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FF ~ Those Lost 5 Years ~ part.17_ pg.108_ 08.Oct (Page 58)

Sakshi_Deewani IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 September 2012 at 9:35am | IP Logged
Originally posted by parulkhare13

WHAT THE --- kya yaar tu na JHATKA TWIST QUEEN ban kay humein jhatka deyay ja rahi hai and ram and priya conversation that was soo heart touching  u expressed it so well yaar that again i am feeling speech less  ufff 
 AUR LAST MEIN EK DUM twist pay la kay kah diya TO BE CONTINUED ARGHHH  kya anuu tu bhi na kahan la kay roka Cady entering like a hero and saying woh MRS. PRIYA RAM KAPOOR hai i was like  maza agaya lakin felling bad for poor rajat  plss uskay layiyay bhi koi lay aao yaar  i am dying to read  next part plsss update kar na jaldi plsss its really hard for me  now i will be thinking all time ki agay kya hoga plss jaan jaldi update karna haan lakin without taking stress love u babes my WRITING QUEEN 
love u my awestruck  writer 

i am... love u meri jaan.. u make me feel so special 

Sakshi_Deewani IF-Rockerz

Joined: 01 January 2010
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Posted: 06 September 2012 at 9:39am | IP Logged
Originally posted by dayabhi

Nice way to end Anu...ClapClapClap
l'm impressed girlStar...every part u still manage to have the suspense...Big smile
isiliye toh main keheti hoon tu born writer hain...Big smile
Love u yaar for this n continue fast ...this whole weekend i waited for this ...agli baar jaldhi karna madam

thnk u so much yaar.. will try to update soon
aditi Senior Member

Joined: 30 December 2011
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Posted: 06 September 2012 at 10:35am | IP Logged
great one anu...
loved it...
dialogues are all awesome...
thanks for PMHug
update soon k...

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Sakshi_Deewani IF-Rockerz

Joined: 01 January 2010
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Posted: 08 September 2012 at 11:21am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Siacutie

cady ne to kamal kr diya nai kamal nai dhamaka kr diy bechare rajat ki to dil k arman ansuonCry m beh gaye 
u r an awesum writer
now cant wait 4 next Big smile

Originally posted by ahana1994

Thank god rajat get to knw the truth Dancing
superb update dear Clap and thanx for the pm Hug

awwiiieee thnk u so much for the over whelming response guies.. means a lot to me next one coming up really soon

Sakshi_Deewani IF-Rockerz

Joined: 01 January 2010
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Posted: 08 September 2012 at 11:24am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sss283

love it!!!
thnk you so much dear... biiiggg hug to you

Originally posted by cutiesakshi

its amazing anu...waiting for nxt part
thnk u yaar.. next will be up soon

Originally posted by aditi

great one anu...
loved it...
dialogues are all awesome...
thanks for PMHug
update soon k...
my pleasure yaar... will update soonest... thnx a lot for the lovely review

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Sakshi_Deewani IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 September 2012 at 11:36am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ranii.sharma

Anamika! What an FF!! Just read all your updates in one go its sssoo good!
aawwwiiieee Rani.. so happy to see your post.. that too such a detailed one

Add me to your pm list if you send pms when you update! Don't wanna miss anymore Tongue
hv added u in my buddy list.. do accept it n will defo PM u

Ill start with part 6:

So Loved the beginning Ram and priya sleeping in each others arms finally so peacefully to the point where they didnt even hear their daughter crying Tongue and the confontation!!!!!!!! OMG as hard as priya clenched the balcony railing I was biting my fist just as hard LOL wwwhhyyy!!!!! But the scene was well put out Embarrassed Thank god I missed a bunch of updates this means I dont have to wait TongueDancing
thnk you yaar..
m glad i would make u bite your fist

Part 7: It was sad to see Ram leave and when ram convinced Cady that its better for everyone if ram priya werent together was sad all I was thinking was wwhyyy are you doing this! LOL but then again it creates the suspense So I like it ... kinda Tongue But then 15 days later!! Ram and Priya once again apart I keep that part in mind that cady will bring them together so Im hoping both cady and rajat will make amends and the ending ek thappad! vahh LOL feel bad though poor rajat has no idea about anything Cry but hehe.. I had a bit of excitement when that happend.. Tongue 
hahaha.. yeah i got a lil inspired by Ekta maiya.. so try to put in a lil twistLOL m glad u liked it

Part 8: LOL!! It was a dream hahahaha my bad Tongue But I like the bonding with rajat and peehu and priya but oonly as friends Tongue and when priya said she will marry him AND THEN said it again with a smie! Broke my heart Cry I hope Ram becomes him stubborn self again and returns to dubai and stops this nonsense :P
come on yaar priya kisi ko thodi na thappad maar sakti hai.. its not in her genre, ram aiye ya priya.. stay tuned

Part 9: So good! You keep the suspense up when priya was about to tell Rajat who peehus father was he didn't let her and I thought great we're gunna have to wait longer but then cady came and told him everything sso yyaayyy!! Hoping for a speedy reunion ASAP! Waiting for the next update!! Big smile
well i try to keep it.. varna story ka maaza nehi rahega naEmbarrassed

thnk u so much my dear.. m overwhelmed to read your post.. it was really a boost up.. can't thnk you enough
hoping to see more from you.. keep reading

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Sakshi_Deewani IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 September 2012 at 1:32pm | IP Logged
thnk u so much once again to everyone for such an outstanding response.. here's the next.. m not keeping very well n studies load also so da delay... enjoy

C: aap pooja se shaadi kar rahi ho??

RJ: haan toh??

C: do u even know woh kaun hain??

RJ: haan i knw... still concentrating in his file... she is priya sharma and would be Mrs. Priya Rajat Kapur

C: yeh your r right she is Priya but neither Priya Sharma nor would be Mrs. Priya Rajat Kapur... she is Mrs. Priya Ram Kapoor..!!

da file slipped through his hands n landed on da floor... his widened eyes gunned at her in utter astonishment...!!


Ram sat alone in his study holding a picture of priya close to his heart. he had skipped office that day. his injury was bad, he had hurt his left hand n being a lefty it was difficult for his to work... no one even came to ask him his well being but it didn't matter for ram, da only person who mattered for him was not there to care for
he brought da photo in front of his eyes n turned left to take a look at his hurt hand.. images began to flash as how different situations would be if priya was here

P: ram, ap abhi tak study mein kya kar rahe hai?? aur aj ap office kyun nehi gaye
R: areh woh kuch nehi priya aj thodisi thakan mehsoos ho rahi thi na isiliye
P: The Ram Kapoor ko thakaan?? hhmmm that has never happened.. priya merged towards ram smiling doubtfully..

ram pretended to concentrate in some file hiding his left hand from her, priya came n sat on the arm of the gigantic leather chair... she placed a lazy hand on ram's shoulder caressing da back side of his head

P: bohot kaam hai kya??
R: haan priya.. still looking at da file n hoping that she would leave soon

priya kept threading her fingers through his thick black hair when suddenly her eyes fell on his right hand
P: ram...
R: haan.. oh god kahi priya samajh toh nehi gayi.. he thought to himself
P: ap kab se right hand se kaam karne lage??
R: huh?? wht?? areh woh kuch nehi... he started stammering..
priya stood up.. ram ap kya chupa rahe ap?? u knw u can't lie to me.. jaldi bataiye
R: areh priya kuch nehi, right ya left kya pharak padta hai... he stood up to calm her down but she was in knw mood to listen
P: accha toh dikhaiye apna baiya haath

ram gulped hard n brought his left hand from behind him with a sullen look

P: yeh kya hai?? ye patti kis liye?? priya took his hand in hers to hv a closer look
R: oouuuh... lagta hai yaar
P: par huya kya?? priya inquired unwrapping da bandage
R: areh kuch nehi, thodisi chot lagayi

removing da piece of cloth she was shocked to see the deep cut.. yeh chotisi chot hai?? aurn kisne kaha apko aise patti bandhe ne ko.. infection ho jata toh?? ap yehi rukiye main 1st aid box leke aati hu

in no tym she was back n made ram sit on da couch, she herself taking a sit on her knees beside him, she carefully dressed his wound.. trying to hurt him as less as possible.. ram kept gazing at his beautiful wife.. she was not just beautiful outside but her inner soul was even more admirable.. finishing with da dressing she looked up at ram.. tears brimming in her big expressive eyes

R: areh kya hua?? tum ro kyun rahi ho

she didn't utter a single word just held his hurt palm n placed a feathery kiss on it

P: apki thodisi bhi taklif mujhse bardasht nehi hota ram.. aur ap hai ki mujhse baatein chupane laggaye hai
R: areh yaar yeh minorsi chot thi.. main thik hu priya

she kept staring at him, a drop of tear forced itself out of her eyes n rolled down her cheeks

R: hey hey... ram said cupping her face... meri gudiya rotein huye bilkul acchi nehi lagti..
he made her sit beside him.. dekho i'm sorry priya, i knw mujhe tumse koi bhi baat chupani nehi chahiye.. chahe woh choti ho ya badi, mujhe laga tum bekar mein pareshan ho jaogi isiliye... accha m sorry baba.. yeh dekho kaan pakadta hu, hearing that she started crying louder

R: areh.. ab kya huya?? sorry bol raha hu na, dobara aisa kabhi nehi karunga

she threw her arms around ram n started sobbing, apko bohot dard huya hoga na??
ram smiled to himself engulfing his childlike wife in his warm engulf.. haan woh toh huya tha but u knw wht.. ab mujhe zyada taklif ho rahi hai
priya dragged her face from his chest... kyun??
R: kyun ki i can't see my gudiya crying..
a lil smile curved in through her tears
R: plz priya tum maat roya karo.. u knw i can't handle it

he cupped her face once more n pressed a soft kiss on her forehead.. one by one he kissed away her tears... he brought his lips near hers.. they could feel each other warm breath... priya's heart raced by his action.. she wonder some tyms how did ram have da same effect on her even after so many years of marriage.. there lips were inches apart..

there was a loud thud on da door... ram found himself sitting at his desk holding priya's photograph in his hand.. he looked here and there in search for priya.. yes it was yet another enchanting dream which might never come true he thought... "yeah come in"

rajat shook cady by her shoulders... yeh tum kya keh rahi ho?? priya ram kapoor?? u mean ram's wife?? areh par woh toh maar chuki hai na?? pooja woh priya kaise ho sakti hai??

C: nehi sir pooja hi priya hai.. mrs.ram kapoor.. she handed him da picture of RaYa that she had with her...

rajat was mum... he did not know wht to do... after a long pause he said, per ram n ayesha?? aur woh toh pooja se mil chuka hai na? toh woh usse liye bina wapas kaise chala gaya?? n how come pooja left ram n living her alone?? aur peehu?? woh ram ki beti hai na??

C: wooow... wait... apke saare sawalo ka jawab hai mera paas, ap aiye mere saath..
she took rajat to her room n turned on her laptop..

C: hey rahul, thnk god your here
Rah: areh its ok yaar anything for ram uncle n priya aunty.. waise woh hai kaha?? i can't believe she's alive..
C: woh abhi yaha nehi hai, main unhe tumse zarur milwaungi but plz rahul abhi ke liye plz tell rajat uncle everything u knw

rahul narrated every bit of ram n priya's life he knew which left rajat bewildered.. here he had fallen in love after a decade n with whom..?? with da wife of his best frnd.. rajat left without saying a single word

C: ok thnx a lot rahul main tumse baad mein baat karti hu
Rah: any tym yaar

cady followed rajat almost running

RJ: cady plz thodi der ke liye mujhe akela chod do.. understanding his state of mind she let him by himself for sometym

rajat stood in da open terrace looking at da stars above.. he laughed at his destiny... it was playing with him once again and he had no control over it... he walked around n started thinking about priya.. y did she lie to me.. kyun nehi bataya mujhe ki woh ram ki.. he kept on thinking every detail about his n priya's life... unknowingly his mind traced back to their dinner last night.. oh yes she did wanted to tell me he thought, damn u rajat.. woh tujhe kuch batana chahti thi... shayad ram ke bare mein, she wanted to be honest with u par tuney hi nehi suna..

yes da pieces of da puzzle falling in place, ram always talked about priya even being married to ayesha.. it does seem lyk a compromise marriage.. ram toh aj bhi priya se pyar karta hai, n priya... she did wanna tell me.. maine hi dhyan nehi diya...

a thousand questions arised in him... ram and priya are made for each other.. lekin mera?? mera kya?? tere feelings ka kya rajat?? leking ram?? he's my best buddy, how can i snatch away his love?? aur
pooja... uska kya?? she brought back life in me.. ussne mujhe nayi zindegi di hai... woh agar chali jayegi toh main kaise jee paunga?? soch rajat soch... r u ready to loose your love for the 2nd tym??

he inhaled hard n closed his eyes shut trying to calm down his racing heart... after a pause which seemed lyk years he took out his phone from his pocked n dialed a number

RJ: ram, i am getting engaged next week..


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Sakshi_Deewani IF-Rockerz

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sorry double postEmbarrassed

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