Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Spice Girls Hangout: Just a good day!

--Sari-- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 6:06pm | IP Logged

We are in Janmashtami mode; last time it was Khushi narrating the story of Kahna's birth; when Kansa mama walks in...That was ASR. However this time she sees her Kahna in him and she is his Radha. What a difference a year has made...Like Kahna & Radha, their union is incomplete... In the spirit of Janmashtami, it was like a typical day in Vrindavan......

A natkhat Kahna playful with his Radha...Radha not far behind, played along...

Today there was a spring in her step a sense of confidence. Today he was her husband....Not so long ago he had claimed privately "biwi ho tum meri, haq hai tumhara mujh pe....." Then she was hesitant to claim her rights...

A few days later -  "Khushi meri patni hai...uska jo mann chaahe woh kar sakthi hai...woh iss ghar ki bahu hai.."  He declared in front of his family.... What a difference that public acknowledgement has done...She isn't thinking contract...She is thinking phera...He doesn't resist the open display of emotions either...

Onto the episode - Payal lovingly nudges Khushi to think about the positive side of the confrontation with Dadi....Her husband stood up for her, she never has seen that side of Arnav Singh Raizada....A upset Khushi suddenly smiles, acknowledging she too has never seen this side of him..There was no turning back....

She gently glides into her sapnon ki duniya...

Last janmashtami he was upset she brought his parents into the conversation....A year later he was sharing the family album.....She took him on that offer and saw some of his not so flattering pictures.....Time to reveal it ....Walks into the room and quietly hugs him....

Arnav concerned turns around and looks at her clueless...She apologizes; she has seen him naked...She playfully runs away and both end up crashing on the bed, breaking the bed....Is ASR really the business tycoon who walked from a helicopter not so long ago....? Something to think about when they write a script as lame as this one....Makes me want to think they accidentally sent the bloopers from the episode...?Wink The scenes that get cut in the editing room?LOLThe scene was cute though...

Reminded me of the other times she made him laugh....Atta on her face; then the Didi tere jetji deewane that had him in splits; now it is the bed cracking....Worth the price of the bed wasn't it?

Anjali reminiscing over childhood memories, looking at what could have been....But her emotional rock snaps her out of it, together they will forget their past. Within a few minutes of promising her brother she invites her brothers nemesis to his own backyard....Where is this girls concern for her brother? The brother she thinks she cannot live without....Is she just being selfish? Or is she so blind in love? Or is this just ignorance? Time will tell....So her changed behavior is not because of dadi's arrival, it is because Shyamu has entered her life and casting his evil shadow yet again! He is now in RM...A serious cause for concern...

Dadi will not settle till she finds out about damadji...She is unsettled by her pota defending his wife....For now, I think she wants to claim the status of the head of the household like she never missed a beat....NK -Dadi interaction was exceptional....A typical NRI attitude....Respect your elders but never hesitate to speak your mind... One more peeve for dadi, Arnav Singh Raizada refused to take his family name....I see another Devayani-Sumi encounter, accusations that she hasn't raised him well...

Aisan kya karat rahe ki bedwa hi toot gaya, cricket khel rahat ka..... 

Why was dadi not in this scene? Would have loved to see her jaw drop.....A wink from her piya....Who is this guy? Is this ASR or was this Mr Right,  who lost his way and landed on the IPK sets?LOL Khushi realizing phera completes a marriage... Hmm....Wasn't she the one advising La on everything marriage? Writers had a gajni moment...Radha Krishna even though were soul mates and were known for their eternal love but never married....

Loved when she walks and taps him on the shoulder.... Last Janmashtami, he refused to take any advice from her on marriage, one year later he nudges her to enlighten him on the shaadi rasams...Now the natkhat Arnav clings on to the final rasam, suhaag raat...

Itna darti kyun ho, kha todina jaunga?

Doesn't that sound familiar....? Yes, that was a 360 but the bigger question I have is - why are star bahus always nervous over suhaag raat that too after months of no play and sharing the same bed? Another reminder from the pati the next morning.....Khushi's dhak-dhak's are back....Is this leading to a showdown with pati over phera or the understanding pati just organizes a quiet mandir 360??

A cute conversation about suhaag raat between the sisters...Satyanash moment! Payal was scared too...

I am finally convinced Aakash is the slow Raizada....He finally finds out Bhai seems happy... wajah kya ho sakthi hai?  Bhai smiles and says just a good day....Day Dreaming Since Shyam was ousted, Akash wasn't convinced about Khushi's role in RM... Is Aakash finally ready to accept Khushi as his bhabhi?

Yes, it was just a good day indeed...Arnav Singh Raizada seems to think so too...

Pics - Ippy, _WASIM_


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.Mandy. Channel Moderator

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 6:07pm | IP Logged

After a week of drama filled episodes, CVs decided to shift things and go for a lighthearted episode which I loved. It had the perfect balance while remaining consistent with the current track

Episode started with Arnav and Anjali discussing their past and wanting it to stay buried while going forward with their lives, little does Arnav know that Anjali's past is still very much a part of her present. Anjali has not moved on and continues to meet Shyam behind Arnav's back despite knowing how he feels about him. Anjali refuses to believe the truth about her husband and this is only going to create chaos between her and the rest of her family, the scene on Monday giving a clear indication of where everyone will stand when Shyam returns courtesy of Dadi

The sisterly bond continues with Khushi and Payal, it's a welcome return as these two have always been close. Payal believes Dadi is being unfair to Khushi, like Nani she too does not see what reason Dadi could have to hate her. Unfortunately it doesn't put Khushi's mind at ease since their siblings, but her face lights up when Payal talks proudly about how Arnav defended Khushi and Khushi realizing she is indeed lucky to have a husband like Arnav

The next scene was too adorable to miss, Khushi silently hugging Arnav and at first you'd think her apology is about the confrontation with Dadi but nope its because she saw him naked!! Gutter minds wonder what they're missing only to realize it's a baby photo she's talking about, playful chase ensues and ends with their fall breaking the bed. That laugh was completely Barun and Sanaya but not complaining. Loved this and the wink later on, he was completely in a flirtatious mood today.

Dadi still reeling from Arnav defending Khushi goes back to her old target - Manorama who realizes that she has not been spared after all. Dadi tries to intimidate her by asking about Shyam. Fortunately for Manorama, NK the savior arrives and does not leave her side. It is like NK purposely wanted to rile Dadi up, revenge perhaps for how she treated his dear ones earlier?? (One can wish LOL)

After watching this episode, I think it is safe to say the contract marriage is no longer an issue for either Arnav or Khushi, they could care less as both have accepted each other but now Khushi wants one thing to complete their marriage - the pheras. Khushi could care less about a contract, or the big fat wedding she once dreamed about it was the incomplete pheras which now bothered her. I am sure Arnav will put her mind at ease but before then he wants to tease her like always, lets go backwards he says and have the suhaag raat first!!

So Akash is the last to notice how in love his brother is, better late than never. I'm hoping this means he will soon cut Khushi a break and realizes how happy she makes Arnav. Meanwhile, the sisters have a bonding moment of their own talking about suhaag raat. Khushi is a nervous wreck which is in character for her but she has nothing to worry about, I'm sure Arnav has other plans for her. He'll probably complete the pheras and we will have another 360 moment since there've been many lately.

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joenet1234 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 6:07pm | IP Logged
Tonight's gonna be a good good night...

First thing first: Happy Birthday Arnav Singh Raizada! To paraphrase Ippy: Thank heavens for more of Nani's genes than Dadi's. ASR - You are a treat for the eyes AND the ears.

Thundering Thursday! After 2 days of high-octane drama, what a wonderful way to de-stress, vintage IPK style. Festivities, new beginnings, reassurances all under the thin veil of the looming past. What's not to love about today's episode: A laughter riot filled with innuendos, tricks, flirts, love, care, concern, pride, promises and much much more.

Hats off to the entire team for showcasing the 'frowned' upon topic with such nonchalance and that too on SP at 8pm slot. A little step towards progress, Mogambo khush hua! CVs if you are lurking around this thread, thank you for answering my questions and of the fandom in general! See that's all we ask. Just give us answers. Bas. Kuch zyada maang liya kiya?

The episode belonged to the writing team, hands down and it will be on repeat on my playlist. Sanaya was absolutely brilliant today! Not analyzing the episode because I am struggling with words and that rarely ever happens. Just wanted to touch upon a few points:

1. Janamashtami - Rebirth, new beginnings, new bed. Arnav's words of wisdom to his sister, let's move on. Forget the past, embrace the present and look forward to the future. The same Arnav who, just a day ago was riddled with the painful memories of the past, is now wholeheartedly looking forward to his upcoming life with Khushi. The man who has let go of his past and has reborn a new man to be by his Khushi, forever. But is Anjali willing to put Shyam in her past? Is she willing to move on?
2. Khushi and Dadi - 36 ka aakda - AR36K revisited? For decoding, please contact Ippy LOL
3. Khushi's realization -  Khush is the Best.Hugger.Ever! 'jub humain pyaar ho ga to aasman say taaray barasnay lagain gai' per yahan to bed hi toot gaya!
4. Their first laugh as a couple - This was more Barun and Sanaya than Arnav and Khushi but chalta hai.. Hansay to phansay! Chotey - Khushi ji nay aap ko teesri dafa hansaya hai aaj! Sangeet 360 anyone?
5. Cricket in bed - oh man! way to incorporate roadside talk and slang! this has so many memories! I haven't heard this phrase since my college days. Even if there is another hidden meaning in this, I don't wanna know! I like where my mind is at today! However, for Khushi - she probably was wishing for the earth to split open so she can disappear!
6. Family painting diyas - Did anyone notice the whole family was there except for Dadi and how happy everyone was? Indication of Dadi being the bearer of sad times? Perhaps.
7. Radha-Krishna reference: This has me worried a bit. Could be either a) true love needs no bounds, formalities or name, it rises above all or b) the union stays incomplete unless the pheras are done. It evoked the necessary reaction from Khushi but is it an indication the union might not be complete if the past hovers like a dark cloud?
8. Dil nahi Deal ki bhasha - Aside from the obvious rawness and originality of the adhoori marriage talk, the beauty of the conversation was the conviction and acceptance in Khushi's dilemma. The girl, who was counting days till the contract was over, is now worried about the completeness of her marriage. She is not running away, she is staying and just needs the adhesive to stay put - pheras! But pagal premi err pati has other plans, a bottom-up approach! 'main tumhe kha to nahi jaoonga' AND we are back to Sangeet again!
9. 'Aik pati patni jo bhi kartay hain hum nay woh kuch bhi nahi kiya' - The minute she said this I went aiyyo! KKGSR what did you just do? Handed the man a loaded gun and told him to shoot with his eyes closed!
10. 'Tumhe andaza nahi hai jiji humain kitna dar lag raha hai' - Just pay attention to the background music here!
11. Mover over ArHi - Dadi and NK are the new hottest couple in town! Whattay Jodi - Brilliant move on the writers to rope in Dadi in the humor as well. The best part was her calling NK 'bevqoof' after his slip up of 'bhasha'. The correct word is 'bewaqoof'. Dadi - hypocrisy much?
12. 'Humaray figures acchay nahi hain, unhe facts do' - TRPs are a hoax, look at the show for what it is.
13. I dont want to compromise on quality or time - loaded statement.
14. W*F moment of the episode - A white baby picture, seriously? I get the made-up accent but gora baby? Olive is the new white, embrace it.
15. Aakash scored! mystery solved! Maybe there is hope for Payash after all.

Some serious Pondering:
1. With ASR, now makes three people who have seen Anjali's suspicious behavior. Daiyya Ho has some cojones to show up at the poolside in a full house in smacking middle of the day. Is Anajli hoping for a new birth of her relationship?
2. Nk and Dadi's conversation:
Chotey. Beach. Mumbai - Aakash was in Mumbai. Is there more to it?
Dadi ki goli - Gunshot heard at Anjali's wedding? or Dadi's bitter pill of truth?
3. Dadi's reaction to Arnav Singh Raizada - the name. How come she didn't know?
4. Suitcase - What's in it? Is someone leaving? who? where? when?
5. Curse of the laughter - Everytime ASR has smiled, it has been followed by sadness. Today he laughed his heart out. Dil says I hope the pattern breaks but dimaagh says, in IPK, history truly repeats itself.
6. Dadi's flashback seemed to have focused on the 'bahu' bit. Raizada bahu or Malik bahu?
We all know kay kuch honay wala nahi hai, bed is going to be gently used for normal sleeping arrangements. The kostin is: Do the pheras happen? Or will the Radha-Krishan story be at play here? Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon? Something to chew on.

If you have read this far, congratulations! you have just wasted your time which could've been better spent on re-watching the episode. So, what are you waiting for? GO. NOW. Re-live the fun because in IPK tradition, good days are too short and too rare! Kya pata, kal ho na ho.

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meens80 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 6:07pm | IP Logged

Hi Sari and SG's!

Sari: Great post as usual and loved how you highlighted the then and nowClapClap

Fun, light hearted, hilarious episode today probably one of the funniest in the history of IPKROFL Today the cast was just having fun and you could see it reflect on screen; enjoyed it to bits and laughed all through!

Loved the sibling jodis today; both the Arnav-Anjali and Khushi-Payal scenes were good. The changed man in Arnav is shining through; one with hope and the desire to look forward; to move on from the dark past and towards a bright future for himself with his Khushi and for his sister. Loved the sister's talk, with Payal all praises for Arnavji and how he stood up for Khushi and how happy she is for her. I loved that they played the IPK title track for Khushi today while she is gleefully smiling, blushing and totally lost in thought of her paagal premi patiEmbarrassed

What a cute ARHI scene; the back hug, Khushi pulling Arnav's leg, the playfulness and smiles at just enjoying each other's company, the leap, the bed fall, laughing out loud was all great. Though it was all completely Barun and Sanaya in this scene; they were just having a blastBig smile!

The Dadi-Mami-NK scene was epic; awesome chemistry and the whole scene and dialogues just had me in splits. A stern Dadi, an OTT scared Mami and a totally cool nonchalant NK; the trio just rockedClapClap. The family scene with Khushi realizing no pheras = half shaadi was again nicely done and brought back the essence of the family bonding in IPK. Loved Mami today and her thoughts on how the bed broke. Great comedy supported by fantastic dialogues and excellent performance by all. I thought the wink was neither Arnav nor ASR; but Barun all the wayWink. But he is a man in love, who cannot stop smiling and cannot get enough of his girl, the teasing, and the flirting all very enjoyable. For the first time Arnav and Khushi have both accepted their feelings, are being open in their display of affection for each other, are having heartfelt conversations and are moving forward together and i'm loving itDay Dreaming

The "joh kuch pati patni karte hai; who humne kuch bhi nahi kiya" leading to "hum sari rusme karenge but let's start backwards; suhag raat se start karte hai" was classicThumbs Up. Arnav is having fun while playing his innocent wife and sends her into a complete dhak dhak intensified, flustered and panic mode.

After long the Arnav-Akash scene worked very well with Akash wondering what is the reason behind the smiling and khush looking Arnav; and a very simple "just a good day" in responseWink.

I wonder what is in the suitcase? Anjali's mystery caller and visitor(read Shyam) makes his presence feltDead, will this make Arnav suspicious or will he just sweep it under the carpet for now? Will Arnav end up telling Dadi about Shyam's truth tomorrow or will Nani intervene and change the topic again? Most importantly is the remarriage and SR actually coming up anytime soon? Jaanne ke liye dikhte rahiye IPKKND, Mon-Friday raat 8 baje!

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-Vee05- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 6:07pm | IP Logged
Sari what a lovely lovely lovely post! Clap

What a difference THEN and NOW has made...From Shaitaan to Rajkumar Arnav and Khushi have indeed come a long way! Approve

Today was amazing to say the least so amazing I am actually thinking of skipping my take and spare everyone my Bakwas Bak Bak Big smile

Here is the Song of the evening...Kabhie Kabhie...Mere Dil Main...Khayal Aata Hai...Day Dreaming


Today was about leaving the past behind for everyone...everyone except Dadi...Angry

-Arnav and Anjali talk about leaving it all behind them and moving on and forgetting everything. Sleepy

-Khushi finally realizes how much Arnav truly loves her and in there somewhere she discovers her own love for him and blushes ever so sweetly like a new bride.Blushing

-Khushi embraces him and is moving forward into this new life with him and its all very well executed! Embarrassed

-The bed breaking scene was hilarious and them laughing together was just fun to watch. ROFL

-Dadiji and her issues with her own existence continue for yet another day. Why does he not use his father's name? I dunno woman ask the guy...I am sure he will respectfully give you another dhulai of nice sweet words that weigh more than just words Tongue

-Akash, NK, Payal, Mami and Dadi were all fabulous today! Star

-The Radha Kishan story was fabulously told by Nani and i like the fact that the missing Phera's caused Khsuhi some panic and gave Arnav the opportunity to bring Suhaag Raat up Wink Badmash ladka! LOL 

-Flirty Arnav is just so much fun to watch because he makes this girl weak to her knees and she truly does crumble into his arms. Their love is so pure and innocent at so many levels its perfection. Radha and Kishan had this love. Marriage is just a bond in front of the world...their story proved that love is the union of soul's and that the materialistic world cannot hold true love back. Their phera's might not have happened but their love is as strong and as deep as earth and the ocean. Nothing else needs to be said.Big smile

-BS and SI continue their streak of brilliance for yet another day and they look mighty good doing it too. 

- Anjali and Arnav play weird Hide and Seak poolside and Arnie baby is suspicious about his sister's antics up. Will Mami, Khushi and Him ever find out aakhir kissa kya hai? Lets wait and watch i guess.  Tongue

Overall a fabulous week so far...Fantastic Friday or Flop Friday wel find out in a few hours Big smile CV's take a bow you have outdone your selves this week. The story telling is fanastic, the editing has only if you clean up the floors in Shantivan and throw rug's on the stains on all the floors so the eyes dont go wandering around everywhere to ruin fantabulous scenes that would be awesome. Overall a total A++ for everyone! Clap

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-Sush- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 6:07pm | IP Logged

Copying and pasting from my reply from Sushpective post I made today...

This week has  provided a good mix of things...I cant say I am fond of the saaas bahu cliched story...and every time dadi bullies everyone with the hand STOP gesture...I literally roll my eyes...I mean how much more medodramatic can you getErmm!!!!  But least we get to see Arnie being the perfect hubby...Big smile
I think Arnie gelled with me again this week...with his generational gap statement about dadi seeing things her way and assumming her way is teh only waya nd teh right way...and he being the cool cat...saying...I really dont care about your narrow minded prejudiced opinion...That is as modern as you can get...ClapClapClap
Looks like they are getting some new blood to write the stories/ script...not a bad idea...I like it!Thumbs Up

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premparbat IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 6:07pm | IP Logged

HI Sari,

       Was it just yesterday  Joey & I were complaining about the obvious miss of a physical relation between the two and how two good looking warm blooded individuals in the same room and bed can be indifferent.   The IF mole duly conveyed the message to the  cvs and we had a complete episode addressing the issue or rather say at least make an attempt to address the topic.
    So the word SR is being talked about  , dekhna yeh hai does it happen and that too before or after the pheras !!!
    But for me the highlight  were these few moments that  ODC shared.  Since the very start I have always wanted to see a time when both are so comfortable so in love and so happy with each other that they  LAUGH , spontaneously,  without inhibitions on anything silly and I finally got my wish .
 A relationship started on hate, mistrust , pain and reservation is now at a point of  Love  trust and happiness . 
  It was so evident that it was SaRun in this scene and hats off to the director who was able to synch this scene with the story.  I simply LOVED it.
   A storm is brewing in the background as a lot of threads are running in parallel,  Anji's story ,  Dadi's story and  ArHi completion of vows with 6 days of the contarct ahead. 
  Good stuff and I am simply loving it...
( Pic : Courtesy Swetachauhan from  Priya's thread )

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ipkbs IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 6:09pm | IP Logged

I don't know about everyone else but mujhe to bara mazaa ayaa! Whattay Kamaal ka episode from start to finish.Clap Cvs have really pushed themselves this week, and it shows. Now they better not make me eat my words tomorrow, i'm fasting.

Anyway. We started from Anjali looking at pictures and crying. And my first thought was "Uurgh! Anjali going to cry enough ansoo for Shyam today that we will get enough pani to wash the RM floor for Janamashtami."Confused

But it was not so, to my utmost delight. Arnav urges his sister to move on, put her past aside. But Anjali is obviously not ready. She still wants to talk to trees and Shadows.

On the other hand the other siblings. Jiji tells Khushi that she is lucky to get a partner like Arnav who defend and protects her from evil blood sucking maha saas's.

And Khushi escapes to SKD and shrill banshee sings our sacred title song. (Recruit our Ragini Gul, She is a million times better than your banshee).Big smile

She ends up in her room and goes up and hugs Arnav, who looks startled from this weird lovestruck Khushi.

She teases him with a gora baby, who's supposedly Arnav, (not! Its the free baby pic in a photo frame, Kanjoos PH). Leads him to play tag and fall onto the bed and snap. Tooth gai. Satyanash! Millionaires have cheap beds eh?Ermm

Whoever said Cvs don't listen to us think again. We were hoping for Buaji's teek ki lakri wali bed to break last weekend.(Well I was) Cvs jab bhi dete hai toh dete chappar phar ke.LOL

Chalo Ippy concludes that breaking bed means breaking the final barrier of Shyams kaala Jaadu carried out during the wedding night. Now Bless the new one. (Yes I hear the SG's chorus of Satyanash Ippy)D'oh

And the duo break into fits of laughter at their ridiculousness. The first time they shared a laughter. Wonderful stuff. Many may argue that was Barun and Sanaya in the scene. Shayad. I think because its new territory, hence it feels ajeeb. So far we have only seen Sarun laugh never Arhi. Oh who am I kidding? I couldn't care less who it was!

Next Dadi in full form. Cornering bechari Mami, who was swaying to bhajans, and asks her about pyaare dhamaadji, who is Anjali's husband. Yes Mami. Mami in dilemma gets saved by everyones saviour, the Raizada angel, NK. Who throws his nonsense at dadi. Chotte?? He's not Chotte Dadiji. He's Bewakoof. We lau his bewakoof-ness.Approve

And after Dadi's dimag become a mooli, she leaves.Sleepy

Next scene, Family preparing for Janamashtami. Nani narrated the radha Kishan story. And says their story is unique because their pyaar has no naam and they didn't have phere. And Khushi's batti jalli, and she realises she is aadhi married because she had no phere.Shocked

Meanwhile Raizada's find out, the bed broke thanks to mami, because Arnav Khushi were playing cricket. And Raizadas by the looks of it cough up their wildest thoughts like the hanging Gardan and are probably telepathically conversing who the next person would be to interrupt.Pig

Khushi attempts to hide behind a diya. Nope not working dear. And Arnav winks at her. What? Arnav Winks? *Swoon* no not me, the fandom. Aap bhi Na!Embarrassed

Khushi later goes to talk to Arnav, regarding their phere, and explain to him that they aren't pati patni because they haven't done pati patni stuff. And the guy, like a true guy, takes advantage of her gullibility and gets her to mention SR and calls her smart. You evil man ASR you can see the batti moment in his dimaag.

So he decides he wants to complete the rasams backwards starting from SR.

I remember yesterday, peeps here, questioning ASR and his incredible control and remember mentioning that the lurking CV might decide to give a teraa jawaab today. And they did.

So one track mind ASR is out to get his SR. Poor Khushi is a wreck. And Jiji has had a SR?? Wah Jiji!Clap

ASR the happy man has a swing in his step now, which doesn't go unnoticed by otherwise blind to his surroundings Akash. So what's special, he asks. And ASR says nothing a good day.

What are you thinking Akash?? Zara mujhe bhi batao.

And what is in the techi-case? Shyam? Wood for the phera fire? A Pandit? A laal hara shaadi jora? More Jalebis?

Kal dekhte hai...If dadi's finishes her drama first. We all know no SR, but phere toh hojai puhleej.

If you've gotten this far of my nonsense. Well done. Here is Dadi's Lau.


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