Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

IP REDUX ; Nhat KHat Kaanhaiya Second thread !!

tanthya IF-Addictz

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Posted: 10 August 2012 at 3:59am | IP Logged

Heyy Girls & NK,

will Khushi  move lock ,, stock, Barrel  out og RM ??

Will Shyam slither his way into RM by way of Pipes ??

How deep will be the rift between the siblings ??

.Discuss here !!

The Link to the Analysis ;

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..mrinalini.. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 August 2012 at 4:00am | IP Logged
Moi hereBig smile

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Nina90 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 August 2012 at 4:01am | IP Logged
Me too!

Originally posted by Nina90

Originally posted by tanthya

Originally posted by Nina90

Originally posted by tanthya

Originally posted by Nina90

Of course; this time the choice will be Khushi's...

@Bold: That is what I hope for too, Tanths! Though I wouldn't mind it if its Khushi trying to move away! Embarrassed

She might, The Phera ka keeda has been installed and  she has realized that the marriage ritual is incomplete ...the future episodes will give us the concrete scenario...

Logically speaking, she has to remain in RM n pick  up the pieces, she was the one holding  the box of channa's...n she has to be there in the RM cause she  is the righteous force who will restore order..

She might, Tanths; but what if the Contract comes out and Dadi questions her about her right to stay in Shantivan since the contract period was over? Even if Arnav stands by her, will it be enough to stop Khushi? What if she blames herself again for everything?

Baby, Lets not overthink it ..n go logical..Khushi cannot fight from GH !! ..She may move out bec of the past  ...that course is always open...

She definitely cannot, Tanths I agree; but if she doesn't wish to fight at all? If it comes to choosing between the wrongs done to her biological parents Vs. her love for Arnav, will she ever dare choose?

Tanths, reposting for you!

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namedx IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 August 2012 at 4:01am | IP Logged
Reduxians at their best! Heart

--watch this space for comments--  Smile

Nhat Khat Kaanha!

Tants THANK YOU, for giving us the pleasure of being part of such a loving family!! Needless to say, your words always brighten up my day!! Kudos for taking the time out to read through my ramblings!  

Sharmi - (reserved for later!) Smile

Sharmi, that was short, lovely and sweet!! A nice heart warming narration of the bro/sis relation!! And well done you for penning that down whilst running a fever!! Hug

BUT I expect a longer one once you're fit and healthy again!!! Angry

Appu - The idiot's guide to right and wrong - lol the title alone had me in stitches!  LOL the conversation with yourself was epic - brill way of commenting! Witty as always!! ROFL

LOVED your thoughts on ASR's courage, Anjali's selfishness (lol I believe you just got told Anjali bitwa), lol and the spring in Arnav's step!!! I swear you need to reserve your place in the first couple of pages of redux!!! Too good matey!! 

Divya - The Radha Krishna story was EPIC! Girl, you impress me so much with the knowledge that you share! Beautifully penned! Thank you!

Koel - The little boy who was caught in time where his mother had passed away... finally moved on to make way for the young prince Arnav who smiles and indulges in playfulness as "it is a Good Day"

Everyone is desirous to move ahead and not look back...hence destiny will give them a chance this Janmashtami to test their will and intent in rebirth of relationships and thoughts by opening the gateways of past which will come holding the hand of Dadi... to lay it forever to a peaceful rest ...

The above says it all for me Koel!! You're impressing me more and more and more with each take of yours! So much so that words are starting to fail me! Thank you for penning such a BEAUTIFUL journey in words! 

Vasi - Thanks to you, I was able to re-live all the best bits of the episode!! LOL

Bush - [email protected]'s inspiration for wearing aviator glasses - I swear, only you could have made that link!!! Nuff said!! ROFL

Anna - How I Heart you for highlighting all the Arnavlicious moments in this single post of yours!! *faints* The following summed it up for me: 

The LOVE is there - the ACCEPTANCE is there - the UNDERSTANDING has begun and there is nothing more important.

And love your comments on the Rasha Khrishna couple as well - Beautiful!! 

Kopal - Loved it Kopal!! You highlighted all the main points and offered your own perspective on each!! I knew the guttery thoughts I.e. Arnie's telling wink and Khushi teasing him in his "birthday suit" would make an appearance in your post, LOL!! And I absolutely Heart what you said here: Arnav and Khushi shared their first laughter together.. A laughter which took them to their own world.. A world where No One and Nothing existed except them! Nothing else mattered except that they had each other.. A laughter which echoed their happiness, their contentment, their love, their joy and their desires.. 

2 lost souls who found another kindred spirit and soul and were rejoicing at that UNION!

Naz - Naz, it looks like all that hard work paid of because this was bloody brilliant!!! Such a mature and insightful take on the episode!!! Your thoughts about Anjali not having hit rock bottom yet was brilliant. I just love how you compared this to Arhi's relationship, and how the two were able to move on because of the fact they'd hit rock bottom! And I just LOVE how you've captured the larger scale of the plot with reference to chess - very clever Naz!!! Too good!! And BRAVO for picking up on the "beech" dialogue relating to the "other woman" - Doods will be so proud! LOL

Sandhya - LOVE THE SNAPSHOT YOU'VE PICKED!! That was my favourite shot of the episode as well!! LOL You are 'Da Bomb' matey!! What a beautifully insightful take of the episode!! (upd..)

Ghausia - A mind blowing take on the episode!! So thorough and exploratory!! Wow, hats off to you for the amount of effort and time you put into writing such wonderful thoughts!! I absolutely Heartyour reference to the dream sequence! I hadn't looked at it that way at all Superb insight! Oh, and thank you for posting so many drool worthy pics!  Thumbs Up 

Jachu - Real LOL pointers matey! Love your references to symbolic gestures especially!! Thanks for the chuckle! LOL

Jhalak - The Saga of Romance was sheer bliss Jhalak!! I just LOVED your thoughts on the moment they "fell" - they hv fallen numerous times before too, Falling has been a part of their journey yet today was the only tuime they hv laughed, they hv eccpted each other completely and so hv they started njoing mundane things 

And your comments on the Rhada Krishna story was simply beautiful!! I can always rely on you to speak on such matters of faith passionately! Thank you! 

Chitmanas - Sorry mate, wasn't able to comment on your post last time, so I promised myself I would this time round! Smile

And I absolutely LOVED IT! Especially your comments on Khushi walking up the stairs, the title song was indeed apt, and then the way in which she embraced him - all that she was trying to convey, you worded it all perfectly! 

Sam - Always a pleasure to read your thoughts Sam, and I'm so glad it's slightly more lengthier than your last one!! Loved your ode to ASR as being one of, if not the most iconic character - I so agree! And I love how effortlessly you go with your own thoughts, pin pointing the beauty of each passing moment! 

lalsunvid- LOL I agree, Khushi's mouth is her biggest enemy!! Loved the post matey, very well laid out thoughts - and I particularly liked your reference to Harry Potter!!  

payasa - Lovely episode and lovely post! Loved your points to ponder! Definitely got me thinking about the promo! Smile 

Rit - Well well well Rit, what can I say, you truly are my *one track-gutter minded* friend!! LOL LOL I love your choice of words when talking about key moments!! The fact that NK slays us with his lines, maami gliding around, and of course your "imma take you down" threat!! Too good! And how can I not comment on my most favourite bit - enter the gutter land!! le turns out you were having a drool fest all of your own!! ROFL 

Lol these lines had me lmao!!! Literally! You so need to join me on the bandwagon of live commenting!!

- Payal wondering why Khushi's sanak is at an all time high today and Khushi's face like she's being sent to the slaughter (pun totally intended)

- Akash noticing Arnav in an extra chirpy mood today - 'Good Day' huh? - Ask him again tomorrow, hopefully he'll have an extra spring in his step Wink

- The look of guttery realisation on Arnav's face as he realises the 'things' pati & patni's do

- A chottu sa mention to Mr. Pink. Well done man, we didn't know you had it in you. Some of us had begin to doubt your manhood after witnessing your love affair with pink (and some of us still do doubt it - yes Shaz I'm looking at you Stern Smile). But your Pyaari Payalia cleared your name Mister. Good for you, you get yours Thumbs Up 

Mate, too funny! ROFL

And I so agree - he needs to work on that wink of his, so NOT smoothly done Arnie, lol be we Heartyou all the same!! 

DITTO! @ Arnav must be the most forward Star Plus lead in the history of shows, only you could get away with saying the things you say and doing the things you do. Kudos to Gul & the CVs for pulling off quite a risque episode.

Shreya - Lol Shreya ji, I loved the light bounce of humour towards the end! You are too good matey, always! Love your way with words and how thoughtfully you put them together!! Always make more pleasurable reading, always!! So glad to see you back in full swing!! Hug



In case I don't get round to commenting on yours, please know that I appreciate and value every single one them. Kudos to you all!!! Heart

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Supna9 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 August 2012 at 4:03am | IP Logged
Hi new thread n nw my song
sathya replied u page 149

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sree07 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 August 2012 at 4:03am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Shastradhari

Originally posted by sree07

Someone mentioned that there was a change in expression when khushi was seeing ASR's father. So its possible that she has seen him earlier. Based on this, what if the scenario is like this?

Somehow Mrs Malik MUs Mr Malik with Khushi's mom(the family might have known each other). Blame the MU on chacha malik. Mr Malik unintentionally causes khushi's parents death due to some rash driving or something. He feels guilty and beings khushi home to give her a home during the time of anjali's wedding. So everyone MUs the kid and Malik and the shaadi is broken and Mrs malik commits suicide.  Khushi is indirectly the reason in a way.
but free, khushi's mom is married..why MU??? i will be not happy if they show khushi's mom MU for having affair with ASR's father..
Shyam's sister and his story will not be justified as doodle mentioned..

Ya shyam does not fit the picture then...

ok let me think about another theoryLOL

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sree07 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 14 November 2011
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Posted: 10 August 2012 at 4:04am | IP Logged
Originally posted by tanthya

Originally posted by sree07

Originally posted by tanthya

Originally posted by sree07



Khushi has seen him before too..The Album is not the first glimpse of him..

Ya during death anniversary pooja...
But there was a slight expression change in her when she saw Mr Malik...* donning my detective hat.LOL

could be the effect of knowing  MIL committed suicide cos of this man...

eh...she does not know that its because of FIL... MIL committed suicide.Confused
then why the expression change? *scratching my head

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Nareshkota Goldie

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Posted: 10 August 2012 at 4:05am | IP Logged
Originally posted by tanthya

Heyy Girls & NK,

will Khushi  move lock ,, stock, Barrel  out og RM ??

Will Shyam slither his way into RM by way of Pipes ??

How deep will be the rift between the siblings ??

.Discuss here !!


Sibling rivalry is the base of this serial So.. the rift will play major role with nani being on Arnav side and Anjali taking Daadi's side..

Both will be in two different worlds..

No entry for Shyam in RM because Daadi has changed the equations and rift will be such big that Daadi will walk out with Anjali to Shyam...

Khushi will be upset about this and also about her lost parents.. But love will overcome all this...

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