked at ayesha n turned towards ram who was dumb founded... she grabbed both his hands n carefully placed it around her waist n encircled her own hands around his n pulled her body closer to him... she swayed along the music n so did ram.. though this was unexpected but this was da most precious tym he was having with his love probably da last.. she placed her head on his shoulders n spoke up after a while

P: ap jante hai ram main apse kitna pyar karti hu

she sounds tipsy he thought but he let her contihue

P: usse zyada main ap  pe vishwas karti hu... panch saal pehle main apko chod ke ayi taki ap agey badh sake.. lekin mera pyar apke liye itna gehra tha ki paanch saal baad apko mere paas kheench laya.. jab mujhe pehli baar pata chala ki apki shadi ayesha se hogayi toh maine soch liya tha ki main ap dono ke bich mein kabhi nehi aungi.. lekin phir apke liye mere pyar ne mujhe dhoka de diya... main nehi sehen kar sakti apke saath kisi aur ko.. ayesha ko bhi nehi... ap sirf mere hai

ram listed to her in awe..

P: maine bohot koshish ki apne dil ko rokne ke liye.. paanch saal dur rahi apse.. lekin ab aur nehi hota ram.. bas aur nehi hota... na main kisi aur ki ho sakti hu, na apko kisi aur ke saath dekh sakti hu..

her voice choked n could hardly be heard.. ram concentrated to hear her mumbles.. she held on to his blazer tightly to balance herself

P: main kya karu ram.. main aapse bohot pyar karti hu.. i can't live without u..
she smiled biting her botom lips

P: mujhe plz maaf karde na.. she pouted lyk a kid with tears brimming in her doe eyes...
P: I am sorry raaammm... I really love you...

those were da last 2 sentences that came out in a hush.. her clutch on his coat loosened and she fell with a thud on the marble floor...!

R: priiiyyyaaa...!!!!!!!

he knelt down n grabbed a motionless priya securely in between his broad arms

raaajjjaaattt... he yelled at the top of his lungs... get da damn car...!!


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Pinkjali Senior Member

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Posted: 29 September 2012 at 2:08pm | IP Logged
Anu di, u dare not to waste ur writing talent... The way u write is just so real, i can connect to ur ff easily. What is exactly happen to priya...?? My fav part was 1) when u were describing priyas beauty and 2) the ram priya scene during the dance. Priya biss to khayi ni naa...? Dnt take that seriasly it was a wild guess.
Waiting for next untill then love u a lotsss.

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jaysree18 Newbie

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yipeee..  me first... thanx 4 ur spl service janu... Anu anu first of all thank u sooo much 4 continuing ur ff... abh to tujhe meh v bolungi junior ekta... kitna suspense rakhti hai tu... i cn imagine each and every scene anu... i love priya's character u portrayed here... bt anu usko hua kya??? plz priya ko kuch mat hone dena... as always loved it... kitna intezaaar karwayi tu... aur kya bolu sachme u r a fabulous  wrriter... plzzz continue soon... love u mmuuaahh...

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Siacutie IF-Dazzler

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will commenat aftr reading acha hua continue kya abi to kam torture kya he sab n nai krti to zyada krteLOL

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viny_queen IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 September 2012 at 2:29pm | IP Logged
4 PMing me ...and restart writing
lots of 4 u dear
but what is happen to priyashe eat zaher or something like this
u really done
but plz try soon update hummm
4 u

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