Bade Acche Laggte Hai


Bade Acche Laggte Hai
Bade Acche Laggte Hai

FF ~ Those Lost 5 Years ~ part.17_ pg.108_ 08.Oct

Sakshi_Deewani IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 August 2012 at 4:37am | IP Logged
hello guies... this is my 1st attempt to write something on my own... 1st of all apologies to everyone, coz m a very bad writer so plz bear it with meEmbarrassed there r some brilliant writers out here n u all r my inspiration truly... just a thought came into my mind so wanted to share with you all... thnk you

INTRO: all the characters n settings are the same as the show, m just gonna pen
            it down my way after yesterdays episode

Rajat took Ram forcefully to Pooja's home...

Ram: uufff yaar mera waha kya kaam??
Rajat: come on yaar... tu janta hai m kitna nervous hu...  tere samne bolne se haklane lagta hu..
toh usse kaise baat karunga main.. tu rahega toh thoda moral support ho jayega
Ram: wah beta yeh accha hai (sarcastically)

Rajat just smiles at Ram n gets into the car... ab baith jaldi...

Ram n Rajat started for Pooja's home.. Rajat tried to look his best n Ram didn't leave a single chance to taang khichofy him... They got flowers n fresh fruits for Pooja. Ram suggested white roses would be good. He remembered how much Priya used to love flowers... she had flowers to go with most of her outfits, unknowingly his lips curved into a smile... when Rajat's voice brought him back to reality

RJ: oye ab tujhe kya hogaya? tu kyun aise muskura raha hai?
R: huh..! kya? areh woh kuch nehi yaar.. aisi hi Priya ki yaad agayi
RJ: Ram.. tu bhul kyun nehi jata hai Priya ko.. i mean agar bethe lamho ko aise kaid karke rakkhega toh kabhi agey nehi badh payega
R: toh kaha agey badha hu yaar... sirf samay beet gaya hai... lekin aj bhi m wohi khada hu jaha pe Priya mujhe chod ke gayi thi
RJ: aarrrgghhh tu aur tera melodrama...
Ram just smiled and his mind drove back to the last night incident.. kisne pheki hogi meri tablets?? was it Peehu?? nehi.. woh kyun phekegi... or may be it was her... gosh that kid... habits bilkul mere jaise n attitude Priya ki... is it possible ki woh...?? huh... he shrugged off his thoughts n just nodded a no to himself...

RJ: chal hum pohoch gaye hai
getting down from da car
RJ: Ram main thik toh lag raha hu na?
R: haan yaar.. tu bhi na... ab chal

mean while Priya was on the phone talking to Cady.. Cady listen aj main shop nehi gayi toh tum Peehu ko lekar seedhe ghar aana ok??
Cady: ok fine Pooja, aj Peehu ki classes thodi der se khatam hogi.. kindergarten ki kuch drawing competition ho rahi hai, so we'll be an hour late.

thats when da door bell rings

Priya turns to look at the door accha sun m rakh rahi hu darwaze pe koi hai
Cady: bye

Priya turned off the phone n went towards da door... as soon as she opened da door she found Rajat standing smiling at her with a huge bouquet of her very favorite flowers in one and a fruit basket in the other hand... the scene left her perplexed only when Rajat's voice broke in

RJ: hi Ms. Sharma I heard u r unwell so thought to drop by
P: haan woh main...
before Priya could continue a very familiar figure came into view right from a lil distance behind Rajat... the view she had been dreading all this while, a voice which would make her heart skip a bit or 2... Ram.. her Ram came right in front of her... his eyes widen in shock, throats as dry as the desert... they kept staring at each other till Rajat spoke

RJ: here u r.. kaha gayab ho jata hai humesha yaar... Ram meet Ms. Pooja Sharma... Peehu's mom n Ms Sharma this is my very dear frnd Ram.. the Ram Kapoor, India's one of the top businessmen

Priya knew, it was all on her now... she couldn't let her past come in the way of her present or more importantly Ram's present... he has moved on n happily living his lyf... giving a feeble smile Priya spoke up

P: haan inhe kaun nehi janta.. hello Mr.Kapoor.. its a pleasure meeting u

saying that Priya forwarded her hand n Ram shook hands with her... as soon as he held her hand he knew it... she is no Pooja... she is Priya... his Priya... n he had to find out wht was cooking behind all this

P: oh thats so silly of me... plz ap log andar aiye na, plz bathiye
RJ: uummm Pooja aahhh m sorry Ms Sharma these r for u...
handing her the flowers n fruits
P: thats really sweet of u sir thnk u n its fyn.. u can call me Pooja
she looked at Ram from da corners of her eyes while saying that... let me get u some coffee... I'll b right back.. saying that she left for the kitchen

Rajat's joy had no bounds but Ram... a violent storm was going inside him... wht the hell was going on... he thought... how on earth was she here?? why didn't she let any one know if she was alive?? why this hide n seek...?? a thousand questions raised inside him whose answer he needed to find out as soon as possible... just then Rajat's phone rang

RJ: hello ! yes Mr. D'souza... he signed Ram that he'll finish with this call n join back.. going towards da balcony..

this was it... this was da tym Ram had been waiting for.. having Rajat busy with his business call this was da perfect tym for Ram to fire his question at Priya... with very  careful steps he went towards da kitchen where she was standing with her back at him lost in her thoughts
Ram very calmly yet strongly called out for her: Priya...
his voice stunned her n she dropped da jar of sugar that she was holding n turned to look at him... no one said anything as their eyes did all the talking... there was an eerie silence between them till Priya's voice broke in n dragged Ram back to reality... ji Mr.Kapoor ap ko kuch chahiye?
Ram didn't know wht to say... uumm yeah woh... can u gv me a glass of water..
P: yeah sure
Priya's heart was throbbing hard... so much that it felt like it would burst out of her chest.. but still she kept calm... she handed him da glass of water with a fake smile plastered on her face... but her eyes were screaming out the obvious truth... n Ram didn't fail to notice that... this tym Ram held her wrist instead da glass of water... Priya looked at him n Ram spoke up: Priya... tum zinda ho?
Priya gulped da lump in her throat, looked away n said: ji yeh ap kya keh rahe hai Mr.Kapoor... kaun Priya?? n plz leave my hand, she said sharply
but Ram was in no mood to let her go.. he took da glass of water from her hand kept it on da counter beside n held it even more firmly...

Ram: accha toh tum Priya nehi ho?? toh kaun ho?? Pooja?? Ms. Pooja Sharma?? oh god damn it Priya... cut out da crap... i know tum Priya ho meri Priya... he said that with teary eyes... kaha thi tum Priya?? kaha thi itne saalon tak... kyun mujhe chod ke agayi..?? tumhe pata bhi hai tumhare bina meri kya halat hogayi hai...?? main tumh...
Priya cuts in between... plz Mr.Kapoor... yeh kya bole ja rahe hai ap.. kaun Priya.. yeh sab kya bakwaas hai?? she pulled her hand out of his grip this tym and looked away... Ram again came in front of her holding onto her shoulders he said... Priya plz... aisa maat kaho... dekho mujhe nehi janna hai ki tum kyun yaha ho kaise ho.. mujhe kyun nehi inform kiya kuch nehi janna hai.. but plz maat bolo ki tum Priya nehi ho... panch saal... panch saal tak main ek zinda lash ki tarah jeeya hu Priya... itni mushkil se kismaat ne mujhe tumse milaya hai plz ab isko maat thukrao...
Priya could not look up at his eyes... his words... da mere sight of him was making her weak... tears welled up in her eyes n she looked down in order to stop them from flowing
she spoke up again but this tym in a weaker tone.. dekhiye Mr.Kapoor... na hi main Priya hu... aur na hi main apko janti hu... main Pooja hu... Pooja Sharma
Ram: accha toh yeh baat tum mere akhon m akhein daal ke kaho Priya..
she turned away once moving out of his grip... I don't wanna gv any justifications Ram...!

that was it... that was just enough for the flood gates to open.. with a strong pull he brought Priya towards him.. held her by the waist n crushed his lips on her.. Priya tried to protest but Ram's hold on her was too strong... her mind was screaming to push him back but her heart...  her heart was throbbing to give in... his lips were rough on her... putting in all the frustration, anger, love, care, desire of those lost 5 years... it was enough... Priya's mind lost the battle... she threaded her fingers through his thick hair n clutched on to his coat tightly in response... she arched her head back to give him better access n he deepened the kiss... his grip on her waist became more firm n lifted her slightly off the ground... they were savoring their moment of love careless of their current situation... after sometym Ram slowly removed his lips from hers still hugging her by the waist... Priya still kept her eyes closed... thinking this as a beautiful dream... slowly she opened her eyes to meet the gaze of his eyes melting with all da love for her... he kept his forehead on hers n whispered under his breath...

main janta hu tum Priya ho meri Priya... yeh sab kyun hua kaise hua main nehi janta aur janna bhi nehi chahta... agar tum yaha mere bagair khush ho toh wohi kafi hai mere liye... tum zinda ho... khush ho.. bas mujhe aur kuch nehi chahiye...

with that he let her go n looked at her for one last tym n pressing a small peck on her forehead... bas itna janlena Priya ki tumhara Ram aj bhi tumse utna hi pyar karta hai... aur maarte dum tak karega

saying that he left without turning for once... leaving Priya bursting into tears... she fell on her knees crying her heart out and cursing herself for her behavior with Ram... I am sorry Ram... mere paas aur koi raasta nehi tha... in panch saalon mein apke bina main haar roz hazaro maute maari hu... lekin mere liye aap ki khushi sabse zyada mainey rakhti hai... main nehi dekh paati apko haar roz maarte huye... I am sorry Ram... I am so sorry...!

pardon me once again guies for tolerating my bakwasLOL not sure if i will continue this or not... my brain is not much creative when it comes to writing... if any new ideas pop up i will defo continue it... otherwise this will just remain an OS... jootas n chappals r most welcomedLOL


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Ab bas yaar.. Its decided.. Aap continue karo.. ! ClapKitna accha likhte ho aap ! I loved it ! Too good ! Ek kaam karo di aap Balaji main application bej do.. Unki majaal hain ki wo aapko reject karde ! Kambakt  kya imagination hain.. N uss THE KISS ! chumma ho tho aisa LOL cmon ab drama band karo n continue soon ! Magar first comment hamesha mera hi hoga Wink I loved every bit ! it was typically them ! BRAVO di Bravo !! U ROCK !!

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nice try Anu..i think kuch aisa hii hoga when they meet.. 

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noddiye Senior Member

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Posted: 10 August 2012 at 4:53am | IP Logged
Speechless!!!! Superbly written..

The emotions of both Ram and Priya are so beautifully potrayed!!! ClapClapClapClap

Dill total garden garden hogaya...Chupe Rustum...regular likha karo!!

Its too good Anu and you have to continue it

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Mani-RK IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 August 2012 at 4:53am | IP Logged
Omg dat was an awesome piece of work anu.beautiful description of emotions n wat a kiss really want this to happen in balh too.cont this

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sahana747 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 August 2012 at 4:58am | IP Logged
Agar ye bakwas hain tho jo hum roj jhel rahen hain usko kya kahen.Wink You getStar for lifting our spirits today. good going.Smile

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SriB IF-Dazzler

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Awesome Anamikaji . Truly beautiful 

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sss283 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 August 2012 at 5:07am | IP Logged
I am sooo happy reading this...
its just what was needed at the moment...nice n refreshing...
im not sure if words can express feelings...but raya met...awesome...more than awesome..

Hey you are a great writer...
do continue this soon...
a request ---make it an ff please...

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