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My ghost boy

angel-ki-shona IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 August 2012 at 4:19am | IP Logged
Hi guys Mel here. I am taking Music-Girls OS over and making it into a SS. The first two parts of My ghost boy are written by Frankie (thanks sweets for given me permission to take your story over)
Thaks for the banner Ruchi
My Maneet world:Mel's world

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angel-ki-shona IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 August 2012 at 4:20am | IP Logged
Part 1 scroll down
Part 2 scroll down
Part 3
Part 4
angel-ki-shona IF-Rockerz

Joined: 04 November 2011
Posts: 7143

Posted: 10 August 2012 at 4:21am | IP Logged
Part 1
Geet grimaced at her friend couched next to her.

"Kya hua?" Pinky gritted between her teeth.

"Muff..." Geet clenched back.

"What?" Pinky asked puzzled.

Geet swallowed her potato chips and said "move and give me the blanket" she said pushing Pinky away.

"You guys are missing Sandy and Stuart's biggest moment" Meera muttered her eyes fixed on the television screen.

"Huh? What's been happening" Geet asked cuddling to the duvet.

"Stuart just said it, he confessed!" Meera grinned. Geet shrugged and fixed her attention on the screen avoiding Pinky who was chewing her chips loudly.

"I wonder when someone will do that for me" Pinky said dreamily. "Kash..." she added "I was in Sandy's place". Meera and Geet turned to see Pinky in the darkness.

It was not totally dark, except for the television and Pinky's torch which was switched on.

" a good word" Geet agreed. "But life is not a fairy tale" she added shaking her head disapproving.

"But it still does not hurt to dream" Meera winked. Geet and Pinky laughed. "Kash I was like those Disney know...Snow-White or the Beauty..." Geet added.

"Oh god, you want a beast?" Meera asked pretending to be quite shocked. Geet smacked Meera on the arm.

"Guys, tomorrow, we're going to the beach!" Pinky reminded Meera and Geet. Meera pinched Geet on the arm.



"Sun, Sea and Sand...All S's" Geet said smiling. "So Geet, you gonna swim with us?" asked Meera.

"Nah, I'll just see you guys dipping" Geet giggled and wore her sunglasses.

"How do I look?" questioned Geet grinning.

"Terrific Madonna" Pinky laughed. Geet took off her sunglasses and scowled "I am not Madonna".

"Awww'poor baby" Meera teased.

"Come on" Pinky said tugging Meera "let's go swimming and Geet, if you did change your mind later, do come and join us".

Geet smiled.

She was wearing her usual dress; a salwar kameez, a blue one. She rolled her pants above her knees and strolled on the sand. She scribbled her name on the sand..."Geet".

"Haa...wish life was a fairy tale...especially those Disney ones" she chuckled. "Guess I am becoming too much Barbie's type of girl" she giggled shaking the thought. Barbie was her niece who was 7 years old and had all cartoons stock at home.

"Yooo hooo Geet!" Pinky screamed at the top of her lungs. "Here!".

Pinky was waving madly at her. They were in the water and both were grinning at her. Geet waved back smiling.

"Come on!" Meera yelled back.

Geet shook her head. She stared at the water. What if she got drown? What if she died in those splashing angry waves...

"I will always remain a scary cat if I continue to think what if things..." she thought.

She fixed the horizon. Where were they? Maybe they're hiding behind that rock, she thought.

I'll go and join them, they'll be surprise, she thought and smiled.

She rolled her pants higher and dipped her feet in the water.

Ahh, it's a bit cold but it's fun, she noted. She smiled and started to walk.

Where are they?

Why can't I see them?

She started going deeper and deeper in the water.

I have had enough, she thought. Where are they? Are they playing a prank on me?

Lost in her thoughts, she toppled over a rock and fell in the water with a splash. She did not know how to swim.

She hit the water furiously, using her arms like spades. She was sinking; it was as if someone supernatural force was pulling her underground.

That's it! I am going to die...I'll drown; sharks will eat my body...that's it, the last day of my life...

She splashed again using her hands and legs vigorously trying to balance herself.

Die...Die...Die'Die', the waves hitting the rocks were screaming. Her lungs were bursting.

She felt something clutching her waist.

Sharks, her mind registered.

"Sharks" she choked.

"No" a voice cracked.

A human voice. A Male voice, she recognized. She was being saved! I will be alive! Alive! Alive! The word seemed to be so real as if she was saved from near death.

Maybe Meera and Pinky saw me and called the life-guards.

"Hold on me" the voice instructed. Geet tried to nod and wrapped her hand on his neck. He was cold, as cold as the water.

"You okay" he asked.

Geet tried to nod but could not.

"It's okay, I'll drop you".

The man held her closed to him. She shivered and wondered whether it was because she was just going to die or it was the skin of that unknown rescuer. She snuggled closer and closed her eyes.

"You'll be okay" she heard him whispered. She could not register whether it was a husky one or her mind was playing tricks.

Too much of Barbie's tale, she thought.

She felt safe. She knew she was. Thanks to this unknown rescuer she was alive.

"Here, we're on safe land" he said. Geet opened her eyes. She turned red as she saw she was just inches under his lips. He gently lowered her on the sand.

"Can you stand?" he asked.

"I guess so" she choked. He helped her to stand.

Geet glanced at him for the first time, stared to be exact. He had the muscular body ever with his wet and messy hair made him even hawt type.

Incredible eyes, she thought as she felt her breathe stuck. He was in jeans and shirtless. She had been so closed to him. She turned red as she kept staring.

The unknown stranger smiled. He has such a brilliant smile, she remarked.

Geet stared at her feet. She realized her legs were a little blue. She also realized that it was not just her staring at him. He was also staring at her.

Did she look weird? Nope, she didn't, except she looked so attractive with her wet clothes. Her soaking clothes made her a "Damsel in Distress" she remarked.

"What's your name?" Geet asked feeling herself blushing.


"Nice name" Geet smiled.

"And yours" Maan asked grinning, flirting to be exact.


"Cute one".

"Geet! Geet! Geet!" two figures came running. It was Meera and Pinky.

"We were so tensed! Where were you?" Pinky asked.

"You were in the sea?" Meera asked.

"Yes, wanted to join you but wonder where you left" Geet said.

Meera and Pinky looked crushed.

"We thought you would not come so we went swimming over there" Pinky pointed "and when we did not see you on the beach we went to the hotel. We thought you had already left".

"it's okay".

"You were drown?"

"Nearly drown" Geet corrected Meera.

Pinky hugged Geet tightly.

"This guy saved me..." Geet said turning to Maan but he was not there.


"Where did Maan go?" Geet said.

"Maan'ohhh Maan..." Meera teased.

Geet did not notice that she was teasing her and was scanning the area to search for Maan.

"The one who saved me, his name was Maan..." Geet answered.


"He was sooo cute" Geet added.

"So you mean...he just disappeared when we came".

"Yeah" Geet answered.

"Ghost Boy" Meera said grimly.


"Ghost boy of the sea..." Meera giggled.

"stop joking" Geet said annoyed. "He was real, I touched him, his chest, his arm" Geet said indignantly and blushed when she realized what she said.

"As I said...ghost boy'" meera giggled.

(written by Music_girl aka Frankie)
angel-ki-shona IF-Rockerz

Joined: 04 November 2011
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Posted: 10 August 2012 at 4:22am | IP Logged
Part 2

"We are really sorry..." Meera said sadly shaking her head.

"It's okay" Geet giggled.

"Of course she's okay" Pinky giggled "after all, she met Ghost boy'"

"Ghost boy?" Geet asked nervously feeling herself blushing.

"Haan, ghost boy...the ghost boy, the one who disappeared in thin air'like this puff" Meera said arching her eyebrows dramatically.

Geet giggled and looked at her toes. She clutched her blanket and snuggled down.

"Feeling sleepy?" Pinky asked.

Geet shook her head. "Nah".

"Haan...ghost boy is in her dreams, she will only dream...hein nah" Meera giggled.

Geet blushed. Meera elbowed Pinky.

"How was he?" Meera asked.


"Describe him, nah come on" urged Pinky tugging Geet's arm.

Geet blushed.

"He's this great chest, muscular and broad eyebrows..." Geet started while Pinky honked madly. Geet blushed.

"Kash...I was in your place...I mean not drowning but...kash'" Meera said dreamily.

Geet's face changed from a scowl.

"Theek hein, theek hein, your Ghost Boy is only yours" Meera giggled.

They're only teasing me, Geet thought and hid her face in her palm.

"Anyway, tomorrow we're going to the Cocktail's Fair, remember, at night it will be more exciting" Pinky said yawning. Meera looked at Geet importantly and asked "you'll be alright nah?" she asked.

Geet shook her head approvingly. "Positive" she grinned back.

"Right, guys, good night, have nice dreams" Meera said.

"Especially Geet ' dream, dream" Pinky added and Geet wacked her in the ribs.

Geet closed her eyes.

The sun piercing the glittering body of the unknown savior Maan. His eyes searching nervously for her.

"Geet...Geet!" Meera shook her.

"Oh" Geet said blushing opening her mouth in a O shape as she abruptly woke up.

Pinky winked at Meera and mouthed "Ghost Boy".

"I'll get ready" Geet said quickly blushing.

"Why is he in my head" Geet thought. "Kash...i would meet him again".

As Geet jumped in her purple salwar kameez, Meera asked "by the way, I hope the Ghost Boy was not an oldie"

"Nope" Geet snapped defensively "he was around our age, eighteen or nineteen or least twenty, not more" Geet replied. Meera winked.

Geet ignored them.

Cocktail's Fair

"Let's go on the roller coaster" Meera pointed.

"Yeah" Pinky cheered.

Geet looked green.

"Geet, if you're not feeling ok, it's alright, you wait here itself...we'll come to take you..." Meera said.

"Nope, we won't even go, if we're going somewhere, we're going together" Pinky replied firmly.

"Nah, guys, I'm tired I'll sit here itself..." Geet said. "You carry on."

"No" Meera replied seriously.

"Guys, go on, please..." Geet said giving them a puppy face. Meera and Pinky went away.

"I'm thirsty" Geet muttered to herself. "Lemme buy a soda" she thought and when to buy one.

She drank when she almost spat her soda. Ghost boy?

Yes, it was Ghost boy. Yes, in black jeans and a blue shirt smiling at her.

"Ghost Boy" she cried aloud.

"Ghost boy?" Maan repeated. Geet nodded slightly feeling herself blushing.

"So you named me ghost boy" he said inching closer to her face. Geet felt her heart thumping loudly.

"Woh...yesterday where did you disappear? I searched for you" Geet pouted. Maan could not help smiling at her childish face. "I had to go" Maan replied. Geet scowled. Maan inched more closer and caressed her cheeks. Geet blushed. "You're too cute" Maan giggled.

"So where are your friends?" Maan said scanning the area.

"Went in the roller coaster" Geet replied walking by his side.

"And you?" Maan asked.

"Scared" Geet admitted. She did not know why she trusted this stranger.

"What do you do?" Maan asked.

"College" Geet replied and asked "where do you live?"

"I'm not from here, I came for holidays".

Geet's face saddened and Maan gave a chuckle "but enough time to be with you" he whispered.

"Come on" he said dragging her.


"I'm a ghost remember, I am taking you somewhere scary...horrid..." he giggled.

"Maan..." she moaned.

It was dark. The moon was shining above them.

"Maan..." she whispered.

"don't be scared, your ghost boy won't hurt you" he smirked.

She blushed and sat on the bench with him.

He held her palms. She blushed.

What was this? Why she was so comfortable?

"How old are you?" she asked.

"Twenty" he replied.

"Why have you come here?" she asked nervously.

"To be alone with you..." he smirked.


"Kyun...scared to be alone with your ghost boy"

She felt special. He just said he was hers. Her ghost boy.

She felt him leaning against her cheek. His lips brushed the right cheek. She flushed red.

"When are you going back home?" she asked.

"Tomorrow" he retorted.

"What?" she asked shocked.

"Don't worry, if we are destined, we'll meet again..."

He took out his cell phone and snapped a photo of hers.

"Can I use your cell to phone my friend and tell her to wait for me at Zoey's?" she asked.

"Yours" he grinned handling her phone.

Geet almost gasped as she realized that the background picture was hers, grinning broadly with her friends.

It was this morning when she was building this sand castle and the waves had destroyed in two minutes later. He had been watching her, keeping an eye on her. Ghost, she thought feeling herself grinning.

"I think it's quite late" Maan remarked glancing at the digital clock on the mobile as Geet gave him back.

"It is" Geet answered.

"We should go back, I don't want them to think I kidnapped you" Maan laughed.

He's not a ghost, he's real, and he kissed my cheek she thought.

He held her arm as they walked back to the fair.

Meera and Pinky were waiting for her at Zoey's.

"Hey guys", Geet started feeling Maan right behind her...

"meet Maan..." Geet said turning to present Maan to her friends but he had vanished!!!

"Where?" Pinky said her eyes shining mischievously.

"as I said Ghost Boy" meera giggled.

How can he? He kissed me...then? where did he go?

Was he ghost?

Couldn't be...he kissed me...
but where he's...
Someday we'll meet
(Written by Music_gril aka Frankie)
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