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Countdown to happiness (SS)...part-2//pg-4(11/8/12

swati-89 Goldie

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 9:35pm | IP Logged
Hi Everyone, iam sure everyone loved yesterday's episode and absolutely hate the way  Dadi is treating Khushi. So in an moment of defiance i started writing this SS picking up from the morning of the next day when Arnav had brought her back and in the morning he had sat watching her sleep and then had left the room with the soft rejoinder that,

 "we haven't finished talking." ("hamare baath abhi khatam nahii huye hai...")

and Khushi had said that beautiful dialogue with an even beautiful blush...

 "It felt as if my breaths had stopped!" ("aise laga jaise kei hamere saase hei rukh gaye hai...")

Khushi is counting the days left for the contract to end as she is still thinking she is going to have to leave RM and Arnav behind and Arnav has wholeheartedly accepted her as is wife, he know knows he can't live without her and has promised himself that he would do whatever it takes to make Khushi realise that they belong together...

First chapter in the post below...enjoy guys and let me know whether i should continue or not.

links to the chapters...


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swati-89 Goldie

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                                COUNTDOWN TO HAPPINESS - 1

"Where your pleasure is, there is your treasure: where your treasure, there your heart; where your heart, there your happiness."

Quote~Saint Augustine

Dhak dhak dhak dhak----------

Khushi clutched at her neckline, just above her heart.

"we haven't finished talking------."

What had Arnavji meant? She felt as if her throat had closed up. As if she couldn't breath.

"Khushi stop thinking!" she chided herself, "get ready, its already late."

She came down in half an hour, freshened up and bathed, ready for the morning prayers. Arnav wasn't there. Khushi looked everywhere her eyes could see in the hall and then she gave herself a mental shake. Everybody were grouped around in front of Devi Mayyia's idol for the morning prayers. One after another everybody took turns to do arti of the Goddess. The couples did the arti together. Mamiji and Mamaji, Akash and Payel, then Anjali did the arti along with Naniji. After they completed they passed on the thal to Khushi and she came forward to do the arti, alone, as she always did since coming into RM.

The moment she raised her hand to start the arti, she felt his presence beside her and then the next instant he had grabbed hold of the thal along with her hand trapped under his. She was so surprised that she forgot to circle the thal as was customary and instead of looking at the Goddess, she turned her head, with her eyes wide to look at her husband, freshly showered and standing beside her with his damp hair and wearing his office attire. She felt Arnavji start the arti, circling the thal, with her hand trapped under his and looking for all the world as if it was a common occurrence, him coming for the morning pujas. The sound of the bells ringing brought her back and she turned her head to look at her favorite Devi Mayyia, but try as she might she couldn't focus on the puja. He was standing so near!

The arti completed, Arnav looked at her once and then after making sure she had the thal securely held in her hands, he turned towards his family, an air of nonchalance about him. Anjali, Naniji, Mamiji and Akash were by then ribbing him about this unusual occurrence.

"Are Chotte, since when did you start to grace us with your company for the morning pujas?" Naniji asked with a mischievous twinkle in her eyes.

"Han Chotte, I tried so hard for so many years and today without being persuaded, you came all by yourself? How did this happen?" Anjali asked coming forward and cupping his cheek in her palm.

"I seriously don't understand you guys, when I don't come you all complain, when I come then too you all aren't satisfied."

"Are Bhai, it is just that we are in a state of shock, as soon as the shock wears off we will be back to normal convos." Akash informed him with a big smile on his face.

Khushi was listening to all this with her back turned towards them. She was arranging the flowers on Devi mayyia's feet and didn't have the guts to turn just yet to face him or even them.

"So Chotte, are we to expect you everyday from now on?" Naniji asked.

"Ji Naniiji, I will try."

"see that you do Chotte, as the reason for today's unusual incident is going to be doing the morning pujas everyday you know!" Naniji smiled, looking past him towards Khushi who was still kneeling in front of the idol. On hearing this Khushi got up, "Naniji I better go and see to the breakfast arrangements," and saying so, she hurried from there, her face red and warm, a blush straining her delicate skin.

Arnav watched her go. He wanted to go after her, but then reminded himself that he had promised to take every step slowly. His heart which had been running away while he had done the arti standing beside Khushi was still beating more faster than was normal, but then he couldn't help it. Standing so near her, inhaling her subtle scent, holding her hand was bound to make his heart rejoice. He had known that if she would have come to know that he intended to join for the poojas, then she would have held the thal at an arm's length so that there would have been an equal, or even bigger gap between them and to be truthful, he had wanted to see and feel her reaction when he came near her so unexpectedly. Joining for the morning Poojas had been an impulsive decision taken just fifteen minutes before coming down and he didn't regret doing so now.

Breakfast was as usual a very noisy affair with everyone talking together. Mamiji with her continuous 'hello hai bye bye' after every sentence, Mamaji always trying to rile her, Nk saying something with every third word pronounced/said wrong and Naniji smiling indulgently at everyone. Khushi had talked herself out of her nervous state while she had been working in the kitchen and after a good talking to herself, she had convinced herself that she had overreacted and that everything was as it had been before.

She stole fugitive glances at Arnav only to see that he was engrossed with the newspaper that he had spread beside his plate. This was further proof for her that everything was actually as it should be and that moment of intense feelings that she had felt was just nothing.

Arnav looked at the paper without seeing the fine print on it. He could see from the corner of his eye everytime Khushi had looked up at him and for those few seconds, he had clenched his jaw to stop himself from looking straight at her. He really hoped he could carry out what he had planned and not succumb to temptation early into the plan.

Arnav closed his newspaper and folded it. "Akash if you have finished, we should be leaving."

"Yes Bhai, I am done."

They both stood up. Payel rushed with Akash's bag, his handkerchief, his mobile and Arnav and Khushi both looked at this small but significant detail that happened everyday while Akash left for work, something that they both had never paid much attention to.

Looking at them both Arnav's heart yearned; he wanted Khushi to look after him the same way. Before today he had never paid any attention, nor wished for any such mundane things done by the ladies for their husbands, but now looking at Payel and Akash, sharing a small moment of intimacy, before Akash went off for the day made him really yearn to share something like this with Khushi. He glanced at Khushi who was looking at Payel and Akash too. She turned her head and their eyes met. For a heartbeat their eyes remained locked and then Arnav gave a small smile and then turned from there, vowing to himself and Khushi that they will have many many moments like this in the near future.

Khushi watched him going towards the door and felt an unexplainable sadness for something that she thought she would never have.

"10 days Khushi, 10 days," she kept muttering to herself.

All day they were both assaulted with thoughts filled with the other, Khushi's filled with sadness as she thought she would have to leave very soon and Arnav's with anticipation for when he would finish his work and be with her. Dinner passed and then he waited for her to come to their room. He had spread all his files on the table and was working. The work wasn't just a ruse. He actually had to look over the agreement that his HR dept. had prepared for him before his meeting for tomorrow. But try as he might he couldn't concentrate. Arnav looked at his mobile, thinking and then discarding the idea of calling her.

'no if she comes in the room, maybe then I will be able to concentrate.'

He then gave a small smile, whom was he kidding? This love, this realization, anticipation and hope of all the moments that he wanted to share with Khushi, her whole hearted acceptance was something which was taking up all the space in his head and heart. Arnav craved to hear from her the truth that he had read in her eyes time and time again. He knew he effected her, that she liked him and in probability she loved him too as much as he did her, but in an age old way he yearned for her to say the words, to settle this inexplicable fear and dread that maybe he is wrong and she didn't feel the same way he did.

"no her eyes couldn't have been wrong, she loves me and if she says this out loud once then she would never leave me, whatever the circumstance."

At that moment he heard her anklets' musical sound. Khushi entered and glanced once at him before going to the bathroom to change. She came out, looked once at him and then went to her side of the bed to lie down. Arnav maintained the faade of working intently. In a moment of inspiration he looked at her and asked,

"Khushi tum so gaye?" ("Khushi are you sleeping?")

"no I haven't yet slept, why? do you need something?"

"yeah, actually I forgot to take my medicines, can you give them to me if it isn't too much trouble for you?"

"yes off course," Khushi sat up as he had expected and went to the wardrobe and brought out the box of medicines that he always kept there. She took out his medicines and after filling a glass of water, she came towards him to give him the medicines.

Arnav dutifully took the glass of medicines and his two tablets and swallowed them and then gave back the glass to her.

"you go and sleep, I will have to finish this," he smiled while saying this. He looked at her intently waiting to see how she would react with this new sensation of them having a normal conversation like a married couple usually behaved with each other.

Khushi looked at him, his easy smile, heard the words that he was saying. Till date Arnav had always taken his own medicines and had never asked anyone to give them to him, not even to his Di. She tried to ignore the cute, sweet smile that Arnavji was giving her and felt her own lips pull back in answer. Her brain telling her not to involve herself in such things and her heart liking the sensation of such a simple and yet sweet moment.

"Arnavji, do you need anything else?"

"No, thank you, will the light disturb you or should I turn on the table lamp?"

"no its ok, I'll be fine, light never disturbs me."

"good night Khushi!"

"good night!"

Arnav couldn't stop the grin which stretched across his face as soon as Khushi turned to walk back to the bed. She hadn't been able to stop herself from giving back an answering sweet smile. She was ill at ease and yet she had done as he asked her to.

"good," he thought to himself.

"Slow and steady, slow and steady," Arnav kept on repeating in his mind.


So, do let me know how it was. All ur likes and comments will tell me whether to continue or not. Whether to start Pming or not. Do let me know guys, i'll be waiting!

And Guys do comment... it is really disheartening to have so many views and even likes but no comments. All ur comments will give the impetus for me to start taping away at the keys.

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--drama_queen-- IF-Rockerz

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amazing update Clap
loved it...
continue soon...Big smile
btw yay first to comment Party
anyways thnx for the PM Hug

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JalebiJane Goldie

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 10:29pm | IP Logged
So many tender moments here. 
I love that HE asked her to get the meds--it suggests he is inviting her into his life. 
Also--I want to say that that scene of them witnessing the daily routine between Akaash and Payal was beautifully rendered. Couples learn from watching other couples--where they note the good and the bad. Look forward to more. And, thank you for the PM.

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lara3110 IF-Rockerz

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Great start - Please continue n PM me

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lbsitw Senior Member

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 11:08pm | IP Logged
aah interesting...normal couple kinda life..good concept do continue nd pm me wen u update..tanku nd keep up the good job...!!!Clap

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Great start

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