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FF ~ Those Lost 5 Years ~ part.17_ pg.108_ 08.Oct (Page 107)

leena04 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 October 2012 at 11:02pm | IP Logged
part 15
awesome update...full of dhamaka epi wat an epi yaar too gud... u made Priya to talk to Rajat... but candy's plan to bring out RaYa's feeling for each other together... why Ram is making Peehu belived someone else is her dad ... hate it... n then Party scean hehehe Ram memarized seeing his both princees front of him... loved how Priya got jelouse n hold Ram in her arms... but wat a end wat u have did... OMG wat happen to Priya hope she is fine nothing happen to her... awesome update moving next to read...

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leena04 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 05 November 2009
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Posted: 06 October 2012 at 11:17pm | IP Logged
part 16
omg now u become mistary lady too Priya can't take overdose of sleeping pills she it all happen just after that drink so surly something fishy there... who is the culprite hope u disclose soon... awww loved Rajat here he always there as strong piller of support for RaYa a true friend... and a deacent lover really very nice... last part was breath taking... it was so emotinal RaYa moment heart were talking heart n it was amezing feeling finaly Priya back in consiouse... awesome update i just loved it ... waiting for next upadate...

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sss283 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 October 2012 at 11:46pm | IP Logged
Anu update karo na

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sss283 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 October 2012 at 11:47pm | IP Logged


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Mani-RK IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 October 2012 at 6:19am | IP Logged
idiot u updated i didnt read cant u PM me Angry
well nice update very emotional hope everything gets normal 
next update shud be happy walaBig smile

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Siacutie IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 October 2012 at 9:21am | IP Logged

viny_queen IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 October 2012 at 12:57pm | IP Logged

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Sakshi_Deewani IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 October 2012 at 10:11am | IP Logged

thnk u so much guies for all the support and immense patience.. sorry that i couldn't reply all.. here's da next part.. hope u enjoy.. comments n criticisms r most welcomed


finally ram felt her movement.. he pulled up his face to look at her closely.. he watched her grip getting firm between his fingers.. there was movement in the other hand as well.. her eye lids were moving though they were shut

ram touched her cheeks lightly with his other hand.. priya.. he said softly

she parted her lips in order to say something.. her eyes were still shut.. after which felt lyk ages to ram finally his priya spoke up da 1st word



priya slowly opened her eyes to find her most desired sight in front of her... a slight smile crept on her exhausted face.. ram held her hand tightly.. they needed no words.. their hearts were talking to each other.. his heart told conveyed that he will let nothing happen to her.. da msg reached her heart without any hurdles.. her smile became wider in response to his unsaid feelings
he wanted to call rajat, cady n da doctor too but priya held his hand firmly n signed him not to leave.. he sat on da stool

R: priya.. priya tum thik toh ho na?? tumhe kuch chahiye?? pani pina hai??

priya smiled once again at her husband's nonstop questions.. she replied in a very low voice..

P: main thik hu ram.. ap jo hain mere saath..

she paused to suck in oxygen..

R: ssshhh.. tum abhi zyada baat maat karo.. aur mujhe doc ko bulane do.. tumhe check karna hai na.. main yehi hu.. bas darwaze se rajat ko bolta hu doc ko bulane ko.. ok??..

he patted on her hand.. she nodded a yes.. leaving her hand ram went towards da cabin entrance

R: rajat.. priya ko hosh agaya hain.. he said smiling ear to ear... tu doc ko plz bol ek bar check karke jaye

RJ: really?? both he n cady looked up towards heaven.. thnk god.. haan main abhi bulata hu.. tu.. tu priya ke paas hi ruk main doc ko leke ata hu.. he assured ram

ram returned priya sitting in his previous position.. her eyes were shut again.. ram called out for her in a very soft tone.. "priiiyaa.." she opened her eyes hearing him

R: bohot takleef horahi hai.. she nodded smiling

he sat caressing her hair.. kuch nehi hoga priya.. ab bas tum jaldise thik hojaogi.. phir main tum aur humari nanhi si pari wapas jayegne.. apne ghar.. i am sorry priya.. maine tumhe bohot pareshan kiya hai na.. ab aur nehi karunga.. i promise..

he held her hand n kissed it.. priya lifted her other hand n tugged it through ram's thick hair.. she was unable to speak properly but her actions said it all

after sometym da doc came in to check on her.. he was surprised by such a quick recovery..

Doc: this is a miracle Mr. Kapoor.. the condition her body was in we had never thought she would recover so fast.. there's still a little bit of weakness.. i would suggest to keep her here for another day.. u can take her home tomorrow evening, i must say your wife is very lucky Mr. Kapoor

R: nehi doc.. lucky toh main hu.. he looked at priya n flashed his cutest smile at her


da testing period was over for priya.. she was well enough to go back home.. ram helped her to change  in her regular clothes while Rajat sorted our da discharge papers n all other hospital formalities.. ram came out with priya from da cabin when rajat's eyes fell on them.. he felt a wave of satisfaction inside him.. daija was right he thought.. it was his victory.. victory of his love.. his love for his frnd n his love for da angel who drastically changed his lyf into a living heaven.. all 3 of them left for home.

peehu came runnig to priya as soon as she entered da house

Pe: mammaaa... kaha thi ap?? apko pata hai maine apko kitna miss kiya..

priya lifted her bundle of joy n embraced her in a tight hug.. n kissed her numerous tyms..

P: m sorry beta.. mamma thodi bimar thi na

Pe: haan daija ne bataya mujhe.. doctor ne apko thik kardiya na??

a tear escaped priya's hearing her little ones sensible talking..

Pe: mamma.. ap kyun ro rahi ho.. plz maat roiye na..

peehu said in her most adorable self wiping off priya' tears.. she smiled through her tears n went inside da sitting area... soon daija n cady joined RaYaPe n Rajat

after a while ayesha came running... she stopped n rooted in her position seeing priya.. "di"

priya got up n closed da distance between them pressing in her most loveable motherly smile.. as soon as she came closer ayesha threw her arms around priya n wiped lyk a child who has seemed to hv found her lost mother..

A: kaha chali gayi thi ap di?? hum sabko chodke kaha chali gayi thi..?? apko pata hai main kitni akeli padhgayi thi.. i am sorry di.. mere wajah se apko yeh sab...

before she could complete priya shushed her.. she stroked ayesha's hair n spoke..

P: nehi ayesha.. aisa nehi kehte.. teri wajah se kuch nehi huya.. sab meri galti hai.. maine apni galti ki saaza bhugti hai.. sorry toh mujhe bolna chahiye.. maine tere saath bohot bura bartaav kiya hai.. ho sake toh apne di ko maaf kar de na

ayesha pulled over n nodded a no.. she held both priya's hands n kissed them..

A: aap wapas agayi hai na.. bas mereliye wohi kafi hai... ab kabhi dobara aisa maat karna..

both of them shared another warm hug

R: behno ka pyar bhari baatein khatam hogayi ho toh main kuch bolu??

both of them laughed hearing him..

R: priya tumhe abhi zyada se zyada aram karna hai.. ghar wapas agayi ho doesn't mean u r absolutely fine.. doc ne kaha hai ki tum abhi bhi bohot weak

everyone else agreed to ram n he took priya to her room


ram made her lie down comfortably n excused himself for a while.. a little while later there was a knock on da door

P: come in

there was rajat with a glass of juice n some fresh fruits on da tray.. he entered saying

RJ: how's Mrs. Kapoor feeling now??

priya smiled at his addressing her mrs. kapoor..

P: much better

RJ: ok so here's your favorite juice n fresh fruits for u

priya took a sip while rajat continued

RJ: yaar kafi chupi rustaam nikli tum.. aise toh mujhe apna dost kehti ho aur mujhse itni badi baat chupayi?? thats not done yaar... dosti ki rule tod di tumne.. ek baar toh bataya hota mujhe priya

Priya sighed.. main janti hu rajat.. main tumhari bhi gunhegar hu.. but trust me.. main aise do rahe pe khadi thi jaha se mujhe khud samajhmeib nehi araha tha kya sahi hai aur kya galat.. aur jab batana chaha tab waqt ne mera saath nehi diya.. m sorry rajat.. i knw its not enough.. but ho sake toh mujhe maaf kar do

RJ: tum yeh sab mujhe nehi bhi bolti na toh bhi main tumhe maaf nehi karta.. janti ho kyun.. dosto se maafi nehi maangi padhti.. yeh rishta itna pavitra hota hai ki dil se dil ki baat pohoch jati hai.. aj tum bhalehi priya ho lekin tum mere liye humesha pooja hi rahogi.. woh pooja jisne mere zindegi ki taraf nazariya hi badal di.. aur mujhe yeh kehne mein koi sharam nehi hai ki main aj bhi tumse utna hi pyar karta hu.. aur zindegi mein jab kabhi tumhe ek dost ki zarurat mehsoos hogi tum humesha mujhe apne saath khada paogi..

P: thnk u so much Rajat... tumne bina maange mujhe itna support kiya hai jiska karz main zindegi bhar nehi utar paungi

RJ: uuufff yaar nehi.. itni bhari bharkam baatein mujhse nehi handle hota.. inhe tumna apne paas hi rakkho..

both of them laughed to that n ram who had been standing behind da door listening to their hearty convo wiped off da little drop of tear that pricked at the corner of his eyes

R: kya batein ho rahi hai dono main haan?? meri chugli kar rahe ho kya??

RJ: haan haan as if humein aur koi kaam nehi hai.. he retorted sarcastically hitting a high5 with priya.. ok chal ab main tum miya biwi ko akela chod deta hu.. saying that he left n ram sat beside priya

R: how u feeling now??

P: thik hu ram


P: kya hua?? ap upset lag rahe hai??

R: nehi kuch nehi

she cupped his face.. mujhe nehi batayenge??

he looked up to face her... priya tumne khudli thi na woh dawai??

her face fell down.. after a long pause she replied... haan

R: kyun priya?? main janta hu ki yeh sab tumne meri wajahse kiya hai.. meri zid ki wajahse.. i knw i was wrong.. par uske liye itna bada kadam?? ek baar peehu ke baremeian toh socha hota..

priya fell silent again.. she slowly got up from her sitting postion n went to stand by the window..

P: yeh mera instant decision nehi tha ram.. maine socha.. apne bare mein.. apke bare mein aur humari bacchi k bare mein bhi.. ap wohi galti karne ja rahe the jo panch saal pehle maine ki thi.. jiske wajah se paanch saalon tak peehu apne papa se dur rahi.. kitni baar maine apko koshish ki samjhane ki lekin ap kuch sunhi nehi rahe the.. ap khud peehu ko apne ap se dur karne lag gaye the.. ap gaye the na uske school?? kaha tha na usse ki rajat uske papa banne wale hai?? boliye ram.. kaha tha na??
her voice reached its peak.. ram had no answer to that

P: mere liye yeh asan nehi tha ram.. ap aur peehu meri zindegi hai.. lekin meri wajah se ek bar phir peehu apse dur ho rahi thi.. agar merii maut se peehu apne papa se milpati hai toh yehi mujhe sahi laga.. aur shayad yehi mere pichli galti ki saza hoti

ram stormed towards her n yanked her to face him

R: phir aisa kabhi maat sochna ki tum mujhe akeli chod ke chali jaogi.. kabhi nehi..!! tum sirf meri ho priya.. main kisi kimat pe tumhe nehi khona chahta..

he pulled her between his strong arms n ebraced her into da most passionate hug... priya traced her hands over his back sank her face into his broad chest.. all their frustration.. anger.. pain.. died out in that one hug


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