MKAP Bakaity Kaa Adda NL#33(Azaadi day special)

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31 States,
1618 Languages,
6400 Castes,
6 Religion,
6 Ethnic Groups,
29 Major festivals
1 Country!
Be Proud to be an Indian!..
'''Happy Independence Day'''

This Is The Day,
That Our Nation Sings
This Is The Day
That The Liberty Bell Starts To Ring
This Is The Day
We All Start To Remember
What We Stand For
And To Celebrate Our Independence
We Stand Up High, As We
All Start To Cry
As We Think About,
All That Died
For You, For Me, For Our Whole Country
Risking There Life
Each And Everyday Here Is A Salute
To All That Lay 

Watan Hamara aise na chor paye koi
Rishta Hamara aise na Tor paaye koi
Dil hamare ek hai ek hai hamari jaan
Hindustan hamara hai hum hai iski shaan
Jaan Luta denge watan pe ho jayenge Qurban
Isliye Hum kehte hai mera desh mahan..

Thousands laid down their lives so
that our country is breathing this day
Never forget their sacrifice...

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     Bakaity Kaa Adda

Story so far - -Sheena-
Summary of the week - ...Poojie...
Dialogue of the week - Kabe
OS/FF/SS of the week - Veena.S
Best dress/costume of the week - Kriya_Sruthi
VM of the week - piyarapiyari

Best siggy of the week - babithaj, Deepali88
Best Icon of the week - -Devu-
Best AVI of the Week- The_Dark_Knight
Best Picture of the week - Anondo.R
Active Member/Member of the week - The_Dark_Knight
Most active thread - The_Dark_knight
Blooper of the week - amrapali_Dubey, babithaj
Filler of the week - telstra
Best scenes of the week (Hilarious, Shocking, Sad) -
The_Dark_Knight, Snigdhakhanam, Veena.S 
Characters of the week (Best, Irritating, Under used) -
Anondo.R, Singdhakhanam, Veena.S 
Best behuda comment of the week/ One liners - The_dark_Knight
Sher o shayari of the week - Snigdhakhanam
Happy and sad news of the week (related to articles, interviews
and crush of expectations by cv's, Spoilers, actors whoever) - Kabe
Best episode of the week - The_Dark_Knight
Worst episode of the week - Anondo.R
Best speculation of the week - Starlight123
  Background score/Song of the week - Anondo.R
Most magical moment (KriYa) - Eden_LuvsKriya, RoKaPraNeev, telstra
Winning Siggies : -AmyHeatzNoah-,Sehreen ,Dhakarn, Babithaj & Anondo.R
Newsletter Banner, Logo : -Devu-

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A livid SS decides to end the cause of their problem all for once. He along with amma and KN decide to kill P. Kesar overhears their plans. KN threatens her with violence and death if she reveals it to either KP..
Whilst in the kitchen, P burns her hand with amma who instigates it all. P hides it from K but notices the burn and questions it. P hides the truth K. He tells P to put some ointment on the burn. P realises that K still cares for him when K himself puts the ointment.

SS plan to kill P is by electrocuted her. Amma tells P to hang some wet clothes on the railing without her chappel as the floor is wet. SS has put a live wire on the rope. P agrees. P goes to the terrace to hang the wet clothes when Pisya stops P from doing work. P refuses to listen to her and is about to hang a wet cloth when she is pulled from there. K saves her life by scolding her for doing any work due to her burnt hands.

He tells Pisya to continue and Pisya gets electrocuted with the live wire. Rest of SS hear the screams and are jubilant that P has found has maker. They get a shock when KP run down stairs to close the mains. They run up and see that Pisya has been electrocuted. K deep love for P is exposed but K stops himself realising what he was saying. He sees the live wire and believes it is foul play. P dismisses the idea. KP leave. Kesar shocked at what just transpired..

In KriYa bedroom, P tries to get K to reveal his deep love for her but K is stubborn and refuses to admit to it. He instead taunts her that she wants to die to be with Angad. P does not feel bad as she knows K loves her deeply but is still hurt and is unable to reveal his true feelings to her. P makes it a mission to get K love back.

Will P succeed? What will be K reaction to the revelation of P love to him? Will KP finally come    closer? Find out in the next edition of NL...   

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P gets a cold. K tells her to have turmeric milk to help her. Komal taunts KP for romancing in the rain for the cause of the cold. Komal tells them that they were shameless to romance in public. K tells Komal that she should have shut her eyes if she had any problem. KN too taunts K for being a slave to his wife. K ignores the taunt and tells P to drink the milk. Chinky refuses to go to school unless Kartik picks her up. Komal scolds Chinky and says that Kartik will not return. The gundas come to court and tell P that they have a family dispute. P tells she will come to their resident to pick the documents. K calls P whilst at the resident and the gundas are unable to harm P as K turns up at their residence. Chinky becomes ill and Prof reveals that she has been muttering Kartik name. GD suggests that they should call Kartik as it will aid in Chinky recovery. K wants to buy a car for P

Kartik comes to TN. He tells Chinky a fairytale. SS finds out that Kartik is from a lower caste. Chinky causes a scene when Chinky declares Kartik her father. He demands to know why Kartik visits GH. Komal says he only comes to see the Prof and him and Chinky became friends. SS is livid and calls Prof to come to TN immediately. P persuades with K for SS to speak to Prof the following morning but K puts out that SS won't listen to anyone but still tries on P behalf. SS tells Prof that kartik will not have any relationship with Chinky or Komal. Prof does his social message on caste system but SS is adamant that Kartik won't marry Komal..

Komal leave for GH after Prof was insulted the night before. KN accuses Komal of wanting to be with Kartik. P tries to stop Komal from leaving. P tells K that Komal is lonely ever since Adarsh has died. K too wants to see Komal happy tells P they will discuss the matter later. K leaves for the restaurant. P and A meet to discuss about Komal. They lose track of time. The gundas continue to follow them. K leaves for Banaras to get a new chef. Komal apologies to prof about SS behaviour. She tells Kartik not to come to GH. Chinky and Komal bond and Komal promises to be both father/mother to her. The sisters decide to walk home as its close by. SS berates P for not informing her whereabouts.

KN tells SS that Komal will marry Kartik but SS trusts Komal for not remarrying. Still both sisters have not informed their homes that they are running late. The sisters are followed by the gundas and they reveal to P that they taking revenge for P not taking GM case. One gunda Sarju tries to rape P but A picks a stone and hits it on his head. She takes an unconscious P to hospital. Prof worries when A comes late. K returns from his trip and SS complains to K that P was out the whole night without informing anyone. K comes to know about P injury and wants revenge. K offers to go to court with P but P refuses K help

Sarju the gunda is killed. P visits A and A reveals she is scared and it was self defence. P starts with law and tells that they have to surrender and that P will help her. Police come to arrest A. K goes to Sarju house and finds out that he has been killed. KN informs him that A has been arrested for the murder. SS refuses to allow P to be with A. He orders P not to fight for A as it will be revealed that Sarju tried to molest P

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All Komal scenes are best, Komal rocked this week and stand by herself strongly... Komal BJ...ClapClapClap...
The way She confronts all TNs, when SS, KN and Kesar  suspects about Her and Karthik...

says to SS, Karthik comes GH for proffessor, nothing else and never dare to suspect Her like that...
and to KN and Kesar, that KN doesn't have any right to blame Her, reminds his Illegal affiars , and further says that its Her Life, No one has right Decide Her Life...Clap
and also says to Karthik , to don't come to meet Chinky anymore, that its nopt good for Her, as She is a kid habituating to him, as lost her Father ... says  in a convienced way... Smile
also tries to cheerup Chinky's mood, says that She will be Her mother and father both...  Tongue, soo cute scene showing thier bonding...Tongue
Pravathi rocked as always...ClapClapClap...StarStarStar
Arushi gets arrested for killing one Goon in that attack, in jail scene, the way She begs Patigya to saty there for Help... really sad... Ouch
She is arrested in saving Pratigya, for Pratigya, but now None is letting Pratigya to Help Arushi...Ouch... Very sad Scene...Ouch

Arushi came into picture suddenly in goons attacking Pratigya matter... and She become saviour of Pratigya...Shocked, also kills one guy in self defense...Shocked... Very shocking, didn't expect it at all... We thought its going to be Krishna who saves Partigya... but both Sisters faught with Goons... nand fell into a big trouble now...Ouch
In friday episode  KN described to K that Police arrested Arushi as she did murder.He was saying the incident so normally as if it's a normal thingShockedLOLHis talking style was completely hilarious Tongue
One more-Arushi beaten the goons with huge stone Shockedand all goons escape with fearROFLAll goons got scared of Arushi



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Strictly for Mohit Malik (ASY) fans,


His comeback has brought a big huge smile in all his fans faces.

In the history of MKAP, this is the first time that a character to do a comeback.

Hope, his return bring some changes in TRP charts as speculations on this sounds good like, not sure for whom he will fight the case but for sure KST not gonna accept him at TN (not ready to spare him for a second), so KST against SS, a very possible scenario and so on...

All the best to MM, hope he does well this time.

Congrats to all MM fans!!!Party

Entirely on the tracks as no articles or promos or segments!!!

YKW in a track even if not necessary... Words fail me!!!

Another, MKAP has become a mixture of 'Crime Patrol, Aap Ki Kaccheri, CID, ... (crime shows till my knowledge)'

Another, shame on CV's, forgot to show a lead's b'day!

Another, our female  lead after becoming a Lawyer, always busy in her PBJ's , no normal conversation with her husband!

Another, ASY return, the story messed up with his introduction resulting dip in ratings and now only the show picking up in TRP but he is doing a comeback . Dunno who gonna save the show!

Another, only our Leads are shown as always doing social service or BJs!

Another, track on every side character is possible in a single day!

Sorry if missed any.


When K gets worried seeing P having cold after getting wet in rain, but as always Komal couldn't tolerate all this concern for P that too in front of her.

Komal to K - 'why don't you make P sit in your lap so that she will get some... '(don't know what she said here, maybe warm)

Wow, what else more is required, couldnot stop imagining

Vibrator visiting TN

SS to Vibrator - "is shortage of people in your house that an outsider is needed to take care and pour love on Chinkiya"

What we were wondering bout more than 2 weeks, conveyed in one dialogue

The hilarious ones - 

Kn to KST - "your wife not satisfied with court cases, so now she has taken other route of murders"

Its only KN's style of taunting!

First day - "I told Papa that I can take care of everything."

Another day after murdering a goon - "Di, please help me, I can't stay here in lock up, am scared" ROFLROFLSome funny people!


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Eventhough she has been getting on everyday's nerves these past few weeks, must say her simple attire with minimal makeup and jewellery is suiting her well... If she had taken on this look a while ago, just maybe, Adarsh wouldnt have gone elsewhereConfused.. Anyways bygones are bygones, she looked gorgeous in this colour, with her never changing "I am chutki takurain" expression. So this week's best costume award goes to none other than Komal aka Chutki Takurain.

we saw arushi coming to pratigya and discussing about komal marriage issue. two sisters are discussing again and again about someone elses marriage and keeping it a secret from komal made it a hell boring and perfect filler scene


This week's Best Character is Komal... Clap Star 
We have seen a mature and responsible Komal , stand by herself strongly... Komal BJ...ClapClapClap...

The way She confronts all TNs, when SS, KN and Kesar for insulting Shamu, and when they suspects, blames Her about Karthik, Says to them that its her Life, She can handle and decide... 

Also, Conviences Karthik not to visit GH anymore for Chinky sake, as its getting complicated...

and also Komal assures to Chinky that She will become his father too...

Totally Komaliya rocked...Clap

It's SS and KNOuchThey suspected komal and insulted her.They thinks komal have an affair with karthik and he come to meet komal OuchSuch a low class mentality and As usual They blamed prats that she's making a story that goons attacked her because she didn't agree to fight Guruma's case.Kn's behaviour was expecting but SS tooShockedIs he the same SS who fed prats with his hands and said she's his daughter not Daughter-in-lowOuchHow can anybody changes his colour so fastly?

It's Samar.



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