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SS''YASH fall in love in mumbai updt prt 16 pg 50 (Page 35)

Kesha_H. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 October 2012 at 4:05pm | IP Logged
Ok this is gonna sound wierd but wen I read this update I imagine cows I'm not a pervert or anything its just tht for the past week and a half I've been studying the cow's reproductive system tht's y ROFLEmbarrassedanyway y did she call him Yashu I hate tht name especially wen it comes of Arpita's mouth I lyk Arpita but I hate tht nickname it crawls my blood blehhh!!!Dead it was good otherwise

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Donnaa IF-Addictz

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Posted: 12 October 2012 at 8:32am | IP Logged
beautiful update..

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fansush IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 October 2012 at 12:54pm | IP Logged

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hana_y IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 October 2012 at 12:54am | IP Logged
thx to dona fanush kesha for love it im happy 

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--HANISA-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 October 2012 at 11:18pm | IP Logged
wow hana it so lovely part yash call her sweetheart cat wait to long please do update soon

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alekhika20 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 October 2012 at 12:29am | IP Logged
romantic update,luv it

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hana_y IF-Rockerz

Joined: 15 October 2011
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Posted: 18 October 2012 at 1:21am | IP Logged
thx alaikha and hansa for love it im happy
hana_y IF-Rockerz

Joined: 15 October 2011
Posts: 5007

Posted: 29 October 2012 at 11:38pm | IP Logged
thx a lots guys for loving and liking my ss im happy with your lovely comments too who give me support to cont it , i just hope you will like this part too .

                                                                                part 13

next day arya and kids went in the mall to do shopping and  to buys gifts for the families too .  have some fun too as there are kids plays also . after the shopping the kids plays some games and ansh was playing boys game such as fighting game yash who was also play as his adverser too . the girls was playing another game too with arti , they were all in fun mood and happy too , some one saw them and start follows them where they go he go there .

the the kids ask for ice cream they all were having it yash some feed arti and she too do the same and the feed the kids too . after that ansh  wanted to go in the toilet so he ask yash to come close to him and bent to .he did it .

arti ; ansh i know what you want to say with your papa , you need to go in the toilet right .

ansh ; oh ho how you know it mama .

yash ; ansh she is your mama na that why and she was with you all this years alone too .

ansh ; hmm that why i love you so much mama .

yash ; and me .

ansh ; you too papa you are the best let go now other ways it will be out here papa he said din a low voice .

 yash ; arti you wait here will come then we will leave ok .

they leave , payal and palak was eating their ice cream when payal got on her face arti and payal was smiling on her . then the man call her name arti when she turn she was shocked  Shocked to see prashant .

arti ; you how dare you to  call me han  Angry .

prash; how are you .

arti ; how do you saw me im very happy with my loving husband and with my three kids too why you want to know it .

prash; i just want to see ansh ans to talk to him please let me meet him arti im his father .

arti ; shut up you are not his father let me tell you his name , ansh yash scindia did you hear your name no so how can he be your son han you forget what you said he is not yours then how he is yours today han .

prash ; i know i made big  mistake to go away and that to went you need me a lots im sorry please forgive me .

arti ; on asking  forgiveness  will the pain which we has spend will return back .

prash ; i know it wont im not asking you to come to me but i just want to meet and hug ansh .

arti ; why you want to hug him why dont you ask you other wife to give you a child han .

prash ; she is not with me now she left me for another one and she abort our baby too im all alone now with only pain a d hurt im leaving .

arti ; oh see what ever you did you got it too now you are saying how pain and hurt it is just remember of us your parents me and ansh how we were you will never get peace you will get more punishment .

arti ; i know i deserve it but just once let me meet him and tell him im a friend of you i will not say if he is my son if you dont want .

arti ; look there how he is with his father a father which he dream to have he got it see how happy he is try to hug or tell him who you are you will get your ans , ansh is yash life and yash is ansh life the both cant stay without each ever he got the love from him .

prash ; arti yes he can but he cant denie it that im his father not him he is just a step father .

arti ; stop dont you dare to say it , infact i will thank you for leaving me which i got a loving husband like yash and two sweet daughters two .

prash ; please arti just once i beg of you .

arti ; you dont deserve to have my forgiveness you could not be a good son and husband and a father too you are a useless person you dont have your wife so you have think to try to come with ansh right .

prash ; you are wrong thinking i did not wanted to come near him i saw him in the mag so my fatherhood feeling awake and my guilt too i want to ask him to forgive me too arti i will go at mah and bauji too to ask their forgiveness they will do it .

arti ; do you think it they will the mother who has already did your dead ritual she will accept you when they were needed you where were you when ansh was kidnap what you said you are not his father it yash responsibility to save him let him do it do not ask you any thing did you forget that .

prash ; i know i never ask for him nor try to know him that my im have so much of pain now but you cant stop me from going near to him i will talk to him you accept it or not i will do it and i will told yash about you are not widow but divorcee too .

arti ; go ahead you can told him what ever you want do you think just on hearing what you will say he will leave me how can you think of it you will get more pain a man like you deserve it you are a bad , selfish you love money for money you can sell you or your family too .

prash ; stop arti i will not accept you talk like this to me .

arti ; stop you are all this it hurt you when im saying the truth you have sell you now you want to have ansh or your parents to sell right .

arti he was about to slap arti when yash hold his hand .

yash ; dont you dare to raise your hand on my wife and to look at her with your bad eyes .

ansh ; who are you to try to hit my mama han papa hit him .

prash ; beta im your .

he goes close to him to hug him .ansh push him away and say .

ansh ; how dare you to try to hug me this is only the right of my best papa not you .

prash ; yash you dont know me im her .

yash ; i know who you are i dont need to know from you just go away before i lose my anger .

arti ; did you see you got your ans from ansh now live .

prash ; im going to my parents house now you will see they will forgive me .

yash ; dont you dare to go or try to harass them stay away from them too other i will deal with you in my ways to make you understand if some one try to put his bad eyes on my family how i im .

prash ; my parents have become yours now han .

yash ; yes they are my parents too because they are my wife parents did you ever do a duty of a son you got such a nice parents you have broke them now it will better you stay away from them too .

ansh ; you dont know when my papa hit or fight how it hurt .

prash ; beta let me hug you at least for once im your father .

ansh ; father you are not he is my best and superman papa the papa which i wanted to have i love you papa .
when he was saying this he hug yash and kiss him too .
arti ; did you see what you have lost now it to late you deserve it let go yash i dont stay any longer here .

yes come on bacho let go yash said when they were walking they hold each ever hand ansh was in the side of yash the two girls from arti side .

prashant was looking at them with a sad face remember how he left her and how he said ansh is not his son how his parents was and arti was so sad too .

bauji will forgive me im sure of it mah will not but bauji will i will call him .
dubey ; hello

prash ; hello bauji it me prashant .

dubey ; why you call here i dont know any prashant , teh one whom i know is already dead .

prashant ; please bauji dont say it forgive me i want to come to you and with mah too how she is .

dubey ; we dont talk and dont you dare to come here we have only one daughter arti and a son in law yash we know them only he cut .
prash ; i know i have hurt you all i deserve it i know i left all this for ridha and she left me for another now i can feel the pain which you have been pass arti even after knowing you will married i never wanted to broke it but today when i saw ansh i was restless that why i wanted to hug him but i did not get that too he is lucky to get a father like yash and you a husband like him you deserve to be happy if i was still there today i would be in his place with our ansh may be with another baby too i will never saw you my face now i promise .

in arya room

how dare him to want to be close with ansh and to hug him arti was still in anger Angry . sweet heart just relax now you did dont talk in the car stop being anger on thinking on him , but i think he really has change i saw his eyes was with pain . on yash he know very well when he do his face like this i become emotional that why he was doing using it again but not this time . yash saw how she was he know only thing will make her relax will be in his arms so he go behind her and wrap her in his arms . arti was feeling relax and her anger vanish .
hmm you know how to make me relax han .of cause im your lover na and husband too so and i know you cant   resist my touch my hug he kiss her . i must say you know enough han and i know you too you cant resist my  perfume it pulling  you to me  you will always want to be close . sweet heart you want to feel some one moving inside you . i will love it jaanu if you want too my not . really you want to beer my baby . our baby our symbol of love . oh i love you so much . i love you too . they kiss and do love too .

they return in bhopal

they arrive at home every one was happy to see them   they take blessing from them  , they were happy on seeing  yash  was like before talk laugh do some joke . gr3 thx arti to bring his son back to them like he use to be  she said it her duty to bring happiness into his life . paridi and vidhi take arti in a corner to talk .

now tell us did you both become one or not vidhi ask . arti blush Blushing bhabhi you too na . arti bhabi ans na did he accept you totally in his life as his wife please say na . what you are seeing from my face how it is . it look very beautiful and that means he accept you he has give you the right to be his wife vidhi ans  Big smile . yes bhabi the day i talk to you that day he give me my right to be his wife with full of love he accept me .wow that means will soon hear a good news from you wow im so excited . why cant we have a good news from  you first han paridi . woh bhahi you are older so it must come from you first na  . by the way arti you should have cover the love marks na before any body saw it . what where how i did not saw it yash be na . paridi and vidhi look at each ever and laugh . hmm what a lovely mark na paridi . ha bhabhi  , how you did not saw it arti bhabhi . woh may be when i was doing fast so i did not notice it . there is nothing arti we were just teasing you . bhabhi you both na .

bhaya . han chotey what is it . woh how was your honey moon . it was excellent  and you chotey stop where are you running han . bhaya i wanted to know how change you have been totally or not and now i saw you are back my old bhaya .

the kids enter in their room with prateick . wow chachu how beautiful you have change it the kids said at the same times . chachu you have put my pic too ansh ask . why not ansh this room is yours too na and it was you papa idea to change it to make it half like girls room and half like a boy room so thx your papa for it . papa thx you so much i love you  , you are the best papa . and you are my best brave son i wanted to have they hugs .  we are nothing the girls ask . why not you both are mama angels they too go and hug her back . how do you saw your half girls it was my idea to do like this in your side . mama it so beautiful and the pics too . there was a each one pic of them then one the three kids the other with their mama and papa when they were on the beach .

arya enter in their room arti was so happy to see her pics and some with yash too their lovely beautiful moments yash has put then all around the room . the dance , on beach , doing pot , play in the rain feed each ever and one with their kids . so sweet heart how it is he whistle from her back . it so beautiful jaanu i love it . oh you love it and not me han . how can i not love you han you are my life  . she hug him ans kiss him on his chest . i wanted you to think our beautiful moments we spend their and how be come one too . but with only one kiss that to on my chest it not that i expected to have from you . oh what you wanted then . he said in her ear . oh no not now yash we just arrive let we stay with the family later i promise they can ask for me . no they will not ask for you now at least not before one hour . why and how can you say it dont tell me you said some thing to them about . no i just said we need to rest as we are so tied and do not disturb us until one hour now come on sweet heart give me my thank you gift . she hug Hug him and they start kissing and they do love    Heart  Heart .

i stop here i hope you will like it Smile .

i will wait for you comments too how you find it Smile .

next will be arti and paridi pregnant  .


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