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SS''YASH fall in love in mumbai updt prt 16 pg 50 (Page 46)

maha9 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 November 2012 at 11:25pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by hana_y

i will do it as i have some prayer at my place and you know when i write i do it at night for ss os or ff as i know i will not have any disturb a have family at my place so my mind should remain calm when i will do it you will get it in days which is coming dont worry 
Thank u dear Smile

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hana_y IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 November 2012 at 12:00pm | IP Logged
thx a lots guys i feel relief after i read your lovely comments and happy too here next part enjoy itSmile  .

part 15

arya arrive out side the cine and .

arti ; wow jaanu you brought me here but why you did not tol dme first you know even pari and bhabi wanted to come for watching this movie we want to come all three .

yash ; arey i wanted to be alone with you and you want to bring others you and bhabi may come next week i will ask mah the permission ok .

art ; ok .

and they enter in arti was shocked on seeing that there was no any body else and the movie will start too .

arti ; why there are no other peoples here jaanu .

yash ; i wanted only us to be here that why you dont like it i would not like when we saw such a romantic movie to hear some guys who will do bad commenting that why you are happy na .

arti ; you are too much jaanu that why i love you yes im happy love you .

yash ; love you too sweetheart .

there was no interval yash did not wanted to have it when the show was end and they come out the couple was shocked to see how can the others bro and sil was there too .

yahs ; bhaya chotey you guys here .

pan ; even i was about to ask you how you and prateick are here when i ask to reserve only fro scindia .

pra; what even you ask too be alone and me too that when i ask the man he said it a family who wanted to watch it and it was you both .

vid ; arey why you are getting upset we have enjoy the movie that it and when you said for scindia so im happy you both are not .

pari ; im happy pratrick and we three wanted to watch it and see it happen too hain a bhabi .

arti ; yes our wish has been fulfiled we love shah ruck khan movie and this one is the most beautiful .

pari ; haan the song saas is too lovely naa .

vid ; thx pankaj to bring me to watch it now we are going at home right .

even the too others ask their hubbies too and the ans was from the three hubbies  . we are going for a dinner too that too  in our favorite resto at the same times .

hmm bhaya i hope you are not talking for the same resto which we use to go all three pratick ask .

im going there yash reply and me too pankaj  too reply .

that means we will be there  also wow bhabi how it can be possible our wish are coming true pari said .

hmmm pari even im thinking of it arti ans .

 it good  after a long time we will be out with our hubby and they also love to be together  vid said .

yes but how we will go we each has come in their car  prat said .

no problem we will go in each car it will be good yash reply .

and they leave for their romantic dinner in the same resto .

when they arrive they blind their wives eyes until they reach where will be their beautiful moments of their night then the said to open it .

when they open their eyes wow  they were surprise how it was so beautiful all around them the lights the colorful candles in the other opposite side their  was a building which was lighting with a beautiful loving words which says .

stay with us for alllife our life is meaningless with you and your love love you beautiful biwi Star Heart Hug Star.

when they turn to see them they were not there then they hear sound of guitar and call their name when the spot light was on them yash with mic and the other two with guitar yash sing on
tum se hiof jab we met .  their wives was so happy on seeing their romantic husband how they want to please their them they were in the moon on seeing all this thing . then they leave the guitar and yash leave the micro  cont sing and they start dancing with their wives with full of love they all were in their love world the way they were dancing Dancing Dancing Dancing wow  in their dance there was love  and attraction too . it was just like a dream who was coming true for their wives and when the song was end they were all hugging each ever with full arms around them . there was three tables they go in each table like all couples sit alone and they have sweet talks too and some romance .

yash ; how was that sweet heart did you like it .

arti ; of cause i love it you made me cry with such a beautiful sing you sing for me thank you jaan for give me such a memorable evening i will never forget it i love you and for the lovely words too and i promise you to be always there for you Star Heart .

yash ;  i too promise you to be always with you , love you sweet heart   Heart Star .

pari ; pratick i never though you will do such a beautiful thing for me i really love them and love you too i promise you i  will always be with you  Heart .

prat ; promise pari i love too  Heart.

pari ; yes i promise you  Star.

pan ; vidhi thank you for coming with me today with out any problem you accept to come out  Star .

vid ; how can you think that i dont wanted to go out with you when last time you have ask me , it was not able for me that why but some time i also want to be a lone with you too and thx for give me such a wonderful evening i will never for get it love you for being my husband StarHeart 

pan ;  love you too  and  thx to be my wife too Star Heart  .

then suddenly arti stand and look at the  other sil to join her and they ask .

how you guys got to know about our wish .

yash ; arey how will  i know what you wanted i just do what i wanted to have a romantic time with you since we have return we did  not have it .

arti ; yash you cant even lie properly then why now haan .

vid ; even you i have some doubt too .

pan ; i just want to try to be romantic like we use to be before .

pari ; and you what will you say haan .

prat ; pari since we got married we ddi not got such a wonderful night so i wanted to have it today how wil i know that even bhaya has decided to take there wife out and that to in the same place .

so you did not hear us naa they ask .

no we did not hear you they ans , and not even saw you in the kitchen  upps now yash who spoil it .

deka bhabi we were sure they have hears us arti said .yes our doubt was right they hears us and they do exactly what we said right vid ad ans . and you cant lie as we new you were their that why we said it to know if you will do it to please us pari said .

what we though we are surprising you and you new all this and it was all your plan to make us to do this yash ans .

yes but on doing it you saw us how much you care and want to do all thing which we want arti ans .

but for us  it was necessary that you must do all we want you to do we are happy enough to have you as our husband the way you love us and care that enough  vid said .

we also know that you are always happy the way we are with you but even we can do some thing which can make you feel more happy it our duty if we did not hear you today we would never know that even you want to spend time or want to be in some place like cine you never ask us some thing like this we are happy for doing this for you pankaj ans .

yes for us your happiness yours happiness is important too like you want to see us happy same as we too prat ans .

what ever it is we love you a lots the wives said and hug their husband Hug too they share a beautiful moment again then they said it time to go home and they all leave in their car .

they arrive in scindia house

when arya arrive in there room yash could not wait from the door he start kissing arti when she said to wait a little to let her change , but he refuge on saying when im going to remove it why you should wear another and im not able to control me now we are all alone so why should i wait more to do love with you . he put her against the wall and cont doing the kiss until she respond too .

then even she respond his kiss and their kiss was going passionate and it was going more and more passionate which they start removing each ever clothe and yash start sucking her body her breast and bite her his one hand was pressing another breast and he put her nipple in his month and suck it then he move his hand in her south place to make her get more sensation .

in pank room

he was on her top and they were kissing they were yelling each ever name with so much of sensation they were until their climax .

in prat room

she was kissing him on his chest and bite him the same as he did to her some time he suck her and some time she was doing it and then he go on her and suck her breast and put his tongue on her belly ans she start to ask him to go down she wanted more he do it she too do the same to him and then her enter his penis in hers to get more sensation and to feel more love from each ever too until their climax .

in arya room

arti was sucking his body too she bite him on his chest and let a mark on his chest just like he do to her by biting her and there was love mark on her two breast and they he put her on the bed and he was on her top he cont to suck her and give her sensation in her south part and she was doing the same too he bent down to her south and suck her too she getting more sensation and she wanted more from him which yash ask her if she want him now or to wait and she said she want him for all night she too bent and such his penis too and then yash go on her again and push inside her virgin and then they were yell each ever name with love they wanted more and more their making love  there was so romance , softness and tenderness too they cont doing until climax HeartHeart. yash was sure this time he has plant an egg which will be a baby soon as per his calculate he did in the right date to make  his part inside her .

next day

arti wake up and see yash face how there was a beautiful smile while he was sleeping he was looking cute she wanted to wake him by teasing him with her hair on his face . he turn his face and she cont doing it when she saw he was still sleep she decided to let  him and go away when yash pull and hold her to him .

yash ; hmm where are you going my sweety wife .

arti ; so you were not sleep haan .

yash ; you know very well when you wake i already know and i cant sleep with feeling you with me .

arti ; ok now wake up im going in the bath room now .

yash ; who told you im going to let you go no way i have to get my morning kiss first then you will be able to go come on give me now .
arti ; jaanu last night you got so lots of kiss and you want again .

yash ; that was for last night and you know i want my kiss every morning other ways im not going to from the bed and im not going to let you go too .

arti ; promise you will not do any thing else then i will kiss you .

yash ; why  should promise ok i do it .

she kiss him and yash hold her tightly to not let her go and start with his touching her breast and then they do love again .after that he said to her that he is sure next month she will be pregnant . she ask how he can be sure . he ans on saying it was her fourteen days since her period ans if they have do not take precaution for three days she can be pregnant  so he he dont want to miss it again lie last month due of shoba mah was ill and she was there they could not do it so not this time he will do lots of love in his three days as it can happen in fifteen or even in sixteen days . then arti was happy to hear that he was impatient to have a baby with her for him she go in the bath room .

in the hall gr3 was talking with her husband when the dil come it was already late they ask to forgive them for their lateness .

gr3 ; why you are asking me sorry just because you were late it all right i know you must be tied you went to sleep late right .

they ans yes by moving their head .

suraj ; even the sons are late today im sure they have enjoy a lot last night right .

the sons comes they greed them . but their eyes was just on their wives who was looking more beautiful with their smile on their face .

their parents saw that and tease them .

suraj ; gr3 i think we will not get breakfast today .

gr3 ; haan i was thinking the same too as my dil are not in the mood to cook right .

ji mummiji  , no mummiji , han mummiji they ans .

gr3 ; what is this ji haan no what should i think you will do work or you will stand here and look at your husband with smile Smile by teasing them .

suraj ; you too go until the breakfast finish if you will stay here then im sure we will not get any thing to eat he too was with smile Smile  too .

they too leave from their .

 gr3 do you still remember when we get married how i was doing all pretext to be alone with you naa .

 ji what are you saying in this age cant you feel shy we have three sons and dil too no wand you are still in your romance mood we are old now .

arey what wrong in it when i saw them like this im happy they make me think of me how romantic and lover i was too they are just like me .

haan i will pray that they stay like this always and soon we can have a good news too .


i stop here i hope you will enjoy it sorry if i go far in the making love Smile.

i will wait for your feed back and if you like it hit like button too Smile

precap ; arti and pari pregnant

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maha9 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 November 2012 at 12:25pm | IP Logged
Great update dear.  U r so romantic dear and the story is going well so soon we can two new babies in SM na  

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mish123 Senior Member

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Posted: 27 November 2012 at 12:50pm | IP Logged
Awesome updatedear
so romantic... ...
Eagerly waiting for next part...
Continue soon

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hana_y IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 November 2012 at 1:02pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by maha9

Great update dear.  U r so romantic dear and the story is going well so soon we can two new babies in SM na  

thx maha for you lovely comments too im so glad yes there will be tow babies

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hana_y IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 November 2012 at 1:03pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by mish123

Awesome updatedear
so romantic... ...
Eagerly waiting for next part...
Continue soon

wow im so glad with your comment thx a lots

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maaneetkimeet Goldie

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Posted: 27 November 2012 at 2:54pm | IP Logged
lovley awesomeee superb update fabulas ...thank you for lovley ...it was hottt ...superb duper hit ...hayeee hot romance of arti and yash .,... big hug to u for update dear

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saf24 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 November 2012 at 6:58pm | IP Logged
Nice update. Enjoyed reading it

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