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ArShi FF-Forced Marriage!#2-Ch.24 Up-Pg76 10/20/12 (Page 75)

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nature2 IF-Stunnerz

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Please update it... Watz holding u from updating it... Please update it...
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Very nice update dear...plz continue soon...i read allparts in one go...cant wait...plz plz add me pm...
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It's been ages since you updated!!! Update soon please!!!
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Heey everybody! I know you all must be mad at me, because It's almost been a month since I updated, but I'm really sorry I couldn't update! I was really busy in school, and whenever I had time, I was just to lazy! Sorry once again, and this time I am not going to promise everyone that I'll be updating regularly, maybe 1 or 2 times in a week! Anyways enought of me talking here's an extra looonggg update for everyone hope you guys like it!
Chapter 24:
"Oh My God! Arnav's jealous of Rohan!"
Khushi yelled
"But why would Arnav be jealous of Rohan?" Khushi thought
"Maybe because you ignored him throughout your dinner date with him!" Khushi thought
She felt bad know as she thought about lunch.
She kept on talking To Rohan, and never even looked Arnav once.
She didn't know what to do.
She thought about everything for a while and a small smile played on her lips.
"Well Arnav is jealous of Rohan because he can't stand him getting close to me. Well I wanna know why he's jealous and for that I have to spend more time with Rohan."
Khushi thought how would she spend more time with Rohan, when she remembered that he had invited them for dinner.
Khushi quickly dialed Rohan's number and called him
"Rohan we'll be there" and with that she cut the call
This is going to be good. Khushi said
She really wanted to n is why Arnav was feelling jealous
In her heart she already knew that Arnav liked her and she liked him, no she didn't like him, she loved him! And some where deep inside her heart she knew that he loved her as well.
So she had decided she would make him confess!
An with that she went downstairs to tell everyone that she and Arnav where going to here bhua's house because Rohan had invited them for dinner.

She came downstairs and saw everyone was sitting in the living room.
"Nani Ji I jut wanted to tell that Rohan has invite me and Arnav for dinner tonight." Khushi said
"Okay fine Khushi Betiya you guys go and have funny"
Khushi nodded her head and was about to leave when she saw payal coming.
Khushi thought for a second and called out to payal.
"Jiji" Khushi said
"Yup" Payal said
"Jiji Rohan ha invited me and Arnav for dinner, do you want to join us with jeejaji?"
"Khushi I would love to join you, but Akash can't come, he has a meeting tonight" Payal said
"That's okay Jiji, so your coming right? "
"Okay we'll leave In a hour, make sure your ready"
"No Khushi I'm going to go right know then, I have to go to the Mandir before going okay"
"Okay, we'll meet you there then Jiji"
An with that Khushi left to her room to get ready
She stepped into her room and saw Arnav was still not inside the room.
She looked in the washroom and aw no one there
She opened the glass door which lead towards the poolside
She opened it and stepped out to see Arnav watering the plants.
She looked at him an always wondered why he always waters the plants when he anger or sad.
She walked to him and put her had on her shoulder and he didn't look back to see who it was.
Arnav heard the door open and he already knew. It was Khushi but he didn't really care, he was mad at her. An when she put her hand on his shoulder he wanted to turn around and just she her beautiful face but he didn't.
He continued watering his plants
When Khushi noticed him not turning around, she knew he was mad at her.
She really wanted to say sorry, But she knew if she did he would never confess to her.
She took a deep breath and said
"Arnav we're leaving for dinner in 1 hour. Jijis coming to but she already left."
Arnav sill didn't say anything he just nodded his head.
Khushi didn't like the fact that he didn't even want to se her face. She looked down, removed her hand from his shoulder and turned around.
When Arnav felt her hand moving away from her shoulders he turned around and saw her facing the opposite was. He knew she was sad, but he didn't know what to do. He just tuned around and started watering him plants again.
Khushi was almost about to cry but she controlled herself.
She turned around an saw he still watering the his plants. She looked at him for a while and went back to her room to change for tonight.

After 39 minutes Khushi came out if the bathroom wearing a beautiful purple and gold sari, with her hair Open. She saw Arnav all ready in this 3 piece suit sitting in the recliner waiting for Khushi to change and come out.
Khushi walked up to Arnav and said
"Arnav I'm ready. It's go."
Arnav without looking at Khushi once got up and headed out the door downstairs.
Khushi looked at him leave.
"He didn't even look at me once! Khushi screamed
And headed out downstairs behind Arnav.
They both reached the car.
Arnav and Khushi both sat inside and Arnav started the car and drove to Gupta house.
The ride to Gupta housewas quiet no one talked.
Arnav consecrated on the road but tries to steal glances of Khushi when she wasn't looking.
My god does she look Beautiful , Arnav thought. She was looking Outside the window lost somewhere deep in her thoughts. "I wish I could just stop the car right here and just hug her tight. Just keep her in my embrace forever. But no he was mad at her. She had to make him forgive her. But why isn't she doing anything" thought Arnav.
"By know she must have figure out that I'm mad at her"
Arnav got rid of all those thoughts and concentrated on his driving.
Khushi just sat there deep in her thoughts, thinking about what to do. The only reason she have invited Payal to come with them was because she wanted Payal to tell Arnav in front if her and Rohan about all the best memories they have spent together. She knew that this would make him jealous.

She was thrown out if her thoughts when Arnav stopped the car. She looked at Arnav ad then she looked at where they were.
They were outside of Gupta house. Khushi and Arnav both got out and stood outside of Gupta house. Khushi rang the door bell.
Within a few seconds Rohan opened the door.
Rohan had a big smile in his face whether saw Khushi.
Arnav looked at Rohan and then Khushi.
He saw how both of them where smiling at each other.
Khushi was purposely doing this, she knew that Arnav was looking. At her. She could feel him staring at her.
"Heey guys" Rohan said
"Come inside. Khushi you have no idea how Long it's been since I was waiting for you guys to come." Rogan said while holding Khushi's arm and pulling her inside
Khushi look at Arnav.
She saw him righting his jaw but then relaxing a bit
Both Arnav and Khushi walked in Gupta house with Rohan holding her hand. They came into the living room to see bhauji and Payal sitting there talking to each other.
When they both saw Arnav and Khushi come they got up and bhua greeted them.
Both Arnav and Khushi Bend down to touch bhua's feet.
While coming back up Khushi and Arnav bang there heads in each others head. Both rubbed there heads and looked at each other. They had an eye lock. After a few seconds Khushi grabbed Arnav's head and banged it in her hand again
"What the!" Arnav said
Khushi looked at him and said
"I don't to grow antlers okay!"
Arnav looked at her and smiled. He found her so cute!
Khushi also smiled while seeing Arnav smile.
They had a rabba ve moment.
Both stared at each other. Forgetting about that they were in a room with three other people who were staring at them.
After a second Rohan cleared his throat which both both of then back to there senses.
Both looked around the room, trying not to look at each other.
"Okay, that was awkward!" Rohan said
"Okay enough you guys sit down and I'll get the food ready until then." Bhua said
"Let me help you" Payal said
"No you guys sit and talk I'll do it. Don't worry" and with that bhua Ji went to the kitchen to prepare the food.
All four of then were sitting in the living room.
"Khushi you know just happened reminded me of the time we where in college" Rohan said
Arnav's eyes shot up he heard that
"What? What time?" Khushi asked
"The time when you came into my room in college in the middle of the night, to talk to me about your Amma and Babuji because that was the day they died" Rohan said
Khushi thought for a while and then remembered the time.
Arnav was getting mad hearing that Khushi went into his room in the middle of the night! He just couldn't ear it!
"Oh I remember know!" Khushi Said
"What happened after that?" Payal asked
"Well she came a started to cry about it and I calmed her down, an made her laugh, when suddenly the lights went out and she got so scared that she jumped and banged her head into mine! And after that she again banged her head into mine, and told me she doesn't want to grow 2 antlers!" Rohan said while laughing.
Payal and Khushi laughed as well, but Arnav was sitting there trying to control his anger. Rohan who was still laughing started talking again
"'And after that ..." Rohan continued
" khushi ended up ki..."Rohan couldn't complete this sentence because Khushi yelled out
Rohan stopped laughing and looked at Khushi. He could she that she was mad at him know.
On the other hand Arnav was fuming up with anger.
He wondered what Rohan was going to say
" and the Khushi ended up ki.." That kept on playing in his mind.
An then it struck him Khushi had kissed Rohan!

Oh my god! Khushi kissed Rohan! Arnav thought. Arnav was really mad know! He couldn't stand it anymore..He just wanted to get up right know and just leave, and go far away from here, but he didn't he controlled his anger and continued listening.
"What did she do Rohan?" Payal asked wanting to know what Khushi did
"Umm, nothing. She did nothing" Rohan said
Khushi looked at Arnav.
He looked calm.
Khushi took a deep breath in relief that Arnav wasn't paying much attention to Rohan's words, but she was wrong! Totally wrong.
Inside Arnav, fire was burning. He wanted to yell, and break something. He thought that Rohan and Khushi were just friends but how could she just kiss him! He thought that he was the first person ever to kiss Khushi. He thought he could tell, by her body language the first time he and Khushi kissed. He still remembered that day he and Khushi had their first kiss
"Khushi's, I know your thinking about what happened downstairs, but I don't know...Khushi..I..I'm so..." HE couldn't complete his sentence because Khushi had turned around and captured her lips with her.
Arnav was taken aback. He didn't know what to do. Just a second ago, she was about to leave and know she was kissing him.
Khushi kissed him, pouring out all her sadness. She just wanted to forget her sadness for a while. After a couple of seconds when he realized Arnav was not responding to the kiss, she was about to pull back when Arnav put his hands on her waist and pulled her closer into the kiss. This time he kissed her. Khushi moaned she opened her mouth a bit to let his tongue enter...their tongue were joint which deepen the kiss. Khushi's hands automatically when around Arnav's neck and she pulled his hair, pulling him closer to her. Arnav still had no hand on her waist and the other hand moved up to her neck pulling her closer. They kissed each other like that for a while until they were
out of breath, and they moved apart. Their forehead resting against each other.
Arnav came out of his thoughts when he heard Bhua ji's voice
"Come on everybody, dinner is ready!" Bhau yelled.
Everyone got up and headed to the dining table.

Dinner was a very peaceful event. Rohan and Khushi kept on Talking and Arnav as usual was get jealous of all this, but he didn't want to admit he was jealous.

Khushi one the other hand was purposely talking to Rohan and laughing. Sometimes she would touch his hand and laugh, and with the corner of her eye she would look to see if Arnav was looking or not. And whenever she looked she would see him staring at them, like he was going to kill Rohan any second know!

After Dinner was over, everyone sat n the living room. Arnav really wanted to leave right know, but Bhua ji made them stay for a while.

While sitting Rohan could sense something was wrong between Arnav and Khushi.

Both of them hadn't talked to each other once since they hand come except for the whole head bumping incident. Rohan thought about doing something to help them.

Rohan got up and went to bhua ji who was in the kitchen, and told her that he thinks something is wrong between Arnav and Khushi.

Bhua ji started to worry.

"Hai Rai Nandkishore! Both are fighting? What can we do know?" Bhua ji yelled

Rohan had an idea. He went outside and called Payal to the kitchen.

"Payal, bhua ji needs your help come." Payla got up and so did Khushi
"I'll come too!" Khushi said

"No need Khushi you stay here" Rohan ordered Khushi

Khushi just nodded and sat down and saw Payal leave.

It was only her and Arnav in the room.

It was kind of awkward for the both of them.

Khushi wanted to say something, but didn't know what to say.

Khushi was about to speak when Arnav took out his phone and went to a far corner and started making a phone call.

Arnav saw that Khushi wanted to talk to him, but he wasn't in any mood to listening to her, or talk to her, so he just got up and went to a far corner and pretended to dail and number.

Khushi was hurt. She wanted to talk to him.

Inside the Kitchen Rohan told Payal about how he felt something was wrong between Arnav and Khushi.

Payal also agreed with this. She felt something was wrong as well.

Rohan decided to leave Arnav and Khushi here for a while and the 3 left from the back door and locked it from the outside and went to the front and locked the front door from the outside and left to eat some ice cream

Khushi sat there looking at Arnav. He was still playing with his phone. Khushi was bored know. She wondered why everyone was taking so long to come.
She got up and headed toward the kitchen.
She entered to kitchen and saw lnopp one there.
She wondered where they were?
She checked in every room there was in the house.
Arnav saw her running around and wondered what was wrong.
He went up to her and asked
" Khushi what happened?"
"Arnav I can't find Rohan, or a.."
"ENOUGH!" Arnav shouted.
Khushi stepped back when she heardm Arnav shout!
"Rohan! Rohan! Rohan! I've had a enough of of him!" Arnav barked!
"Ever since he has come, all you can do is talk about him! For example today when I took you outside for lunch. Everything was going perfectly alright everything according to my plan, but you dears friend Rohan comes and ruins everything! Arnav Said
"No wait... " he continued
"He didn't say anything, you forced him to Join us!"
Arnav looked at Khushi she had years coming out of her eyes
A tear escaped his eyes too.
"Khushi doyiu even know what I had planned for us today?" Arnav questioned Khushi
Khushi looked at Arnav. She didn't know what to say.
She felt bad for Arnav.
She was trying to make him jealous, that she forgot everything. Even the fact that he wants to spend time with her too. And he planned something for her but she ruined it.
Khushi couldn't stand it she just cried in silence.
Arnav continued
"I had planned that after lunch we would go spend sometime with each other. Some alone time which we need for each other, but we were always disturbed.
That's why I lied to everyone in the morning about office thing, I wanted to be beside you, but you, you didn't never look at me once while you were talking to Rohan."
Right know Arnav was crying to along with Khushi.
"And tonight I realized that Rohan came before me! For everything even for being the first person to kiss you!" Arnav yelled
Khushi was shocked!
What kiss? What is he talking about? Khushi thought.
"Arnav what are you talking about?"
"Ohh like you don't know what I'm talking about Khushi! Don't be innocent!" Arnav yelled
"What Arnav I really have no idea! What kiss? And with Rohan? I don't understand anything!" Khushi said
"We'll let me refresh your memory. Tonight when Rohan was about I say something you stopped him because you knew he was going to tell everyone that you and him kissed each other that night!"
Khushi was shocked!she never knew that Arnav would think about her like that.
" Arnav what are you talking about! Are you crazy? Me and Rohan kissing? No ways!" Khushi screamed
"Really then why did you stop Rohan when he said 'then Khushi even ki..' Why did you stop him"
" I stopped him because he was going to say 'then Khushi even kicked the table and the table broke" Khushi's said
"Then why did you stop him from say that?" Arnav questioned
" I stopped him because Jiji always made fun of me say I'm careless and always ruin things!" Khushi said
"And if..." Khushi continued "Jiji wasn't there I would have never stopped him!" Khushi said
Khushi cried and spoke again
" Arnav how could you thing that low about me? That I kissed Rohan! I thought you would have understood me by know but I was wrong you never understood me! Why don't you understand that your the first person the I have allowed to come this close to me, the first person who kissed me, touched me!" Khushi said while crying
"And what do you do, tell me that I kissed Rohan! How could you? Rohan is like a older brother to me and you said all that!" Khushi broke down
An what Khushi said for that shocked Arnav.
"You are the first person how I have loved! I first person who kissed me! I love you Arnav!" Khushi said Ina low voice
When Arnav heard that his eyes widen.
That she just confessed that she lives me? Arnav thought
Oh no Arnav you are so stupid how could you Hurt Khushi, and say all that! Arnav mentally cursed himself
Arnav looked at Khushi she had buried her face with he hands
Arnav moves closer to her he was about to touch her shoulder when they felt the front door open
Khushi quickly wiped her tears and so did Arnav.
Both turned around to see Payal, Rohan, and bhua Ji standing In the front door.
They came up to the couple and wondered what had happened.
Ad they stood next to them Khushi faked a smile and asked
"Where were you guys? I looked all over the house for you Guys. "
"Oh Khushi we were gone to get some ice cream !" Payal said
"Oh" Khushi said
Arnav just stood there looking at her.
"I think we should go know" Khushi said
"Yup, it's getting late" Payal added
Everyone said good bye to everyone.
While they were heading out the door Khushi didn't once look a Arnav. He knew she was mad and hurt by the way he talked to her.
As they reached he front door Payal spoke
"You to go, the drivers waiting for me in the other car" both noddd there heads as a okay an headed towards they car

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nice part

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