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FF ~ Those Lost 5 Years ~ part.17_ pg.108_ 08.Oct (Page 67)

Sakshi_Deewani IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 September 2012 at 8:29am | IP Logged

this one is specially for Viny and my dear friend Ankita... happy Sunday guies


Rajat inhaled hard n closed his eyes shut trying to calm down his racing heart... after a pause which seemed lyk years he took out his phone from his pocked n dialed a number

RJ: ram, i am getting engaged next week..



ram was dumb founded, his jaws dropped down in shock.. kya?? next week?? itni jaldi?? i mean sab final hogaya kya?

ram choked at the end of each sentence... and this was da exact reaction rajat aimed for n he had hit the nail right.

RJ: areh ram tu kaisi baat kar raha hai... final nehi huyi hoti toh main tujhe bata ta kya...
R:  haan lekin woh...
RJ: uufffoo tu teri haan na ko side mein rakh aur jaldi se Dubai ane ki preparations karle
R:  main nehi aa sakta rajat, he said harshly.. see buddy m really happy for u but my business my family needs me here
RJ: oh..! tere mere bich mein ab business bhi ane lagi hai?? yeh accha hai.. main kuch nehi sunna chahta.. u hv to be here within next 2 days.. areh yaar tere bina main itne saare preparations kaise karunga?? after all tu toh experienced hai na
R:  rajat yaar plz.. agar possible hota toh main na thodi na karta
RJ: accha thik hai, jab tak tu apne so called kaam se free nehi hojata i will keep it waiting but meri engagement tere bagair nehi ho sakta.. samjha na??
R:  uufff yaar tu bhi ajeeb dheet hai.. nehi manega na??
RJ: bilkul nehi..!
R:  fine i will try.. wada nehi kar raha hu i will see wht i can do, ok??
RJ: yes boss

rajat hung up smiling... aana toh tujhe padega hi ram.. he turned around to find Cady's burning eyes glaring at him

C:  yeh kya kar rahe ho ap sir?? kyun teen teen zindegiya barbaad karne paar tule ho??
he let out a caustic laughter.. haan barbaad.. lekin teen nehi.. shayad sirf ek.. he handed RaYa's photo to cady which she had given to him earlier n left patting lightly on her shoulder

it was another lazy Sunday morning.. da sun shone bright at the horizon
P:  peehu... ruko betaa... aise kyun dauda rahi ho mamma ko..??
Pe: nehi mamma plz.. mujhe woh gandi si drink nehi peeni... meri tabiat kab ki thik hogayi hain lekin phir bhi ap haar roz mujhe ye kyun pilati ho??

priya stopped leaning on to da wall of the hall entrance steadying her pounding heat beat, gasping for air... while peehu kept running around..

P: baby yeh acchi hai apke health ke liye so that ap phir kabhi bimar na pade

peehu to took a halt at a distance from her mother making sure she doesn't get hold of her...

Pe: i promise mamma main phir kabhi zyada ice cream nehi khaungi.. ap ki haar baat manungi, but plz mamma yeh mujhe nehi peena.. she folded her hands requesting her mother.. priya's heart melted lyk butter seeing her little doll at her cutest expression

P: aaww mera baccha... accha chal aj tujhe yeh nehi pilati..

peehu ran instantly towards priya n wrapped her tiny hands around priya's waist.. priya picked her up n sat on the sofa placing her 4 year old carefully in her lap..

P: very smart haan peehu.. ab tak itna bhagaya mujhe aur ab godi mein agayi??
Pe: i love you na mamma.. she kissed her mother's cheeks lovingly
P: haaiiyee mera baccha... apne maa ko patane ke saare tarike pata hai na tujhe.. she tickled peehu n she giggled in reaction
Pe: mumma.. ek baat poochu?
P:  haan beta
Pe: golu uncle phir kab ayenge??

priya's smile disappeared.. she heaved.. wht was she gonna answer her little one?? how long was she going to hide it from her?? why did she hv to get so attached to ram?? how was she gonna explain her... y couldn't they be with ram?? Y was fate playing this cruet game with them??

Pe: mammaaa... batao na... peehu's childlike voice broke in her chain of thoughts..
P:  ajayenge baby.. she closed her arms around peehu n placed a kiss over her hair

after a while priya's phone rang.. peehu baby main phone le lu??.. peehu nodded

P:  hello
RJ: hi pooja, kaisi ho??
P:  hey hi, haan main thik hu.. ap kaise hain?? kaise phone kiya?
RJ: woh mujhe tumse kuch baat karni thi.. tum ghar pe hi hona??
P:  haan main ghar pe hi hu ap ajaiye
RJ: ummm woh main niche hu
she was surprised, after a short pause replied back.. accha, toh ajaiye upar

da door bell rang da next minute.. priya unlocked da door and let him in

P:  kya hua rajat sab thik hai na??
RJ: haan sab thik hai

peehu came running to him... rajat uncle
rajat knelt down to hug da bundle of joy... he was dreaming to store all these happiness n joy for the rest of his life.. but now that seemed so distant rather impossible... he sighed

Pe: ap mere liye chocolate laye??
RJ: nehi beta main... main aj bhul gaya.. rajat's heart sank he looked away from peehu
Pe: areh ap sad maat hoiye next lana double ok?? saying that she pecked on his cheeks.. rajat felt lyk crying his heart out to the little angle but he held himself back n just pecked her back
Pe: ok bye... mujhe home work karni hai.. she ran inside her room

priya offered him to sit... haan boliye itni kya urgent baat hai jo ap achanak chale aye??
RJ: woh pooja daijan ne sagai ki date fix ki thi toh mujhe tumse confirm karna tha

priya felt a sudden rush of fear down her veins.. is this what i wanted..?? how could i be called someone else's wife..?? she closed her eyes shut n tried to shrug of the obvious feelings 

P: haan woh... kab hai??
RJ: coming thursday..
P: thursday?? itni jaldi?? i mean thoda aur tym nehi lena chahiye tha??
RJ: see pooja its no fancy affair.. just ek normal si party hogi n very few close invitees
P: woh toh sab thik hai lekin...
RJ: humari shadi kuch normal situation m toh ho nehi rahi... aur nahi hum youngsters hai toh i think yehi sahi rahegi.. n agar tumhe waqt chahiye toh its fine
P: uummm nehi.. its, its fine with me

Rajat looked carefully in her big kohl eyes intensely.. he was no where there, her eyes did a lot of talking n suddenly today all he could see was about ram. How did I never notice the pain these melting eyes carried..?? he thought.. inhaling a mouthful of oxygen he continued

RJ: thik  hai phir kal ya parso daijan ke saath tum shopping chali jana
P: haan thik hain
RJ: i'll take ur leave now.. peehu ko bye bol dena.. saying that he turned to leave
P: areh woh toh dusre kamre mein hi hai.. ap hi bolke jaiye na

he looked at her from da corner of his eyes... nehi jitna uske samne jaunga meri mushkile aur badh jayengi

P: kya matlab??
RJ: bye pooja

there was definitely something strange about rajat today priya thought to her... but wht..?? she couldn't figure out

two days had passed just in a zippy.. rajat had made himself more steady n determined and ram had finally landed to Dubai... an uncanny storm was going through his heart n soul.. he had no idea how to handle this situation.. how would he see his love tying knot to someone else... ram reached rajat's house n tried to act as normally as possible.. rajat greeted him open heartedly n they shared a friendly hug

RJ: areh yaar i missed u so much.. chal andar chale... coffee piyega tu??

they sat in da study together.. rajat was going on and on about priya but ram was no where listening to him.. ramm tu sun raha hai meri baat?? kaha kho gaya yaar??

R: yaar main bohot thak gaya hu.. mujhe rest karne ko bolne k bajai tu yaha bethke apni prem kahani suna raha hai.. he tired to speak naturally.. he knew he was da only frnd to rajat n there was no way he could hurt his feelings.. after all rajat doesn't know anything about his life with priya

RJ: ohho main bhi na.. ek dum buddhu hu... tu ja ke aram kar hum yeh sab baadmein continue karenge..
agey apke liye bohot kuch intezaar kar raha hai ram sahab.. rajat told to himself

ram took da whole day off... staying inside one room, neither he talked to rajat nor met anyone else in da house

by evening priya was back from shopping with daija.. peehu was left at rajat's house with cady so she dropped by to pick her up
P: daija main na yeh saara saman yehi rakh ke jati hu... bohot der hogayi na.. ap yeh badmein kisi ke haton mere ghar bhijwa dijiyega..
DJ: haan beta tum yeh upar rajat ke baju wale room mein rakh do
P: thik hai

priya walked up da stairs.. entered da room n looked for a suitable place to keep da bags.. ram who was standing by da window in his own world did not realize her presence in the room... so didn't priya.. both their backs were facing each other.. finally finding a place priya dropped da bags n turned around to ram's direction.. just then there was a power cut which brought back ram to reality

P: areh yeh lights ko kya hogaya?? she tracked herself carefully towards da door stil unaware of ram's presence

soon she got hold of the door knob n tried to turn it open when only she found it locked..  she doing a few more twisting n turning she clanged the door hysterically hoping that someone would hear n come to her recue... she looked here n there to find only pitch darkness... being a claustrophobic started suffocating... grains of sweat formed on her forehead n above her lips.. she rubbed her bare hands on the top of her lips in order to calm down

hearing all da noise ram merged towards her.. he knew her instantly by her perfume... slowly he closed da distance between them... priya banged da door once again accompanied by her shrill voice this tym... koi hai...?? daija... cady... yeh darwaza kaise lock hogayi...?? she was gasping for air now.. her heart was pounding at its highest speed.. just when she decided to scream at top of her lungs a pair of hands got hold of her shoulders n pulled her in a warm embrace

the touch was so familiar... that masculine fragrance.. da warm embrace it could hv been only one.. ram.. her ram

he patted on her back in order to calm her down.. its ok priya main hu na.. she felt so secured in his arms, nothing in da world mattered when she was with him, she clenched tightly on to his back n relaxed her nerves.. after a while they broke da hug... she looked up to meet his intense gaze.. they kept looking into each other's eyes without a blink.. their eyes seemed to talking their hearts out

priya turned to look away from him n turned her back towards him... he held her hand and slid his other hand on her waist to pulled her closer, neither her heart nor mind had any will to struggle back, she placed her hands on top of his entwining her fingers into his engulfing them.. ram tightened his grip on her waist very smoothly n pressed his lips on the back of her neck.. a chill ran down her spines n she arched her back.. he slowly moved his lips to her ears leaving warm breath on the corners of her neck.. she tilted her head to his opposite direction giving him better axis.. coming near her ears he whispered in a husky tone.. "main nehi jee sakta tumhare bagair priya, please mere paas wapas ajao.." that was da cue for her.. she spun around n threw her arms around him tip toeing to reach his height, threading her fingers through his hair she sobbed n spoke between them

P: main bhi nehi reh sakti ram.. main bhi ap ke bina nehi reh sakti.. I love you ram, I really love you..!  



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parulkhare13 Senior Member

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Posted: 09 September 2012 at 8:32am | IP Logged
loved the scene where priya crying like a baby and ram calming her that was just awww moment loved that so much kash sach hota hayyy and cady my super girl she told about RAYA everything and poor rajat baychara he was so shocked ki dusri baar bhi he loved the wrong person really feeling bad for him and fhir last part kya anu tu hemaysha aisay hi la kay last mei rokti hai that's not fare haan but kya karay twist pay la kay wait toh karao gi akhir EKTA MAI KA BHOOT JO TUMAY GHUSS GAYA HAI aur PRE - CAP yay kya hai rajat calling ram that he is getting engaged next week that was really shocking haan  

PART -11- ufff this one is awesome,fantastic, adorable, mind blowing,breathtaking,full of love and again u made me  
totally yaar kya likha thank u jaan this update is rocking i loved it sooo muchhh 
loved the beginning of day with priya running behind pihu that was adorable and the conversation of priya and pihu that was just awesome u write the dialogue of priya exactly the way she speak in serial " hayyyay mera baccha " i was so easily able to imagine with each and every expression thank u to ur writing skill damm good and now best part ever i loved the room scene of raya that was heart throbbing mind blowing full of love yaar 
while reading this part i was so happy that u can imagine well that meray expression kya hongein 
u expressed so well yaar and last was just outstanding both loving birds bringing out their emotions and hugging each other crying out their emptiness of 5 year in each other arms that was justtt ufff now i can't express.
and at-last u know what anu
i love you yaarthank so much jaan for being in my life love you ...

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_CandyCream_ IF-Dazzler

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OMG!!! Freakin awesome update!!! Star
Jus made my day! Big smile Loved every bit of it!
Priya confessed!! Yay! Finally! Tongue
Soo beautifully written.. Embarrassed Fabulous update!
Plz plz plz continue soon! Cant wait for the next part!! Wink

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Mani-RK IF-Sizzlerz

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from the first part i was feeling bad for these 3.
but the dark room scene made me happy actually very happyBig smile
dat was so romantic anu loved it Big smile

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lipshaa IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 September 2012 at 9:00am | IP Logged

This is awesome anu!!!

Love every situation!!! Hope CV Can move story like this... Smile

Continue soon... Want to know Power Cut me aur kya hota hai...LOL

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viny_queen IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 September 2012 at 9:09am | IP Logged
yaar thank 4 update 4 me
so rj and phiu i really sad 4 rj
raya scene as per my choice close and romantic
u do on me

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balhfan4ever Senior Member

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Posted: 09 September 2012 at 9:42am | IP Logged
Aww...Ram and Priya are both in a dilemma ...I am just happy that they are finally speaking out their heart to each other. But knowing Priya...she is going to start with her sacrifice deal again as soon as she is back to her sensesCry

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kaparikh1 Goldie

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Finally both of them confessed that they cant stay without each other... Fab update... Thanks for the update...

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